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UDIA welcomes plans to revitalise Gosford The state’s leading development industry body, the Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW (UDIA NSW), has welcomed the NSW Government’s announcement that more resources will be targeted to the revitalisation of Gosford. “The NSW Government has prioritised the revitalisation of Gosford as the capital city of the Central Coast, and the Minister for Planning has been a strong leader in driving that progress,” said UDIA NSW Central Coast Chapter Chair, Caine King. UDIA NSW believes that realising the potential of the Central Coast for jobs, housing and lifestyle requires a coordinated approach. To that end, the development community has supported the Government’s steps to date, namely: the appointment of Lee Shearer as the Coordinator General; the use of the Government Architect to articulate a vision for the city of Gosford; and the appointment of Michael Cassel as CEO of the Central Coast Regional Development Corporation. “Growth requires confidence and clarity,” said Mr. King. “The people of the Central Coast want a vibrant capital city that will lift the whole region. The Government’s

commitment to Gosford, which we’ve seen by the appointments of Lee Shearer and Michael Cassel, and now with the proposed new development rules, is inspiring private sector investment in Gosford. UDIA NSW looks forward to understanding the details of the proposed State Environmental Planning Policy for Gosford, and working with Government to get it right.” Mr Caine observed that “the new rules can provide more clarity and certainty for developers. They would also add an extra layer of design excellence to the review process, which developers welcome, and which would give the community confidence that we’ll strike the right balance in development.” UDIA NSW noted the critical importance of delivering infrastructure to support growth in the region, and is pleased that the Government has committed to addressing Gosford’s infrastructure needs. “Gosford and the Central Coast have some infrastructure problems to solve,” Mr. King said. “We have to ensure we have water, sewer, power and roads in the right places to support the development we want. And we really need to lift our game on public transport and connectivity. UDIA NSW looks forward to working with Government to solve these issues.”

Minister’s announcement welcomed by Gosford Chamber of Commerce Rod Dever, President of the Gosford/Erina and Coastal Chamber of Commerce welcomed the announcement by Minister Roberts. “Taking the focus on the City Core and putting steps in place to get action sooner is important. The opportunity for developers to obtain additional height and scale will come down to their plans offering design excellence to enhance our city and its street appeal” said Mr Dever. “The inclusion of a design panel for pre assessment and recommendations of projects is certainly a positive step forward and very much welcomed.” he said.   “All this can happen whilst our new Central Coast Council works on a development plan which is in keeping with the intent of progress and meets the standards desired by the Department and the community as a whole.”

ED GAR ADAMS COMMEN T Recalcitrant Council gets the flick MONDAY 28TH MAY 2018 must go down in history as the day the State Government set Gosford City up to be the Capital of the Central Coast. At 10.00am the Mayor of the recalcitrant Central Coast Council was given the message that the Minister for Planning and Environment, Anthony Roberts, was fed up with their obstinacy and he was excising Gosford City from the planning controls. At 12.00pm Minister Roberts announced that the Government would bring the City under the control of the Gosford City SEPP. The Revitalisation of Gosford City initially announced by the Minister in Kibble Park Gosford a month earlier on the 9th April is now underway. The Minister backed this up with a $52 million funding commitment for infrastructure and to upgrade Kibble Park and Leagues Club Park as well as address the parking, traffic flow and access issues around the City. Over the years there have been many investors who have looked seriously at Gosford and come up with some very ambitious plans because they could see the potential in the place. On every occasion Gosford Council insulted them and turned them away. CENTRAL COAST BUSINESS REVIEW JUNE 2018

Unfortunately our new amalgamated council has turned out to be a reincarnation of the former Gosford Council. But for Gosford City that is now water under the bridge and now it’s all systems go. Of course all this didn’t just happen. Gosford City is already on the move thanks to the three year window of the McKinna / Anderson led Gosford Council. Right now there are 12 cranes in Gosford all thanks to that Council and until now the momentum was building. All that good work has been put at risk by a Labor / Green dominated council more interested in politics than the good of our region. The good news started with the appointment of Anthony Roberts as Planning and Environment Minister in January 2017 who saw the need to appoint Lee Shearer as Coordinator General to oversee the implementation of the Central Coast Growth in April, three months later. Ms Shearer deserves the credit for putting together a team headed by Greg Sullivan at the Department of Planning, all focussed and committed to getting the job done. The next step was the appointment of Michael Cassel as CEO of the Central Coast Regional Development Corporation, and the person who heads up the highly

successful Newcastle Revitalisation project, to drive the Revitalisation of Gosford. And it has all been done in just one year! Of course we must never forget that all this required the support of the State Government from the Premier down. No other government in history has ever been that interested. Edgar Adams Editor

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Chief Planner Gary White and two additional panel members drawn from an established group of practitioners. The Department of Planning and Environment – in close collaboration with Central Coast Council, Roads and Maritime Services and Transport for NSW – has also formed a Traffic and Parking Subcommittee to tackle the issue of car parking in Gosford City Centre.

CCBR June 2018  
CCBR June 2018