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CCBC's Student Newsletter February 2017

Issue 6

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Eight High-paying, non CCBC announces President’s and Dean’s lists traditional degrees, check for fall 2016 semester. out part two.

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Monday, August 15th Friday, August 19th, 2016 Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-11am, 2:30pm-4pm Evening Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30pm-6pm Monday, August 29thFriday, September 2, Hours: Monday – Friday 10 am-noon, 2pm-4pm Evening Hours: Thursday 4:30pm-6pm Monday, November 28th, 2016- Friday, December 2nd Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-11am, 2:30pm-4pm Evening Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30pm-6pm

SPRING '16-'17

Monday, January 3rdThursday, January 5th, 2017 Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-11am, 2:30pm-4pm Evening Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30pm-6pm Monday, January 9thThursday, January 12th, 2017

Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-11am, 2:30pm-4pm Evening Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30pm-6pm Monday, April 24th– Thursday, April 27th, 2017 Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-11am, 2:30pm-4pm Evening Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30pm-6pm

SUMMER '16-'17

Monday, May 8th- Thursday, May 11th, 2017 Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-11am, 2:30pm-4pm Evening Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30pm-6pm Monday, June 19th – Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-11am, 2:30pm-4pm Evening Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 4:30pm-6pm *all other hours should be scheduled by personal appointment with Fran, call at 724/ 480-3462

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Community College of Beaver County is proud to release the following names of students who achieved President’s List and Dean’s List honors for the fall 2016 semester. In order to be named to the President’s List, students must have completed at least 12 hours of creditbearing courses in which performance grades are awarded, and have received a 3.75 grade-point average or above for the semester. Dean’s List honorees must have completed at least 12 hours of credit-bearing courses in which performance grades are awarded and have received a 3.25 to 3.7499 grade-point average for the semester.

The following full-time students were named to the President’s List for the fall 2016 semester: Trevor Adams of Rochester; Zachary Agresti of Monaca; Amber Aley of Beaver Falls; Abigail Allen of Beaver; Luke Aloi of Beaver; Carmen Amadio of Aliquippa; Micah Anderson of Beaver Falls; Melyssa Arner of Aliquippa; Erin Bailey of Monaca; Emily Bandish of Monaca; Rebecca Basko of Monaca; Kathryn Bender of East Palestine, OH; Brittany Bionda of Freedom; Danielle Blatchford of Ellwood City; Emma Bodkin of New Brighton; Kassidy Boots of Fombell; Brandon Boyd of Rochester; Crystal Brant of Darlington; Anna Bruno of Aliquippa; Nikole Burns of Aliquippa; Rachel Burnsworth of New Brighton; Alexandra Bushaw of Beaver; Patricia Butler of Aliquippa; Christopher Callaghan of Aliquippa; Rachel Carlisle of Canonsburg; Tawnia Carpenter of Darlington; Margaret Catanzarite of Ellwood City; Abigail Cercone of Aliquippa; Jason Cercone of Aliquippa; Frank Ceriani of Beaver Falls; Scott Chaffee of Midland; Victoria Chagnon of Aliquippa; Natelie Chappell of New Cumberland, WV; Kapriciana Childs of Monaca; Virginia Childs of Freedom; Matthew Christy of New Castle; Kylee Cipolla of Newell, WV; Zackary Cipolla of Aliquippa; Maria Close of Beaver Falls; Kaleigh Cottage of Baden; Joziah Council of Midland; Zavyer Craft of Midland; Nicholas Cusano of Industry; Geena DeCaria of Fombell; Moriah Dockter of New Brighton; Cortlynn Douds of Darlington; Alaina Dreher of Beaver Falls; Sean Duffy of Midland; Carol Dundes of Monaca; Carrie Dvorsak of Beaver Falls; Mark Eichler of Monaca; Ivan Fabyanic of New Brighton; Craig Fairley of Aliquippa; Hannah Falarski of Aliquippa; Brooke Firczak of

Monaca; Bryce Froble of Beaver Falls; Zachary Gallaher of Ellwood City; Aaron Gardocki of Imperial; Jenny Gianella of Georgetown; Joseph Giles of Carnegie; Quintin Goettman of Rochester; McKenzie Griffin of Edinburg; Jeff Grillo of Beaver Falls; William Grimmett of Baden; Joshua Grundberg of Beaver; Marlynn Hall of Aliquippa; Monique Hardie of Monaca; Caleb Hart of Aliquippa; Neil Hassen of Beaver Falls; Ronald Hiler of West Pittsburg; Morgan Hill of New Castle; Michael Homza of Monaca; Thomas Houk of Ellwood City; Kelsey Hudacsek of Aliquippa; Kwentaiza Hunter of New Brighton; Ethan Intrieri of Beaver Falls; Brandi Jackson of Beaver Falls; Larissa Jefferson of Monaca; Cade Jenkins of New Brighton; Da’Miyah Jones of Ambridge; Josie Karas of Aliquippa; Kayla Karcz of Beaver; Kaitlyn Keller of Beaver; Kevin Kisow of Imperial; Miranda Kolar of New Brighton; Logan Kress of Lisbon, OH; Cheryl Krocsko of Clinton; Leah Kurtz of Beaver Falls; Mary Kusluch of Ellwood City; Albany Kyle of Darlington; Madison Kyle of Darlington; Amanda Large of New Brighton; Jordan Lentz of Beaver Falls; Jenna Lepczyk of Monaca; Shain Livada of Hookstown; James Lutz of New Brighton; Joyce Mabin of Ambridge; Ryan Marchione of Monaca; Angela Marinkovich of Aliquippa; Everett Martin of Ambridge; Dominic Masciantonio of Aliquippa; Miles Mathias of Coraopolis; Merle McConnell of Aliquippa; Steven McCoy of New Galilee; Melissa McDanel of Ellwood City; Lucretia McKeough of Beaver Falls; Normita McKinney of Ellwood City; Ashley McMullen of Ambridge; Adam Merriman of Freedom; Evan Meyers of Ambridge; Alyssa Miles of Beaver Falls; Caley Miller of Conway; Leif Miller of Harmony; Nicole Miller of Beaver Falls; Robert Miller of Beaver Falls; Mallory Minehart of Industry; Casandra Miskimen of Industry; Halie Mitchell of Darlington; Jacob Moldovan of New Brighton; Matthew Mooney of Beaver Falls; Marissa Morrison of Beaver Falls; Michael Morrow

of Sewickley; Mary Nagy of Aliquippa; Jonathan Nguyen of New Castle; Joy O’Leary of Darlington; Emily Oravitz of Beaver Falls; Russell Osselborn of Baden; Megan Owens of Rochester; Andy Pan of Rochester; Michael Pangan of Rochester; Angela Paterchak of Darlington; Bailey Patterson of Clinton; Forrest Petcovic of Conway; Cory Peterson of Imperial; Leona Phillips of Hookstown; Kathryn Pierce of Ellwood City; Breanna Plummer of Beaver Falls; Leslie Powell of Freedom; Paige Prawucki of Aliquippa; James Psomas of Aliquippa; Lauren Ranone of Industry; Brittany Reeder of Beaver Falls; Katie Reinstadtler of Monaca; Kurt Reinstadtler of Monaca; Adam Russell of Freedom; Alaina Schidemantle of Rochester; Matthew Schleicher of Ambridge; Theresa Seech of Aliquippa; Heather Shively of Moon Township; Jenna Simmons of Georgetown; William Sittig of Ambridge; Lauren Sivewright of Ambridge; Christopher Skelton of Aliquippa; Brooke Smith of Monaca; Jarrod Soos of Beaver Falls; Danielle Span of Beaver; Victoria Springer of Beaver; Alyssa Stevens of Wampum; Michael Stokes of Monaca; Cole Strati of Beaver Falls; Jessica Straub of Beaver Falls; Elizabeth Stutzman of Beaver Falls; Jaycee Swogger of Clinton; Jade Villalobos of Aliquippa; Corey Waggoner of Freedom; ScottWalter of Monaca; Rachel Weiser of New Brighton; Cody Westover of New Brighton; Alexandria Whalen of New Brighton; Brandon Whoric of Monaca; Alyssa Wilkinson of Beaver Falls; Mia Williams of Monaca; Aubrey Young of New Brighton; Claire Young of Beaver Falls; Ryan Zeljak of Aliquippa; Haley Zink of Ellport; Jillian Zipfel of Aliquippa; and Bobbi Zuccaro of Monaca.

The following part-time students were named to the President’s List

for the fall 2016 semester: Brooke Baker of Baden; Ashlee Bigler of Burgettstown; Jorge Bojorquez of Georgetown; Lydia Broniszewski of Baden; Mara Christy of Beaver Falls; Diana Climo of Zelienople; Vickie Conklin of Industry; Lisa Correll of Beaver; Allison DelGallo of Rochester; Melissa DiNuno of Beaver; Stacie Dow of Industry; Desiree Dunn of Ambridge; Robert Fitzwater of Darlington; Kayla Halavanja of Monaca; Heather Helman of Beaver Falls; Alden Hinnant of Aliquippa; Rachael Illar of Beaver Falls; David Janicki of Georgetown; Nicholas Jaroszynski of Imperial; Jamey Klaas of Monaca; Kathleen Lamb of Beaver; Richard Lamb of Imperial; Lorraine Large of New Brighton; Timothy Lukehart of Baden; Sara Mackenzie of Beaver Falls; Crystal Maldonado of Aliquippa; James Maloney of Industry; Brenda Matos of Monaca; Linda McPherson of Hudson, FL; Michael Menegazzi of Pittsburgh; Samuel Mills of Beaver; Kimberly Morrison of Beaver Falls; Kelly Morrow of Freedom; Morgan Pennington of Aliquippa; Jeremy Prigorac of Aliquippa; Vanessa Santarelli of Aliquippa; Nola Shrum of Sewickley; Taylor Smith of Beaver Falls; Evan Steckman of Beaver Falls; Stacey Turner of Beaver; Patricia Walton of Beaver Falls; Lucas Willis of New Brighton; Sylvia Wnoroski of Clinton; and Diana Woodske of Beaver.

The following fulltime students were named to the Dean’s List for the fall 2016 semester: Leah Alexander of Monaca; Jacob Alters of Fombell; Carla Ammann of Aliquippa; Krystal Austin of Beaver Falls; Zlatan Avdic of Pittsburgh; Anna Barna of Beaver Falls; Nicklaus Barney of Midland; Kenneth Battaglia III of Beaver

Falls; Taylor Baylis of Beaver Falls; James Bell of Beaver; Shraun Bell of Aliquippa; Alex Bobin of New Brighton; Kai Brazzeal of Aliquippa; Alexander Burns of New Brighton; Brandon Cameron of Shippingport; Anthony Cardone of Butler; Rachel Cefola of Aliquippa; Sydney Ceyba of Beaver Falls; Noah Charles of Monaca; April Checca of Industry; Matthew Chute of Beaver Falls; Rayona Cleckley of Beaver Falls; Haley Coe of Beaver; John Coker of Beaver Falls; Sarah Cole of Beaver Falls; Aishah Coley of Ellwood City; Jenna Concelman of New Brighton; Eric Conley of Beaver Falls; Kelsey Curry of Aliquippa; Jordan Cuspard of New Brighton; Casey Davis of Midland; Susan Dean of Beaver Falls; Bradley Decroo of Clinton; Nick DeDominicis of Midland; Drew Dennerlein of Baden; Jennifer Detore of Aliquippa; George Diamantis of Ambridge; Evin Diciero of Conway; Garrett Duvall of New Providence; Rachael Falen of Ellwood City; David Fisher of Beaver; Cameron Freeland of New Galilee; Damian Fubio of Aliquippa; Destinee Gallagher of Aliquippa; Vanessa Gennaro of Aliquippa; Terence Gettings of Rochester; Angela Gilmore of New Brighton; Benjamin Goodwald of Aliquippa; Nia Gray of Industry; Noah Gray of Baden; Alissa Grinnik of Rochester; Lea Gualtieri of Freedom; Timothy Hammond of Beaver Falls; Marina Hazlett of Ambridge; Grant Hodgetts of Monaca; Nicholas Hoffman of Rochester; Sara Hohenshel of Midland; Curtis Imler of Beaver Falls; Ashley James of Ambridge; Luke Johnson of Aliquippa; Brooke Karlheim of Monaca; Aleeda Kimbrough of Ambridge;

Hailey Kinney of Georgetown; Victoria Kirkland-Williams of Aliquippa;Alexander Kirkwood of Ellwood City; Sierra Kisiday of Baden; Erin Kline of Ellwood City; Bradley Koerbel of Georgetown; Jordan Kohan of Hookstown; Corey Krepps of Monaca; Deanna Kriger of Freedom; Ethan Kron of Beaver Falls; Brittany Lackovich of Aliquippa; Derek Lang of New Brighton; Shalisa LawsonAnderson of Beaver Falls; TyNiesha Lee of Rochester; Benjamin Lehman of Carnegie; LaMar Lester of Beaver Falls; Roxanne Loomis of Industry; John Lubich of Ellwood City; Michaela Lutz of New Brighton; Mustafa Mahmood of Ambridge; Alexander Martin of Monaca; Kelly Martin of Prosperity; Samantha Mayer of Midland; Rachel Mazzetti of Zelienople; Reese McHaffie of Georgetown; Cole McNutt of Ellwood City; Kara Meehan of Aliquippa; Erik Mendes of Johnstown; Breanna Mengon of Freedom; Anna Micija of Conway; Anthony Miles of Beaver Falls; Melissa Miller of Georgetown; Sierra Miller of Beaver Falls; Nicholas Moore of Darlington; Daniel Morrow of Hookstown; Michaela Muron of Freedom; Isaac Nola of Wampum; Amber Nolf of Beaver Falls; Christopher Norman of Midland; Courtney Norman of New Brighton; Erika Oslick of Baden; Tiffany Pantaleo of Conway; Danyia Perry of Aliquippa; Brandon Petroff of Freedom; Michael Phillis of Burgettstown; Kesco Phiri of Midland; Katelynn Powers of Aliquippa; Stephanie Powers of Georgetown; David Price of Baden; Anthony Prohaska of Coraopolis; Lauren Quimby of Enon Valley; Justin Rapko of Aliquippa; Emily Reagan of Beaver;

Maxwell Reed of Beaver; Adam Robinson of Beaver Falls; Dayna Rodich of Aliquippa; Conner Roesing of Beaver; Zephaniah Rombold of New Brighton; Linsey Romigh of Industry; Antonia Rotuna of Aliquippa; Bernard Rush of Beaver; Chelsea Russell of New Brighton; Joseph Sager of New Castle; Robert Scala of Aliquippa; Cayla Schmolitz of Beaver; Klark Schofield of Beaver Falls; Bruce Searight of Aliquippa; Tyler Shaffer of Beaver Falls; Frank Shepard of Aliquippa; Emily Shuster of Beaver; Ashley Shute of Beaver Falls; Jacey Simon of Aliquippa; Samuel Siple of Beaver Falls; Sara Skerlec of Beaver; Andrew Smith of New Brighton; Sabrina Smith of Rochester; James Snyder of Beaver Falls; PhillipStajduhar of Monaca; Brandi Stewart of New Castle; Christopher Stitt of Monaca; Ashley Stowers of Aliquippa; Shane Sutton of Washington; Llew Taylor of Darlington; Nicholas Tepsic of Midland; Miranda Thompkins of Ambridge; Riley Trodden of New Castle; Danielle Turner of Beaver; Matthew Urgitus of Darlington; Sarah Weyand of Beaver Falls; Katarina Whalen of New Brighton; Thomas Wickline of New Castle; Jeremiah Williams of Aliquippa; Julie Wilson of Enon Valley; Elizabeth Wisniewski of Conway; Steven Yeager of Aliquippa; Bryn Young of Monaca; and Eryn Yuran of Monaca.

The following parttime students were named to the Dean’s List for the fall 2016 semester:

Tara Albert of Aliquippa; Thomas Allison of Burgettstown; Diane Battista of Aliquippa; Patrick Beatty of Rochester; Aaron Bokanovich of Butler; Sherri Boothe of Beaver; Chantel Boyce of Midland; Stephanie Campbell of Beaver Falls; Erika Carter of New Brighton; Ryan Carter of New Brighton; Rachel Deiter of Ambridge; Alyssa Douds of Freedom; Megan Dougherty of Baden; Beth Duncan of Ellwood City; Edward Durinsky of Aliquippa; Colleen Fedell of Aliquippa; Renee Ford of Aliquippa; Nakeisha Gilliam of Ambridge; Jaunee Goe of Georgetown; Madeline Good of Beaver; Jordan Green of Hookstown; Olivia Gross of Beaver; Alexander Gush of Aliquippa; Megan Hall of Midland; Andrew Hyatt of Freedom; Julie Jones of Zelienople; Eric Kane of Beaver Falls; Daniel Kross of Washington; Justin Kruszewski of Beaver; Cassandra Leheny of Aliquippa; Taylor Manoli of Wampum; Angela Masciantonio of Aliquippa; Crystal Miller of Aliquippa; Jenna Moore of Conway; Rochelle Moore of Aliquippa; Patricia Mortimer of Beaver; Jack Norris of Beaver Falls; Jonathon Palinski of Ellwood City; Victoria Palinski of Ellwood City; Alexandra Pille of Beaver; Linda Pope of Aliquippa; Paul Rudnicki of Ambridge; Chelsea Ruud of Monaca; Brittini Schooley of Monaca; Colette Schreiber of Beaver; Alexis Sinclair of Beaver; Amy Sipes of Ambridge; Jesse Sirko of Aliquippa; Jeana Stehle of Aliquippa; Andrew Stockard of Beaver Falls; Thomas Swank of Beaver Falls; Brianna Vincenti of Aliquippa; Christine Weekley of Industry; and Marissa Whitlock of Ambridge.

Calendar of events

February 6, 2017

February 22, 2017

Pizza with the President, Noon, Titan Cafe

SGA meeting, 12:35 p.m., SSC Conference Room

February 8, 2017

March 1, 2017

Warm Up Wednesday, 8:30-10:00 a.m., Titan Café (SGA coffee, tea, donut sale) All proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Pittsburgh.

February 8, 2017 SGA meeting, 12:35 p.m., SSC Conference Room

February 15, 2017 SGA meeting, 12:35 p.m., SSC Conference Room

SGA meeting, 12:35 p.m., SSC Conference Room

March 6-10, 2017

Spring Break - NO CLASSES

March 15, 2017

SGA meeting, 12:35 p.m., SSC Conference Room

career corner CAREER SERVICES CENTER Located in the Student Services Center Building – Upper Level


Hours: Monday – Friday – 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

• Career Services

Or call to schedule an appointment Erica Fox – 724-480-3413 Anne Farls – 724-480-3412

• Across from CCBC Bookstore • Across from President’s Office

8 High-paying, nontraditional degrees Part 2 of 4 By: Christina Couch

Soil Conservation Money doesn’t grow on trees, but for these workers, it may be found in the dirt. Dedicated to keeping soils healthy, nutrient-rich and safe from erosion, soil conservationists help farmers and government entities retain soil nutrients and water-holding capacity. Soil conservationists “study everything from the physics of soils, the chemistry of soils, the biology of soils, the organisms and microorganisms that live in soils, how soils appear in the landscape, and how they develop,” says Nicholas Comerford, director of the University of Florida’s North Florida Research and Education Center and former president of the Soil Science Society of America. They may also work in areas such as waste management, soil mapping or degraded land reclamation. Though many soil conservation jobs are available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, they’re also found through public health organizations and environmental consulting firms, Comerford says. Breaking into the field requires a bachelor’s degree in soil conservation or soil science, though some employers require additional certification through SSSA. BLS reports the median soil scientist salary is $58,740, with the top 10 percent of workers earning nearly $97,000. Theme Park Engineering Petroleum, chemical and computer engineers are known for being well-compensated, but so are the engineers who create death-defying thrills. The theme park engineering degree program at California State University, Long Beach prepares students to design rides and attractions, while the entertainment engineering and design degree at the

University of Nevada, Las Vegas focuses more broadly on preparing students to “work in the design, production, installation, and operation of entertainment devices, systems, and venues.” Dennis Speigel, president of International Theme Park Services Inc., a global consulting firm that focuses on the leisure attractions industry, says future ride designers won’t necessarily need a theme park engineering degree to break into the field. They will need a solid foundation of math, physics, geometry, and structural and electrical engineering. A background in amusement parks helps, he adds. “We always recommend to young people that they look in the markets in which they live for a theme park ... where they can get some basic training operating rides and attractions and get a basic understanding of how a theme park works,” he says. Though no formal salary studies of theme park engineers exist, Speigel estimates entry-level jobs start around $50,000 and mid-career salaries hover between $70,000 and $80,000. To access all articles, go to:

help is on the way CAMPUS LAB TUTORIAL SERVICES* JANUARY 9, 2017 – MAY 1, 2017 SCHEDULE Tutor Center and Learning Lab are located in the upper level of the Learning Resources Center.

724-480-3438 *Tutor hours subject to change due to tutor availability. Tutor Name







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11 – 4 Tuesdays and Fridays Science & Tech Center Room 4002



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3–6 Lab, Room 206 MAKEUP TESTING

Library, Tutor Center


12:35-1:10 p.m. Learning Resources Center, Room 9-113 Open to CCBC students, employees, and the Beaver County community - FOR BEGINNERS Be prepared to take off shoes at the door and sit on the floor if possible. Chairs will be provided as needed. Presented by Dr. Cynthia Marshall, Professor of English and Yoga

Healthy Foods & Wellness Expo

What’s On Your Plate? Join us to learn more about healthy eating and living!

Sat. March 11, 2017 10 am to 2 pm Community College of Beaver County Dome 1 Campus Drive, Monaca, PA 15061

Admission is FREE CCBC Dome filled with vendors on fitness, nutrition, food and safety

Free food & product samples Live fitness & cooking demos Learn about local community resources Free health screenings Win great door prizes View a complete list of exhibitors at Expo Hotline: 724-773-2045 Email:

TITAN TALK Policy on Nondiscrimination Community College of Beaver County does not discriminate in admission or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, qualifying disability, veteran’s status, age, or national origin.


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