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Aichele Arduini Calnon Davco Farrell Foreman Fowler Fredericks Freeze Fuiman Harvey Hinkley Ice Landes Lashley Lynde Miller Neidig Peduto Perez Piskel Preston Russell Sheckard Shires Wear Weiss

Aichele Arduini Calnon Davco Farrell Foreman Fowler Fredericks Freeze Fuiman Harvey Hinkley Ice Landes Lashley Lynde Miller Neidig Peduto Perez Piskel Preston Russell Sheckard Shires Wear Weiss

Aichele Arduini Calnon Davco Farrell Foreman Fowler Fredericks Freeze Fuiman Harvey Hinkley Ice Landes Lashley Lynde Miller Neidig Peduto Perez Piskel Preston Russell Sheckard Shires Wear Weiss

Cover Image by Hinkley, Section Images by Calnon, Fowler, and Russell. Edited by Colin Helb, PhD

t hecampus

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New Day

Alyssa Aichele Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

After a long and cold winter, the first hot spring day brought all of the students outside to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. There was not a cloud in the sky and the weather brought good moods all around. The flowers on the trees are ready to bloom. Spring is in the air and all the students are ready.


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Maximo Arduini Campus Nikon d3000 2013-04-10

Spring brings a new feeling around campus. With the warm weather here, Elizabethtown College students can be found outside the BSC. Sunny days create an opportunity for students to mingle while enjoying the sun in-between classes. It’s a calming scene sitting on the porch recuperating from difficult class work.


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Andrew Calnon Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-14

Elizabethtown College is located at One Alpha Drive. This 200 acre campus is home to about 1900 students. On beautiful Spring days, students love to explore campus and the surrounding community. Etown is conveniently located near the Dove Chocolate Factory, and on days like today the warm breeze brought the chocolate smell onto campus.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Matthew Davco Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

The colors of sky and earth combined on the face of Lake Placida as the rippling water contorted the reflections into one unified spectacle. Even in this quiet area isolated from the main campus life could be seen as ducks and dogwalkers littered the lakefront. Alone, a meditative observer inside a gazebo takes this moment to reflect upon the direction of his life.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Jaclyn Farrell The Campus Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Red Hot Track The photograph displays the open track and hurdles basking in the sunlight. It was taken at the sunniest part of the afternoon. The scene was quiet, warm and peaceful. Without the bustling of running students, the track was very calm. The image communicates the presence of spring through its clear warmth and sunlight.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Jasmine Foreman Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

It is late afternoon on the campus of Elizabethtown College. Most students are not found anywhere near their classes during this time of the day. However, this square becomes full of students from morning until afternoon. It is quiet now and there’s a cool breeze swaying the many trees found throughout the small, yet beautiful campus.


Kyle Fowler Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


“Between a rock and a hard place.� This saying is the first thing that comes to mind upon viewing the setting of this image. The bridge in the image can be found as an entrance to the dell from one of the residence halls on the campus of Elizabethtown College.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Lauren Fredericks Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

On a typical warm, sunny day at Elizabethtotwn college students can be found outside, all over the campus. At the Brossman Student Commons there is music to be heard as students and faculty sit outside eating and soaking in the sun. Flip-Flops and sunglasses have been brought out. The trees are sarting to come back to life as the cold weather is starting to disappear.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Tyler Freeze Campus Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Growing New Leaves The pleasant scenery standing outside Elizabethtown College’s Thompson Gymnasium on a warm and sunny Spring afternoon. Students often pass by this peaceful scene on their way to and from classes. The scent of blooming flowers and trees is easily distinguishable in the soft cool breeze. Off in the distance the athletic fields peak through the trees and bushes that populate the campus.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Jon Fuiman Campus Nikon D 3000 2013-04-10

In the Heart People go to where they know. Students crowd outside the BSC as the weather gets warmer. This year it went from winter to summer basically skipping over the spring. Without spring rain showers student are able to enjoy their time outside. As they gather to where everything is in the heart of campus.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Beth Harvey Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Enjoying the very heart of Elizabethtown College, this student has chosen a shaded, front row seat to admire the day. Whether you are late to class, or have time to spare, it is tough to ignore the beauty and essence of the campus, especially on a gorgeous spring day such as this.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Evan Hinkley Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

This image showcases the newly built bridge walkway that provides a scenic view of Lake Placida and Leffler Chapel to all students, faculty, and visitors at Elizabethtown College. When viewing this image, one can feel the slight breeze blowing towards them, shown by the ripples in the lake. They can smell the newly installed pine wood, coupled with the slightly bitter smell of the natural lake.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Karley Ice Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

The patio outside the Brossman Commons at Elizabethtown College is full of students when the sun is shining. Students gather to eat lunch, complete assignments, socialize, and occasionally listen to music. Students can look across campus as they sit on the patio while classmates walk past going to the many activities happening on a daily basis.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Adam Landes Campus D40 2013-04-10

A private concert was held at Elizabethtown College this past week as students listened to a fellow classmate sing original songs. Accompanied by the guitar, it was hard not to applaud as she came to a dramatic finish. She poured out her heart and soul in the middle of campus, for everyone to hear.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

A View

Ragina Lashley Campus Nikon 3000 2013-04-10

Walking back from other end of the campus, the trail leads the walker past the various academic buildings. This particular image depicts Zug Hall, used by the various music majors at Etown. The pink buds on the tree, and the red leaves by the sitting area, stand out against the aged brick and blue afternoon sky. This particular image showcases Etown’s praised green acres. Free of distractions, plenty of plants.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Jessica Lynde Campus Nikon D60 2013-04-10

Leffler Chapel is a beautiful building that holds Elizabethtown’s special events. Events from guest speakers to the Mr.Etown competition. The musical stylings of the a cappella groups on campus and the many other groups on our campus. This chapel is mostly used for performance but it also hold non-denominational church services applying to everyones desires.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Samantha Miller Campus Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

The Brossman Students Commons, or the BSC as it is commonly referred to by Elizabethtown College students, is one of the many place that students head to when it is warm and sunny out. Outside on the BSC patio is the perfect place to sit and hang out with friends and soak up the sun. Inside, students can get cold drinks so that they do not get dehydrated while they are outside in the sun.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

In Bloom

Paige Neidig Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

The Young Center is the location of some classes during the week and church services on Sundays. It is a little secluded from the other academic buildings but this stunning building makes the campus at Elizabethtown College even more beautiful. It is especially extraordinary during the springtime when the shrubs and flowers are in bloom.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Wiffle Ball

Marissa Peduto Campus Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

With the warm weather and the shining sun, these boys could not think of a better way to enjoy this spring day than with a game of wiffle ball. Aside from a few minor scrapes and bruises, as home plate was a spinning chair with wheels, they spent their afternoon having a great time with each other playing ball.


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Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Abby Piskel The Campus Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Sunshine Praises Standing near the edge of Lake Placeda, the sun was shining down on that bright Spring afternoon. Leffler Chapel is displayed not far off in the distance. As the water is at a still, unmoving stance, the chapel stands just as serene as the water below. The chapel and the lake come together to form a feeling on peacefullness.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

The View

Paige Preston Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Elizabethtown College campus is looking a lot like spring after the flowers bloomed on the waterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s edge. The daffodils add a hint of color to the landscape before the grass becomes greener in the days to come. The bees were busy out and about collecting pollen to bring back to their hives.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Kaylin Russell Campus Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Once in a while itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nice to sit back and enjoy the view. Elizabethtown College is full of beautiful trees, buildings, and land. From the highest chamber in the High Library, the view is breathtaking. Students at Etown are fortunate to attend such a beautiful college, and are able to enjoy a wonderful area while striving to earn a degree.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Mike Sheckard Campus Nikon D40 2013-04-10

The day had a slight breeze to it. The lake, normally calm and majestic had some rough conditions. These four ducks still ventured out to pursue their daily activities. This is familiar territory for warm we weather in Elizabethtown. The spring semester is coming to end as the the wildlife begins to return.


Caitlyn Shires Campus Nikon D 3000 2013-04-10

Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Elizabethtown College is located right in the middle of Elizabethtown, Penn. If you drive down College Avenue, you can get a great view of the Collegeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fields, dorms, and academic buildings. College Ave. intersects with Market Street. Market St. is filled with several stores, restaurants, and other places where students can go for al their needs. This is a great environment for students to benefit from and enjoy.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Tyler Weary Campus Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Elizabethtown College is home to many students who want to become a bigger part of the future. The campus is small, giving a feeling of home to whomever decides this is the school for them. The academic program not only offers future-preparing courses, but also contains many creative arts courses that encourage students to express themselves.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Samantha Weiss Campus Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

The temperature dropped, sweatshirts were dawned, blankets were folded and taken inside, frisbees were put away for the night and as the Dell cleared of basking students, the sun dipped below the tree line. The stillness of the impending evening was a clear difference from the hustle of the afternoon, but welcomed by the campus, all the same.


t hedel l

Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Alyssa Aichele Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

The Dell is a place where students can go to take a break from their studies and relax or take their work outside on a nice day. The students lay out on the fresh, green grass to get some sun in the warm weather. This is a stress free environment where students escape from the busy life style of college.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Can Jam

Maximo Arduini Dell Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Sunny Spring days bring Elizabethtown College students to the dell. The game of choice amongst students is can jam. A simple game of throwing a frisbee into a bin with the help of a friend. This game is a relaxing and competitive way to spend the day outside amongst classmates.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Andrew Calnon Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-14

The Dell is the starting and ending point for many students here at Elizabethtown. First-years are inducted into the College through a formal ceremony held on this grassy terrain, and as seniors they are handed their diploma at graduation in this same location. Students also venture out to this area for recreational purposes.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Matthew Davco Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Acidemics and modernity have been completely forgotten as clothes and cares are shed on the dell. In this dream like state students relax and play games like ladderball and frisbee and socialize with one another as a soft cool breeze, a glowing sun, and the echos of music in the distanceprovide a sence of peace.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Jaclyn Farrell The Dell Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Take It Outside As the warm weather begins, the students gather to the Dell. The photograph is enough evidence to see it is the beginning of spring for any outsider. The blooming of spring flowers, as students fill up the field, is slowly hiding the residence hall. The students are laying out in the soothing sun, trying to focus on their work, or taking a moment to relax with friends.


Jasmine Foreman Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Tan Time

When asking someone what their definition of spring is, they would typically say rain and flowers. At Elizabethtown College, we say tan time. Almost every student likes to catch some sun between or after classes on nice days. Students, along with faculty, take advantage of beautiful days on campus, espcially since Elizabethtown is well known for the massive amounts of rainfall that occur here regularly.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Kyle Fowler Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Ladder ball and whiffle ball are two popular games around the campus of Elizabethtown College during the spring days. Classes took an abrupt halt on the first nice week of the spring and some even left campus completely to walk to Ritaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Italian Ice stand in town. Spring fever was most likely the cause for this. It seems the teachers were just as excited as the students.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Let Go

Lauren Fredericks Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

The Dell is an open grassy space that is a favorite spot on campus during beautiful weather. As soon as the sun comes out and the temperature rises students are out on the Dell playing games, relaxing, and studying. Friends and strangers come together to have fun and enjoy their time at the beautiful Elizabethtown College.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Tyler Freeze The Dell Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Spring At Last Groups of students scatter themselves on The Dell and enjoy the warm and sunny afternoon. Studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s are often seen occupying their time in The Dell by playing games with their friends, studying for class or just lounging out and enjoying the sun with their friends. The trees are starting to bloom creating a beautiful background for this portrait of college life.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Jon Fuiman Dell Nikon D 3000 2013-04-10

Just Relax Where students first get welcomed to college and say goodbye to their home four years later but in between those four years students are able to go to the Dell whenever they want to enjoy their time. The Dell becomes a place to just relax with friends after a long day of class, or on the weekend.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

The Nest

Beth Harvey Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

This small stage not only overlooks â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Dellâ&#x20AC;? but also stands as a monument within the Elizabethtown College community. One day, after four tough years of studying and hard work, each student will proudly venture across this stage to receive their well-deserved diploma. We will finally leap from this nest and fly into the real world.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Evan Hinkley Student Nikon D40 2013-04-10

This image shows the interaction of two different “factions” that make their way to the Dell during a nice day. The first faction is the usual group of guys who throw around a football. The other faction is the stereotypical female who lays out a towel in hopes of gaining a nice even tan. In this image, a guy “accidentally” throws a football at a girl to gain her attention.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Karley Ice Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Students are found soaking up the sun in the Dell at Elizabethtown College. Tanning, throwing football, studying, and socializing wit friends are just a few of the activities that students do on the Dell. The open space provides an area for all students to come together and enjoy the weather.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Adam Landes Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Students at Elizabethtown College took full advantage of the first warm day all year by soaking up the sun in the dell. Just relaxing and talking with friends is how these students relieve stress of freshman year. Hopefully the weather continues to be stunning so they do not have to study for finals indoors.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Ragina Lashley Dell Nikon 3000 2013-04-10

As soon as the weather brings forth plenty of sun and slight humidity, the students at Etown flock to the Dell. When not used for Commencement or graduation ceremonies, the spacious green lawn holds: sunbathers, flying discs, friends and few textbooks. Here, the first day of nice spring weather, brought many students to meet up with friends and hang out on the lawn in between classes. A sunny day after a cloudy post-Easter break.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Jessica Lynde Dell Nikon D60 2013-04-10

The last five weeks of college are the hardest. After students have the taste of Easter break and the beautiful weather all they want to do is spend time outside and out of class. This helps student forget about the fast coming final exams and the end of yet another year at Elizabethtown.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Sun Day

Samantha Miller Dell Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

The Dell on at sunny day in always full of students. These students are doing many different activities like sun bathing, reading, drawing, and playing cornhole and other lawn games. This is a good place for student just to relax and have a great time in the sun. Most of the time one can find all of the students missing from class out on the Dell, taking a sun day.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Paige Neidig Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

When spring rolls around every student wants to enjoy the fresh air and the newly awakened sunshine. However, homework still must be done. These girls went to The Dell for the best of both worlds. They are able to soak in the sun and work hard. Springtime opens up new opportunities to study outside with friends.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Marissa Peduto Dell Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Is there any other way to enjoy the sun besides lying on a blanket and â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;catching some raysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;? These students certainty did not think so. The Dell was the perfect spot for them to hang out with their friends. Plus, it made for a great people watching spot; what these girls are doing.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Alley Perez Dell DSLR Nikon 2013-04-10

Music in the Dell The Dell is full of students sun bathing or playing frisbee, but Audrey is doing something a little more unique. She is entertaining her classmates with music. Her friends sit around her as she plays guitar and sings. All of the songs she is preforming are originals that she wrote herself.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Abby Piskel The Dell Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

The Rebirth of Life As the trees come to bloom and the weather begins to warm, students flock to The Dell to work, play, and tan. Footballs are launched into the air, while pages of books are being read and turned. Blankets and towels are sprawled in various places all throughout the grass. Students are in their happy place.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Paige Preston Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

There is no Better place to relax on the Elizabethtown College campus than The Dell. The warmth of the recent spring days attracted many students to grab a balanket and catch some sunrays. Sitting outside getting some fresh air is a huge stress reliever especially after the cold winter months indoors.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Kaylin Russell Dell Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

When the warm weather finally comes, many students venture out to the Dell for a day of relaxation and fun. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a great place to run around playing football, or read a book in the warm sunshine. When walking through the Dell, you can smell sunscreen lotion, and hear laughter. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the perfect place to escape from stress.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Mike Sheckard Dell Nikon D40 2013-04-10

The Dell, a popular place to hangout on warmer days. A two hand touch game had emerged as a popular activity for the day. Here, a deep pass had been thrown and the catch would soon be made. Unfortunately, as soon as she caught the ball the play was over. Good friends and good times was all that was needed here.


Caitlyn Shires Dell Nikon D 3000 2013-04-10

Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


The Dell is a great place to come together with friends on a nice, sunny day. Whether you are studying together, playing games, or just resting, the warm sun and nice company will be sure to put you in a good mood. Just grab a blanket and go soak up the sunshine!


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

The Dell

Tyler Weary Dell Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

With spring recently approaching us, students flock to the area on campus known as the Dell. This area of the campus is a large grass area, located between dorms. Students play games such as football and frisbee and also study, while enjoying the warmth of the sun. The break from classwork and the stress it brings helps students live happier lives at Elizabethtown.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Samantha Weiss Dell Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Sunbathing, reading, impromptu volleyball games and just relaxing with friends were the favorite pastimes of the afternoon as the students welcomed summer weather and cloudless skies. Blankets spotted the green grass with pinks, purples and wishes of more summer days to come. And what they were all thinking: only 30 days left...


t hest udent s

Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Daily Life

Alyssa Aichele Students Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Studying is not a fun task to begin with so when the sun comes out students seize the opportunity and take their work outside. When it is warm out, friends take the time to meet up and work on their assignments together. The warm weather makes studying less stressful and easier to get done.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Maximo Arduini Students Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

The first warm Spring week brings students outside. All around campus Elizabethtown college students can be seen doing class work. This is a good time to interact with classmates while enjoying the sun. Wether it be group studying, or a relocated class all Elizabethtown College personnel are excited for the arrival of sunny Spring days.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Andrew Calnon Students Nikon D40 2013-04-14

Math is a breeze when you are sitting outside on a sunny April day. On warm days you will find an overflow of students on the patio outside the Baugher Student Commons. Students will fill all the chairs as they finish their homework, grab a quick bite to eat, or socialize with their friends.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Matthew Davco Students Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Soaking in the sun while studying lines for the upcoming musical,the student was brimming with happiness not just for herself in the eager anticipation of performing her craft but for everyone around her as enjoyable music, relaxing warmth,rich colors, and deep laughter filled the air.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Jaclyn Farrell The Students Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Tests and Tunes The photograph is representative of the studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s happiness about the presence of spring. After waiting months and months for warmth, they are delighted to sit in the sun and feel the sun on their skin. The camera captures the shining sun on the grass, and on the studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s skin. The happiness in their faces is representative of their serenity on this beautiful afternoon.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Lab Rats

Jasmine Foreman Students Nikon D40 2013-04-10

While most students will never spend more than a semester in a lab, some students chose to do it for a living. The typical sciences with labs are biology and chemistry courses. Most labs are pre-set to last up to 3 hours long. Dedicated students sometimes stay longer to work vigoriously on their assigments.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Kyle Fowler Students Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Two athletes enjoying the warm spring sun as they prepare for tests they have next week. Studying outside allows for the girls to get the best of both worlds. They get to soak up some sun and study at the same time, instead of being locked in the library watching through the windows as other students get to enjoy the nice weather.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Lauren Fredericks Student Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Wanting to be something, and aiming for your dream career, is a common drive that students at Elizabethtown College share. Working hard to learn in the classroom and succeed outside the campus walls is something that each individual needs in order to succeed. Classrooms become a place to learn and explore the intrest of the students.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Tyler Freeze The Students Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Spring Studies A student takes advantage of the nice weather on campus and takes her studies outside. Sitting on one of the benches that are located on the walkway from the Brossman Student Center towards the Masters Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering. Students can often be seen taking advantage of the fresh Spring air and the sight of the blooming flowers while they study.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Jon Fuiman Students Nikon D 3000 2013-04-10

What Up Dog On a sunny day people like to play. Sometime they even let dogs come out. As student bask in sun and play a friendly game of wiffle ball. Brinser Field might be the place to go. As Dell is sometimes crowded students are able to play, relax, and let dogs be dogs in Brinser Field.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Beth Harvey Students Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Here at Elizabethtown College, it is not rare to find students outside soaking up the sun on their way to or from class. This particular student is casually strolling through the very heart of campus, a court yard engulfed by all of the main academic buildings, most likely taking â&#x20AC;&#x153;the scenic routeâ&#x20AC;? to her next class.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Evan Hinkley Student Nikon D40 2013-04-10

In this image one can see a student hard at work in the library, studying or possibly memorizing the information on her index card. One can see the glimmer of artificial florescent lights on the card, and the DVDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in the background. While some might view this as laborious work, upon further examination they can see a slight smile on the subjectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face. This shows that she has a sense of pride in her work.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Karley Ice Students Nikon D40 2013-04-10

The blue bean is a popular location to study at Elizabethtown College. Students can sip on milkshakes and snack on treats while completing their work. The atmosphere is calm and serene with music playing in the background. Fellow students pass through the Blue Bean as they go to class, the Marketplace, the Jays Nest, or the Body Shop. The Blue Bean is a central location for students to sit, relax, and accomplish their work.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Adam Landes Students D40 2013-04-10

A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Luckily the same is not said about dorm room walls. The girls are studying hard together in preparation for an upcoming biology exam. With finals week approaching all of the students at Elizabethtown college are busy finishing out the semester with a bang.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Ragina Lashley Students Nikon 3000 2013-04-10

Etown holds a few spots close to academic buildings for a class outside of the monotone walls. Underneath the sunny sky, and a shady tree, students sit a picnic table during a Spanish class. There is a feeling of unity and equality as the teacher sits right with her students, and as all are facing each other. This image shows the appreciated student and teacher involvement here at Etown, as well as its class sizes.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Jessica Lynde Students Nikon D60 2013-04-10

While enjoying the beautiful weather students flock to the BSC to study. The opportunity to sit out with friends and complete some work. Although not everyone has time to soak up the sun, most students make it a point to be outside when the weather is similar to the summer atmosphere.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Samantha Miller Students Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

These students are inside at the Blue Bean Cafe hard at work. They are doing projects and homework on one of the warmest day on campus so far this year, instead of being outside having fun with their friends. Many of them had test and project due with in the next 24-hours, so they are finishing some last minute preparation are these assignments.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Paige Neidig Students Nikon D40 2013-04-10

Students at Elizabethtown College work hard for a quality education. The beautiful campus at Elizabethtown offers many places for students to get their homework and studying done. Outdoor chairs and benches around campus are available for students to sit down and study without being cooped up in their dorm room.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:


Marissa Peduto Students Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

What a great day to be outside doingâ&#x20AC;Ś homework? Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right, homework. Many students enjoyed the fresh air and sat outside with their notes, textbooks, and laptops. The students here are enjoying the fresh air in the Dell to work on a project they were assigned, while taking a few breaks here and there to enjoy the sun.


Photographer: Category: Camera: Date:

Alley Perez Students DSLR Nikon 2013-04-10

Studying It is an exceptionally warm day; surprisingly so given that it was snowing just the previous week. All the students on campus seem to be taking advantage of this opportunity. Homework still needs to be done, however. Bonnie Lisk, a freshman, takes advantage of the warm weather while still taking responsibility to get her work done.


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Abby Piskel The Students Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Turning the Page It was too nice of a day to sit inside and do homework. A student sits at the outside tables located outside of the Brossman Student Commons to do his work. To protect his eyes from the sunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s glare off of the pages of the books, sunglasses are worn. As a slight breeze blew through the campus, it was the perfect way to get work done.


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It is coming down to the end of another school year at Elizabethtown College. Many students are finding a spot outdoors to soak up the sun and focus on schoolwork. These last couple weeks of school are spent preparing for finals. A lot of hard work now, will pay off when it comes time to pack up and head home for the summer months.


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Kaylin Russell Students Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

Drawing takes patience, time, and practice. Students spread across campus to capture the beauty of Elizabethtown College, especially the architecture. Sometimes taking a pencil and a piece of paper allows creativity, but there are times where precision and small attention to detail is important. Drawing may be a hard skill to master at first, but success comes to those who take one step at a time.


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Mike Sheckard Students Nikon D40 2013-04-10

It is a warm sunny day on campus. The students had began to adventure outside to study. This young man had brought his computer science textbook outside to continue the work. The student, while young and unknowledgeable will soon blossom into something beautiful like the the flowers in the spring air.


Caitlyn Shires Students Nikon D 3000 2013-04-10

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When the weather gets warm, students will often congregate on the BSC patio after a long day of classes. Many will sit at a table to read or get some schoolwork done. The BSC is a great alternative to the often crowded library, and the nice weather will help you relax as you study for those exams.


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Tyler Weary Students Nikon D3000 2013-04-10

To avoid the constant drag of studying in dorms or the library, it is nice to study outside in the beautiful weather of Spring. The warm, sunny weather allows students to catch some rays, while preparing themselves for upcoming finals and in-class assignments. There havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been many opportunities to enjoy warm weather thus far, so students take advantage of it while they can.


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The sun beat down on the Dell. The breeze blew across the grass. Students sprawled across the field, all trying to soak up the few hours of warmth and daylight left. Relaxing in the sun may have been playtime for some, but for others, it was simply a time to catch up on classwork. However, some students put aside homework for more relaxing pastimes like doodling with friends.


April 10, 2013  

A Photo Collection by the Students of Com 130: Visual Communications at Elizabethtown College

April 10, 2013  

A Photo Collection by the Students of Com 130: Visual Communications at Elizabethtown College