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Refresher Training 2011 Nutrition Area Sophia Talbot, RD April 27, 2011

Today’s Outline WIC – Mary Jane Keifer, R.D.  Food Stamps  Growth Assessment question  COPA  General Info 

Please make sure all areas in COPA are marked and match.

Every family should receive a WIC resource, a Pediatric Referral, and/or a WIC Questionnaire that CSB will fax to the WIC office.

Food Stamps 

New form  In

temp file

Please help parent understand…  applying

will not affect their immigration status  money that would have been spent on food can be used for something else 

FPA: ask either how FS are working for them if they applied, or ask if they would like to apply if they took resources

Food Stamp/WIC Screening Form

Growth Assessment question

Only put “Yes” when physical has note from doctor about this.  Nutritionist will mark this after case management. 

Remember to check and change, if needed.

Please use American units.

Use conversion calculator on internet: * Don’t forget, also convert ounces to pounds. (Example: 32 lb., 4 ounces is not 32.4 lbs, it is 32.25 lbs.)

Growth Charts

Use L-for-A, W-for-L, and W-for-A.

Case Note:

Growth Assessment

Need assessment date  To

calculate BMI and produce growth charts, Gender, DoB, Ht, Wt, and Assessment Date is REQUIRED.

Nutrition assessment should be completed within 45 days of enrollment.

Weigh and measure overweight and obese children every other month

Best practice

Best practice to say “See referral� in comment section, otherwise it looks like nothing was done.

Things to look out for‌

General Info Assist with filling out WIC or Food Stamp application and/or questionnaire, if possible.  Best practice is to do action right then  Ongoing vs. In progress 

 Ongoing:

Is expected to continue  In progress: Is expected to be resolved

Questions? Brookside: (510) 374-3732  Nutrition office: (510) 374-3850  Office: (510) 374-3067  Cell: (925) 250-2561  Email: 

2011 Refresher Training - Nutrition Area by Sophia Talbot, RD  
2011 Refresher Training - Nutrition Area by Sophia Talbot, RD  

April 27, 2011