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The latest happenings at CCC

Week of November 6, 2011

Double Your Impact On 10.10.10, a new era of impact was put into motion. CCC is on a remarkable journey, evidenced by the sacrificial generosity and radical trust flowing from lives fully surrendered to Jesus. To learn more and add your voice and influence to the vision, pick up a campaign packet today.


Attend Sunday worship services every week.

New Series begins today

How do you make choices in the 80% of decisions that moral rules do not address? Apply wisdom. It’s more than knowing the facts. It is following the spiritual and relational laws woven into the universe. Make plans to attend each Sunday in November for Money Matters, a series that will apply practical wisdom from the book of Proverbs.

Project 4:4 - a plan that promises to change your life.

In 2012, CCC will experience God’s big story together. The Daily Bible in Chronological Order and Reader’s Guides are available today at kiosks throughout the building. The challenge: Read the Bible cover-to-cover in one year. The benefit: A year of dynamic growth and a sensible system to read the Bible in chronological order.


Participate in community for healthy spiritual growth.


Guest information 2

Kids Connect 2

Students 2

Seniors 3

oung professionals 3 Y Classes 4

Groups 4

Prayer 4

Announcements 5



Global Missions 6

Kingdom Investment 7

Local Missions


Renewal 8 Men 9 Sarpy Campus 9

Women 9

Do Christians reflect an accurate image of what it means to live a Christ-centered life? Do nonChristians see the truth of Christ or the hypocrisy of the Christian? New series begins today. See page 10 for details.

Deaf fellowship 10


Gathering 10

Gathering: White Lies

Double your impact 10

Good Sense-A one session class addressing credit card/consumer debt. Learn biblical principles, discover helpful tools and receive encouragement to get out of debt. Register by 11.12 for materials ($2) and prework instructions. Tuesday, 11.15/ 7-9PM/Student Center. See page 4 for additional November classes


Become involved in the mission and ministries of CCC through the investment of your time, talent and treasure.

Campus Care Sunday Next Sunday / 12 PM / Sign up in the Atrium today. Many hands make light work; this is a great opportunity for families to serve together. Lunch will be provided for those helping.

Loving Your Neighbor Help CCC’s partners, Bridge Church and Compass, strengthen relationships with families in Village One. Read about the outreach and practical service opportunities on page 11. Learn more about the CCC ministries providing care and encouragement. Complete information and details on page 11. Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /

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Guest information Welcome. If you are looking for general information, stop at an Information Center at the Old Mill Campus or the Sarpy Campus, and grab a welcome packet. Visit for event and programming details, to contact the staff or locate information about how you can connect with God and others at CCC. For information, contact Carmen Barnes at the Old Mill Campus / 402.938.1563 or Julie Moessner at the Sarpy Campus / 402.938.1538 /

Kids Connect What are my kids learning?

Next weekend, 11.3.11, your kids will hear the following part of the Big God Story. Take some time this week to introduce it to them and work on the remember verse. For ideas on how to lead your kids spiritual growth, visit and download the weekly and monthly HomeFront resource for parents. Grades 1-5: Scripture: Revelation 19:11-32, 21-22 / Jesus is Coming Again Main Point: God is the Beginning and the End Remember verse: Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17

Middle School / 6-8th Worship / today / 9 AM / Student Center 7-8th grade Journey Groups / today / 6-8 PM / Gym 6th grade Journey Groups / 11.9 / 6:30-8 PM / Gym Fall Retreat / 11.11-13 / meet at the Student Center at 5 PM / 7-8th grades only

Ages birth - grade 5 / Sundays / 9 and 10:45 AM

Older Toddler through Kindergarten: Scripture: 1 Chronicles 28 / Solomon builds the Temple. Main Point: God is worthy of our worship. Remember Verse: God chose us to belong to Christ [Jesus] before the world was created. Ephesians 1:4

Looking for a place to contribute?

The Kids Connect year is 12 weeks in, and God is working in the lives of kids in great ways. Leaders are an integral part of the experience for kids on Sunday mornings. Kids Connect continues to be short staffed in many areas on Sunday mornings. Please prayerfully consider how you might help in one of these areas: comfort an infant, play with a toddler, start a preschooler on their journey to know Jesus, or help elementary kids

Students Old Mill Campus

Old Mill & Sarpy Campus

learn how to use their Bibles and get to know Jesus as their savior. Contact Kathy McKelvey at 402.938.1520 / for help finding the right area.

Save the Date: 11.18.11

The first ever Homefront Family Night / 7-8:30 PM / Student Center / Old Mill Campus. Parents, bring your kids and attend Homefront Family Night to get a better understanding of how to use the Homefront Monthly magazine. Activities from this month’s Homefront will be selected to do together: Creating Identity Beads and the Traditions Family Timeline. For all ages - bring the whole family.

To be added to the parent email list, contact Brad Mock / for HS and Klint Bitter / for MS

High School / 9-12th No Worship or Journey Groups today due to the Fall Retreat Fall Retreat return / today / 6 PM / Call 402.339.3360 x550 for updates. Velocity / 11.9 / 7-8:30 PM / Student Center

Sarpy Campus Student Ministries / 6-12th

No 9-12th Grade Worship or Journey Groups today due to the Fall Retreat Worship / today / 9 AM / Lobby

College / 8:08

6-8th grade Journey Groups / today / 6-8 PM / Ramaekers’ house (1006 Hardwood Dr / 68046)

Sign up for a Journey Group at

High School Fall Retreat return / today / 6 PM / Call 402.339.3360 x550 for updates.

8:08 Thursday / 8:08 PM / Student Center

Velocity / 11.9 / 7-8:30 PM / Student Center (Old Mill) / 9-12th grades only Middle School Fall Retreat / 11.11-13 / meet at the Student Center at 5 PM / 7-8th grades only Page 2

Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /

Emerge / young professionals Emerge provides young professionals (age 25-40ish, single or married) at CCC with opportunities to connect, get involved in service and social events, build relationships and get plugged into Journey Groups. EmergeCCC

Coffee and Connections

A place for new people to connect with Emerge, learn of upcoming events and meet other young professionals over coffee. Meet at the tables between Access and the Atrium between services at the Old Mill Campus.

Upcoming events Monday Night Worship / an intimate evening of worship and prayer / Mondays / 7 PM / Prayer Room / Old Mill Campus

Second Sunday Lunch / 11.13.11 / Jimi D’s (Aksarben) Meet at Coffee and Connections after second service for post-church fellowship and to explore Omaha’s food scene.

Emerge Fellowship for Guys / Buffalo Wild Wings / 76th & Dodge / Noon / Every other Thursday / next lunch 11.3.11

Journey Groups / To join a Journey Group and get connected with others, email

Emerge Gathering: White Lies / 11.11.11 7 PM / Student Center / Do Christians reflect an accurate image of what it means to live a Christ-centered life? Gathering discusses lies Christians tell about sex & pornography.

Boomers and seniors New Community Groups

New Community Groups help make healthy disciples for Jesus through strong biblical teaching, loving care and dedicated prayer. Dayspring / Sunday / 7:45 AM / FLC 141 Old Mill Campus / Dayspring is a crossgenerational class that welcomes singles and couples for challenging teaching, ministry projects, missionary support and outstanding care groups. Homebuilders / Sunday / 9 AM / FLC 147 Old Mill Campus / Join Homebuilders for great times of fellowship, prayer and emphasis on missions and learning the Word together. Effective 9.11 / Homebuilders will move to FLC139 Thankful Hearts / Sunday / 9 AM / FLC 131 Old Mill Campus / This cross-generational group ages 40 and up, focuses on Bible study, friendship, life application and growing in relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ecclesia / Sunday / 10:45 AM / FLC 135 / Old Mill Campus / This group is a mix of people young to senior adults. This group begins with worship and refreshments, and then moves to studying the scriptures verse by verse with time for discussion. Spiritually Advancing Linked Together (SALT) / Sunday / 10:45 AM / FLC 141 / Old Mill Campus / Boomers and seniors are welcome for fellowship, prayer, the study of God’s Word and class socials.

Stamp ministry

Fridays / 8 - 11 AM / FLC 130 / Old Mill Campus / Come join in the work and fellowship. To donate stamps, bring 1/3 of an envelope with undamaged stamps to the Senior Adults booth in the Atrium at the Old Mill Campus. For information, contact Margaret McIvor / 402.553.5426 or Paul Gedden / 402.938.1574 / paulg@

Ambassadors / Sunday / 10:45 AM / FLC 132 / Old Mill Campus / These caring and praying seniors focus on strong biblical teaching with love for Christ, missionaries and this country.

Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /

Senior lunch and fellowship

First Tuesday of the month / Old Mill Campus. Let the games begin! Enjoy a delicious lunch ($5), devotional, great fellowship and games. The next lunch will be Tuesday, 12.6.11 / 11:30 AM / FLC 130 / Pastor Steve Yost shares testimony and Christmas music / RSVP by 12 PM the prior Friday to Heidi Buxman / 402.502.6646 or Estherlee Hetterich / 402.934.4976 or at the Senior Adults booth at the Old Mill campus.

Summer Kitchen breakfast

Second Tuesday of the month / 8:30 AM. Enjoy breakfast and encouragement at Summer Kitchen Restaurant and Bakery / 129th and Maple.

Super adults

Third Tuesday of the month / Old Mill Campus / The next gathering is 11.15.11 Coffee fellowship begins at 9:30 AM in the Atrium followed by a program in the Chapel, “Open Door Mission with Candace Gregory: Thanksgiving Love Offering” / Lunch ($5) in the Gym / RSVP to Margaret McIvor / 402.553.5426 or at the Senior Adults booth in the Atrium. For more information, contact Paul Gedden / 402.938.1574 /

Page 3

Legend Relies on God Initiates interest in the Gospel Serves people Kingdom investor Shaped into Christ likeness


Learning to Follow Jesus / Sundays / 9 AM / EC 178 / 3 weeks / begins today / for new Christians. Kingdom Disciple - Building Your Relationship with Jesus / Sundays / 10:45 AM / EC 188 / 5 weeks / began 10.16 / led by Paul Schlieker Become an authentic disciple and discover five expectations of grace Jesus has for His followers. Materials: $6 When Helping Hurts - How to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor and yourself / Sundays / 9 AM / FLC 230 6 weeks / began 10.16 / led by Craig Walter / Explore the truth about causes of poverty and learn to avoid ineffective or harmful ministry strategies. Materials: $10 Good $ense Debt Reduction / Tuesday, November 15 / 7-9 PM / Student Center / led by Gary Kay, Scott Kubie and Bill Holt A one-session class designed for those with credit card or consumer debt. Learn biblical principles and receive tools and encouragement to develop a plan to get out of debt. Materials: $2. Class participants are encouraged to complete pre-work in order to most benefit from the class. Register by 11.13 to receive the pre-work.

Exploring Christ - basic belief in God Growing in Christ - has a personal relationship with Christ Centered in Christ - depends on Christ daily for guidance

Using Your Flash Light / Sundays / 9 AM / FLC 145 / 5 weeks / begins November 20 / led by Marty Barnhart / Learn to apply five principles to any Bible book or passage to prepare for Project 4:4. Materials: Daily Bible in Chronological Order and a notebook RISKS / Friday, 11.18 / 7-10 PM and Saturday, November 19 / 9 AM - 12 PM / Learn about CCC’s history, values and the characteristics of a growing disciple. This elective is a prerequisite for membership. Attendance both days is required for membership. Journaling: A simple tool for your Bible reading / One session class offered three times: Sunday November 20, 9 AM / November 27, 9 AM / December 4, 10:45 AM / EC 188 / led by Jack Arant / Remember what you read and find lifechanging application in scripture. Attend one of three sessions and discover easyto-use strategies for reading your Bible to prepare for Project 4:4.

Renewal - groups that target the removal of barriers that limit one’s ability to connect with God and others Men’s - classes designed specifically for men Women’s - classes designed specifically for women

Groups Becoming a RISKS disciple is a life-long process and being in a group helps you grow as a disciple. Explore one of the options listed below to help you grow in your journey.

Seeker Discussion Groups /

Sundays / 9 AM / Atrium / 3 weeks / beginning today / connect with others investigating spirituality. Contact Tim Perry, Pastor of Spiritual Discovery /

Journey Groups

Don’t go it alone. Join a Journey Group and get connected with others on the journey. Experience discipleship and be shaped as you dive into the Bible, pray and serve. Journey Groups meet regularly to study, pray and grow. For information, contact Deb Beck at the Old Mill Campus / 402.938.1580 / or Steve Walters / 402.330.3360 x 428 / stevew@ at the Sarpy Campus.

Faithful, Abundant, True: 3 Lives Going Deeper Still / 6 weeks / began October 18 / 9:30-11 AM / various leaders / Be challenged to faithfulness in difficult days. Develop trust in God and learn how to discern truth from error. Materials: $14

Prayer Prayer room / WC 118 / Old Mill Campus located just outside the Worship Center

Spiritual vitality of CCC / Fridays / 7 AM Worship Center / Old Mill Campus.

CCC and Missions / Wednesdays / 6:30 PM / WC 118 / Old Mill Campus

Old Mill Campus prayer / Sundays / 8 AM / WC 118 / Old Mill Campus /

Women’s prayer / Mondays / 9:30 AM / EC 178 / Old Mill Campus / For information, contact Lottie Krogh / 402.345.4556.

Prayer Shawl Ministry / 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month / 1 PM / EC 178 / Old Mill Campus. For information, contact Beth Siemens / 402.339.4631.

Missions and the City / Sundays / 5 PM WC 118 / Old Mill Campus Page 4

Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /

Announcements Submit items to the Hub

Email submissions to by 10 AM on the Tuesday prior to the Sunday you’d like them published. Due to space constraints, items will be edited to essential information.

Surviving the Holidays is a special GriefShare session on coping with grief during the holiday season. Wednesday, 11.16 / 6:30-8 PM / EC 178 / for information, contact Ruthie or Rich Boettcher / 402.296.2671. The next Baby Dedication for all services both campuses will be Sunday 11.13. Attend the parent dedication meeting on Sunday, 11.6 at 9 AM. If you would like to have your little one dedicated, pick up a form in the nursery or Office Service window. For more information, contact Kathy McKelvey / 402.938.1520 /

Stephen Ministry Training

To Love is to Listen. Are you a good listener? That’s what a Stephen Minister does in providing carring one-to-one support to somone in need. The next Stephen Ministry training is being offered beginning Tuesday, January 3 for approximately 21 weeks. Materials fee: $50. For more information or to apply, stop by the Stephen Ministry booth in the Atrium or contact a Stephen Ministries leader: Paul Gedden / or Ron Compas / Lorraine Street / Mary Mladovich / Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research is hosting an Evening with David Limbaugh, brother of Rush Limbaugh and best selling author, on Thursday, 11.10, to include dinner and a presentation. NCER is a statewide advocate for biomedical research that promotes the life, dignity and rights of every human being at each stage of development. 6:30 PM / Scott Conference Center / 6450 Pine St / tickets may be purchased at

Volunteers to help with Bible sales for Project 4:4 for one hour on Sunday mornings in November are needed. Contact Lori / / 402.938.1519 . Servers are needed for Access Coffee from 10-11 AM. Commitment is one hour/month. Families or couples can serve together. Contact Liz Bakunas / 402.334.5208 / There is an urgent need for Ushers in Access. To serve, contact Ryan Shields / MOPPETS workers are needed / 8:45 AM - 11:45 AM. For more information contact Heidi Harner / / 402.731.3715 or 402.880.5943

General Fund giving October received October budgeted Above/(below) budget

$427,764 $417,947 $9,817

YTD 2011* YTD 2010 same period Above/(below) 2010

$3,699,923 $3,600,072 $99,851

General Fund expenses October actual October budgeted Above/(below) budget

$403,834 $385,265 $18,569

YTD thru October 2011* YTD thru October 2010 Above/(below) 2010

$3,884,399 $3,620,862 $263,537

General Fund through October 2011 Giving $3,699,923 Expenses $3,884,399 Excess/(deficit) ($184,476) Great Commission Received YTD 2011* Received YTD 2010 Above/(below) 2010

$624,861 $621,789 $3,073

Double Your Impact Giving Received YTD 2011 $1,139,869 2011 Goal $2,300,000 *Year-to-date (YTD) information is updated weekly; monthly information is updated first week of each month.

Serving Old Mill Campus

Business Information

The Traffic Team has immediate needs for help with parking. For information, contact Chris Raabe / 402.618.3304 /

Attendance October 30, 2011 Old Mill Campus: 2,830 Sarpy Campus: 183 Douglas County Jail Campus: 44 Total Attendance: 3,057

The CCC Security Team provides a safe campus during services and other events. For details, contact Brad Gilbert / / 402.505.2536 The Office Services Team has an need for a volunteer / 2nd Sunday of the month / 10:45 AM service. For more info, contact Chris Brooks / csbrooks1@cox. net / 402.330.5235

Christ Community Church

404 S 108 Ave / Omaha, NE 68154 402.330.3360 /

Sarpy Campus For Sarpy Campus serving opportunities, see page 9.

Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /

Page 5

Global Missions Short Term Impact Opportunities

To learn more about short-term missions or any of the short-term opportunities listed below, visit or contact Craig Walter / 402.938.1536 / Minister to Orphans in Guatemala (July 5-15, 2012 / 11 days): This team of 10-12 people will minister with CCC missionaries Norman and Vickie Sutton at their orphanage in the mountains of Guatemala. The team will work with around 35 orphans ranging in ages from 3 to 17. Estimated cost: $1,800.

Prayer for Missions Carey Schlieker (Mali) / Pray for Carey’s fall break in the Neatherlands with a family on her team who has recently been called to missions. Pray for peace and comfort for this family as thand say goodbye to their family.

Minister to Orphans in China (June 2012 and October 2012 / 10 days): Each team will consist of up to 6 people who will minister at an orphanage in Beijing through CCC partner China Nest of Hope. The team will minister to 35 special-needs orphans ranging in ages from 2 to 14. Estimated cost: $2,500.

Norm & Vickie Sutton (Guatemala) / Continue to pray for Norm’s surgery. Also pray for the transition at home as the children start their summer vacation.

Teaching Christian Students in China (April 2012 and October 2012 / 10 days): Each team will consist of up to 5 people who will minister at a Christian vocational school with approximately 75 collage age students. These students are future Christian leaders and missionaries. Teams will teach subjects such as conversational English, computer skills, art, music, Bible, and more (depending on their need and team skills). Estimated cost: $2,500.

Mark & Lori / Pray for the Bhutanese community as many employers treat them unfairly. Pray that Mark and Lori would be able to communicate well and build strong relationships with the Bhutanese.

Global Missions Needs Car & Moving help needed Carolyn Thorson is a missionary in Gabon and will be on home assignment in Omaha for six months beginning in December through June 8th. During this time, she needs a car to use. Also, she is in need of furniture to use (couch or love seat, small desk with chair, dresser, LR chair, nightstand). Help will be needed to move these items along with some of her belongings currently in storage. Consider how you might help Carolyn with these needs and contact Nancy Painter / / 402.592.0577. Missions opportunity in Gabon with Engineering Ministries International Engineering Ministries International (EMI) is a non-profit Christian development organization made up of architects, engineers and design professionals who donate their skills to help childnren and families around the world step out of poverty and into a world of hope. EMI is working on a design project for the Bongolo hospital in Gabon and looking for C&MA volunteers to be part of the team. If you are an architect, landscape architect, structural or civil engineer or surveyor, consider a two-week trip in late February or early March 2012. Contact Henry Watts / or visit

Ashley Baer (Peru) / Praise God for a community-wide event that raised money for kids in the community. Praise God for giving Ashley the opportunity to bless a young boys’ home with toys and allowing her to share Christ’s love. Carolyn Thorson (Gabon) / Pray for qualified persons to work at the Bongolo Hospital & Nursing School. More missions prayer requests available at


Outreach Pastor

Craig Walter / 402.938.1536

Short Term Impact Opportunities

To learn more about short-term missions or any of the short-term opportunities listed below, visit or contact Craig Walter / 402.938.1536 /


Orphanage / July 5-15 2012 / 10-12 people


Bible Teaching / February 2012 / 4 people Bible Teaching / April 2012 / 4 people Orphanage, Bible College ministry, Bible Teaching / June 2012 / 12 people Bible Teaching / August 2012 / 4 people Orphanage, Bible College ministry, Bible Teaching / October 2012 / 12 people Bible Teaching / December 2012 / 4 people

Page 6

The Great Commission Fund

The Great Commission Fund (GCF) is your opportunity to reach a lost world with the hope of Jesus. The GCF gives Alliance missionaries and creative access workers the freedom to answer their call to ministry without the worry of raising funds, depending instead on God to supply their needs through the giving of faithful people. Partner with the Alliance to build Christ’s church around the world with your giving to the GCF. Designate your gift weekly or a one-time gift on your offering envelope or through eTithe giving at

Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /

Local Missions Multiply citywide impact Harvest Hoedown Update

The Local Missions team thanks all the CCC volunteers for serving at the Harvest Hoedown event. The community was brought together in a powerful way, and the event would not have been possible without the help of volunteers.

Thanksgiving Meal

Bridge Church will serve Thanksgiving Dinner to families from the Village One neighborhood on Tuesday, 11.22. Pies and dessert bars are needed to complete the meal. Deliver to Skinner Elementary / 4304 N 33rd Street from 2-5 PM on 11.22.

Step Into Village One: Mission house update

In the heart of Village One, an abandoned house in need of total renovation has been acquired. Once the house is renovated, Bridge Church will place one of their families in the house to be missionaries in the community. CCC is taking the lead role in renovating the property over the next year. The project will provide opportunities to build relationship in the neighborhood. Renovation began during Step Into Village One on 9.25, when teams from CCC fully gutted the house. How you can help: Be part of the clean up crew - Volunteer on Saturday, 11.12 or 11.26 / 8 AM - Noon. Be part of the renovation team - skilled professionals are needed to help design and oversee electrical, plumbing and HVAC work. Stop by the ministry booth in the Atrium or email to lend a hand.

Local Outreach Coordinator

Eric Carpenter / 402.938.1538 /

Prayer for Local Missions Bridge Church / Pray for the leadership to develop, grow, have personal rest and family time. Omaha Street School / Pray for impactful relationships between the teachers and students. Compass Ministries / Pray for volunteers to build relationships with kids. Citywide / Pray for the spiritual needs of the Village One neighborhood.

Compass Ministries

Compass is a non-profit 501(C)3 and all gifts are tax deductible. For information about Compass visit compassomaha. org. Compass is on facebook at Energetic volunteers and generous financial partners enable Compass to implement ministry to at risk youth in the Village One neighborhood. To make a financial contribution, designate your gift on your weekly CCC giving envelope. Contributing to Compass is a great way to invest in the lives of kids and encourage hope in our city. To volunteer, contact Jenny Burg /

Kingdom investment Financial resources are a blessing, a result of God’s provision and a tool to be used to worship God. Followers of Christ acknowledge that material possessions belong to God and the return of money to the local church is an investment in the Kingdom. What should I know about Kingdom investing? It is a privilege to participate in the work of the local church by contributing cheerfully, sacrificially and generously (emphasis on 2 Corinthians 8 and 9). Through prayer, seek a clear conscience

in regard to investing in the work God has given CCC to accomplish. If you are visiting or you are not yet a follower of Christ, make today’s priority to focus on the larger issue: the relationship God offers through Jesus. Contact Tim Perry if you have questions about your faith journey / How do I participate? Participate during services at both campuses or set up eTithing online. You may also place checks or cash in the secure giving box on the wall near the office entrance at the Old Mill Campus.

Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /

An offering envelope is required to obtain a receipt for cash offerings. Contribution envelopes can be obtained at the Old Mill Campus from the Office Services Window, and service venues. At the Sarpy Campus, they are located at the Information Table. Contact Doni Gregory at / 402.938.1512 to receive preprinted envelopes. eTithing registration is also available at


eTithing makes giving consistent and simple. Sign up at Page 7

Renewal Monday groups Restoration / First Monday of the month / 7 PM / Old Mill Campus / Support and encouragement in a safe environment for those whose loved ones struggle with their sexual identity. This group draws on scripture and Jesus’ ability to bring healing and wholeness. For information, contact Sue Beed / 402.938.1570 / sueb@

Tuesday groups Tuesday evening groups begin with worship in the Chapel / 6:30 - 7 PM. All groups below meet at the Old Mill Campus / 7-8:30 PM. Childcare for infants-age 6 is available from 6:20-8:45 PM.

Depression and bi-polar support / Ongoing / 7 PM / If you or someone you care about struggles with depression or bi-polar disorder, come find hope, education and support. For information, contact Randy Hughell / 402.990.8012 / DivorceCare / Ongoing / 7 PM / Separation and divorce can be the most painful and stressful experiences you’ll face. DivorceCare groups help you move toward rebuilding. For information, contact Mary Lou Rodgers / Escaping co-dependency by embracing dependency on God / 7 PM on hold until 11.14 / Break free from unhealthy bonds developed when a partner is trapped in habitual sin patterns. Experience release through appropriate dependency on God as your identity ceases to center on other people or issues. Contact Jennifer / 402.639.5571 / Family to Family / 11 weeks / began 9.27 / 6:30-9:00 PM / This NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) class offers education, and hope for families of adults with a mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar or depression. Class is free; registration required. Contact John & Karen Wegner / 402.932.7229. Freedom from eating disorders / Ongoing / 7 PM / This group focuses on healing from anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, and overeating through the power of Christ. For information, contact Kathleen Lacy / Page 8

See the legend on page 5 for a description of the icons.

Keys to Loving Relationships / Ongoing / 7 PM / Gain practical insight and understanding about how to improve relationships. Whether you’re a spouse, parent, child or friend, this class is for you. For information, call Scott & Tanya Brown / 402.715.0701. Materials: $10 Love and Respect / Sign Up / 7 pm Class will resume September 27 / Singles or couples learn to communicate in a manner that builds mutual understanding between genders. Contact Bob & Sue Vanden Brink / Men of Integrity / Ongoing / 7 PM / Men of Integrity helps men address lust in a safe, grace-filled environment that promotes honesty with yourself, others and God. For information, contact Mike Goett / Omaha career networking group / Ongoing / 7 PM / This group offers job hunting tips, employment assistance, free professional advice on how to sharpen job hunting skills, professional speakers, programs, encouragement and other resources to its members. If you are an employer and have open positions, send them to Visit Restarting / Ongoing / 7 PM / Grow emotionally and spiritually, establish secure relationships and expand your capacity to experience joy. Workbook fee: $20. Register at Self-injury support / on hold until 11.14 / This support group is for both those who struggle with self-injury and for family and friends. For information, contact Wendy Bradley / 402.213.5817 / Survivors of Sexual Abuse / Ongoing / 7 PM / The Survivors of Sexual Abuse, SoSA, group studies the book When Trust Is Lost, Dan Allender. For information, contact 402.312.9107 / Women’s sexual integrity group - God’s original plan for sex / on hold until 11.14 / A safe, supportive environment to explore how women, single & married, should address lust, sexual misuse and abuse, violations, and poor choices. For information, contact Josi Poloncic / 402.850.6209 /

Wednesday groups GriefShare / Wednesdays / 6:30-8 PM Old Mill Campus / This support group for those grieving the loss of someone close. It is designed to help you successfully travel the journey from mourning to joy. For information, contact Ruthie Boettcher / 402.296.2671 / richandruthb@

Thursday groups Relationships 101 for Men / Ongoing / Thursdays / 7 PM / Old Mill Campus / This group is designed to help men to build and maintain healthy, life giving relationships. Issues such as boundaries, self esteem, communication and healing long-term hurts. Led by Darrel Myer. For information contact Mike Goett / mikeg@ / 402.938.1518.

Friday groups Resolve / Ongoing / Fridays / Noon / This groups offers next steps and an entry point for men striving for sexual purity. For information, contact Greg Gensler /

By appointment Father heart / This ministry provides hope for men struggling with unwanted same sex attractions. Discover and pursue God’s design and plan in a safe, confidential environment. For information, contact Lyle Burkle / 402.498.0404.

Other Theophostic Prayer Ministry / People experience relief from emotional pain in order to receive Christ’s transforming truth in place of the lies they believe. CCC has trained counselors available to help with TPM. For info, contact Sue Beed / 402.938.1570 /

Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /


Tuesday morning Men’s Group /

Tuesdays beginning 10.25 / 6:45 AM / Panera (78th & Dodge) / The Old Testament is more than just interesting stories from history. Bring a Bible and explore the book of Judges through an inductive discussion. For details, email

Waking the Dead / Fridays / 6:15 - 7:30 AM / FLC139 / This group will use John Eldredge’s book “Waking the Dead”. Discover how to become all God meant you to be, be set free, made whole and live fully alive. Sign up at cccomaha. org or for more infomation contact Terry Frolio / / 402.350.7357

Women’s Save the Date: 2012 Women’s Retreat / February 24-26 / Leid Lodge, Nebraska City / Speaker Cindy Kirkpatrick, mentor of Lisa Brown. Christian women’s bowling league / Thursday mornings / 9:15 AM / For information, contact Cathy Petrick / 402.779.3154. Point of hope / 9 AM / WC 206 / Old Mill Campus / This group is designed for single moms. Meets the second and fourth Sundays of the month. Contact Jennifer Burchfiel / 402. 578.1104.

CCC Sarpy New office for Sarpy Campus

Quite a celebration is taking place! God had supplied over and above what we could have asked for and the Sarpy campus has an office at 36th Street and Highway 370. The team is working hard to get it ready for use. Many items are still needed for the office that you might have laying around your home to donate, or things on the list you would like to buy for the office. Stop by the information table for more details on how you can help. Looking for a place for your next Sarpy meeting, Kids Connect event, Journey Group lunch after church, Bible study or leader meeting? Why not meet at the new Sarpy offices? For information or for reservations, email

Join the Admin Team

Are you well organized and enjoy helping others stay organized? Your help is needed at CCC Sarpy. Lend your gifts and talents to the Admin Team. Interested? Stop by the information table or e-mail Julie / juliem@

Baby Dedication

The next baby dedication will be Sunday, 11.13. To have your child dedicated, contact Elvin Torres /

Library Team

Do you love books or love to read? Contact Teri Lighthart / to join the rotation helping in the Library.

Sarpy campus pastor

Steve Walters / 402.938.1575 / Elvin Torres / 402.938.1511 /

Women’s Ministry

Serve at the Sarpy Campus

Men’s Ministry

The Hospitality team has immediate openings. Contact Bob and Janice Cummings / / 402.339.4594.

Terry Walters / Dan Brandt /

Journey Groups

Want to get connected to others at CCC Sarpy? Journey groups are Smaller groups of people interested in learning and encouraging one another in faith, family and fellowship meet at different times all throughout the week in area homes. Over 70% of Sarpy attenders are involved in a group. Sign up at the information table today.

Men’s group

Bellevue / every other Friday / Connect the central truths of Christianity with how to live your life through a study on the New Testament book of Ephesians. For information, contact Bo Buettenback / 402.403.4646 /

Joy boxes

You will find joy boxes at the Information Center. Please place your offering there as you leave today.

Stay connected

If you are not getting regular emails from the Sarpy Campus, fill out a connect card to be added to the email list.

Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /

Greeters are needed to serve on the welcome team 20 minutes before each service. You can serve one or both services one Sunday a month. For information, contact Jean and Dick Carpenter / 402.592.5788. Tech-minded volunteers are needed to serve on the Sarpy tech team. For more information, contact Micah Yost / Kids Connect Elementary Kids Connect is inviting interested persons to fill a Large Group Host role and Large Group Storyteller role at the 10:45 hour. These positions rotate on a 6 week off/7 week on cycle. For information contact Darla Bair / 402.938.1521. Truck Needed Ever drive up to Lewis & Clark and wonder who puts out those signs and the trailer each week? We have a team of 3 men with trucks that make sure this is done each Sunday. One more truck is needed. If you have a truck and would like to join the team, contact Sol Alexander / annsol110@ Page 9

Deaf fellowship Interpreted Service / 10:45 AM Worship Center / Old Mill Campus Seating is up front and to the right of the center aisle. Do you need an interpreter? / Contact Nicole Emery / for a CCC event or appointment.

Deaf Sunday school / 9 AM Adults / FLC 234 Children / FLC 235 Deaf men’s Bible study / Wednesdays / 6:30 - 8 PM / EC195 / Old Mill Campus / For information, contact Ed Emery / Deaf women’s Bible study / Wednesdays / 6:30 - 8 PM / WC106 / For information, contact Mary K Kimmons / mkkimmons@

ASL sign language class / Old Mill Campus / FLC 230 / Begins Sunday, 9.11 / 6 - 7:30 PM / contact Jan Ohlssen / to register Community events / Deaf Fellowship meets every third Sunday / 12:30 PM / Westroads Mall Food Court

Gathering New Series begins today: White Lies / Do Christians reflect an accurate image of what it means to live a Christ-centered life? What do non-Christians hear when Christians talk about Christ, and what do they see when they observe how Christians act? Do they see the truth of Christ or the hypocrisy of the Christian? Sundays / 12:30 PM / Student Center / Old Mill Campus / Gathering is an opportunity to ask the tough questions about God, Christianity and your place in the universe. Lunch is $5 and free for college-age attenders. Today, 11.6 / Don’t lie to me about money “Christians tell me that Christ is more important to them than money, but it seems like they are just as greedy as everyone else.” Friday, 11.11 / 7 - 8:30 pm / Enjoy free soda, coffee & dessert at this special Gathering / Don’t lie to me about sex & pornography / “Christians tell me that Christ says sex is intended for man and wife, but I know Christians who are coloring outside the lines in their own sex lives.” Sunday, 11.20 / Don’t lie to me about addiction “Christians tell me that Christ can heal my addictions, but I see Christians who can’t shake their habits even though they ask Jesus to help them.”

Double Your Impact / DYI From its beginning in 1921, CCC has moved forward by listening to God’s leading for future direction. In 2010 following an extended season of prayer, CCC elders, pastors, staff and key leaders responded to God’s prompting by initiating a spiritual journey with exponential impact. This vision, overwhelmingly embraced, is a promise

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to make disciples of Jesus for Kingdom Impact and a commitment to fund the vision with $9.5 million over three years. By faith as campus impact is maximized, citywide impact multiplied and global impact magnified, thousands will join the family of God. As the blessings of this generation are added to the spiritual foundations of CCC’s rich spiritual

heritage, children will mature in Christ, neighborhood congregations will be born, disciples will emerge and love will be poured out worldwide. If you have not added your voice and influence to the vision or you would like to know more, pick up a DYI packet today.

Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /

Loving Your Neighbor An act of kindness or the offer of practical service with no strings attached has the potential to nudge everyone closer to God and illuminate His goodness. The wisdom in Proverbs speaks to the giver and receiver of His generosity and guides our vision for loving our neighbors. City Neighbors

Help CCC’s partners, Bridge Church and Compass Ministries strengthen relationships with families in Village One. Thanksgiving: Bridge Church plans to serve more than 500 people at their 11.22 Thanksgiving dinner. Providing paper products will give Bridge Church a boost for this outreach in the Village One neighborhood. Drop off items through 11.20 at the Outreach booth. – Styrofoam plates and cups – Plastic utensils, zip lock baggies, paper towels and napkins. Christmas: Beginning Sunday, 11.20, pick up a gift tag to provide one or more of the 400 gifts needed for the Christmas morning celebration at Bridge Church.

Christmas at Compass: Choose a gift from a students wish list. Bless a family: Compass & Bridge Church have identified families with significant needs who would benefit from the support of a group passionate about sharing God’s blessings. This is an ideal option for a Journey Group or for involving extended family. Watch for details coming 11.20. And more: Dates and details will be announced in the Hub. – Join the CCC Choir for Christmas caroling in Village One. – Participate in the 2nd annual CCC Donut Blitz on Christmas eve.

Care & Encouragement Ministries Are you aware of the CCC ministries available to provide care and offer encouragement? Did you know you have an important role in these ministries?

Stephen Ministers and the Benevolence Team need your prayerful support as they confidentially meet with the receivers of care. You can also help in identifying those who would benefit. You may know a friend, coworker, neighbor, relative, or perhaps you have a need personally. Be an advocate by providing information about these care ministries.

Stephen Ministry Bear one another’s burdens and thereby fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2).

A one-to-one caring ministry by trained lay leaders based on Gal. 6:2, a Stephen Minister provides caring support to anyone facing a life crisis or challenge. Note: request permission prior to referring a

name to Stephen Ministry.

Become a Stephen Minister: The second training class begins January 3. This 50 hour training commitment (approximately 21 weeks) will prepare you for one-to-ministry. Material cost: $50. For more information, visit the Stephen Ministry booth in the Atrium today or contact the leadership team. Ron Compas -, Mary Mladovich - Lorraine Street - Paul Gedden -

Benevolence Ministry

The Benevolence Team assists with immediate and emergency needs, distributing designated benevolence funds and donated supplies as an expression of God’s love. By supporting the food pantry, oil changes for single moms and more, the team provides spiritual support and next steps for positive life change. Support has been generous and the team wants to say thank you for your prayers and participation. Food pantry staples and Oil Change volunteers are always welcome. To learn more contact To support the pantry, choose from the following: Paper towels - single rolls Dish soap Deodorant Canned soup -10.75 oz. Toilet tissue - 4-packs

Christ Community Church / Making disciples of Jesus for kingdom impact /

Laundry soap - 50-100 oz Toothpaste Paper grocery bags Facial tissue Shampoo

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