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Occasionally, course offerings include Special Topics in Liberal Arts, Business, Science, and Technologies. These courses are indicated by a program prefix code preceding the course number of 300 or above. Special Topics are created to increase the students’ knowledge in a particular discipline or to enhance knowledge in a diverse field of study. Special Topics are offered at the discretion of the Division Directors. Credits earned in Special Topics courses can be applied as elective requirements toward graduation. Students should consult college counselors for details. INDEPENDENT STUDY

Consistent with requirements of the agreement between the College and the Society of the Faculty, the College will consider creating two types of Independent Study courses under the following conditions: • Student Initiated: A student proposes a project designed to explore topics not covered in the regular program curriculum. • Administratively Initiated: A student needs a course to meet the requirements for graduation in the current semester and no acceptable substitute course is available from the inventory of scheduled courses, as determined by the appropriate Dean. If either of these conditions exists, a student must request the authorization of an Independent Study through a faculty member in the discipline of the subject matter to be addressed in the course. If a faculty member is willing to conduct the Independent Study with the student, she/he must recommend creation of the Independent Study to the appropriate Dean. If a full-time faculty member is unwilling to offer the Independent Study, the student may request an Independent Study through an appropriately qualified adjunct instructor. The request for approval must be forwarded to the appropriate Dean for consideration. A syllabus stipulating the educational outcomes, the work to be completed by the student, and evaluative measures utilized to determine student success must accompany the request. An Independent Study will not be considered authorized until approved by the appropriate Dean. Approved requests for Independent Study will be forwarded to the Director of Enrollment Services who will create the independent 34

study section. Copies of the approval and its accompanying syllabus will be maintained in the office of the Dean. Independent study courses use the INDS prefix. GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS

CCBC General Education prepares students for immediate academic, personal, and professional endeavors, as well as for a life of learning, by providing knowledge and skills that are of use in all programs of study. General Education requirements include the following: Communication Proficiency requires the skilled presentation and reception of ideas through appropriate media and in a manner suitable to audience. • To receive the ideas of others empathetically through critical listening and reading. • To demonstrate an acceptable level of oral and written communication skills. • To assess audiences for levels of comprehension, breadth of knowledge, and propriety of presentation media. In addition to WRIT101 English Composition, courses with the following prefixes are among those that require demonstration of Communication Proficiency: • COMM • FINE • FILM


• WRIT201

Information Literacy recognizes the need to integrate authoritative resources with an existing knowledge base. • To articulate and then employ a research strategy. • To document information in accordance with a standard documentation style. • To generate insights, interpretations, and conclusions from information ethically gathered. In addition to LITR210 Concepts of Literature or WRIT103 Writing for Business and Technology (depending on your major), courses with the following prefixes are among those that require demonstration of Information Literacy: • JOUR



Community College of Beaver County 2016-17 Academic Catalog  

2016-17 academic year catalog.

Community College of Beaver County 2016-17 Academic Catalog  

2016-17 academic year catalog.