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Merit, Above All, Remains the Sole Factor to Qualify For an Educational Grant The paradigm of the systems that we live in constantly keeps changing. From welfare governments of the last century, the authorities are today getting more inclined towards profit making. While it is necessary for sustenance, it becomes a hurdle if all sorts of public funding are removed. Thus, especially the students are reaching out to other organizations for funding their education.

Basic education is no more a problem in the country, but higher education still remains a challenge. Besides overcoming the barriers based on merit, there also has to be regular funding for pursuing higher education. Since most of the governments are removing or retracting the education funding at the highest levels, asking the universities to become self sustainable, the cost of higher education has been on a constant rise over the past five years. This has been consorted by the downturn of global economy that has also affected the funding pattern in research and development. It is now a must for an individual to pursue professional education after passing out of the college. Only then the future of a human being can remain secured. But the hurdles of bearing the heavy fees inside Canada as well as in the USA, the UK and other countries have been enormous, and constantly on the build. Hence, students and their parents are trying to reach out to various organizations seeking grants for education.

Fortunately, there are few good corporate citizens who still feel the need of an in-depth research. In fact, this is the perfect time to indulge into research and development. At these hard times only, as history has shown us, can a single discovery or breakthrough technology can change the global economic scenario and make things look better. With this view in mind, many corporate are extending their helping hands towards the needy scholars. Their educational grant is a part of the CSR activity that they perform




every year. Besides saving taxes for them, these grants also come to the help of children whose parents are not able enough to repay bank educational loan with a fat annual interest. In order to avail them, one has to be choosy and reach out to each of the trusts, boards or organizations that are providing such funds. A small interview following the scanning of the bio data and your commitment towards hard work, passion for research and merit can take you through the seemingly stringent process of selection till the end!

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Qualify For an Educational Grant The paradigm of the systems that we live in constantly keeps changing. From welfare governments of the last...

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