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A Newsletter by and for the people of Christ Church Bronxville

Dear God, Speak gently in my silence. When the loud outer noises of my surroundings and the loud inner noises of my fears keep pulling me away from you, help me to trust that you are still there even when I am unable to hear you. Give me ears to listen to your small, soft voice saying: “Come to me, you who are overburdened, and I will give you rest… for I am gentle and humble of heart.” Let that loving voice be my guide. Amen.

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To Contact us: 914.337.3544 Monday-Thursday 9 AM to 3 PM Friday 9 AM to 12 PM

- from Henri Nouwen’s book The Only Necessary Thing This program year at Christ Church has been an extraordinary one. Our parish continues to grow in attendance and enthusiasm, and together we are envisioning new and wonderful ways to do God’s work in the world. In addition to our regular cycle of life together there were the events around the Sure Foundation Capital Campaign and its great success (at $4.4 million now, and we really hope to reach 5 million). We have had to help each other through flooded homes and a flooded school, and we anxiously await news about the Kensington Project behind us. We welcomed Mother Malin and her family and many new parishioners. What a year! And as we head into the summer I expect that two words from Henri Nouwen’s prayer leap out at you, just as they leapt out at me – the two words silence and rest. That prayer reminds me of Christ Church’s call to be a place of silence and rest even as it is a place of great activity. I hope that during the year you have experienced its peace. Perhaps our Sunday or weekday services provide that for you, or our beautiful sanctuary and chapels, or the

June 2006

VOL. LX, No. 6

small group offerings that encourage meditation, quiet and reflection. Those moments are the foundation for our health: mental, physical and spiritual. And during this summertime, as we embrace peace and rest, please remember that our ministry and mission goes on. Some take it with them when they go away to other towns and other churches for the summer. Others remain in this place, embracing the 9:00 AM service on Sundays as a welcome change in tempo and atmosphere, and helping us continue to care and plan for those in need. Whether you are here or away for the summer, I want to thank you for all that you have done to make this a wonderful year. We are blessed to have each other and I pray that the next few months bring you some rest, some silence and some of the peace that only the love of God can bring. -- Father Bird


June School Calendar June 3rd, 9:45 AM, Recognition Sunday/ Youth Sunday June 10th, 9:45 AM Last Day of Class

Pre-K through Grade One June 3rd Recognition Sunday June 10th Who is the Greatest?

Third Grade June 3rd Recognition Sunday June 10th Esther -Esther and Mordecai -The days of Purim Nehemiah -Nehemiah Goes to Jerusalem -Jerusalem’s Wall’s are Rebuilt

Fourth Grade June 3rd Recognition Sunday/Youth Sunday June 10th Paul’s Journeys (Part 4) -Paul is Shipwrecked -Paul in Rome

Fifth and Sixth Grades June 3rd Recognition Sunday/Youth Sunday June 10th Church Symbolism -Vestments; Communion Linen and Vessels

Christian Formation There are many people, theologians, teachers and priests alike, who talk often about the wisdom of children. They confess that, though they are in positions of authority among children, it is the children who often do most of the teaching. Jerome Berryman, creator of the Godly Play method, said about children in a Texas hospital “It was as if the little ones became wise beyond their size and years. At times the children even parented their parents.” The gospels Matthew, Mark and Luke each tell us about the importance of being childlike. In Matthew 18:3-5 Jesus teaches “Truly I tell you, unless you become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” It can sometimes be hard to understand what Jesus, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Jerome Berryman and all of those other teachers were trying to convey. What did Jesus mean by saying that we must “become like children” to enter the kingdom of heaven? Adult life can be busy. We are trying to meet deadlines, picking kids up from sports practice, talking on the phone and the list goes on. We seldom have the time to slow down and just be with God. As we all know, babies are not born with speech skills. They have to communicate with their parents in other ways. They cry and use body language to make their needs known. They also spend a lot of time just being babies. As children develop the ability to speak they retain those non-verbal skills that were so important to them as babies. Though they can talk, they still have the ability to play for hours, delighting in paint colors, flowers and toy dinosaurs. They rejoice in the world around them as they discover earth worms and dirt. What can we learn about God from our children? We as adults can pray, make art, walk in nature, play with our dogs and play with our children without concern for technique, the final product, or profit as children do. In the doing of these things we are letting ourselves just be. It is essential for religious life that we take the time to be ourselves with God. The summer months, often used as vacation time, are the perfect opportunity for this playful Sabbath. - Krista Miller

Christ Church Bronxville Christian Formation: Thank You Church School Teachers! Jerri Anderson Melissa Bailey Jen Barr Dorothy Bowerman Anne Collins Margaret Conaton Tammy Cushman Tim Donahue Rita Durniak Anna Foley Joan Forsyth Amy Freed Tracey Gilliam Gary Hayes Joanne Jones Lea Kelsey

Sarah Kraemer Joseph Philips Barbara Potgieter Sarah Reynolds Michele Richardson Didi Romley Deborah Ross Jane Sears Bruce Smith Owen Thomas Laura Villani Robert Villani Nancy Whitney Heidi Wolfgang Kimberly Yerkes Nancy Yohannan



Pre-Registration for all choirs has begun. If you are interested in participating in one of our choirs next year, please sign up online, in the Undercroft following Sunday morning services or contact Christopher Wells at 337-3544x116 or For online registration please visit us at and click on Choir Registration.

A Year in Review At the end of this season of music at Christ Church, it seems fitting to think back to the many music moments we have shared together. The list is long, and I’m sure you can even add a few things of your own. Perhaps we can take these memories with us on break or vacation over the summer and remember with fondness the time we shared together this year: As we prepare for Recognition Sunday, take your accomplishments to heart! You have brought delight to the ears of worshippers, inspired concert-goers, and made a commitment to an ensemble that matters to a great many people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your contribution to the musical life of our Parish. -Christopher Wells

The Primary Choir Hadley Barr Caroline Beit Timothy Cushman Annabelle Duval Nora Foley Ella Hogan Lily Nesvold Hannah Potgieter Sally Reynolds Dylan Richardson Robert Villani Vance Wood Voice for Life Trebles Zoë Dudek Amos Peng Lilly Slaughter Alina Atayan Ellie Briskin Lilia Briskin Christopher George Joan Hancock Sarah Heintz Joshua Philips Paul Philips Sarah Potgieter Jamie Carroll Caleb Smith Walker Smith Will Rabsey Nicolette Romley Caroline Yerkes

Sunday, June 3rd is the last Sunday The Christ Church Choir will sing this season. As the choir enjoys a well-deserved break this summer, we are beginning to recruit for the fall. Do you love to sing? Do you know someone who loves to sing and needs some encouragement to join the choir? Join the Christ Church Choir! Sunday, June 3rd:Recognition Sunday Choristers in The Christ Church Choir, Voice for Life, Schola Cantorum, Sing ‘n Ring, and The Primary Choir will robe and participate at this service. 9:00AM All Choirs except the Primary Choir rehearse 9:30AM Primary Choir Rehearsal Sunday, June 10th: Last “Parish Choir” Sunday. Come one, come ALL to the 9:00AM rehearsal to sing at the 10:00AM service.

Schola Cantorum Mary Connors Maria Devlin Kim Drew Mary Harris Hyuga Takagi Coco Vonnegut Rachael Bertuzzi Thomas Dawson Lauren Harrington Duncan Mahood Mariana Manganiello Patrick Noonan Jessica Palfrey Camilla Seirup Lorenzo Seirup Dillon Smith The Sing ‘n Ring Choir Mallory Bates Jason Cushman Emma Donahue Hannah Kelsey William Anderson Claire Hayes Taber Minich Jack Redpath Charlotte Reynolds Rachael Bothwell Elisabeth Villani Helen Wood

Handbells Paige Nagle Art Nagle Julie O’Connor Barbara McKinnon Velma Dougherty Bob Singleton Rooney Kennedy Camilla Seirup Lorenzo Seirup Barbara Deller Liz Folberth Grace Devlin Allison Devlin Mary Taylor Behrens Matthew Behrens Christopher Behrens Patrick Conaton Michael Conaton Margaret Conaton Emily Simpson Caroline Yerkes Barbara Potgieter Sarah Gavan Sarah Potgieter Luke Potgieter

The Christ Church Choir Maret Björnberg Holly Castle Allison Devlin David Fairchild Charles Elliott Hans Peter Ericson Jennifer Gormley Phil Hamlin Bob Hamshaw Jessica House William Mulligan Ken Richardson Brian Seirup Colleen Sica Claire Simard Stephen Wilson


--Sunday, June 3rd -Holy Eucharist I 8:00 AM (Lady Chapel) Church School/Chapel 9:45 AM Choral Eucharist 10:00 AM Informal Eucharist 5:00 PM

-Monday, June 4thYAA Piano,MT 1 2:00 PM (Choir Room,Taylor Hall)

-Tuesday, June 5th--Circle of Light 9:45 AM (Meditation Room) AA Women 9:45 AM (Conference Room) YAA Piano, MT 2:15 PM (Choir Room,Taylor Hall)

-Sunday, June 10th-Holy Eucharist I 8:00 AM (Lady Chapel) Church School/Chapel 9:45 AM Choral Eucharist+Baptisms 10:00 AM Informal Eucharist 5:00 PM

-Monday, June 11th-YAA Piano,MT 1 2:00 PM (Choir Room,Taylor Hall)

-Tuesday, June 12th AA Women 9:45 AM (Conference Room) Circle of Light 9:45 AM (Meditation Room)

----Sunday, June 17th ----Holy Eucharist I 9:00 AM Evening Prayer 5:00 PM (Guardian Angels)

- Monday, June 18th-

-Tuesday, June 19th Circle of Light 9:45 AM (Meditation Room) AA Women 9:45 AM (Conference Room)

---Sunday, June 24th----Holy Eucharist II 9:00 AM Informal Eucharist 5:00 PM (Guardian Angels)

-Monday, June 25th-

-Tuesday, June 26thAA Women 9:45 AM (Conference Room) Circle of Light 9:45 AM (Meditation Room)

Happy Birthday To.. June 1: Janet Barrett, George Brooks, Elizabeth Folberth, Charles Moore, Johanna Marie Rabsey; 2: James Carroll; 3: Mr. David Lapham, Pearl BrookeSchneider;4: Luke Gregory Devlin, Hilary Sullivan; 7: Eugenia Ballou Hamshaw; 8: Johanna Redpath, Thomas Ruhm, Taylor Ann Sears; 9: Warren Barbour, Rick Bruck; 10: Steven Tighe; 11: Rosemary Alexander; 12: Charlie Howard, Timothy Harold O’Donoghue, Julia Thaler; 13: Agatha Dunbar; 14: Mieke vHB Armstrong, Hannah Carey, Thomas Goodrum, Leighton Welch, Joe Wood; 15: Michael Conaton, Bob Hamshaw; 16: Luke Potgieter, Sarah Lyn Potgieter, Owen Thomas, Robert Irvin Villani, Christine Wight; 17: Andrew Foley; 19: Lucy Whitney; 20:Lily Nesvold, Karen Watson; 21:Margaret Grace Barrett; 22: Troy Edward Krusz, Virginia Randolph O’Brien; 24: Guy McKhann, Dr. Guy McKhann, Kimberly Morse; 25: Karen Carpenter Sheer, June White Irwin, Harry Yerkes; 26:Jon Alkins, Louis Parks, Hannah W. Thaler; 27: Barbara Sage; 28: Christopher Alkins, Peter Bruton, Robert A Villani, Charlotte Yerkes; 29: Oliver Alkins


----Friday, June 01st ----YAA Piano, MT/Orchestra 2:45 PM (Choir Room,Taylor Hall) 6:30 PM Segovia, Sangria and Silent Auction for Malawi (Taylor Hall) Midnight Run 7:45 PM --- Wednesday, June 6th----Holy Eucharist 7:00 AM Mother’s Morning Fellowship 9:00 AM (Library) YAA Piano, Voice 1:00 PM (Choir Room,Taylor Hall,Chapel) SHA!cappella 7:00 PM (Choir Room) AA Mtg. 8:00 PM (Taylor Hall)

----Thursday, June 7th----Wm. Spirituality 9:30 AM(Conf.Room) AA Women 1:30 PM (Conference)

-- Friday, June 8th--YAA Piano, MT/Orchestra 2:45 PM (Choir Room,Taylor Hall)

---Wednesday, June 13th ----Morning Prayer 7:00 AM Mother’s Morning Fellowship 9:00 AM (Library) YAA Piano, Voice 1:00 PM (Choir Room,Taylor Hall,Chapel) AA Mtg. 8:00 PM (Taylor Hall)

----- Thursday, June 14th----Wm. Spirituality 9:30 AM (Conf.Room) AA Women 1:30 PM (Conference)

--Friday, June 15th --YAA Piano, MT/Orchestra 2:45 PM (Choir Room,Taylor Hall)

---Wednesday, June 20th---Morning Prayer 7:00 AM AA Mtg. 8:00 PM (Taylor Hall)

Thursday, June 21st ----AA Women 1:30 PM (Conference)

--Friday, June 22nd ---

---Wednesday, June 27th----Morning Prayer 7:00 AM AA Board Mtg. 7:00 PM AA Mtg 8:00 PM (Taylor Hall)

----- Thursday, June 28th ----AA Women 1:30 PM (Conference)

-Saturday, June 2nd-Clothing and Bake Sale for Malawi 9:00 AM (Taylor Hall)

----- Friday, June 29th -----

Happy Birthday To.. July 1: Vicky Carter, Katharine Duval; 2: Scott Castle, Jessica Pilla, Jordan Sears; 3: Christopher Behrens, Paul Dean, Jackie Goodell, Robert Offerman, Patricia Owen, Charles Yerkes; 4: Margaret Conaton, Grace Howard; 5: David Fairchild; 8: Gertrude Bottari, Rachel Ann Koshy, Todd Kranenburg; : Taber Minich; 10: Jeffrey Abboud, Lily McCulloch Bogle, Davin Michaels, Flicka Michaels, Justina Michaels, Timothy Michaels; 11: Rosanna Hansen; 12: Michael Hoover, Alexander Mintz, Karly Redpath; 13: Paul Sullivan; 14: James Clarke; 15: James Bailey; 16: Joanna Castle,; 17: Sarah Kraemer, John Marshall; 18: Robert Krusz, Colleen Sica, Ruth Wood, Juliet Zygmunt; 19: Michael O’Guin; 20: Grace Ball, Alison Atwood Gourd; 21: Susanne Murray; 22: Kathleen Conaton, 22: Etta Eskridge, Randall Wolfgang; 23: Melissa Bailey, Priscilla Bender, Deborah DePalmero; 24: Jutta Alkins; 25: Anne Collins, Ella Hogan, Emma Maitland Geer; 26: Christopher George; 27: Jack Buendia, Kathryne Hansen, Elizabeth Maze; 28: Hope Gordon Wilson; 30: Lianne McKhann, Dorthy Thomas; 31: Lucie Dean, Joanne Jones, Barbara Brewka, Mildred Hope Robinson


Save the Date!

“From Bronxville to Malawi” Weekend at Christ Church! June 1 and 2 On Friday June 1st, join us for “An Evening of Segovia, Sangria and a Silent Auction” from 6 PM to 9 PM in Taylor Hall. Master musicians Joan Forsyth and William Anderson will play music by Segovia, which they recently performed in Carnegie Hall. A silent auction of various items and services (Pilates lessons, crystal, gift baskets and more) will be held, boutique items sold and a preview of the clothing sale will be offered! Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. On Saturday, June 2nd, the church will hold a “New and Nearly New Clothing Sale” and Malawi Kids’ Day from 9 AM to 5 PM. Clothing and other goods will be on sale in Taylor Hall. Parents are invited to drop off their children for food, crafts and fun activities and the Akosua African Dance and Drum Troupe will perform at 1:00 PM. Admission for Malawi Kids’ Day is $5. All proceeds from these events will fund Christ Church Bronxville’s mission trip to Malawi in August, 2007. Please support this new venture! For more information, contact Kate Malin at or 3373544 x 112.

The Deadline to submit articles for the Fall issue of the Spire is August 17th. Have a wonderful summer!

Parish Visitors: Many Thanks! Many thanks to the faithful members of the Parish Visitors, who have been meeting monthly to pray together and support one aother in a variety of ministries at Christ Church including visiting homebound and/or ill parishioners, bringing communion to Lutheran and Episcopalian patients at Lawrence Hospital, providing meals for parishioners, and designing more effective ways to welcome newcomers to the parish and celebrate new babies born into our parish family. Thanks to: Chris Alkins Vicky Carter Barbara Deller Christina Frantom Jennifer Hamlin Jim Horne Barbara Lee Jim Lee Dolores McKay Barbara McKinnon Krista Miller Julie O’Connor Tom Ruhm …and all who made the Heritage Teas such lovely occasions this year!

Thank You 2006 DMT Chaperones! John Dias Patrick Frantom Christina Frantom Letizia Seirup Michael Bird

Progressive Dinner 2007

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this year’s Progressive Dinner so wonderful. Yet again - we had a glorious cocktail party at the home of Paige and Nagle - complete with mint julips and Kentucky Derby viewing for those who were keen! the hors d’euvres were delicious and beautifully served by Claire Kraemer and Joe Wood. How lucky we are to have such enthusiastic and efficient young people! It was a dreamy night and the Nagles were warm and wonderful hosts to us all. We then “progressed” off to our various dinner parties that were hosted by other gracious parishioners! They were: Andrea and Bill Bates, Mary and Chris Behrens, Catherine and Father Bird, Marianna and Peter Bruton, Maria and Gary Hayes, Peter Johnson, Joy and Joe Kilbourn, Barbara and “Wink” McKinnon, Jane and Luke Sears, Ann and Steve Tighe, Sue and Jim Rooney, Carol and Arthur Taylor. Thank you to you all for giving everyone such a good time! We then moved on to the Dessert Party graciously hosted - yet again- by Betsy and Bill Goodell. They served the most irresistible sweets and took such warm and hospitable care of us all! We are all grateful for the wonderful friendly atmosphere in their lovely house - not to mention our well-attended “Sweettooths”! As always, I thank my wonderful committee that makes everything happen. They are: Karen Carpenter, Margaret Conaton, Anna Foley, Maria Hayes, Lea Kelsey, Tracey Minich, Shruti Philips, Barbara Potgieter, Letizia Seirup, Bea Welch and Nancy Whitney. We all thank all of you who came, supported the event and made it such a special evening. -Lucie Dean


Picnic Thank You! We would all like to thank Mary and Chris Behrens for once again, hosting us all for the Annual Spring Parish Picnic. The Spire deadline is well in advance of the event but I think we would all like to take this opportunity to thank them for being so gracious and welcoming once again to their beautiful garden. Mary and Chris are also, again, providing a bouncy castle which is such a treat and always an enormous hit for every age! Thank you for making us all feel so welcome and for providing this special time for everyone to be together before the long summer. It is a wonderful gift to us all! May I also thank all of the cooks, bakers AND grillers who always make this picnic such a tasty repast! Finally, I would like to thank my terrific committee. They are always so encouraging and enthusiastic and they bring it all together on every occasion. They are: Karen Carpenter, Margaret Conaton, Anna Foley, Maria Hayes, Lea Kelsey, Tracey Minich, Shruti Philips, Barbara Potgieter, Letizia Seirup, Bea Welch and Nancy Whitney. With great appreciation, Lucie Dean

Thank You Liturgical Lay Assistants! Acolytes

Lay Assistants

Jack Barrett Christopher Behrens Mary Cherna Michael Conaton Andrew DelBene Nico Foley Hallie Garvey Drury McAlarney Alex Mintz Ian Palfrey Karly Redpath Patrick Tyne

Christopher Alkins Hondi Brasco Barbara Deller Brian Firth Christina Frantom Patrick Frantom Hershell George Warren Ilchman Eddie Lopez Jodie Maier Barbara McKinnon Krista Miller Kathy O’Guin Kate Rooney Camilla Seirup Lorenzo Seirup Brian Sica Kathryn Whitney

Clerks: Jutta Alkins Katie George Jake Sears Centes Williams Lisa Wolfgang

Lectors Ann Collins Hondi Brasco Barbara Deller Hershell George Warren Ilchman Peter Johnson Bill Mahood Eddie Lopez Jodie Maier Barbara McKinnon Kathy O’Guin Ken Richardson Cliff Schneider James Sutton Centes Williams

DAVID BLAINE VISITS YOUNG AT ARTS AND PENNINGTON On Monday, May 7, the students of Young at Arts, an after-school performing arts program, as well as some select honor role students from Pennington School in Mount Vernon were chosen to watch a personal card magic show performed by world-famous, revolutionary magician, illusionist and stunt artist, David Blaine. Mr. Blaine drove solo from his offices in Tribeca to Pennington School in Mount Vernon. David Blaine is known for his goodwill towards those less fortunate and children in particular. Mr. Blaine visited Pennington School after having seen a poster of Mount Vernon students performing in a Young at Arts’ production that was displayed in his gym in Tribeca. Young at Arts is an after-school program that provides the young people of lower Westchester and The Bronx with outstanding instruction in music, theater and dance regardless of their ability to pay. Young at Arts exists largely on the support of donations from individuals, foundations and corporations, as well as the City of Mount Vernon, The Honorable Ernest D. Davis, Mayor, Mount Vernon City Schools and Christ Church Bronxville. Young at Arts just received a $10,000 grant from the State of New York, through NY State Assemblyman of the 87th District, J. Gary Pretlow. To find out more about the programs at Young at Arts or to make a donation, please visit their website at -Sharyn Pirtle, Founder and Artistic Director

June Highlights Sun. June 3rd-10:00 AM Recognition/ Youth Sunday; Sun. June 10th-5:30 PM Parish Picnic

Summer Worship Schedule Sundays starting June 17 9:00 AM-Holy Eucharist Rite I or Rite II(Church) 5:00 PM Holy Eucharist or Evening Prayer (Chapel of the Guardian Angels) Wednesdays starting June 13 7:00 AM Morning Prayer in the Chapel of the Guardian Angels (Kensington entrance)

Christ Church Bronxville Parish Family Picnic Sunday, June 10th 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the home of Mary and Chris Behrens (303 Pondfield Road, Bronxville At the corner of Argyle Pl.) Please provide food as follows: Last names A-G: Dessert H-P: Wine

Q-Z: Salad

Bring food ready-to-serve with labeled containers and utensils.

Jumping castle for children!

The Spire Christ Church Bronxville 17 Sagamore Road Bronxville, NY 10708-1599

Sun. June 10th - 10:00 AM Choral Eucharist and Baptisms

White Plains, NY PERMIT NO. 7155




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