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TheSpire A Newsletter by and for the people of Christ Church Bronxville

Sundays in May

a lively end to a joy-filled program year! Confirmation

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June Highlights


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Communion Sunday


914.337.3544 Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Fridays 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM June 2009 VOL. LXIII, No. 8

photos by Ken Richardson

The Spire


June Birthdays

1: Janet Barrett, George Brooks, Eleanor Clifford, Henry Clifford, Elizabeth Folberth, Margaret Nichols, Johanna Rabsey; 2: James Carroll; 3: David Lapham, Pearl Schneider, Fredrick Eaton; 4: Luke Devlin, Hilary Sullivan; 7: Eugenia Hamshaw; 8: Johanna Redpath, Thomas Ruhm, Taylor Sears; 9: Rick Bruck, Warren Barbour; 10: Steven Tighe; 11: Rosemary Alexander; 12: Charlie Howard, Sean Michael McAlarney, Timothy O’Donoghue, Julia Thaler; 13: Jody Maier; 14: Mieke Armstrong, Hannah Carey, Thomas Goodrum, Leighton Welch, Joe Wood; 15: Michael Conaton, Robert Hamshaw, Kate Malin; 16: Luke Potgieter, Sarah Potgieter, Owen Thomas, Robert Villani, Christine Wight; 17: Andrew Foley; 19: Lucy Whitney; 20: Bailey Fowlkes, Lily Nesvold, Karen Watson; 21: Margaret Barrett, Libby Bishop; 22: Brooks Clifford, Troy Krusz, Virginia O’Brien; 24: Guy McKhann, Kimberly Morse; 25: Karen Carpenter, June Irwin, Harry Yerkes; 26: Jon Alkins, Louis Parks, Hannah Thaler; 27: Barbara Sage, Cecilia Visco; 28: Christopher Alkins, Peter Bruton, Robert Villani, Charlotte Yerkes; 29: Oliver Alkins

Are we missing your birthday? Help us bring our community closer together by letting us include you in our prayers and celebrate you on your birthday. Please send us your birthday information so we can make sure you are included. You can skip the year and just give us month and date if you are keeping a secret. To submit birthdays please send them to Amy Axelson at or Elisabeth Campbell at ecampbell@ Thank you!

Children’s Christian Formation

Church School Teachers Needed

Please, consider volunteering for 7 or 8 Sundays in the year and help teach one of our Church School classes. You will be provided with a lesson plan (and a prepared craft for the teachers of the younger grades). All you need is 30 minutes of time to read through your lesson notes beforehand, and a willingness to take an interest in our children. We have classes for 3 year olds through to 6th graders, so there is something for everyone. If you are willing to volunteer, or would like more information, please contact Barbara Potgieter at or 423-1878. Thank you!!!

Thank You Church School Teachers! Pre-K: Eileen Visco Nick Visco Tracey Minich Didi Romley Tom Goodrum Krista Miller Kindergarten and First Grade: Andy Hibbler Laura Hibbler Clare Elkerton Laura Villani Rita Durniak Marca Ewy Sarah Reynolds Michele Richardson Mary Hely Shelby Goodrum

3rd Grade: Sarah Kraemer Jane Sears Amy Freed 4th Grade: Joseph Philips Heidi Wolfgang Kimber Yerkes

Thank You Nursery Staff!

Reminder: There is nursery care all through the summer. The nursery will be set up in the library, just off the Undercroft downstairs.

Dancin’ in the Streets at Breakfast Run

5th Grade: Tim Donahue Jody Maier Leon Potgieter 6th Grade: Deborah Ross Robert Villani Gary Hayes

2nd Grade: Tammy Cushman Anna Foley Bruce Smith

The rain held out and we survived a successful run. Thanks PG for the great clothes which were a big hit. Our lean team was kept busy - one per station.... but...., we had time for some line dancing after the rush! A good time was had by all. - Mike Conaton

Last Day of Church School The last day is June 7th. Pre-K through 1st grade (Godly Play) will have a regular class. Second through 6th grades will be together in Taylor Hall to play Church School Jeopardy. They will work in multigrade teams to answer questions relating to what they have learned this year.

Nursery Care is available for babies and children too young for Church School.


Adult Christian Formation

Thank You Cody and Jen!

As many of you know, Fr. Cody Unterseher will soon be leaving Christ Church Bronxville to continue his doctoral studies at the University of Notre Dame. It has been a great blessing to have had Fr. Unterseher with us, preaching, teaching and leading worship for the past two years, and we wish him Godspeed in the next chapter of his life and ministry. We also congratulate seminarian and Deacon Jennifer Brown Lanier who received her M.Div. from the General Theological Seminary on May 20th. Jen has become a beloved member of the CCB family, especially in her work with the seventh grade confirmation class. Jen’s plans for ministry are still being formed, but it is our hope that we will continue to see her around Christ Church in the near future. All members of CCB are invited to her ordination to the priesthood in late September. Many thanks to Cody and Jen for their service to CCB and their presence in our lives.

Thank You to the Heritage Group!

Thank you to Vicky Carter for organizing the Heritage Teas and Sunday Luncheons this year. The next Festive Tea is Saturday, June 6th, 2009 in the Crispell Lounge at 2:00 PM.


Thank you to all who helped support PigTales, our Mother’s Day project to fund a community piggery with the Mothers’ Union in Southern Malawi. We also thank our Bronxville partners, Eliza Corwin Frost Child Center, the Village Lutheran Church and the Reformed Church. Once again, we surpassed our fundraising goals. The first installment of money was transferred to the director of the Mothers’ Union, and work on the piggery has already begun.

Our Green Christmas Parish Garden is also well on its way, and two of our colleagues in Southern Malawi who monitor and disburse funds will visit the garden this month to give us a report. In July, Mo. Kate Malin and Love’s Harvest director John Springer are returning to Malawi to visit these projects, our Goat Farm, and other Permaculture projects currently underway. Ken Richardson will join them, as will Dawn Ravella, Outreach Director at the Reformed Church. Please check after July 15th for another blog from Malawi, and to see photos of pigs, plants, goats and evidence of the further adventures of Christ Church Bronxville’s efforts in Global Mission. For a marvelous and succinct article on why this kind of permaculture agriculture is the future of sustainable food production in Africa, and why local and targeted outreach of the kind Love’s Harvest and CCB provide is key, read the article in National Geographic at bourne-text. If you did not participate in PigTales but would like to support upcoming kitchen gardens and pastured livestock projects through our partnership in Malawi, please contact Kate Malin at or Ken Richardson at krichardson@, or send a check made out to Christ Church Bronxville with “Malawi” in the memo line. All monies directly support women’s empowerment and food sustainability, and a little goes a very long way.

July Birthdays 1: Vicky Carter, Ken Richardson; 2: Scott Castle, Thomas Dawson, Jordan Sears; 3: Christopher Behrens, Paul Dean, Jackie Goodell, Patricia Schaffer, Charles Yerkes; 4: Margaret Taylor Conaton, Grace Howard, Cynthia Houx; 5: David Fairchild, Hayes Romley; 8: Todd Kranenburg, Caroline Blouin; 9: Taber Minich; 10: Jeffrey Abboud, Lily Bogle, Frances Kleiner, Joan Hancock, Davin Michaels, Flicka Michaels, Justina Michaels, Timothy Michaels; 12: Michael Hoover, Alex Mintz, Karly Redpath; 13: Paul Sullivan; 14: James Clarke; 16: Joanna Castle; 17: Sarah Kraemer, John Marshall; 18: Colleen Sica, Ruth Wood; 19: Michael O’Guin; 20: Grace Bali, Ali Gourd; 21: Susanne Murray; 22: Kathleen Conaton, Etta Eskridge; 23: Priscilla Bender; 24: Jutta Alkins; 25: Anne Collins, Ella Hogan, Emma Geer; 26: Christopher George, Drury McAlarney; 27: Jack Buendia, Chase Hansen; 28: Hope Wilson; 30: Dorothy Thomas; 31: Lucie Dean, Joanne Jones, Barbara Brewka

August Birthdays

1: Laura Villani, Nancy Yohannan; 2: Steve Kraemer, Teresa McRoberts; 3: Chandler Clarke; 4: Eugene Elliott, Jack St. Philip, Adeline St. Philip; 5: Julia Bruton, Anne Freed, William Howard; 6: James Clarke, Mia DelBene, Cecily Moffett; 8: Krista Miller, Kate Kranenburg, Mae Thomas; 9: Hyuga Takagi; 11: Shruti Philips; 12: Edward Kenney; 13: Betsy Goodrum; 15: Andy Bender, Helen Clarke, Laura Dean, Margaret George, Linda Frankenbach, Elizabeth Tighe; 16: Christina Frantom; 17: Scott Freed; 18: Marianna Bruton, Holly Castle; 19: Courtney Bogle; 21: Callie Ewy; 23: Cia McAlarney, Cary Watson; 25: Benjamin Holland, Martha Thomas; 26: Douglas Wisner; 27: Emily Brasco, Cameron McKhann, Luke Sears; 29: Nicholas Foley, Addison Morse, Barbara Potgieter, Amber Taylor; 30: Alexandra Kenney, Kira Parks, Jason Thoms

The Spire


EYC EYC College Student, Senior Reunion June 23rd at 6:00 PM at the Rectory Calling all returning college students and new high school graduates! We’ll be gathering at the rectory on June 23rd to catch up on college life and spend time with old friends. Please RSVP to Krista Miller at

EYC Summer Scavenger Hunt in NYC June 30th, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Still around the week after school is out? Come have one last hurrah with the EYC on June 30th. The teens will explore the city and all it has to offer through a scavenger hunt. They’ll put together clues, navigate subways, read maps and have a blast. Please email Krista Miller at for more information.

Upcoming EYC Events

DMT Thank You’s

June 5th – Midnight Run 12th – End of the Year Lock-in

August 8th to 16th – Mission Trip to Georgia hosted by the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia

John Dias Hannah Nichols Christopher Wells Krista Miller

Thank You EYC Leaders

Chas Elliot Katherine Bryce John Dias Krista Miller Thanks to all of the EYC parents for providing dinners every Monday!

Police Aid in Duckling Rescue at Christ Church Bronxville

Photo by Ken Richardson

On the morning of May, 11th, traffic was briefly diverted around Christ Church Bronxville as a mother duck and her ducklings were rescued by police and volunteers. The ducks had emerged from a hidden nest in front of the church and were attempting to cross the busy street when onlookers shooed the birds back into the bushes. The police were called, diverted cars and maintained watch on the birds until trained volunteers arrived and ultimately lured the mother and offspring out of the bushes. The duck family was relocated them to the lake nearby, and at last report were none the worse for wear as a result of their tour of the village.



Thank You! Primary Choir Evan Barr Isabelle Beit Patrick Bird Annie Freed Betsy Goodrum Winslow Griffen Nicholas Hibbler William Murphy Caroline Richardson Izaak Thoms Cecilia Visco Erin Kaye Hannah Hely George Cooney Sing n’ Ring Hadley Barr Caroline Beit Libby Bishop Jason Cushman Timothy Cushman Nora Foley Jackson Freed Ella Hogan Claire Kraemer Owen Smith Lily Nesvold Jack Redpath Sally Reynolds Dylan Richardson Robert Villani Vance Wood Sophie Feinberg Charlotte Reynolds Claire Hayes Lucy Whitney

Voice for Life Stanley Clarke Henry Anderson Caleb Smith Walker Smith Taber Minich Paul Philips Will Rabsey Nicolette Romley Alleigh Thoms Talia Oliveras Eve Lott Andina Clarkson Lilia Briskin Charles Lazaroni Kathleen Conaton Schola Cantorum Julia Castle Thomas Dawson Lauren Harrington Sally Heintz Jessica Palfrey Karly Redpath Wilyem Thoms Joe Wood Caroline Yerkes Mary Harris Cailen Jimenez Alaya Martin Hyuga Takagi Coco Vonnegut Jack Begert Christ Church Choir Holly Castle Allison Devlin

Charles Elliott Hans Ericson David Fairchild Gabriel Felippe Phil Hamlin Jennifer Ware Robert Hamshaw Jane Hoffman Timothy McCann Ken Richardson Brian Seirup Colleen Sica Treva Thoms Adrienne May Amy Graves Shana Ericksen Carol Bartold Mark Zizolfo Handbell Ensemble Deborah Cook, Director Barbara Deller Liz Folberth Barbara McKinnon Julie O’Connor Deborah Ross Mary Sanford Bob Singleton Heidi Wolfgang Ruth DeRosa Paige Nagle Joan Forsythe

A very special thank you to Ken Richardson for his three years of service as Chairman of the Music Committee. Ken’s enthusiasm and ability to involve choristers and families throughout the parish has been a benefit and inspiration to the music program.

Register today! 2009-2010 Choir Season The Primary Choir (Kindergarten and First Grade) Sing ‘n Ring (Second through Eighth Grade) Voice for Life (Third Grade through Eighth Grade) Schola Cantorum (Teens) Christ Church Choir (Adults) Registration can be done online by visiting - click on Music, then click Registration. Please feel free to contact Christopher Wells if you have any questions: 914-337-3544 or

The Spire


Parish Events Interested in taking piano or organ lessons? Jessica French (organ scholar) is looking for new students age 7 and above for the coming year. Adults are welcome too! Lessons are weekly, either a half hour or an hour long. For more information, please email her at

Thursday, June 25 at 4:00 PM Friday, June 26 at 7:30 PM TAYLOR HALL – CHRIST CHURCH BRONXVILLE GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS - $10

Young at Arts in collaboration with ASTEP presents a Pre-Season Performing Arts Camp DATES: August 17th – 28th, 2009 Monday-Friday

Thank you to the committees that help make our church so vibrant and warm. Outreach Altar Guild Vestry Facilities Music Parish Life Communications

PLACE: Christ Church Bronxville TIME: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM AGE GROUPS: - Students going into 1st grade – 3rd grade - Students going into 4th grade – 6th grade - Students going into 7th grade – 11th grade (Students bring a sack lunch. Snack and drink provided.) FEE: $450 - Registration begins Monday, May 4th This special pre-season camp has been built to offer its participants a safe environment where the arts are used as a vehicle of self-exploration and expression and where young people build their self-esteem and their respect for others. This twoweek period also serves as a preparatory period for the exciting Young at Arts school year ahead. Students are exposed to dance, drama, music, poetry, playwriting, film and visual art. The camp culminates in a final performance of original works created by students and teachers. This innovative program, brought to you by the outstanding artists from the rosters of ASTEP, has introduced students around the world to Shakespeare and Martha Graham, The Beatles and Chopin, improvisation and mural-making, film-making and photography, Augusto Boal and Martin Luther King Jr. and many more. To find out more about ASTEP, the people it serves and its inspiring founder, Drama Desk Award Winning Broadway Music Director Mary-Mitchell Campbell, please visit their website


Let’s Keep in Touch! Twitter and Email

Sometimes it is great to simply unplug from the world. But it is also a blessing to be plugged in to our Christ Church community. To that end we would like to keep you aware of all the exciting activities and events going on here, even throughout the summer, as new construction projects begin, as we get updates from our projects in Malawi and as the new pipe organ arrives. So far, we have been actively communicating with you on the web, through emails and with our postcards and mailings. We would like to be in touch with you on a more personal basis and to give you the information you need to know about Christ Church in a more timely fashion. So now, in addition to our other forms of communication, we will begin using Twitter. Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. Below are some details about signing up. You can send and receive Twitter updates via mobile texting or the web. To do that, you’ll want to visit your settings page (and you’ll want to invite some friends). Activate Phone: Invite Your Friends: To Follow CCBNY: Also, make sure we have an updated email address for you. If you have not been receiving the All Parish Email every week or are having issues, please let us know! For more information please contact Amy Axelson

Thank You Liturgical Assistants! Lay Assistants Christopher Alkins Hondi Brasco Barbara Deller Brian Firth Hershell George Worth Goodell Warren Ilchman Bob Jalang’o Eddie Lopez Jody Maier Barbara McKinnon Krista Miller Kathy O’Guin John O’Neil Jessica Palfrey Michael Pollack Jake Sears Camilla Seirup Lorenzo Seirup Meghan Whiney Kathryn Whitney Lisa Wolgang Lectors Andrea Bates Ann Collins Hondi Brasco Barbara Deller Amy Freed Randy Frost

Hershell George Tom Goodrum Warren Ilchman Peter Johnson Eddie Lopez Jodie Maier Barbara McKinnon Krista Miller Art Nagle Kathy O’Guin John O’Neil Ken Richardson Cliff Schneider Letizia Seirup James Sutton Centes Williams Acolytes Alex Adrian Kate Anderson Matthew Behrens Lara Blom Jamie Carroll Joanna Castle Patrick Conaton Charlotte Cooley George Cooley Susannah Cooley Sam Feinberg Madeleine Foley George Fowlkes Chris George

Owen Jones Coleman Kraemer Warren Kraemer Ashley Morse Sam O’Neil Amelia Phillips Joshua Philips Jordan Sears Caroline Sorensen Willyem Thoms Jess Tighe Helen Wood Thomas Wolfgang Caroline Yerkes Clerks Jutta Alkins Jack Barrett Chris Behrens Julia Castle Michael Conaton Andrew DelBene Nico Foley Lucy Fowlkes Katie George Drury McAlarney Ian Palfrey Vincent Pazienza Taylor Reynolds Patrick Tine Centes Williams

The Spire

Friday, June 5th

Midnight Run

Sunday, June 7th

Trinity Sunday/Healing Sunday Last Church School 5:30 PM Parish Picnic

Sunday, June 14th

Summer Church Begins Summer Service Schedule 9:00 AM HE Rite I or II 5:00 PM Evening Prayer or HE II

Tuesday, June 16th

9:30 AM Circle of Light (Last of season)

Thursday, June 18th 9:30 AM Women’s Spirituality (Last of season)

Save the Date!

Parish Picnic Sunday, June 7th at 5:30 PM

at the home of Joanne and Stephen Jones 84 Park Avenue, Bronxville Please provide food as follows: Last names A-G: Dessert H-M: Wine N-Z: Salad Please bring food ready-to-serve with labeled utensils. Kindly bring a donation of one can of food (or other non-perishable item) for every member in your family. There will be a collection box at the picnic.

The Spire


Christ Church Bronxville 17 Sagamore Road Bronxville, NY 10708-1599



Contact us: Music at CCB 5 Parish Events 6 A Newsletter by and for the people of Christ Church Bronxville 914.337.3544 Monday-...


Contact us: Music at CCB 5 Parish Events 6 A Newsletter by and for the people of Christ Church Bronxville 914.337.3544 Monday-...