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Our History: 1970-1998 1976 1986

Consortium approves launch of American Studies Program in Washington D.C.

1971 Thirteen colleges establish Christian College Consortium

1977 John Dellenback becomes president of the Christian College Consortium and Christian College Coalition

Coalition initiates a multiyear contract with HarperCollins for the Through the Eyes of Faith textbook series in the following subjects: Psychology (1987, rev. 2003), History (1989), Biology (1989, rev. 2003), Business (1990), Sociology (1992), and Music (1993)

1988 Coalition reaches 77 member institutions by Dellenback’s departure in the spring

1988 Myron Augsburger becomes Coalition president

1972 Title IX is passed, includes an exemption for religious educational institutions

1975 Arthur F. Holmes publishes The Idea of a Christian College

1976 Consortium establishes a broader association called the Christian College Coalition; Gordon Werkema becomes the Coalition president

1990 Dellenback Center dedicated in Washington, D.C.

1986 Coalition establishes Latin American Studies Program

1990 Ernest Boyer publishes Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate



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