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End of Year 2014 Volume LXVI, Number 7 Christ Church Bronxville 914-337-3544

T H E S P IRE A Newsletter by and for the people of Christ Church As I sit in my study, which is how I describe the back part of my office at 17 Sagamore Road, I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the moment. The Eliza Corwin Frost Child Center is out for the summer, YAA has finished its production of Oliver!, and the parish picnic which signals the end of our program year has come and gone. Peace and Quiet. Deep Breaths. Perfect. In moments like these I find myself reflecting on our parish narrative, the story we’ve told about ourselves, our relationships, our priorities, our community and our God through our actions over the course of the year. You will see reminders of our story throughout this edition of the Spire. And it is a good, vibrant story. On my desk, next to my new St. Augustine’s Prayer Book and a copy of Surprised by Scripture, NT Wright’s latest offering, sits a letter outlining the “Pre-Blast Inspection Offer” and “Notification of Blasting page 2

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Activities for Construction Project Vicinity of New Construction, Kensington Road, Bronxville, NY”. My friends, the context of our story is about to change. We are entering yet another time of new creation here at Christ Church, and periods of change and growth such as these are exactly when extraordinary visions are achieved. As you take your deep breaths this summer, please keep Christ Church in your prayers as we dare to dream about new programs and new directions. Keep us in your prayers as we fix our buildings, not simply because they’re broken, but because in the fixing we can accomplish even more in God’s name. Keep us in your prayers as we discern our path forward while honoring and learning from our past. And remember, when you’re in the area this summer, despite any construction that might be going on at Christ Church or around us, we page 11

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will always be open for worship whether in the church or in Taylor Hall. Summer Sundays at 9a.m. and 5p.m. are simple and soul-tending liturgies. I leave you with these verses from the psalms - praise for God’s extraordinary and ongoing Creation, in which we are meant to be full and active participants. “By your strength you established the mountains; you are girded with might. You silence the roaring of the seas, the roaring of the waves, the tumult of the peoples. Those who live at earth’s farthest bounds are awed by your signs; you make the gateways of the morning and the evening shout for joy. (Psalm 65:6-8) May the Lord bless us and keep us. Michael +

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Pentecost Ten days after Jesus ascended into heaven, the twelve apostles, Jesus’ mother and family, and many other of his disciples gathered together in Jerusalem for the Jewish harvest festival that was celebrated on the fiftieth day after Passover. While they were indoors praying, a sound like that of a rushing wind filled the house and tongues of fire descended and rested over each of their heads. This was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as promised by God. The disciples were suddenly empowered to proclaim the gospel of the risen Christ and went out into the streets of Jerusalem preaching to those gathered for the festival. By a

miracle of the Holy Spirit they spoke in the native languages of the people present. The apostle Peter addressed the crowd, preaching about Jesus’ death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins. The apostles converted and baptized three thousand that day. This year at Pentecost, Fr. Bird baptized three children and welcomed them to Christ Church. It was a wonderful baptismal feast celebrated with all seven choirs from Christ Church. Congratulations to the families!

Romeo Alexander Sacripanti Sara Mae Dembowski Mary Winston Weismiller

Pentecost is the great festival that marks the birth of the Christian church by the power of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost means “fiftieth day” and is celebrated fifty days after Easter Sunday. Red is the liturgical color for Pentecost Sunday. Our red balloons recall the tongues of flame in which the Holy Spirit descended on the first Pentecost.



Thank you to everyone who helped make worship happen! Chalice Chris Alkins Jutta Alkins Matt Behrens Jamie Carroll Vicky Carter Joanna Castle Patrick Conaton Patrick Early Peyton Elder Maddy Foley Denzil Francis Claire Hayes Warren Ilchman Bob Jalang’o Owen Jones Coleman Kraemer Jody Maier Guy McKhann Barbara McKinnon

Subdeacon Matthew Behrens Hondi Brasco Joanna Castle Patrick Conaton Maddy Foley Hershell George Warren Ilchman Owen Jones Coleman Kraemer Kathy O'Guin John O’Neil Bob Jalang'o Michael Pollack Jordan Sears Jess Tighe

Torches Ushers Allison Barker Linda Blakely Hadley Barr Karen Carpenter Michael Barrett Noel Carroll Caroline Beit Margaret Conaton Timothy Cushman Karen Day Dylan Ecklond Georgeann Delli Venneri Eliza Elder Denzil & Druscilla Francis Nora Foley Abby Gagliardi Jackson Freed Joe Kratovil Anabel Halaby Barbara & Wink McKinnon Ella Hogan Jeff Minich Claire Kraemer Bob O’Connor Emma Mandanas Kathy & Mike O’Guin Cameron McKhann George Palmer Helen Noone Sheldon Reynolds Johanna Rabsey Luke Sears Luke Redman Jimmy Shanahan Sally Reynolds Maxine Walsh Dylan Richardson Richard Whitney Mark Sears Nancy Yohannan Martha Thomas Vance Wood

Lectors Andrea Bates Mary Taylor Behrens Mary Boland Hondi Brasco Karen Day Tim Donahue Patrick Early Marca Ewy Anna Foley Amy Freed Randy Frost Gary Hayes Warren Ilchman Peter Johnson Sarah Kraemer Jody Maier Tracey Minich Art Nagle Jim Redpath Ken Richardson Erin Ryan Jane Sears Letizia Seirup Arthur Taylor Centes Williams Clerks Mallory Bates Olivia Cappello Kathleen Conaton Jason Cushman Emma Donahue Christian Eggers Grayson Elder Ansley Jones Paul Philips Nicola Phillips Nicolette Romley Taylor Sears Gibbs Tighe

Worship is at the heart of our parish life and serving during the service gives parishioners an opportunity to be at the heart of our worship. It is also an excellent way to become involved in the spiritual life of our parish. If you wish to learn more about volunteering, please contact CCBNY Sacristan, Vicky Carter at



Parish Picnic

Many thanks to Lisa and Matt Harrington for opening their home for this year’s Parish Picnic! It was a beautiful day to celebrate the end of the program year. Thank you to the Andrea Bates and the Hospitality Committee for planning such a lovely occasion to visit with CCBNY family and friends. JUNE

Birthdays June 1: Janet Barrett, Ellie Clifford, Charlie Clifford, Elizabeth Folberth, Johanna Rabsey, Fabien duChateau 2: James Carroll 3: Katie Nichols, Pearl Schneider, Fredrick Eaton, Ava Al-Omoush 4: Luke Devlin, Hilary Sullivan 6: Henry Hommeyer, Gustave Hommeyer 7: Timothy Stephens 8: Johanna Redpath, Thomas Ruhm, Taylor Sears 9: Warren Barbour 10: Steven Tighe 12: Charlie Howard, Sean Michael McAlarney, Timothy O’Donoghue 13: Jody Maier 14: Leighton Welch, Joe Wood 15: Michael Conaton, Sam Mandanas 16: Luke Potgieter, Sarah Potgieter, Owen Thomas 17: Andrew Foley, Victoria Bogatyrenko 18: Paula Boggs, Frederick Goddard 19: Lucy Whitney, Christian Eggers 20: Olivia Prior 21: Margaret Barrett 22: Brooks Clifford 24: Guy McKhann, Kimberly Morse 25: Karen Sheer Carpenter, Harry Yerkes 26: Jon Alkins 27: Louis Parks 28: Celia Visco, Christopher Alkins, Peter Bruton, Charlotte Yerkes 29: Oliver Alkins, Vonnie Murad



Christian Formation Christian Formation has been one of the great blessings of our parish. The dedication of our Church School teachers, the enthusiasm of the children, the support of the parents and the implementation of a new curriculum made this a successful program year! Our Church School program for children ages 3 to 6th grade is grounded in Bible stories and taught in the Montessori model. Our new curriculum ‘Weaving God’s Promises’ for children in

grades 3-6 has been well received by both children and teachers. The content and format of the curriculum is interwoven with Scripture and our Episcopal tradition. As we move into the summer months, parents are encouraged to continue to pray with their children and talk to them about the Bible stories they heard. This will help solidify what they learned and also build strong family virtues.

Scripture reminds us… "you shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down and when you rise. And you shall bind them as a sign upon your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. And you shall write them on your doorposts of your house and on your gates. (Deuteronomy 6:6-9) Thank you for all you do! - Mother Brown

Thank you to all our volunteer teachers! Godly Play Maxine Brooks-Walsh Joannna Castle Carla Countryman Kate Dembowski Rita Durniak MaryAnne Ecklond Gillian Goddard

Caroline Hewitt Karen Jablonsky Alicia Noone Janice Peterkin Sarah Reynolds Didi Romley

There’s a time and a place that’s special each week, Where we’re eager to learn of the Word that we seek. The lessons are studied and scripture is read But let us go back a few days, instead. Your week is so busy and filled with “to do’s” Like everyone else not a minute to lose. Your family, your business, work never ending Your precious few moments you’re ever still lending. But you make the time to prepare for Sunday When you know someone will listen to the words that you say. So with God’s special guidance, with prayer and with time You prepare for each Sunday, the Word we can find. Thank you for giving us an hour each week Knowing it is the Word of the Lord that we seek. And today we are blessed and grow more each day Because you dedicate your love to the Lord in this way. We wouldn’t have Sunday School if it weren’t for you. So today we say thank you for all that you do. by Dania Hann-Lachapelle

Communion Class Barbara Potgieter Henry Boy Scout Liasion Philip Tulotta

Godly Dialogue Tim Donahue Anna Foley Tom Nichols Joseph Philips Deborah Ross Eileen Visco Nick Visco

Please prayerfully consider volunteering an hour of your time every month to teach Sunday school. Please contact Mother Brown at



The Guild of St. Raphael

The powerful gift of prayer given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, and his promise that he will never fail to answer our prayers is the core belief of the Guild of St. Raphael. This prayer group here at CCBNY, recognizes that prayer is a powerful tool and an effective way to support each other, care for each other and fulfill God’s command to look out for the interest of others. This group under the umbrella of the Pastoral Care Committee offers intercessory prayer on behalf of the sick, delivers meals to the homebound, and when needed secure transportation for those needing rides to Church. In the coming program year, the group will take on new tasks by offering Centering Prayer to the Church community, and recognizing various milestones in the life of parishioners. If you are interested in becoming a part of the ministry please contact Mother Brown at

The Guild of St. Raphael Hondi Brasco Maxine Brooks-Walsh Debbie Cook Bob Jalang’o Jane Kravotil

Barbara McKinnon Jeannette Monaco Michael Pollack Cliff Schneider Phyllis Schneider Emily Simpson

Do not neglect to pray for others. “We are compelled to pray for our­selves, but the love of our brethren engages us to pray for others also. Now, far more acceptable to God is the prayer that proceeds not from the pressure of our wants, but from the love of our neighbor.” St. John Chrysostom

Facilities Committee Report to the Parish As we end the 2013-2014 Church schedule and begin the summer schedule, the Committee has identified several projects that it hopes to complete during this period. First and foremost is the rebuilding of the steps to the Church. A survey of the area has been completed which has allowed us to draw up plans for new steps. All agreed that the old steps were not easy to manage. The new design will be user friendly but asthetically keeping with the front of the Church.

One project that is not remedial in nature is the relighting of the altar and choir stalls using LED bulbs. We have long had a problem with the lighting because of the limited electrical supply to the Church. Electrical lines are buried in the stone columns and we have not found a cost efficient and artistic way to bring in additional power. But the LED industry has made sufficient advances that we can now both increase the lighting and decrease the power requirements.

Several other items are on the work Village Planning Board approval list: replacement of the roofs over is required and we hope to have the Vesting Room, Organ Chamber approval this month. Unfortunately and side door of the Church. The the construction schedule indicates comittee is still considering the the steps will be completed early proper fix for the falling ceiling in October but every effort will be the arcade. made to finish as early as possible.

The Kensington Road project is scheduled to start in late June. It will have a major impact on us including the need to mothball the organ and install a digital organ during the construction period (see Christopher Wells’ report on the next page). Since blasting will be required to build the foundations we will be monitoring the resulting vibration and dust to ensure that it has no effect on the Church structure. In short we anticipate another busy summer devoted to assuring our Church remains both beautiful and useable. -Arthur Taylor, Chair of the Facilities Committee



Kensington Road Construction and the Christ Church Organ Last fall, the church was informed that the Kensington Road development was under consideration again. Protecting our new organ has been a topic of ongoing discussion ever since. The 2009 Casavant organ at Christ Church Bronxville is, aside from real estate, the church’s single most valuable material asset. It’s replacement value is estimated to be more than 2M dollars. Our instrument, which can literally be choked and rendered speechless by dust and dirt must be carefully protected during the demolition, bedrock blasting, and construction of this development project. Many of us remember that this is not the first time we have dealt with the Kensington Road construction plans. In 2004, we had a comprehensive study done on the previous instrument that informed us of not only the dust and dirt issues that we face now, but also the general condition of the organ and more importantly – the condition of the organ chambers. Decades of water infiltration had compromised the structure of the pipe organ chamber. Cracking plaster walls dangled precariously over the organ pipes. At that time, it was deemed necessary to remove the instrument during the proposed Kensington Road construction. [An early thought was that we might take advantage of the instrument’s removal to rebuild the ailing parts, yet rebuilding costs were projected to equal or surpass the cost of a new instrument.] In a nutshell, Christ Church proceeded to remove the previous instrument, completely renovate the

organ chambers, and sign a contract for a new organ; meanwhile the developer went bust and the construction project never happened.

Fortunately, this time around, the organ chambers are in pristine condition. We are no more concerned about their particular vulnerability than we are about any other part of the church. We are, however, taking necessary steps to prevent dust and dirt from harming the pipes and mechanisms of the new organ. Our organ curators will be placing individual plastic bags over every pipe. On top of the plastic bags, two layers of lightweight plastic will cover the pipes and windchests. Dust will be monitored throughout the construction project and the plastic will remain on the instrument until we are certain that it will not be harmed. Unfortunately, the organ will not be usable while under the protective layers, so we have decided to install digital organ sounds to allow us to continue our tradition of music in liturgy. While the digital sounds will never compare with the uncompromising beauty of our new Casavant organ, progress in electronic organ technology has yielded a convincing quality of tone. This solution will provide adequate sound while the pipe organ is protected. The pipes are scheduled to be covered during the first week of July and the digital installation will take place in August. - Christopher Wells, Director of Music



Communion Sunday

Communion Class Harrison Brown Vincent Dooley-MulĂŠ Bailey Gilliam Sophie Halaby Sam Mandanas Lia Meloni Jake Murphy William Murphy Amanda Torres Amaya Shellman Coco-Noel Williams

These students studied the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist this year in Church School and received Communion together as as class on May 18th. Traditionally at Christ Church, second graders spend the year studying about all the parts of the service and what they mean. There is a particular focus on the real presence of Christ that we encounter in the consecrated elements of bread and wine. A special and heartfelt "thank you" to their teacher Barbara Potgeiter Henry, who not only taught the class all year, but also donated a cake to honor the work of her students. JULY


July 1: Victoria Carter, Ken Richardson 2: Scott Castle, Jordan Sears 3: Christopher Behrens, Jackie Goodell, Whit Yerkes, Devon Murphy 4: Margaret Taylor Conaton, Grace Howard5: David Fairchild, Hayes Romley 9: Taber Minich 10: Davin Michaels, Flicka Michaels, Justina Michaels, Timothy Michaels 11: Alexandra Adrian 12: Alexander Mintz, Karly Redpath, Isabella Bonet, Nelson Bonet12: Patrick Tine, Paul Sullivan 16: Joanna Castle 17: Sarah Kraemer 18: Colleen Sica, Ruth Wood, Bret Boylan 19: W. Michael O’Guin, Callie Starbuck, Amy Laburda 20: Grace Ball 21: Susanne Murray, Eva Partridge 22: Kathleen Conaton, Etta Eskridge 23: Mary Boland, Deborah McKemey DePalermo 24: Jutta Alkins, Aaron Shellman 25: Ella Hogan 26: Christopher George, Drury McAlarney, Libby Deasy 27: Kathryne Hansen 29: Druscilla Francis 30: Lianne De Serres 31: Joanne Jones, Barbara Brewka, Marielle Licursi



Confirmation Sunday

Sunday, June 1st we welcomed the Right Rev. Allen Shin, Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of New York to perform the Sacrament of Confirmation. Bishop Shin confirmed 14 students, 2 adults and also received one adult into the Episcopal Church. This Sunday marked the end of a long journey for these 14 teenagers. At the end of the two-year curriculum, those who have attended class and church faithfully and have completed their work, are given the opportunity to be confirmed. Confirmation should be a mature reaffirmation of Baptismal promises, made by a person who truly wishes to commit themself to the belief and practice of the Christian faith.

Confirmation Class offers a safe place where our young people can explore the concept and meaning of God in our church, in Western culture and in their own lives. In their second year, students take an in-depth exploration of the Christian Sacraments – Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Unction, Marriage and Ordination. These sacraments are the foundational elements of our encounter with God. This class also investigated the choices that we make in life, and how those choices affect others. An integral part of our program, confirmands are encouraged to participate in various community service activities offered by Christ Church like Outreach Sundays and Breakfast Runs. This allows us to put our teaching into action and see the students outside of the classroom.

Confirmation is the rite in which we express a mature commitment to Christ, and receive strength fromt the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop. Confirmation Class Allison Suzanne Barker Hadley Emmet Barr Jeffrey Richard Barrett Caroline Speyer Beit Henry Rogers Bruce Norah Katherine Foley Jackson Deforest Freed Ella Kerrie Louise Hogan Claire Laura Kraemer Cameron Frederick McKhann Johanna Marie Rabsey

Sally Blake Reynolds Mark George Sears Martha Grace Thomas Vance Marie Wood Adult Confirmands Anel Martinez Andrew Yonsong Park For Reception Christopher Matthew Sharpe



Thank you to our choirs!

Christ Church Choir Sharla Nafziger Carol Bartold Michael O’Hearn Holly Castle Talia Oliveras Debbie Cook Steve Palfrey Etta Eskridge Brian Seirup Gabriel Felippe Camilla Seirup Jane Hoffman Colleen Sica Kristopher Jean Joseph Klebanoff Alleigh Thoms Jason Thoms Amy Laburda Wilyem Thoms Adrienne May Sarah Meyer

Choir Librarian Centes Williams

Primary Choir Ava Al-Omoush Fiona Barr Margaret Eaton Cece Jablonsky Maggie Nichols Lucie Noone

Handbell Ensemble Debbie Cook, Director Katharine Androitis Michael Bird Paula Boggs Mary Boland Carol Costa Barbara Deller Ruth DeRosa

Children’s Choir Isabelle Beit Avery Jones Natalie Beit Amelie Kaufman Edelawit Bird Katie Nichols Brooks Clifford Rachel Roberts Amaya Shellman Ellie Clifford Charlie Clifford Izaak Thoms Louisa Eaton Anabelle Thurston Erin Foley Gus Vaughn Coco-Noel Williams Annie Freed Bailey Gilliam Charlotte Yerkes Piper Gilliam

Laura Hays Barbara McKinnon Michael Pollack Deborah Ross Mimi Ruhm Mary Sanford Bob Singleton Heidi Wolfgang

Parish Choir Mary Taylor Behrens Jane Johnston Catherine Bird Phillip Johnston Paula Boggs Tim McCann Robert Broadwater Paige Nagle Tracy Cole Stephen Palfrey Allison Devlin Deborah Ross Patrick Early Letizia Seirup Joan Forsyth Melanie Wadkins Lisa Harrington Evelyn Wadkins Ellen Hopkins



Congratulations to our EYC Seniors!

This year on EYC Sunday, 14 seniors were celebrated and praised for their wonderful journey through their years at Christ Church. The seniors this year have attended pilgrimages to TaizĂŠ, as well as mission trips to Harlem, Atlanta, and Cuba. Congratulations to them!

Enjoy these throwback photos!

Matt Behrens - Georgetown University Jamie Carroll - Denison University Joanna Castle - Denison University Patrick Conaton - Stanford University Maddy Foley - Cornell University Owen Jones - Yale University Coleman Kraemer - Duke University Alaya Martin - Westchester Community College Jackie Saralegui - Dartmouth College Adline Sarpong - University at Buffalo Jordan Sears - Rhodes College Jess Tighe - Wake Forest University Wilym Thoms - Concordia Wisconsin Helen Wood - University of St. Andrews Paris and TaizĂŠ 2012

Confirmation 2010



It is with both sadness and a great deal of pride and happiness that I announce the departure of our current Music Director, Vaughn Mauren. After four years at Christ Church - beginning as the Robert G. Owen Organ Scholar and then as Associate Organist and Music Director for Young at Arts - Vaughn has accepted a call to be the Director of Music at St. James’s Episcopal Church in West Hartford, CT.

energetic staff and a tradition of great music. This is a wonderful opportunity for Vaughn and we celebrate with him in this next step. The choirs at St. James will blossom under his leadership! And so, we thank you Vaughn for your passion and dedication to the mission of YAA! - Sharyn Pirtle, Founding Director of YAA

Vaughn has committed himself wholeheartedly to YAA and its mission to bring excellent music education to the young people of our community for the last four years. His commitment involved a passion for our students and their well-being, many long hours preparing for productions, recruiting to schools around southern Westchester and more. His commitment to fine music making raised the level of training at YAA. Vaughn will be in charge of all music activities for both children and adults at the celebrated St. James. Theirs is an exciting community of faith with an

Young at Arts is delighted to introduce Broadway veteran, Charles duChateau, as their new Musical Director. A multi-instrumentalist, conductor, and composer, Mr. duChateau brings a very diverse musical background to YAA. In addition to conducting, Mr. duChateau has played piano, cello, and accordion on Broadway for the last 15 years. Mr. duChateau is thrilled to share his knowledge and love of music with the children of YAA. With deep connections to Broadway, and his great passion for teaching, YAA will continue to grow and inspire young people. Students can look forward to visiting artist master classes, musical salons with visiting artists, and trips to Broadway. Mr. duChateau whole-heartedly shares in Young at Arts’ belief that the power of music lifts up communities, builds bridges between them, thereby creating young adults who possess passion, hope and tolerance.



Broadway to Bronxville - YAA Spring Benefit!

Broadway came to Bronxville on April 28, and the show was a smashing success! Young at Arts, the performing arts outreach program at Christ Church, hosts a fundraiser annually to offer arts education scholarships. Performers treated a church full of music fans to their favorite Broadway hits under the musical direction of Annbritt and Charles duChateau. The duChateaus, who live in the neighborhood, called on their friends from such shows as Aladdin, Mary Poppins, and Phantom of the Opera to sing with the YAA students. Michael James Scott, who plays the genie in Aladdin, wowed the crowd with a rousing rendition of favorite show tunes alongside the YAA chorus. Ruth Wood, who was honored for her many contributions to the

Village of Bronxville, had this to say: “Young at Arts provides excellent music education for a diverse group of young people from Southern Westchester and the Bronx. My daughter Vance is fortunate to join this talented group of kids and has learned so much from the gifted educators. I am thrilled to be honored and am happy that so many friends were thoroughly entertained by the magical night of music in the gorgeous sanctuary of Christ Church.” The guests at the benefit were struck by the amazing performances right in the village. When John Cudia reprised his role as the Phantom, it was a perfect moment of musical theater. Local talent Lily Hickey joined Broadway veterans Kathy Voytko and Q. Smith in a moving version

of another favorite. And when Raymond Jaramillo McCleod sang a familiar ditty, the crowd recognized his voice from the many famous animated film characters he has portrayed. All the artists lended a hand because they had also been mentored as young teens. With their help, YAA raised over $47,000 to offer scholarships for its students. Director Sharyn Pirtle said that she founded YAA to provide an excellent arts education to all children. “Through a comprehensive education in vocal music and drama, children from different backgrounds share a love for the performing arts while developing the values of leadership, discipline, integrity, and community to make them tolerant citizens.” - Sarah Kraemer, Co-Chair of the Benefit Committee

14 YAA Presents Oliver!




40th Anniversary of Eliza Corwin Frost Child Center

On Pentecost, CCBNY celebrated with The Eliza Corwin Frost Child Center in its 40th Anniversary. The Child Center opened in October 1973 in Bronxville, NY with an enrollment of 16 children ranging in age from three months to three years. The center was established as a living memorial to Eliza Corwin Frost, the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Corwin Frost, Bronxville residents. Randy and Corwin Frost (pictured below) continue to be an integral part of the center and its surrounding community.

Randy & Corky Frost, Tom & Mimi Ruhm and Arthur Taylor

Barbara Brewka & Jim Lee, Mother Brown and Arnold Eggers



Parishioner Profile

“Our family has been truly blessed with the fellowship that the church has offered.”

The Wood Family Christ Church has been the Wood family’s church for the better part of the last 22 years. We feel so lucky to have found a place that is so suited to our family. Mark was raised Catholic and I was raised Presbyterian. We went to an Episcopal High School (together!) and CCB felt right from our first visit. Our children have participated in all areas of the church; Baptism, Primary Choir, First Communion, Sing and Ring, Confirmation, Youth Group and Young at Arts. I have taught Church School and participated as a member of the Vestry. Our favorite services are usually the Outreach Sundays! The Woods have a bit of trouble sitting

in our seats for a long period of time - so the quick service followed by some physical labor on the Bronx River is just the right thing for us! Our family has been truly blessed with the fellowship that the church has offered. We have found true and meaningful friendships at Christ Church, as well as enjoying being part of a broader community of people that we consider part of our church family. Father Bird and Mother Brown create this double team of warm hugs and compassion mixed with a sassy smart challenge for everyone to be their best. The Wood family is just on a temporary sabbatical in London. We will be back to Christ Church, and look forward to many more years with all of you!


Birthdays August 1: Nancy Al-Omoush, Arnold Eggers 2: Steve Kraemer, Teresa McRoberts 3: Eileen Allen 4: Eugene Elliott, Addie St. Phillip 5: Julia Bruton, Annie Freed, William Howard 8: Mae Thomas, Clara Prior 11: Joseph Philips, Shruti Philips, Georgina Murphy 12: Amelia Srebnik 13: Rhys Whitaker Brown 15: Margaret George, Elizabeth Tighe 16: Amaya Shellman 17: Scott Freed 18: Marianna Bruton, Holly Castle, Jack Goddard 20: Anabel Halaby 21: Callie Ewy 23: Cia McAlarney, Jackie Saralegui 24: Grace Stephens 25: Martha Thomas, Harrison Brown 27: Emily Brasco, Cameron McKhann, Luke Sears 2 8: Reeves Calvert 29: Nicholas Foley, Addison Morse, Barbara Potgieter Henry, William Bogatyrenko 30: Kira Parks, Jason Thoms, Gary Shellman, Charles Bogatyrenko

17 Easter 2014




2013 -2014 Program Year in Review!

Church School - September 2013

Evensong led by The Concordia College Choir

Blessing of the Animals - October 2013

Outreach Sunday - November 2013

The Bishop of the Diocese of Cuba - All Saints Day 2013

LGBT & Friends Fellowship - December 2013

YAA Performs at Trinity Wall Street - November 2013

Christmas Eve Crèche Service 2013



EYC Pilgrimage to Taizé - February 2013

Outreach Sunday - April 2014

Men’s Group Hosts Pancake Supper - February 2014

YAA Benefit Honoring Ruth Wood - April 2014

Visit from Bishop Gene Robinson - March 2014

The Great Vigil of Easter - April 2014

EYC Midnight Run - March 2014

Confirmation Sunday - June 2014

CHRIST CHURCH BRONXVILLE 17 Sagamore Road Bronxville, NY 10708 914-337-3544

End of the Year Spire 2014  
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