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Sole Proprietors

INNERSOLE inspires self-confidence in underprivileged children A pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask

lacing up for the

Dawn Staley, head coach of the University of

basketball courts of North

South Carolina women’s basketball team. No

Philadelphia so many

stranger to adversity, the three-time Olympic

years ago. “Our goal is to

gold medalist and University of Virginia

instill self-esteem,” Angela

graduate honed her athletic abilities on the

says. “We’re not always

basketball courts of North Philadelphia, in an

going to be there for these

environment where—she is fond of saying—“I

kids. We’re not always

didn’t care about how I looked from the

going to be able to provide

ankles up, as long as the ankles down looked

them with new shoes. But

really good.” Love of great footwear, and a

what we are able to do is

belief in the self-confidence and determination

lay a foundation for them,

that a new pair of shoes can inspire in their

to help build the skills they

owner, are the animating principles behind

need to be successful.”

Coach Staley’s nonprofit INNERSOLE. Co-founded in 2013 with organization vice president Rene McCall Flint, INNERSOLE has donated over 7,500 shoes to underprivileged children in South Carolina, partnering with low performing schools and encouraging young people to take responsibility for their education.

Major corporations like

dawn staley’s innersole uses sneakers as an incentive for students to do well in school.

Nike and Under Armour are following INNERSOLE’s lead, signing on as sponsors to support the neediest students in South Carolina. Community leaders are taking note as well. A recent partnership with former Governor Nikki Haley’s Original Six Foundation has allowed INNERSOLE to

“INNERSOLE uses sneakers as an incentive

extend its reach significantly, donating shoes

for the students to do well in school,” Director

to second graders and classroom supplies to

of Operations Angela O’Neal says of Educate

teachers in schools from Allendale county

My Sole, the nonprofit’s core initiative. “We

to Union county and beyond. “The young

challenge students to compete in five areas:

people that we’re reaching now are going to

reading, academics, attendance, character,

be our workforce in ten years,” Angela says.

and physical fitness.” The spirit of healthy

“We need to go in and teach teamwork, and to

competition that ensues among students at

inspire kids to come to school ready to learn,

participating schools is “contagious,” Angela

so we can make our state great.”

says, spreading from classroom to classroom and instilling the same values of discipline and determination Coach Staley discovered

Support from Central Carolina Community

fundholder — is instrumental in fulfilling this mission, Angela says. By taking administrative burdens off of their shoulders, the Community Foundation allows Angela, Rene, and Coach Staley to devote their time to what she calls “the good work.” “We’re able to focus all of our efforts on filling the requests for the shoes,” she says. What’s more, the Community Foundation serves as an enduring source of guidance as INNERSOLE seeks to deepen its impact here in the Palmetto State. “It’s been a blessing to have the Foundation on our side,” Angela says. “South Carolina has been very good to us, and we want to continue to be very good to South Carolina.” By Luke Hodges

Foundation—where INNERSOLE is a

letter FroM cHeerFul Giver | 2



We are a nonproFit orGaniZation servinG 11 counties in tHe Midlands bY distributinG Grants and scHolarsHips and linKinG tHe resources oF donors, nonproFits and coMMunitY leaders to areas oF need.

neWs brieF | 2 donor advised Funds | 3 annual suMMarY | 4-5 pHilantHropY across cultures | 6 dJJ YoutH conduct sc pHil | 7 HonorinG pHilantHropists | 7 corporations WHo care | 8

CCCF Annual Summary Newsletter 2016.indd 2

2/8/17 2:19 PM

Letter to Community from Cheerful Giver The Cheerful Giver, an anonymous donor at the Community Foundation, brings a smile to faces at a nonprofit every week when they open the mail and receive a generous surprise gift. The Cheerful Giver recently shared their story and some kind words with our community as inspiration to others. Enjoy!

Dear Friends,

t were dedicated ations in the greater Columbia area tha aniz org ous vari ed port sup e hav we rs For many yea l contributions. Some ugh our company and through persona thro e don was This d. nee in ple peo to helping to people e been very effective in reaching out hav ns atio aniz org se The . not e wer y were anonymous but man going through that we should be doing. As we were e mor was re the felt e hav we r, eve needing support. How guidance from olina Community Foundation for some Car tral Cen to out hed reac we ess proc this thought r materialized. with CCCF, the idea of The Cheerful Give ons sati ver con se the of lt resu a As them. up s annual fundraiser. We offered to set Give s land Mid the in g atin icip part Our first project with them was out rt to raise their enthusiasm for going effo an in iser dra fun this in g atin icip matches for nonprofits part to thinking success of this project, we then turned the of lt resu a As s. lve mse the for and seeking funds project, that there were were surprised to learn, through this We is. bas und r-ro yea a on p hel ld how we cou y ware. Many of them were small but the una lly tota n bee had we ch whi of a so many nonprofits in Columbi funded and e nonprofits also. They are all underlarg the of e tru is this And . mon all had one thing in com hard to help n to suffer some stress as they try so ofte s ber mem f staf the s lead This fs. all have lean staf so many with a shortage of resources. e encouragement to ide three things. First is to provide som prov to is now r Give l erfu Che The of The dream help . Secondly is to provide more funds to hard so king wor are who ns atio aniz the staffs of these many org order to to become more involved in giving in ers oth age our enc to is d thir And . more people in our area help others in our community.


JoAnn Turnquist Named 2016 EngenuitySC Vision Award Recipient

be a check every Friday to a nonprofit to led mai we ng inni beg the From ? this How do we intend to do l and found a check as the staff members opened the mai t tha e hop our was It . ning mor day received on Mon y realized that someone be a tremendous morale booster as the ld wou it ey mon of unt amo nt ifica for a sign aged, m financial support. And being encour the ng givi of t poin the to g doin e wer thought well of what they then be ndly, we know that those funds would Seco ers. oth p hel to k wor ir the in d they would be renewe d we hope that the needs would be better met. And thir t tha so ity mun com our in ers oth p available to hel more people aware of the “ ld start some conversations and make wou r” Give l erfu Che The of e tiqu the mys ds. the pure joy in helping meet those nee of and ity mun com our in ds nee t grea ls, as we feel we are meeting the three goa g lon as t tha k thin I r? Give l erfu What lies ahead for the Che strongly l Giver will remain active. We feel so erfu Che the , ous nym ano at ewh som ng which include remaini aware of their and hopefully encouraging others to be ity mun com our in e nat ortu unf the about helping g as the approach financially that we will continue as lon and lly ona pers ve acti e mor g min beco needs and been don’t know of anything in which I’ve I ! ball a ing hav is r Give l erfu Che is helpful. And besides, the . am so blessed to be allowed to do this I joy! e pur and e sur plea e mor t ugh involved that has bro Cheerfully, The Cheerful Giver

Meghan Hickman, executive director of

Foundation’s Board

EngenuitySC commented, “JoAnn is one of the

since 2011 and was chair

most selfless, dedicated and positive servant-

from 2013 to 2015. In

leaders this community has the privilege

addition to working as

of calling our own. This region is a more

Executive Vice President

connected and prosperous place because of her

and Chief Legal Officer

vision and leadership.”

Donor Named 2016 Advocate of the Year

judy davis

for BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, Judy

was a champion in the community. She was a recipient of numerous awards for her philanthropic efforts including a Women of Distinction from Girl Scouts of South Carolina Mountains to Midlands and the 2014 Humanitarian of the Year from the United

EngenuitySC honored JoAnn Turnquist, CCCF

Way of the Midlands. We offer our deepest

President & CEO, with the organization’s 2016

The Community Foundation congratulates

condolences and thoughts to her family and

Vision Award. The Vision Award recognizes

donor Stuart M. Andrews, Jr. for receiving the

many friends.

one individual in the community who has

2016 Rev. Sen. Clementa C. Pinckney Award

gone above and beyond the call of duty to help

for Justice by the South Carolina Appleseed

advance Columbia’s regional competitiveness.

Legal Justice Center. Stuart received the award for being a champion for justice and dedicating his life’s work to improving the lives of fellow South Carolinians.

Foundation Mourns the Passing of Former Board Chair

CCCF Welcomes New Communications Intern The Foundation is pleased to welcome Juliette LaFerlita as our Spring 2017 Communications Intern. Juliette is a senior public relations major at University of South Carolina. During her internship she will assist with execution of the Foundation’s marketing and communications messages and objectives.

The Community Foundation mourns the joann receiving engenuitysc vision award.

passing of Judy Davis. Judy served on the


CCCF Annual Summary Newsletter 2016.indd 3

2/14/17 10:10 AM

Donor Advised Funds The Community Foundation offers several types of fund options to meet the varying philanthropic and financial goals of our donors. Donor Advised Funds provide both immediate impact and sustainable benefits while giving a donor the flexibility to give to numerous organizations and programs. Our current Donor Advised Funds as of January 2017 are: The Academy of Columbia Foundation Fund Deane and Roger Ackerman Family Fund The Addison Family Fund Aflac Charitable Fund AIDS Partnership Fund Alexander Family Fund Allison Family Fund Lynette Lewis Allston and Allard A. Allston Family Fund Aloha Trust Escrow Fund The Andrews Family Fund Top Hat Fund George and Ford Bailey Fund Peter A. and Mary W. Balbach Escrow Fund Kenneth Baldwin Fund Barone-Johnson Escrow Fund Beth and Russell Bauknight Fund Charlotte Jackson Berry Escrow Fund Lewis Blackman Foundation Fund Blanton Escrow Fund Bill and Jean Blount Donor Advised Fund John M Brabham III Foundation The Furman and Kim Buchanan Fund Mrs. Sidney B. Burnett Donor Advised Escrow Fund James T. Burns Charitable Funds Walker Pearce and John Edward Buxton Fund Edward B. Cantey Donor Advised Fund The Cassels Foundation Fund Tobin Cassels Donor Advised Fund Toby Cassels Donor Advised Fund Caulkins-Anderson Donor Advised Escrow Fund Paul J. Chambers III Family Fund Cheerful Giver Fund Anne and Neal Christiansen Fund The Clark Family Fund Henry and Emily Clay Escrow Fund Penelope Coker Hall/Eliza Willson Ingle Fund Columbia Cares Fund Columbia Beautification Foundation Fund - Forever Forest Tree Foundation CFASC - Mott Grant Janet and L. Arlen Cotter Family Fund Jay and Yolanda Courie Community Fund Thomas W. Cozart Jr. Family Foundation Fund Steve and Kathy Creech Charitable Fund The CWD3 Fund Cyberwoven Community Impact Fund The CYD Legacy Fund Malcolm and Kitty Dade Foundation Frank J. and Laura M. Dana Fund Davis Family Fund Judith Monastra Davis Leadership Fund Dibble Family Fund Dove Fund William W. Dukes, Jr. and Margaret C. Dukes Foundation Fund The Earth Hand Fund Easterby Family Fund South Ebert Fund for Learning Disabilities The Eccleston-Butler Family Fund Beverly L. Edgell Donor Advised Escrow Fund C.F. Evans & Company Fund Clarence and Virginia Evans Donor Advised Escrow Fund George C. Fant Jr. Escrow Fund Farrell Family Foundation Fund Barry J. and Jennifer A. Feldman Donor Advised Escrow Fund First Fruits Foundation Fund Robert W. Foster Charitable Fund Bobby Foster Escrow Fund Francis Family Fund Gilbert Ruritan Scholarship Escrow Fund The Gilroy Family Fund Glenn Escrow Fund The Henry and Gloria Goldberg Fund The Goodall Fund Chris Goodall Family Fund Wayne Gotto Fund Graduation Imperative

Graybill Escrow Fund Greater Chapin Community Escrow Fund Elizabeth E. Griffith Charitable (Donor Advised Escrow) Fund Chad and Rebecca Gunnlaugsson Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Haltiwanger Escrow Fund Steven and Debra Hamm Charitable Fund The Harmon Scholarship The Heart ‘N Soul Band Fund Heart ‘N Soul Band Endowment Fund Stella B. Hennessee Fund C. Carroll and Susan B. Heyward Donor Advised Fund Robert R. Hill, Jr. Family Foundation Boyd C. Hipp II Family Fund Michael and Michelle Hogue Donor Advised Fund Claire Holding Bristow Fund Hootie and the Blowfish Foundation Fund William R. Horton and Mary R. Major Family Fund Addie Lawson Howle and Hugh Stokes Sprott Fund Ashley and Brian Huff Donor Advised Escrow Fund Bruce Hughes Charitable Fund Peggy and David Jacobs Foundation John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Advised Fund Nexsen B. and Sylvia T. Johnson Fund Jones Family Fund Sarah Jones Film Foundation Alan and Charlotte Kahn Family Fund Mike Kelly Charitable Fund Catherine H. and Richard M. Kennedy, III Family Fund Bennette G. and Martha H. Keys Donor Advised Escrow Fund Dr. and Mrs. David Kulbersh Charitable Fund Mable Wannamaker Leadley Unendowed Fund Lehman Charitable Fund Leichtle Family Foundation Leichtle Family Foundation Escrow Lexington School District Four Education Foundation Lloyd and Doris Liles Donor Advised Fund LinkScholars Escrow Fund Lipscomb Family Fund (Donor Advised) Lipscomb Family Foundation Escrow Fund Joyce Binkley Long Ovarian Cancer Research Donor Advised Fund Lynches River Conservation Fund John and Mary Jane Martin Fund Roy and Amanda Maybank Fund Cass Elias McCarter Memorial Fund Jamie Y. McCulloch Insurance Premiums Midlands Housing Alliance Transition Center (Escrow) Fund Reverend Joe D. Mills Fund Tim and Catherine Monetti Escrow Fund Mr. and Mrs. Page Morris Family Fund Mullis Family Fund The Mungo Charitable Fund The Michael J. Mungo Memorial Escrow Fund Nelson Mullins Riley and Scarborough Foundation Fund The Nesbitt Family Foundation Fund Cindy Nord Fund for Children and Families Eric Nord Fund for the Arts Nord Cascading Unitrust Escrow Fund Cindy and Evan Nord Family Fund Ethan W. Nord Donor Advised Fund Evan W. Nord Donor Designated Fund Walter and Virginia Nord Donor Advised Fund One SC Fund Community Foundation for Orangeburg and Calhoun Counties Escrow Fund F.D. Owen Jr. Family Fund David G. and Joan R. Owen Escrow Fund Theodis Parsons Palmer-McMahon Leadership Fund Palmetto Club Community Fund Anne Webster Pearce Fund Matthew J. Perry Scholarship Fund Poston Family Fund The Henry Michael Powell Memorial Fund The Preservation Specialists Charitable Fund Mary Agnes Caldwell Pugh Fund for Animal Welfare John C. and Lynn T. Rawl Escrow Fund REACH Fund Redd Family Fund Remensnyder Family Fund Jean Pearce Rentz Fund Jim and Perry Ritchie Donor Advised Escrow Fund Rogers Townsend & Thomas, PC Fund Bill Rogers Escrow Fund

George W. and Connally S. Rogers Fund Hannah and Ronald Rogers Fund The Donna and Curt Rone Fund The Jeryl Salmond II Memorial Fund Marcia Reinfeld Samuels Donor Advised Fund S.C. Youth Philanthropy Partnership Fund Scarborough Family Charitable Trust Fund The SCBT Foundation Fund Gary Schraibman Memorial Foundation Ann Scott Foundation Fund M. Edward Sellers and Suzan D. Boyd Escrow Fund Senior Weatherization Fund Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Shaw Donor Advised Escrow Fund Shine A Light Foundation Wayne Shuler Family Foundation Fund The George E. and Sabie M. Simmons Charitable Fund Slater Charitable (Donor Advised) Fund Steve and Louise Slater Escrow Fund Mr. and Mrs. John C. B. Smith Jr. Escrow Fund Wilbur C. and Diane T. Smith Donor Advised Escrow Fund Sonoco Foundation Fund Sonoco Scholarship Fund South Carolina Diversity Fund South State Bank Emergency Relief Fund South Carolina Arms Collectors Association Escrow Fund Jim and Rochelle Starkey Missions Fund Mac and Beverly Stidham Escrow Fund Kerry G. Stubbs Fund Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Sullivan Foundation Fund Sumter Community Foundation Escrow Fund Ann H. Sutherland Fund Christy and Ken Taucher Donor Advised Fund The Taylor Family Donor Advised Fund TCM Mortgage Challenge Fund Technology Advancement Fund Thrash Family Charitable Fund James and Shelley Tobul Foundation Turnquist Csiszar Family Fund The Up and Away Fund Pat and Susie VanHuss Donor Advised Escrow Fund Allyson Nord Wandtke Donor Advised Fund Samuel C. and Mary E. Baskin Waters Foundation Fund The Way of Love The Jan S. and David C. Weaver Fund Susan P. and Stephen K. Wiggins Family Fund Williams Fund The Robert W. Wingard Jr. Donor Advised Fund Louise McLaurin Womble Fund Women in Philanthropy of United Way of the Midlands Donor Advised Escrow Fund Andrew D. and Connie B. Woodham Fund WRS/DMT Donor Advised Escrow Fund Margaret and Chris Yeakel Donor Advised Escrow Fund Dr. and Mrs. William F. Young Escrow Fund Andrew D. Zalkin Charitable Fund

Interested in creating a Donor Advised Fund? Contact Heather Sherwin at 803.978.7831.

Welcome to Our Family These funds were established between October 1, 2016 and January 4, 2017. Please join us in welcoming them to our family. Mary Elizabeth and Freeman W. Coggins, Jr. Fund Steve and Kathy Creech Charitable Fund Beverley Gayle DuBose Charitable Fund Dorothy DuBose Engsberg Charitable Fund William P. DuBose, III Charitable Fund Catherine H. and Richard M. Kennedy, III Family Fund Remensnyder Family Fund Thrash Family Charitable Fund Trenholm Road United Methodist Church Foundation Turnquist Csiszar Family Fund

Please note that the scholarship recipient for the Dr. Robert Howard/WHS Scholarship was listed incorrectly in the Fall 2016 newsletter. The correct recipient is Terika Williams from Orangeburg, SC attending Claflin University. We apologize for the mistake and once again congratulate these students on a job well done.

3 WINTER 2017

CCCF Annual Summary Newsletter 2016.indd 4

2/8/17 2:19 PM

2016 Annual Summary A V I S I O N FO R O U R FU T U R E As the community’s expert in philanthropy, how do we appropriately use our reputation and our voice to affect change, build a culture of giving, and connect our community? How do we maintain our long term vision of an engaged, compassionate and prosperous community that is supported by folks that are as diverse and interesting as the place they call home? For thirty-three years, our board has asked these questions in order to build our strategic plans – plans that inform everything we do at our Foundation. Our newest three-year plan, launched in July, draws upon the work we’ve done since 2014 – encouraging people to embrace philanthropy through Midlands Gives, improving our region’s quality of life through our Connected Communities grant initiatives and providing a platform for neighbors to help neighbors with the One SC Relief Fund. Our new plan includes four strategic goals:

#1 Serve and Amaze our fundholders in order to increase the impact of their philanthropy and the impact of our Foundations grants. (Increase the dollars that are invested in our community.)

#2 Increase the Foundation’s capacity to meet the charitable giving needs of donors throughout the Midlands. (Ensure that everyone has a seat at the table to lift up their community through philanthropy.)

2016-2017 board of trustees

#3 Increase our effectiveness by benchmarking and adopting best practices in our industry. (Improve our ability to serve.)

#4 Engage 100% of our Trustees in actively supporting the work of the Foundation. (Increase our ability to serve.) We will achieve these goals by engaging the residents of our community - listening to their ideas and enlisting them in projects that enhance the place we call home. We will work on initiatives that increase the livability of our region by partnering with the Midlands Business Leadership Group to increase our competitiveness and by working with our region’s cities to build public spaces that positively affect our public lives. And, we will change the perception of what it means to be a philanthropist by working to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Connecting our community. Building a culture of giving. Increasing the philanthropic pie. We are proud to be part of an organization that is focused on these areas and, proud to call our compassionate community home.

Bruce W. Hughes Board Chair

JoAnn M. Turnquist President & CEO

c o n s o l i d at e d f i n a n c i a l s tat e m e n t s As of June 30




Cash and Cash Equivalents






Interest in Charitable Trusts and Life Insurance







Liabilities, Miscellaneous



Grants Payable



Funds Held for Agency Endowments



Funds Held for Supporting Organizations







Other Total Assets



Total Liabilities


Van Anderson

Catherine Kennedy

William (Bill) Babcock

Lou Kennedy

Russell Bauknight

Charlene Keys*



J. Mac Bennett

David Kulbersh, MD

Total Net Assets




Cliff Bourke, Jr.

Daniel Lebish*

Total Liabilities and Net Assets




Julie Brenan

Dan Mann*

public support and revenue

Sharon Bryant

Cory Manning

Total Contributions and Special Events



William Cason

Linda O’Bryon



Rita Caughman

Donna Pullen



Total Investment Income



Holt Chetwood

Ben Rex

Less: Investment Income for Agency Endowments



Henry Clay

Beth Richardson

Net Investment Income (Includes Unrealized Losses)



Jill Davis

Terry K. Schmoyer Jr.*

Revenues from Charitable Trusts



Judith M. Davis Past Chair

Michael Schraibman *

Elizabeth Dinndorf

Michael Seezen*

Grants and Related Expenses

Susie Shannon

Less: Grants Disbursed from Agency Endowments

Stacy S. Stokes, CPA Secretary/Treasurer

Total Program Services

Sharon Earle, PhD Calvin Elam John Garrison

Roger Schrum

net assets

Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted

Less: Amounts Received for Agency Endowments Net Contributions

Other Income Total Support and Revenue













Investment Management



L. Marion Gressette III* Bhavna Vasudeva

Less: Expenses Allocated to Agency Endowments



Carroll Heyward Vice Chair

Net Investment Management



Ex-Officio Members

Grants Management and Fundraising



Rachel Hodges

Kay Kinard

Felicia Rhue Howard

Scott Macfarland

Bruce W. Hughes Chair

Christopher Worley

CCCF Annual Summary Newsletter 2016.indd 5

*term completed in June 2016

Trust Beneficiary Payments Total Grants and Expenses


Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, End of Year












2/8/17 2:19 PM

CCCF Annual Summary Newsletter 2016.indd 6

2/8/17 2:19 PM

At A Glance From July 1, 2016 - September 30, 2016

Total Assets: $117,399,000 Total Funds: 378 New Funds: 4 Grants Awarded: $2,159,304 Grants Since Inception: $137M+

Widening the Circle of Giving An interview with “Philanthropy Across Cultures” panelist Dr. Ben Dixon In continuation of our series focused on philanthropy across cultures, we are excited to introduce another panelist from August’s “Philanthropy Across Cultures” panel event, Dr. Ben Dixon. Dr. Dixon is a veteran educator, Founder and President of Sankofa Futures Consulting and the current President of COLA Gives. As a leader of a local African-American Giving Circle, Dixon offers a wealth of knowledge and an enlightening perspective on philanthropy.

Tell us briefly about your current philanthropic involvement as a donor. Dixon: Currently, my philanthropic involvement is accomplished in two ways. First, as Founder and President of Sankofa Futures Consulting, I have provided pro bono technical assistance and leadership coaching services to managers in local nonprofits. The second vehicle is my membership in COLA Gives, the first African American giving circle in South Carolina. The mission of our giving circle is to pool our time, talent and treasure to strategically support efforts to improve and strengthen the Black community. Both vehicles allow me as a donor to support the “first responders” in philanthropy in our community: the nonprofits who deliver direct support and help to improve the lives of those in need.

What would you say to the younger generation to inspire and/ or educate them on the importance of giving?

take care of itself. However, we must make sure those connections are accomplished in a

Dixon: Philanthropy is not a spectator sport;

way that maximizes

all can play. Don’t be dissuaded or deterred


by the “admission fee” some philanthropic

minimizes “quid

opportunities require. There are always

pro quo” or political barriers,

ways for the younger generation to share

dr. ben dixon

their talent, time, treasure and testimony to

and increases diversity and inclusion among

improve the community, the lives of its people

and between the donors and targeted

and the effectiveness of its institutions. If you


want to maximize your effort, join with others in giving circles or service learning projects at school or church. Remember, “we are all philanthropists,” in one way or the another. So, let’s be smart and strategic about how we do it…how we get it done.

What’s one insight you can offer to others outside your identity/ culture/community? Dixon: Continue to focus on expanding and extending the conversations about and opportunities to participate in the

How does identity and/or culture play into your giving?

What community interests and concerns shape how you give, personally and collectively?

Dixon: COLA Gives focuses on supporting

Dixon: Personally, I am more interested in

community, we have more in common

nonprofits and their work, rather than

helping organized philanthropy become more

than the number of issues and barriers that

creating another inadequately funded and

effective, ethical, and equitable, than I am in

separate us.

resourced vehicle to do the same work. In

supporting specific causes or servicing specific

short, this maximizes the use of resources

need categories over time. Why? Because

and increases the long-term impact and

connecting needs with limited resources will

philanthropy process. If we do this intentionally, collectively and openly, we may discover that, across identity/culture/

sustainability of the philanthropic effort. We believe this approach is necessary to blunt the negative effect of the continuing social, economic, cultural and even racial disparities that are all too present in today’s

For additional information on giving circles, visit the Foundation’s “Make the Most of Your Giving” page at Resources



CCCF Annual Summary Newsletter 2016.indd 7

2/8/17 2:19 PM

DJJ Youth Conduct the Phil South Carolina Philharmonic, a Connected Communities grant recipient, connects non-traditional audiences with the joy of classical music By Rhonda P. Hunsinger, Executive Director of South Carolina Philharmonic

With the support of Central Carolina Community

would then shake their head no quite

Foundation, the SC Phil is able to take the orchestra

vehemently. Then everyone else would

out into the community and give everyone a chance

encourage them, and the next thing we

to experience symphonic music from the podium.

knew, he/she was standing in front of

You might visit Soda City Market, the Irmo Okra

the orchestra, wide-eyed, with a baton

Strut or the SC State Fair, and suddenly come

in their hand.

upon an orchestra. There is no conductor – just a podium, a music stand, a baton and a sign that says, “Conduct Us.” What follows next is usually unpredictable and incredibly fun, as people of all ages and walks of life take their turn at the podium to Conduct the Phil.

The best part was watching each person’s face transform from nervousness to excitement and joy. I could see the realization hit that THEY were the ones making the music happen. Broad gestures brought loud

This year we decided to extend the orchestra’s

music. Fast gestures made it all go

reach to those who might otherwise not have

faster. Stopping suddenly made the

the opportunity to see, much less experience, an

orchestra stop. And if you danced while

orchestra first-hand. First up was the SC Department

conducting, the entire audience erupted

of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), and quite honestly, I

in applause and shouts of support and laughter –

wasn’t sure what to expect. It takes a fair amount

and the orchestra members grinned so broadly, it

of courage to step onto an orchestra podium for the

was a wonder they could continue performing.

first time. And it takes even more courage to do this in front of your friends when you are a teenager. Now imagine being a youth at DJJ. What kind of pressure is involved when you step up in front of

sc philharmonic being conducted by djj juveniles He played beautifully. The support for him in the room was clearly there, and I can only imagine that this will be a day he will always remember. He played to the approval of his peers. And he played

At one point a DJJ staff member turned to me and

with the South Carolina Philharmonic.

said, “I am seeing some kids here smiling and

These kids have had some hard times, but many

laughing that I never see smile. This is amazing.”

of them have bright futures ahead of them. DJJ guides these youth through extensive rehabilitation

everyone and conduct a symphony orchestra? You

And if that didn’t already make the musicians and

might embarrass yourself. They could make fun of

staff feel really good about being at DJJ yesterday,

you. Peer pressure is serious business, and at DJJ, I

here is what made it exceptionally cool. There is

successful in life.

can only imagine what some of these kids have been

one youth at DJJ that plays the violin. He used to

through, and what courage it would take to step

perform in an ensemble in his hometown and has

I realize that a single concert at DJJ will not solve

forward and conduct that orchestra.

really missed the chance to perform with other

Yet not only did these kids conduct with enthusiasm and excitement, but their friends supported and encouraged them with lots of applause and laughter, and even a few standing O’s.

musicians. DJJ reached out to us with a special request and we couldn’t have been happier to oblige. The music was sent to him in advance and he practiced hard. At the beginning of the performance, he was introduced and walked out to perform with

“Hey lady!” I kept hearing, and I would turn and

the SC Phil to the sound of great applause from

they would say, “He/she wants to conduct!” and

youth and staff alike.

would point to the person beside him. This person

programs to help them re-enter society and become

their problems. But I do believe that for many of them it was a chance to feel joyful at a time in their life where this is a rare thing, and it will be a day they will remember for a long time.

For more information on Connected Communities and the funded projects, visit under Community Impact.

Honoring Everyday Philanthropists Best of Philanthropy Awards, November 10, 2016 Every day, people in our community are making

The 2016 award winners are:

a difference. Our annual Best of Philanthropy

M. Todd Crump, M.D

awards honors and celebrates these everyday philanthropists, people who are making giving a priority for themselves, their family or their business. We enjoyed celebrating our outstanding award winners this year with Columbia Metropolitan Magazine during our

Individual Award Cox Industries Local Business Award Richland One Middle College-Team VIP (Volunteering Is Philanthropy),

Best of Philanthropy Awards Celebration.

Student Group Award

Thanks to all who attended!

Erin McCaskill Young Professional Award


CCCF Annual Summary Newsletter 2016.indd 8

 award winners, mikee johnson, indya woods, enazhae hanberry, daquon wilson, denee james, erin mccaskill, dr. todd crump


2/8/17 2:19 PM




Central Carolina Community Foundation 2711 Middleburg Drive, Suite 213 Columbia, South Carolina 29204

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Corporations Who Care The Community Foundation is proud to announce and honor our 2016-2017 Corporate Philanthropy Champions, local corporations and businesses that recognize philanthropy as a necessary leadership function. We celebrate these businesses for their leadership and social investment in our community, making it a better place to live, work and play.






Colonial Life

South State Bank

Sojourner, Caughman & Thomas

Fig Columbia

Southeastern Freight Lines


Flock and Rally

TD Bank

Nelson Mullins

The State Media Company


Schmoyer and Company, LLC Sonoco

ELAM Financial Group Sowell Gray Stepp & Laffitte, LLC Turner Padgett


CCCF Annual Summary Newsletter 2016.indd 1

2/8/17 2:19 PM

2017 Winter Newsletter  

Our quarterly newsletter describes our most recent activities. this issue includes information on INNERSOLE, our 2016 Annual Summary, and a...

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