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Meet the 2019–2021 residents CHRIST COMMUNITY CHURCH

View the CCC Calendar of Events on the last page AUGUST–SEPTEMBER 2019 / ISSUE 13

S U N D AY MORNING SERVICES 404 S 108 Ave, Omaha 68154 402.330.3360 | TRADITIONS 9 AM / Worship Center Timeless hymns and songs of faith led by Pastor Steve Yost and a spirited choir and orchestra ACCESS 9 AM / Gym A simplified worship experience in a relaxed environment with a round-table setup ACCESS 10:45 AM / Worship Center Powerful and engaging band-led worship in a relaxed environment

ONLINE 9 & 10:45 AM / The 9 AM Traditions service and the 10:45 AM Access service are streamed live online every Sunday


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Thanks for picking up our 13th edition of The Hub Magazine! Each issue of this magazine tells stories of what God is doing in and through the lives of people at Christ Community Church. As we enter a new season of ministry this fall, we’re beginning a new message series on Sunday mornings called Irresistible. God’s plan A is ordinary people in a local church—there is no plan B. This series is all about becoming a church of irresistible influence, and getting to know the eight core values we have adopted as a church (see pages 12–13). This past summer, we welcomed a brand-new Church Residency cohort to CCC! These ten new residents will spend the next two years at CCC serving in a specific ministry area while working on their master’s degree from Crown College. Get to know the new cohort on pages 6–7. On October 25–26, we’re bringing the SoulCare Conference back to CCC. Dr. Terry Wardle will join us to share about transformation and life change. Read the story of a middle school student who attended last year’s conference with her mother and how the conference completely changed how she saw herself in the eyes of Jesus. Towards the back of the magazine, you’ll find everything you need to know to take the next step in your faith journey and get connected to life at the church, whether that’s joining a group, jumping into a new serving role, or finding someone new in your life to disciple. Whether you’re just starting to attend CCC or have been at CCC for years, now is the time to take that next step! As always, you can learn more about The Hub Magazine, read past issues, and leave us feedback at §



Reflections on the past year & introducing the new cohort





hen I was a senior at Toccoa Falls College working on a double major in Music with a concentration in Worship Arts and Bible Theology, I was trying to discern what God wanted my wife Dania and I to do after graduation. I had heard about the Church Residency program at Christ Community Church and thought it would be a great opportunity for us to continue our education and get two years of hands-on ministry experience at a larger church. Dania and I had been serving at First Alliance Church in Toccoa, Georgia, with the youth ministry and the worship team before we joined the CCC Church Residency program in June 2018. We never thought that God would bring us to Omaha, Nebraska, but he did. We decided to trust him and follow his leading. We serve as residents in the Worship Ministry. Since joining the team at CCC, we’ve had some great experiences that I don’t think would have happened outside of the residency program, like facilitating baptism and communion. In other churches, especially in the south, baptisms and communion are only done by the senior pastor. I am so thankful that I have gotten the opportunity to facilitate communion during the services. It’s something that I definitely would not have been able to do at this stage in my ministry career. I believe that practicing communion here at CCC has made me a better shepherd, pastor, and leader. This year at Baptism on the Green, I got the amazing opportunity to read and introduce each person getting baptized, and then ask all of them at once to answer “yes” to the question of whether they have trusted in Jesus and intend to follow him the rest of their life. It has been such a joy and a pleasure to participate in these different ministry opportunities! In our second year in Church Residency, Dania and I have the amazing joy and privilege to help facilitate a new

• Carlos & Dania Ramirez leading worship during a Sunday morning service at CCC

Journey Group for Hispanic families. We have been meeting once a month during the summer and hope to launch this new ministry officially during the fall. One of my favorite memories from my first year of the program was getting the opportunity to go to Cuba with a team from CCC. The church in Cuba is on fire for Jesus and we loved getting to go overseas with our CCC family. You don’t really get to know someone unless you’ve been on a mission trip with them. We were able to lead worship for the students at a pastors’ retreat in Cuba. I know we came back transformed by God’s presence while we were there. The Wright family, our host family, has been a huge gift from God. We love them so much! They have opened up their home to us and welcomed us to be a part of their family. Getting to know Mike, Diane, Joe, and Daniel has been such a blessing to us during the program. The Wrights have become like a second family to us, and even allowed Cooper, our dog, to live in their basement with us for these two years. The Wrights are incredibly generous, loving, patient, and kind. We love getting the opportunity to live with them during the residency.

In the past year, God has been revealing to me how important it is to have a healthy soul. Being a part of Church Residency and taking classes like “Spiritual Formation” have really helped me foster my desire for Christ and deepen my relationship with him. God has been removing all of the faulty foundations that I have been standing on—fear, doubt, insecurity, and disappointment—and replacing them with his perfect love. One of my favorite quotes that has been significant to me all year was from Dr. Rob Reimer, who said, “The issue of your identity has been settled on the cross of Jesus Christ.” God has been teaching me that he is a good Father who knows how to give good gifts to his children. All we have to do is ask. Luke 11:13 says, “If you then who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?” He is always ready to pour out more of his Holy Spirit on us. All we have to do is ask and he will do it! § Carlos Ramirez is one of the 2018–2020 residents and works in the Worship Arts department at Christ Community Church.





AGE: 23 HOMETOWN: Beaumont, TX COLLEGE/DEGREE: Texas State University; Communication Studies CALL TO MINISTRY: In 2017, I participated in a discipleship program that helps young adults understand and grow in their unique purpose. I applied for residency, confident that it was a step in the right direction! FAVORITE FOOD: Really, really, really spicy crawfish FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Iced White Chocolate Mocha

AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Columbia Falls, MT COLLEGE/DEGREE: Crown College, Pastoral Leadership CALL TO MINISTRY: God keeps revealing more to me about who he is and it is beautiful. All I want is to know him more and see other people know him in life-changing ways. FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: I like water.



AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Stromsburg, NE COLLEGE/DEGREE: Wayne State College; Construction Management & Drafting/Planning/Design CALL TO MINISTRY: God showed me my gifts and abilities for vocational ministry while serving on the Cru leadership team during college. FAVORITE FOOD: Frozen pizzas and boxed mac & cheese FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: White Chocolate Mocha, extra whip

AGE: 23 HOMETOWN: Aurora, CO COLLEGE/DEGREE: University of Northern Colorado; Acting & Vocal Performance CALL TO MINISTRY: I was pursuing a musical theatre career and felt called to do ministry with actors in LA or NYC. After college, I felt God call me to worship ministry in a time of prayer. He confirmed that call in many miraculous ways! FAVORITE FOOD: Chick-fil-A FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Iced Soy Chai Tea Latte



For more info about the residency program, visit





For an online list of all the residents, including the 2018 cohort, visit




AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Omaha, NE COLLEGE/DEGREE: John Brown University; Biblical and Theological Studies CALL TO MINISTRY: God called me to ministry my senior year of high school and I have been pursuing his will ever since. FAVORITE FOOD: Anything breakfast. FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Chai latte

AGE: 25 HOMETOWN: Lincoln, NE COLLEGE/DEGREE: UNL; Global Studies CALL TO MINISTRY: Over this past year, the Lord has used the story of his glory and my love for internationals to drive me to pursue full-time ministry. FAVORITE FOOD: Peanut butter FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Hot coffee

AGE: 21 HOMETOWN: North Platte, NE COLLEGE/DEGREE: UNO; Communication Studies CALL TO MINISTRY: I felt the call to ministry a number of times throughout my college years in 8:08, but particularly after spending a summer in San Diego with Cru. FAVORITE FOOD: James 2:1 NIV (but I do love steak) FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: I only drink it black




AGE: 23 HOMETOWN: Broomfield, CO COLLEGE/DEGREE: University of Northern Colorado, Nursing CALL TO MINISTRY: God began preparing my heart for missions and sharing the gospel after my first high school mission trip to Quito, Ecuador. FAVORITE FOOD: Anything sweet or homemade! FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: I like local coffee shops.

AGE: 23 HOMETOWN: Blair, NE COLLEGE/DEGREE: UNL; Business Management & Agricultural Entrepreneurship CALL TO MINISTRY: While in San Diego with Cru last summer, I got a glimpse of how the Lord wants to use my currently still-messy story to relate to college students. FAVORITE FOOD: Ribs, steak, beef jerky—any meat will do. FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Black coffee (iced or hot)

AGE: 22 HOMETOWN: Ashtabula, OH COLLEGE/DEGREE: Toccoa Falls College; Youth Ministry CALL TO MINISTRY: The Lord has called me to help students grow in their faith and teach them to help grow the faith of others. FAVORITE FOOD: Cajun shrimp alfredo or steak FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino®









“Community” is our middle name.

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YOUR GENEROSITY IS CHANGING LIVES IN OMAHA AND AROUND THE WORLD Make a one-time gift or set up recurring giving to contribute to the life-changing ministry of Christ Community Church.

A two-year initiative with the goal that every CCC attender would take steps to deepen their faith in God and grow in generosity.

G O B E Y O N D B E L I E F . O R G




Together by R ache

l Webb Christ Community Church deeply values the importance of community and the impact it has on the body of Christ. One incredible way people can connect in community at CCC is through Journey Groups, which are small groups of people that meet outside of Sunday morning services. In these groups, people can grow in their relationship with God, develop friendships with others, and make an impact for the Kingdom. The Wyatt family has been able to experience the power of this community in their Journey Group. Kaitlyn and Greg are parents to two beautiful daughters, Addison and Ashlyn. They have attended CCC for the past four years and have been a part of a Journey Group since. I had the opportunity to ask them about their experience with Journey Groups and how God has used it to grow them.



WHEN AND HOW DID YOU GET CONNECTED TO YOUR JOURNEY GROUP? We stopped by the Next Steps area in the Atrium on a Sunday morning. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO START ATTENDING A JOURNEY GROUP? We wanted to get plugged in with a great group of people. It was a priority for our family, since we were new to town. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE OBSTACLES THAT MIGHT HAVE KEPT YOU FROM JOINING A JOURNEY GROUP? Since our group is primarily young families, childcare was an issue for our group, which was thankfully resolved. We all pitch in $5 per kid for Haven’s Heavenly Helpers which gives us a break as parents, time to focus on our relationship with our group, and most importantly, Christ. Time also could have easily been a reason, but it would be more of an excuse. We as humans always find time for our priorities, so we first need to determine those priorities. As followers of Christ, we need to be a church that has a strong community, just like the name of our church. WERE THERE REASONS WHY YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE TAKEN THE STEP TO GET INVOLVED IN A JOURNEY GROUP? Fear is and was a reality for us, as these people were strangers to us. As common sense kicked in, we realized we were strangers to them as well. We used this common ground to help break through our comfort zone. There is always growth on the other side of your comfort zone! WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST SURPRISING THING ABOUT BEING A PART OF YOUR JOURNEY GROUP? Honestly, I think our growth has surprised us spiritually, emotionally, and overall as people. WHAT DOES AN AVERAGE WEEK WITH YOUR JOURNEY GROUP LOOK LIKE? We meet every other week, which is helpful since we have a young family. On a typical meeting, we meet at someone’s home and socialize as people trickle in and then we pray and dive into the material. One person normally leads the main conversation, but then it opens for optional discussion. At the end of the night, we take communion as a group, share prayer requests, and pray together.

Images provided by Kaitlyn Wyatt/Barb Kyle

HOW HAVE YOU GROWN IN YOUR FAITH SINCE BEING A PART OF YOUR JOURNEY GROUP? We have been much more willing to dive into heavy topics and learn and discuss. We have also grown in willingness to be transparent and vulnerable. We have gained better knowledge about ourselves after voicing what our thoughts are. HOW HAVE YOU GROWN INDIVIDUALLY, IN YOUR MARRIAGE, AND AS PARENTS AS A PART OF DISCIPLESHIP THROUGH A GROUP? In our marriage, we have learned to give each other the benefit of the doubt. We also pray out loud as husband and wife for each other. It has been a very humbling experience. As parents, we pray over our kids but also encourage spiritual relationships and have fellow believing adults present in their lives. WHEN HAVE YOU BEEN CHALLENGED BY YOUR JOURNEY GROUP IN YOUR FAITH OR NEEDED TO LEAN ON THEM IN A HARD TIME? I recently had a hysterectomy. I was very nervous and unsure about how the process would go, being so young. My Journey Group not only prayed, texted, and called, but they also brought meals when needed. They were open to late-night conversations helping me calm my nerves. It was a blessing having such a solid group of friends that have become family lift our family. We are eternally grateful for our Journey Group. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO SOMEONE WHO IS CONSIDERING JOINING A JOURNEY GROUP? I would say take a leap of faith! You never know who or what God has lined up for you when you say yes to an opportunity to grow closer to him! § Rachel Webb is one of the 2018–2020 residents and works in the Adult Discipleship department at Christ Community Church.





Am I known? If you really knew me, all the good and bad about me, would you still love me? Am I enough just the way I am? Will you choose me? BY RACHEL BEBEE

Sitting in the audience at the SoulCare Conference last fall, Audrey Huber, a seventh-grader at the time, didn’t really expect to hear from God. She and her step mom Erin Huber, a counselor at CityCare Counseling, were attending the conference together. Erin knew that Audrey was experiencing some identity issues, fairly common to students in middle school. While Erin hoped that Audrey would have a powerful encounter with God at the conference, Audrey wasn’t so sure about the event. Audrey shared, “I just thought the conference would be just like a sermon, but way longer. My expectations were kind of low. I didn’t really expect it to be life-changing, but I was wrong!”



That Friday evening, as Erin and Audrey listened to Dr. Terry Wardle share about core identity issues and desires, Erin wasn’t sure if Audrey was connecting with the message. Near the end of the evening, Dr. Wardle asked everyone in the audience to close their eyes. He then encouraged everyone to ask the Holy Spirit to show a picture of what identity in Christ looks like. Audrey asked the Holy Spirit to send her a picture of her identity in Christ, but she didn’t really expect an answer. As she waited, a picture popped into her head, a picture so different from what she was thinking that she knew it wasn’t something she had come up with. Audrey began to cry.

From the tears, Erin could tell Audrey had experienced something during the quietness. The two left the conference a few minutes early. On the drive home, Erin asked Audrey what she had experienced. “In the vision/picture,” Audrey shared, “a man walked into an adoption center. He wanted to adopt a child. There were many types of kids, athletic ones, artistic ones, smart ones. I was standing alone in the group of children, not wanting to bother the man—he obviously would want one of the other children. But to my great surprise, he pointed at me. ‘I want her,’ the man said.” As she sat in the Worship Center, she didn’t know what to think. A little overwhelmed, a little shocked, the tears slid down her cheeks. As Erin and Audrey talked about the vision and what it meant, Audrey began to recognize that the man in the vision was someone special. The man who wanted to adopt a child, who could have picked any of the children in the room but who had specifically picked her, his name was Jesus. The vision she experienced touched her deeply. She said, “I felt loved, like a different kind of loved, to know that God chooses me.” Almost a year after the conference, Audrey still thinks back to the vision she experienced. The circumstances of her life haven’t changed. She still experiences the challenges she faced the previous year. Sometimes she feels tension with the relationships in her family. However, when she feels that tension, she thinks back to the vision. She remembers what it felt like to know, to truly know in the depths of her soul, that she was known and loved and chosen by God. § Rachel Bebee is the Project Coordinator for the Creative/ Communications Team at Christ Community Church

MINISTRIES, GROUPS, CLASSES & SERVICES GUEST INFO No matter where you come from or whatever your past, you can join us in living a life beyond belief. We hope that you will join us at Christ Community Church for one of our weekend worship services. Whoever you are, and regardless of your past, CCC is a place for you to experience life transformation. If you're looking for more info about CCC, visit or stop by Next Steps in the Atrium and pick up a welcome packet. A list of events, ministries, staff, and more are also available on the website. Christ Community Church 404 S 108 Ave, Omaha, NE 68154 / 402.330.3360

KIDS MINISTRY Bryant, Birth through Grade 5 / Sundays / 9 & 10:45 AM Family Is Primary Parents have the incredible responsibility of impressing a love for God on the hearts of their children (Deuteronomy 6:5–7). These impressions best occur as a natural overflow from parents seeking to love the Lord with their own hearts, souls, and strengths. Sunday Morning Children join a group of kids their age or grade level. Kids birth through preschool may stay for two services, while students kindergarten through grade 5 attend one service only. This fosters relationships with other kids and allows them to attend worship with parents during the other hour. American Heritage Girls Karyn, A Christian scouting organization for girls K–12th grade. Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country. Mondays / 6:30–8 PM Trail Life USA Chris, A Christian scouting organization for boys K–12th grade. Scouting, leadership, and adventure. Mondays / 7–8:30 PM 16


CCC Online Services streamed live online every Sunday at 9 & 10:45 AM

Baby Dedications Bryant, Baby Dedications are held quarterly. For more info or to sign up, contact Bryant or visit

KIDS CLUBS Bryant, Wednesdays / 6:30–8 PM Kids will learn about God through Bible memorization, lessons, games, crafts, and activities. Kids Clubs meet September through April and are funded through annual dues. Awana / Cubbies (Ages 3–4) Cubbies communicates basic truths about God, Jesus, salvation, and the Bible through Scripture memorization, handbook lessons, awards, games, and activities. Awana / Sparks (Grades K–2) Sparks meet in small groups to focus on Scripture memorization. In large group, they experience upbeat music, Bible teaching and instruction, and age-appropriate games. Boys & Girls Clubs (Grades 3–5) Kids gather in small groups where life-long friendships can begin. A club meeting is divided into three segments: Bible teaching, ageappropriate crafts or team games, and small group time. Each Bible lesson is accompanied by a Scripture memory verse.

Guest Services Staff Contact Jessica Hawley


Elizabeth, Student Ministry exists to help students know Jesus every day and live their lives for him at home, at school, and in the community. Large Group Gatherings Gather on Sundays for music, teaching, games, discussions, friendship, and good food in the café (year-round).

Grades 6–8 / Sunday Mornings at the Student Center / 10:45 AM Grades 9–12 / Sunday Nights at the Student Center / 6–8 PM

Student Journey Groups A sk hones t ques tions , s tud y Scripture, be invested in by a Christfollowing adult, and share life with a small group as you develop deep, lasting friendships. August–April / Students may join a group any time during the year. Grades 6–8 / Sundays / 6–8 PM Atrium Grades 9–12 / Sundays / 6–8 PM Student Center


Sunday Mornings / 9 & 10:45 AM / Worship Center & Gym

Support the Residents

To help students develop deep faith and a greater sense of community, we encourage them to serve and worship alongside Christians of different ages and backgrounds.

Each month, residents raise their own financial support. The church matches donations up to $400 per month per resident. If you would like to partner with the church in supporting a resident, give online.

Student Serving Opportunities Opportunities to serve can be found online at Events and Retreats Visit to discover the life-changing events, trips, and retreats offered by Student Ministry.


MENʼS MINISTRY Reid, Increasing Kingdom impact by engaging, equipping, and encouraging men in godly manhood. Men go all-in through groups, Bible studies, and serving. Glenn,

Council Bluffs Group Dave, Steve,

8:08 is a community of college-age students (18–24) committed to loving God, each other, and the city. Whether you’re walking with Jesus or just have questions about who God is, get connected in the 8:08 College Community.

Discuss and study the Bible together over coffee.

Thursdays / 8:08 PM / Student Center Instagram: 808CCC Facebook: 808CCC


Tuesdays / 6–7:30 AM / Panera / 3617 Denmark Dr, Council Bluffs, IA Journey Men Marc, Helping men connect with other men through discussion-based learning and teaching. Begin the journey at any time. Tuesdays / 7 PM / E240 Emily,

Men of God Jim,, 402.290.1608

Host Homes

An ongoing study group for those who desire to learn, love, live, and lead as men of God. The topic changes, but not the authentic relationships that will grow from the experiences shared in large and small group formats. Led by pastors Mark Ashton and Jim Ratte.

We have the exciting opportunity to train up and send out leaders through our residency program. One aspect of this is providing a healthy, positive place for a resident to live through our Host Home program. Apply to be a host at the link above.

Fridays / 6:15–7:30 AM / Student Center

Become a Resident

GUYS Group Chris,

The residency combines leadership training, ministry experience, and a graduate-level academics. For more info and to apply, visit the website.

GUYS stands for God Understands Your Situation. When connected, men grow as husbands, fathers, and followers of Christ.


Mykaila, Women's Ministry offers groups, studies, and events to help women develop their relationship with Jesus and others. Women's Bible Studies begin in September! For more info, visit Point of Hope Mykaila, A positive environment for single moms to grow alongside each other. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Connect with a community of women to embrace and encourage one another in the journey of motherhood. MOPS is for moms of kids ages birth through kindergarten. Register at Prayer Shawl Ministry

Beth Siemens,

Do you knit or crochet? The Prayer Shawl Ministry creates shawls and prays for the needs of others. Those new to knitting or crocheting are welcome! Thursdays / 1–2:30 PM / Prayer Room Women’s Prayer Gathering


Prayer is powerful, and that power grows exponentially when expressed in community. Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or feel lost in the trenches, the Prayer Gathering is open to any woman seeking a better understanding of the Spirit and with a desire to stand in the gap for our ministry, our church, and each other. Tuesdays / Begins September 3 / 11 AM–12 PM / Prayer Room





A network of small to mid-sized groups comprised of people in their twenties and thirties, both single and married.

Meet regularly to study, pray, and grow with others. Belong to a community, be transformed by the gospel, and be on mission for the people in the city.


WHY JOIN A JOURNEY GROUP? Develop friendships with others The smaller group of people gives you the opportunity to form genuine friendships and care for others in times of need.

Alex, Deaf Ministry exists to help Deaf people understand Jesus so they can accept him as Savior and grow in relationship with him. Interpreted Service / 10:45 AM / Worship Center / Front of Section 104 Deaf Class / 9 AM / C116 Deaf Men’s Bible Study / Wednesdays / 6:30–8:30 PM / The Porch Deaf Women’s Bible Study / Thursdays / 6:30–8:30 PM / The Porch Do you need an interpreter or are you interested in learning ASL? Contact Jan /

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS International Friendship Group Mark, Building community and discovering Jesus with friends from around the world. This international-focused group includes prayer, Bible discussion, and sharing life. Sundays / 10:45 AM / D226 English Conversation Class Reaching the international community at UNMC & UNO. Looking for teachers for conversational lessons with one–three students. Classes run September–April. Wednesdays / 6:30–8 PM / Student Center



MARRIAGE Sue, Marriage Matters Planning on engagement or marriage in the next year? Learn how to have a healthy marriage. Marriage Matters is a six-week class offered throughout the year. Wedding Date 2020 Jan–May 2020 June–Aug 2020 Sept–Nov

Class Date 2019 Sept–Oct 2020 Feb–March 2020 May–June

Grow in your relationship with God The smaller setting allows you to dig deeper into Scripture and ask questions in a discussion-based format. Interact with and learn from others.


Make an impact for the Kingdom Make a difference by serving together in the city or participating in CCC’s partnerships around the world.


HOW DO I JOIN A JOURNEY GROUP? Groups are available on Sunday morning during services or in neighborhoods throughout the week. Visit the Next Steps booth Meet staff and volunteers who will help you find Journey Groups in your neighborhood. Sundays / After the 9 & 10:45 AM services at the Next Steps booth in the Atrium Visit the online Journey Group Locator Search for groups that meet in your area based on the type of group and meeting day and time online at

Paul Gedden, 402.938.1574,

Dayspring / 7:45 AM / C117 Cross-generational class with challenging teaching, ministry projects, missionary support, and care groups. Kingdom Builders / 9 AM / C220 Boomers and up join for prayer, fellowship, biblical teaching, and learning the Word together. Scripture: Living It Out / 9 AM / I-188 Cross-generational group focusing on Bible study, friendship, life application, and growing in relationship with Jesus. (Formerly Thankful Hearts) Ambassadors / 10:30 AM / D127 Caring and praying seniors focus on strong biblical teaching with love for Christ, missionaries, and our nation. Ecclesia / 10:30 AM / D126 Seniors begin with worship and refreshments, then study Scripture and have time for discussion. Spiritually Advancing, Linked Together (SALT) / 10:30 AM / C117 Boomers and seniors are welcome for fellowship, prayer, study of God’s Word, and class socials.


SENIOR ACTIVITIES Sue Beed, 402.938.1570, Senior Lunch & Fellowship at CCC First Tuesday of the month 11:30 AM / $6 Seniors Breakfast Second Tuesday of the month 8:30 AM / Village Inn, 138th & Maple Super Adults at CCC Third Tuesday of the month 9:30 AM / $6 / Coffee over fellowship, a program featuring a guest speaker, and a delicious meal. Monthly Senior Server Newsletter Features entries, events, stories, and more. To get a copy, pick it up at the Boomers & Beyond desk, visit the website, or contact Sue Beed. Stamps Ministry Fridays / 8–11 AM / D127 / Come join in the work and fellowship.

SHORT-TERM MISSIONS Eva, A catalyst for long-term change and an informed global perspective, short-term mission trips utilize the skills and interests of those willing to be used by God. Teams receive pretrip training on topics from raising support to cultural differences. Interested in going on a short-term missions trip? Read about upcoming trips and submit an application at the link above. You can also support current short-term teams by giving online on the same web page. Upcoming Trips Senegal / February 1–9, 2020 Miami / February 16–22, 2020 Peru / June 2020 For more info and to apply, visit


Everyone has defining moments in life—difficult circumstances, relational pain, transitional seasons. How we respond during these has a direct impact on our futures and the futures of those around us. The Care Network is a multi-disciplinary team of caregivers who are passionate about providing an environment and relationships to help people heal and grow. Developed by pastors, trained counselors, and professional licensed counselors, the Care Network is committed to helping people find healing and wholeness amidst the challenges of life. Professional Counseling CityCare Counseling, 402.916.9421, CityCare Counseling exists to provide effective professional counseling for those who are seeking excellent care with a distinctly Christian perspective. Pastoral Counseling Sue Beed, 402.938.1570, Services provided by pastoral staff and pastoral counselors trained to provide biblical advice or spiritual counsel to those in need. Financial counseling is also available. Healing Prayer Sue Beed, 402.938.1570, Immanuel Prayer is practical training in deepening your intimacy with God so relational barriers and painful life experiences can be resolved. Formational Prayer creates an environment where people find relief from emotional pain through a personal encounter with God.

Caring Partners Doni Gregory, 402.938.1512, Serves those in need of temporary assistance by distributing designated funds as an expression of God’s love. The Oil Change Ministry and on-site food pantry are also part of Caring Partners. Silver Tsunami Ministry Paul Gedden, 402.938.1574, Ministry to the elderly, the infirm, those with dementia, the sick, and the dying. Prepares people for relationship-building through weekly visits, caring, listening, and sharing the gospel. Training is Sept 21 & Oct 5 / Sign up at Stephen Ministers Paul Gedden, 402.938.1574, People trained to provide confidential, one-on-one care to those experiencing difficulty in life such as divorce, job loss, aging, spiritual crisis, chronic or terminal illness, relocation, or separation due to military deployment. To receive care or to sign up to serve as a Stephen Minister, visit

SPIRITUAL FORMATION Wendell Nelson, 402.938.1573, The ongoing transformation of your life through experiential discovery. Selah Groups Monthly exposure to various spiritual practices such as solitude and silence, formational approaches to the Word, and group spiritual direction in a contemplative prayer group for women that facilitates connection with God.




Spiritual Direction A monthly one-on-one meeting to help you notice and savor God’s presence in your life and stimulate ongoing growth; nurturing choices that consistently delight God.

RENEWAL GROUPS Wendell Nelson, 402.938.1573, Experience renewal in your life by connecting with trained volunteers, professional counselors, and others experiencing similar circumstances. All groups meet at Christ Community Church. CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY Addictions Wendell, Biblically-based curriculum in a non-judgmental environment. Tuesdays / 7 PM / E132 SEXUAL IDENTITY AND BROKENNESS Hope After Betrayal Nancy Hanson, 308.631.1200, When the dream of the ideal relationship, marriage, or family has been shattered, hope is needed to restore and become whole again. Tuesdays / 7 PM / G262 Men of Integrity Wendell, Helps men address lust in a safe, supportive, grace-filled environment that promotes honesty with self, others, and God. New arrivals welcome. Tuesdays / 7 PM / S302 in the Student Center

RELATIONSHIPS DivorceCare Mary Lou, A friendly, caring group of people who will walk with you through one of life’s most difficult challenges. Tuesdays / 7 PM / C117 Hannah's Prayer Diane, A community of married women experiencing primary or secondary infertility who provide support and encouragement. First & third Tuesdays of the month / 7 PM / D126 Relationships 101 for Men Marc, Learn how to build and maintain healthy, life-giving relationships. Thursdays / 7 PM GriefShare Deb Jones, 402.658.0767, A support group to foster the journey from mourning to joy amid the chaos of the loss of a loved one. Tuesdays beginning September 10 6:30 PM / I-188 Friends of Suicide Loss Julie, 204.657.2146 Kaycee, 573.301.2234 A group for those recovering from losing a friend or family member to suicide. Sharing openly with others who have experienced a similar loss can help with the healing process.

In The Wildflowers Gloria, 402.968.0395 This DVD series is a more intense focus, connecting with others and with God to begin processing and healing the damage from past sexual abuse events. Class size is limited, register by August 20. The workbook costs $19. Tuesdays / Sept 3–Nov 26 6:45–8:45 PM / C118 PHYSICAL WHOLENESS Fresh Hope Wendell, A safe setting for people with mood disorders, or their family members, who desire to incorporate faith into the recovery process. Tuesdays / 7 PM / D127 NAMI Support Group MJ Zaremba, 402.980.1532, Helps families understand and support individuals with mental illness. First & third Tuesdays of the month / 7 PM / E148 The Christian in Complete Armor Marc,

Suicide Attempt Group Kaycee, 573.301.2234,

Men, do you feel like you’re in a battle at home, at work, and in life? If so, you’re invited to explore practical ways to achieve total victory in those areas and experience a new way of looking at what it means to be a Christian in Complete Armor.

Second to last Thursday of the month / 6:30 PM / D226


This ministry comes along side women with a history of sexual abuse, assisting them in their healing journey. This support is provided through opportunities, in a safe environment, for engagement with God and each other in finding hope and the ability to move into a more meaningful life.

Last Thursday of the month 6:30–8 PM / C220 & D226

This is a group for those who have attempted suicide. Sharing openly with others who have similar experiences can help with the healing process.


RESTORED HEARTS Gloria, 402.968.0395,

Tuesdays / 7 PM / F252 & 254





CCC CALENDAR | AUGUST–SEPTEMBER 2019 Visit for additional information, to register for an event, or to purchase tickets. No Middle School or High School Ministry Elder Prayer / August 14 / 6:30 PM / S302 in the Student Center *Men of God Fall Kickoff / August 16 / 6–7:15 AM / Student Center / For more info and to sign up, contact Jim Ratte at Fall Kickoff: Promotion Sunday / August 18 / Promotion weekend for birth through middle school **Fall Kickoff: Middle School and High School / August 18 / For more info about the day's events and to register for Journey Groups, visit *Fall Kickoff: Adult Journey Group Launch / August 18 / For more info and to sign up for a Journey Group, visit Bilingual Ministry Kickoff / August 21 / 6–8 PM / 4409 S 153rd Circle / A group to build community with Hispanic families that attend CCC / Bring a cultural dish to share / For more info, visit *Baby Dedications / August 25 / Required pre-dedication class on August 11 / For more info and to register, visit Student Ministry regular schedule begins / August 25 / Middle School at 10:45 AM, High School at 6–8 PM, and Middle School Journey Groups at 6–8 PM 8:08 College Community Fall Welcome Week / August 25–29 / For more info, visit **Marriage Matters / September 8–October 13 / 10:45 AM / Sign up at *Baptisms / September 8 / 9 & 10:45 AM / For more info about baptism, or to sign up to be baptized, visit Elder Prayer / September 11 / 6:30 PM / S302 in the Student Center **Kids Clubs Begins / September 11 / Registration is open July 28–August 25 / For more info and to register, visit *Foundations Class / September 15–October 13 / Sundays at 10:45 AM / D227 / For more info and to sign up, visit High School and Middle School Parent Night / September 22 / 6–8 PM / For more info, contact Elizabeth at *City Serve / September 29 / For more info and to sign up beginning September 8, visit *Free event but registration is required

**Paid/ticketed event THE andHUB registration required MAGAZINE is/ CCCOMAHA.ORG


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