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A Newsletter by and for the people of Christ Church Bronxville

Dear Friends,

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As has been the tradition at Christ Church, we end our program year with a bang. June 4 will be a grand Pentecost celebration and birthday party for the Church, and will include a presentation about our Christian Formation program. June 11 is Recognition Sunday, featuring a beautiful piece of music by John Rutter that involves all of our choirs. June 11 is also the Parish Picnic hosted by the Behrens Family. On June 18 the Church School combines for a Jeopardy Challenge covering knowledge of the early Church, world religions and the Old and New Testaments. The first three weeks of June will be filled with the joy and excitement that represents so clearly our life together here at Christ Church – our weekly celebration in thanksgiving for all that God does for us and through us. After June 18 our schedule changes as we settle into the rhythm of the summer months. Starting June 25 we will have one service on Sunday morning at 9:00AM, and one service Sunday evening at 5:00PM. The 9:00AM service will alternate between Rite I (traditional language) and Rite II (modern usage) and is a great way for us to experience the best of both worlds. There will of course be service music and hymns.

The 5:00PM service will alternate between said Evening Prayer with homily and said Holy Eucharist. A schedule for that will be published by mid-June. The 5:00PM service will be held downstairs in the Chapel of the Guardian Angels. Our mid-week liturgies during the summer remain as they have always been. Wednesday mornings at 7:00AM there is Morning Prayer in the Chapel of the Guardian Angels. Thursday mornings at 11:00AM there is Holy Eucharist Rite I with healing, also in the Chapel of the Guardian Angels. Those of you who have experienced the heat of Christ Church in July and August understand why we move so many of our liturgies downstairs to the air-conditioned Chapel of the Guardian Angels! The heat is also one of the reasons for moving the Sunday morning service earlier to 9:00 AM. Although many of us take vacation or change our routines in the summer, the life-giving discipline of worship and celebration continues at Christ Church. Please join us when you are home and keep worship and community as part of summer’s restorative process. May Almighty God bless us all in our rest and in our work, at home and away. Faithfully,

To Contact us: 914.337.3544 Monday-Thursday 9 AM to 3 PM

The Rev. Michael A. Bird, Rector

June 2006

VOL. LX, No. 6


June School Calendar June 4th, 9:45 AM, Abbreviated class due to baptism June 11th, 9:45 AM Youth Sunday June 18th, 9:45 AM Sunday School Last Day of Class

Pre-K through Grade One June 4th “Pentecost” June 11th TBA June 18th Church School Event

Third Grade June 4th Esther, Nehemiah June 11th TBA June 18th Church School Event

Fourth Grade June 4th Paul’s arrest, shipwreck and life in Rome June 11th Youth/ Recognition Sunday June 18th End of year event (ChurchSchool Jeopardy Challenge)

Fifth and Sixth Grades June 4th Church Symbolism: Images in art and literature June 11th Youth Sunday June 18th Church School Event

Mission Trip to Malawi

Center for Spiritual Growth

Mission Trip To Malawi: One of our parishioners and outreach committee members, Dr. Etta Eskridge will be traveling to Malawi this summer for volunteer work in areas surrounding the central capital Lilongwe. The Outreach committee is asking for donations of medicines and toiletries for Dr. Eskridge to bring with her for distribution at the hospitals and clinics she will be working in. Etta will be traveling with Dr. Don Thomas, his wife Mary and members of All Saints Church in Pasedena who are going for the first time to Malawi to volunteer their services as doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners. Some of the items the group is looking for are over the counter medicines for both children and adults such as pain medicines, skin treatments (steroid and antifungals) and other items such as gauze, bandaids, toothpaste and toothbrushes. All of these simple items are in very short supply in Malawi and must be hand carried over in order to avoid diversion. If you can collect some of these items, please bring them to the narthex or the church office during the month of June and they will be distributed by Dr. Eskridge during her two weeks in Malawi in July. Thanks for all your help and any monetary contributions you can afford to support our project with GAIA, Dzama Village. If you wish to contribute a check, make it out to Christ Church and put GAIA on the memo.

Dr. Pamela Tudor-Craig, Lady Wedgwood

Nursery Located on the third floor of the Child Center, this resource is staffed by two loving and caring professionals from 9:45 A.M. to noon each Sunday so that parents can take full advantage of the Adult Forum after the 10:00 A.M. service. Parents are also welcome and encouraged as extra volunteers.

Mark the dates! Sept. 30 and Oct.1stThe Center for Spiritual Growth will host the visit of Dr. Pamela Tudor-Craig, Lady Wedgwood, to Christ Church this fall. A foremost authority on art and spirituality, Lady Wedgwood is a gifted, entertaining speaker, a distinguished art historian and an active member of the Anglican Church. She will taking a group for an in depth visit to The Cloisters, preceded by a discussion on pilgrimage and holy friendship, on Saturday, September 30th. On Sunday, October 1st, she will give the opening lecture on the Art and Spirituality series, entitled The Beauty of Holiness: the Artist as Saint, the Saint as Artist. To mark the opening of the lecture series and to give a warm Christ Church welcome to Pamela, we are planning a luncheon for that day. A Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (one of the UK’s oldest learned societies) and the holder of a Royal Pension from HM Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Wedgwood has a wide range of interests, with a major focus on Christian iconography, has written extensively, and has had a very successful series, The Secret Life of Paintings, aired on the BBC. She has also dedicated much of her time to strengthening efforts to ensure the protection of the earth and to assisting in the conservation of English cathedrals. During the first part of her stay, Pamela will be in Bronxville and will participate in parish life. Later, she will be giving other lectures in the area and in the city to which a wider audience will be invited but she will be our own special guest for the first few days. I look forward to your help in making Pamela’s stay amongst us a memorable occasion. -Hondi Brasco


Welcome to The Rev. Deacon Katherine Malin During the month of June we will welcome Deacon Kate Malin to our staff as curate. (The term Curate typically refers to an assisting priest in a parish. It is from the Latin curatus, “entrusted with the care” of something. It was originally used to describe a priest entrusted with the care (or “cure”) of souls in a particular area or parish). Kate graduated from General Seminary this May with a Master of Divinity degree and with honors. She earned her BA from Yale University and graduated cum laude. Kate is married and has three children - Caleb and Walker, b. 3/2/1998, are currently in second grade; Owen, b. 11/14/2001, is in PreK. Bruce Smith, Kate’s husband, is the Vice President for Development at General Seminary. Kate was ordained a deacon this spring and will be ordained a priest on September 16 at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Although she is unable to lead the celebration of Holy Eucharist, she is able to get to work in all other ways immediately. Kate brings to us extraordinary gifts as a preacher, wonderful experience as a pastoral caregiver and organizer, solid and varied liturgical training and a background in theatre. Work on the Curate’s apartment must be done before Kate and her family move in, so they will not be in residence until the end of the summer. Kate will, however, be around during the week and here on Sundays. Please, when you see Kate, Bruce and the boys, make a point of introducing yourselves and warmly welcoming them to our family. I am absolutely delighted that she will be joining our staff. And as Bishop Sisk said at Confirmation on May 21, Christ Church and Kate (Deacon Malin) will do great things together. -Fr. Bird

Music Pre-Registration for all choirs has begun. If you are interested in participating in one of our choirs next year, please sign up in the Undercroft following Sunday morning services or contact Christopher Wells at 337-3544x116 or Sunday, June 11th is the last Sunday The Christ Church Choir will sing this season. As the choir enjoys a well-deserved break this summer, we are beginning to recruit for the fall. Do you love to sing? Do you know someone who loves to sing and needs some encouragement to join the choir? Join the Christ Church Choir! Sunday, June 11th:Recognition Sunday Choristers in The Christ Church Choir, Voice for Life, Schola Cantorum, Sing ‘n Ring, and The Primary Choir will robe and participate at this service. 9:00AM All Choirs except the Primary Choir rehearse 9:30AM Primary Choir Rehearsal Sunday, June 18th: Last “Parish Choir” Sunday. Come one, come ALL to the 9:00AM rehearsal to sing at the 10:00AM service.

A Year in Review At the end of this season of music at Christ Church, it seems fitting to think back to the many music moments we have shared together. The list is long, and I’m sure you can even add a few things of your own. Perhaps we can take these memories with us on break or vacation over the summer and remember with fondness the time we shared together this year: Choir Dinners, Choir Camp, “Bach to Bop” Concert, Youth Sunday, Washington DC Choir Tour, Advent Lessons & Carols, Christmas Eve, Parish Choir Sundays, Pedals, Pipes, and Pizza, Charis Chamber Voices, Elephants on the Ivories, Organ Concert, Holy Week, Easter Day, Evensong, Holocaust Commemoration Service, Joint Concert with The American Boychoir, Gallery Ringers Outreach Trip. As we prepare for Recognition Sunday, take your accomplishments to heart! You have brought delight to the ears of worshippers, inspired concert-goers, and made a commitment to an ensemble that matters to a great many people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your contribution to the musical life of our Parish. -Christopher Wells


Happy Birthday To.. June 1: Janet Barrett, George Brooks, Elizabeth Folberth, Charles Moore, Johanna Marie Rabsey; 2: James Carroll; 3: Mr. David Lapham, Pearl BrookeSchneider;4: Luke Gregory Devlin, Hilary Sullivan; 7: Eugenia Ballou Hamshaw; 8: Johanna Redpath, Thomas Ruhm, Taylor Ann Sears; 9: Warren Barbour, Rick Bruck; 10: Steven Tighe; 11: Rosemary Alexander; 12: Charlie Howard, Timothy Harold O’Donoghue, Julia Thaler; 13: Agatha Dunbar; 14: Mieke vHB Armstrong, Hannah Carey, Thomas Goodrum, Leighton Welch, Joe Wood; 15: Michael Conaton, Bob Hamshaw; 16: Luke Potgieter, Sarah Lyn Potgieter, Owen Thomas, Robert Irvin Villani, Christine Wight; 17: Andrew Foley; 19: Lucy Whitney; 20:Lily Nesvold, Karen Watson; 21: Margaret Grace Barrett, Amanda Macmillan-Bell, 22: Troy Edward Krusz, Virginia Randolph O’Brien; 24: Guy McKhann, Dr. Guy McKhann, Kimberly Morse; 25: Karen Carpenter Sheer, June White Irwin, Harry Yerkes; 26:Jon Alkins, Ann Parks, Louis Parks, Hannah W. Thaler; 27: Barbara Sage; 28: Christopher Alkins, Peter Bruton, Robert A Villani, Charlotte Yerkes; 29: Oliver Alkins

Christ Church Bronxville thank yous for lending hearts, hands and voices! The Primary Choir Noah Gaffney Oliver Zhou Hadley Emmet Barr Mallory Bates Caroline Beit Grayson Elder Alexander Euston Christopher Euston Ella Kerrie Louise Hogan Nathaniel Sessions Kelsey Caroline Kirby Claire Kraemer Hannah Potgieter Sally Blake Reynolds Martha Grace Thomas Robert Irvin Villani Whit Yerkes Voice for Life Trebles Zoë Dudek Amos Peng Lilly Slaughter Katherine S. Andersen Alina Atayan Ellie Briskin Lilia Briskin Charlotte Cooley Susannah Cooley Christopher Owen George Joan Hancock Sarah Cole Heintz Joshua Philips Paul Philips Sarah Lyn Potgieter Morgan Price Music Committee The Rev. Michael A. Bird Tacey Carroll Joan Forsyth Lisa Harrington Tracey Minich Paige Nagle Stephen Palfrey Barbara Potgieter Johanna Redpath Laura Villani Christopher Wells

The Gallery Ringers Cindy Ahmuty Barbara Deller Velma Dougherty Liz Folberth Lisa Harrington Barbara McKinnon Paige Nagle Julie O’Connor Bob Singleton Mary Thaler Jayne Warman Schola Cantorum Mary Connors Maria Devlin Kim Drew Mary Harris Hyuga Takagi Coco Vonnegut Emma Chandler Clarke Thomas Dawson Lauren Harrington Duncan Mahood Tashana Marshall Patrick Noonan Jessica Palfrey Camilla Seirup Lorenzo Seirup Dillon Smith Kathryn Whitney The Christ Church Choir Michael Certo Joseph Levesque Erol Tamerman Maret Björnberg Holly Castle Chandler Clarke Allison Devlin David Fairchild John Fulton Jennifer Gormley Phil Hamlin Bob Hamshaw Jessica House Janey Lawry-White William Mulligan Ken Richardson Brian Seirup Colleen Sica

The Parish Choir Mary Taylor Behrens Kim Olson Rita Durniak Anna Foley Nicholas Foley Tracey Minich Karly Redpath Sarah Reynolds The Sing ‘n Ring Choir Christopher Behrens Matthew Behrens Pierson Broadwater Jamie Carroll Joanna Castle Julia Castle Stanley Clarke Kathleen Conaton Patrick Conaton Madeleine Foley William Anderson Claire Hayes Clare Macmillan-Bell Nina McManus Taber Yeomans Minich Abigail Neill John Henry Redpath Charlotte Reynolds Taylor Cary Reynolds Nicolette Romely Henry Tehan Rachael Bothwell Elizabeth Ann Villani Bailey Wood Helen Wood Caroline Woodward Yerkes


Happy Birthday To.. July 1: Vicky Carter, Katharine Duval; 2: Scott Castle, Jessica Pilla, Jordan Sears; 3: Christopher Behrens, Paul Dean, Jackie Goodell, Robert Offerman, Patricia Owen, Charles Yerkes; 4: Margaret Conaton, Grace Howard; 5: David Fairchild; 8: Gertrude Bottari, Rachel Ann Koshy, Todd Kranenburg; 9: Taber Minich; 10: Jeffrey Abboud, Lily McCulloch Bogle, Davin Michaels, Flicka Michaels, Justina Michaels, Timothy Michaels; 11: Rosanna Hansen; 12: Michael Hoover, Alexander Mintz, Karly Redpath; 13: Paul Sullivan; 14: James Clarke; 15: James Bailey; 16: Joanna Castle, Ruth Epstein; 17: Sarah Kraemer, John Marshall; 18: Robert Krusz, Colleen Sica, Ruth Wood, Juliet Zygmunt; 19: Michael O’Guin; 20: Grace Ball, Alison Atwood Gourd; 21: Susanne Murray; 22: Kathleen Conaton, 22: Etta Eskridge, Randall Wolfgang; 23: Melissa Bailey, Priscilla Bender, Deborah DePalmero; 24: Jutta Alkins; 25: Anne Collins, Ella Hogan, Emma Maitland Geer; 26: Christopher George; 27: Jack Buendia, Kathryne Hansen, Elizabeth Maze; 28: Hope Gordon Wilson; 30: Lianne McKhann, Dorthy Thomas; 31: Lucie Dean, Joanne Jones, Barbara Brewka, Mildred Hope Robinson

Holy Apostles Soup Christ Church Bronxville Christopher thank yousAlkins for lending Kitchen Volunteers Hondi Brasco Barbara Deller (Mondays, year round) Brian Firth Eleanor Pennell Hershell George Virgina Newcombe Alice Ilchman Patti Owen Warren Ilchman Jan Puckhaber Barbara McKinnon Bob Singleton Kathy O’Guin Ushers Brian Sica Kim Olson Clerks Steven Ahmuty Jutta Alkins Ralph Alexander Centes William Mieke Armstrong Brian Sica Elliot Bates Chris Behrens Lectors Linda Blakely Anne Collins Karen Sheer Carpenter Tom Goodrum Noel Carroll Bill Mahood Polly Coe Peter Johnson Anne Collins Robert Singleton Georgeann Delli Venneri Centes Williams Gene Elliot Barbara McKinnon Brian Firth Kathy O’Guin David Fuller Hershell George Henri Gourd Jim Sutton J. Rockhill Gray Barbara Deller Joe Kratovil Acolytes John Leferovich Katie George Bill Mahood Hallie Garvey Barbara McKinnon Mac Garvey Wink McKinnon Alex Mintz Jeffrey Minich Charlie Sorensen Arthur Nagle Karly Redpath Paige Nagle Jake Sears Bob O’Connor Duncan Mahood Kathleen O’Guin Camilla Seirup Michael O’Guin Lorenzo Seirup George Palmer Lisa Wolfgang Hollis Petersen Welcome Table Rosemary Philips Lucie Dean James Redpath Betsy Howard Sarah Reynolds Karen Carpenter Sheldon Reynolds Anne Collins Tom Ruhm Jane Kratovil Luke Sears Ruth Singleton Ann Tighe Paige Nagle Richard Whitney Letizia Seirup Nancy Yohannan Johanna Redpath Deborah Ross Lay Assistants

Church School at Christ Church Teachers

hearts, hands and voices! Andrea Archibald Melissa Bailey Jennifer Barr Mary Taylor Behrens Priscilla Bender Karen Bowen The Rev. Daniel C. Gunn Margaret Taylor Conaton Rita Durniak Meghan Duval Katherine Elder Anna Foley Tracey Gilliam Gary Hayes Deborah Ross The Rev. Michael Bird Sarah Kraemer Lianne McKhann Etta Eskridge Bruce Neill Joseph Philips Barbara Potgieter Sarah Reynolds Didi Romley Isabel Sanclemente Jane Sears Ownen Thomas Laura Villani Kimberly Yerkes Nancy Yohannan Altar Guild Andrea Bates Shelby Goodrum Jan Gray Virginia Newcombe Carol Taylor Bette MacGregory Velma Dougherty Janet Puckhaber Cecily Moffett Pat Mutolo Julie O’Connor Office Volunteers Letizia Seirup Shelby Goodrum Betsy Goodrum Laney Goodrum


A Request from the Vestry and the Rector During the summer months Christ Church, like so any other churches, struggles to pay her bills. As we all travel on summer vacation our weekly pledges and gifts simply stop until the fall, leaving very little income to offset our summer expenditures. And unfortunately the summer is when most expenses for the fall are incurred. If you are able, please consider paying your pledge for the summer months in advance. It will make a huge difference to the church and help us avoid relying on our line of credit as we prepare for the fall. -Fr. Bird

Thank Yous Thank-you’s for the Picnic and the Year! We would all like to thank Mary and Chris Behrens for hosting us all, once again, for the Parish Picnic. The Spire deadline is well before the picnic but we can thank them in advance for their gracious hospitality. Their wonderful garden was such a beautiful spot last year and I am so grateful that they are welcoming us again this year. It is a gift to us all! May I also thank all of the cooks, bakers AND grillers that always make this picnic such a tasty repast! Finally, I would like to thank my terrific committee that is so lovely to work with and brings it all together on every occasion. They are: Karen Carpenter, Margaret Conaton, Kimberly Euston, Maria Hayes, Betsy Howard, Tracey Minich, Shruti Philips, Barbara Potgieter, Lea Kelsey, Letizia Seirup, Bea Welch and Nancy Whitney. With true appreciation,

-Lucie Dean

The Deadline to submit articles for the Fall issue of the Spire is August 17th. Have a wonderful summer!

Christian Formation: Upcoming Sundays at Christ Church Sunday, June 4 Pentecost A Birthday Party of the Church Please try and wear something red (the color of Pentecost) to church! 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM Taylor Hall All ages welcome. (Note Time!) A special event to prepare for our birthday party for the church. Vicky Carter will tell the story of Pentecost, and children will make special decorations for the party. 9:00 AM – 9:50 AM Location TBD All parents, teachers and potential teachers welcome. While the children prepare for the birthday party, adults can hear about Church School programs. Father Bird will give an overview of our Children’s Formation programs and why we have selected certain curricula. There will also be a condensed sample Godly Play lesson, handouts with sample lessons from all grades, and a chance for discussion and questions with Father Bird and some of our teachers. 10:00 AM Taylor Hall Last regular Church School classes held. Following the service the Birthday Party begins. There will be cake and treats for all. Come sing Happy Birthday to the church.

Sunday, June 11 Recognition Sunday 10:00 AM No children’s chapel. All children will be in church. Following service:Special reception 5:00 PM 303 Pondfield Road (corner Argyle) Parish Picnic at the home of Chris and Mary Behrens Sunday, June 18 9:45 AM Taylor Hall Children’s Chapel 10:00 AM Kindergarten classroom Pre-K, K and 1st Grade - Combined class with lots of hands on fun. Prizes for all children who can recite the Lord’s Prayer. Any teachers or parents assistance would be welcome! Church School Jeopardy Challenge Taylor Hall Grades 2 – 6 Multi-grade teams will pool their knowledge gained during this year of Church School to become Jeopardy champions. Categories will include: “The Eucharist”, “Old Testament”, “New Testament”, “Church History”, “World Religions” plus extra surprises. Special recognition for all children who can recite their class prayer, creed or psalm. -Deborah Ross

Christ Church Bronxville thank yous for lending hearts, hands and voices! (cont.) Many thanks to all adults and middle school-aged youth who participated in Project Family during the past year! Many thanks to the Vestry for their hard work and leadership: Art Nagle, Mary Taylor Behrens, Mieke Armstrong, William Bates, Lucie Dean, Hershell George, Lisa Harrington, Peter Johnson, Sarah Kraemer, Kim Olson, Ruth Singleton, James Redpath, Sheldon Reynolds, Dorothy Thomas, Laura Villani , Rich Whitney and Karen CarpenterClerk. A Heartfelt Thank You to our architect for the Taylor Hall Project, Ron Evitts and the interior designer Kiki Dennis. They worked wonders to make this project both beautiful and functional. Check out Ron’s other projects at


Come Celebrate the Birthday of the Church!

Thank You to the Fifth/Sixth Grade Class for Writing the Prayers of the People for Confirmation Let us pray for the Church and the world saying - Lord, hear our prayer. We pray for the Universal Church, its members and its mission:

Sunday, June 4 9:00 AM The Feast of Pentecost celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit “like the rush of a mighty wind with tongues of flame that rested on the disciples”. The Holy Spirit gave power to the church through the disciples to spread the gospel. Pentecost is considered the birthday of the church. A special program to include telling the story of Pentecost, a special craft project and preparation for the Birthday Party for the parish will be led by Vicky Carter, our Sacristan. Parents who are attending the Godly Play meeting at 9am are welcome to leave their school age children. All Church School children are welcome. Don’t forget to wear red! The birthday celebration will take place following the 10 a.m. service (outside - weather permitting).

-Deborah Ross

1. That our church continues on for eternity and is able to touch more and more people in the way of Christianity and helping others. 2. That our Bishops – Mark, Catherine and Don – and the clergy of this diocese may continue to care for all the people of God. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer. We pray for the Nation and all in authority – 1. That our leaders guide us with strength and wisdom, especially our President George Bush. 2. And that our government finds ways to help us reduce our need for oil and gasoline and helps to develop alternative energy sources. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer. We pray for the welfare of the world – 1. That Africa and all its people will find a road to healing and better health and living conditions 2. That the people of Iraq find a way to establish and maintain peace. 3. That all of us on this planet find ways to stop global warming and prevent the polar ice caps from melting and causing damage to the earth of our children. 4. That the people in the Gulf Coast are spared another hurricane and continue to improve their living conditions. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer.

A Note from Father Gunn It is with much love and appreciation that I would like to say “thank you” for you kindness and generosity toward me throughout my time at Christ Church, but especially during the party on May 7th. I will cherish my memories of you and of how you encouraged my ministry over the years. Please know that I will deeply miss you, and I look forward to updates about the exciting things that are happening in your lives. -Fr. Gunn

We pray for the concerns of the local community – 1. That our schools continue to be a source of enlightenment and a safe environment for our learning. 2. That those celebrating birthdays this week will grow in the love of Christ. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer. We pray for those who suffer and those in any trouble 1. That all who are hungry in this world have enough food to eat. 2. That the people of Darfur are rescued from the starvation and murders they have suffered. 3. For our friends and relatives, for those on our parish intercession list, and for those we do not know who are suffering from sickness. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer. We pray for the departed – 1. For our great grandparents and other elders, who, after having lived a full life, have entered the kingdom of heaven. 2. For the people in Nigeria who recently died in the pipeline explosion. 3. For the more than 2300 American troops who have died in Iraq. Let us pray to the Lord. Lord, hear our prayer.

JUNE HIGHLIGHTS Sun. June 4th-10:00 AM Pentecost; Choral Family Eucharist and Baptisms Sun. June 11th-5:00 PM Trinity/Recognition Sunday; Parish Picnic

Christ Church Bronxville Parish Family Picnic Sunday, June 11thh 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the home of Mary and Chris Behrens (303 PondďŹ eld Road, Bronxville

Sunday Worship Schedule Starting June 25th

At the corner of Argyle Pl.) Please provide food as follows:

9:00 AM-Holy Eucharist (Church) 5:00 PM Holy Eucharist or Evening Prayer (Chapel of the Guardian Angels)

Last names A-G: Salad H-P: Dessert

Q-Z: Wine

Bring food ready-to-serve with labeled containers and utensils.

Jumping castle for children!

The Spire Christ Church Bronxville 17 Sagamore Road Bronxville, NY 10708-1599

White Plains, NY PERMIT NO. 7155




Those of you who have experienced the heat of Christ Church in July and August understand why we move so many of our liturgies downstairs to...