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TheSpire A Newsletter by and for the people of Christ Church Bronxville

CCB - More than just Sundays The purpose of any family, I would hope, is to provide security, love, compassion and encouragement to its members. Our families support and challenge us. They correct and question and praise us as we seek to define ourselves and realize our role in this world. Through our families we know what it is to be loved, and in response we too love. This summer the Bird family grew by one. Our three and a half year old daughter Edelawit arrived from Ethiopia in early July. The change was impossible to envision. And through it all I have been amazed at our capacity for love. Catherine, Patrick and I have watched our family unit miraculously morph into a new form, equally wonderful but definitely different. Edelawit has opened her heart and placed her trust in us. We have all been overwhelmed by the presence of love, the living presence of God in our lives during this time. As a result I have spent a great deal of time thinking and praying about family.

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Contact us: 914.337.3544 Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Fridays 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Sept. 2008 VOL. LXIII, No. 1

Our church is meant to be a family – a family as critical to our well-being as any other family in our lives. Through our church family we learn to love God with all our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our mind. Through our church family we learn to love our neighbors as ourselves. Through our church family we learn a pattern of life and thought that will shape our lives and our world. But like anything of value, what you get out of your church family is in direct measure to what you put in. Our goal for this program year is to provide so many wonderful programs, that you can’t help but find yourself here, time and time again. Each of these programs is designed to create that sense of family that is so important to us. Each of these programs teaches in some way, shape or form the importance of love and how to live a life of love, a life of faith in Christ Jesus. So, as brilliant as our Sundays together are, our slogan for the new year is: Christ Church Bronxvillle – More than just Sundays. On Sunday, September 7th we will start off the program year with an all-parish lunch and a Ministries Fair that highlights the many programs that will be on offer. Come, celebrate with us, participate in the life of this family, and be shaped by love. I can’t wait to welcome you home. Michael+

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School Calendar Weekly Children’s Christian Formation Schedule 9:45 AM Children’s Chapel in Taylor Hall 9:55 AM

Children to classrooms, escorted by their parents. (Nursery care is available for babies and children too young for Church School.)

10:40 AM Presentation Hymn Grades 2 through 6 enter church from the Narthex and sit with their parents. 10:50 AM At Communion Children 3 years old through first grade enter through the door by the pulpit and go to their parents. For more information please contact: Barbara Potgieter Children’s Christian Formation

Nursery Care is available for babies and children too young for Church School.

Children’s Christian Formation Welcome Breakfast 2008 September 7th at 9:15 AM in Taylor Hall Please join us for breakfast in Taylor Hall before Children’s Chapel. This is your opportunity to reconnect with one another after the summer break, meet our Church School teachers, and confirm that your child’s registration information is correct (or to register your child for the first time). The classroom assignments for each grade will be posted so you can show your child their Church School room.

Sunday School Begins September 7th What Matters to Us The goal of Children’s Christian Formation at Christ Church is to help our children learn the Bible more fully, grasp their faith more deeply, and gain a tangible sense of God’s love for them. Much of the curriculum revolves around the art of storytelling and active engagement with the great stories of our faith. Additional crafts and activities will be offered each week, especially for the Godly Play classes, to augment the learning of this material, but at the end of the day it is these stories of God’s relationship with humanity that we want our children to know. Godly Play Ages Three Through First Grade At Christ Church we have two Godly Play classes, an older and a younger group. The goal of Godly Play is to teach children the art of using religious language, parable, sacred story, silence, and liturgical action to help them become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence around them and in their lives. Godly Play is Montessori-based and uses high-quality wooden pieces to focus the children’s attention on the wonder of the story and encourage them to internalize their faith through the rhetorical questions that are part of the story-telling. A good place to learn more is Godly Dialogue Grades Two Through Six Building on the philosophy of Godly Play, Godly Dialogue allows children to build an awareness of God’s presence by actively engaging with the stories of our Faith. Each weekly session is focused on dialogue and discussion about the class topics and stories, allowing the children to explore the ways they are relevant in their own lives. Each year has a special focus: 2nd grade: The Eucharist (Communion) 3rd grade: The Old Testament 4th grade: The New Testament 5th grade: Church History 6th grade: World Religions Confirmation classes begin in 7th grade.


Adult Christian Formation

New Programs Expand Adult Christian Formation Adult Christian Formation continues this fall at Christ Church Bronxville with Bible for Beginners, Mother’s Morning Fellowship, Working Mother’s Fellowship, Circle of Light and the Women’s Spirituality Group meeting at their regular times (see for a complete schedule). Our ONE Tuesday program of Formation and Fellowship enters its second year with a range of topics, speakers and cuisine. Our first ONE Tuesday will be held on Tuesday, October. 14. Dinner begins at 6:00 pm and at 6:30 pm, Mother Malin and guests will offer a presentation on her trip to Malawi this summer and a preview of next summer’s 2009 Mission Trip to Malawi from Bronxville. And Arts and Spirituality, another recent addition to our CCB Adult Formation program, plans a full year of events, with trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the Metropolitan Opera and other exhibits and performances throughout the year. In addition to this familiar schedule of events, we are delighted to announce several new programs beginning this fall. The Sunday Short Series, led by our theologian-in-residence, the Rev. Cody Unterseher, explores specific topics of our faith in a combined lecture/ discussion group style. The Sunday Short Series meets for four consecutive Sundays, three times a year, after the Sunday 10:00AM service. You are welcome to drop in to any class without a formal commitment to attend the whole series. The complete schedule is available on our website, and our first series looks at Mary, the Mother of God, in Scripture, Tradition, Anglican Devotion and the Arts — even the Lady Chapel kneelers! Throughout the year, on the same days as Youth Sunday services, the Seniors Committee will host festive Senior Luncheons in the Crispell Lounge for our older parishioners. All parishioners are invited to help make these wonderful occasions and opportunities for special guests to meet and catch up with friends. The first Senior Luncheon will be held on Sunday October 19. In the fall of 2008 we’ll be introducing two Book Groups, one to meet on a weekday morning, one on a weekday evening, which will involve as many people as are interested. If you’d like to participate or have a day, time or a title to suggest, please contact the Rev. Cody Unterseher at And in a related category, we are now recruiting for what is perhaps the most technically adept of any of the groups at Christ Church, the Hobart Committee, which meets after major events at Christ Church to man (or woman) the Hobart dishwasher and skillfully process the dishes from spotted to sparkling in less than half an hour. Highlights: ONE Tuesdays, the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, and Seniors Luncheons. Bonus: Hobart Committee T Shirt.

Please visit our website at and click on Adult Christian Formation for a full Fall Schedule. More information and sign up forms will be available at HOMECOMING SUNDAY at the “Many Hands” Ministries Fair on Sunday, September 7th after the 10:00 am service.

The Women’s Spirituality group will resume meeting on Thursday, September 11th, at 9:30 AM in the Conference Room. Join the women for a lively discussion of Reinhold Niebuhr’s collected essays. For more information contact Ruth Singleton 337-6450. The Circle of Light will begin its meetings on Tuesday, September 23rd at 10AM in the Library. The Circle of Light grew out of a prayerful response to 9/11 and has been an ongoing spiritual community committed to peacemaking and healing ever since. For more information contact Hondi Brasco 771-8870 (

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Youth and Confirmation The first and great commandment is this: you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. And the second is like unto it: you shall love your neighbor as yourself. The Truth of Christianity is not accessible to us without practice. At Christ Church high school students have the privilege of joining the EYC, the Episcopal Youth Community of Christ Church. The purpose of the EYC is to engage in the practice of Christianity. We intend to seek this truth through a fellowship of love, through reflection on Spirit and Truth, and through action in service to the community and world of our neighbors. Regular Meetings Monday Nights 7:30-8:30 PM Monday night meetings are a time to gather, ask questions, pray, and discuss our faith in the context of teenage life today. We also eat dinner, build lifelong friendships and have fun! Wednesday Lunch – Bronxville School Lunch Hour Every Wednesday the EYC meets Youth Minister Krista Miller for lunch. Locations alternate between Fr. Bird’s house and a location in town. During lunch we engage in the very serious activity of hanging out and filling our bellies. Sometimes we get to play with toy trains too! Christian Service – Two Days Each Month The EYC puts Spirit to work in regular active Christian mission throughout the greater New York metropolitan area. One Friday a month we bring food, clothes and toiletries to Manhattan’s homeless population through work with the Midnight Run organization. An additional day every month is spent painting, building and repairing area churches, serving at soup kitchens and other places in need. Annual Weeklong Pilgrimages The EYC takes very seriously the Christian formation of its members. One powerful way we practice this is by traveling together in pilgrimage and in service. Twice a year the group spends time together in active Christian mission, for a week of prayer at the Taizé monastery and a building project either domestically or abroad. Please check the website for this year’s calendar and contact Director of Youth Ministry Krista Miller ( for more information.

EYC Calendar: September 6th – Leadership Team Dinner 7th – Homecoming Sunday/Ministry Fair –Teens Represent EYC 8th – First EYC meeting 19th-21st - EYC Kick-Off Retreat Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey, RSVP by September 8th 22nd – Kick Off/Mission Trip Reunion dinner with parents during youth group 26th – Midnight Run



Choir Registration Registration can be done online at Register TODAY and join the fun, the fellowship, the excitement, the occasional applause, and the best seats in the house. We have choirs for kids, teens, and adults. If you have any questions, contact Christopher Wells: or 3373544x116. Choir Rehearsal Schedules detailed schedules can be found online at Voice for Life - boys and girls Grades 2-8 Tuesdays 4:00-5:00PM or 4:30-5:30PM Thursdays 4:30-5:30PM Wednesdays 2:30-3:30PM (choose two of three rehearsals) Sing n’ Ring – boys and girls Grades 2-8 Tuesdays 6:15-7:30PM Primary Choir – boys and girls Kindergarten and First Grade Wednesdays 3:45-4:30PM Schola Cantorum – teens Thursdays 7:00-8:15PM Christ Church Choir – Adults Thursdays 7:30-9:00PM

Fall 2008 Music Events Choir Camp – September 26-28 October 19 – Youth Sunday 10:00am October 19 – Evensong December 7 – Lessons and Carols with the Kensington Brass Fête: A Trip to Montréal to see our NEW ORGAN! April 24-26, 2009 Anyone in the parish is welcome and encouraged to go on a special trip to Montreal this Spring. The purpose is two-fold: our RSCM choirs will sing performances at two major venues in Montreal AND we will have the opportunity to see our new organ nearly completed in the factory. Transportation will be by coach bus and accommodations will be in hotels. The trip will cost approximately $400.

Parish Choir Dates for 2008-09 November 23 •March 8 • April 19 • June 7 Contact Christopher Wells BEFORE October 1st if you are Attention all singers! Have you sung in choir before? interested in going on this trip. Doesn’t matter. Join us for even ONE of these dates. It’s easy, just come at 9am to rehearse and sing at the 10am liturgy.

New Organ Scholar Jessica French

We welcome our new Organ Scholar, Jessica French, who comes to us from New Haven, Connecticut, where she recently graduated with a Master’s in Organ Performance from the Yale School of Music and Institute of Sacred Music. Before going to Yale, she received her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University School of Music. She began organ lessons while attending the Madeleine Choir School in Salt Lake City, Utah, a full-time choir program for students K-8. In addition to serving as the new Organ Scholar, Jessica will also work on the staff of the Young at Arts program, assisting with choral training as well as teaching piano lessons. Additionally, anyone interested in piano or organ lessons for the coming year can email her at, or call 812-320-5367.

Ubuntu Prayer Each day @ 12:00 PM Duration: 15 minutes Place: Lady Chapel

Ubuntu translates as “I am because you are”. This concept is at the heart of who we are as Christians – people connected to God through our relationships with one another. Each weekday at noon prayers will be said for the world and for this community, invisibly yet tangibly sewing us together through the power of intention and presence. This brief liturgy will last only 15 minutes. Stop in, take a break from the restless world, and get connected.

The Spire


September Birthdays 1: Jerri Andersen, Caroline Yerkes; 2: Nicole Clarke, Caroline Kirby; 3: John Barrett, Ron Cappello, Lea Kelsey; 4: Karen Bevan, Dylan Richardson; 5: Constance Kleiner, Peter Gross, Elizabeth Maitland, David Morse; 6: Royden Connors, Warren Ilchman, Nancy Whitney; 7: Jane Kratovil; 9: Sara Marshall, William Rabsey; 10: Natalie Beit, Harold Bogle; 11: Elizabeth Holland, Arthur Nagle, James Wilson; 12: Priscilla Newman, Jeffrey Minich; 13: Willis O’Brien; 14: Parker Callaway, Maria Hayes; 15: Claire Bowen, Emma Donahue, Sarah Reynolds; 17: William Campbell, Katharine George; 18: Cynthia Ahmuty; 19: Michelle Ruhm; 21: Frederick Engelhardt, Mary Thaler, Mark Wood; 22:Caroline Beit, Ann Petersen; 23: Nicole Sears, William Turino; 24: Shelby Goodrum, Elizabeth Zambelli; 25: Nora Foley, Sarah Heintz, Mona McAlarney; 26: Jason Cushman, Robert Devlin, Jack Marshall; 27: Mary Anderberg, Hershell George, Piper Gilliam; 29: Amelia Buendia, Patricia Mutolo, Jack Redpath, Judith Wilson, William Zambelli; 30: Olivia Cappello, Jack Godfrey, Helen Wood

Save the Date! Midnight Run Friday, Sept. 26th at 7:45 PM Breakfast Run Sunday, Sept. 21st at 6:15 AM For more information contact Mike Conaton

Parish Life

Eco-Green Notes

Stop Phantom Electricity!

“Phantom” electricity is also called standby electricity. It’s the useless power consumed by a device when it’s not actually being operated. Among the prime offenders: cell phone chargers. Did you know that over 90% of the power used by most cell phone chargers is wasted? Power continues to be pulled out of the wall socket even after the phone is fully charged. Better approach: Don’t leave your charger plugged in, and don’t charge your phone overnight. Charge your phone when you get home, and unplug the charger before you go to sleep. Simple step: Put all your chargers on a powerstrip, so you turn off the cell phone, iPod and other chargers every night with the flip of one switch.

Homecoming Homecoming Sunday and Picnic on September 7th 2008 Don’t miss the kick-off of our new program year at Christ Church Bronxville. On Sunday September 7th at 10:00 am, Homecoming Sunday begins with a festive choral Eucharist in the church to welcome back those who’ve been away for the summer and celebrate the reunion of our Christ Church Family. Immediately after the service, you are invited down to Taylor Hall for an “end-of-summer” Parish Picnic lunch served on red checked tablecloths and without any ants! As the picnic gets underway, you will have the opportunity to visit our Many Hands Ministries Fair, set up in Taylor Hall and in the Undercroft. You’ve heard the saying “Many Hands make Light Work.” Service to others and to the glory of God is light work indeed, and as more and more of us take part in that service, the lighter and more joyful that work becomes. To that end, the clergy, staff and lay leaders will prepare tables and displays for the many and varied ministries and programs on offer here at Christ Church Bronxville, with information, scheduling and sign up sheets available for the 2008-2009 year. We have much to celebrate together this year, so come learn how each one of us can be involved in the life of this life-giving parish in ways both large and small. We look forward to seeing you on the 7th!

Midnight Run: Friday, Sept. 26 We have a Midnight Run Friday the 26th and are meeting at 7:45 PM in the kitchen. Volunteers and donations are needed, especially blankets. Blankets, sleeping bags, backpacks, ski/sport jackets and all other clothing. Please contact P.G. Costa ( for more information.


Arts & Spirituality Arts and Spirituality, introduced to the parish last year, plans a full schedule of events for the 2008-2009 program year including trips to museums, cathedrals and the performing arts. More information will be available on the website at in the coming weeks, but here is a taste of what we’ve planned: Marc Chagall On Tuesday Oct. 14, 2008, join us for a morning trip to the Museum of Biblical Art to see the visionary art of Marc Chagall, who melded the iconography of Jewish Hassidism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Christianity into his deeply nuanced expressions of Biblical themes and stories. We will leave Christ Church at 9:30AM to see the exhibit and have lunch in the city. The cost is $7.00 for admission plus lunch. Contact Christ Church at 337-3544 or Hondi Brasco 771-8870 ( if you are interested. Opera at the Met At a date yet to be decided, we’ll bring a group to Doctor Atomic, a new opera by John Adams (Nixon in China, El Nino). “What are the limits of man’s knowledge? How should man use it?” These are the questions that John Adams poses in his masterpiece of contemporary music composition, which will premiere at the Metropolitan Opera House this fall. Stay tuned for more details. We will hold a pre-performance informal presentation at which we will listen to excerpts, discuss the libretto and introduce the composer through some of his other works. Please let Letizia Seirup know as soon as possible if you would like to attend. Above: March Chagall, Samson Destroys the Temple

Theater in New York City The Rev. Kate Malin plans a group theater trip to see the New York Premiere of Lee Blessing’s A Body of Water at Primary Stages this November. There is also the possibility of seeing the acclaimed production of Equus on Broadway. Both shows are Sunday matinees. We will travel by van and have an opportunity for discussion and reflection afterwards. Dates and times to be announced on Sept. 7th at the Ministries Fair. Please let Mo. Malin know as soon as possible if you are interested in either performance. Art and Love in Renaissance Italy, Metropolitan Museum of Art On November 21st, Letizia Seirup will lead a group to see this fascinating exploration of various objects—paintings, jewelry, decorated linen chests for brides, boxes, birth trays, and works of art on paper—created to celebrate love and marriage in the Italian Renaissance. Choirs of Angels: Painting in Italian Choir Books, 1300-1500, Metropolitan Museum of Art On February 7th, Letizia Seirup will lead a group from Christ Church to see these inspiring choir books illustrations from the Italian Renaissance in the Medieval Sculpure Hall. With jewel-like color and gold, these precious images spring from the unique, artful marriage of painting, text, and music. We will leave Christ Church at 9:45 am and travel by van to the museum. After visiting the exhibit, we’ll reflect on what we saw over lunch in the city.

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Highlights Saturday Sept. 7th

11:15 AM Ministry Fair/Lunch (Taylor Hall)

Monday Sept. 8th

7:30 PM Confirmation Class with Parents

Sunday Sept. 21st

6:15 AM Breakfast Run

Friday Sept. 26th

7:45 PM Midnight Run

Friday Sept. 26th

Choir Camp Sept. 26th-28th

Tuesday Sept. 30th

Confirmation Retreat Sept. 30th-Oct. 1st

Sunday Oct. 5th

5:00 PM Blessing of the Animals

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