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BEYOND BELIEF G OA L U P D A T E S 12.01.18–02.28.19

W W W. G O B E YO N D B E L I E F. O R G

A LETTER FROM MARK Dear Christ Communit y Church, God is on the move! Ever y day, someone f inds healing for their soul at Cit yCare Counseling. Ever y day, kids are molded into the image of Christ. Ever y day, faithful CCC members hit their neighborhoods and workplaces to share the best news ever. Ever y day, people in the far corners of the world hear the good news of Jesus. This is all because you are faithful to pray and give and live for Jesus. Thank you! You are living a life beyond belief !

Lead Pastor

P R I M A R Y G OA L : 100% Engagement


Total number of givers who contributed to Beyond Belief in the last three months


Number of first-time givers who contributed to Beyond Belief

S E C O N D A R Y G O A L : $2 2 Million $


Total amount of commitments and expected gifts



Actual giving to date

As a disciple of Jesus, we are called to fully surrender our lives to him. Being 100% surrendered to Jesus is an act of faith; a faith that, in part, returns to God what he has allowed us to steward. God loves a cheerful giver that sows bountifully from the gifts we have received. Join us in living a life that is beyond belief! To learn more or make a commitment, visit

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B E Y O N D O U R WA L L S In partnership with Mission Church, CCC provided a Christmas store for 150 families in Village One, allowing moms, dads, and grandparents an opportunity to shop with dignity for Christmas gifts for their children.

BEYOND OURSELVES The Gym renovation was completed in December, providing a safe, clean atmosphere for Sunday services, Kids and Student Ministries, and other activities throughout the week.

We are 60% through the Beyond Belief timeline ---------58% of funding has been received


CHAD & TERA REELFS I see Beyond Belief as a focused, intentional time of expanding ministry in our church, in our city, and around the world. It’s amazing to see the sacrificial giving commitments. We're all in this together! I see people challenging themselves to step out of their comfort zones in areas of giving and serving, watching what God will do. We can’t even dream big enough because we don’t have the ability to guess what he can do! One of the coolest things to experience is watching God weave the story together and knowing that we play a part in it. I love serving in shortterm missions and seeing how God is at work, but he is calling me deeper—to pray more intentionally, to lead a trip, to share my story. I can look forward to seeing God do things beyond belief— there’s nothing greater than that! –Tera

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Beyond Belief Update Letter | Dec 1, 2018–Feb 28, 2019  

Beyond Belief Update Letter | Dec 1, 2018–Feb 28, 2019  

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