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your house in tip top condition benefits you in multiple ways, not just because it looks nice! Floors so shiny you can see your reflection? Scrubbed down windows revealing the view you never knew you had? It is clear that a well-organised household functions much more efficiently. This formula is applied to most of the best business practices in the world! And yes, it really is that simple! In my experience during my meetings as a Document Solutions Consultant, the question I almost always face unanswered is ‘do you know the volume and cost of managing your records?’ Through getting all those records in shape; throw out the junk, scan where it’s needed, you can allow your business to run smoothly and with the precision of a perfectly ordered household.


In layman’s terms, good Records and Information Management equals more streamlined business process According to RIM Industry studies the following has been reported: A company is able to increase its sales per

employee by 14.4% for every 10% increase in usability of data. Companies achieve a 1.51% increase in the total products and services produced for every 10% increment in business intelligence resulting from better data Your company can easily achieve comparable gains by simply improving the Records and Information Management strategy in place. So, how can you achieve minimized costs through better business process? Tie records management in STEP 1 with workflows. Your company’s records management policies should be developed according to your employee workflows, achieve this by understanding how your organization and each different department shares and consumes information daily. Save or Remove? STEP 2 Two of the most critical records -taming processes are retention and destruction. Gather the necessary information to set clear and enforceable schedules so you only retain what is needed and legally required. This enables you to: -stay on top of your re-

cords by removing what is not needed from the equation -allows employees to access information they need as opposed to drowning in useless information Finally, based on secure document shredding create a compliant records management strategy that meets your regulatory requirements. Step3: Centralise your physical records. Dispersed physical records stored across various locations can lead to an unclear view of what and where records are stored. This makes the records management process even more challenging as a whole. Centralising your records will save your organisation money and make processes and procedures much easier to manage and set in place.

records. The key to efficient records management is having the ability to view everything through one system; the same principle applies to all records, regardless of their form (physical or electronic). A good start would be to consider an inventory and tracking system with a document management software platform such as iGuana.

Get the scanning ball roll- Truth be known, we all have our strengths and weaknesses alike. Some of us are ing. good at running a clean, well-organised Converting frequently accessed physical household. Others are able to admit that files to electronic form will save your organi- they are organizationally challenged so in zation time and money. The problems most come’s the housekeeper! There is no differcompanies face through scanning their re- ence with companies in need of organizing cords however, appears further down the their records and fine-tuning their business line. The lacks of quality controls, build-up processes. If you are in need of a houseof ongoing records combined with limited keeper maybe it’s time to consider outresources available to manage these are sourcing your records to a partner you can most common. The key in the equation is to trust, and get your records household runset a realistic time frame for the execution ning like clock-work. process that can be supported.


Step 5: Create a single view for all your

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