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Christina Dickson Woven Textiles Designer

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‘Woven Personalities displays how understanding a person’s uniqueness & character can be the solitary factor for the creation my collection’.

Artist Statement

‘Woven Personalities’

My project, ‘Woven Personalities’ was all about creating a collection of fabrics, which were designed and styled from the process of interviewing a stranger. The questions I asked and the responses which I acquired gave me enough of an insight into the strangers personality, style and unique characteristics. I focused on a set of 5 responses which I felt most expressed the personality, ranging from; favourite colours, style and age. From this I then put together a set of designs which would soon become my collection. Textile work, to me, is an extremely personal aspect. Personal style can range dramatically within each individual and instantly you feel whether or not you have a connection with a particular piece of work. The reasoning behind this collection is to demonstrate and enlighten this notion. I wanted to strengthen this conception of textiles being a personal aspect and so ‘Woven Personalities’ was created.

Covering Letter Trimmings by Design LTD Gresham Road Derby DE24 8AW

52 New North Road Huddersfield HD1 5LS 6th Decemeber 2013

Textile Designer Dear Sir or Madam, “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.� Giorgio Armani I strongly believe that a piece of textile work can only be defined as extraordinary once attention to all the minor details has been applied. These fine details are the fundamentals in creating a seamless design which transforms a textile piece. I am writing with reference to your advertisement for a Textile Designer on the Indeed job listings website. I feel that working in your company will develop my abilities within woven textiles. Over the past 3 years I have developed my own personal style of woven ribbons and trimmings, focusing greatly on the finest of detail. I have previously produced a number of collections that have involved creating intricately designed woven trimmings whilst working with a client and being sure to suit their personal style. I feel this opportunity would increase my knowledge and experience in the subject and allow me to follow my passion of detailed weave designs whilst working with a large number of clients. From viewing your website I can clearly see that Trimmings by Design is a design led company that takes pride in producing high quality trimmings for a variety of areas in the textile trade. I feel the Textile Designer position is perfectly suited for me as I am a highly motivated, passionate designer that is looking to show of my natural flair, broaden my skills and developed myself through working in these various areas. I am a confident, efficient and highly organised person, who has high a keen eye for detail and impeccable standards. I feel I would thrive in this opportunity to work with a varied spectrum of clients from high-end international fabric houses to high street retail sectors. It is my career ambition to get a rewarding design position in a highly renowned decorative trimmings company. I was eager to apply for this position as it would give me the opportunity to enter an exciting new environment where I will be working alongside experienced designers within the textile industry. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope to hear from you soon. Yours Faithfully,


Personal Statement

I am a final year undergraduate studying Textile Crafts at The University of Huddersfield. My ambition is to achieve a first class honours degree at the end of university. I continually expand my knowledge of the subject by attending additional workshops which cover various aspects of textiles including laser cutting, dyeing yarns and rug tufting. I was born with an internal drive to achieve and I strive to be outstanding at everything I participate in, regarding myself as being a confident, dedicated and creative person with a natural flair for textiles and design. I am enthusiastic and passionate about my work and always deliver projects to the highest possible standard. During my time at university I have continuously displayed a positive professional attitude, which has helped me develop a unique style throughout my portfolio. I specialise in the use of fine yarns to create intricately designed fabrics, of which I firstly develop on the CAD software ScotWeave. I have also developed the capability to work on multiple briefs simultaneously whilst working under pressure to meet tight deadlines. I am equally comfortable and confident when working independently or within a team, my highly motivated personality allows me to thrive in new environments and make the most of any opportunities available to me.


Work Experience

Lee Mills Knitting & Crochet Guild, Holmfirth - (January 2012 – Present) For almost two years I have volunteered in a national educational charity dedicated to UK domestic hand knitting, machine knitting and crochet. The main responsibility in my role at the charity is to archive the expansive collection of dated textile artefacts. As part of a team we also catalogue and record textile pattern magazines, many of which are dated back to WW2. I am enjoying my time at the charity and have built positive relationships with the other volunteers. Ryman’s – (September 2012 – July 2013) I initially started Ryman’s in a Christmas temporary position however in January the company decided to offer me a permanent position. Within the role my main responsibility was serving customers however I did participate in the assembling and arrangement of point of sale and ensuring stock was positioned correctly on the shelves. I left this position when I finished university and moved home for the summer. Harpers & Lyth – (January 2008 – September 2011) Harpers & Lyth is a small family run gift shop based in Darlington. I worked for the shop in my last year of school and throughout my time at Queen Elizabeth’s sixth form, the owner trusted me with the keys for the premises and I was often responsible for the opening and closing of the store. My duties included the organisation of the cards and gifts whilst serving the needs of any customers. I also conducted weekly stock checks in order to place the next weeks inventory requirements with the local suppliers.

University/Institution University of Huddersfield

Qualification & Years of study



Textile Crafts

Current 2:1 2:1

Queen Elizabeths 6th Form – Darlington

2013 - 2014 2012 - 2013 2011 – 2012 BA Honours Degree 2010 – 2011 BTEC Diploma

Art and design Contextual Studies

Merit* B

Queen Elizabeths 6th Form - Darlington

2008 – 2010 A-Level

Textiles Film Studies Psychology Media Studies: Communication & Production


Branksome Comphrensive School

2003 – 2008 GCSE

Applied Art & Design Graphics Applied ICT English/ English Lit Mathematics Statistics Science

A* A* B A* A BA BC C C


Key Skills & Competencies

Proficient weaver in many styles, experience in both single and double cloth. Experience of and ability to fully set up arm looms. 2 years experience in using ScotWeave. Embroidery onto fabrics. Specialising in ScotWeave and Photoshop CAD software Capable in using specialist machinery including; table, arm and jacquard looms. As well as machines in other specialities. Familiarity and the understanding of the methods and machinery in laser cutting. Methods of dying fabrics and experience of using various synthetic and natural dyes. Ability to work well under pressure Can work effectively on simultaneous briefs.

Job Role Applying for Textile Designer Trimmings by Design LTD – Derby Working within the design office of a renowned decorative trimmings company. Designing trimming collections for leading interior design companies and bespoke interior design projects. Creating and maintaining client relationships, providing excellent service and exceeding expectations. Working with a varied spectrum of clients from high end international fabric houses to a high street retail sectors.

Contact Details 52 New North Road, Huddersfield, HD15LS Telephone: 07943 297539 Email: Website: Pinterest:

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