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Gabriel and Christopher in “Something’s Missing!” A mystery of epic proportions

Once upon a time in a dream world filled with fantastic animals and people, Christopher and Gabriel discovered that something was missing. “It’s not the stars!� exclaimed Gabriel, hugging the star that had most recently featured in his dream.

“And Tigress is here too!” said Christopher. “We must be missing something else. What is it?”

And so, perplexed about how anything could be missing in dreamland, the boys set off down the desolate walkway to find what they needed to complete their dream.

“What about snow?” asked Christopher. “I love playing in the snow! Dreams just aren’t complete without it!” Gabriel shivered. “Let’s try something a little warmer!”

“Now puddles are more like it! We need some good splashing puddles!” laughed Gabriel as he rolled through a particularly deep dreamland lake. Christopher gathered his friends John John and Ronan to test the puddles. “The water is good; the friends are better. But I think we’re missing more than the weather,” sighed Christopher.

“BALLOONS!” both boys exclaimed together. “With balloons we can float through the clouds and give ourselves cool hair

styles,” said Christopher. “And look at this great blue one,” said Gabriel. “I bet I could float over the Cathedral with this one.” But after playing in the balloons for what seemed like hours, the boys still felt something missing.

“I like flowers,” said Christopher, sniffing some orchids. “Maybe we need some more flowers.” “But we have so many flowers in dreamland already,” said Gabriel.

“I’m hungry,” said Gabriel. “Maybe we’re missing some eggs, chocolate, milk, flour, and oil for chocolate cake!” The boys agreed that chocolate cake

was a perfect snack, and so they gathered the ingredients, found the hidden dreamland kitchen, and made their snack. Even with full tummies, though, life was still not complete.

“We need more parades!” said

Christopher, decorating a float. “Then we get balloons AND stars.”

“But we have a parade every morning here in Dreamland,” said Gabriel. “Remember? This morning was our turn to wave the flags!”

“I know!” Gabriel said, “We can figure out what’s missing with SCIENCE!” “Only if I get to be an astronaut scientist,” replied Christopher.

“Perhaps we should try washing our dreams,” said Christopher. “Well, our dreams are pretty messy, but I don’t know that washing them is going to help,” Gabriel replied dubiously.

“I’ve got it!” exclaimed Christopher. “Dreamland needs more cats!” “But we already have Jade and Shakespeare,” said Gabriel

“How many more cats do we need?”

And so the boys continued searching for what was missing. They asked the giant. They tried exploding some volcanoes. And they hiked a few mountains. But it was all in vain. They still hadn’t found what they were missing.

“I’m tired,” groaned Christopher. “Let’s take a nap by this butterfly.”

“Why not take a break at the magic fair, instead?� said Gabriel, running to get on the Ferris Wheel.

After playing at the fair, the boys decided to regroup and review all of the things they knew were not missing in Dreamland. “Well, we know we have love,� said Christopher, kissing his brother.

“And the angels are taking over the music forest,� replied Gabriel.

“And we have kitties and people to fix any dreams that have broken,” said Christopher.

“I’ve got it!” exclaimed Gabriel. “We’re missing…”

“...All of our friends!” said Gabriel. Christopher gasped. “You’re right!” And they listed all of the people they missed, including Ms. Amy; Ms. Mary Jo; Ms. Emily; and Ms. Kit….

...Mr. Roberto; Ms. Hannah; Mr. Oscar; and Ms. Shannon, Mr. Jon, and Ms. Lillian‌.

...Grandma and Grandpa; Nana and Papa‌.

Ms. Rachel (who lets us watch Space Dogs); Ms. Meghan, Mr. Christian and Sojo; Ms. Maggie; Ms. Rhonda; and Ms. Ashley...

...The aunties Kari and Julie and Susan and Hilary...

….And Mr. Matt, Ms. Bea, and Mr. Asher; Mr. Paul, Ms. Florence, and Mr. Peter; Ms. Suzi; Mr. Nick, Ms. Siobhan, and Ms. Vivian; Ms. Sue and Mr. John…

...Ms. Meredith, Ms. Syd, Mr. John John, Mr. Ronan, and Mr. Curtis; and Ms. Jamie, Mr. Colin, and Mr. Declan.

“That’s it!” said Christopher. “We’re missing our friends!”

“Exactly,” said Gabriel. “Because our family here in Dreamland is never complete without our friends.”

The End!

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