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CIS 181 Web Development I: Basic Web Technologies

3 CH

CIS 203 Advanced Basic Programming (Visual Basic.Net) (IAI)

3 CH

Prerequisites: CIS 116, CIS 120 or consent of department chair. Additional Course Fee: $30.00 77555 CIS 181 FG 8:30-10:50A TTh L935 TBA Prerequisites: CIS 103 or CIS 142 or consent of department chair. 76726 CIS 203 GH 9:30A-12:20P TTh L831



CIS 251 Introduction to Database Management Systems Prerequisites: Consent of department chair. 76713 CIS 251 TUV 5:45-9:45P



3 CH Yeldandi


CIS 250 Introduction to Systems

3 CH

CIS 258 Advanced Internet

3 CH

Prerequisites: CIS 101 and programming languages, or consent of department chair. Additional Course Fee: $30.00 76779 CIS 250 WD 8A-12:20P Sun L985 Moizuddin WKD Prerequisites: CIS 158, or consent of department chair. 76103 CIS 258 TVY 6-9P Th Section TVY not open to all students.



Web Development III: Server Side Programming

3 CH

Web Development IV: Web Database Integration

4 CH

CIS 299 Special Topics: Database Administration

3 CH

Successful completion of Web Development I and II or equivalent experience or consent of department chair. Additional Course Fee: $30.00 76715 CIS 281 PQR 5:45-9:25P MW L569 Yeldandi MINI I


Truman’s Cosmetology program was established in 1985 and is the only one of its kind among the City Colleges of Chicago. Truman offers an advanced certificate program that prepares graduates to take the licensing exam required by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. The 36-credit-hour (1,500-clock-hour) day and evening program is open entry, open exit, allowing students more flexibility in working toward the advanced certificate. The program can be completed in as little as four semesters. Cost of the program is less than $5,000, which includes basic equipment, books, and uniforms. For students who qualify, Cosmetology is approved by the Pell Grant program and WIA (Workforce Investment Act). Licensed graduates work in a variety of creative, exciting environments, including spas, manufacturing, salons, and the entertainment industry. Many have chosen to open their own businesses. Please note that some cosmetology courses have additional fees that cover books, uniforms and equipment. For more information, visit the Truman website,, or call Admissions and Advising, (773) 907-4000, or the Technical Center, (773) 907-3995.

Future Teachers

Get ready for the Illinois Basic Skills Test. If you are planning to become a teacher, you must pass the IBST before you transfer to a college of education. The test also covers math skills. Take the test after you have completed about 40 credit hours of general education courses. Your General Education English and math courses should prepare you adequately for the test. The IBST is given several times throughout the year. You may get information and register for it online at Study Guides for the test are available in the Truman Admissions Office, room 1112 as well as online.


Successful completion of Web Development I, II, and III or equivalent or consent of department chair. Additional Course Fee: $30.00 76727 CIS 282 PRZ 5:45-9:25P MWF L569 Yeldandi MINI II Prerequisite: CIS 251 76729 CIS 299 TUV






COSMETOLOGY Cosmetology Classes are taught in the Technical Center, 1200 West Sunnyside Avenue Cosmetology 101, 102, and 103 are prerequisites for 104, 105 106, 201, and 202, and must be taken in sequence or concurrently passing with a minimum of a C grade.

Cosmetology 101 Introduction to Cosmetology and Cosmetic Arts

5 CH

Cosmetology 102 Hair Shaping Technology

5 CH

Cosmetology 103 Basic Styling Technology

5 CH

Cosmetology 104 Tinting Technology

3 CH

Cosmetology 105 Salon Technology I

5 CH

Cosmetology 106 Salon Technology II

5 CH

Cosmetology 201 Advanced Styling Technology

4 CH

Cosmetology 202 Summative Seminar

4 CH

Minimum placement of English 99 or ESL 99 is highly recommended. Basic computer literacy is strongly suggested. Additional Course Fee: $495.20 76616 COSMET 101 ACL 8:30-11:40A M-F 211 E. Jones 76630 COSMET 101 CEM 11:50A-3P M-F 211 E. Jones 76623 COSMET 101 ER 3:10-9:30P MW 212 Ardolino Prerequisite: Completion of 101 with a grade of C or better or taking 101 and 102 concurrently Additional Course Fee: $341.90 76638 COSMET 102 ACL 8:30-11:40A M-F 212 Banister 76635 COSMET 102 CEM 11:50A-3P M-F 212 Banister 76637 COSMET 102 KV 3:10-9:55P TTh 212 TBA Prerequisites: Completion of Cosmetology 101 and 102 with a grade of C or better. Additional Course Fee: $126.90 76641 COSMET 103 ACL 8:30-11:40A M-F 213 Wallace 76642 COSMET 103 ER 3:10-9:55P MW 213 TBA

Prerequisites: Completion of 101,102 and 103 with a grade of C or better. Additional Course Fee: $120.00 76648 COSMET 104 CJM 12:10-1:45P M-F 213 Pedraza 76649 COSMET 104 SU 4-8P TTh 213 Pedraza Prerequisites: Completion of 101,102, 103 and 104 with a grade of C or better; or taking 103 and 104 concurrently. Additional Course Fee: $73.00 76655 COSMET 105 EKZ 1:55-4:45P M-F 206 E. Stevens 76656 COSMET 105 ER 3:10-9:55P MW 205 TBA Prerequisites: Completion of 101,102,103,104 and 105 with a grade of C or better. Additional Course Fee: $100.50 76664 COSMET 106 ACL 8:30-11:40A M-F 206 TBA 76665 COSMET 106 KV 3:10-9:55P TTh 205 TBA

Prerequisites: Completion of 103,104,105,and 106 with a grade of C or better or taking 106 concurrently. Additional Course Fee: $215.00 76667 COSMET 201 CDN 11:50A-5:20P MW 208C Escarzaga 76668 COSMET 201 KV 3:10-8:40P TTh 211 Escarzaga

Prerequisites: Completion of 103,104,105, 106, and 201 with a grade of C or better or taking 106 and 201 concurrently. Additional Course Fee: $131.80 76671 COSMET 202 HS 11:50A-5:20P TTh 208C Ardolino 76670 COSMET 202 ER 3:10-8:40P MW 211 Pedraza

CRIMINAL JUSTICE Criminal Justice 102 Administration of Criminal Justice 76480 CRM JUS 102 B



Criminal Justice 211 Introduction to Investigation 77008 CRM JUS 211 L







Criminal Justice 221 Police Organization and Management Prerequisites: Consent of department chair.

*LS=late start class, SCR=studio classroom or HYB= hybrid courses, more info on page 14


3 CH 3 CH


3 CH