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Diversions Serving Alamo, Danville, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Walnut Creek and the adjacent unincorporated areas of Central Contra Costa County. PH106

Your cutting-edge resource for cutting waste Authorit y op-Ed

You Spoke Up, and We Heard You!

In the fall of last year, the Authority solicited community input on current garbage and recycling programs, as well as possible ways to improve these services in the future. Thanks to all who offered feedback through surveys, workshops and phone inquiries. We were delighted to learn of your broad support for waste reduction and the high level of participation in our programs. You also gave us valuable insights about your priorities, helping us set the course for a new garbage and recycling hauler contract starting in March 2015. Acting on your thoughtful input, the Authority will expand curbside recycling to include a range of new materials. We will also ensure that all green waste collected in the jurisdiction will be composted. Many other improvements are still evolving. Stay tuned! With best wishes for 2013,

Paul Morsen, Executive Director

Top 3 in the Recycling Popularity Contest

The curbside collection programs for recyclables and yard waste—as well as reusable items during Reuse & Cleanup Days—are the most popular among you, our constituents, according to a recent online survey. Well over 90 percent of survey respondents said they were “very satisfied” or Curbside recycling “satisfied” with awa r e / u s e 95% these services. s at i s fac t i o n We’ll keep working 95% with your haulers Yard trimmings to make sure these awa r e / u s e 93% programs continue s at i s fac t i o n 96% to earn top ratings. Reuse & Cleanup Days After all, when awa r e / u s e 83% you’re happy, s at i s fac t i o n 94% we’re happy!

10-year-old Vanessa is one of many residents who can’t wait to see what’s in store for the new recycling program, coming in 2015!

Recycling Cart Sneak Peek

Raising the Bar

The CCCSWA Board of Directors is responding to the strong support residents expressed for adding specific materials to your curbside recycling cart; particularly plastic bags and rigid plastic. Soon you’ll be able to put more materials into your recycling cart, including all plastic containers marked #1 through #7, plastic bags, rigid plastics and small scrap metal items. Thanks to technological advances in recent years, separating and processing these items has become more cost-effective than landfilling them. Plus, the more we can recycle, the easier it will be to reach the State’s new diversion goal of 75% by 2020. We are working to have the necessary infrastructure in place by March 2015. Until that time, please recycle plastic bags and other film plastics at your local supermarket.

“I dream that one day I’ll be recycled too!”

Preventing Waste Before It Happens

What Do You Do To Go Beyond Recycling?

Recycling is great. But having no trash in the first place is even better! Why? Because collecting and processing recyclables still has an environmental impact. Preventing waste also means less stuff you have to deal with.

“I bring my own plastic containers to restaurants for my leftovers. It creates less waste, and the food actually stays fresh longer than in the disposable take-out containers.” Rosie Kim, Moraga

“Creating awareness among kids about how to be gentle on the earth is really important to me. That’s why Shannon and I helped bring a recycling program to the lunchroom at our kids’ school.” Laura Valvassori, Danville Also pictured: Shannon Kong (left)

“My wife and I thought we needed to move. Instead we called on the East Bay Depot to help us reduce 25 years’ worth of clutter. It freed up so much space, it was like getting a new home!” Doug Horner, Lafayette

CCCSWA franchise agreement timeline Moving toward a new franchise agreement with garbage and recycling companies You Are Here Phase 1

Phase 2


Phase 3


Aug 2012 through end of Mar 2013 CCCSWA determines collection services needed and writes franchise agreement(s).


Apr 2013 through end of Jan 2014 CCCSWA Board of Directors selects one or more companies to provide services.

Feb 2014 through March 2015 New equipment is ordered and delivered, new franchise agreement(s) phased in.

Going Back to a Store Near You

Leftover Paint!

Safely getting rid of leftover or unwanted paint just got a whole lot easier. Since October 2012, California’s Paint Stewardship Law requires paint manufacturers to set up collection stations at paint retail stores, and provide for the recycling or safe disposal of the materials. Kelly Moore Paint in Walnut Creek is the first store to offer paint drop-off in CCCSWA’s jurisdiction, but others are sure to follow. You can also take latex paint (which can be recycled) and other kinds of paint, stains and varnishes— as well as a range of other household hazardous waste (HHW) items—to the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District’s (Central San) facility in Martinez. For more information on proper household hazardous waste disposal, visit Kelly Moore Paints 2700 North Main St Walnut Creek 925-939-4100 Central San HHW Facility 4797 Imhoff Place Martinez 925-228-9500


Dear Authority,

My family recycles, but my office doesn’t. What can I do?

— Dedicated in Danville

Dear Dedicated, Recycling at work may be easier than you think. The State recently required businesses with at least four cubic yards of trash per week to set up a recycling program. If your business is in this category, your manager may already be aware of this new rule, but if not, CCCSWA is happy to help out. We will provide you with a list of approved vendors who can conduct a waste audit of your site and provide the bins or carts. Email Lois Courchaine at for assistance. To go a step further, consider becoming your business’ “recycling champion.” You can help educate and motivate your fellow employees and intervene when problems pop up. Everyone will agree recycling is worthwhile, but they’re much more likely to actually get involved if you’re willing to smooth the transition.


The Authority For more information about recycling at work, go to and click on “for businesses.”

“Composting is not much work and we’re not adding to the load of stuff that has to be trucked away.”—Paul Morsen, CCCSWA Executive Director Composting’s benefits surprise CCCSWA exec

Down-to-Earth Director Walks the Talk

The success of CCCSWA’s composting program really hit home when it inspired executive director Paul Morsen himself. It was time for him to walk the talk, he admits, “but I thought composting was more for people with vegetable gardens.” After landscaping his small townhouse garden over two years ago, Morsen decided to see how compost might benefit ornamental plants, flowers and the roses favored by his wife, Pom. He attended a CCCSWA home composting workshop and then bought a SoilSaver® bin. It took him a while to realize yard clippings must be cut into small pieces to create fine soil. Other than that, “it’s not a lot of work,” Morsen said. Every year in January, the couple spreads the finished soil throughout their yard. “Our roses look great,” Morsen said, “and we don’t have to buy fertilizer anymore.” CCCSWA offers lots of resources to help you get composting! Check out our workshops, discounted bins and home composter certification for a reduced garbage bill at and click on “Composting.”


CCCSWA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 925-906-1801 fax: 925-906-1805 . . . . . . web: email: GARBAGE: ALLIED WASTE SERVICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 925-603-1144 fax: 925-685-8153 . . . . . . . . . . . web: For questions concerning billing, special cleanups, vacation hold requests, computer & TV collection, new service or your blue garbage cart. RECYCLING: VALLEY WASTE MANAGEMENT . . . . . . . . . 925-935-8900 fax: 925-935-1617 . . . . . . . . . web: For questions concerning the service of your burgundy recycling or green yard clippings carts, to request motor oil recycling containers, for recycling cleanups or for information on the Walnut Creek Recycling Center. CONTRA COSTA RECYCLING HOTLINE . . . 1-800-750-4096 HOME COMPOSTING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 925-906-1801x306 HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE . . . . . 1-800-646-1431 REUSE AND CLEANUP DAYS: Reuse (Day) questions: Pacific Rim Recycling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-999-6067 Cleanup (Day) questions: Allied Waste Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 925-603-1144 Printed on paper made from responsibly harvested wood (Forest Stewardship Council certified), with 50% recycled content (25% post-consumer); processed chlorine free.

Diversions Spring 2013  

Quarterly newsletter of the Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority

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