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Sharing Your Faith Above the Noise by Dave Montoya

Remain, Not Strive by Rachel Bebee




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The Church in America is at a crossroads... National research continues to confirm what I hear from my friends in ministry across the country: overall church attendance is in decline. Research shows that 96% of churches are not experiencing growth through people making firsttime commitments to Christ.* There are a number of reasons for this, but one of them is that our evangelism does not seem to be yielding the same results as it has in the past. *From a study by the Barna Group



Evangelism is and always has been a challenge. And while some of those challenges never change, it’s important in each generation to get specific about the barriers we are facing when sharing the Good News. Otherwise, we’ll find ourselves doing the same ineffective thing over and over expecting a different result. In a moment we’ll look at a few of those barriers and how to deal with them. But first, we need to get clear

about who God thinks makes the best evangelists.

Don’t Leave Evangelism to the “Experts” The first thing we need to do if we are going to recapture our evangelistic initiative in today’s world is for both church leadership and church members to acknowledge that it is the church members who have the

greatest direct evangelistic influence on people far from God. Certainly, it is the case that pastors, staff, experts, and events can play a key role at key moments in helping people come to faith. Those key moments of decision are often dramatic and the intensity of those moments can lead us to mistakenly conclude that everything leading up to those moments pales in comparison or importance. Nothing could be further from the truth! A more accurate view is this: when we look at a person’s entire spiritual journey toward Christ, by far the most powerful spiritual

influence in people’s lives over time are not the experts but the faithful Christian friends and relatives who have walked with them, were available to them, and engaged them in multiple spiritual discussions along the way. When we don’t keep these realities in mind about how actual people actually come to faith, it is easy for a well-resourced church like CCC to rely too heavily or exclusively upon events, guest speakers, or staff as our greatest evangelistic assets. The truth is that God’s people, the rank and file “ordinary” Christians, are and always have been God’s first choice and his most effective means overall for drawing people to himself. This is both a biblical truth and born out by research. The Barna Group has been studying this for years and their research shows that friends and family have the greatest influence on people coming to Christ. Even in the cases where a person takes that final step to trust Christ in response to an invitation by the pastor or a speaker at an event or church service, in easily over 90% of cases, that final step was preceded by multiple spiritual conversations with family or friends. For those who were drawn to Christ through a life crisis, invariably they report that a faithful Christian friend or family member was there to walk them through it and graciously point them to Jesus. What is true today has been true for 2,000 years. Sociologist Rodney Stark, an expert on how religious movements grow and spread, turned his attention to the origins and spread of Christianity in the first century. He has done exhaustive research on the growth of Christianity from a minuscule persecuted Jewish sect in the corner of the Roman Empire to becoming a movement of millions

of Christ-followers who eventually took over that Empire. He says it is a mistake to think that leaders like the Apostle Paul or Peter, or the early Church fathers, were the ones primarily responsible for Christianity’s spread. While he acknowledges the importance of these key leaders for the life and health of the Church, he is very clear that Paul’s preaching did not lead millions or even thousands of people to Jesus. Rather, says Stark, the spread of Christianity was “not accomplished by dramatic events and persuasive preachers, but by ordinary followers who convert their equally anonymous friends, relatives, and neighbors” (page 70, The Triumph of Christianity by Rodney Stark). After we take this first step and shift our evangelistic focus back to the “front lines” of God’s people being God’s primary evangelistic choice, we next have to identify and begin to address the various barriers we face today as we seek to share the gospel. There are at least five evangelistic challenges we need to meet and master if we are going to increase our evangelistic impact in today’s culture. Two are problems in the culture itself that make engaging in spiritual conversations incredibly difficult and the other three are our problems, things we need to address in ourselves if we are going to bear powerful witness to the Good News of Jesus.

Two Cultural Barriers The first cultural barrier is the problem of the buffered self. The combination of busyness, the neverending barrage of information and stimulation mediated through our technologies, and the awareness of a seemingly endless stream of opinions, beliefs, and choices overwhelms people and causes them to retreat



inward to keep all the “noise” at bay. This barrier is a passive barrier, meaning that people don’t place it there as a conscious defense against the gospel. It is a buffer, a survival defense in response to overwhelming input in a busy life. Unfortunately, a Christian with a gospel message is lost in the noise and gets held at arm’s length along with everything else. Add to this the fact that in a broken world, reflection on the deep questions of life can be difficult and even painful. Our technologies add to the buffering by providing people an endless source of distraction and escape, keeping their thoughts skimming along the surface of life. The evangelistic challenge is, “What does it take to make the gospel stand out from the noise and be taken seriously?” The second cultural barrier is an active barrier. People in our culture react negatively, sometimes aggressively so, against anyone saying they have a truth that everyone needs to accept. It is a kind of pragmatic relativism that mistakenly associates strong commitments and serious truth claims with more arguing, more anger, and more division. This

“When we are deeply in touch with our brokenness and weakness, we are driven back to the heart of God and the cross of Christ in a fresh way.”

reaction is a by-product of our polarized culture and culture war exhaustion. Those making strong and serious truth claims (including Christians sharing the gospel) are seen not as bearers of Good News or part of the solution. They are seen as part of the problem, pouring gasoline on the fire. The answers to these cultural barriers relate to the challenges we have to face in ourselves.

Three Problems on our Side There is one surefire way to get past the passive barrier of the buffered self and to neutralize the active defense of pragmatic relativism: relationship. By relationship, I don’t just mean shallow acquaintance or being nice. I am referring to an ongoing and ever-deepening, heart-to-heart, life-on-life relationship. A person’s heart lies behind the buffer of the buffered self. In friendship, one person allows another person past that buffer to make contact with their heart and mind. Through friendship what I have to say will rise above the messages, information, and “noise” of the rest of the culture. And only in friendship will my strong and sometimes controversial truth claims be received as Good News brought by an ally rather than the next volley coming from an adversary in an ongoing culture war. Problem one is that too many of us struggle when it comes to establishing and growing these kinds of redemptive relationships with our friends who don’t yet know God. It turns out we too are busy and buffered and don’t make the time or effort to sacrificially draw near to those God has placed near us. A good first step is to decide to make these friends and family members a relational priority—to spend the time it takes to get to know them, connect deeply with

them, and build the trust necessary for truth—even hard truth—to flow freely between friends. Problem two is that, when the time comes to engage in spiritual discussions with our friends, many of us are at a loss both for what to say and how to say it. How does one discuss deep and often controversial ideas wisely and winsomely, with humor and tact, such that the person wants to come back for more? How do you, as a “non-expert,” carry on a life-giving conversation with your unbelieving but curious friends? There is a way! It takes practice but there is also help available. Finally and perhaps most importantly, many Christians lack what I call an “ongoing testimony.” They understand the gospel and perhaps they can point back in time to when the Good News was good news in their life but are at a loss to state how the good news of the gospel is at work in today’s struggles, hurts, failures, and brokenness. The man born blind in John 9 was no theologian, but he had a powerful story to tell. It was powerful especially because it was current. Many of us have plateaued in our Christian growth and no longer experience Jesus’ saving work in the here and now. When we are deeply in touch with our brokenness and weakness, we not only relate better to our non-believing friends who share similar struggles, but we are also driven by our brokenness back to the heart of God and the cross of Christ in a fresh way, experiencing his grace, love, joy, and peace in the now. Evangelism that comes from a current experience of God’s saving grace is evangelism beyond belief: it doesn’t require expertise to be effective, it flows naturally from a grateful heart and it has incredible power to draw our friends to Christ. § Dave Montoya is the Pastor of Evangelism & Discipleship at Christ Community Church






CityCare Counseling exists to provide effective professional counseling for those seeking excellent care with a distinctly Christian perspective. Visit for more information.


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Remain, Not Strive BY RACHEL BEBEE

These "pause in life" moments help us grow spiritually and emotionally 14


Remain, not strive. These are the words that Stephanie Pearson heard God speak to her during an eightday isolation period following treatment for thyroid cancer. Diagnosed in November 2017, Stephanie faced surgery to remove the carcinoma, radioactive iodine treatment, and then an isolation period which would protect her family and friends from the radiation treatment. The last day of her physical isolation coincided with the first day of Thrive, Christ Community Church’s annual conference for women. Stephanie completed isolation and reentered into community with women at this conference. Thrive is an opportunity for women of all ages to come together, grow in community, worship, and connect more deeply with God. During the weekend, women hear from a speaker, engage in workshops, and meet new friends through small group discussion. Thrive was pivotal in Stephanie’s life. Stephanie is an achiever and excels in what she does. Much of her life she has focused on

growing as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. She grew up dancing in Omaha and enjoyed her time on the Scarlet Dance Team at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She and her husband Tyler met at UNL, where she earned a degree in business, which she then used to open her own dance studio in Omaha called Nebraska Dance. Her studio has been open for eighteen years. Stephanie shared that while she was raised in the church, she didn’t begin her personal relationship with Jesus until college. She, Tyler, and their two kids, Cole and Naomi began attending CCC about five years ago. Slowly but surely, they got connected in life at CCC. One of the ways Stephanie has engaged more deeply was through attending Thrive for the first time. Stephanie spent eight days in isolation at a hotel following the treatment of her cancer, which began on Valentine's Day 2018. While she could leave to go get a coffee or drive around, she spent most of the time in her hotel room. Though that significant period of time alone could seem daunting, she shared her deep trust that God would use this time to work in her life. Plucked out of daily life, she spent time in prayer, listening to God speak to her, and soaking in the Word. Even the key card to her hotel room reminded her that God was working in her life. Printed on the card was the word Thrive. While she sensed God say many things to her during this time, she shared that the theme of Remain, not strive has stuck with her. As a business owner, Stephanie is wired to be a doer, to get things done. Isolation forced her to be still, to not achieve, to not strive. Stepping back into community at Thrive “felt very energizing and

healing for me. After a period of isolation, having so much time to think and pray, it was very impactful.” She enjoyed worshipping together with other women, hearing René Clark speak, and learning at different workshops, but the highlight of the entire event happened on Saturday morning. During that session, a dancer from Nebraska Dance performed an improvisation solo. Stephanie said, “I really felt God showing me how dance can be used to grow in a relationship with Christ for both the dancer and the audience member watching. He is revealing to me concrete ways he wants me to create opportunity through dance and music. I am awed and sense a feeling of creation I had 18 years ago when the studio first began. Remain, not strive means that I am watching and waiting for him to reveal to me piece by piece what it looks like and what steps to take.” Seeing Cassidy on stage was pivotal, a confirmation of the dreams that God has placed in Stephanie’s heart. God had been working in Stephanie’s life for several years by giving her visions of the impact of dance upon the lives of students. Though she wasn’t entirely sure how this vision would play out, she was excited to see how God would use her gifts, abilities, and passion to make a difference in the lives of the students at Nebraska Dance. Since Thrive, a lot has been brewing in Stephanie’s heart for her studio and for the kids who attend the classes. This fall, Nebraska Dance launched Devotion Dance Class. During the class, students spend 45 minutes in a devotion, then step into the dance room where they learn a dance combination. The devotions have focused on finding one’s identity in Christ. For Stephanie,

being able to teach the students at her studio about identity is linked to her own story of finding her identity in Christ. “About five or six years ago, God took me through a period of time where I realized there was identity and idolatry happening in my heart for the dance studio. I didn’t even see it at first. When I realized what was happening, he posed a question to me. He said, ‘Do you want to please them or please me?’ I audibly heard that and literally took my hands off my desk and said, ‘I want to have no part of that. I want to have no part of pleasing them, I want to please you.’” That question impacted how Stephanie viewed God, herself, and her role as the owner of Nebraska Dance. From that moment, Stephanie has analyzed what it means and looks like to have her identity in Christ and keep potential idols of the world from slipping above a relationship with God. Her studio isn’t merely teaching kids how to dance, but she shared, “I believe I’m supposed to teach what it looks like to start with our identity in Christ, and then from there we enjoy our other activities and things in life, but never letting that root of who we are in Christ and how he sees us be shaken.” “These ‘pause in life’ moments help us grow spiritually and emotionally. Thrive helped me discern my feelings and thoughts, things I didn’t really even realize where going on in my mind.” Thrive provides an avenue for growth and life change for women at CCC. She looks forward to what God will do in her life at Thrive in February 2019. § Rachel Bebee is the Project Coordinator for the Creative and Communications Team at Christ Community Church



$49 early-bird registration through January 6 $59 registration through February 16 For more info and to register, visit

A GATHERING FOR WOMEN Thrive is a gathering for women of all ages to come together, grow in community, worship, and connect more deeply with God. Hear from a powerful speaker, engage in interactive workshops, enjoy great meals, meet new friends through small group discussion, and have fun! It is easy to be many things—to be busy, to be happy, to be tired, to be scared, to be lonely. We can even try to be someone we are not. But what does it look like to just be? This year's theme is Just Be… Be still, be you, and be brave. Join us for a great weekend of learning to be who God says you are and resting in him.



“Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes!” 1 Samuel 12:16

FEATURING ANGIE SMITH Angie is married to Todd Smith, lead singer of the Christian group Selah, and mom to five daughters. In 2008, the Smiths received news that their fourth daughter, Audrey, would not survive, and Angie began blogging as a means of communication with friends and family during those difficult days. Angie now writes Bible studies and books, and teaches around the country, but the heart of her ministry is the same as when her fingers typed the very first words on her blog years ago: Angie’s greatest passion is to make the Bible feel accessible and relevant, and to encourage others in their faith journey. Angie holds a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology from Vanderbilt University and is a best-selling author of multiple adult and children’s books. She, Todd, and their house full of daughters live in Nashville, Tennessee. Check out her blog at




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Tuesdays / 7 PM / S302 (Student Center) Lighthouse Contact: Connor Dillard / 612.710.9367 A safe space for followers, seekers, & doubters to approach non-straight sexuality from a biblical perspective. Tuesdays / 6:30 PM / E225 Career Omaha Career Networking Provides support, tips, & tactics to help with your job search. Tuesdays / 7 PM / F255 Relationships DivorceCare Contact: Mary Lou Rodgers / A friendly, caring group of people who will walk with you through one of life’s most difficult challenges. Tuesdays / 7 PM / C117 Hannah's Prayer Contact: Diane / A community of married women experiencing primary or secondary infertility who provide support & encouragement. By appointment only Relationships 101 for Men Contact: Kirk / Learn how to build & maintain healthy, life-giving relationships. Thursdays / 7 PM / P538 (The Porch) GriefShare Contact: Deb Jones / 402.658.0767 / A support group to foster the journey

Overcomers in Christ Contact: Mary Fear-Eggers / 402.616.4818 Would you like to experience victory in your daily life? Experience comfort and hope found in Jesus Christ. Tuesdays / 7:30 PM / P540 (The Porch) Encountering the Prince of Peace Contact: Jenna Drucker / or Stefanny Herdle Zapata / A group for young women who are striving to find lasting peace in an anxious world through supporting each other and discovering a true and unique identity in Christ. Tuesdays / 7–8:30 PM / G160 Restored Hearts Contact: Gloria / 402.968.0395 Seeds of Hope If your past includes sexual abuse that continues to creep into present life and relationships, there is hope. This group for women is a safe place to explore the wounds of the past and how to find freedom for the present. In the Wildflowers This 12-week video series is a more intense focus, joining with others and with God to continue processing and healing the wounds from past sexual abuse events. Bloom For Wildflowers alumni to continue their journey of thriving with Christ. The Journey Begins Explore your story of childhood abuse, pain, disappointment, or domestic abuse.

Physical Wholeness Fresh Hope Contact: Melody Steinhauser / A safe setting for people with mood disorders, or their family members, who desire to incorporate faith into the recovery process. Tuesdays / 7 PM / D127 NAMI Support Group Contact: MJ Zaremba / 402.980.1532 Helps families understand and support individuals with mental illness. Tuesdays / 7 PM / G160-B NAMI Family-to-Family 12-Week Class Contact: John and Karen / 402.452.6311 A course for family members of individuals with severe mental illness. Tuesdays / 6:30 PM / C118 Spiritual Formation The Christian in Complete Armor Contact: Marc Montanye / Men, do you feel like you’re in a battle at home, at work, and in life? If so, you’re invited to explore practical ways to achieve total victory in those areas and experience a new way of looking at what it means to be a Christian in Complete Armor. Tuesdays / 7 PM Forming: Change by Grace Contact: Dawn & Gary Belknap / Experience a fresh approach to growth and restoration that may be very different from what you have tried before. Instead of relying on willpower and self effort to bring about change, we help you build a relationship with God that is vibrant enough to change you from the inside out. Learn how to “align your sail” to catch the wind of God’s Spirit through in class experiential learning exercises. Thursdays / Begins January 10 / 7–8:45 PM / Workbook is $25 THE HUB MAGAZINE / CCCOMAHA.ORG


R eading G uid e / Decem b er–Ja nuar y The Story is a book of selections from the NIV Bible, arranged chronologically, that reads like a novel. During this unique 31-week message series at CCC, every member of the family reads their own version of The Story. Resources can be purchased online through Amazon or in the Atrium at Christ Community Church at discounted prices. Below are the adult and student readings for December–January.

By December 2 Chapter 15 By December 9 Chapter 16 By December 16 Chapter 17 By December 23 No Reading By December 30 Chapter 18


By January 6 Chapter 19

By January 13 Chapter 20

By January 20 Chapter 21

By January 27 Chapter 22


CCC CALENDAR | DECEMBER 2018–JANUARY 2019 Visit for additional information, to register for an event, or to purchase tickets. Beyond Belief Generosity Opportunity / 9 & 10:45 AM / To learn more about Beyond Belief, visit Mission Church Christmas Store / December 6–8 / Mission Church, 3401 Patrick Ave / To sign up to volunteer, visit Every Light that Shines at Christmas, a free Christmas celebration presented by the CCC choir and orchestra / 4 & 7 PM / Worship Center / Please bring hats and gloves for kids at Franklin Elementary / For more information, visit *Baby Dedications / 10:15 AM / For more info and to register, visit

*High School Christmas Talent Show / 6–9 PM / Student Center / For more info, visit

Christmas Prayer Service / 9 AM / Worship Center / Note: No 10:45 AM service No Kids or Student Ministry

Christmas Eve Services / 3 & 5 PM / Worship Center / More info at

Christmas Eve Services / 3, 5 & 7 PM / Worship Center / For more info, visit

Christmas Day / CCC is closed

No Kids Clubs due to Christmas

No Kids or Student Ministry / Childcare for birth through two-year-olds in the Nursery only

New Year's Day / CCC is closed

Student Takeover / 9 & 10:45 AM

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