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Sabbath: Our Last Eden by Dr. Mark Moore

Serving at Summer U by Rachel Bebee




View the CCC Calendar of Events on the last page JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6

S U N D AY MORNING SERVICES 404 S 108 Ave / Omaha 68154 402.330.3360 / TRADITIONS 8:30 AM / Gym Timeless hymns and songs of faith led by Pastor Steve Yost and a spirited choir and orchestra TRADITIONS 10 AM / Chapel A smaller, more intimate version of the Traditions service led by Steve Yost and the Traditions team

JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6


ACCESS 10 & 11:30 AM / Gym Powerful and engaging band-led worship in a relaxed environment ONLINE 8:30, 10 & 11:30 AM The 8:30 AM Traditions service and the 10 & 11:30 AM Access services are streamed live online every Sunday

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JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6


appy summer! And thank you for picking up the latest issue of The Hub Magazine, an original publication telling the story of what God is doing in and through the ministry of Christ Community Church (CCC). We’re excited to kick off this summer with On Mission (formerly called Global Summit) at CCC. On Mission is a week-long celebration of all God is doing around the world through missions at CCC and The Christian and Missionary Alliance and how we can be a part of it. In this issue, you’ll find a moving article by CCC international worker Becky who works in West Africa with the Hands of Honor ministry. Among the many summer ministry opportunities for our kids and students is Summer U. During the last week of June, hundreds of kids will fill our campus for a fun week learning the truth about God's word through high-energy singing, games, hands-on activities, stories and teaching, small group time, and meeting new friends. Please be praying for our kids and our volunteers during Summer U, that God would work in the lives of our kids and draw them closer to him. Recently, our lead pastor Mark Ashton left on sabbatical for much-needed and well-deserved time of rest, time with his family, Bible study, and prayer.

While Mark is away, he has asked us to pray for the following things: 1. That God would show him how to walk in life and in ministry more by the Spirit and less by skill. 2. That God would show him how his next ten years at CCC need to look different than his last twelve. 3. That God would give him deep times of rest and refreshment, and that he would experience God through art and beauty. 4. That God would take him to new places in loving his wife Kelle and their four kids. But rest isn’t just for our lead pastor. In this issue, Dr. Mark Moore writes about the importance of keeping the Sabbath on a regular basis. As always, you can learn more about The Hub Magazine, read past issues, and give us your feedback at §







JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6





onathan and Polly Latshaw are CCC's college ministry residents and serve alongside Glenn Lawson, Director of College Ministries. After a busy year graduating from college, getting married, and moving to Omaha, Jonathan and Polly began serving in May of 2017. The two have been through many transitions in the past year, each with a unique set of experiences. “One thing that surprised me by stepping into CCC Residency was that I wasn’t prepared for all the changes,” Polly said. As the transitions continued and normalcy set into place here in Omaha, Jonathan admitted, “The transitions influenced our morale personally, as well as in the Residency program.” Polly said, “It wasn’t until one of our Residency cohort meetings when Joe Jensen walked us through grieving changes in our lives and giving time to process those changes... Now I’m able to sit and process all of the exciting things God has done over this past year.” 8:08 College Community is a Thursday night gathering for college-aged people in the Omaha area. A typical night at 8:08 includes worship through music,

listening to teaching from that week’s speaker, and discussion with other students. Polly noted, “College students respond well to discussion at their tables.” This seems to be the description of what a church feels like, but they wouldn’t call it that. “As much as we love 8:08, it’s never been our intention for it to become our students’ church. We’re not a separate church and our goal is to build bridges for our students to attend Christ Community Church on Sunday mornings as well.” Throughout the past year, one of the biggest lessons that the Latshaws have learned is the value in patience with all that takes up their time during the week. Their weeks are full of meetings with students, lesson preparation, homework, and student retreat planning. “A lot of the times, I just want the results,” said Jonathan. “You can do all this labor, but look back and see that nothing seems to have happened... I’m frequently reminded that the Spirit’s always working in the hearts of others.” Recently, Jonathan and Polly held interviews for the upcoming year's leadership roles in 8:08. Both referenced how interviewing students

became a clear example of how the Holy Spirit is molding their community into looking more like Jesus. “Seeing someone who really didn’t have Jesus on their radar at the beginning of the year who is now on fire for Jesus and ready to lead their peers in a Journey Group is amazing,” Polly shared. Both believe there is a special anointing on the team for the next school year and expect God to move like he did this past year as people are welcomed into the 8:08 community. § Ian Willsey is the Creative/Communications Resident at Christ Community Church.

8:08 is CCC's college ministry. It meets Thursday evenings throughout the year in the Student Center at CCC. For more information, visit Visit to support Jonathan, Polly, or any of the other residents. For more information about CCC Church Residency, visit


s e r v i n g at

Making an impact on the next generation BY RACHEL BEBEE


tep foot into Christ Community Church the last week of June and you'll enter a world of fun, laughter, and learning about Jesus. The sound of children’s voices and laughter echo through the halls. Children rush around in brightly-colored t-shirts, followed by leaders in their matching shirts. Walk past one classroom and you’ll see miniature chefs in aprons, piping frosting onto cupcakes and cookies. Another classroom is full of kids constructing Lego creations, quietly concentrating on their projects. In the woodworking course, you’ll hear the tap-taptap of students hammering nails into wood, working on small cabinets or boxes. Out on the soccer field, kids weave through orange cones running drills. And fourand five-year-olds wiggle and splash their way through games and activities. Welcome to Summer U, a week-long program at CCC for kids age four through fifth grade. Throughout the week, kids make


JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6

new friends, have fun singing, play games and activities, hear truth from God’s Word, enjoy time with their small group, and study a course with their professor. Culinary, crochet, Legos, woodworking, board games, and science are just some of the courses that kids can choose to study. Summer U couldn’t happen without the time, energy, and commitment of volunteers who come early, invest in kids for three hours, and stay late to help clean up and get ready for the next day. One such volunteer who has been serving faithfully is Heather Oestmann. This year will be Heather’s seventh year volunteering at Summer U! Heather and her family began attending Christ Community Church about nine years ago. Their four kids found a home in Kids Connect and CCC Student Ministries. When the youngest was old enough to attend Summer U, Heather signed up to serve as a small group leader. Over the

past six years, she has had the opportunity to connect with kids as a small group leader, an assistant professor, a professor, and as the host for the Minute to Win It game at the large group presentation. Summer U small group leaders spend the week with one group of students, guiding them to and from large group, helping with projects, and leading group discussions for the kids. Heather has led groups in Legos, Art, and Science. She laughed as she shared that working with Legos and making art projects aren’t her niche— “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body”—but she is enthusiastic about helping kids have fun and connect with each other and with God in whatever role she serves or group she leads. Volunteers bring so much to the roles in which they serve. Passion and creativity, when allowed to flourish, can bring new ideas and life to programs that have been running successfully. Heather’s been able to use

her creativity to make Summer U better than ever. Several years ago, she invented a course called Game Changer, which focuses on board and card games. The kids in her course learn the rules of games and get to play the games, but they also learn important life lessons and truths about God. Heather shares with them how to win well, how to lose well, and the importance of honesty, both in games and in life. For Heather, serving in Summer U has brought so many fun moments. Heather shared about one student, Diego, who has been in her course for two years now and loves to play the card game Uno. While they were playing the game, Heather commented on how the house rules from Diego’s family really extended the game. Smiling, Diego replied, “I just love a good long satisfying game of Uno!” Heather leads the Minute to Win It game during large group time. The host calls up small group leaders to participate in the games. The first year that the game was held, Heather told her family and the kids in her group that she, if chosen, would run up to the stage cheering and shouting, much like a contestant on The Price Is Right. Much to her delight, she was called up to the stage. True to her word, she ran up to the stage and cheered for herself. She even gave Elementary Director Shelley Brooks a giant hug once on stage. Seeing Heather’s excitement at just being part of the game, Shelley invited Heather to host the game! Summer U isn’t a week of inexpensive childcare or programming to keep kids from getting bored over the summer; it’s an opportunity for kids to build

relationships with teen and adult volunteers, to learn from them, and to find their place within the body of Christ. Summer U is a fun, safe space where kids can get a little messy, explore a course that interests them, and make new friends, all within the context of learning about how much Jesus loves them and cares for them. § Rachel Bebee is the Project Coordinator for the Creative/Communications Team at Christ Community Church.

PR AY E R P OI NTS  Pray for the kids who will attend Summer U, that they would be open to hearing about Jesus  Pray for the volunteers to remain healthy and have a lot of energy throughout the week  Pray for good weather so that kids can enjoy outdoor activities To volunteer or learn more about Summer U, visit or email Shelley at

CCCOMAHA.INFO The weekly program is now on your phone! This brand-new website is an all-in-one central hub for everything happening at CCC.


JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6

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“The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.” Mark 2:27–28


n a world as frenzied as ours, rest is a rare commodity. Worker bees race to the office for a barrage of meetings and tasks. Then they wrestle their way home through rush hour just in time to sit on the sidelines of a kid’s event before collapsing in a recliner like catatonic zombies until it’s time to repeat the cycle. We desperately need an exit off the treadmill. SABBATH IS THE ONLY EDEN WE HAVE LEFT As a culture, we are in crisis. We are so busy that we have no time for the things that matter most: worship, family, meditation, and emotional recharging. From the very beginning, God knew our need for rest and embedded a radical regulation to ensure


JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6

we would enjoy it. It is called Sabbath, and we need it now more than ever. Sabbath has its origin in Eden. Genesis 2:2–3 (ESV), “And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.” Clearly, God didn’t rest because he was tuckered out. He rested as part of the beauty of creation and embedded the Sabbath principle into our world. The principle is simple: creation’s greatest productivity is within a cycle that includes rest. For humans, that means that we will get more done in six days of work than seven. Our mind, emotions, and body need time to marinate, clear the clutter, dream, and reorganize. Without rest, our work is impeded because our creativity is stifled. Research shows that after fifty hours of work a week our productivity drops so low that the extra hours are virtually unproductive. The only part of Eden we still have full access to is Sabbath. If we will return to the rest of Eden, the rest of our lives would rest less under the curse of Adam’s sin. JESUS IS LORD OF THE SABBATH Jesus had much to say about Sabbath. His most frequent fight with the Pharisees was over Sabbath regulations. The Jewish establishment took the simple command “Don’t work on the Sabbath” and turned it into a small encyclopedia of prohibitions. For example, an egg laid on the Sabbath was off limits. Now, you

could hatch that egg and eat the chicken. Or you could eat the eggs laid by a chicken hatched from the egg that was laid on the Sabbath. But you couldn’t eat that egg laid on the Sabbath. Is it any wonder Jesus deliberately flaunted those rules that turned the blessing of rest into a fretful list of rules requiring us to walk on eggshells? Jesus consistently rejected their Sabbath regulations: he healed a man with a shriveled hand one Sabbath (Mark 3:1–6), a woman bowed double (Luke 13:10–21), a man with dropsy (Luke 14:1–24), a lame man at Bethesda (John 5:10–18), and a man born blind (John 9:1–7). Taken as a whole, the point of each of these events could be simply summarized: humanity should be served by the Sabbath, not burdened by it. Or to use Jesus’ memorable phrase: “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath.” Jesus reclaimed the Sabbath from religion and gave it back to humanity. By healing people, Jesus showed not how to Sabbath but who is Sabbath. The Sabbath is a blessing to bring health and healing. That’s not a thing, it’s a person. Jesus is our health, our healing, our rest. As he said in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” A CRITICAL WARNING ABOUT SABBATH KEEPING Under Judaism of Jesus’ day, God’s gift of Sabbath was turned into law through human regulations. These meticulous rules became a burden rather than a blessing because the principle of rest became a ruler to measure

righteousness. The Sabbath is not another rule to be added to your spiritual discipline. Rather, it is a creational principle to be celebrated as a gift. This is why Paul gives this important warning about legal regulations which we should apply here to Sabbath keeping (among other religious rules): “If with Christ you died to the elemental spirits of the world, why, as if you were still alive in the world, do you submit to regulations—‘Do not handle, Do not taste, Do not touch’” (Colossians 2:20–21). Paul’s shrewd insight in Colossians 2:20–21 uncovers the empty arrogance of legalism. What you avoid doesn’t make you righteous. Nor do the religious practices you observe. What makes us righteous is the blood of Jesus. Religious activities, such as going to church, prayer, tithes, Bible reading, are only valuable in as much as they train us for serving others. So let’s be clear—keeping the Sabbath is God’s gift to us, not our gift to him. It is a gift we receive so that we can rest from work to refresh our souls, worship God with other believers to lift our spirit, and reconnect with family and friends so we can invest in our communities. When the rhythm of rest punctuates our work, we will experience more productivity at work and more connectivity at home. This is the life God wants for you. § Mark Moore is an author and a teaching pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, Arizona. If you'd like to read more, visit



JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6

A seven-week series on the importance of our mission, how to be a life-changing disciple, and practical instruction for the Church.



MINISTRIES, GROUPS, CLASSES & SERVICES GUEST INFO Contact: Jessica Hawley / Looking for info? Stop by an Info Center and pick up a welcome packet. For a complete list of events, ministries, staff listing, and more, visit CCC / 404 S 108 Ave / Omaha, NE 68154 / 402.330.3360 Online / / Sundays / 8:30, 10 & 11:30 AM

Baby Dedications are held quarterly. For more info or to sign up, contact Niki or visit

KIDS CLUBS Contact: Niki Lundin /


Wednesdays / 6:30–8 PM Kids will learn about God through Bible memorization, lessons, games, crafts, and activities. Kids Clubs meet September through April and are funded through annual dues.

Ages birth–Grade 5 / Sundays / 8:30, 10 & 11:30 AM

AWANA / CUBBIES (Ages 3–4) Cubbies communicates basic truths about God, Jesus, salvation, and the Bible through Scripture memorization, handbook lessons, awards, games, and activities. Contact: Niki Lundin /

Family is Primary God has given parents the incredible responsibility of impressing a love for God on the hearts of their children (Deuteronomy 6:5–7). These impressions best occur as a natural overflow from parents seeking to love the Lord with their own hearts, souls, and strengths. Sunday Morning Children join a group of kids their age or grade level. Kids birth–preschool may stay for two services, while students kindergarten–fifth grade attend one service only. This fosters relationships with other kids and allows them to attend worship with parents during the other hour. American Heritage Girls Contact: Karyn Struck / A Christian scouting organization for girls K–12th grade. Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country. Mondays / 6:30–8 PM Trail Life USA Contact: Chris Brooks / A Christian scouting organization for boys K–12th grade. Scouting, leadership, and adventure. Mondays / 7–8:30 PM


Baby Dedications Contact Niki /

JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6

AWANA / SPARKS (Grades K–2) Sparks meet in small groups to focus on Scripture memorization. In large group, they experience upbeat music, Bible teaching and instruction, and ageappropriate games. BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS (Grades 3–5) Kids gather in small groups where life-long friendships can begin. A club meeting is divided into three segments: Bible teaching, age-appropriate crafts or team games, and small group time. Each Bible lesson is accompanied by a Scripture memory verse.


Middle School: High School: Contact: Elizabeth Bartz / Student Ministry exists to help students know Jesus every day and live their lives for him at home, at school, and in the community. Large Group Gatherings Gather Sundays for music, teaching, games, discussions, friendship, and good food in the café (year-round).

Grades 6–8 / Sunday Mornings at the Student Center / 10 AM Grades 9–12 / Sunday Nights at the Student Center / 6–8 PM

Student Journey Groups Ask honest questions, study Scripture, be invested in by a Christ-following adult, and share life with a small group of peers as you develop deep, lasting friendships. Student Journey Groups are currently on break for the summer. August–April / Registration for the 2018–2019 session opens in July Sunday Mornings / 8:30, 10 & 11:30 AM Gym & Chapel To help students develop deep faith and a greater sense of community, we encourage them to serve and worship alongside Christians of different ages and backgrounds. Opportunities to serve can be found online at Events and Retreats Visit to discover the life-changing events, trips, and retreats offered by Student Ministry.

8:08 / COLLEGE Contact: Glenn Lawson /

8:08 is a community of college-age students (18–24) committed to loving God, each other, and the city. Whether you’re walking intimately with Jesus or just have questions about who God is, get connected in the 8:08 College Community. Thursdays / 8:08 PM / Student Center Facebook / 8:08 College Community Stay in the loop with 8:08 happenings and share with your friends. Instagram / 808CCC


Contact: Lisa Ashton /

The CCC ministry to young professionals engages through authentic community and opportunities for spiritual growth. Comprised of young professionals, typically single or married, no kids.


Increasing Kingdom impact by engaging, equipping, and encouraging men in godly manhood. Men are committed to go all-in through groups, Bible studies, and serving. Council Bluffs Group Contact: Dave Piercy / or Steve Irvin / Discuss and study the Bible over coffee. Tuesdays / 6–7:30 AM / Panera Bread / 3617 Denmark Dr, Council Bluffs, IA Journey Men Contact: Greg Vander Vorst / Helping men connect with other men through discussion-based learning and solid teaching. Begin the journey any time. Tuesdays / 7 PM / E240 Noble Men Contact: Jim Ratte / An ongoing group for men who desire to know and apply God’s Word. The study changes, but not the fellowship and support. Join and be nourished. Fridays / 6:15–7:30 AM / I-188


MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Contact: Annie Henning / Connect with a community of women who meet to embrace and encourage one another in the journey of motherhood. For moms of kids ages birth to kindergarten. September 7 / 2018–2019 session begins Register online at

DEAF MINISTRY Contact: Milton Cabrera / Deaf Ministry exists to help Deaf people understand Jesus so they can accept him as Savior and grow in relationship with him. Interpreted Service / 10 AM Gym / Seating is up front and on the left side of the room Deaf Class / 8:30 AM / C116 Deaf Men’s Bible Study / Wednesdays 6:30–8:30 PM / The Porch Deaf Women’s Bible Study / Wednesdays 6:30–8:30 PM / The Porch Do you need an interpreter or are you interested in learning ASL? Contact Jan Ohlsson /


To learn more about Journey Groups or to join a group, visit

Journey Groups are where real life happens together. Meet regularly to study, pray, and grow with others. Belong to a community, be transformed by the gospel, and be on mission for the people in the city. August 19 / Adult Journey Group Launch WHY JOIN A JOURNEY GROUP? Develop friendships with others The smaller group of people gives you the opportunity to form genuine friendships and care for others in times of need. Grow in your relationship with God The smaller setting allows you to dig deeper into Scripture and ask questions in a discussion-based format. Interact with and learn from others. Make an impact for the Kingdom Make a difference by serving together in the city or participating in CCC’s partnerships around the world. HOW DO I JOIN A JOURNEY GROUP? Groups are available on Sunday morning during services or in neighborhoods throughout the week. Contact: Terry Carpenter /


Visit the Connect booth in the Atrium Meet staff and volunteers who will help you find Journey Groups in your neighborhood. Atrium / After 8:30, 10 & 11:30 AM services

Women's Ministry offers groups, Bible studies, and events to help women develop their relationship with Jesus and others.

International Friendship Group Contact: Mark Carlson /

Women's Bible Studies Contact: Willyne Dickey /

Visit the Journey Group Locator online Search for groups that meet in your area based on type and meeting time online at

Building community and discovering who Jesus is with friends from around the world. This international-focused journey group includes prayer, Bible discussion, and sharing life together. Sundays / 10 AM / D226

Women's Bible studies offer truth, encouragement, and connection to women of all ages and stages. For a list of summer studies and to sign up, visit the website. Point of Hope Contact: Emily McGaha / A positive environment for single moms to grow alongside each other. Contact Emily for summer event info. August 26 / Fall kickoff at CCC

English Conversation Class Contact: Dee Saari / Designed to reach out to the international community at UNMC and UNO. This group needs teachers for conversational lessons with one to three students. Classes run September through April. Wednesdays / 6:30–8 PM / D126 & D127

MARRIAGE Contact: Sue Beed / Marriage Matters Planning on engagement or marriage in the next year? Learn how to have a healthy marriage. Marriage Matters is a six-week session offered throughout the year. Wedding Date Class Date 2019 Jan–May 2018 Sept–Oct 2019 June–Aug 2019 Feb–March 2019 Sept–Nov 2019 May–June THE HUB MAGAZINE / CCCOMAHA.ORG



SUNDAY MORNINGS Dayspring / 7:30 AM / D127 Cross-generational class that welcomes singles and couples for challenging teaching, ministry projects, missionary support, and care groups. Kingdom Builders / 8:30 AM / C220 Boomers and up join for prayer, fellowship, biblical teaching, and learning the Word together. Thankful Hearts / 10 AM / I-188 Boomers and up focus on Bible study, friendship, life application, and growing in relationship with Jesus Christ. Ambassadors / 10 AM / D127 Caring and praying seniors focus on strong biblical teaching with love for Christ, missionaries, and our nation. Ecclesia / 10 AM / D126 Seniors begin with worship and refreshments, then move to studying Scripture, and have time for discussion. Spiritually Advancing Linked Together (SALT) / 10 AM / C117 Boomers and seniors are welcome for fellowship, prayer, the study of God’s Word, and class socials.


Contact: Sue Beed / 402.938.1570 / Senior Lunch & Fellowship First Tuesday of the month 11:30 AM / CCC / $6 Seniors Breakfast Second Tuesday of the month / 8:30 AM Village Inn / 138th & Maple Enjoy breakfast and encouragement. Super Adults Third Tuesday of the month 9:30 AM / CCC / $6 Coffee over fellowship, a program featuring a guest speaker, and a delicious meal. Stamps Ministry Fridays / 8–11 AM / D127 Come join in the work and fellowship.


JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6


Everyone has defining moments in their lives—challenging circumstances, relational pain, and transitional seasons. How we respond during these times has a direct impact on our futures and the futures of those around us.

Caring Partners Contact: Doni Gregory / 402.938.1512 / Serves those in need of temporary assistance by distributing designated funds as an expression of God’s love. The Oil Change Ministry and on-site food pantry are also part of Caring Partners.

The Care Network at CCC is a multi-disciplinary team of caregivers who are passionate about providing an environment and relationships to help people heal and grow. Developed by pastors, trained counselors, and professional licensed counselors, the Care Network is committed to helping people find healing and wholeness amidst the challenges of life.

Silver Tsunami Contact: Paul Gedden / 402.938.1574 /

Professional Counseling Contact: CityCare / 402.916.9421 /

Stephen Ministers Contact: Paul Gedden / 402.938.1574 /

CityCare Counseling exists to provide effective professional counseling for those who are seeking excellent care with a distinctly Christian perspective. Pastoral Counseling Contact: Sue Beed / 402.938.1570 / These services are provided by the pastoral staff and pastoral counselors trained to provide biblical advice or spiritual counsel to those in need. Financial counseling is also available. Healing Prayer Contact: Sue Beed / 402.938.1570 / Immanuel Prayer is practical training in deepening your intimacy with God so relational barriers and painful life experiences can be resolved. Formational Prayer creates an environment where people find relief from emotional pain through a personal encounter with God.

Ministry to the elderly, infirm, those with dementia, the sick, and the dying. Prepares people for building relationship through weekly visits, caring, listening, and sharing the gospel. Training happens every fall.

People trained to provide confidential, one-on-one care to those experiencing difficulty in life such as grief, divorce, job loss, aging, spiritual crisis, chronic or terminal illness, relocation, or separation due to military deployment.

SPIRITUAL FORMATION Contact: Wendell Nelson / / 402.938.1573

The ongoing transformation of your life through experiential discovery. Selah Groups Monthly exposure to various spiritual practices such as solitude and silence, formational approaches to the Word, and group spiritual direction in a contemplative prayer group for women that facilitates connection with God. Spiritual Direction A monthly one-on-one meeting to help you notice and savor God’s presence in your life and stimulate on-going growth; nurturing choices that consistently delight God.

RENEWAL GROUPS AND CLASSES Visit or contact Marc Montanye / 402.938.1577 / Experience renewal in your life by connecting with trained volunteers, professional counselors, and others experiencing similar circumstances. All groups meet at Christ Community Church. Chemical Dependency Addictions Contact: Marc Montanye / Biblically-based curriculum in a nonjudgmental environment. Tuesdays / 7 PM Sexual Identity & Brokenness Restoration Contact: Sue Beed / Support and encouragement for those whose loved ones struggle with sexual identity. First Monday of the month / 7 PM Hope After Betrayal Contact: Nancy Hanson / 308.631.1200 / Support, hope, and healing for women whose marriages or relationships have been shattered. Tuesdays / 7 PM / F254

Hannah's Prayer Contact: Diane / Community of married woman experiencing primary or secondary infertility who provide support and encouragement. Second & fourth Sundays / 10 AM Relationships 101 for Men Contact: Marc Montanye / 402.216.3538 /

Physical Wholeness

GriefShare Contact: Deb Jones / 402.658.0767 /

A safe setting for people with mood disorders, or their family members, who desire to incorporate faith into the recovery process. Tuesdays / 7 PM

A support group to foster the journey from mourning to joy amid the chaos of the loss of a loved one. Tuesdays / 6:30 PM Friends of Suicide Loss Contact: Cindy / 402.995.3118 / A group for teens, college-age students, and young adults who are recovering from losing a friend or family member to suicide. Last Thursday of the month / 6:30–8 PM

A grace-filled environment to address lust issues along with honesty with self, others, and God. Tuesdays / 7 PM

Overcomers in Christ Contact: Mary Fear-Eggers / 402.616.4818 /

Omaha Career Networking Provides support, tips, and tactics to help you with your job search. Tuesdays / 7 PM / F255 Relationships DivorceCare Contact: Mary Lou Rodgers / A friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult challenges. Tuesdays / 7 PM / C117

A group for young women who are striving to find lasting peace in an anxious world through supporting each other and discovering a true and unique identity in Christ. Tuesdays / 7–8:30 PM / G160

Learn how to build and maintain healthy, life-giving relationships. Thursdays / 7 PM

Men of Integrity Contact: Marc Montanye /


Encountering the Prince of Peace Contact: Stefanny Herdle Zapata / or Jenna Drucker /

Would you like to experience victory in your daily life? Experience comfort and hope found in Jesus Christ. Tuesdays / 7:30 PM Life Together (LifT) Contact: Chaka Heinze / A group of women with the simple desire to do the everyday joys and sorrows, victories and failures of life together. Find encouragement for ongoing support—a chance for women to support other women. Tuesdays / 7 PM

Fresh Hope Contact: Melody Steinhauser /

NAMI Support Group Contact: John and Karen / 402.932.7229 Helps families understand and support individuals with mental illness. First & third Tuesdays / 7 PM Restored Hearts Contact: Gloria Brohimer / 402.968.0395 / Seeds of Hope Explore your story of childhood abuse, pain, disappointment, or domestic abuse. An authentic community of women where you are heard, loved, and healed together. Second & fourth Wednesdays of June, July, and August / 6:30 PM In the Wildflowers Twelve-week course for women about processing and healing from the damage of past sexual abuse. This group is offered to those who have finished Seeds of Hope. Bloom A group for women who have completed In the Wildflowers to continue their journey of thriving in Christ.




For more info about Beyond Belief, visit


If you need someone to pray for you, stop by the Prayer Room in C118 on Sunday morning or submit a prayer request online at


JUNE–JULY / 2018 / ISSUE 6

CCC CALENDER / SUMMER 2018 Visit for additional information, to register for an event, or to purchase tickets. On Mission week begins / For more info and a full schedule of events, visit * Women On Mission Dinner with International Worker Becky / 6–8 PM / Sign up at Missions Prayer Night / 6:30–8 PM / Chapel / No childcare or children's programming provided ** Lunch on Mission / 12–12:45 PM / Student Center (East) / Pastor Moise from West Africa / Lunch is provided for $5 / RSVP to Deb Beck at * Meals for Mali / 9–11 AM and 12–2 PM / Concordia High School, 15656 Fort St, Omaha / Sign-up is required / For more info and to sign up, visit * Baby Dedications / For more info or to register for the next one, visit * Foundations weekend class / Meets June 15–16 / D227 / For more info and to register, visit 8th Grade Mission Trip / Envision Chicago / June 17–23 / For info & prayer points, visit High School Mission Trip / Envision Miami / June 17–23 / For info & prayer points, visit Summer U begins / June 25–29 / 9 AM–12 PM In God We Still Trust patriotic concert featuring the CCC Choir & Orchestra / 7 & 8:30 PM / CCC Gym / Fireworks outside after the 8:30 PM concert / For more info, visit Kids Takeover / 8:30, 10, & 11:30 AM / For more info, visit Student Ministry Family BBQ / 6 PM / For more info, visit ** Freshmen Frenzy / Event for incoming freshmen / July 5–6 / For more info, visit ** 7th Grade Omaha Mission Experience / July 13–15 / For more info, visit * Burgers & Bingo / Event for incoming 6th graders / 6–8 PM / For more info, visit ** Senior Trip (class of 2019) / July 30–August 1 / For more info, visit Worship Center Prayer Night / 6 PM / For more info, visit The Story church-wide message series begins / For more info about The Story, visit Worship Center Grand Reopening / For more info about Beyond Belief, visit Fall Kickoff / Promotion weekend for birth through high school seniors Adult Journey Group Launch / To sign up for a Journey Group, visit Student Ministry Journey Group Kickoffs / For more info, visit * Baby Dedications / For more info or to register, visit / Required pre-dedication class August 12 Student Ministry Parent Meetings / 4:30–5:30 PM / Student Center *Free event, preregistration required

**Paid/ticketed event, preregistration required


The Hub Magazine Issue 6  
The Hub Magazine Issue 6