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Billy the bully and how Rose did the right thing.

Written and illustrated by Crystal Candito

Once upon a time there was a sad bunny named Rose.

Hi Daisy, waaa! Hi Rose, what is wrong? Why are you so sad? Billy is picking on me. What should I do? You should tell your mother.

Mommy, Billy is picking on me. He is calling me names like fat, ugly, and dumb. What should I do?

You should tell the teacher so he can stop Billy from picking on you.

5+2 Mr. Penny, Billy is picking on me.

2=7 I will talk to Billy about stopping him from picking on you.

Later that day.

Billy, I hear that you are picking on Rose. This is your first warning!

Oh look there is the tattle tale Rose hahaha!

You should try to stand up and say that he is hurting your feelings. Mommy now he is laughing and pushing me down. He is not listening to the teacher. Mommy what other things should I do?

You are hurting me stop it now! Make me!

Daisy why is Billy being so mean to me I never did anything to him.

I do not know why he is being mean to you maybe ask your mother.

Later on that day at home.

Let me go in and talk to the teacher for you. You should not have to feel like you are not safe at school. Mommy, it is not working. I want to stay home I do not want to go back to school.

The next day.

Mr. Penny, my daughter says that she is being picked on again and it is getting worse not better.

I have spoken to Billy. I will keep a close eye on him.

C D Bi

t g d

Billy, I had Rose’s mother come to me and say that you were picking on Rose again. This is your second warning. One more and you will have detention for two weeks.

The next day.

Here comes the tattle tale. You told your mommy, you little baby.

Later that day Rose comes home in tears with bruises all over her body. This made her mother even more mad.

Waaa yes!

What happened Rose? Did Billy do this to you?

Flower Stem leaf


Why is my daughter coming home with bruises all over her body? Why is no one paying attention to her?

You are right. This has gone too far.

This is the last straw.You are getting detention for two weeks.

Two weeks later.







Sorry, Rose for being a bully.




Later that day Rose, came home in a better mood. She is finally smiling.

How was your day Rose?

Best day ever, Billy said he was sorry.

Doing the right thing finally pays off in the end.

Billy the bully and how Rose did the right thing.  

Anti-bullying children's book

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