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CIVIL UNIONS The moment we’ve been waiting for! Let’s go stimulate the economy! Stylist Exclusive:

Australia’s own Miss RuPaul’s Drag Race Star BUMPA Tammie LOVE Brown


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This is the first issue of FACTOR, a new magazine for Denver Reader’s and we have an action packed issue for you!!! Drag, Hair, Sex, ICRME’s 40th Birthday, ICONS, Safety, Fetishes, Festivals, and the formidable, Bumpa Love! This publication promises to be interesting, entertaining, provacative, fun and at times crazy! Your contributors are going that extra mile to make sure you get all the information floating around you so that you stay well informed on trends and issues affecting ever FACTOR of your life!

FACTOR believes in bridging heart and home with fun and fancy and

will entertain you as best we can with every issue! SO check us out and see what we’ve got to entertain you with!

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MONTHLY MIND FUCK Deep, deeper I go regal, I am dominating over you Many come to take me in wonderment.

What am I ? Answer will be revealed on the website:

Sexual identity refers to how one thinks of oneself in terms of whom one is romantically or sexually attracted to. Thank you Wikipedia. For this being the first piece, I have decided that I would try to explain some of this. There is no way that in one piece that this will be possible due to the fact that I’m not sure that I found everything, but I know that what I did find spanned at least three pages by itself. Why do people have to be so confusing with their sexuality? You like it, you fuck it, you move on, but I guess that would be way too easy. That was all just a joke. No, really it was. I better not get any nasty emails about it either! First we must start with the good old GLBT which is now GLBTQIA cause you don’t want to try and leave anyone out, but if we keep up this route we are going to have the work with the whole alphabet. GLBTQIA: Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, and Ally Gays (usually male): One who has significant sexual and romantic attractions primarily to members of the same sex (as oneself), or who identifies as a member of the gay community. Sometimes refers only to gay males, sometimes only to gay males and lesbians. Some people use the term gay (community) to refer to all sexual minorities. These are the men that fall into several categories from bears to twinks and they are fabulous. Sometimes you will catch them at the bar finding their new date for the night. Other times, you can find them on Growlr or Tumblr where they post dirty pictures doing unspeakable acts. Well, not so unspeakable or not I wouldn’t have seen some of these pictures and wondered how they do that. Most of them are more flexible than me.. Wait, that isn’t the point of this at all... Lesbians: A woman who has significant sexual and romantic attractions to members of the same sex, or who identifies as a member of the lesbian community. Bisexual women often feel excluded from this group. And I ask myself why??? Usually found married or looking to be married or just looking to see where to park their U-Haul for the month

before that relationship quickly turns sour and they are hunting for their next prey. They are better than the straight cougar because they have skills that they were born with on how to hunt. They fall into the categories of dyke and fem usually. Bisexual: One who has significant sexual and romantic attractions to members of both the same and the other sex, or who identify as members of the bisexual community. This group is the first that I identified myself as, but as time went on and the lesbians started talking shit to me I moved on to something less stressful. I mean, they get the worst wrap as women. Lesbians don’t want to come near them because they think that they will cheat on them with a man and that is not how that works at all. If they are a man, women usually don’t want to come near them using the phrase, “I don’t know where your penis has been.” Transgender: Is a way of life and not a sexuality piece that can be explained here. Transvestites and Transsexuals fall under this category. There are so many things that need to be talked about with this; that I have decided that I will be covering just that in another issue with question and answer sessions and hopefully a live interview. Now that I have covered my agenda; let’s move on. Questioning: The questioning of one’s gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, or all three is a process of exploration by people who may be unsure, still exploring, and concerned about applying a social label to themselves for various reasons. Intersex: This is a variation in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, and/or genitals that do not allow an individual to be distinctly identified as male or female. And we don’t really have to cover what A is because Allies are the wonderful friends of the community usually straight that you won’t be having sex with. Just kidding… They are called straight or Heterosexual is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or behavior between persons of opposite sex or gender in the gender binary.

Sex in the M There things that we don’t have here yet like pansexual/omnisexual/gender blind which is what I am if you have to define me as anything at all. It is sexual attraction, sexual desire, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward persons of all gender identities and biological sexes. Most people thought that I was confused before when they were calling me bisexual and they are even more confused now that they know that I really don’t give a damn about gender. Polysexual is the attraction to multiple genders and/or sexes. A polysexual person is one “encompassing or characterized by many different kinds of sexuality. These people usually get the worst wrap for being the whores of the group due to the fact that they may be seen with one or more partners at a time. Most of the time, they have full time relationships with more than one person and for people on the outside it tends to get confusing. This time around we aren’t going into the ones that they don’t really speak about or the ones that are just too complicated to understand. So there you have it…. I will leave you with this note… All of us no matter what gender or sexual preference, we want to get it in or on and get together and get loved. I would hate for you not to read about this and discriminate against someone. That is not what we are here for and remember if I hear about it; your ass is grass…. I mean… No, fuck that. I mean that. I want you to understand that just because you like what you like doesn’t make someone that doesn’t like the same thing as you bad. I heard the other day one teen male say to another teen male “that is disgusting” as he was looking at a woman. Unacceptable, no matter who you are. So get it together and love one another because we are all that we have in this world. As Ru would say, “If you can’t love yourself…” How the hell are you going to pick up some stranger at the bar and pretend to love them?

Mile High Story by: Vette Ladycat De’Ore Brooks


Sounds stupid for your family and friends to tell you that all that time, right? Want to know why they care so much about you? Maybe you just haven’t gotten all the details. Well here it is right from •An estimated 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV/AIDS. Approximately 1 in 5 of those people are unaware they are HIV positive and are spreading the virus at an alarming rate. •It can take up to 10 years for a person to experience symptoms of HIV, so the only way to know if you are infected is to get tested. •There are treatment options for HIV. The earlier an HIV infection is detected, the more treatment options are available. •You can respect and honor yourself and your partners by having an HIV test. •If you have ever shared needles or had unprotected sex, you may have been exposed to HIV.

Remember – one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your partner is to get tested. HIV testing can be difficult and it’s okay to be nervous. But don’t let your fear get in the way of your health and your future. Take responsibility for your body and for your health. You deserve that respect!

KNOW YOUR STATUS! Visit these centers to get yourself tested for an STD! Know your status! Syphilis is Up is a campaign to raise awareness and increase testing for Syphilis in the metropolitan Denver area and throughout Colorado. DMHC offers confidential testing, counseling, and treatment for sexually transmitted disease, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. In addition, DMHC offers family planning services (various birth control methods including condoms, IUD, Plan B and Implanon). In some cases there is a small fee for services. The clinic is located at 605 Bannock St., Rm 162 in Denver, CO 80204.


Open from 12 noon - 8PM

Gay and Bi-Men and Transgendered can be tested


Open from 12 noon - 8PM

Gay and Bi-Men and Transgendered can be tested


Open from 12 noon - 8PM

Gay and Bi-Men and Transgendered can be tested


Open from 9 AM - 12 noon

Anyone can be tested


Open from 12 noon - 8PM

Gay and Bi-Men and Transgendered can be tested

The Denver STD/HIV Prevention Training Center (PTC) is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide state-of-the-art training in the clinical diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infections, and in evidence-based behavioral interventions. We also offer program support courses that are designed to improve agency capacity and to increase the quality of services delivered in community settings. For information on upcoming courses call: Clinical Training - John Fitch, 303-602-3616 Behavioral Interventions – Scott Pegues, 303-6023630

Janelle St. Christopher


Janelle has held many titles in the drag community including her very first competition with GayPride #7, she was 21 years old, andlost by a land slide. The following year she decided she was going to walk in and WIN and that she did! She was Miss Gay Pride of ALL Colorado 95-96 And followed up with Miss La Femme Magnifique At Large Colorado 2000 and 1st Alternate International Miss La Femme Magnifique Pageant 2000, Miss Rocky Mountain Entertainer of the Year 200, and Empress 34, Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire. She is currently a member of the Imperial Court of The Rocky Mountain Empire, and is making guest appearnces id different shows in Denver, and Albuquerque. She produced Lashes in BLack Hawk at the Isle of Capri Casino for a year and a half. Janelle has been sober for five months, which she says hasn’t been eay, and YES, she’s still Bitchy! hahaha She hopes that the RuPaul Drag generation realizes that being a performer is more than a season. “I’ve been at this for 20 years, respect the DIVA’s that came before you. I was once young, stupid but I admire my past and those that laid the path for me”... Janelle Season 21 coming soon!

John has held Various titles with ICRME, escalating to Emperor 19, Mr. Gay Latino of All Colorado 97-98, and currently Mr. Gay Pride of All Colorado. He is involved with ICRME for 26 yrs., GaLLA-Gay and Lesbian Latin Association, Owner and Gay Pride. John works with different shows in the community and preforms mainly when it’s necessary to raise money. John wants people to know that he suffers from panic attacks. “People don’t know because I have learned to hide them from people over the years. They can be very embarrassing at times and have caused me to miss very important things in my life. I have been housebound twice in my life which is one of the worst times of my life. I chose not to use medication to control them but to use my mind. I have been involved with the drag community since 1973. Coming out in Oklahoma. City, I saw what Southern drag is compared to Mountain and West Coast drag. In the south, drag was more pageant style. Very elegant with lots of gowns and jewels. Also at that time was the ending of trying to look like singers and movie stars. That was what the beginning of drag was from what I have heard and rarely see that anymore. I would have liked to be around at that time to see all the Judy Garland’s, Shirley Bassey’s and Ann Margaret’s. After becoming involved with ICRME, I got a chance to travel the country and see different forms of drag. While most tried to look real, the over abundance of makeup made that hard to believe. While it looked good on stage it would never pass during daytime. Denver had that looked down pat. In the 90’s I started seeing a change in drag style and make-up. Drag was becoming more show-girl with heavier make up. But moving into the new millennium, drag really took a dramatic turn. The look was becoming more severe and the colors much brighter. The eyes are more dramatized as well as the lips. It was hard to look at in the beginning but there are a few that have really perfected the look. 2 names that come to mind right off are Janae Bardeaux and Kenadi. They have really perfected that extreme look and I now find it quite fascinating. Luckily we still have Scotti Carlyle and Nina Montaldo to remind us of the beauty and glamour that started it all. I find that some queens try to combine the looks or create their own look and it just doesn’t fit in. As far as the future of drag, it will continue to see change and I wish I could be around to see it in another 50 yrs. I see extreme drag having about another 5 yrs of life and then who knows what will come next. It could go full circle and go right back to looking like a real woman. It would be very interesting to see.

John Menchaca

Sydney Andrews began her ‘female illusion’ career in 1992. She got her start by becoming involved with the ICRME in 1988, during the 15th reign where Coronation 15 was the first she (not doing drag quite yet) attended. She later advanced onto the ranks of the Imperial Court Family in reigns 18, 19, and 20. In 1993, only one short year after practicing the art of female illusion, Sydney put her name in the hat for her first pageant, the Miss Gay Pride of all Colorado pageant where there were 7 drag competitors. She went on to win the title and 9 months later also was crowned Princess Royale 21 under Empress 21 Nicole Sommers. In 1996, Sydney vied for the title of Empress 23 with a tight race and succeeded to victory with one of the highest vote counts in the ICRME’s history. She continued her involvement with the ICRME quite heavily through 2009, serving on the ICRME council and board, and as President the first two years that the board transitioned to a 501c3 status. She went on to serve the International Court Council under Queen Mother Nicole Murray-Ramirez for 3 years (2006-2009) and as 2nd Vice President during the final year on the International Court Council. The work in 2009 had not come to an end quite yet for Sydney. In 2009, she was elected on to the board of a national organization, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force where she still serves and raises thousands of dollars annually for the organization. Sydney, along with a superb local planning committee, organizes an annual event going on its 4th year here in Denver ‘SummerFest’ benefiting the Task Force and CAP to be held Aug 2-4 this year.

Sydney Andrews

Beyond all of the above, Sydney can still be seen in the city on occasion at various cabaret shows such as Hamburger Mary’s ‘Dreamgirls’ on occasion as well as several other benefit shows and pageants including Gay Pride and GALLA, where she has served as head judge a number of years. She also partners with other organizations such as The Denver Film Society for their annual Drag Queen Brunch typically held on July at the SIE Film Center in Denver.


Interviews by: C.C. De’Ore

Alexianna Leigh

Alexianna or as she’s mostly known as “Lexi” by people, came to be after going through dance and cheerleading through high school and college. I started perfecting my craft by watching those that came before me, Rosa Marie Sugarbaker, Ginger Sexton, C.C. De’Ore among many others who have taught me many different things but mostly to be myself and create my own path. I enjoy the performance aspect of drag and am a member of different shows around the city of Denver, including: Divalicious at CoCO Breeze Lounge and Cafe, Tucked at Charlie’s , Drag Nation at Tracks and my own show, Fabulosity which has found a new home at Broadways starting in May.

I have also travelled with my show and I am the host for Taos, New Mexico Pridefest every year, and have done that for the past three years. My performances range from Character to High energy to fun and crazy numbers all in the name of entertainement. I enjoy stepping outside of the box and doing some very different looks, things that people would be surprised at sometimes, and hopefully always enjoy. I hope that drag continues to grow and change making way for both the elder generation of drag and the younger generation to coexist and work together in a really big and interesting, fun way. It takes effort from both sides to make sure that that happens, and I’m glad that I am a part of that!

Janessa BeFierce

So Janessa Befierce is a creative expression of Josh. She has no limits and will go to great lengths to continue the path of growth. I enjoy the entire transformation of drag itself; the make up, the creativity, the performance and the enhancements ((ex.padding)) are a way to let out anything I have built up! It is my for of expresion. My frustrations run through the bristles of the makeup brushes and I just go WILD! Janessa is only two years old and has performed in many places with some truly talented artists and queens. She is a regular cast member in Tracks Drag Nation, Charlies Denver Divas, and is currently a Judge and Mentor for Tracks Ultimate Queen Contest every Monday. She continuously performs in several charity shows including AP Ball, Listos, and Uno. She is very passionate about giving back to community and those who have paved the way for her successes. A list of places Janessa has entertained are; El Potrero, The Bar, The hook up, Xbar, There Bar, CoCo Breeze, Shotgun Willies, Club 340 in Los Angeles area, Oasis in Los Angels area, Broadways and Hamburger Marys just to name a few! In the next 10 years I hope that my drag and what I will be doing with it is continuing my path of development and growth and helping the new generation of queens! It is a tough entertainment side of the gay scene and being able to mentor a part of a new generation is something I look forward to doing!

Scarlett Red

SCARLETT, named after her favorite movie character Scarlett O’Hara from the historical epic film “Gone with the Wind,” RED after her favorite color, one that she shares with her all-time idol Melanie C (also known as Sporty Spice). Scarlett’s drag interest started after watching the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2009. She took particular interest in Shannel, a semifinalist with whom she shared a common ground – attitude, perfectionism, enthusiasm, and talent.

In January 2010, Scarlett started practicing makeup application and color theory and would spend countless hours perfecting makeup application and techniques to achieve a flawless look. In January 2011 Scarlett was born. One of Scarlett’s greatest accomplishments came in May 2012 when she won the Tracks Ultimate Queen Contest, catapulting her into the biggest monthly drag show in the nation – Drag Nation at Tracks in Denver, CO. This is where she is now a permanent cast member and continues to strive and challenge herself with innovative aspirations. Scarlett’s music inspiration comes from her all time favorites: The Spice Girls, Shakira, Pink, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, among others. She is influenced by eras such as the 30’s, 50’s, 60’s, 90’s etc., and is often described as mysterious, sensual, sexy, and provocative. You can also catch her June 4th on NBC’s America’s Got Talent!!

Hello Everyone, Let me introduce myself to you and what this column is about. I am just an average guy that is pretty much like you, I Love to be able to be there and help people, so treat this like an Dear Abbey column. You can write in with questions and I will answer them as I see it, if I feel I need more help I will repost the question to the readers, you can always comment on a subject and those will be given to the one that asked the question. I wanted to start off this first issue with a thought that accured to me the other day driving around doing errands. This re-accuring thought came back to my mind about being in a relationship. I can be set in my ways and that made me think “ am I able to let go” of things to have a relationship, yes I am single for some time now. Well that thought also lead to “ Am I able to open up “ myself to someone special, to someones elses life, there culture and hobbies. I run into alot of differant guys of differant shapes, races and think “ Can I deal with them?” or “ Can they deal with me?”. I do often put myself down because I am a little over weight and they want perfection or their allergic to animals, they just threw up in there mouth just saying Hi to me! Assuming that they will not want to have anything to do with me, I will just stop. I won’t find that special Love in my life and so I just turn that thought off and go on with my day/life, so basically, I chickened out! When I meet or fancy someone, I think about these problems and even just thinking about them, I get this nervous feeling and then it hit me what it was compared to, DETOXING! I put myself down and don’t give guys the chance but never can put my finger on what I am fearing that holds me back. Sometimes I think I am not meant to have that special Love, that I am not worthy enough too. You know that feeling when you are going on a diet and you need to have that drink, cigarette, donut or drug etc..., but you want to make your life better and know you have to let go of the bad for the better. You need to DETOX your way of thinking and let go of the little

things that hurt. Embrace the good feelings that are being presented to you. Open your heart and get out of the rut. I’m not saying you need to revamp your mind, but to let go of the “little” things, that can accumulate and fill your life. To many little things act more like one big thing. You and I need to scrape those barnicles off the haul of the ship so it moves more smoothly throught the water of life! I know one thing, That is to accept everything that has presented itself to you, good and bad. Give yourself credit and accept the good to come, acknowledge the bad and don’t point a finger to someone else because there are always three fingers pointing back at you. Being set in your ways is great, but if you are letting the little things do the controlling, it is time to scrape them from the ship! So this brings me to this question, please respond with your thoughts and even more questions pertaining to this subject or not.....

Dear Xxandar, I met someone at the store today and I’ve known this person for awhile now and find him cute in many ways. I think he was trying to flirt with me but I’m not sure if I find him serious or not. Is it just me or should I let something happen between us??? Thankyou! Grocery Panic

Dear Grocery Panic, I think it is you, just like me I can be oblivious to a flirt and or take it serious. My question to you is, Is he a joker and you can’t take him serious or are you dealing with self doubt and need to have your barnicles scraped? Xxander Ask Xxandar will be here monthly but can also be found on our Facebook page, Ask Xxandar!

Gay Pride Contest 2013

July 2013! Packets are ready and available now! Contact Martini Monroe on Facebook or for a packet or for more information!

Katia Terletskaya, Owner of iDOT Designs

Denver Artists

Interviews by: C.C. De’Ore

iDOT Designs started out about a year ago, when I was endlessly searching the Home Depot isles for a perfect material to create something I had in mind. I wanted to “dot” because I was always drawn to all kinds of pointillism creations, yet I wanted to create something original, something that was somewhat 3-dimensional, something aesthetically pleasing yet a bit shocking...

After multiple experiments with different media, metal nails came along as an accident of spilling a whole box of nails, and that’s when I had my “AHA!” moment. I’ve been making my sharp creations ever since, showing them on facebook, selling some on, and now working on getting more live exposure through fun events like “Pancakes&Booze”. I will be showing my work on April 26th @ “Pancakes&Booze” event this year, and will definitely be looking for more opportunities this summer. I can be easily reached through my facebook page or by email @ To see some of Katia’s amazing work besides what your seeing here, visit her facebook page: facebook. com/idotdesigninc, or the etsy page:

Story by: C.C. De’Ore

CIVIL UNIONS PASS The recognition of same-sex unions in

Colorado occurs within the framework of designated beneficiary agreements, in effect since July 1, 2009. These agreements grant limited rights, such as hospital and jail visitation rights, funeral arrangements, and death benefits and the right for a surviving partner to be claimed as a next of kin. In March 2013, the Colorado legislature passed legislation, signed into law by the Governor, that allows same-sex couples to form civil unions that provide them rights comparable to those opposite-sex married couples enjoy. The law will take effect on May 1, 2013. Did you know that back in 1975, the Boulder County Clerk issued marriage licenses to several same-sex couples after the local District Attorney interpreted Colorado’s statutes, which used the phrase “any two persons”, to be gender-neutral with respect to marriage. The state attorney general issued a contrary opinion that those marriages were invalid. When one of those married in Boulder tried to use it to sponsor his husband for immigration purposes, he lost his case, Adams v. Howerton, in federal court.

making funeral arrangements for each other, receiving death benefits, and inheriting property without a will. The law, House Bill 1260, was enacted by the legislature and is valid for estate planning, property purchases, medical decisions and certain benefits such as lifeinsurance and retirement-plan disbursements. It was signed by Governor Bill Ritter on April 9, 2009. On February 14, 2011, Colorado State Senator Pat Steadman and State Rep. Mark Ferrandino, both openly gay Democrats, introduced the Colorado Civil Union Act. It would have allowed both same-sex couples and different-sex couples to finally form unions. The act was co-sponsored by nearly all Democrats in the legislature. The legislation as

On November 3, 1992, Colorado voters

approved Amendment 2, which added language to the state constitution that prohibited the state and all of its subdivisions from allowing “homosexual, lesbian or bisexual orientation, conduct, practices or relationships” to provide the basis for any “claim any minority status, quota preferences, protected status or claim of discrimination.” In 1994, the Colorado Supreme Court found the amendment unconstitutional. In 1996, the U.S. Supreme Court held in Romer v. Evans that the amendment, because it “allows discrimination against homosexuals and prevents the state from protecting them”, was “motivated by animus towards homosexuals” and violated their rights under the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. In November of 2006, voters approved by a 55-45% margin an amendment to the state constitution that limited recognition of samesex unions by banning same-sex marriages and common law marriages between samesex partners. The amendment did not mention civil unions or other forms of relationships. Colorado Domestic Partnership Benefits and Responsibilities Act of 2006.

first introduced addressed financial responsibility of partners, medical decisionmaking and treatment, inheritance, ability to designate a partner as retirement beneficiary, the ability to adopt the child of one’s partner, insurance of partner, family leave benefits, responsibility of conservator, guardian, or personal representative. A later amendment to the bill added a religious exemption, specifying that no religious official would be required to officiate at a same-sex union ceremony. On March 24, the Democrat-controlled Senate passed the bill on a vote of 23–12, with all Senate Democrats and 3 Senate Republicans voting in favor. The Republicancontrolled House defeated it in the Judiciary Committee on a 5–6 party line vote on March 31.Ferrandino believed the legislation would have passed in the House handily citing commitments made to him by several House Republicans. Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, a known supporter of LGBT rights when he was mayor of Denver, had indicated support for same-sex civil unions. In the state House of Representatives, Republicans held a 33–32 majority. In the Senate, lawmakers passed the civil union bill by 23–12, the same vote as in 2011, on April 27, 2012. On May 15, 2012, the bill was killed by a vote of a House committee during a special session called to deal with that topic. 3

Since July 1, 2009 unmarried couples in Colorado have been able to enter a designated beneficiary agreement – similar to reciprocal beneficiary relationships in Hawaii – which grants them limited rights, including

Another version of the Colorado Civil Union Act was introduced on January 9, 2013. Unlike earlier versions of the legislation, it did not include language allowing adoption agencies to withhold their services from a couple in a same-sex civil union. On January 23, a Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Appropriations Committee and the Senate Consitutional Committee approved the legislation with three Democrats in favor and two Republicans opposed. On February 11, the Senate Floor passed the legislation on a 21-14 vote, with all Democrats and one Republican in favor and only Republicans in opposition. The House Judiciary Committee, House Appropriations Committee and the House Consitutional Committee approved the legislation a week before the House Floor approved the legislation on March 12, 2013, by a vote of 39-26, with all Democrats and 2 Republicans voting for the bill and only Republicans in opposition. Governor John Hickenlooper signed the bill into law on March 21. The law will take effect on May 1, 2013. The Colorado Civil Union Act allows two adults to enter a civil union “regardless of the gender of either party,” joining Colorado with Hawaii and Illinois as states in which civil unions are open to opposite-sex couples. ion partners like married persons: “A party to a civil union has the rights, benefits, protections, duties, obligations, responsibilities, and other incidents under law as are granted to or imposed upon spouses.”However, parties to a civil union are not allowed to file a joint state income tax return, and the act states in section 118: “The provisions of this article shall not be construed to create a marriage between the parties to a civil union or alter the public policy of this state, which recognizes only the union of one man and one woman as a marriage.”


Charlie’s TUCKED Runs: Every other Sunday TIME:

9:00 PM - 12:00 AM

900 East Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80218

Produced by hilarious and now nose punched emcee, Goddess Duane Dove this show runs every other week at Charlie’s Denver, and is one of the busiest shows in the city. There is never an empty seat on the floor, and the crowd hustles to get a spot to be able to watch these queens take the stage. Each show is different and has new and different cast members. Some shows have 6 to 8 performers while others have 15.

The cast includes but is NOT LIMITED TO: Alexianna Leigh (Pronounced LEE not lay! Although she could use a good one...), Victoria Mykels-Sexton (The Fuck you Victoria! girl), Kiera Sexton, Sean Nyte, Kiana Sexton, Cherri Cordial, Lilly Sexton, Veruca Salt, The Staxx girls, and way too many others that fiercly take the stage and entertain everyone every other week.

The Original cast of Tucked: Felony Misdemeanor, Erica Chandler, Goddess Duane, Shanida Lawya, Venus Sexton, Ginger Douglas and Cora Vette.

Story By: Morgan Craig I met with Bumpa Love from Melbourne, Austraillia and New Zealand, and let me tell ya this girl is a hoot and a half. She is a great entertainer and can be found on youtube! If you haven’t seen her performances yet, you are missing out! I spoke with her over the internet and had a great conversation with her, here’s the interview. MC: Tell me your history. Where you’re from, where you started in drag, who helped you? Who influenced you when you started?

QueensLand DOWN UNDER e v o L a p m u B s s i M

BL: I’d been a model for a couple of years and caught the acting bug. I’d grown up in a family of singers so I can sing. I can move and started getting acting/dance work in New Zealand, then decided to go legit and studied performing arts full time in singing, dancing and acting. While I was a student Bumpa came about, mainly for income while I was a student but then turned out to be a job I’ve loved doing ever since. A girlfriend Chelita was my first real inspiration, she is fierce with an eyebrow pencil and still to this day I admire her manipulation of an eyeshadow haha. At the time I started, Ru Paul had just gone global so she was my first true drag inspiration and we got to meet not long after and to this day I still admire her Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent. In New Zealand (NZ) where I began we had some tour de force drag queens doing their thing notably Buckwheat & Bertha, they too are brownlicious girls like me. Buckwheat today is still an inspiration to me, not only as a talented drag queen but as a spokesperson for the GLBTIQ community at large in Auckland, NZ. MC: Where do you get the creative drive to build your character? What drives you to be who you are? BL: As my name says BUMPA LOVE, I find inspiration sharing LOVE, its corny but has kept this black girl paid in a frock for a long time as a performer and I ain’t gonna change that. Bumpa is driven to make BL: Bumpa does’t live with regret, but something I would do better is archiving all my images, people feel, who had a hard day...come and shows, awards, events, television appearances, etc. Being self employed for many years now, laugh at me, being in love, pain...cry with me, I never had the time to do this. Thinking back, I should have just taken an extra job or two and angry day...come hurt with me...FEEL, its hired an assistant! important in a materialistic world. That’s really what drives me in my performances and I just MC: Who influences you “today”? Why? use all the training techniques I’ve been taught, all the lessons I’ve learned being on stage and BL: I’m very much still influenced by the great Black Diva’s of the world...Whitney, Mariah, all the words of advice I’ve received from my Aretha, Beyonce, Patti and this shows in my work. peers. MC: What do you do to help those in need? MC: Where do you see yourself in five years with your drag career? BL: For many years I’ve supported great charities in New Zealand by either hosting fundraisers or performing for free or donating my fee. For me this goes hand in hand with being a drag BL: I’m beginning a transition now with my queen. These would have numbered in the hundreds now. Currently I work and live in Meldrag, and work at a performing arts bourne, Australia and here I have been doing the same thing. I’ve been lucky enough to work in establishment where I get to share my venues that have allowed me to share the stage and raise funds for some amazing GLBTIQ knowledge. I have a few more shows I’d like organizations. My biggest voluntary role to date is as Vice President Sponsorship, Fundraising to get under my belt and am starting research and Major Events for The Melbourne Chargers ( An inspirational for them now. I hope to have these produced group of men who play for Melbourne’s only gay rugby club. It’s not just the sports side I am within the next 2 years. After that I have a involved in which is important, but it’s also the values the club stands for which has gained us bigger plan but these luscious brown lips are respect as a GLBTIQ inclusive organisation. Through the club I’ve been able to support some sealed...for now. major events, other GLBTIQ community organizations, GLBTIQ venues and business owners. MC: If there was one thing you could do differently what would that be and why?

MC: What shows are you currently a part of? BL: I currently manage a performance troupe and we work throughout Melbourne. I also produce shows at a wonderful venue in Melbourne called ‘Sircuit’ They are

very very supportive venue in relation to working with GLBTIQ community organisations and have raised thousands over the past 5 years. One of my favourite events I support that they run is ‘Christmas in July’, cash or presents are donated and big hampers are made up at Christmas time for those with HIV or Aids. Giving is a big part of who I am as a performer and person. The latest show we are working on is ‘The Austin Powers Show’, its pretty hilarious and I play 2 characters – Foxy Cleopatra (of course) and a Fembot, our Austin is a talented male dancer I’ve been working with for a few years now, he’s a very switched on choreographer and character dancer. MC: What drives you every day to want to continue doing drag? BL: I would have to say the audience. Without an audience I would stop, the minute I have no one turning up for a gig is when my heels will be hung up. MC: What is the biggest misconception about you? BL: Being black means your not smart. I’m a business person at the end of the day and I can say that not many people have managed to get the better of me over 20 years of working in the performing arts and entertainment industry. Not a mean feat for a drag queen. Its been paying my mortgage for the last 4 years and has taken me to some amazing events. MC: What is one thing the public doesn’t know about you that you wish they did? BL: That I’ve done the hard yards in shows, performed in straight theater, sung in pubs, modeled for fashion labels, trained in theatre, dance and singing. MC: What iconic person in GLBT history do you look upon as someone you admire? Why? BL: Georgina Beyer, New Zealand, became the first openly transsexual mayor and then member of parliament. I admire her because she just got on a did a job regardless of what people thought. MC: Since you have lived in New Zealand and Australia, done shows in both, How is the general public reaction, do you get straight and bi people coming to your shows? BL: Everytime I’m in New Zealand I have a core group of friends and people who come to see me perform everytime, mostly gay but a lot of my straight and bi friends always come. Here in Australia I get lots of New Zealanders at all my performances but mainly people I’ve befriended since living here, mostly gay but again straight and bi are in there as well. I do a lot of events and what we call corporate gigs ie for businesses, mostly it’s a ‘straight’ crowd but I’ve been performing in front of ‘straight’ crowds for years and they love it, they really do because I always get repeat business or someone at one of these events hires me for their event, it’s always been like that for me. MC: For someone that has never been to either place, How would you describe and help someone to come there for a visit or to live, what is life in general like in New Zealand and Australia? BL: Well I’ve met people who have moved to both that have known people, and those that haven’t and both kinds have stayed to live or left! If your coming for a visit and are GLBTIQ, my wisest advice would be to get in touch with a group your interested in, there is bound to be someone alike for you to talk to in either country, make a connection first and then come on down. Both Kiwi’s (slang for New Zealander) and Aussie’s (slang for Australian) are a very social bunch and both speak the language of BEER! MC: How is the sisterhood in Australia and New Zealand, is the a tightness or the common you do what you do and I do what I do? BL: They are very different to each other actually so in fairness to both I’ll separate them. Kiwi sisterhood is, how shall I say, FIERCE! If you is ugly, not talented in something whether it be hair, makeup or costume don’t even both putting a wig on, you just won’t make it past first base. Once you do get to first base you better be wearing high hooker heels cause the grappling hooks will get tossed and a black bitch will pull you down, or as we call it in NZ, TALL POPPY SYNDROME. If you can make it as a drag queen in NZ you can make it anywhere. Australia – being of the thick cocoa variety myself I struggled to gain sisterhood support when I moved to Australia, didn’t matter that I was talented, if you ain’t skinnier than a dehydrated chicken leg you ain’t gonna get work. I never let that stop me thoough and am one of the busiest queens here. I have received or not received support because of my color since being in Australia and that is a fact. Sad but true in this day and age. People who have not been exposed to racism or observed it in action as I have would and have disagreed with me. But when 9.8 out of 10 faces you see everyday is white you wouldn’t know what its like to be the 0.2 black face. Did I let that stop me...hell no...I ain’t no pity partaaay. I just went to work and have worked in all the gay clubs in Melbourne running and performing in one off gigs to venues I’ve worked at for over 5 years and considering I’ve only been here 5 years I have been buzaaay, okay. There is a plus side to being the only black gurl, no one can do the black diva’s like I can...BOOM! MC: If there was a new wannabe queen, what would be your words of inspiration for them? BL: My initial questions to potential queens are can you style a wig, can you do makeup, can you dance? If there’s a no in there I say ‘take a class you won’t regret it’, whether the class is at a performance or makeup school or via you tube just do some homework hunty! I’ve been asked many times to help up and coming queens, and I’m an honest bitch. If I don’t think I can see any potential I’m a realist and lay it like it is. As you all know, it ain’t all rainbow brite up’n’here, you need stamina, talent, a thick behind, good business mind, generosity of spirit, community awareness and then comes the look.

Interviews by: C.C. De’Ore

In 1974, a small group organized and


got together and formed the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire. That was now 40 years ago and the organization has grown and each year continues to grow in it’s relationships with the community and charities that they serve. Each reign has many charities that they work with. For many years Colorado AIDS Project seemed to be a major contributor however today, it seems to be well placed from MS Society, to Breast Cancer to PAWS and Denver Children’s Advocacy Center. We have people involved int he court that fucntion in our government in one form or another and have done some great things for the organization. The organization has a full Board of Directors that oversees it’s management and day to day activities, and these people have been involved with the organization for many years and they have a wealth of knowledge and bring many different aspects to the organization. They hold shows monthly and hold major events, such as Snowball, King of Hearts, PR Ball, and the annual Coronation which is where the new Emperor and Empress are named. If you haven’t been to this event, you need to go.

Coronation was held for many years at The

Downtown Denver Hilton Hotel, it now happens at The Renaissance Hotel near Stapleton. Each year has a different theme, one year it was The White House Years, another was Legends of the Silver Screen, This year’s was called A Mile High Affair because of it’s 40 years. The Newly crowned Emperor, Chase Whitmore and Empress Lushus La’Rell will do well with ensuring the tradition carries on.

Archive photos given by Christi L

Martini Monroe, Empress 39 My highlight during my reign was to see so many of the first reigns get reinvolved in the year and Jamie Cole has been phenominal. I wanted to honor the past and we increased our communication and asked them what they cherished about their reign and involve them. My family has been supportive of me personally, but having them support the drag side of it too is something that I cherish. My dad saw me for the first time on voting day, and he said “you look like your sister”. I laughed and said, “Okay”. Also to be able to share what the Court is about and what I do with the GLBT Commission and people who work on there because they have never heard of The Court, and seeing how people involved with the court can help in The Commission’s goals as well as having the Commission go out and support what it is that we do. The GLBT Commission is a direct link to the Mayor, and the court can bring the issues we have to The Commission and having bridges cross so that the mayor is aware of them. I want people to know what our purpose is and the only reason I got involved in drag is for the charity aspect that is involved. Getting younger people involved is a major goal in what we do and it all about raising funds for charities that need it and deserve it.

Turns 40


Each month this year you will hear from members of ICRME what they enjoy about being involved with the organization and you will get to talk a walk trhough some of the amazing history that the Imperial Court of The Rocky Mountain Empire has enjoyed and worked for throughout it’s history and get a glimpse at what it takes to be a member of this amazing organization that continues to work for the community that so very badly needs it.

Reign Emperor Empress 1 Terry Peters Bridgette Peters 2 Bucky Reed Scotti Carlyle 3 Chuck Billie Cassandra 4 Shel Anderson Causha Lee Victoria 5 Bill Olsen Mykel Wright 6 Mark Bovay Christi Layne 7 Gary Edwards Stephanie McCall 8 Jim Ashe Annie Brennaman 9 Tim Vanden Andress 10 Roger Dent Brandy Dennison 11 Rick Linnane Jaye Sutherland 12 Dave Lorette Jamie Cole 13 Chuck Bates Chenelle Austin 14 Hank Nacarrato Robin Turner 15 Vince Kline Belle Fontaine 16 Ken Barker Bublz Larue 17 Michael West Brittany Michaels 18 Gregg Looker Kinsey Rapport 19 John Menchaca Brandy Roberts 20 Dianne DeHerrera Stephanie Starr 21 Michael Graczyk Nicole Summers 22 Thom Frey Alyssa DelRey 23 Reggie Grove Sydney Andrews 24 Jeff Clark Nina Montaldo 25 Tom J Kir Royale 26 John Lazo Jazanne Capri 27 Kent Epperson Twyla Westheimer 28 Brad Busby Veronica St. Andrews 29 Robert Flores Jazmine James 30 Chuck Mecham Greta B. Quick 31 Paul Stackpole Kiki Monroe 32 Lamar Cooper Scarlet Fever 33 Michael Vrooman Charis Loren 34 Pauline Chavez Janelle St. Christopher 35 Johnny Romero Jackie Summers 36 Allen Haskett Sophia DeVille 37 Fred Valdez Mercedes Chanel 38 Dan Yates Stephanie Paul 39 Ken Bazan Martini Monroe 40 Chase Whitmore Lushes La’Rell


Melissa Nawrocki,

PR 39

The highlight for me was when Martini asked me to be her Princess Royale. I have been involved in this orgainzation since the sixteenth reign. and I’ve done everthing behind the scenes for a lot of different reigns. Martini’s line was the first one that I was on. I wasn’t originally asked to be a part of Kiki’s line and when things happened, I was then asked to step up and was honored to do so. I was shocked that Martini asked me to be her PR and didn’t feel I was a person who should be on line because performing isn’t a comfortable feeling for me, but I am better behind the scenes, doing what you need. I have come out of my shell alot being in this position, I don’t like to perform, so I found other ways to raise money... Thinking outside of the box. My goal is to get more women involved because that is a big gap that is not being met yet. When you go into the circuit, the “real girl” mentality isn’t well accepted. There’s a stigma being a real girl and I would like to see that gap be bridged. Since I’ve been PR there has been a lot more women coming to the shows which has been good, because it hasn’t been happening since about Reign 25, and when I started back at reign 16 there were a lot of women involved. Texas has a lot of women and I would like to see more of that. I plan to start a woman’s group and working with the other courts to make the group stronger, as I am not lesbian either, so there’s another stigma I am dealing with and slowly overcoming.

Male Entertainers Story by: C.C. De’Ore C.C.: Where do you get the creative drive to build your character? What drives you to be who you are? E.S: Well my mentor and drag mother has showed to look at every aspect of a character from the way they walk to the way the dress and hold a microphone. Every detail counts C.C.: Where do you see yourself in five years with your drag career? E.S.: I see my self going strong with my career. Enjoying doing what I do. Trying new things and always putting myself out of the box. C.C: If there was one thing you could do differently what would that be and why?

I had an opportunity to meet with the current Mr. Potreros, Enzo Spanic. I had a few questions for him and he is a very engagin guy, funny, very quick witted and smart. Here’s what came from that interview: CC: So, tell me your history. Where your from, where you started in drag, who helped you? Who influenced you when you started? ES:I am from Denver co born and raised. I didn’t start the drag thing until about 2 years ago. Before that I had an interest but didn’t know how to go about it. I had two people influence me it was Alexia Gaytan and Mariah Spanic.

E.S: The one thing I think I would do differently would be taking those opportunities that I didn’t take in the past.

Enzo Spanic C.C.: Who influences you today? Why? E.S: The influences I have at the moment are Mariah Spanic and Alexianna Leigh. They show me so much of the drag world what to do, what not to do. I do look up to both for they way they are a well rounded performer. And they do very much influenced me and have an influence of me performing and coming up with characters. C.C: What do you do to help those in need? E.S: The way I go about helping people is, taking time from my busy schedule and taking the time and in a way mentoring them..

C.C.: What shows are you currently a part of? E.S: At this time I’m in 2 shows every month. Fabulosity and Divalicious. And recent I won Mr Potreros, where I have guest appearances one to two times a month. And I am currently working on getting myself in to the dance crew of tracks drag nation dance troupe. C.C.: What drives you every day to want to continue doing drag? E.S: What drives me every day to continue to do drag is the adrenaline rush I get as I get on a stage and performing. It’s a passion for me you could say its like a drug for me. C.C.: What is the biggest misconception about you? E.S.: The biggest misconception about is how down to earth I am and how loving and caring I can be about people. C.C.: What is one thing the public doesn’t know about you that you wish they did? E.S.: The one thing that the public doesn’t know about is my family and work background. It’s not one thing I just come out and say or flaunt but I manage a restaurant for my parents. C.C.: What iconic person in GLBT history do you look upon as someone you admire? Why? E.S.: I really can’t look up to any icon for the fact that in the glbt community what I do is very very rare so there isn’t anyone male drag performer I could look up to.

DRAG WORLD by Star Kirkland

How do you prepare for a Lip Sync? You practice the song for weeks? You get your costume ready? The emcee announces your name? The crowd claps and cheers for you? The song starts and you forget your words! You freak out and start using the infamous drag words of cock and balls or watermelon hoping your performance doesn’t stink. Everyone is looking at you and know someone is clocking you for not knowing your words. This situation has happened to everyone in some way. Others know their words but they have let alcohol or some kind of crazy ass substance hit their system. You see them hit the stage and they look like a hot mess. They slur their words. Some look like they have drool of the side mouth while others sway and hold onto something and pray they don’t fall down. Yet they try to remember their words. We all have had some moments in our performance career when it comes to learning and remembering a song. Hot mess comes to mind. YES! But we are not perfect. Regardless if you have been a performer for 6 months or 60 years, we all make mistakes when knowing our words. I asked some people on how they prepare for a lip sync and this is what they had to say, One Queen stated: “ I listen to the songs nonstop on full blast. I let the music consume my every thought and movement.” Another performer states, “I listen to things I wanna perform and then before I start getting ready I put my music on and put each song on repeat until it actually is annoying me as well as everyone else in my vicinity. And yes it is irritating to see people perform and not know the words. But it takes all types to really appreciate the drag or performance world” Each person learns a song differently. Knowing the song and emotion grabs that person in the audience. This can be either a ballad or a fast, upbeat number. Learning a song takes time and patience. Some can learn a song in on week. Other it takes longer to know a song. I do agree that it takes all kinds of performers to appreciate the art of drag. If the performance were the same, the art of drag would disappear. Some steps to take when learning a song. Keep in mind we all learn a song differently.

Know your words. Hit that repeat button on your phone, I-pad, CD multiple

1. times so you know the song.

2. Find a video or lyrics to a song. There is endless ways to finding the song online. YouTube or is a couple or ways to finding the song you want to learn.

Stay Sober!

3. When you are drinking or on something, do it before or after the show! Acting like a hot mess shows in your performance and in your words.

Cock and Balls and Watermelon. Really??? Those two words DO NOT cover your lip sync when performing a song. 4.

We all have touched the audience with that special song. When we don’t know the song, learn from it and embrace it. Steps into learning a song is different for each person. If that song feels comfortable to you, let them have it on that stage. Let that song Just remember,

capture the audience.



TOP 50 G 50



Kylie Minogue


Carol Channing


Boy George




Anderson Cooper



Melissa Etheridge

Julie Andrews 47

Chaz Bono



Quentin Crisp

Freddie Mercury 46 Carol Burnett

28 36

Margaret Cho


Mariah Carey

Angelina Jolie



Tom Ford

Isaac Mizrahi


Janet Jackson 34 43

Annie Lennox 42

Gianni Versace 41

John Waters

Kathy Griffin


Mae West



George Michael

Harvey Milk


CoCo Chanel


Tammy Faye




Diana Ross

Joan Crawford

Ricky Martin 13

Elizabeth Taylor



Barbra Streisand

Jackie O. 12 21

Ellen Degeneres



Bette Midler 11


Bette Davis Pink


Princess Diana



Tina Turner




Liza Minnelli

Lucille Ball


Judy Garland


Elton John 16


Dolly Parton

Eartha Kitt

1 7

Whitney Houston 15

Marilyn Monroe


A Survivor’s guide to Empowe

Written by: Alicia Craig There are many subjects people don’t like to talk about for various reasons i.e. nobody needs to know or hear about it, or nobody would care if the story was told or not, but they do need to be talked about if for nothing more than releasing the pain and the past and tears that are involved with it. One of those subjects is domestic violence and abuse. My story is about domestic violence between a former partner and myself. I will leave his name out of this for personal reasons and the fact that I have made peace with myself for writing this. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was a freshman in high school when I met him. To be so young and naïve was my downfall. A short note before I start this story, I am not writing this for sympathy or pity, I am merely writing this to release the last few demons in my closet and to educate and help out those who are either going through similar situations or who have gone through this. Although this is my story, I might leave some parts out that may disturb some readers but nothing is off limits here, this happened in my life for some reason and I don’t quiet fully understand yet but I am slowly getting there. I do not wish this upon anyone. Now high school is supposed to be some of the best years of our lives, and so are our twenties, but my high school years I have blocked from my mind entirely and this is one that I haven’t totally blocked out but here goes anyway. I started my high school back in 2001 moving to a different town and different people. I had not fully come out of the closet yet when I met “him” (I will only use the term him) I was a freshman and a new kid to this school, so I didn’t know anyone and didn’t know who he was, I thought he was cute with his blue eyes and blonde hair and some freckles on his face and a smile that could melt your heart, little did I know, that, that smile hid more from the world than what came out of his mouth. The first day I met him, there was something that I didn’t quite like about him and figured it out that I thought he was a jerk. I know that’s not a reason to “hate” someone but when you don’t get along with him at first what can possibly go wrong? I always thought he was a tool, and could give you many examples of it but that is not going to help me with closure. I know that after a while when you are so close to someone you get to know more about them and then you become fascinated with them, I was fascinated with him and his ability to get on my nerves and him not getting the message that I didn’t like him, but he was fascinated with me for some reason. I was a nerdy kid short and bad acne and thin and shaggy hair, but he would always smile at me in a way that led me to believe that he wasn’t as straight as everyone said. He would go out of his way to walk by me in the halls and sit near me at lunch, and to talk to me, and the worst part of all that is he would put his arm around me and pull me tighter to him. To this day I still don’t understand why I ever decided to throw myself to this wolf. We had a

few classes together and as you would have guessed I didn’t like that and even worse I was forced to sit next to him work on projects with him, but the more I worked with him, he showed and told me a different side of him that I didn’t think he had, but the more I got to know him and started to like him. I started to look forward to seeing him every day at school. Within a few weeks we had become friends in a way and one day after school he offered to give me a ride home if I didn’t mind stopping at a place for a few minutes, I said yes, I would like that. So after school he met me by my locker and we walked out to the parking lot towards his truck with his arm around my neck and a big smile on his face. When we reached the truck he did something that I had only seen in movies he opened the passenger door for me and helped me up in the seat. It was romantic to say the least and that was the day I fell in love with him. He ran over to his side of the truck and smiled over at me, it was late fall and the weather was a little bit colder after school and I didn’t have a hoodie to wear and was starting to get a little cold and he noticed that and took off his hoodie and gave it to me to wear, and told me to sit closer to him, I didn’t hesitate at all I was happy. We left the school and headed towards town talking about our day and other trivial matters of every high school teenager. We started talking about music and found we had more music in common so we decided to stop off at the local music store. He parked the car and opened my door again, and wrapped his arm around my neck again and told me that he really liked me and thought we could have something. I kept quiet and nodded my head. I was thinking to myself “yeah right, he is playing a joke.” He wasn’t joking by the look on his face and we went inside the store he brought a cd that we listened to on the way back to my house. He parked outside of the driveway at my parents house and leaned closer to me and gave me a kiss that took my breath away. I blushed and said thank you and handed him over his hoodie which he told me to keep. I did and the next day he was right back at it following me all over the place a few friends cracked jokes saying that we are the talk of the school and made a lovely couple. I told my friends that I was straight and so was he and that we were just friends. Nobody bought that lie. The homecoming dance was coming up that week and he mentioned to me that I should go because he would be there and that would be a date. I told him that I would think about it. Saturday came and I was right there at the dance with a few a friends. A few minutes into the dance I found out we were dating at a dance from a few friends of mine. I didn’t think anything of that either but I went to where he was and sure enough he said that yeah we were dating and that there isn’t a problem. Word traveled fast around our school and I was dating the popular guy. I came out a few days later and the two of us were together

almost every free chance we had. My senior year came and we were still dating even though we never went on a date if you call going to school dances a date. He dropped out of school shortly before graduation high school and we still stayed in touch and decided to move in together and try to make it official. They say that the only way you truly get to know someone is to live with them for a while. We got an apartment together and the first few weeks went well with no signs of strain or the darkness that would shortly occur. I couldn’t believe it he loved me and we never had a fight. We were a young couple with the normal concerns like work and money but we both had jobs I worked in a clothing store and he was a mechanic. His family loved me and was glad to see their son so happy and in love. The first year was touch and go we had fights but they were mostly of him wanting to go out to the clubs and bars and we didn’t have the money for it, but we did manage to get by. Things started to turn south quickly after he started a new job at the beginning of our second year together. By this time his fighting had started getting a little physical and when he wanted to get a statement in he would grab my arm and hold it until It bruised. I knew he was lifting weights and thought he was using steroids and knew that the steroids would make someone a little violent, but that was not the case here. I started hanging out with his sister at this time and she made a few comments to me asking if I was happy with him and if we were doing okay. I told her that I was and she warned me about his anger and temper saying that he can get a little out of control but he wouldn’t hurt me. I kept this information to myself while I was doing laundry and we changed the subject very quickly. He came home shortly after that while his sister was there and I had just pulled his favorite shirt out of the dryer and hung it up, and bent back to get the rest of the clothes out and when I reached into the dryer my right arm was yanked up and I was face to face with him and he told me, that I needed to iron the shirt or I would be sorry. His sister saw what happened and had a concerned look on her face and quickly made an excuse that she had to leave and would be back later that week. I wish she hadn’t left because the moment she walked out of the house he turned to me and slapped me across the face saying that, this was a onetime warning that I need to remember to iron all of his shirts fresh from the dryer and that if I were to forget that something terrible would happen. He smiled after that and gave me a kiss on the cheek and went to the other room to relax. I stood there for a second with shock and confusion as to what happened in that moment and had a feeling that, that was only the beginning and that something far worse would be in store for me. The rest of the evening went by without another incident. A week later I found that my feeling was accurate and the second incident happened involving dinner. I had the day off and decided that I would cook something that I had never done before and it was our anni-


versary so I wanted it to be special. He came home from work that night in a bad mood and saw that I was in the kitchen and came up behind me and gave me a kiss and asked what was for dinner and I told him it would be a surprise and told him that it would be ready by 6:15. When 6:15 came around I wasn’t done yet I had maybe about 10 minutes left until it was ready to serve, he came in the kitchen and said how much longer it would be because he was hungry. I told him and turned myself around to look at him and was punched in the face so hard that he broke my eye socket and told me that when someone say’s 6:15 it needs to be ready at 6:15 and that I should do better next time and left the room cursing under his breath calling me a useless bitch. I was crying so hard that I couldn’t breathe and ran through what his sister had told me and all I could do was remind myself that he loves me and he is under a lot of stress at work and that he didn’t mean to take it out on me. A couple of minutes later he slapped my face again and said that I needed to stop crying that I was ruining his gaming experience and that I needed to fix his plate of dinner and serve it to him like the bitch that I was. I served his dinner to him and went to bed. I cried myself to sleep that night and woke up the next morning with my left eye swollen shut and a bruise on my right arm and side. I called in sick to work that day making up an excuse of food poisoning and that I would be there the next Monday which I was scheduled to work. I had to think about how to cover up the eye so that I wouldn’t draw attention to it, and I guess he thought the same thing too and told me that I just needed to tell everyone that I ran into the door and wall in the middle of the night on my way to the bathroom while I was drunk, and that if I didn’t say that I would truly know what it would mean to be sorry. So many things ran through my mind at that moment I was beyond scared anymore I was terrified and realized that my happily ever after was turning into a living nightmare. I went back to work with my black eye and a fake smile and almost nobody thought anything of it except a straight friend of mine. He saw the way I looked when I told the “story” he shook his head and told me that he would take me to lunch and that we would discuss it further. As we sat down to lunch he came right out and said that he knew who the cause of what happened to my face was and that I shouldn’t lie about it and that he would kill him if he ever touched me again that way. I denied it saying that I knew it was my fault that I had provoked him in a fight to which my friend didn’t buy it. At the end of the lunch my friend gave me a hug and told me that he loved me and that he would be leaving for a deployment to Iraq and that he would see me when he got back. He was a jealous guy and whenever I spent time with some of my straight guy friends his anger would show up even in public, he called me a whore after going through my phone. After that black eye, I had to surrender my phone over to him to be looked at and kept until I

went to work the next day. I got used to it after a while my friends stopped hanging out with me and they stopped asking me to go places with them and their partners. I lost a few friends but I still had my little slice of heaven and hell. Little did I know that my ex had someone follow me around while I was at work and that my days would become harder to survive without further incidents. Our fights became more frequent as the days went by I would have bruises all over my arms and would wear a long sleeve shirt in the middle of summer and my sunglasses got bigger to hide the black eyes for not remembering one thing or another or just because I talked in my sleep at night or my favorite was getting my nose dislocated for snoring and making him sleep through his alarm. Two days after my lunch with my friend another incident happened this time there would be more bruises and a black eye and blood. I entered our home to find him sitting on the little landing we had with his hand behind his back. I gave him a kiss and received a slap back. I had gotten used to this but for some strange reason I knew that I had done something wrong and would soon find out what that was and what the punishment would be. I was testing the waters with him by asking a few important questions before I made my case to see how angry he was. I thought it would help so I asked him what I had done and he replied that since I am a whore and I go around and hug whoever I wanted and that I couldn’t be trusted to leave the house that I needed to quit my job and stay home and clean. I didn’t want to argue with him because I was too tired to so I went up the stairs past him and changed my clothes and began making dinner for us. He followed me into the kitchen and began to degrade me like he had dozens of times in the past and got in a couple of hits across my face. I kept quiet and continued making dinner all the while turning away from him and his reach. I turned around to get something else out of the cabinet and felt something hard on the back of my head and turned around to see that he had taken a pan off the stove and hit me with it. I saw that he put it down and had a knife in his hand and an evil look in his eyes and he attacked me with the knife. He stuck the blade against the right side of my mouth and sliced it and said that this was for talking to another guy. I felt the blood drip down my neck and tears in my eyes. I stood there frozen for a minute full of shock and hurt but I didn’t know what I could do to get out of this situation. He moved to the left side of my face and stuck the knife in and said this is for making me angry and allowing me to do this to you. It’s your fault you can’t do anything right and I have to correct you every single day and you don’t respect me. I tried to get away from him and the kitchen but he grabbed me by the left arm and started shoving me towards the stairs and I knew that there was only one way this would end, I was either going to die or I was going to the hospital. I was struggling to get away from his grip and the stairs but he overpowered me by reaching out for my neck and started choking me. In that moment I knew I had to give up and just take whatever

was going to happen. He shoved me down the small flight of stairs and went back into the kitchen to get the knife he used on my face and came down the stairs to where I was on the ground and took the knife to my groin and stuck it in. I saw my life flash before my eyes in that instant and realized that I needed to get some help and as if my prayer was answered the door bell to our place rang and he stopped and said that he would go get it and if anybody asked what happened I fell while making dinner and that I cut myself in an act for attention and that if I didn’t say that I would be digging my own grave and he would kill me and bury me where no one would find me. I was beyond terrified at this new threat and realized he was serious and intent on killing me if I didn’t cooperate. It was his sister who answered the door and saw me on the floor and called the police, and that was the last thing I remembered before I woke up in the hospital to two police officers asking me questions about what had happened I lied to them like nobody’s business I was more concerned with my own life than being honest eventually one of the officers said that if I continue to protect him I let him win and the only way to stop the fear was to be honest with them. I ended up telling them everything that happened during our relationship. He was arrested and charged with a felony assault case that was later dropped down to a domestic violence. After these events my life went downhill very fast and I entered the world of addiction and depression and overdosed four times within one year. I have nightmares every now and then but that is only when I see him somewhere in town. When all is said and done I know that my life was changed from the day I got out of the hospital physically, emotionally and mentally. The scars are still on my body they will never go away although they have faded a little and I used to find it difficult to look at myself in the mirror because all I saw were the scars and pain that I held inside myself for years. To this day people ask why I didn’t just leave him so that I wouldn’t have had to have gone through that, and I tell them it’s not just getting out and leaving its finding the right time and I never had that right time, If I were given the chance to do it again and change something I wouldn’t what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and a survivor. If you or someone you know is going through this, just know that you are not alone in your struggle and that there is a light at the end of the darkness and that you will live and you will grow stronger in your life just tell the truth and always be honest with yourself. Trust yourself and your gut and if you feel that the person you love is an abuser get help and have a plan prepared even if you don’t feel that always make a plan just in case. Self Defense is smart, please! If you aren’t seeking counseling at least get into a self defense course to help yourself against things like this happening to you! Next month FACTOR will bring someone to you to give you tips as to handle situations such as this. You are NOT alone and can as this person did,



Submitted by: Sable West-Lamar

“Live It Up,” Lopez’s next single, will be released on May 8, and indeed feature a Pitbull guest spot as well as production from RedOne. The track will lead Lopez’s eighth studio album, which will also feature appearances from Chris Brown and Future and is due out later this year. “Extra’s” Maria Menounos talked exclusively with Jennifer Lopez’s manager Benny Medina who confirmed J.Lo is currently shooting footage for a 3D concert film called “Dance Again.” Medina said the film will chronicle the last few years in Jennifer’s life as she faced big changes. Her instinct is to get right back up, go on the road and “dance again.”.

Kelly Rowland tells Billboard that her upcoming album will include a track that features her former Destiny’s Child colleagues, but as three solo artists instead of their usual collective unit. “It’s not a Destiny’s Child track -- it’s me featuring Beyonce and Michelle,” she told the magazine. Rowland has reportedly been recording the album, entitled “Talk A Good Game,” for more than a year. Set to be released June 4, it serves as a follow-up to her 2011 effort “Here I Am,” which sold 77,000 copies its first week and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart. Rowland recently released the first single from the new album, “Kisses Down Low,” and was probed this weekend about the song’s oral-sex references on “The Breakfast Club” radio show. She admitted she would not stay with a man who isn’t interested in the particular breed of fun that she discusses in the song. During the same interview, Rowland discussed singer Keyshia Cole’s disparaging remarks toward Michelle Williams’ performance at the Super Bowl.

On April 23, to celebrate the release of his fourth solo album, Willpower, joined collaborators Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Nicole Scherzinger in a live Google+ Hangout on his illwilly YouTube channel. Spears, who joins Will on tracks such as “Scream & Shout,” “Big Fat Bass” and “Femme Fetale,” is quick to sing his praises: “I think he just gets our generation of people and what they want to hear musically.” Speaking of working with Will on the “Scream & Shout” music video, she says, “It’s probably one of the coolest experience I’ve ever had. It’s a totally different thing to be on camera with Will than in the studio. His energy is electric.” There have also been rumors that Will is the Executive Producer of Britney’s new album. To these, Will says, “I can’t confirm or deny, but I can say that whatever I end up doing on Britney’s eighth album is being taken with real, real serious care.” He adds, “I think me and Britney need to have conversations about life and then take those conversations together and turn them into songs. How do we make it personal where it bleeds from the heart?” He reveals, “We’ve been doing that.”

Britney Spears’ new album could have a distinctly urban flavour courtesy of Wiz Khalifa – who is said to be featuring on one of its tracks. The forthcoming long-player already owes much to the song-writing talents of Black Eyed Peas star and current Voice UK coach – who previously collaborated with Brit on global smash Scream & Shout. Speaking to followers on Twitter, songwriter Jean Baptiste – who co-wrote the track with will – praised him for his contribution to the album, and hinted that Wiz, 25, might also play a part in its recording. “That n***a @iamwill isn’t playing fair with these new @britneyspears records. I gotta step it up,” he tweeted, before sending a separate message to Wiz, real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz.

The last little gem of advice that I will leave you with is this; Don’t be afraid to use accessories more during the summer than you normally would. Hats and scarfs do not say that you were too lazy to do your hair! Use a scarf to wrap around a chignon, or a messy bun. This will accessorize your ensemble AND protect your locks all at the same time. For a subtle sun lightened ombre effect,

Submitted by: Travis Walgreen Summer is quickly approaching and the last thing you want is to end up with dry over exposed tresses at the end of one the best times of the year. Yes, it’s best time of year for us, but not always for your hair. Use some of these tips and tricks and your mane will look better than ever all summer long!

During the summer, we tend to want to wash our hair every day, at least once. The truth is though; doing so can dry out your hair severely! Of course, the sun is going to dry out your hair if exposed all in and of itself, so washing your tresses several times a day or even just once a day can make your hair harder to manage! If you feel it absolutely necessary to wash once a day, make sure you are using a sulfate free shampoo. Shampoo that contains sulfates also contain detergents, and let’s face it; Sulfates and detergents are great for dishes, but not for your golden locks (or any shade for that matter). I recommend using Purify Hydra Shampoo and conditioner, or Smart Solutions Dual Action Crème Shampoo and Conditioner - also available at Swagger Salon.

Curly hair can be one among the most difficult to deal with on its own, so the damage that can be done to your springy locks by harmful UV rays can be devastating! The heat, along with the UV rays can dry out already dry curly hair, so don’t become victims of the glorious sun! Take a moisturizing conditioner, and mix it with your favorite gel. Apply it to wet hair, and scrunch away. You will get a good solid hold from the gel, while it will leave your luscious locks soft and still manageable! This way you get a great styling product, and get the benefit of using a hair masque or deep conditioner! I recommend using Moisturizing Conditioner by HEMPZ, available at Swagger Salon in Westminster, Colorado.

pull your hair up into a ponytail through a hat each time that you are in the sun. The sun will gradually lighten the ends of your hair giving you a sun kissed ombre look. I will advise though, if you choose to do this make certain that you are using a product that will protect your hair from the harmful UV the sun puts out! For this, I would recommend using Crack, a habit forming hair fix. It’s not only a UV protector; it’s a thermal protectant and will leave your hair feeling silky shiny and smooth! Yep, you got it, that’s available at Swagger Salon as well! Enjoy your summer, and make sure to take just as good care of you hair as you do yourself!

Travis Walgreen, Master Stylist

Certified in Redkin Color and Paul Mitchell Color, Travis He has been officially in the hair industry for 8 years, but his love and passion for hair started long before that. His grandfather was a stylist for many many years, so his passion for hair is in his blood! As a child, he would style, cut and color any hair he could get his hands on. He gave Barbie beautiful makeovers, turning her long hair into an asymmetrical a-line and with markers gave her pink and purple peek-a-boo highlights.

Another dirty little secret that any gal on the go should have is dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a powder based spray that, when sprayed on your hair, absorbs the oil in your hair. This is great for a few different situations. If don’t want to spend time in the morning doing your hair from wet to styled before you leave the house, but don’t like the oiliness that washing your tresses at night leaves you with, try dry shampoo. Wash your hair at night and in the morning, divide your hair into sections and spray each section with the powdery spray. It will absorb the oils in your hair and leave you with soft, voluminous and textured hair. I recommend Haute Mess Dry Shampoo by HEMPZ Couture, of course that’s available at Swagger Salon as well.

He is versatile in his abilities, and is here to make you look and feel your best! Continuing education has been a huge part of his career, as he realizes that keeping up with the latest and greatest is his key to making you look wonderful. That, paired with Travis’ drive to strive for only perfection in all he does makes him the perfect stylist for you! Travis says, “The thing that I love the most about my job is a renewing confidence in my clients and seeing them look and FEEL incredible about themselves as they leave my chair! P.S… If you REALLY want good looking hair, I can be bribed with Haribo gold gummy bears! ;-) ” Visit his page on Facebook! You can set your appointment with Travis online, by calling the salon or reaching him directly.

FETISH T With Morgie In this series, I will be writing about Lifestyles, hobbies, fetishes and subcultures. This is something that people live and others look down upon, why, because they just don’t know or understand. In this I hope you find that your not alone, there are others with this interest and have now an outlet, or , you will just not think anything more about it. If you have something you would like to have me write about please leave a message for me on the facebook Factor page. These are the interviews with 3 people on the subject of Puppy Play. This is not the little furry kids we all have, but a human, being a puppy and their owners. Pyro has been the puppy and owner since 2006-07, Pa Bear is a new owner for the first time and an interveiw with his puppy BondageCub, who is also new to this. Like I said some of you will not agree with it and that is your choice, others who have this interest, Pyro has given many links on the subject, so please check them out !

MC: Have you owned a pup before? If not what brought you to this? Was there interest ? PB: This is the first Human Pup I am taking ownership of. I have called others “pup” before, even guys that are older than me, but none that are near me that wanted to explore it , so now that I am partnered with my guy, he is willing to explore this part of things to try something new. MC: If someone new came to you and wanted to own a pup also, what would you tell them, positive and negative ? PB: I would give them sites I have found and used to learn more about it. Limit visibility to my pup so they can not speak to him, since pups dont speak at all. expect when something is wrong, He utilizes his positioning, by doing a certain pose, or brings me a particular item that tells me he needs to come out of pup mode.

Puppy Love....... The first conversation was with a man named Pa Bear.

MC: What are you exspecting to see what happens from being an owner, what do you exspect from your pup?

MC: Tell me about what you get out of being an owner of a pup, the feeling is there an element of control ?

PB: What I expect to happen as far as being an owner of a human pup, is that starting training like he is a puppy and gradually giving him articles of pup gear when he has learned basic commands and then reward him and go to the next level of develpment.I expect him to be in full pup mode in a few months. Being an owner of a human pup can be and expensive endeavor, however when you love the cub with every fiber of your body, it makes the transformation fun, and very arousing when he goes into pup mode when command has not been given and does something and gets me totally aroused. Licking like a real dog does, begging and panting. rolling on his back for tummy rubs, head butts on hand or against leg or chest etc.

PB: I Like it because there has always been eroticism about being the owner of a male pup. This way I am able to do everything with my male pup, play with him, cuddle with him, have him at my feet and have wonderful sex with him while he is in pup mode. It does have the element of control. It’s nice when the pup decides to take on the full role in time to be in full pup mode with no human traits at all and be in its gear and act on all aspects like a real dog, giving him treats , baths, etc. deciding when “it” eats and sleeps. MC” What are other interest that you have that work with being a pup owner, like bondage and such? PB: I am into Leather, getting into Bondage and BDSM, dressing my Pup up in rubber attire with his collar , muzzle pup paws really turns me on when he takes on being a Pup for me. MC: What is your history in the world of Leather, biker etc.. ? PB: I haven’t been to any leather events yet, but am sure that will be changing very soon. I have chaps, biker boots, military boots, harness cod piece kilts, arm bands gladiator outfit and other items. with right oneI would wear my leathers during sex . One step at a time with the pup though.

MC: Is this all about control, Love or Both and why? PB: No it’s not all about control. It’s about converting your partner and lover/ lifemate into a fetish role that excites me to no avail. Its about loving each other and doing what ever it takes to please your partner or for them to please you. Like my cub/pup is into Bondage and rubber play as well, something i have very little experience in, however he teaches me things I teach him things, to please him better as well. In speaking with another person who is involved in the world of pup/master he tells things from a totally different view point. MC: Tell me about what you get out of being an owner of a pup, the feeling is there an element of control?

PC: From the Pups, point of view, I feel a sense of freedom... Its like taking a vacation from life when I am in puppy mode. There is no cares or worries in the world apart from where the people I can get attention from? Where is my food? Where is the scritches (a puppy play word for someone scratching/petting) It’s fun and very stress relieving. There really is not so much an element of control. I would not say at all that control is so much any part of puppy play. Its more about being that puppy and playing and being in the mental head space of a dog. Sure there are tricks and things, but there is also the curiosity and the exploration of the puppy head space. Some puppies are curious, some are stubborn. Some puppies are playful and some are shy. I am a very sassy, curious and playful pup myself. Always seeming to get into trouble. But at the end of the day, its nice just to be cuddled with my owner (when I have one) and be petted. It is always awesome to earn treats as well. In my experience treats were never sexual but ranged from beef jerky, to m&m’s. They can be anything as a puppy or human you love. Being the puppy is different for everyone. Some people’s puppy space is the family pet, some are service pets (working dogs such as seeing eye dogs, and or service animals). Some people are guard dogs... It just depends on the person, their head space, and the environment. Now, from the owners point of view, I love a puppies (human puppy) playfulness, curiosity, the need for attention and care. There is nothing better than taking a puppy out for a walk in town, or to the park for some fetch and rough housing. I love how loyal, and simple puppy play is. its like letting the primal side inside each of us out to play. Control has never been a part of puppy play for me or anyone else that I know for the most part. Its not about control. Its the role play of having a pet puppy. I personally as most people that I know would never do anything to a Human puppy that I would NEVER do to a real dog or as we call them bio-dog or real dog. Even when your showing off tricks for other people or other human pet owners its not about control, its more like showing off the tricks you have taught your puppy or his obedience skills. But even with that I feel it comes down more to the relationship you have with your puppy or the relationship of the puppy with their owner. It is a trust and a bond that is built up and explored over time that can grow and flourish into a amazing and beautiful relationship. I think its very important to remember that when engaging in puppy play that your puppy is as much your partner, bf, gf, best friend, husband, wife,or partner as much as they are your pet. MC: What are other interest that you have that work with being a pup owner, like bondage and such?

PC: There are several aspects and implements that are considered puppy play or pet role play that can cross over into other parts of the BDSM and or Leather Community or kink fetish community cross over. such as puppy play mitts that can have the ability to lock on or a puppy hood, a kennel or crate, etc. Puppy Mitts: They can be made out of several things and range in price depending on the make and material as well as quality of the product. they can range from $30.00 to $400.00 depending on the route that you take. Essentially puppy mitts are a finger less glove that the pup would make a fist and the glove is placed over the fist, taking away fingers and apposable thumbs. this along with most gear is to assist the pup or puppy into a deeper head space. Some versions are locking (which are more for keeping the mitts from falling off in play or from the pup removing them rather than a sense of bondage or helplessness...) and some versions are not. They are padded to prevent injury or harm from walking on your fists (all fours) and some are made of rubber, leather, boxing gloves, etc... Some are more elaborate and look like dog feet and some are rather basic. Crates and Kennels: These, in my experience are a safe place, they are that place where a pup feels secure and safe place. For a pup to retreat to when tired or having a bad day. I have also seen a crate or kennel used as punishment the time being a consented time for both and or all members of the party. As a pup my crate was my safe place, it was my place... I controlled everything that happened in it.. I loved it and felt very safe and secure in puppy head space in my kennel and it was never personally a punishment. There are many other forms of puppy play bondage that can cross over such as leash’s, collars, specific puppy bondage, a stake in the yard and a chain... again... If you would do it to a real dog... Its something that can be done to your pet (human dog) as well as if you would never do it to a real dog bio-dog(in my opinion) you should never do it to your human pet either. But with all that said everyone enjoys different things and in the end none of it is wrong as long as everything was done safely, and with consent from all members of the party. MC: What is your history in the world of Leather, biker etc.. ? PC: I have been involved in the leather and BDSM kink/fetish community since i was about 17 years old (2006-2007) I got majorly involved when i moved to Chicago and served a Leather family as their pet puppy for a few years. I was introduced to puppy play due to my personality as a human... I am very playful, sarcastic, high energy, sassy, and so much more... all parts of my personality that I as well as others can see or match to a puppy dog. So over time and with the help of more experienced people with puppy play and the com-

munity I began matching more and more of who I already am and the personality traits that I already have to my pup-sona or puppy play persona (who I am as a puppy). Since than I have became more and more experienced in the community and have been becoming more and more and deeper and deeper involved in the Local and National as well as world BDSM community. In local Denver I am the founder of the Denver Pet Patrol. The Denver Pet Patrol (D.P.P.) is a group in local or to the surrounding areas for pet players or anyone into or curious about pet play. As well as I have taught several classes on pet (puppy play). My experience in the BDSM community is not limited to puppy play, but I also have explored into S&M as well as bondage and Dominate/ submissive relationships. I love how accepting and non clique-ish that the BDSM community has been and how accepting the community is. I think it is beautiful how people that could not be any more different always seem to get along and be open minded and accepting to so many people. I like that it is a community that has a place for everyone and is a non judgmental community that can accept pretty much everyone for who they are, as they are. MC: If someone new came to you and wanted to own a pup also, what would you tell them, positive and negative ? PC: If someone came to me wanting to own a puppy (human pet) I would encourage them to come to some of our Denver Pet Patrol (D.P.P.) meetings and be around other people that this (puppy play or pet play) is a major part of their life and lifestyle, as well as a Every day or very common and consistent part of their play and our lifestyle. I think it really helpful as well as important to be around others and be immersed in this lifestyle or type of play. I think being around others can help give you new ideas as well as expand your interests as well as where you would want to take your play with you pup or owner. I think it is a great way to socialize with like minded people and have the feeling that you are free to be who you are as a pup or a human (owner) without reservation knowing you are accepted and cared for as a pup or a human owner just the way you are. I think it is really hard to find very good literature and books on the subject, I also feel that porn or adult entertainment is the farthest thing from reality when it comes to BDSM and the Leather/kink/fetish community. I advise that if you are wanting to get into the community of pet or puppy play that Porn tends to be a very unreal and very bad example of puppy play. The D.P.P. has events monthly and is a great social place to meet other pets (puppies, kittens, ponys, etc), owners, and like minded people as well as educate and learn more about the lifestyle from experienced people in a safe and consenting atmosphere.

MC: What are you expecting to see what happens from being an owner, what do you expect from your pup? As a puppy I expect to be safe, cared for, taught to be a good puppy. I expect to have attention and be played with, in the same way I like to be kept in line. There is a time for play and a time to be patient and behave. As with all good behavior is a treat! Puppies love treats! Treats always taste better when you earn them too! I expect to be watched over and be taken care of. I have never liked the feeling of being alone or rejected as a puppy or in puppy head space. I find that puppy head space is a vulnerable place for me and having my human (my partner) there is a very comforting thing. As an owner I love when a puppy is playful and loving. Getting puppy cuddles and attention is always great! I think it is always awesome to show off a puppy’s loyalty and skills with some tricks, but it is more about my puppy and I’s relationship than it is showing off. I like my pup to have some basic good behaviors or protocols like a pup always walking on my right side and never in front, but I know that is different from pup to pup or owner to owner. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way as long as it is consensual and negotiated with both members of the party. MC Is this all about control, Love or Both and why? PC: I dont think it is about control... I would say that in all my experience in all forms of the BDSM community Control is not that common... I prefer to use the term “Power Exchange” it is only when a submissive (slave, pet, boy, puppy, etc) gives up the control or power that the Dominate or Owner has the power or control over the Submissive or puppy. Love and attachment as well as trust and emotions are a must in my opinion in this type of play. A connection to your partner and what makes them happy and feel safe is very important and necessary for this to be successful. Consent is also very important as well as negotiation as too what is ok, and what is not ok... what lines can be crossed and are acceptable, and what lines are never to be crossed and what is un except-able to both people. For More information on the Denver Pet Patrol please contact Pyro by Email at or by facebook at (please send me a message before requesting me as a friend.) Great article on kinky relationships: http:// Puppies in the Moutains:

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