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AGENDA: May 20th, 2011 William Cullen Bryant High School I. Call to order II. Pledge of Allegiance: Tiffany Kwong III. Key Club Pledge: Helen Chen IV. Introduction of guests: Mrs. Rebecca Ovadia: Woodside Kiwanis President/ KCR Mr. Jason Steiner: NYC Kiwanis Youth Professionals Nadyli Nunez: Immediate Past Governor of the NY District Christina An: Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor Division 8 Antonio Xu Liu: LTG Division 8 & Helen Chen: LTG Division 9 Emma Cheng: LTG Division 11 Tiffany Kwong: Past Lieutenant Governor V. IP Lieutenant Governor 2010-11 Service Year Awards Continuation VI. Roll Call VII. Club Status Reports VIII. OLD BUSINESS: Report Forms Club visitations Divisional Website and Facebook Group IX. NEW BUSINESS Monthly Club Awards X. KEY CLUB CHEER: Beaver Song XI. Applications for Executive Assistant and Secretary Extended to: June 8th, 2011 XII. Club Visitations XIII. Club spotlight: Articles XIV. GUEST SPEAKERS: Nadyli Nuñez: New York District Key Club Helen Chen: Not For Sale Organization Antonio Xu Liu: Distinguished Key Clubber Awards XV. Questions and Comments XVI. Raffle: Will benefit the: Not for Sale XVII. Adjournment XVIII. Presidents Council Meeting: For presidents and VP’s NEXT DIVISIONAL MEETING: June 10th, 2011 William Cullen Bryant HS 4:30PM

May 20th, 2011 Divisional Agenda (NYDKC DIVISION 8-A)  

This is the Divisional Agenda May 20th, 2011 for Division 8-A of the New York District Key Club.