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TheSpire A Newsletter by and for the people of Christ Church Bronxville

Thank You for a lively end to a joy-filled program year!

At a Glance Children’s Formation


Christian Formation


Parish News Music at CCB Outreach

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June Highlights


Mayor Mary Marvin and Mother Brown walk in the Memorial Day Parade in Bronxville - Courtesy of

Contact us: 914.337.3544 Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Fridays 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM June 2010 VOL. LXIII, No. 8

Confirmation Pentecost Recognition Sunday Baptisms

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Children’s Christian Formation

Church School Teachers Needed

Please, consider volunteering for 7 or 8 Sundays in the year and help teach one of our Church School classes. You will be provided with a lesson plan (and a prepared craft for the teachers of the younger grades). All you need is 30 minutes of time to read through your lesson notes beforehand, and a willingness to take an interest in our children. We have classes for 3 year olds through to 6th graders, so there is something for everyone. If you are willing to volunteer, or would like more information, please contact Barbara Potgieter at or 423-1878. Thank you!!!

Thank You Church School Teachers! Pre-K: Krista Dias Andy Hibbler Laura Hibbler Didi Romley Eileen Visco Nick Visco

Kindergarten and First Grade: Rita Durniak Marca Ewy Tracey Gilliam Shelby Goodrum Mary Hely Sarah Reynolds

3rd Grade: Anna Foley Leon Potgieter Ruth Wood 4th Grade: Joseph Philips Sarah Kraemer Jane Sears 5th/6th Grade: Tim Donahue Deborah Ross

Thank You Nursery Staff!

Reminder: There is nursery care all through the summer. The nursery will be set up in the library, just off the Undercroft downstairs.

Congratulations to the 2010 CCB Confirmands

Nursery Care is available for babies and children too young for Church School.


July Birthdays

Christian Formation Centering Prayer

Our next Centering Prayer group, led by Hondi Brasco and the Rev. Amy Lamborn, will meet for four weeks in June: June 1, June 8, June 15, and June 22 -- all from 8-9 PM in the Chapel of the Guardian Angels. Please join us for a short practice of lectio divina (sacred/prayerful reading), shared silence, and reflection. No prior experience or reading is required; only a openness to a quiet hour spent receptive to God in the midst of our noisy and hectic world.

Progressive Dinner

Thank you to all who opened their homes to make this year’s Progressive Dinner a huge success. It was a great night of fun, food and fellowship! Thank you to Andrea Bates for planning the event and thank you to the fabulous host houses! From Left to Right: Ruth Wood, Giselle Licursi and Jane Johnston

Thank You Progressive Dinner Hosts: Warren Ilchman Giselle & Peter Licursi Peter Johnson Sarah & Steve Kraemer Johanna & Jim Redpath Paige & Art Nagle Margaret & Mike Conaton Tammy & Chip Cushman Catherine & Michael Bird Nancy & Rich Whitney Amy & Scott Freed Debbie & Kevin Cook

EYC Day in the City Sunday, June 6th On Sunday June 6th the teenagers in the EYC headed to Manhattan for a scavenger hunt and adventure in New York City.

Thank You EYC Leaders Chas Elliot, Katherine Bryce, John Dias, Krista Dias Thanks to all of the EYC parents for providing dinners every Monday!

1: Vicky Carter, Ken Richardson; 2: Scott Castle, Thomas Dawson, Jordan Sears; 3: Patricia Schaffer, Paul Dean, Jackie Goodell, Christopher Behrens, Charles Yerkes; 4: Margaret Taylor Conaton, Grace Howard, Cynthia Houx; 5: David Fairchild, Hayes Romley; 8: Todd Kranenburg, Caroline Blouin; 9: Taber Minich; 10: Davin Michaels, Flicka Michaels, Justina Michaels, Timothy Michaels, Jeffrey Abboud, Joan Hancock, Francis Kleiner; 12: Michael Hoover, Alex Mintz, Karly Redpath; 13: Paul Sullivan, Patrick Tine; 14: James Clarke; 16: Joanna Castle; 17: Sarah Kraemer, John Marshall; 18: Colleen Sica, Ruth Wood; 19: Michael O’Guin; 20: Grace Ball, Ali Gourd; 21: Susanne Murray; 22: Kathleen Conaton, Etta Eskridge; 23: Priscilla Bender; 24: Jutta Alkins; 25: Anne Collins, Ella Hogan, Emma Geer; 26: Christopher George, Drury McAlarney; 27: Jack Buendia; 28: Hope Wilson; 30: Lianne De Serres, Dorothy Thomas ; 31:Barbara Brewka Lee

August Birthdays

1: Laura Villani, Nancy Yohannan; 2: Steve Kraemer, Teresa McRoberts; 3: Chandler Clarke; 4: Eugene Elliott, Jack St. Philip, Adeline St. Philip; 5: Julia Bruton, Anne Freed, William Howard; 6: James Clarke, Mia DelBene, Cecily Moffett; 8: Kate Kranenburg, Mae Thomas; 9: Hyuga Takagi; 11: Joseph Philips, Shruti Philips, Georgina Murphy; 12: Edward Kenney, Amelia Srebnik; 13: Betsy Goodrum; 15: Andy Bender, Helen Clarke, Laura Dean, Margaret George, Linda Frankenbach, Elizabeth Tighe; 17: Scott Freed; 18: Marianna Bruton, Holly Castle; 21: Callie Ewy; 23: Cia McAlarney, Cary Watson; 25: Martha Thomas; 26: Douglas Wisner; 27: Emily Brasco, Cameron McKhann, Luke Sears; 29: Nicholas Foley, Addison Morse, Barbara Potgieter, Amber Taylor; 30: Alexandra Kenney, Kira Parks, Jason Thoms

The Spire


Parish News Mary Taylor Behrens recieves the Christ Church Medal - a reflection from Art Nagle

I first met Mary when I was asked by Colleen and Jim to serve on the rector search committee which she co-chaired. I was instantly impressed with her leadership and organizational skills as she guided us through the resumes, interviews, site visits and ultimately the recommendation that has meant so much to this Parish. Fast forward several months and I found myself on the vestry nominating committee with Mary where, after a number of meetings, I thought we were set on a proposed slate. A few days later however Mary called and asked to come see me to “talk about a few things”. So on a beautiful Saturday afternoon one, two, three cars arrive in my driveway and after an hour or so and a couple of wines Mary, Mary Thaler and Lisa Harrington get to the point which was, “we’ve decided you should be the next Senior Warden.” I protested as best I could but having always been putty in the hands of attractive women, and given Mary’s powers of persuasion and unwillingness to take no for an answer, it was of course a lost cause. I did summon up a bit of backbone however by insisting it would be for one term only and that she would be the Junior Warden (which she accepted, saying “don’t worry I’ll do all the work” – which she did). At any rate, Happy Mother’s Day, Carol (and Arthur as well) – you did a really great job and should be very proud. Jim and Michael have detailed the many contributions Mary has made and I’ve had the good fortune to be a first hand witness to many of them. Through our working together I’ve gained an enormous respect and affection for this wonderful person. Christ Church is in a much better place because of Mary Taylor Behrens and I wish we could clone her. Since we can’t of course you need to know that the Christ Church Medal is not a ticket to retirement as we need you for many years to come. Congratulations and many thanks! Art Nagle

Better Know a Parish! Get Your Picture Taken for the Photo Directory On Sunday, June 13th at the Parish Picnic at 5:00 PM we will be taking photos for our All Parish Directory. We know many of you would love to be able to put a name to a face and help our community to know each other better. Please come and take this opporunity to better know the parish by getting your photo taken for the directory. The EYC and others will be helping to make this a quick and easy process. Look for the tables to get your photo taken and contact Amy Capeci if you would like to help with the photo booth by taking pictures or logging names.


Music Join the Procession!

The hopes and expectations for all Christ Church choristers are realized within the structure of five separate choirs. These five choirs function independently toward a common goal: community and service. With the new organ complete, the stage is now set for choirs at Christ Church to grow and flourish into an extraordinary expression of our Christianity. Starting this fall, you may notice some changes: rehearsal schedules, age ranges, and a name change for one choir. These are all in an effort to streamline a natural progression of advancement in the choirs, uncomplicate the schedule, and more accurately label our ensembles. Therefore with Angels and Archangels and with all the company of heaven, won’t you make a commitment to serve the LORD with your voice? The Primary Choir (Kindergarten and First Grade) Rehearsals on most Sundays 11: 15-11:45 AM (during coffee hour) Sing ‘n Ring (Second and Third Grade) Rehearsal on Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 PM Treble Choir (Fourth Grade to Seventh Grade) Rehearsal on Wednesdays 3:30 -5:30 PM Schola Cantorum (8th-12th Grade) Rehearsals on Wednesdays 7:00-8:30 PM Christ Church Choir (Adults) Rehearsals on Wednesdays 7:30 PM-9:00 PM Registration can be done online by visiting - click on Music, then click Registration. Please feel free to contact Christopher Wells if you have any questions: 914-337-3544 or

Chorister Recognition Holly Castle Allison Devlin Charles Elliott Hans Ericson David Fairchild Gabriel Felippe Robert Hamshaw Jane Hoffman Jane Johnston Phillip Johnston Timothy McCann Ken Richardson Brian Seirup Colleen Sica Treva Thoms Mary Harris Adrienne May

Amy Graves Carol Bartold Megan Wilson Isabelle Beit Patrick Bird Erin Foley Piper Gilliam Nicholas Hibbler Ashton Minich Izaak Thoms Charlotte Yerkes Caroline Blouin Julia Castle Thomas Dawson Karly Redpath Wilyem Thoms Joe Wood

Caroline Yerkes Cailen Jimenez Alaya Martin Hyuga Takagi Edward Barr Hadley Barr Caroline Beit Libby Bishop Jamie Elkerton Ella Hogan Claire Kraemer Lily Nesvold Sally Reynolds Caroline Richardson Dylan Richardson Erin Kaye Sophie Feinberg

William Anderson Taber Minich Paul Philips Johanna Rabsey William Rabsey John Redpath Nicolette Romley Alekzandra Thoms Talia Oliveras Eve Lott Jim Grant

Organ Scholar Update We have been blessed to have Jessica French as a part of the Christ Church Staff for two years. This summer, Jessica will begin an exciting new adventure in her career as Organ Scholar for Trinity Church Wall Street. In her time as Robert G. Owen Organ Scholar at Christ Church, Jessica has offered extraordinary organ music and nurtured the choirs with her own experience as a singer. Godspeed Jessica! Our new Organ Scholar, Vaughn Mauren will join the staff in August. Vaughn is a recent graduate of Yale University and did his undergraduate studies at Trinity College in Hartford. As a child, Vaughn was a chorister at The Cathedral of All Saints in Albany, NY and will be able to share his unique upbringing in the Episcopal Church with our own choristers.

The Spire


Outreach Corner By the time you’ll read these lines Mother’s Day will be gone and Father’s Day will be around the corner. These holidays remind us of the people in our life that matter most. Maybe Children’s Day should be added to the calendar some time soon for the joy of greeting card marketers and to complete the circle. In any case, close family is where our center of affection is, and rightly so. Family, however, should not be the boundary of our interest, a great deal of people are out there and sometimes we fail to reach out to them. To paraphrase Archbishop Tutu, I have news for you: you are not your brother’s and sister’s keeper, you are your brother’s brother and your sister’s sister. In saying that he was referring to Ubuntu, a Bantu tribe word that liberally translated mean “ I am because you are”. In an interview the archbishop said “One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu - the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can’t be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality - Ubuntu - you are known for your generosity.” The outreach committee subscribes to this thinking, we can’t truly be ourselves unless we live through and with the others around us, particularly the ones in need. We need your help and you need your fellow human beings. -P.G. Costa

Outreach Thank You To Those Who Serve The Community Locally And Abroad CCB Outreach and Global Mission comprise our church’s efforts to help those who cannot help themselves, both domestically and internationally, as we are called upon to do. CCB Outreach, the domestic side of our endeavors, would like to send an especially warm THANK YOU to all those who contributed to the success of our ministries in the 2009-2010 church year, especially: •

Shawn O’Neil and the children from the Bronxville school who prepared meals for the Sacred Heart Soup Kitchen; • Erin Pazienza and everyone who donated, bagged and delivered food to the Interfaith Food Bank; • Mike Conaton, PG & Carol Costa, the Confirmation class, EYC and all others who kindly donated clothing, prepared meals and participated in the Midnight and Breakfast Runs to help the homeless of New York City; • Jim Sutton and his crew of trash pickers and vine cutters who devoted their time and gardening tools to help clean up and beautify the paths along the river on behalf of the Bronx River Conservatory: • and finally the cooks, those who funded the purchase of a new dishwasher for Fessenden House and the multi-talented Michael Pollack who installed it. • The Outreach Committee for organizing the many activities that keep the calendar so active throughout the year. CCB’s Global Mission, focusing on international relief, would like to thank all those who responded to the call when asked, especially in such a brief time frame this year. As a result of your participation in our Mother’s Day project “Some Bunny Loves You,” the Burduram Community Refugee School in Ghana, Africa will have the resources to create a self-sustaining animal husbandry project. Christ Church assembled over $2,000 of food and basic medical supplies for transport to the devastated country of Haiti, to help save the lives of our brothers and sisters there. A special thank you to the Bronxville School Women’s Lacrosse Team for their help in packaging the relief supplies. Ken Richardson, CCB’s Executive Director, Global Relief for coordinating our efforts abroad. Lastly, all of Christ Church owes a tremendous debt to Dorothy Thomas for her inspired leadership, seemingly infinite energy and unwavering dedication to involving the entire parish in helping others. Her presence will be sorely missed and we wish her Godspeed and much happiness as she and her family enter a new phase in their lives in Florida.

A Prayer for the Gulf of Mexico

Written by the Rev. Canon Beverly Gibson, Sub-Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Mobile We pray today for the preservation of our natural environment, especially the Gulf of Mexico and the lands and waters it touches: Guide those who labor to contain the oil that endangers the creatures of sea and land; Strengthen those who work to protect them; Have mercy on those whose livelihoods will suffer; Forgive us for our carelessness in using the resources of nature, and give us wisdom and reverence so to manage them in the future, that no one may suffer from our abuse of them, and that generations yet to come may continue to praise you for your bounty; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


June Birthdays 2: George Brooks, Elizabeth Folberth, Janet Barrett, Johanna Rabsey, Eleanor Clifford, Charles Clifford, Margaret Nichols; 3: James Carroll; 4: David Lapham, Fredrick Eaton, Pearl Schneider; 5: Hilary Sullivan, Luke Devlin; 8: Eugenia Hamshaw; 9: Thomas Ruhm, Johanna Redpath, Taylor Sears; 10: Warren Barbour, Rick Bruck; Steven Tighe; 12: Rosemary Alexander; 13: Timothy O’ Donoghue, Julia Thaler, Charlie Howard, Sean McAlarney; 14: Jody Maier; 15: Mieke Armstrong, Leighton Welch, Thomas Goodrum, Joe Wood, Hannah Carey; 16: Robert Hamshaw, Michael Conaton; 17: Owen Thomas, Krista Dias, Christine Wight, Luke Potgieter, Sarah Potgieter, Robert Villani; 18: Andrew Foley; 20: Lucy Whitney; 21: Karen Watson, Bailey Fowlkes, Lily Nesvold; 22: Margaret Barrett, Libby Bishop; 23:Virginia O’Brien, Troy Krusz, Brooks Clifford; 24: Ainsley Steele; 25: Guy McKhann, Kimberly Morse; 26: June Irwin, Harry Yerkes, Karen Carpenter; 27: Louis Parks, Hannah Thaler, Jon Alkins; 28: Cecilia Visco, Barbara Sage; 29: Christopher Alkins, Robert Villani, Peter Bruton, Charlotte Yerkes; 30: Oliver Alkins

Are we missing your birthday? Help us bring our community closer together by letting us include you in our prayers and celebrate you on your birthday. Please send us your birthday information so we can make sure you are included. You can skip the year and just give us month and date if you are keeping a secret. To submit birthdays please send them to Amy Capeci at or Elisabeth Campbell at ecampbell@ Thank you!

Thank You Liturgical Assistants!

Lay Assistants Christopher Alkins Hondi Brasco Ann Collins Barbara Deller Brian Firth Hershell George Worth Goodell Warren Ilchman Bob Jalang’o Jody Maier Barbara McKinnon Krista Dias Kathy O’Guin John O’Neil Michael Pollack Taylor Reynolds Ken Richardson Jake Sears Nicole Sears Meghan Whiney Kathryn Whitney Lisa Wolgang

Lectors Andrea Bates Ann Collins Hondi Brasco Barbara Deller Anna Foley Amy Freed Randy Frost Hershell George Tom Goodrum Warren Ilchman Peter Johnson Jodie Maier Barbara McKinnon Tracy Minich Krista Dias Art Nagle Kathy O’Guin John O’Neil Ken Richardson Cliff Schneider Letizia Seirup James Sutton Arthur Taylor Centes Williams

Acolytes Matthew Behrens Lara Blom Jamie Carroll Joanna Castle Patrick Conaton Sam Feinberg Madeline Foley Charlotte Gemes Owen Jones Coleman Kraemer Ashley Morse Jordan Sears Wilyem Thoms Jess Tighe Thomas Wolfgang Helen Wood Matthew Adrian Margaret Barrett Jack Buendia Peyton Elder Claire Hayes Ted Meyers Summit Nicholas Molly O’Neil Jack Redpath Charlotte Reynolds Lissa Villani Christian Welch Lucy Whitney

Clerks Alex Adrian Jutta Alkins Jack Barrett Chris Behrens Julia Castle Michael Conaton Nico Foley Katie George Warren Kraemer Paul Licursi Sam O’Neil Ian Palfrey Vincent Pazienza Taylor Reynolds Nicole Sears Patrick Tine Centes Williams

The Spire

Sunday, June 13th Sunday, June 20th Thursday, June 24th Friday, June 25th

Summer Church Schedul Begins 9:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rte. I & II 5:00 PM Evening Prayer 5:00 PM Parish Picnic Father’s Day Young at Arts Musical

Young at Arts Musical

Thursday, July 15th 7:30 PM Midnight Run

Save the Date!

Parish Picnic Sunday, June 13th at 5:00 PM at the home of Mary and Christopher Behrens 303 Pondfield Road

(parking on Argyle & Sussex) another cocktail party will be happening up the street so come early (additional parking on Homesdale, Sunnybrae and Hamilton)

Please provide food as follows: Last names A-G: Salad H-M: Dessert N-Z: Wine

A-Z : please bring a can of fruit to support CCB’s Outreach to the United Interfaith Food Bank Please bring food ready-to-serve with labeled utensils. Parish Photos will be taken for the directory Jumping Castle for the Kids

The Spire


Christ Church Bronxville 17 Sagamore Road Bronxville, NY 10708-1599



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