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The couple names are Chris and Sarah. This happen before the canoe trip. Chris picks Sarah for a date, he would like to take her to up scale Billiard hall. After an hour they decide to leave and are walking towards there car. V.O It was once said: “That a woman’s honor is not defined in battle but rather, in the Intimate Moments they spend together.” SARAH Oh, what a cute dog. CHRIS I don’t see any tags. It looks like a German Shepard. SARAH Monica would love a dog like this. Lets take him with us. CHRIS How do you know he is a he. Sarah lifts the dogs front paws up. SARAH Yep, he’s a manly man. Open my door. Chris opens the passenger door CHRIS Come boy, lets go. The German Shepard and Sarah get into the car. Chris shuts the door and proceeds to the other side. All the sudden the car begins to shakes back and forth. Chris stops and looks threw the back window, then continues to the driver side and looks in the window. CHRIS (CONT’D) What the f@!#@. He quickly opens the door. The dog has clearly decide to have his way with Sarah. Sarah is kicking the dashboard and hitting the roof. CHRIS (CONT’D) Oh, my god.


Chris is laughing and just can’t stop CHRIS (CONT’D) Are you serious? Sarah scream the words, the dog howls SARAH What the hell do think, get this thing off me. V.O It wasn’t Sarah screaming voice but rather how the dog was howling. I remember thinking this bastard is enjoying himself. Chris other slaps cases

quickly turns and shuts the driver door and runs to the side. He opens the passenger door. Chris shouts and the dog in the head. The dog quickly turns and show his pearly white teeth fully extended. V.O (CONT’D) Now that I think about it, I never noticed the expression or even the tears on her face, but only the look the dog gave me.

Chris runs to the drivers side and opens the door and punches the dog and shouts. F@#!&*

CHRIS you.

The dog quickly exits out the driver side door. CHRIS (CONT’D) Are you alright? SARAH Yeah, he would have, eeew, I don’t even what to think about it. Chris walks around to the other side and gets into the car and turns toward Sarah. CHRIS So, what do you think of are date so far? The End.

Dogs Playing Poker  

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