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Key Club International

New York District Division 8A

Lieutenant Governor Carla Pacheco – 31-31 80st, East Elmhurst, NY, 11370 – Cell: 347-841-5921

Divisional Agenda: July 7th, 2011 Forest Hills Library 5pm- 7pm I. II.

Call to order

Lieutenant. Governor Carla Pacheco

Pledge of Allegiance:

District Secretary: Daniel Ivan Lin

III. Key Club Pledge: IV. V. VI.

Divisional EA Kenneth Diep

Introduction of guests

Lieutenant. Governor Carla Pacheco

Roll Call

Divisional EA Kenneth Diep

Club Status Reports

Lieutenant. Governor Carla Pacheco

VII. Installation of New Divisional Board:

Lieutenant. Governor Carla Pacheco

a. Divisional Executive Assistant: Kenneth Diep b. Divisional Secretary: Omnia Ismail VIII. OLD BUSINESS:

Lieutenant. Governor Carla Pacheco

a. Duties of a Secretary; Report Forms and much more

District Secretary: Daniel Ivan Lin

b. Divisional Website and Facebook Group IX. NEW BUSINESS

Lieutenant. Governor Carla Pacheco

a. Monthly Club Awards b. Club spotlight: Articles for the July Newsletter c.

District Google/ Facebook Groups/ Website

d. Summer Events - Summer Paperwork (FORMS) X.


Lieutenant. Governor Carla Pacheco nd

a. July Interdivision Picnic: $5.00 – July 22 , 2011 b. K- Family Picnic Cunningham Park 12:30pm – 6pm July 17th, 2011 c. XI.

July 30th, 2011- OPTIONAL) Helping set up for Mr. Aiello’s event. (Lieutenant Governor of the Kiwanis Division: Queens West)

Divisional Raffle – All proceeds will be donated to Not for Sale Charity (One of our 10 district projects)

XII. Questions and Comments XIII. Adjournment

Everyone Lieutenant. Governor Carla Pacheco

XIV. Presidents Council Meeting: For presidents and VP’s NEXT DIVISIONAL MEETING: August 17th, 2011 Forest Hills Library 5 - 7pm

July 7th, 2011 Divisional Agenda (NYDKC DIVISION 8-A)  

This is the Divisional Agenda of July 7th, 2011 for Division 8-A of the New York District Key Club.

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