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JULY 2012


St. Mark Lutheran Preschool

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Lead Story “St. Mark Lutheran Preschool” by Kathy Reandeau

by Kathy Reandeau

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Most parents want a preschool that is warm and loving, provides the basic skills, and eases the transition into kindergarten, in a positive, reinforcing environment where their child can have fun! St. Mark Lutheran Preschool offers a combination of all these elements, providing a loving environment where students can grow in separate classes for three and four year old children. The three year old class is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while the four year old class meets Monday to Friday; both run from 9:00 a.m. until noon. Classes are held from September to June, following the North Tonawanda school schedule. The three year olds are led by Reanna Richner and her aide, Miss Lisa. The four year olds are taught by Sandy Sledziewski and her aide, Miss Elaine. The classes are held in separate rooms but they will sometimes participate in joint events in the gym or outside, or when there are special visitors. Classrooms are self-contained and secure, with adjacent bathrooms and cubby areas. Once the children are inside, the outside doors are locked with admittance allowed by the church secretary. Outside doors in the classrooms are heavy, so children cannot push them open. An inside playground and gym make the building self-sufficient. I met with Sandy and Elaine and it’s easy



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to see that they really enjoy this calling. Both are mothers and grandmothers, and members of the church. Sandy started in 1999 and has loved working with the children ever since. Elaine has been her aide for about two years, taking eagerly to the task, even bringing in her own activities cart. The small class size of about 10-15 children lets them to get to know each child as a person. Sandy said they create a positive and accepting environment, where children are taught that “I can do it!” There is always something different going on and time flies by, they said. After free time, children disperse to one of the centers for reading, kitchen activities, puppet play or fine motor skills. There may be circle time where children learn about calendars, colors, shapes or counting. The reading center is used frequently, with a helpful bookworm getting children interested in stories. Sandy and Elaine could barely list all the activities children participate in during the year, but said they work to make them all fun. Time is spent learning art, gym, music, academic skills, science experiments, small and large motor skills, discipline, manners, social skills, and cleanliness. One-on-one time is provided for children who need help building specific skills such as writing or counting. Field trips include going to a farm

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for apples and pumpkins and a walk to Platter’s for ice cream. Sometimes the school brings in firemen, a dentist or an ambulance crew to talk to the children. Parties are held to celebrate birthdays, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. There is a Thanksgiving feast and at Christmas they have a birthday party for Jesus, then Santa arrives. Religion is present, but the teachers don’t make it overpowering. They tell stories about God because they feel it is important for children to learn there is a God who teaches us how to treat each other. Because they have children from Catholic, Baptist and Lutheran backgrounds, the teachers show the children that God is present in their lives in a general way. There are prayers at snack time, at the end of the day and for those who are sick or absent. Twice a month they attend chapel with the pastor and Liz Hurst, Director of Youth and Family Services, who teach in a fun way so the children can come to know Jesus. They sometimes sing in church services and are always welcome at church functions, but the family does not have to belong to the church for the child to attend the preschool. Families receive the church newsletter and children are encouraged to attend Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, or Kingdom Bible School. There is no nap time and no computer

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GET TO KNOW... Lutheran Parish of the Tonawandas

Summer Bible Fellowship

“Lord, Teach Us to Pray” Monday, August 13 – Friday August 17 6:45-8:30 pm, 6:00 pm potluck supper on Friday For Aduts and Children – Come one, Come all !

additional information or to register, please visit www. or call 716-832-5390, leaving a message if necessary. Please join us ! We are 3 congregations... 1. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 2669 Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda, NY 14150 2. St. Mark Lutheran Church, 576 Delaware Road, Kenmore, NY 14223 3. Grace Lutheran Church, 375 Payne Ave., North Tonawanda, NY 14120

The Lutheran Parish of the Tonawandas will hold its second Summer Bible Fellowship for adults and children, from August 13-17 at St Mark Lutheran Church, 576 Delaware Road, Kenmore 14223, from 6:45-8:30 pm and at 6:00 pm on Friday for a potluck supper. “Lord, Teach Us to Pray” will be the theme for both adult and children’s sessions. Each evening, after the welcome/opening session, there will be Bible study in small groups and a brief closing worship, followed by refreshments and fellowship. Special events will include a healing and prayer service (Wed), a service project (Thurs), and a potluck supper (Fri). For children, there will be numerous activities: Bible stories, songs, crafts, games, snacks, etc. Registration for the entire week is $5 per person or $15 per family. Please join us for as many evenings as you can. For

Maureen Bitar Agency Owner Allstate Insurance Company 5385 Main Street Williamsville, NY 14221 Phone 716-631-3000 Fax 716-631-0726 Auto, Home, Business, Life 24-Hour Customer Service

Animal Behavior Center, LLC Miranda K. Workman, BA, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA President and CEO/Behavior Consultant

2925 Sheridan Dr., Tonawanda, NY 14150

716-465-6555 2 — CCC Bulletin — July 2012

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Susan Ferolo

Mon. 12-4 Tu-Sat. 11-5 Thurs. 12-7


Served by 2 pastors... 1. The Rev. Hans-J. R. Irmer, Tel. 982-3442 or 694-2705 2. The Rev. Janet Griffiths, Tel. 694-5015

You Can Hear God’s Voice! By Mark and Patti Virkler, co-authors of “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice”

Christianity is unique among religions, for it alone offers a personal relationship with the Creator beginning here and now, and lasting throughout eternity. Jesus declared, “This is eternal life – that they may know God” ( Jn. 17:2). Unfortunately, many in the Church miss the great blessing of fellowship with our Lord because we have lost the ability to recognize His voice within us. Though we have the promise that “My sheep hear My voice,” too many believers are starved for that intimate relationship that alone can satisfy the desire of their hearts. I was one of those sheep who was deaf to his Shepherd until the Lord revealed four very simple keys (found in Habakkuk 2:1, 2) that unlocked the treasure of His voice. Key #1 – God’s voice in your heart often sounds like a flow of spontaneous thoughts. Habakkuk knew the sound of God speaking to him (Hab. 2:2). Elijah described it as a still, small voice (I Kings 19:12). I had always listened for an inner audible voice, and God does speak that way at times. However, I have found that usually, God’s voice comes as spontaneous thoughts, visions, feelings, or impressions. For example, haven’t you been driving down the road and had a thought come to you to pray for a certain person? Didn’t you believe it was God telling you to pray? What did God’s voice sound like? Was it an audible voice, or was it a spontaneous thought that lit upon your mind? Experience indicates that we perceive spiritlevel communication as spontaneous thoughts, impressions and visions, and Scripture confirms this in many ways. For example, one definition of paga, a Hebrew word for intercession, is “a chance encounter or an accidental intersecting.” When

God lays people on our hearts, He does it through paga, a chance-encounter thought “accidentally” intersecting our minds. Therefore, when you want to hear from God, tune to chanceencounter or spontaneous thoughts.

Fix your gaze upon Jesus (Heb. 12:2), becoming quiet in His presence and sharing with Him what is on your heart. Spontaneous thoughts will begin to flow from the throne of God to you, and you will actually be conversing with the King of Kings!

Key #2 – Become still so you can sense God’s flow of thoughts and emotions within. Habakkuk said, “I will stand on my guard post...” (Hab. 2:1). Habakkuk knew that to hear God’s quiet, inner, spontaneous thoughts, he had to first go to a quiet place and still his own thoughts and emotions. Psalm 46:10 encourages us to be still, and know that He is God. There is a deep inner knowing (spontaneous flow) in our spirits that each of us can experience when we quiet our flesh and our minds. If we are not still, we will sense only our own thoughts. Loving God through a quiet worship song is one very effective way to become still. (Note II Kings 3:15.) After I worship and become silent within, I open myself for that spontaneous flow. If thoughts come of things I have forgotten to do, I write them down and dismiss them. If thoughts of guilt or unworthiness come, I repent thoroughly, receive the washing of the blood of the Lamb, putting on His robe of righteousness, seeing myself spotless before God (Is. 61:10; Col. 1:22). To receive the pure word of God, it is very important that my heart be properly focused as I become still because my focus is the source of the intuitive flow. If I fix my eyes upon Jesus, the intuitive flow comes from Jesus. But if I fix my gaze upon some desire of my heart, the intuitive flow comes out of that desire. To have a pure flow I must become still and carefully fix my eyes upon Jesus. Again, quietly worshiping the King, and receiving out of the stillness that follows quite easily accomplishes this.

Key #3 – As you pray, fix the eyes of your heart upon Jesus, seeing in the Spirit the dreams and visions of Almighty God. Habakkuk said, “I will keep watch to see,” and God said, “Record the vision” (Hab. 2:1,2). Habakkuk was actually looking for vision as he prayed. He opened the eyes of his heart, and looked into the spirit world to see what God wanted to show him. This is an intriguing idea. God has always spoken through dreams and visions, and He specifically said that they would come to those upon whom the Holy Spirit is poured out (Acts 2:1-4, 17). I had never thought of opening the eyes of my heart and looking for vision. However, I have come to believe that this is exactly what God wants me to do. He gave me eyes in my heart to see in the spirit the vision and movement of Almighty God. There is an active spirit world all around us, full of angels, demons, the Holy Spirit, the omnipresent Father, and His omnipresent Son, Jesus. The only reasons for me not to see this reality are unbelief or lack of knowledge. In order to see, we must look. Daniel saw a vision in his mind and said, “I was looking...I kept looking...I kept looking” (Dan. 7:2,9,13). As I pray, I look for Jesus, and I watch as He speaks to me, doing and saying the things that are on His heart. Many Christians will find that if they will only look, they will see, in the same way they receive spontaneous thoughts. Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us (Matt. 1:23). It is as simple as that.

You can see Christ present with you because Christ is present with you. In fact, the vision may come so easily that you will be tempted to reject it, thinking that it is just you. But if you persist in recording these visions, your doubt will soon be overcome by faith as you recognize that the content of them could only be birthed in Almighty God. Jesus demonstrated the ability of living out of constant contact with God, declaring that He did nothing on His own initiative, but only what He saw the Father doing, and heard the Father saying ( Jn. 5:19,20,30). What an incredible way to live! Is it possible for you to live out of divine initiative as Jesus did? Yes! Fix your eyes upon Jesus. The veil has been torn, giving access into the immediate presence of God, and He calls you to draw near (Lk. 23:45; Heb. l0: 19-22). “I pray that the eyes of your heart will be enlightened….”

Key #4 – Journaling, the

writing out of your prayers and God’s answers, brings great freedom in hearing God’s voice. God told Habakkuk to record the vision (Hab. 2:2). This was not an isolated command. The Scriptures record many examples of individual’s prayers and God’s replies (e.g. the Psalms, many of the prophets, Revelation). I call the process “two-way journaling,” and I have found it to be a fabulous catalyst for clearly discerning God’s inner, spontaneous flow, because as I journal I am able to write in faith for long periods of time, simply believing it is God. I know that what I believe I have received from God must be tested. However, testing involves doubt and doubt blocks divine communication, so I do not want to test while I am trying to receive. With journaling, I can receive in faith, knowing that when the flow has ended I can test and examine it carefully, making

sure that it lines up with Scripture. You will be amazed when you journal. Doubt may hinder you at first, but throw it off, reminding yourself that it is a biblical concept, and that God is present, speaking to His children. Relax. When we cease our labors and enter His rest, God is free to flow (Heb. 4:10). Sit back comfortably, take out your pen and paper, smile, and turn your attention toward the Lord in praise and worship, seeking His face. After you write your question to Him, become still, fixing your gaze on Jesus. You will suddenly have a very good thought. Don’t doubt it; simply write it down. Later, as you read your journaling, you, too, will be blessed to discover that you are indeed dialoguing

with God. Some final notes: Knowing God through the Bible is a vital foundation to hearing His voice in your heart, so you must have a solid commitment to knowing and obeying the Scriptures. It is also very important for your growth and safety that you be related to solid, spiritual counselors. All major directional moves that come through journaling should be confirmed by your counselors before you act upon them. For a complete teaching on this topic, order the book 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice at or call 716-681-4896. Online catalog of 60 books by Mark & Patti Virkler as well as 100 college courses through external degree:

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5110 Main Street, Ste. 101, Williamsville, NY 14221 716.204.9299 • F 716.639.8863

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St. Mark Lutheran Preschool continued from page 1 in the classroom because they are teaching students to build social skills, and don’t want activities which isolate children. Instead of time-out there is a listening chair, so a teacher can discuss what happened with a child in a positive way. The teachers are open with parents and want them to ask questions so they will know their children are safe, happy and well-loved. Tuition is $984 per year for three year olds, $1620 for four year olds. It can be paid monthly, or there is a pre-payment discount if paid in full by September 1. Registration requires a birth certificate, immunization records, completed medical form and emergency information. A referral bonus of a $50 Tops gift card is available if a friend completes an application and pays the registration fee. COMING UP: “Dreaming of Summer!” Summer Camp for 3 and 4 year olds, Monday July 23 - Friday, August 3, 9am-12n. Themes of “Christmas in July” and “Under the Sea.” Cost is $75 for one week or $140 for two weeks (paid in advance).

St. Mark Lutheran Preschool 1135 Oliver Street North Tonawanda NY 14120 Sandy Sledziewski 716-693-3715

Open House: Monday July 9, 6-8pm

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2330 Maple Road, Williamsville, NY 14221 (716) 689-4555

4 — CCC Bulletin — July 2012

Church Services ANGLICAN


St. Bartholomew’s Pro-Anglican Church Christ-Centered; Bible Believing 2368 Eggert Rd, TOT (716) 831-1777 Rev. Fr. Arthur W. Ward Jr Summer Schedule: June 17-Sept. 2 SAT: 4:30 PM SUN: 8:00am& 10:00am Christian Ed. Pre-K to Grade 6 & Nursery 9:15am & 10:00am WED: 9:30am

Lewiston Assembly of God 4754 Creek Rd., LEW (716) 754-7736 www. SUN: 10:00 WED: 7:00

St. Steven’s Anglican Church 10 Indian Trail Road, WIL SUN: 11:00am ALLIANCE CHURCHES Kenmore Alliance 175 Bonnet Ave., TOT Pastor Jon Schuerholz SAT: 6:00pm, SUN: 8:30am, 10:00am (also Sunday School), 11:30am WED: 6:30 Prayer Meeting THUR: 6:15 AWANA Children’s Program Lockport Alliance Church 555 Davison Rd ., LKPT (716) 433-3571 Pastor Kevin Robbins SUN 9:00 & 11:15 Life Hour 10:15am Niagara Alliance Church 7041 Witmer Road N. Tonawanda, NY 14120 716-731-5689 Sun. 9:30am Life Hour (Sunday School) Sun. 10:30am Worship Service Wed. 7-8pm Prayer Meeting APOSTOLIC New Apostolic 4229 Delaware, TOT SUN: 10:30am WED: 8pm New Life In Christ Ministries 285 Walnut Rd., LKPT SUN: 11:00

Lockport Assembly of God 200 Beattie Ave., LKPT (716) 433-2900 SUN: 10:30am WED: 7:00pm Praise & Prayer New Covenant Tabernacle 345 McConkey Dr., TOT Pastor Dan Hamlin Sunday: 8:45am & 10:00am First Assembly Of God 9750 Niagara Falls Blvd., NF Rev. James Armpriester (716) 297-7794 SUN: 10:00am WEDS 7:00pm FRI: 7:00pm Youth Service BAPTIST CHURCHES Amherst Baptist Church 100 Willow Ridge Drive, AMH SUN:9:30am Fellowship, 9:45am – Contemporary Worship Service Sunday School 11:00am Antioch Bible Baptist Church 3984 Lockport Olcott Rd., LKPT (716) 439-8101 Baptist Church Of Ransomville Youngstown-Lockport Rd, RAN (716) 791-4939 www. ransomvillebaptistchurch. org Pastor Rock Garrow SUN: 11:00am Sunday School & Coffee Hour 9:45 Bethel Baptist Church 995 Dodge Road Getzville, NY 14068 (716)688-8668 Rev. Kevin L. Wright SUN 10:00am Sunday School 9:00am Brighton Community Church (American Baptist) 1225 Brighton Road at Parkhurst, TOT SUN: 10:30am Calvary New Covenant 78 Pyle Court, TOT SUN: 11:00am Sunday School 10:45am WED: 7:00pm Bible Study Center Road Baptist Church 412 Center Rd. WS www. Rev. William Livermore (716) 675-6545 SUN 11:00am, 6:30pm WED: 6:30pm Christian Fellowship Baptist Church 765 Niagara Falls Blvd., AMH SUN: 11:00am First Baptist 530 Meadow Drive, NT School: 9:30am SUN: 11:00am & 6:00pm Sunday School 9:30am WED: 7:00pm Adult Bible Study and Prayer Meeting, 6:45pm Kind.-5th, 6th-12th First Baptist Church 511 Union Rd., WS (716) 674-1816 SUN 10:15am, 6:00pm WEDS 7:00pm First Baptist ChurchLockport 140 Genesee St., LKPT (716) 434-1783 Pastor Dave McBeath SUN: 10:30 am WED: 6PM Jesus and Me First Baptist Church Of Wilson 251 Chestnut St., WILS (716) 751-6988 www.firstbaptistofwilson. com Pastor Stephen Hay SUN: 11:00am

First Bible Baptist Church 949 Lincoln Ave., LKPT (716) 433-1611 SUN: 10:00am, 11:00am Sunday School, 6:30pm WEDS 7:00pm Prayer Meeting, 7:45pm Bible Study Grace Baptist 2525 Eggert Rd, TOT Pastor Jon Longwell (716) 836-1525 SUN: 10:30am Sunday School 9:00am Harris Hill Baptist Church 5071 Harris Hill Road, WILM (716) 689-3199 SUN 11:00am - Morning Worship SUN: 1:15pm - Afternoon Worship Sunday School & Adult Bible Fellowship 9:45am Kenmore Baptist 10 Wardman Rd., KEN (716) 875-6223 SUN: 11:00am Sunday School 9:45am

Tonawanda Baptist 3200 Elmwood Ave., TOT SUN: 10:30am Sunday Bible study 9:30am United Baptist Church 4800 Creek Rd., LEW (716) 754-4473 Pastor Bette Bond SUN: 10:0 & 11:00 Sunday School 10:45 Whitehaven Road Baptist Church 1290 Whitehaven Rd., GI (716) 773-1004 www.Wrbc.Org Pastor Abram Duek SUN: 9:15am & 11:00am Youngstown Baptist Church 230 Lockport St., Youngstown, NY 14174 • 417-0021 Pastor Denny Webb Sunday School 9:30am Worship 10:30am

Evening Bible Study 5:30pm Wed. Adult Bible Study & Prayer Meeting 6:30pm Thurs. Women’s Bible Study 6:30pm CHRISTIAN Amherst Alliance Church 3915 Millersport Hwy, AMH (716) 689-9832 Pastor John Bock SUN: 10:30am Amherst Church of Christ 8285 Transit Road, AMH SUN: 10:30am & 6:00pm Sunday Bible Study 9:30am WED: 7:00- Bible Study Faith Emmanuel Temple 36 Locust St. (716) 433-8484 SUN: 11:30am Sunday School 9:30am Faith Tabernacle Church 5676 Beattie Ave , LKPT

LaSalle Baptist Church 8819 Munson Ave., NF (716) 283-5328 SUN: 11:00am, 6:00pm WED: 7:00pm Prayer Meeting Lighthouse Baptist 383 Wheatfield St., NT Pastor David Costantino SUN: 11:00am, 6:00pm Sunday School 10:00am SUN: 7:00pm Bible Study Open Bible Baptist 72 E. Niagara St., COT SUN: 10:00am, 6:30pm Sunday School 11:00am WED: 6:30pm Prayer, 7:00pm Service Randall Memorial Baptist Church 6301 Main Street, WIL (716) 634-9800 SUN: 9:00am - Bible School SUN: 10:15amContemporary Worship SUN: 10:35am- Traditional Worship

July 2012 — CCC Bulletin — 5

Church Services (716) 434-5451 SUN: 9:30am Hartland Bible Church 8110 West Ave., Gasport (716) 772-6115 Pastor Jon Goodwin SUN: 11:00am 9:00am Breakfast 9:45am Discipleship Hour Lockport Christian Church 5845 Locust Street Ext., LKPT (716) 478-0500 SUN: 10:00am Niagara Frontier Bible Church 5287 Bronson Dr., Lewiston, NY (716) 297-8783 Pastor Tom Broderick

Sunday Services Sunday School for all ages 9AM All Church Fellowship 10AM Morning Worship 10:25AM Evening Worship - Bible Study on Heaven 6:30PM WED. Prayer Meeting 6:30PM Ridgewood Bible Church 7073 Ridge Road. WS (716) 434-5774 SUN 9:30am & 11:00am

(716) 625-9300 Pastor Ron Friedersdorf SUN: 9:00am THUR: 6:30pm CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Disciples of Christ) Grove Street Christian 85 Grove St. TOT (716) 695-2446 email: Rev. Jim Girling SUN: 9:30am CHURCH OF CHRIST LaSalle Church Of Christ 1121 N Military Rd., NF (716) 283-1214 SUN: 11:00am, 6:00pm WED: 7:00pm- Bible Study Tonawanda Church of Christ Delaware & Summit, COT SUN: 10:30am Sunday Bible School 9:30am WED: 11am, 5:30pm- Youth Service CHURCH OF GOD Yotvata Community Church (General Conference) 2271 Delaware Ave, KEN (Chapel Of Kenmore Presbyterian) SUN: 11:30am Contemporary Worship Style WEDS: 7:00pm Children Church & Prayer and Bible Study

DISCIPLES of CHRIST Payne Ave. Christian Church 1459 Payne Ave., NT (716) 260-1217 Rev. Jerry McGlone SUN: 10:00am Weekly Coffee hour 9 am Adult and Children’s Sunday School 11:15 am EPISCOPAL Calvary Episcopal Church 20 Milton Street, WIL SAT: 4:00 pm Holy Eucharist - Contemp. Music SUN: 7:45am Holy Eucharist - Spoken SUN: 9:00 am - Family 11:00am Holy Eucharist Choral (1st Sun, ea. mo. is Rite I) WED: 7:00 am Holy Eucharist -Spoken THURS: 12PM Holy Eucharist w/prayers for healing Children’s ed. end of 9am service until 10:55am Adult Ed. Sun. at end of 7:45 am service & 10am Bibly Study: Thurs. 10am Rev. Ethan J. Cole, Rector Christ Episcopal Church 7145 Fieldcrest Dr., LKPT (716) 433-9229 Rev. Thomas J. Mitchell SUN 8:00am & 10:30am

Salvation Army 50 Cottage St. LKPT 10:15 Family Worship 11:00 Worship

River of Life Church (Cleveland TN) 195 Schenk St., NT (716) 692- 2230 SUN: 11:00am TUES 7:00pm- God Shop

The Chapel at Crosspoint 500 Crosspoint Pkwy, Getzville (716) 631-2636 Pastor Jerry Gillis SUN: 9:00am & 11:00am

CHURCH of the NAZARENE Amherst Sonrise Church of the Nazarene 849 North French Road, AMH (716) 689-9832 SUN: 11:00am

Grace Episcopal Church 100 Genesee St., LKPT (716) 433-2878 Rev. Cannon Carolyn Lumbard SUN 8:00am & 10:00am

CONGREGATIONAL Cambria Congregational Church 4045 Lower Mountain Rd. CAM 716-434-4205 Pastor Todd Blackley SUN. 10:00am

St John’s Episcopal Church 431 Lake St., WILS (716) 751-6109 Rev’d Dr. Judith Lee SUN: 9:00am THUR: 11:00am

The Chapel at Lockport 1 East Ave. (716) 250-5004 SUN: 10:00am at the Palace Theater Victory Christian Church 6886 S Transit Rd 6 — CCC Bulletin — July 2012

Church of the Advent 54 Delaware Rd, KEN Rev. Terry W. Bull SUN: 8:00am, 10:00am

St John’s Episcopal Church-

Youngstown 110 Chestnut St., YNG Rev. Ellen L. Brauza SUN: 8:00am & 10:00am St Martin-Fields Episcopal 2587 Baseline Rd., GI (716) 773-3335 Rev’d Earle King SUN: 8:00am & 10:00pm Sunday School 9:00am St. Mark’s Episcopal Payne & Tremont, NT SUN: 8am, 10am WED: 10:00am St Paul’s Episcopal Church 400 Ridge Rd., LEW (716) 754-4591 Rev. Susan Keppy SUN: 8:00 & 10:30 SUN Bible Study 9:00 Sunday School 10:30 St Paul’s Episcopal Church 4275 Harris Hill Road, WIL (716) 689-3199 Rev. CE Piger SUN: 8:00am- Holy Eucharist (spoken Rite I) SUN: 10:00am - Holy Eucharist (Rite II with hymns) St Stephen’s Episcopal Church 616 Cayuga Dr., NF (716) 283-2774 Rev. Canon Isaac Ihiasota, Ph.D. SUN 8:00am, 10:00am EVANGELICAL COVENANT Evangelical Covenant Church 786 Kenmore Ave., KEN Sunday: 10:45am LUTHERAN Abiding Savior 1534 Ruie Rd, NT (716) 693-0180 SAT: 6:30pm SUN: 9:15am- Christian Education SUN: 10:30am- Worship Amherst Lutheran Church 5125 Main Street, WIL (716) 632-4185 SAT: 5:00pm – Live Jazz Worship SUN 10:00am – Traditional Worship Augustana Lutheran 3141 Eggert Dr., TOT (716) 832-5720 Pastor Troy Mulvaine SUN: 10:30am Sunday School 9:00am Calvary Lutheran Church 575 Ayer Road, AMH (716) 835-7567 Rev. Karl Schmidt SUN: 10:30am Sunday Morning Divine Service Crossroads Lutheran Church 4640 Main Street, AMH SAT: 5:00pm- Informal Service; SUN: 9:00am Contemporary Service SUN: 10:30am- Festival Service Sunday School - Adult Sunday 9:00 A.M.-10:30 A.M. Youth - Sunday 10:00 A.M.11:30 A.M. Faith Lutheran Church 2730 Transit Rd., NEW (716) 751-0310 Rev. Clarence Elliott First English Lutheran Church 185 Locust S, LKPT (716) 433-6161 Rev. Flavia Skilbred SAT: 5:30pm SUN: 10:00am First Trinity 1570 Niagara Falls Blvd, TOT (716) 835-2220 Rev. Charles Whited Saturday: 5:30pm SUN: 8:45am & 11:15am Sunday School: 10:00am Grace Lutheran Church 736 Cayuga Dr. NF (716) 283-1843 SUN: 10:30am

Good Shepherd 2669 Sheridan Dr. TOT SUN: 10:15 Sunday School & Bible Study 9:15am Holy Ghost Lutheran Church 6630 Luther St., NF (716) 731-3030 SAT: 5:00pm SUN: 8:00am, 10:30am Immanuel Lutheran 107 Scott St, COT SAT: 5pm SUN: 10:30am Sunday School 9:00am Immanuel Lutheran Church 7147 Ridge Rd., LKPT Rev. Kenneth Craig (716) 434-0521 SUN: 10:45am Sunday School 9:30am Messiah Lutheran Church 915 Oneida St., LEW (716) 754-4944 Rev. Thomas Mason Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 6965 Chestnut Ridge Rd. LKPT (716) 434-8500 Rev. James Zang SUN: 8:30am- Traditional Worship, 10:30am- Blended Worship Holy Communion weeks 1 & 3rd Weeks Pilgrim Lutheran Chapel & Delaware Rd, KEN (716) 875-5485 Rev. Ben Eder SUN: 10am Redeemer Lutheran Falconer at Thompson, NT (716) 692-5734 Pastor David Beutel SUN: 10:30am St James Evangelical Lutheran Church 2437 Niagara Rd Niagara Falls, NY 14304 (716) 731-4057

Church Services Pastor Jeff Milsten SUN: 8:15am, 10:45am

SUN: 9:00am & 10:30am

SUN: 8:00am & 10:00am THURS: 7:00pm

(716) 751-6057 Rev. John Loeser

St. John Evangelical 6950 Ward Rd, NT (716) 693-9677 SUN: 8:00am & 10:30am Sunday School & Bible Study 9:15am WED: 7:00pm

St. Paul Lutheran 453 Old Falls Blvd, NT (716) 692-3255 Re. Karl Haeussler SUN: 8:00am & 10:45am MON: 7:00pm

Trinity Old Lutheran Church 3445 Sheridan Drive, EGG (716) 836-4868 SUN: 10:00am Trinity Lutheran 146 Reserve Rd. WS (716) 674-5353

St John’s Evangelical Lutheran 3512 Clinton St. WS (716) 668-2152 SAT: 5:00pm SUN: 8:30am & 11:00am Sunday School & Education Hour 9:30am St John Lutheran Church Sunday Worship 6540 Main Street, WIL SUN: 8:30amContemporary Worship, 10:30am- Traditional Worship

St. Paul’s Lutheran- Wilson 220 Young St., WILS (716) 751-9300 www. stpaulslutheranwilsonny. com Pastor Ron Haefer SUN: 10:30am Sunday School & Adult Bible study 9:15am Holy Communion 1st & 3rd Sundays

Fillmore Chapel United Methodist Church 2523 Youngstown-Wilson Rd., Ransomville (716)791-3815 Rev. Anne Cole Sunday Worship Service 11am Children’s Sunday School 11:15am Thursday: Adult Bible Study 7pm

St. Mark’s Evangelical 576 Delaware Rd, KEN SUN: 10:00am St. Mark’s Lutheran 1135 Oliver St, NT (716) 693-3715 Rev. Patrick McKenzie SAT: 5:00pm SUN: 9am, 11:15am SUN Education Hour: 10:10am St. Martin Lutheran 322 Old Falls Blvd, NT (716) 693-4415 Rev. Devie Ellis SUN: 9:00am Sunday School 10:15am St. Matthew Lutheran 875 Eggert Dr, NT (716) 692-6862 SUN: 9:15am St Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church 68 Eagle Street, WIL (716) 634-2330 www.stpaulswilliamsville. org Rev. Timothy Madsen

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church 6167 Walmore Rd., SAN (716) 731-4422 Pastor Bruce M. Gamache’ SUN: 8:30 & 11:00 am Sunday School 9:45am St. Timothy Lutheran Church 1453 Staley Rd., GI (716) 773-4400 www.sttimothygrandisland. org Rev. Dean Hunneshagen Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 8760 Transit Road, EAST AMH (716) 688-9245 Contemporary SAT 5:00pm Traditional SUN: 10:30am Sunday school 9:00am Rev. Dr. Daniel Hoffman Trinity Lutheran Church 67 Saxton St. LKPT (716) 434-3106 Rev. Alan J. Bauch SUN: 8:30am & 11:00am Sunday school & Bible Study 9:45am

Rev. Ronald Habedank SUN 8:00am, 10:30pm Zion Lutheran Church 447 Central Ave., GAS (716) 772-2277 METHODIST

Bethany United Methodist 177 Cornwall Ave, TOT (716) 836-8722 SUN: 9:30am, 10:45am Bible Fellowship Church 1136 Baseline Rd., GI (716) 773-3748 www.Bfcgi.Org Pastor Calvin VanderMey Clinton St. United Methodist 50 N Adam St., COT (716) 433-6227 Pastor Cheryl Brown THURS 2pm Adult Bible Study SUN 11:15am Sunday school and Junior church held during main service Covenant United Methodist 539 Main St., WS (716) 674-6869 Rev. Ewart Morris SUN: 10:45am Emmanuel United Methodist Church 75 East Ave. LKPT (716) 433-2838 www. lockportemmanuelumc. org Rev. Duane Priset SUN 8:15am & 10:30am Sunday school 9:15am MON: 6:30pm- Healing Service Exley United Methodist Church 338 Lake St., WILS

First United MethodistNorth Tonawanda 65 Main St, NT (716) 694-2456 Rev. Greg Crispell SUN: 8:30am, 10:45am Sunday School: 9:30am First United Methodist Church- LaSalle 8210 Buffalo Ave., NF (716) 283-3370 SUN 10:00am Harris Hill United Methodist Church 8495 Main St., WILM (716) 632-4688. Rev. Katie Zettle SUN: 10:30am Sunday School for Adults, Jr. & Sr. High at 9:30 am Sunday School for 5th grade and under during worship. Hartland United Methodist 8019 Ridge Rd., GAS (716) 772-2376 Pastor Cheryl Brown SUN: Worship Service 9:30am Sunday/Adult School 10:00am TUES: Adult Bible Study 10am nashroadfmc SUN: 9:00am & 11:00am Newfane United Methodist Church 2699 Main St., NEW (716) 778-7011 Pastor Kim Smith

Quaker Rd. United Methodist 2800 Quaker Rd., GAS (716) 772-7457 SUN: 10:45am

New Hope Methodist Church 2846 Seneca St., WS (716) 825-8745 Pastor Jeff Nowak SUN 11:00am

Ransomville Free Methodist 3924 Ransomville Rd. RAN (716) 791-3855 Pastor Bill Lowery, Jr. SAT: 5:07pm SUN: 10:00am SUN: 9:00- Kids Jam & Adult Fusion

North Ridge United Methodist Church 3930 North Ridge Road Lockport, NY 14094 (716) 433-4105 Rev. Matthew Worley Sunday 10:45am

Ransomville United Methodist 2573 Youngstown Lockport Rd., RAN (716) 791-4978 Rev. Matthew Worley SUN 9:15am

Open Bible Church Free Methodist 4143 Beach Ridge Rd, NT SUN: 8:30am & 9:45am

Tonawanda United Methodist 221 Morgan St, COT Sunday: 11:00am

Pendleton Center United Methodist 6864 Campbell Blvd, NT (716) 625-8306 Pastor Tom Kraft SAT: 5:00pm SUN: 8:15am, 9:30am, 11:00am & 6:30pm 1st Monday of the month: 6:00pm -Prayer Service

Tonawanda Free Methodist 207 Grove St, COT (716) 693-1199 Pastor Don Mohr Sunday: 9:00am, 11:00am Monday: 7:00pm Biker Church

Pendleton Community Free Methodist 5721 Creek Rd, NT SUN: 10:55am Sunday School: 9:45am

Trinity Church of Grand Island 2100 Whitehaven Rd., GI Rev. Larry Baird SUN: 8:00am & 10:30am Warrens Corners Methodist Church

Kenmore United Methodist 32 Landers Rd., KEN (716) 875-5091 SUN: 9:20am & 11:30am Living Faith Free Methodist 1907 Center Rd., WS (716) 674-3030 SUN 10:30am Nash Road Free Methodist 958 Nash Rd, NT (716) 692-8683


Licensed Real Estate Salesperson 1244 Niagara Falls Blvd., Tonawanda, NY 14150-8997 Cell: (716) 949-8911 • Res: (716) 694-3708 Bus: (716) 833-3433 • Fax: (716) 862-9761 Toll Free: (800) 268-4569 • The Housing Experts Since 1930 July 2012 — CCC Bulletin — 7

Church Services 5293 Stone Rd. LKPT (716) 434-7385 Rev. Carl Chamberlain SUN 11:00am Williamsville United Methodist 5681 Main Street, WIL (716) 634-4800 Rev. Rich Neal SUN: 9:00am & 11:00am ORTHODOX St.Theodore Orthodox Church 96 Los Robles Street, WIL SAT: 5:00pm- Vigil SUN: 9:30am- Sunday Divine Liturgy PENTECOSTAL New Life Center United Pentecostal 80 Luksin Dr, COT (716) 694-0071 SUN: 10am, 6:30pm WED: 7:30pm Harbor Lights Fellowship 1821 Grand Island Blvd., GI (716) 773-7900

Pastor Gerard Haberstrow SAT: 7:00pm • SUN: 10:00am

Zion Dominion Church of God 895 North Forest Road, WIL (716) 250-7040 Pastor Roderick Hennings Sunday Protocol of Worship Morning Manna - 8:30am Legacy Leadership Institute - 9:40am Celebration Service 11:00am Latter Rain - 6:00pm PRESBYTERIAN Amherst Presbyterian Church 151 South Youngs Road, AMH (716) 633-4656

Rev. David A. Smith SUN: 10:30am

Bible Presbyterian Church 1650 Love Rd., GI (716) 773-7303 www.Biblepres.Org Pastor Kevin Backus, Ph.D. 8 — CCC Bulletin — July 2012

SUN: 10:45am - Morning Worship & Junior Church 6:00 pm - Evening Worship 9:30 am - Sunday School (All Ages) Curtis Park Presbyterian 748 Woodland Drive, TOT (716) 834-3534 SUN: 10:00am Deerhurst Presbyterian 257 Deerhurst Park Blvd, TOT (716) 875-1962 Rev. Steven E. Jelensperger SUN: 10:00am Faith United Presbyterian 3150 Elmwood Ave, KEN (716) 875-9550 SUN: 10:30am Sunday School: 9:00am First Presbyterian ChurchLewiston 505 Cayuga Dr. LEW Lewiston, NY 14092 (716) 754-4945 SUN: 11:00am First Presbyterian Church Lockport 21 Church St., LKPT (716) 433-5905 Rev. James Hardy SUN: 10:30am First Presbyterian Tonawanda 149 Broad St, COT (716) 692-1319 SUN: 11:00am

1822 Huth Rd., GI (716) 773-4849 www.Islandpresbt.Org Rev. Carla Marie Kline Second Presbyterian Church 71 Van Buren St., LKPT (716) 434-2105 SAT 5:00pm Wrights Corner Presbyterian Church 6515 Ridge Rd. (716) 434-7752 SUN 10:00am Kenmore Presbyterian 2771 Delaware Ave, KEN (716) 875-7600 Rev. Howard Boswell SUN: 10:00am, 6:00pmYouth Service Knox Presbyterian 2595 Elmwood Ave, KEN (716) 873-2423 Rev. Matthew T. Haberman SAT: 6:30pm- Contemporay SUN: 9:30am- Discipleship, 11:00am- Blended North Presbyterian 168 Payne Ave, NT (716) 693-7030 SUN: 11am Sunday School: 9:45am Third Presbyterian 110 Felton St., NT SUN: 10:45am North Presbyterian Church 300 North Forest Road, WIL (716) 632-1330

First Presbyterian Church West Seneca 2085 Union Rd., WS (716) 668-1115 SUN: 10:00am

Rev. William Hennessy SUN: 8:30- Worship in the Chapel – 10:45am- Worship in the Sanctuary

First Presbyterian Church of Youngstown 100 Church St., YNG (716) 745-7067 Pastor Rex T. Stewart SUN 8:30am & 10:45am

Seventh-Day Adventist Church 32 W High St., LKPT (716) 433-2327 SAT: 10:00am - Bible Study SAT: 11:20am - Church Service

Island United Presbyterian Church


UNITED CHURCH of CHRIST Church of the Nativity 1530 Colvin Blvd, TOT SUN: 9:00am & 10:30am

Covenant United Church of Christ 4449 Main St. GAS (716) 772-7802 SUN 10:00am Ebenezer United Church of Christ 630 Main St. WS (716) 674-4566 SUN 9:15am, 11:00am Kenilworth UCC 45 Dalton Dr, KEN (716) 835-4120 SUN: 10:30am Kenmore UCC 295 Delaware Rd, TOT (716) 875-1725 SUN: 10:30am Sunday School - all ages & nursery care during the 10:30 service Coffee hour reception following service each week Lockport United Church of Christ 98 East Ave., LKPT (716) 433-2545 Rev. Stephen HAll SUN: 10:30am Salem UCC 144 Morgan St at Main St. COT (716) 692-3429 SUN: 10:30am Sunday School & Bible Study 9:30am St. Paul’s UCC (Wendelville) 7416 Campbell Blvd, NT SUN- 10:00am St. Peter’s UCC 1208 Oliver St., NT (716) 693-0749 Rev. Linda Harle-Mould SUN: 10:30am Sunday School: 9:00am St. Peter’s United Church of Christ 1475 Orchard Park Rd., WS (716) 674-1233 Rev. Hope Harle-Mould SUN 10:00am

St Stephen United Church of Christ 8520 Tonawanda Creek Road, EAST AMH (716) 741-3481 SUN: 10:30am Coffee Hour 10:00am Zion UCC Parker Blvd & Koenig Cir., TOT (716) 836-6220 SUN: 9am, 10:30am OTHERS Bethesda Full Gospel Tabernacle Delaware and Broad, COT (716) 693-6990 Pastor Sam Ciffa SUN: 10:00am WED: 7:00pm- Bible Study FRI (1st and 3rd Friday): 7:00pm Calvary Bible Church 445 Delaware, COT (716) 692-6450 SUN: 10:00am, 6:00pm THUR: 7:00pm Fellowship of God’s Word 116 Broad St, COT SUN: 10:30am The Fair Havens Church 7337 Ward Rd, NT (716) 693-9204 Pastor Patricia MacKinnon SUN: 10:00am Niagara Community Church 10500 Cayuga Drive, NF Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday classes for all ages 11:00am (716) 297-3399 SUN: 9:30am

SUN: 11:00am Salvation Meeting: 7:00pm True Word Anointed Ministry of Jesus Christ 600 Oliver St., NT SUN: 9:30am Sunday School 11:00am WED: 7:00pm - Bible Study Vanguard Christian Church 75 17th Avenue, NT (716) 694-7816 Pastor Alan Valentine SUN: 11am FRI: 6:30pm- Youth Service The Fair Havens Church 7337 Ward Rd, NT (716) 693-9204 Pastor Patricia MacKinnon SUN: 10:00am Niagara Community Church 10500 Cayuga Drive, NF Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday classes for all ages 11:00am (716) 297-3399 SUN: 9:30am The Oasis Center Services held in: Knox Gymnasium 2595 Elmwood Ave. TOT Sunday 4:00pm Salvation Army- LaSalle 7018 Buffalo Ave., NF (716) 283-7697 SUN: 11:00am Salvation Army- Tonawanda 46 Broad St, COT SUN: 11:00am Salvation Meeting: 7:00pm

The Oasis Center Services held in: Knox Gymnasium 2595 Elmwood Ave. TOT Sunday 4:00pm

True Word Anointed Ministry of Jesus Christ 600 Oliver St., NT SUN: 9:30am Sunday School 11:00am WED: 7:00pm - Bible Study

Salvation Army- LaSalle 7018 Buffalo Ave., NF (716) 283-7697 SUN: 11:00am

Vanguard Christian Church 75 17th Avenue, NT (716) 694-7816 Pastor Alan Valentine SUN: 11am FRI: 6:30pm- Youth Service

Salvation Army- Tonawanda 46 Broad St, COT

events SUNDAY, JULY 8th, following the 10:00 service VBS KICK-OFF First Presbyterian Church 149 Broad Street Tonawanda, New York 14150 (716) 692-1319 E-mail: Web address: Following our 10:00AM worship service there will be a HOT DOG SALE, with a special lunch deal available! A-N-D You can fly the friendly SKY afterward! (more details that day!) But wait-there’s more….Our VBS 2012 Mission Project “WINGS: Flights of Hope” You might have seen an ad for them on television, or their brochures in the local library. Wings is a local group which offers flights for sick children and their families to go to hospitals and treatment centers that are far away. They also fly transplant patients to their place of surgery, and organs to patients when time is critical. They fit right in with the SKY idea, don’t you think? Your donation to this group will help them keep their planes in good shape, provide fuel, and keep their medical supplies in stock. All donations given before and during VBS week will be collected by Kathy Nolan at the church office, and we will have a special offering at the “Fly Away Finale” on the last night of VBS! MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012 – 11th Annual Par Fore the Missions Golf Classic Seneca Niagara Hickory Stick Golf Course Join us to help support the community Missions on  Monday, July 9, 2012 – 11th for the Annual Par Fore the Missions Golf Classic at the Seneca Niagara Hickory Stick Golf Course. The cost is $150 per golfer , please call Katie at 285-3403 ext. 2225 to reserve.   JULY 9th – 13th 6:30 – 8:30PM SKY VBS: Where everything is Possible with GOD! Pre-K thru Grade 6

First Presbyterian Church 149 Broad Street Tonawanda, New York 14150 (716) 692-1319 E-mail: Web address: Registration Is FREE!! In July, we will be soaring through the SKY and learning more about what God can do and a Bible Point for each day! It’s time to register children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and everyone you think who would enjoy VBS. The registration form is included in this newsletter and is also available online at: We all have fun learning about Jesus and enjoying the story-telling, crafts, games, singing, praying, and snacks! Plus, this year, we can make things explode! St. Francis of Assisi Church will be our partner in VBS this year and their people have already begun to offer their help with decorating the church and teaching. SUNDAY, JULY 15 through SATURDAY, JULY 22 CanalFest Annual Duck Race to Benefit to Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen Come buy a duck for $5 and support those in need or go online at www. and purchase your ducks for the race. JULY 23rd - 27th 6:00 - 8:00pm Vacation Bible School Niagara Alliance Church 7041 Witmer Rd, North Tonawanda, NY 14120 Niagara Alliance Church welcomes you to a wonderful week of fun. Join us for a opportunity to enjoy gospel magic, stories, games, music, snacks, and to learn about God’s love for you. All children are welcome and participation is free of charge. Phone : (716) 731-5689 SATURDAY, JULY 28th 9:00am 1:00pm Rummage/Craft/Bake Sale Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 2669 Sheridan Dr. (Between Parker &

july 2012

Parkhurst) Rummage/Craft/Bake Sale in Church BasementAdmission $1.00 Donation, Bag Sale 1:30 p.m, $2.00 donation Spaces available in parking lot:  Prepaid $10.00 Donation, supply your own table. Contact:  Barbara Ross, 877-3555 Or Kathy Lang, 874-4936 FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 6:00 - 8:30 pm SATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 9:00 - noon SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, 10:00 - noon Vacation Bible School First Baptist Church 140 Genesee St., Lockport, NY 14094 Grades: Entering K - 5th AUGUST 13th-17th 6:45-8:30 pm Summer Bible Fellowship of the Lutheran Parish of the Tonawanda’s St Mark Lutheran Church 576 Delaware Rd, Kenmore 14223 6:00 pm potluck supper on Fri.  The theme for both adult and children’s programs is “Lord, teach us to pray.”  Register at or call 716-832-5390.

KENMORE HOUSING AUTHORITY 657 Colvin Blvd., Kenmore, NY 14217 (716) 874-6000 • Fax 871-9094 Stephen V. Stone Executive Director

Monday August 20th to Thursday August 23rd 5:30 - 8:00 pm Vacation Bible School Fillmore Chapel United Methodist Church 2523 Youngstown-Wilson Rd., Ransomville (716) 791-3815 Let’s dive deep in God’s love together! Join us August 20-23 for Vacation Bible School.  Participating churches include Fillmore Chapel UMC, Wilson:Exley UMC, Ransomville UMC, and Northridge UMC. We will begin each evening with a light meal at 5:30pm. Then it’s time to dive in with Arts & Crafts, Recreation, Science, Bible Story Time and Music! Free of charge for all children ages pre-K through 6th grade. Youth and adults welcome as volunteers. Preregister online at http://overboard. and receive regular updates as we get ready to explore the ocean of God’s love together!! Dare to go deep with God!  For information call 791-3815 July 2012 — CCC Bulletin — 9


demonstrate LCTV’s mini-dv 8/14/12 7pm-9pm] to starting the training camcorders as well discuss [Fall 2012 - Tuesday process. Registration for field audio gear and location 10/9/12 7pm-9pm] Orientation session is [Winter II 2012 - Tuesday strongly recommended. To lighting. 12/4/12 7pm-9pm] register call 434-1733. When: [Summer 2012 Lockport Community Cost: $15 When: Tuesday 7/24/12 7pm-9pm] Television                                      Lockport Community [Fall 2012 Tuesday Tuesday 7/17/12 7pmOrientation to LCTVTelevision                                     7pm-9pm] FREE 293 Niagara Street          8pm]                                                9/18/12   [Fall 2012 - Tuesday [Winter II 2012 - Tuesday Studio Graphics                                             Lockport, New York 9/11/12 7pm-8pm] 11/13/12 7pm-9pm] 293 Niagara Street                                       14094 (434-1733)                             Cost: $25  [Winter II 2012 Tuesday Lockport, New York                                                                       Lockport Community 11/6/12 7pm-8pm] 14094 (434-1733)                             LCTV’s Orientation session Television                           Cost: Free!!!                          is a REQUIRED overview of Lockport Community Editing in Final Cut Express                                      for     your   How to create titles LCTV’s eligibility, policies 293 Niagara Street                                                          will   Television                                     studio TV programs. We and procedures one will Lockport, New York Portable Field Production                                                 discuss designing graphics encounter while volunteering      television,    293 Niagara Street                   14094 (434-1733)                                                       for operating at LCTV. In addition to                            the      computer                during           shows       Lockport, New York giving potential volunteers The basics of editing in Final 14094 (434-1733)                             and adding photos to your some background about Cut Express. Everything                                                                       projects. LCTV, time will be spent from importing your footage When: ] This class focuses on discussing the upcoming into a computer to making learning to videotape [Summer 2012 - Tuesday training sessions and open cuts, adding transitions, on location. In class we 8/7/12 7pm-9pm] enrollment will begin that titles and effects will be discuss common mistakes [Fall 2012 - Tuesday evening. One again, the covered in this introductory in videography as well as 10/2/12 7pm-9pm] Orientation is mandatory course. We will also discuss [Winter II 2012 - Tuesday the notion of shooting with for all potential users outputting your projects editing in mind. We will 11/27/12 7pm-9pm] of LCTV’s facility prior to DVD and getting your Cost: $15   program ready for airing on Lockport Community LCTV. Television                                     Cosmetic, Implant When: Studio Directing                                           & Holistic Dentistry [Summer 2012 - Tuesday 293 Niagara Street                                       7/31/12 7pm-9pm] Lockport, New York [Fall 2012 - Tuesday 14094 (434-1733)                             9/25/12 7pm-9pm]                                                 [Winter II 2012 - Tuesday Detailed demonstration of Providing all aspects of 11/20/12 7pm-9pm] how to operate the studio Dentistry from simple Cost: $35   switcher as well as how to cosmetic fillings to Lockport Community effectively communicate Orthodontics Television                                 with     crew and perform Studio Camera Operation          videotape                roll-in.          Operation        293 Niagara Street                                                mixer        of the studio audio Call for a consultation. Lockport, New York operations will also be 14094 (434-1733)                   discussed.       We work with                            When:                       This class focuses on the [Summer 2012 Most Dental Plans operation of the studio Tuesday 8/21/12 7pmbased cameras including 9pm] Anthony J. Ippolito, MD, DDS shot composition as well as [Fall 2012 - Tuesday the basics of floor managing 10/16/12 7pm-9pm] 4774 North French Road and taking direction. [Winter II 2012 - Tuesday East Amherst, NY 14051 When: 12/11/12 7pm-9pm] (716) 639-1101 [Summer 2012 - Tuesday Cost: $25 or email:


Exterior Sale: expires July 31

Where our standards are high not our prices Imagine the Possibilities Interior~Exterior~Residential Commercial~New Builds

10 — CCC Bulletin — July 2012

july 2012

events EVERY FIRST SUNDAY 9:00am* Free Breakfast Heartland Bible Church 8110 West Ave., GSPT (772-6115) Discipleship Hour is at 11:15am

EVERY MONDAY 10:01 AM Prayer and Bible Study Christ Episcopal Church 7145 Fieldcrest Drive, Lkpt (433-9229)

EVERY SUNDAY 9:45-10:30AM Coffee Café Amherst Alliance Church 3915 Millersport Hwy., AMH (689-9832) Join us for fellowship, coffee and donuts before our Sunday service. Everybody welcome!

EVERY MONDAY 6:00pm Youth Group Meetings Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 6965 Chestnut Ridge Rd., LKPT (434-8500) (Any student grades 7-12 are welcome!). Mondays 6:00pm beginning September 12th

EVERY SUNDAY 6:00-7:30pm Kenmore Presbyterian 295 Elmwood Ave, KEN (875-7600) Youth Fellowship

EVERY MONDAY 7:00pm Biker Church Tonawanda Free Methodist Church 207 Grove St., TON (693-1199) 30 Minute-Biker Church. We ride to different locations each Monday evening after 7:00pm Biker Church

EVERY SUNDAY 7:30-9PM New Young Adult Bible Study North Presbyterian Church 300 North Forest Rd, WLM (632-1330) Are you 18-30s looking to meet other young adults at North Church? Please join us for a Bible study, fellowship, and refreshments on Sundays from 7:30-9pm at Peter & Tara Martin’s home in Eggertsville. Questions? Email Tara at

JUly 2012

for food and fellowship. All are welcome. EVERY TUESDAY 10:00am Panera Fellowship Breakfasts Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 6965 Chestnut Ridge Rd., LKPT (434-8500) Breakfast meeting is held at Panera Bread on Transit Rd. in Lockport. EVERY TUESDAY 9:00am - 11:00am Sharing Shop Payne Ave. Christian Church 1459 Payne Ave., NT. Payne Avenue Church has begun a “Sharing Shop” where gently used items of clothing and household goods have been collected and are available to those who find themselves in need of some assistance. Items are free with a

SECOND & FOURTH SUNDAYS 6:00 - 8:00pm Youth Group Covenant United Church of Christ 4449 Main Street, Gasport, NY Gasport Youth Group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month from 6p-8p at Covenant United Church of Christ, 4449 Main Street, Gasport, NY. The group is made up of students from the neighboring towns for grades 5-12. For information: www.covenantyouth. org. Scott Brauer is the leader along with many of the parents. EVERY THIRD SUNDAY 8:00am & 10:00am Anointing and Prayers for Healing Christ Episcopal Church 7145 Fieldcrest Dr., LKPT (433-9229) July 2012 — CCC Bulletin — 11

“Continuing to Care... since 1877” Traditional & Low Cost Funeral & Cremation Arrangements Pre-Need Arrangements, including Medicaid

(716)693-4481 37 Adam Street Corner of Seymour Tonawanda, NY 14150

goodwill offering accepted to help defray expenses.  The shop is located in the school building at 1469 Payne Ave and will be open every Tuesday from 9am to 11am and we hope to add more hours in the future.  If you are interested but not able to stop by at that time please call the church office at 260-1217 and an appointment can be arranged. EVERY TUESDAY 6:45pm Thunder n Son Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 6965 Chestnut Ridge Rd., LKPT (4348500) Thunder n Son motorcyclist service and ride (outdoors, weather permitting). EVERY TUESDAY 8:00PM Vintage The Chapel at Crosspoint 500 Crosspoint Parkway, GTZVL (6312636) Vintage College-Age Young Adults Ministry “Vintage” – the college-age/ young adult group. Live music- Honest dialogue- Real people. Join hundreds of other 18-20 something’s every Tuesday night at 8pm for the best night of your week! For more information contact Wes Aarum.

EVERY THIRD TUESDAY 11:30am Togetherness on Tuesdays Christ Episcopal Church 7145 Fieldcrest Dr. (corner of Rochester Rd. & Fieldcrest), LKPT (433-9229) Every Third Tuesday is Togetherness on Tuesdays (TOT) at Christ Episcopal Church, 7145 Fieldcrest Drive in Lockport. Morning Prayer at 11:30 AM followed by lunch at noon. Call Church for reservations at 433-9229. EVERY THIRD TUESDAY 1:00pm Ruth Circle First Presbyterian Church 21 Church St., LKPT (433-5905) Ruth Circle is a group of golden age women who meet for study and companionship. TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS 2:008:00pm Classic Guitar with Mir Ali Calvary Episcopal Church 20 Milton St., WLM (633-7800) EVERY WEDNESDAY 9:30-11:15am Mommy and Me Playgroup KNOX Presbyterian Church 2595 Elmwood Ave., KEN (873-2423)

Carmen Y. Billups

2427 Sheridan Dr.,Tonawanda, NY 14150

The Mommy & Me Playgroup is designed for moms and their children from birth through Pre School. They meet every Wednesday in the Family Life Center for stories, crafts, snacks, music and of course. For additional information call, E-Mail or visit the Knox Christian Web Site at: EVERY WEDNESDAY 5:30-6:45pm Wednesday Family Night Amherst Alliance Church 3915 Millersport Hwy., AMH (689-9832) EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:00-7:00pm King’s Kids Club –Ages 3 years to 5TH grade Emmanuel United Methodist Church 75 East Avenue, LKPT (433-2838) Focuses on the teachings of Bible stories: Inter-active lessons, crafts, fun activities and snacks. EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:15-9:00pm MOVI The Chapel at Crosspoint 500 Crosspoint Parkway, GTZVL (6312636) The MOVI movement gathers every Wednesday night in the Crosspoint Theatre, at the Crosspoint campus,

Urgent care

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Cell: 716.238.1365 Office: 716.837.7500 Res: 716.625.6329 Email:


Professional Quality Care... Minimum Wait Time • No appointment necessary • Walk-In Service - most treated in under 1 hour • Most Insurances Accepted

Always A Physician on Site



2949 Elmwood Avenue, Kenmore, NY 14217 ELMWOOD MEDICAL CENTER

(3 Blocks South of Sheridan Drive, across from Kenmore Mercy Hospital)

716-876-4362 12 — CCC Bulletin —July 2012

July 2012

JULY 2012

from 6:15-9:00pm. Teens should expect that every Wednesday when they leave they are equipped and encouraged for the weeks journey ahead. This will happen through music, small groups, and discussions from the bible and more. EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:30pm – 8:30pm Youth Group Bethel Baptist Church 995 Dodge Rd. GTZVL (688-8668) Middle school and High School Students gather for a time of recreation (games), discipleship (bible study), and praise worship. All are invited to attend. EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:30pm Jesus & Me (JAM) - Children’s Outreach First Baptist Church 140 Genesee St., LKPT (434-1783) JAM meets It begins with a meal, come hungry! JAM uses lively worship, Bible teaching, an emphasis on missions, and small group activities. JAM ministers to children from K- 5th grade. EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:30-8:00pm Adult Bible Studies Amherst Baptist Church 100 Willow Ridge Dr., AMH (691-9456) EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:30-8:00pm AWANA Children’s Program Amherst Baptist Church 100 Willow Ridge Dr., AMH (691-9456) EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:30–7:30pm Mid-Week Prayer Service Lockport Alliance Church 555 Davison Rd., LKPT (433-3571)

Zang’s Gang Bible Study,

EVERY WEDNESDAY Family Night Ridgewood Bible Church 7073 Ridge Rd., LKPT (434-5774) AWANA Boys Brigade Ignite (Jr. High) Fusion (Sr. High) Bible Study EVERY THIRD WEDNESDAY (Sept- May) 4:30-6:30 Spaghetti dinner New Covenant 345 Mc Conkey Dr. TOT (877-9882) Help support our food pantry! $7.00 adult & 3.50 child 4-12 EVERY THURSDAY 5:30pm Church Night Out Randall Baptist Church 6301 Main St. WLM (634-9800) Pizza Dinner - $3 adults, $1 kids (reservations required) EVERY THURSDAY 6:15pm AWANA Children’s Program Kenmore Alliance Church 175 Bonnet Ave. KEN (876-5570) AWANA Children’s Program EVERY THURSDAY 6:30–8:15pm AWANA Kids Club Victory Christian Church 6886 S Transit Rd., LKPT (625-9300) All kids are welcome! Join us for Games, Fun, and Biblical teachings

EVERY WEDNESDAY 6:30-8:00 pm Youth Group Calvary Baptist Church 405 Lincoln Ave., LKPT (434-2251) Cubby Bears (peewee club) ages 2-K Patch Club (Grades 1-6) CBC Teens

EVERY THURSDAY 7:00pm MOSAIC- Singles Ministry The Chapel at Crosspoint 500 Crosspoint Parkway, GTZVL (6312636) The Chapel Singles Ministry provides an environment that encourages ChristCentered living through Biblical teaching, fellowship, and service. We meet on Thursday nights at 7:00pm.

EVERY WEDNESDAY 7:00pm Zang’s Gang Bible Study Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 6965 Chestnut Ridge Rd., LKPT (434-8500)

EVERY THURSDAY 7:00pm Divorce Care The Chapel at Crosspoint 500 Crosspoint Parkway, GTZVL (631-2636)

Divorce hurts! We’re not interested in the whys and how’s and what’s of your divorce, or to condemn or criticize. We’re interested in providing a forum where, in an environment of accountability built on unconditional acceptance, each person can face the issues of divorce with dignity and hope. divorcecare EVERY THURSDAY 6:30pm STEP ONE Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 6965 Chestnut Ridge Rd., LKPT (4348500) Join us for “Step One” -- a conversation about contemporary topics, refreshments and entertainment for all (even kids!) in a casual environment. Christian light, music and light refreshments) EVERY FRIDAY 9:00am Weekly Radio Broadcast Zion Dominion Church of God 895 N Forest Rd., WLM (250-7040) Listen to our radio broadcast, every Friday at 9:00am on WUFO 1080AM

3147 Delaware Ave. - Suite C - Kenmore, NY 14217



874 Niagara Falls Blvd. • Tonawanda, NY

716-835-2455 716-835-2459 FAX



events EVERY FRIDAY 10:00am Prayer Meting Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 6965 Chestnut Ridge Rd., LKPT (434-8500) EVERY FRIDAY 5:30PM Youth Group Amherst Sonrise Church –Nazarene 849 North French Rd., AMH (691-7795)

WARREN’s 31 E. Oliver St • North Tonawanda, NY

Auto Tech

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EVERY FRIDAY 7:00pm AWANA Children’s Program New Covenant Tabernacle 345 McConkey Drive, TON (877-1335 ) Youth Service EVERY FRIDAY 7:00 pm TFMC Youth Group Tonawanda Free Methodist Church 207 Grove St. COT For updates, events and changes Login to

Ivylea Pharmacy For All Your Pharmacy Needs Servicing Patients, Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, and Nursing Homes for over 30 years in the Upstate New York Area

* Personal & Professional Service * * Free Local Delivery* Incontinent Supplies ~ Ostomy Supplies ~ Bath Aids ~ Hospital Beds ~ Walkers ~ Canes ~ Crutches ~ Wheelchairs (manual & electric) ~ Diabetic Supplies ~ Support & Surgical Stockings

2446 Elmwood Avenue, Kenmore (ph)873-1444 ~ (fax)873-5496 14 — CCC Bulletin — July 2012

JUly 2012 EVERY FRIDAY Prayer Meeting Mt Olive Lutheran Church 6965 Chestnut Ridge Rd., LKPT (4348500) Prayer Meeting at the Church EVERY SECOND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH Golden Eagles The Chapel at Crosspoint 500 Crosspoint Parkway, GTZVL (631-2636) At The Chapel we value our senior citizens and strive to provide open doors for fellowship and a growing sense of community by enjoying life together. The Golden Eagles Ministry exists to encourage worship and service for those over age 55. We strive to provide open doors for fellowship and foster a growing sense of community by serving side by side. Monthly group gatherings provide a social setting for interaction, companionship and spiritual growth. This interaction is a luncheon event. Monthly luncheons are held the second Friday of every month in the Fireside Room at our Crosspoint location. A group gathering follows each luncheon. Gatherings vary and often include social networking with games and activities, biblical teaching and discussion, or may be service oriented.  These luncheons and gatherings provide an opportunity for fellowship, fun and food in a light-hearted atmosphere, enabling everyone to become acquainted. For more information, contact Skip Hartman at 716-631-2636 x204. EVERY SATURDAY 9:30am Women in the World Bible Study Mt. Olive Lutheran Church 6965 Chestnut Ridge Rd., LKPT (434-8500)  FIRST SATURDAY   9:00am - NOON Kenmore Alliance Church 175 Bonnett Ave., TOT (876-5570) Join us the First Saturday of the

month for our clothing co-op where anyone can purchase children’s clothing, toys, baby gear. Most items are only 25 cents. This is open to the community. FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH! Habitat for Humanity First Presbyterian Church 149 Broad St., COT (692-1319) E-mail: Web address: Our Church is continuing its active support of Habitat for Humanity by scheduling a series of workdays throughout the year. We have a Habitat Workday on the first Saturday of each month! The Habitat programs are so designed that anyone, with any skill level, can participate! Participants will meet at 8am in the Church parking lot to form carpools. Come and experience the fellowship, cooperation and feeling of accomplishment that one receives working with Habitat! Come, and bring a friend who’s looking to make a difference in the world! TUESDAYS/THURSDAYS Clinton St. United Methodist Church Exodus Bible Study 50 North Adam St., LKPT (433-6227) CSUMC hosts a Disciple Bible Study Group, Tuesdays at 6:30pm, Thursdays at 2:00pm. The Pastor leads the class with the study of Exodus.

It is FREE for any church to post an event in the Community Events Calendar. Contact us at: or call us at (716) 240-1038. Deadline is the 20th of every month.

ON Tips for Beating the Heat by Ruzanna Harutyunyan

Heat can be dangerous to people of any age, To avoid heat-related illness on hot days: part of the day in an air conditioned place like indoors or out. To stay safe and healthy during a shopping mall, a store, the library, a friend’s hot weather, know the signs of heat stress and • Drink plenty of water or fruit and vegetable house, or the movies. Cool showers can help, the simple things people can do—like drinking juices. Avoid caffeine or alcohol. too. Do not use a fan when the air temperature plenty of water—that can prevent heat-related is above 95 degrees -– it will blow hot air, which illness and death. • Limit your time outdoors, especially in the can add to heat stress. afternoon when the day is hottest. Children, the elderly, people with chronic • Never leave a child or a disabled or elderly illnesses and people on certain medications like • Be careful about exercising or doing a lot of person or a pet in an unattended car, even with tranquilizers or diuretics are especially at risk activities when it is hot. Stay out of the sun, take the windows down. A closed vehicle can heat from high summer temperatures. So are older frequent breaks, drink water or juice often, and up to dangerous levels in as little as ten minutes. people who live in homes or apartments without watch for signs of heat exhaustion or heat air conditioning or good air flow and people who stroke. don’t drink enough water. Hot weather also adds to ozone levels, making those with respiratory • Dress for the weather. Loose-fitting, light illness more vulnerable. colored cotton clothes are cooler than dark Being exposed to high temperatures for too colors or some synthetics. long can cause muscle cramps, swelling in feet or ankles, or dizziness, progressing to heat • If you live in a home without fans or air exhaustion or heat stroke. Heat exhaustion, if not conditioning, open windows to allow air flow, treated, can progress to heat stroke. Heat stroke and keep shades, blinds or curtains drawn in is an emergency and requires immediate medical the hottest part of the day or when the windows are in direct sunlight. Try to spend at least help—it can be fatal.

e s i t r e Adv re He

Contact us for details

(716) 240-1038


Order the New Church Safety/Security Manual available online July 2012 — CCC Bulletin — 15


First Presbyterian Church

St. John Ev. Lutheran Church and School

149 Broad St., Tonawanda, NY 14150 - 2111 Church: 716-692-1319 Email: Web address:

6950 Ward Road, North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Honor Roll for the fourth quarter of the school year Grade 5: Merit Roll: Eliana Furmanek, Jake Hanes, Luke Lamson, Jonathan Prell Honor Roll: Hanna Ciffa, Alexandra Dumais, Thomas Mueller High Honor: Matthew Bowman, Jenna Cordani, Elizabeth DíAngelis, Leah Gath, Tara-Ann Perreault, Brieanna Weigen

SKY VBS: Where everything is Possible with GOD!

July 9 -13, 2012 6:30-8:30pm

Grade 6: Merit Roll: Emily Emmons, Olivia Gross, Gage Rossano, Joey Scalfani, Samuel Small Honor Roll: Levi Allen, Kelsey Lachowski, Brandon Lehner, Owen Licht, Keyla Martinez, Brandon Stychalska High Honor: Joshua Bowman, Zachariah Dumais, Jonathan Evans, Lauren Rodriguez

Pre-K thru Grade 6 Registration is FREE!!

In July, we will be soaring through the SKY and learning more about what God can do and a Bible Point for each day! It’s time to register children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and everyone you think who would enjoy VBS. The registration form is available online at: We all have fun learning about Jesus and enjoying the story-telling, crafts, games, singing, praying, and snacks! Plus, this year, we can make things explode! St. Francis of Assisi Church will be our partner in VBS this year and their people have already begun to offer their help with decorating the church and teaching.

Grade 7: Merit Roll: Olivia Oravec, Julia Irwin Honor Roll: Ed Gath, Joshua Drake High Honor: Alyssa Ward Grade 8: Merit Roll: Breanna Gerner, Alexis Hy, Zachary Socha, Samuel Winterberg Honor Roll: Mitchell Bunny, Daniel Carveth, Victor Willison High Honor: Lori Lachowski, Timothy Temple

Congratulations go out to the Rev. Frederick W. Kopp on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his ordination on July 12. Pr. Kopp is currently serving as Transition Pastor at Trinity Old Lutheran Church in Eggertsville, where the congregation celebrated this special anniversary with a youth-led worship service and recognition luncheon on June 3.

Barb’s Sweet Treat

Fudge Creames • Nuts • Chews Sugar Waffles Holiday Chocolates Guant Cookies Novelty Candies Wholesale & Retail

16 — CCC Bulletin — July 2012

Distinctive Chocolate Candies, Made Fresh Daily Barbara Wickman 238 Oliver Street N. Tonawanda, NY 14120 2 blocks north of Canal



“Where the only limit is your imagination” Licensed and Insured


381-1290 Fax: 871-8089

397 St. Joseph Dr., North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Call for Mobile Service

(716)693-4800 • fax (716)692-7171 89 Thompson St. • North Tonawanda, NY 14120 •

A Healing Moment

All marriages are happy. It’s the living together afterward that causes all the trouble. - Raymond Hull, Canadian playwright wedding anniversary. Another way to say it is that marriage is easy to made it to their 50th Contemporary couples may be older when saying get into and hard to get out of. This is not what is on most people’s minds “I do” for the first time than in years past, but the when they are heading towards marriage, but it is “as long as you both shall live” has expanded by clearly and incontrovertibly the truth. It takes but even more years. It is a mistake to think that there a few minutes to get a marriage license in New is some sort of magic in the planning of a party York State and after the passage of 24 hours, you and ceremony that result in a happy ever after can be married. Getting divorced, all too common that requires no effort, no work, and no sacrifice. Most churches and pastors endeavor to have both in and out of the church today, is not so marriage preparation before a wedding. In an easy. Despite the ease of getting married in our ideal world couples would come to their pastor culture, the Christian Church has always held the moment they began to think about marriage, marriage in high esteem. The beginning of the to talk things over, to explore. I suspect this rarely ceremony in the Episcopal Church points out the happens, at least it has never happened to very importance of marriage in that Jesus’ first miracle often to me! It is all too common an experience was at the wedding feast in Cana of Galilee, that to get a phone call asking if the church and the marriage in part signifies the union of Christ and pastor are available on such and such a date the church and that it is not to be entered into and time. The wedding, apparently, has to be then because that is the only time the reception lightly or unadvisedly. Five minutes at the village clerk’s office does venue and family is available. I remember being not constitute a thoughtful and advised entering ordained only a short while when a couple left into marriage. Ideally people are prepared for my office in a huff because I was not going to be marriage throughout their life. Preferably they in town on the date they wanted to get married. had an intact family growing up with parents who Everything was set and I was not complying with worked to give them the necessities of life, food, their wishes. “No wonder no one comes to church” shelter, clothing as well as well as emotional I was told. Meeting with a couple after the date has been support, reasonable boundaries and structure. Above all, children need love. Involvement in a set can have an odd feel to it and I wonder at faith community is also important. Nurturing and times if I they hear very much of what I say. I growing in Christ gives a foundation for what it am not in the businesses of trying to talk people means to be a child of God. All this serves as out of being married. Far from it. But it is too solid ground on which the sure foundation of a important to take lightly. One colleague once said marriage, the creation of a new relationship and that before a wedding, “The couple is moving away from everyone and everything at the family can be built. The reality is that none of us has a perfect family. speed of light. The best that you can hope for All who come to the altar for marriage come with in counseling before marriage is to send out the strengths and weaknesses. Marriage is a journey, words and hope that sooner or later, when they not an event. Marriage is a living breathing thing, slow down, some of the words catch up to them.” I have come to believe it is vitally important not a statue. Marriages grow or they die. My experience in almost three decades of being to send those words out. Consultation before an Episcopal Priest is that the marriage … the marriage, from Samaritan Counseling Center or wedding day … is pretty overwhelmingly happy, somewhere else, is a way for couples to take a if a bit stressful. The REAL marriage, the years deep breath, take a look at what they are doing after the wedding day, are what takes work. Not and to set priorities. Those who know that they too long ago it was a notable event if a couple will be facing circumstances that might affect

their marriage in the future or who have issues they suspect should be resolved before marriage are ahead of the game in working to make their marriages successful over the long haul. The good news is that marriages work, are fulfilling and successful and can be full of grace and love. The often cited, and depressing, statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce is a mathematical construct. It does NOT mean that half of all people who get married will end up divorced (it does not count those who get multiple divorces, for example). It is not a coin toss as to whether or not your marriage will last. There are factors that do matter. Being involved in a faith community, coming from an intact family (rather than divorced), marrying at an older age (over age 25 as opposed to under 18), having a baby after (rather than before) a marriage, being college graduates, and most important of all, having income of over $50,000 rather than under $25,000 all are indicators that a marriage will last. * I tell couples that are planning their wedding that they are not a bunch of statistics, they are one couple. As one couple they can make a commitment to love one another, make a commitment to work on their relationship and make a commitment to seek help if times get tough. It is perhaps not the first thing a couple thinks of when planning a marriage, but you can have both a happy wedding day, and a successful marriage. *from http://www.maritalmediation com/2011/07/demystifying-divorce-statistics/ Samaritan Counseling Center can provide couples with an opportunity to nurture their coming union through the gentle and open exploration of priorities, beliefs, attitudes and feelings in an objective and caring way. We are available to counsel couples in 13 locations around Erie and Niagara County. Call today for an appointment at 716-743-9117. Find us on the web at .

July 2012 — CCC Bulletin — 17

Bible Crossword

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18 — CCC Bulletin — July 2012

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FAMILY RESTAURANT & BANQUET FACILITY BREAKFAST • LUNCH • DINNER OPEN 7AM – 11PM DAILY Featuring Greek American Cuisine Now booking banquets for all occasions • 25 to 175 guests Parties of up to 14 guests - Do Not Require A Reservation

5877 Main St., Williamsville, NY 14221 • (716)810-9489 • July 2012 — CCC Bulletin — 19

Christian Media An Act of Grace by Colleen Sturgis

“Sturgis tells of struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, being very afraid and alone. She walked the road to demise without the ability to get off of it on her own. She hoped to see anyone who truly made it out and walked in total freedom, yet there was no one. Religion had turned her against God, and no one on earth

understood where she was or how to help her. For years she made wrong choices, including abortion. She finally screamed at a picture of God, on a night when suicide was going to be her relief. Everything in her life changed dramatically after discovering the great love this Savior had for her. How differently she came to deal with things, and even in the midst

of the very worst pain imaginable, with this new understanding the Savior carried her out of grief and despair and never let her feet touch the ground until she was completely able to walk without falling. She wrote this book after arguing with God as to why she should write it. She didn’t consider herself to be a writer, but in a conversation he had with her, He responded, “I put

this book in you.” She needed no other explanation. It is her desire to help others who have no hope to understand the hope that she has been given. It is real, it is tangible, and God desires it for all of us. It’s not just about her.” The book can be purchased at: http:// www.publishamerica. net/product16053. html

Niagara Alliance Church


Join us at Niagara Alliance Church for a week of fun gospel magic, games, snacks, and an opportunity to learn about God’s love for you!

July 23 - July 27, 2012 from 6-9pm

Niagara Alliance Church

7041 Witmer Road, North Tonawanda 716-731-5689 20 — CCC Bulletin — July 2012

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Churches Creating Community

Center Road Baptist Church The Center Road Christian Academy 412 Center Rd. West Seneca, NY 14224 (716) 675-6545 Christ the King Preparatory Academy K-8th Grade 3571 Niagara Falls Blvd. Wheatfield, NY 14120 (716) 553-6318 Christian Academy of WNY — C.A.W.N.Y K-12 621 Payne Avenue North Tonawanda New York 14120 (716) 433-1652 Covenant United Church of Christ Covenant Nursery School Pre-School 3, 4 & 5 year olds 4449 Main St. Gasport, NY 14067 (716) 772-7802 Fair Havens Wee Havens Preschool 3&4 yr olds 7337 Ward Road N. Tonawanda, NY 14120 (716) 693-9204 www. weehavenspreschool. com First Presbyterian Church Happy Times Preschool 18 months to 12 years

21 Church Street Lockport, NY 14094 (716) 433-4987 First Trinity Lutheran Church First Trinity Preschool Pre-K, 2-4 year olds 1570 Niagara Falls Blvd. Tonawanda, NY 14150 Phone: (716) 835-2220 www. preschool Holy Ghost Holy Ghost Lutheran School Pre-K - 8th Grade 6630 Luther Street Wheatfield, NY 14304 (716) 731-3030 Moppets Pre-School Church of Christ 3 & 4 Years Olds 616 Main St. West Seneca New York 14224 (716) 662-5211 First Presbyterian Church Happy Times Preschool 18 months to 12 years 21 Church Street Lockport, NY 14094 (716) 433-4987 First Trinity Lutheran Church First Trinity Preschool Pre-K, 2-4 year olds 1570 Niagara Falls Blvd. Tonawanda, NY 14150 Phone: (716) 835-2220 www. preschool

Holy Ghost Holy Ghost Lutheran School Pre-K - 8th Grade 6630 Luther Street Wheatfield, NY 14304 (716) 731-3030 Moppets Pre-School Church of Christ 3 & 4 Years Olds 616 Main St. West Seneca New York 14224 (716) 662-5211 New Creation Fellowship Academy K-12 3325 Genesee Street Cheektowaga, NY 14225 (716) 632-6084 New Life Christian School Pre-School 3&4 year olds K-8 80 Luksin Drive Tonawanda, NY 14150 (716) 694-0071 Pendleton Center UMC Genesis Children’s Program Pre-School 3, 4 & 5 year olds 6864 Campbell Blvd. (at Bear Ridge Road) North Tonawanda, NY 14120 (716) 625-8306

3&4 year olds 114 Morgan Street Tonawanda NY 14150 (716) 692-3429 salemchurchtonawanda. St. John Lutheran St. John Lutheran School K-8 6950 Ward Road N. Tonawanda, NY 14120 (716) 693-9677 St. Mark’s Lutheran Church St. Mark’s Preschool Pre-K, Ages 3-4 1135 Oliver Street N. Tonawanda, NY 14120 (716) 693-3715 St. Matthew Lutheran St. Matthews School K-8 875 Eggert Drive N. Tonawanda, NY 14120 (716) 692-6862 St. Paul Lutheran St. Paul Preschool Pre-K, Ages 3-4 453 Old Falls Blvd, N. Tonawanda, NY 14120 (716) 692-3255 St. Peter’s Lutheran Christian Day School Pre-K - 8th Grade 61868 Walmore Rd. Sanborn, NY 14132 (716) 731-4422 Teddy Bear Early Learning Center 6 Week to Pre-K 3325 Genesee Street Cheektowaga, NY 14225 (716)632-6084 Trinity Lutheran Church Trinity Christian School 146 Reserve Rd. West Seneca, NY 14224 3 (716) 674-5353 West Seneca Christian School PreK-12 511 Union Rd. West Seneca, NY 14224 (716) 674-1820

SALEM Salem United Church Salem Pre School Pre-School July 2012 — CCC Bulletin — 21


Business Listings & Services AAA Truck & Van Lettering 908 Niagara Falls Blvd. North Tonawanda, NY 14120 Amherst Pet Grooming 700 Maple Rd. Williamsville, NY 14221

Bailey’s Fine Jewelry 3571 Niagara Falls Blvd. North Tonawanda, NY 14120 Bliss Salon and Day Spa 1246 Payne Ave. North Tonawanda, NY 14120 Bridals by D 6312 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221 Capital Financial 4043 Maple Rd. Amherst, NY 14226 Clean Machines Auto Detail 2489 Elwood Ave. Kenmore, NY 14217 Covenant Fence 6515 East Canal Rd. Pendleton, NY 14094 Embroid Me 2845 Sheridan Dr. Tonawanda, NY 14150 22 — CCC Bulletin — July 2012

Gem Designs & Jewelry 3680 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, NY 14217

Print King 8171 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221

Village Tutoring 5666 Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221

Great Lakes Real Estate 916 Center St. Lewiston, NY 14092

Purrfect Paws 2925 Sheridan Dr. Tonawanda, NY 14150

Help Wanted

Guy Home Inspections 953 Woodstock Ave. Tonawanda, NY 14150

Ritzy Rags 4060 Union Rd. Cheektowaga, NY 14225

Jacquelin’s Dog Salon 8025 Greiner Rd. Williamsville, NY 14221

Roman Cafe 79 Payne Ave. North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Jon Tang Tae Kwon-Do 228 Zimerman St. North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Santangelo’s Hair Design 9378 Transit Rd. E. Amherst, NY 14051

Kathy’s Kid Kare 20 NorthPointe Pkwy Amherst, NY 14228

Shelly’s Florist 1600 Hopkins Rd. Williamsville, NY 14221

Lane Jewelers 28 Seymour St. Tonawanda, NY 14150

Smooches for Pooches 8570 Mian St. Williamsville, NY 14221

Laurandas Bake Shop 18 Webster St. North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Sweet Home Weight Wellness 1416 Sweet Home Rd. Amherst, NY 14228

Master Rug Cleaners 4267 Delaware Ave. Tonawanda, NY 14150

The Taurean Room 125 Division St. North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Monaco’s Violin Shop 55 Crosspoint Parkway Amherst, NY 14068

Thrivent Financial 3571 Niagara Falls Blvd. North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Absolute Care Full and Part time openings for: RN’s, LPN, Staff Laundry, Chef and Housekeeping E-Mail: Phone: (716) 652-1560 Funk Lawncare- Service Applicator We offer training, vehicle and WNY route Must be 18 and over, earn $410-550/wk Fax Resume: (716) 6928120 On-Line: First Student- School Bus Drivers Now hiring steady PT drivers. Paid training, competative wages. Just work on school days. Phone: (716) 685-9864 E-Mail: Merry Maids- House Cleaners Join USA’s Largest Cleaning service! Daytime Mon-Fri positions! Paid training.

You furnish great working atitude Phone: (716) 634-1855 E--Mail: merrymaids1@ SEFAR- Customer Service/Order Entry The position involves data entry and phone contact with customers. We offer a competative wage, excellent benefits & working conditions. E-Mail: Valu Home CentersStore Manager Trainee We seek ambitious hands-on managers to join our team. We will be conducting interviews for management trainess. Openings in WNY! Web:


Ads are available on a first-come, first served basis. Ads are $10.00 for 3 lines, additional lines available. Contact us at: (716) 240-1038 or classifieds@


Jericho to Jerusalem BY JEFF KEEFE Ancient roads were sometimes little more than a foot path with no improvements other than what this or that traveler might provide for his fellow travelers. Usually roads followed the path of least resistance for the traveler. Between Jericho and Jerusalem the route followed the Wadi Kelt. A wadi is a stream bed that is dry most of the year. If the road was used frequently for caravans with trade goods or the movement of military troops or communication between government centers the road would be improved upon. Improved roads might be just earth, leveled, straightened, or paved with large stones and maybe drained. Humans, donkeys and camels average about 3 miles an hour, horses walk a little quicker, 4 miles an hour. Up to Jerusalem is what you have to do if walking from Jericho to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is about 2500’ above sea level and Jericho is over 800’ below sea level making it the lowest city in the world. It is also perhaps the oldest city in the world with indications of civilization going back to 9000 B.C. The distance between the two cities is about 17 miles. Jericho is in the Judean wilderness and averages only 5” of rainfall per year. However, Jericho is a farmer’s paradise with an abundance of fresh water from 6 or more

springs. Jerusalem is in the Judean Hills or central ridge of mountains running north and south. Jerusalem gets about four times the rain. In winter Jerusalem’s average daily high temperature is 55 and in Jericho it is 68. While in summer Jerusalem’s 86 and Jericho is 102. The transition from the Judean Hills to Judean wilderness occurs at Bethany, about two miles east of Jerusalem. The road plummets down the eastern slopes and ridges leading into Jericho below at an incredible rate. While not a major trade route, from Jerusalem, iIt was the most direct route to the Jordan River and to the lands of the Ammonites and Moabites. It was a dangerous route, one not traveled heavily through the history of Jerusalem until the Romans built it up. It is possible this is the route King David used when fleeing from Absalom. Could this is possibly be David’s “the valley of the shadow of death.” About 400 years after David, King Zedekiah probably took this route when fleeing the Babylonians. Herod the Great probably traveled this route when traveling between palaces in Jerusalem and Jericho. The Romans improved the road and later had troops stationed along the way because of the number of bandits along the route. It had been a favorite of

bandits and thieves throughout antiquity. In Luke 10 Jesus places the story of the Good Samaritan who helped a robbery victim along this road. Archaeologists have yet to find the ruins of an inn along the route, but the Inn used by the Good Samaritan in Jesus story’ could have been at either Bethany or Jericho. If you were in Jerusalem and you wanted to go see John the Baptist, you’d take the road down to Jericho. You are not going to go see John the Baptist on a whim of, “what should I do today.” After Bethany, about two miles from Jerusalem, there is no certainty of food or water until you’ve gone about fifteen more miles or five hours. Along the route is the traditional pilgrimage site of the Mount of Temptation, site of Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness after his baptism. When nature called, there were few trees to hide behind, but plenty of twists, turns, and rocks. When you reached Jericho, “the City of Palms,” you still have another 7-8 miles to the Jordan River depending on where John the Baptist was at the time. Round trip would require at least two days. Jericho was the best place in the area to get water and to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Did the travelers overnight here and see John in the morning?

In the final weeks of Jesus’ ministry the synoptic Gospels tell us that Jesus and his disciples left Galilee and headed to Jerusalem. It was at Jericho, on his way up to Jerusalem, that Jesus met Zacchaeus, a rich Publican. In Luke 19:5 Jesus said to Zacchaeus, “I must stay at your house today.” Did Jesus stay in a nice bed overnight at the home of Zacchaeus? He would have had to leave Jericho by about noon to make it to Bethany in daylight. There was still a six hour walk up the road to Jerusalem. On his way out of Jericho, he healed blind Bartimaeus. The Mount of Olives and the Jerusalem suburbs of Bethany and Bethpage marked the end of the climb up the road. Jesus did ride the last two miles of the Jericho road; it was his coronation parade on donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

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CCC Buletin JULY 2012  

CCC Buletin JULY 2012

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