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A Newsletter by and for the people of Christ Church


worship & events Sunday, February 19th February Birthdays Sunday, February 26th Solemn Evensong Tuesday, February 28th Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper Wednesday, March 1st 7 am Holy Eucharist & Imposition of Ashes 12 pm Imposition of Ashes 7 pm Choral Holy Eucharist & Imposition of Ashes Friday, March 3rd 6:30 pm YAA Open Mic Night Sunday, March 5th - Lent I The Great Litany in Procession Lenten Sunday Short Series 5 pm Chili Cook-off Wednesday, March 8th 7 am Holy Eucharist & Breakfast Friday, March 10th EYC Midnight Run Sunday, March 12th Lenten Sunday Short Series Soup & Psalter Reading Wednesday, March 15th 7 am Holy Eucharist & Breakfast Sunday, March 19th Lenten Sunday Short Series Soup & Psalter Reading Monday, March 20th 6:30 pm YAA Benefit Wednesday, March 22nd 7 am Holy Eucharist & Breakfast

Friday, March 24th ECF Annual Fundraiser

CHRIST CHURCH Sunday, March 26th BRONXVILLE Lenten Sunday Short Series Soup & Psalter Reading

Wednesday, March 29th 7 am Holy Eucharist & Breakfast Sunday, April 2nd Speaker Series Wednesday, April 5th 7 am Holy Eucharist & Breakfast Friday, April 7th 6:30 pm YAA Open Mic Night Sunday, April 9th Palm/Passion Sunday Monday, April 10th 7 am Holy Eucharist Tuesday, April 11th 7 am Holy Eucharist Wednesday, April 12th 7 am Holy Eucharist & Breakfast 7 pm Tenebrae Thursday, April 13th 7pm Maundy Thursday - Stripping of the Altar Friday, April 14th Noon Good Friday Liturgy Saturday, April 15th 7pm Great Vigil of Easter Sunday, April 16th 9:15am Easter - Feast of the Resurrection 11:00am Easter - Feast of the Resurrection




ccb events


Birthdays 2: Aaron Srebnik, Josh Rucci 3: Paige Nagle, Levi Eiref 5: Bob Jalang’o, Lucas Batheja, Sherrette Stanley 6: John O’Neil, Mark Roberts 7: Carter Callaway 9: Jim Beit, Stephen Mordaunt, Victoria Mordaunt 11: Patrick Conaton, Joshua Philips, George McCormick, Thomas Henry 12: Sophie Cappello, Clark Stephens, Liam Dollar, Isabella Bouvard 13: Christopher Behrens 14: Mary Territo, Anabelle Thurston, Cady Murad, Bill Sprague 15: Elisabeth Campbell, Lisa Harrington, 16: Timothy McCann, Colm Doherty, Sara Mae Dembowski 17: Patrick Bird, Madeleine Williams 18: James Rooney 19: Rita Durniak, Dylan Ecklond 21: Peyton Elder 22: William Anderson, Martin Witt 23: Didi Romley, Camilla Seirup, Lorenzo Seirup 24: Alleigh Thoms, Christian Welch 25: Richard Fursland, Mary Beth Mandanas, Harlowe Boylan 27: Casey McKhann, Molly O’Neil, Caroline Jones 28: Vivian Nunan

It’s time to get out your best chili recipe because the Christ Church Chili Cook-off is back! Join us for an evening of warm chili, sides, salads and desserts! We need you to make this event a success! Please bring your famous chili for all to taste test. Everyone will cast a ballot for their favorite chili of the evening. Not feeling like a chili pro? Please bring a side or salad based on your last name (last names A-N bring sides (mac&cheese/cornbread/etc), last names O-Z bring salads). All are invited to bring a beverage to share. Please contact Brett Delfino at brettdelfino@gmail. com to rsvp and to register your chili and side dish.



Care - The Guild of St. Raphael The Guild of Saint Raphael is an ongoing ministry of healing prayer and care for the sick and homebound. On February 12th, Father Bird commissioned the Guild to a ministry of prayer and presence within the Christ Church community. This year, members of the group have committed themselves to practice the presence of God through a prayerful life, loving and encouraging each other through this practice. We are also committed to support our sick and homebound parishioners through private prayer, personal visits, administering Holy Communion, and providing meals and comfort as needed. In February, members of the Guild began writing the Prayers of the People for use each month in church. In our readings, we are learning from Brother Lawrence, a 17th century monk who experienced God’s presence in daily chores; and from Desmond Tutu, whose stories of troubled times during apartheid reveal God’s love and presence, offering hope for us all. As our prayers and our lives are shaped by the words of these two holy ones, the Guild is pleased to sponsor a reading aloud of the Psalter (Book of Psalms) in March. Join us for this unique way to experience God’s presence! MARCH


March 1: Corbin Callaway, Tracey Gilliam, Domenica Guzman, Melanie Wadkins 2: Nora Hogan, Sam O’Neil 3: Cameron Elkerton 4: Thomas Kenney, Patrick Sica, Wesley Preis 5: Monna MacLellan 6: Julia Castle, Louisa Eaton, Louise Preis 7: Catherine Bird, Randy Frost, Greta Doctoroff, Barrett Dollar 8: Vito Mutolo 9: Laura Dower 10: Carla Countryman, Asher Leavell 12: Clifford Schneider 13: William Redman, Zip Malley, Luke Williams 14: Lexy Werner 16: Susan Rooney 17: Gary Hayes, Dylan O’Donoghue, Arthur Taylor, Beatrice Welch, Luke Redman 18: Barbara McKinnon, Sheldon Reynolds 20: Emma Fursland 21: Myles Dower 22: Courtney Crystal, Isabella Scagnelli 23: Jennifer Brown Lanier 24: Ansley Jones, Eleanor Pennell, Andrew Sullivan, Sarah Billings, Richard Sullivan 25: Ashton Minich, Charlotte Reynolds, Diane Burnley 26: Carol Bender, Joseph Kratovil, Hank Thomas, James Sams 27: Otto Deichert, Zachary Deichert 29: Meghan Whitney 30: Mimi Ruhm, Mark Sears, Audrey Lamberton 31: Steven Ahmuty



Grab a cup of soup after the Lenten Short Series on March 12, 19 or 26, then come to the Lady Chapel. From 12:30-2:00 pm, the Guild of St. Raphael invites you to take part in reading 50 Psalms aloud each Sunday. Please come and go as you are able. Experience God’s presence in this unique way. Sunday, March 12th Psalms 1-50 Sunday, March 19th Psalms 51-100 Sunday, March 26th Psalms 101-150

Ash Wednesday Services Wednesday, March 1st 7 a.m. Holy Eucharist and Imposition of Ashes 12 p.m. Imposition of Ashes 7 p.m. Choral Holy Eucharist and Impostion of Ashes Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting and penitence, is the gateway to Lent. The ashes we receive remind us of our mortality. Our coming to receive them is a sign that we will make a sincere effort to cleanse our lives of sin and to put God first. Ash Wednesday calls us to put aside pride and choose humility. It calls us to acknowledge our failings and amend our hearts in the comfort of knowing that we are loved. Music at 7pm’s service will feature David Hurd’s setting of Miserere Mei (Psalm 51) and John Rutter’s Out of the deep, with Charles duChateau on cello.





With Christmas 2016 a joyful memory, music at Christ Church continues to blossom into the New Year. At rehearsals on Wednesday evenings, the choir was busy preparing its usual Sunday repertoire in addition to working on their upcoming performance of John Rutter’s Requiem. The concert, held in February, was a wonderful evening of music making. The choir was joined by Jessica Schmitz (flute), Christa Robinson (oboe), Evelyn Wadkins (cello), Liann Cline (harp), Clara Warnaar (timpani) and Alex Pattavina (Robert G. Owen Organ Scholar) and was directed by Philip Stopford (Director of Music). The soloists for the Pie Jesu and Lux Aeterna were Sharla Nafziger and Jane Hoffman. Music also performed in the concert was Jake Runestad’s setting of Psalm 121 and Herbert Howells’ Te Deum Collegium Regale. As an encore, the choir performed Philip Stopford’s In My Father’s House including our guest instrumentalists. Choral Evensong in January included a setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis by Herbert Murrill in E. This setting may not have been sung at Christ Church before, and was new to both the Rector and most choir members. The nature of the music is such that it is full of color, light and shade, rhythmic vitality and lyricism - a great challenge for any choir, but a rewarding one. We were joined by guest organist, Daniel Ficarri who enjoyed playing the Casavant. In February, Rising Stars and Parish Choir joined the church choir to make our Sunday worship that little bit extra special, and its always a delight to see these faces in the choir stalls. As we look towards Lent and Holy Week, we are gifted with some of the greatest choral music ever composed for this most special liturgical season. The choir gets to sing some of its favorite music, and be challenged by new music. We have new repertoire by Howard Helvey and David Hurd to look forward to. Hurd’s setting of Psalm 51, Miserere Mei, is an excellent alternative to the famous setting by Gregorio Allegri. On Easter Day, the “Bronxville Eucharist” will be first performed by you, the congregation, choir, brass and organ, in a new setting by Philip Stopford. We look forward to welcoming you to our Spring/Summer Concert on Friday 19 May when we present the best of the year’s choral music in one evening! Your support for this, and all that the music department has to offer, is most appreciated and welcomed. Philip Stopford, Director of Music




Christian Formation Education

Please join The Rev. Michael Bird and The Sunday Short Series This Lent we will focus our attention on the First and Second Epistles Caitlyn Darnell (Seminarian) to explore Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. We from Paul to the Corinthians. These Epistles, and the struggles of those early Christians in Corinth, lend themselves to reflection on the will meet after the 10 am service in the faith and action required by Christians in a confusing and fragmented Crispell Lounge on March 5, 12, 19, and 26 from 11:30-12:30 world. Ideally we will find nourishment for our souls as we bring together scripture, tradition and reason. The primary text will be the Bible and those great Epistles, but we will weave in some contemporary scholarship, some texts from the early Church mothers and fathers, and some Evelyn Underhill and CS Lewis to give things an Anglican perspective. 20s and 30s The 20s and 30s Fellowship group has had a wonderful time building up their ministry through a bimonthly faith study! Twice a month, about fifteen participants engage in conversations around The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry’s Crazy Christians. It has been a wonderful way to grow the young adult community and our adult education programs, and we are looking forward to continuing it through the spring! The 1979 Book of Common Prayer and its Future Thursday, March 9 at 7:30pm in the Crispell Lounge As debate over a revision of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer continues, students in Dr. Kevin Moroney’s liturgics class at General Seminary were given the assignment to reflect theologically on the services in the BCP, and then make suggestions for revision if they deemed it necessary. Their work is soon to be published, and we are delighted to welcome them as they present their process and thoughts, and engage in discussion on the importance of the words that shape us all. The Speaker Series Continues Adjunct Faculty member Alison Gruseke from General Seminary will visit Christ Church on April 2nd. She will be considering the importance of place in human and religious experience, especially our sense of “home.” Alison will think about how the Old and New Testaments value place differently, and recognize how attachments to place are something we share deeply with the writers of the Scriptures. Alison is in the dissertation phase of her PhD from Yale University. EYC The EYC is heading out on their annual pilgrimage to the Monastery at Taizé on Thursday, February 16th! Fourteen of our teenagers and their chaperones will spend three days in Lisbon, Portugal to share a cultural experience before entering for five days into the life of the monastery in France. Taizé allows our teens much needed time for prayer, reflection, reconciliation, and personal growth. The EYC would also like to extend their thanks to everyone who supported their fundraiser, Pancakes and Pies, on February 5th. They raised $3000 in total, all going directly toward sending high schoolers on scholarship to their annual pilgrimage to the Monastery at Taizé. We hope you had fun at the event!



Service and Action New People in the Neighborhood! We are delighted to welcome, for the next two months, Aaro Rytkönen and his wife Eija, son Franz(5) and daughter Olga(7 months) to our apartment on Kensington Road. Aaro is the new Executive Director of Al Amana Centre -, which is an interfaith centre in Muscat, Oman. Al Amana Centre believes in, and actively promotes, a substantial dialogue leading to deeper understanding between Christians and Muslims worldwide. It is guided by the words of Jesus Christ - when he commanded his disciples to love their neighbors as themselves. We cooperate with Religious leaders to support their interfaith and intercultural initiatives of peaceful coexistence. Aaro is a Lutheran pastor whose ordination is recognized fully in parts of the Anglican Communion. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is in full communion with Church of England because of the establishment of the Porvoo Communion, an agreement between 15 different Northern European denominations signed in 1992. Aaro and his family are missionaries of peacebuilding, and he is in the United States raising funds for the important work they will be doing in Oman. He will share his story and the story of the Al Amana Centre with us sometime during his stay. Please give Aaro and his family a warm welcome when you see them.

#refugeinmusic - an open and unique event at 7pm on Sunday, February 19 at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC Compelled to do something positive under the banner “Immigrants Make America Great?” Join together at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine - be you a musician or music lover - to participate or simply to take refuge in the sounds of Bach, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Mozart and Fauré. This is a coming together of the community to share our values through music-making; and to reclaim the Bible’s imperative to care for the stranger in our land. Instrumentalists: RSVP to and we will have music on hand for you to play. Singers: Bring your own scores; you will find selections on CPDL (Choral Music Public Domain Library) if you do not own scores. Music lovers: Just come and sit anywhere you like! Repertoire: music of hope and consolation Bach - Dona nobis pacem & Qui tollis peccata mundi (from Mass in B Minor) Brahms - Selig sind die toten & Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit (from German Requiem, movement I) Fauré - Libera me, Domine (from Requiem) Mendelssohn - Verleigh uns Frieden Gnädiglich (Grant us peace) Mendelssohn - He, watching over Israel & Cast thy burden (from Elijah) MORE UPDATES ON SERVICE AND ACTION ON THE LAST PAGE




Eliza Corwin Frost Winter, with its short days and unpredictable weather, often gets people down - but not here at ECF! We have embraced winter and are providing exciting opportunities to further our nursery education. February, in addition to Black History Month, brings Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day and National Children’s Dental Health Month. We recognize all of these in the school with a variety of activities, including trips to the Bronxville Public Library and a presentation to all classes on proper dental care by one of our local dentists, Joanne Roos.

Looking ahead, ECF will travel to the Greenburgh Nature Center to plan gardens in anticipation of the arrival of spring. We can’t wait! On March 24 we are holding our annual fundraiser. This year’s event, Raise the Courtyard Roof, will be held at Ciao! in Eastchester. Proceeds from the event will purchase equipment to further enhance the outdoor courtyard area. The teachers have developed a fantastic wish list. If you wish to support this effort, please email Thank you for your support!


Young at Arts



Service and Action - cont’d We continue to serve our Neighbors Our parish has already been busy with outreach this year! The 7th and 8th grade confirmation classes participated in a cold, but successful, Breakfast Run on Sunday, February 5th. On February 14th, the EYC celebrated Valentine’s Day by serving in the soup kitchen at HOPE Community Services in New Rochelle. Additionally, the LGBTQ and Friends Fellowship Group kicked off the year by cooking chili and rice for the soup kitchen at HOPE, which was served on February 15th. It has been a great year of service already, and we are looking forward to all the exciting opportunities we have approaching! Donate cans of fruit to the United Interfaith Food Bank Sunday, March 5th! Contact: McKenzie Burton at On one Sunday of each month this year, Christ Church will be collecting donations in collaboration with our partner organizations. On Sunday, March 5th, we are collecting cans of fruit and peanut butter for UIFB. Every month, CCB commits to donating 105 cans of fruit, and we are hoping this effort will carry us through to June! Coming Home - a new program Christ Church is excited to announce a new partnership with Coming Home, a prison ministry started by our friends at the Reformed Church. Coming Home is a program for men and women who are formerly incarcerated, assisting individuals in the process of recovery from the traumas associated with a major life crisis. CCB is officially the sponsoring parish for Coming Home with Episcopal Charities, who will help them to develop restorative justice circles into the Coming Home ministry. Lenten Look Ahead: March 5 - Food Drive: United Interfaith Food Bank March 10 - EYC Midnight Run APRIL & MAY


March 13 - EYC cooks for HOPE soup kitchen April 2 - Donation Drive: tuxedos and suits for Center Lane

If we missed your birthday, please send that important information to Katie Gojkovich at kgojkovich@ccbny.

April 1: Mary Leferovich, Robert Rabsey, Addison Werner 3: Nancy Schaefer, Brian Seirup 4: Trace Ahmuty, Tacey Carroll, Vaughn Young, Maggie Young 5: Alex Pattavina 6: Shane O’Neil 7: Peter Licursi, Mae Rucci 8: Susan McCormick, Lily Scholes 9: Isabelle Beit, Alexandra Witt, Peter Licursi 10: Bailey Gilliam 12: Biff Folberth 15: Mac Murad 16: Lauren Harrington 17: Winslow Griffen, Phyllis Sharp, Lia Meloni, Michael Gill 18: Andrea Bates, Matthew Behrens, Mary Anne Ecklond, Travis Hamerling, Annie Brown 19: Phyllis Schneider 20: Adam Srebnik 22: Rebecca Boyd, Liz Young 23: Alaya Martin, Karen Doble 24: Peter Bruton 25: Margaret Roth, Denzil Francis 26: Richard Ball 27: Stephen Jones, Hannah Potgieter 28: Ashley Morse 29: Evan Barr, Maxine Brooks, Giselle Licursi May 1: Janice Peterkin, Samuel Calvert, Philip Stopford 2: Gigi Pennoyer, Shayla Boylan 4: Evelyn Wadkins, Katie Gojkovich 5: Jessica Palfrey, Lisa Wolfgang 6: Amber Alkins, Allison Devlin, Shawn O’Neil, Richard Boyd 7: Russell Hogan, James P. Shanahan 8: Grayson Elder, Anel Martinez, Jake Murphy 9: Coleman Kraemer, Caroline Richardson, Michael Boyle 10: Andrew Callaway, Katie Elder, Maggie Nichols, Stephen Palfrey, Sally Reynolds, Laura Wolfgang, Tristan Boylan, Wyatt Bark Marzec 11: Grace Devlin 12: David Carpenter, Tyler Hamerling 14: Debbie Cook, Sam Shams 15: Kimber Yerkes 16: Thomas Wolfgang 17: Kayla Visco, Jane Strome, Ann Roberts 18: Hondi Brasco, Emily Simpson, Doug Vaughan, Ian Jablonsky 20: Michael Conaton, Betsy Harrington, Charles Sorensen 22: Kathryn Whitney, McKenzie Burton 24: Charlotte Cooley, George Cooley, Susannah Cooley, Stacy Gallagher 25: Matthew Harrington 26: Jennifer Barr, Richard Whitney, Spencer McCormick 27: Anne Campbell 28: Jackson Crystal 29: Jake Sears, Jim Sutton 30: Tyler Ahmuty

CHRIST CHURCH BRONXVILLE 17 Sagamore Road Bronxville, NY 10708 914-337-3544

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