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Carrollton, Texas 75010 • May 2010 • Volume Ninety-Four

“How Lucky you are” to have seen “Seussical” by Kelsey Stokes

Characters of all colors, shapes, sizes, and numbers materialized on the stage straight out of the Dr. Seuss books on April 28 - May 1, including the mischievous and iconic Cat played by freshman Jake Sullivan. Other infamous characters portrayed include: Horton the Elephant played by senior Ben Knighton, Jojo played by junior Joon Kim, Gertrude McFuzz played by senior April Fowler, Sour Kangaroo and Young Kangaroo played by senior Caitlyn Reeves and freshman Shayna Reeves, Mayzie la Bird played by senior Brittany Ribble, and Mr.

and Mrs. Mayor of Whoville played by seniors Paul Tellefsen and Kelsey Stokes. The play began with Jojo finding the Cat’s unique and recognizable hat. As he contemplated what kind of creature would wear the hat, the Cat suddenly crept from behind and surprised him. The two then began to imagine several different interesting characters that make up the story. The characters appeared on the stage as they imagined them and together the entire cast sang the opening number, “Oh the Thinks You can Think.” After this large number, the cast eventually all Nool. f o disappeared from the ngle the ju es in n u t stage except for Horton and e to danc ls ir g d the Bird Girls of the jungle. As Horton Th bir was taking a bath in the pool, he heard a small voice calling from a dust speck. It was revealed that an entire world, Jojo’s world, filled with microscopic people, the Whos, inhabited the speck. Horton vows to protect them, but the rest of the jungle cannot hear their tiny voices and he is soon dubbed as insane. Imagination was the key element to the play as the story and characters are basically just out of Jojo’s imagination. True to his character in the story book, the Cat caused quite a bit of mischief for Jojo by encouraging him to continue thinking and being different

What’s In side

A 65 member cast and crew labored over makeup, costumes, and preperations for the show opening night, April 29.

than he was told. Jojo was eventually sent off to military school with General Gengis Khan Schmitz, played by junior Stephan Bass, in order to straighten out his “thinks.” Horton and Jojo become fast friends when they discover that they both have imaginations that are colorful and different from most people. T h e m u s i c a l encouraged playfulness, friendship, a n d even an

imagination that is just a bit different. It was a favorite among children who remembered and enjoyed the characters from their story books. Directing her first show, the choir instructor Mrs. Donna McWilliams commented on the performance saying, “Thank you to all of my guinea-kids for putting on a monstrously amazing show. God is good and we have Him to thank for its success.”

Senior baby pictures on page 11-12. Spring sports wrap up on page 19.


Alison’s Antics

Many of you will quickly glance over this page, find one or two names in the senior word search, and fail to read the blue boxes. I’m asking you to stop. Read this column and let my message sink in. As the class of 2010 graduates, some of you may be overjoyed, while some of you may be sad. Either way, the future is waiting for each and every one us to grasp. In three months from now, most all of my classmates and I will be going off to college. We’ll make new friends, make new memories, figure out more of who we are, and be challenged: spiritually,emotionally, mentally, and academically. In four years, many of my classmates and I will be graduating or pursuing a higher degree of education, some of us may even have gotten married. In ten years, we’ll probably all meet up at a school reunion of some sort and catch up with old classmates that we failed to keep in touch with. Nick Norris will be on his way to becoming America’s best surgeon, Erica Twiss will have made an appearance at the Olympics two times, and Dominique Kiattinat will be one step closer to ensuring women are given equal rights as men. By this time, we will all hopefully be on the way to accomplishing our dreams. I could continue predicting the future of my classmates and I, but I would end up having a column that would be way too long. However, the future can only be as bright as you make it. Dreams are only achieved with determination. Whenever you feel discouraged, remember that Thomas Edison failed many times before providing us with the light bulb. The Wright brothers did not achieve success in flight the first time the Kitty Hawk was put to the test. Do not let failure stop you from achieving your aspirations. If anything, failure will only make you stronger. So work hard. Never give up. Push yourself to your limits. Make a difference.

TopTen by August Evers

Top Ten Reasons Teachers Will Miss the Seniors

10. They will have to listen to recorded worship songs in chapel. 9. Athletics in general. 8. Because we care so much about school. 7. George Lubke’s charm 6. Matt Addison’s work ethic 5. Next year they won’t win 562 track medals 4. Because we work so hard 3. According to Ms. Marchant we’re “precious.” 2. Matt and August’s crazy noises 1. Nick Norris is perfect

Seniors Wordsearch

Matt Addison Logan Beans Kayla Bonina Alyssa Bradley Nathan Camp Yuri Choi Priscilla Cruz Shay Dickerson Jennifer Dodson Ryan Doyle Matt Edwards August Evers

April Fowler Karl Heidenhofer Collin Heusinkveld Gerald Jung Sun Ho Kang Dominique Kiattinat Alli Kilby Brian Kim Yoonhee Kim Ben Knighton Tyler Lawrimore Mark Lee

George Lubke Ashton Martin Kari Medearis Nick Norris Alison Pang Susan Rabadi Caitlyn Reeves John Revell Brittany Ribble Kirk Richard Matt Rife Kelsey Roberts

Michael Rymer Casey Sprague Alyssa Stanley Kelsey Stokes Danny Straus Drew Sullivan Mallory Taylor Paul Tellefson Kyle Thiele Erica Twiss Garett West Marc Williams

MessengerStaff Editor-in-Chief: Alison Pang

Sports Assistant: Matt Rife

Managing Editor: Nick Norris

Headline Editor: George Lubke

Online Editor: Paul Tellefsen

Caption Editor: Katelin Howell

Editorial Editor: Matt Addison

Cartoonist: Garett West

Photo Editor: Jordan Rogers

Copy Editor: Kelsey Stokes

Photo Assistant: Drew Sullivan

Technical Editor: Casey Sprague

Sports Editor: Erica Twiss

Advisor: Elaine Marchant

Nick’s Nonsense I’m going to take a lead from my amazing editor and chief, Alison Pang, and talk a little about the future as well. As of right now, probably the only thing seniors can think about is the future. Senioritis has reached its maximum stage and has infected the entire class, with widespread collateral damage to the faculty and underclassman; fortunately, one of the major symptoms of senioritis can be positive thoughts and aspirations toward the future. In fact, one of the only things we can think of is the future. We’re in a constant state of waiting for graduation, summer, college, and career. None of that matters, however, if we don’t have a plan. The future means nothing without one. Like Ms. Pang stated in her column, the future you desire cannot be achieved without determination. Determination’s best vehicle is a plan. Without one, you’re blindly charging forward without a sense of direction. It’s not a hard concept to grasp. With all that said, I’m not condemning those who don’t have one. The fact of the matter is that it will probably change anyway. However, plans give a sense of direction, and offer ways to measure your progress. Start thinking about yours. This is my last column. Ms. Marchant is literally breathing down my neck, threatening to beat me over the head with a stick if I fail to get this in before our deadline in ten minutes. I would like to offer a personal apology to Jacob Thompson for failing to deliver on my promise to discuss some deep metaphysical or philosophical question during this time. I’m sorry Jacob, but I just can’t do it right now. It’s been a fun year, and I hope you all have enjoyed my columns as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. I hope they weren’t “nonsense” to you. For those reading this, I will miss you very much. Keep your heads up and hang in there a few more weeks. I’m out.



by Matt Addison

What is your greatest achievement in high school? “Playing Sour Kangaroo in Seussical.”

“Going to the Final Four in football.”

Senior Matthew Edwards

Senior Caitlyn Reeves

“Winning a silver medal in Science Team.”

“3-peat State Newspaper Champs.”

Senior Yoonhee Kim

Senior Paul Tellefsen

Refreshing Juices for Summer by Kelsey Stokes

Fruits often have various vitamins, minerals, and health benefits, not to mention a sweet and pleasant taste. Fresh squeezed fruit juice has all of the same benefits as whole fruit but the different fruits can be combined into several different concoctions for different needs. Store bought juice often contains preservatives and added sweeteners, and therefore loses some of the healthy components of fresh juice. It is worth investing a little money in a “Juicer” to squeeze your own fruit at home and make your own drinks. So just in time for summer, here’s a list of tasty or healthy fruit juices, their uses, and a few recipes. Apple Juice: Helps with weight loss and diabetes, heart, liver, and kidney diseases, and gallstones or kidney stones. It is sweet, and frankly tastes a lot like pure sugar water. Also, a little bit of apple juice in the shower is good for wrinkles and an itchy scalp. Beet Juice: Lowers blood pressure and cleanses the body of impurities. Beet juice has a very pungent taste, and should be taken in low doses to start. Mix a teaspoon of beet juice with carrot juice, and each day increase the amount of beet juice and lower the amount of carrot juice. Carrot Juice: Helps to strengthen the body, so it can be

taken after surgeries or during mental and physical exhaustion for a pickme-up. It also helps to heal stomach ulcers and increase your appetite, which can help your metabolism. Carrot juice is really sweet, and when mixed with a little bit of apple juice it makes for a delicious and healthful treat. Cherry Juice: The effects are very similar to carrot juice. It also helps to clear your throat and heal it if you have a cough. Cucumber Juice: Helps to regulate blood pressure and strengthen your immune system. Cucumber juice is really mostly water, but with a few essential and helpful vitamins. So if you wanted to, you could mix the cucumber juice with any other juices because it is relatively tasteless. Grape Juice: Provides a quick pick-me-up and helps to fight fatigue and stress. It also cleans out the kidneys and the liver. Grapefruit Juice: Has almost the opposite effect of grape juice. Instead of waking you up, it can help fight insomnia and calms you down for a good night’s rest. Orange Juice: Orange juice is packed with anti-carcinogens, or in other words, helps to prevent cancer. Placed on a blemish, orange juice can help to soften and heal pimples or even scars. It is also filled with plenty of vitamins, and a ripe orange is extremely sweet naturally and

pleasant to drink. Peach Juice: Helps to strengthen the heart. Not only does it fight heart disease, but it can help to strengthen the muscles and improve heart health. Pineapple Juice: Is extremely good for the kidney and liver. It also helps to naturally burn fat and cleanse the body of impurities, similar to beet juice but with a much better taste. Tomato Juice: Contains a lot of vitamins essential to the body. If you are craving a savory drink, tomato juice is full of flavor and antioxidants. Watermelon Juice: Is really similar to cucumber juice in taste because watermelon is also filled with, well, water! However, it is sweeter than cucumber juice and can help to treat various cardiovascular or kidney issues. Any of these fruits can be mixed together to create healthy and tasty treats to fill you up and cleanse your body at any time in the summer. However, if you need a specific treatment, here are a few recipes:

For Fatigue: 1 Orange, 1/4 of a grapefruit and 1/4 of a lemon For a more savory drink, try Parsley, 4 carrots, and a celery stalk. Garlic is also an

optional add in, but be careful of ingesting too much of raw garlic or the smell can seep out of your pores. For a cold: 1 Orange, 1/2 lemon, 1/4 glass of water or 5 carrots, 1 apple, and a small piece of ginger. For your immune system: For a sweet drink, mix pineapple chunks and celery stalks or 5 Carrots, 1 apple, and parsley For a more savory drink, mix 1/2 of a tomato, 1/4 head of cabbage, and several celery stalks


News You Can Use by Nick Norris

Americans have been saving less and less of their income in recent decades, while at the same time, we have been eating more and more meals at fastfood restaurants. Coincidence? Perhaps not. A new study suggests thinking about fast-foods – or even being exposed momentarily to their logos – can increase impatience and intensify one’s desire for immediate gratification. Chen Bo-Zhong and Sanford DeVoe from the University of Toronto recently released research conducted on 57 university graduates. The individuals were asked to watch a computer screen that had images of colors or logos flash in their peripheral vision; they were then asked to read a 350-word essay and complete a market survey. The findings concluded that those exposed to the fast-food logos lacked patience and were more likely to make hasty decisions to satisfy their desires immediately, which may be something fast food companies desire. Love playing video games? They may be making you more violent. The current issue of the journal Psychological Bulletin addresses this issue with findings from eight researchers around the U.S. and Japan. Their analysis “yielded strong evidence that playing violent video games is a significant risk factor for both short-term and longterm increases in physically aggressive behavior.” This connection was seen regardless of research design or analysis, and was true for both men and women, older and younger players, and those in Eastern and Western nations. While some dispute the claims, the evidence is stacking up against violent, gory video games. Your textbook of the future may not be a textbook at all, but rather a comic book. Current research suggest that the visually stimulating content found in a comic book or related graphic text may lead to greater comprehension and better learning. The reasoning goes like this: Graphic novels might be able to help bridge the gap between aesthetically challenged educational textbooks and the much more relevant options of today’s interactive entertainment by way of the novel’s dynamic pictures and immediately engaging storylines. At least one professor at Texas Tech University is already using the method to teach the ridiculously boring subject of graduate Business Theory to his grateful students.

by Matt Rife

The Pop Culture Grid

SENIOR POP CULTURE GRID What are you looking What has been your favorite moment at forward to most in CCA? college? Different scenery

What is your favorite Who is your favorite Who is your favorite CCA faculty summer activity? underclassman? member?

so many to choose

Dylan Breckenridge

Mrs. Weber


cloud popping

A new environment


Not going to school Madison Wisdom Mrs. Brown

3D rendering on my Macbook Pro

Running through Willow Bend for free Photoshop iPods

Going back to a bigger school

Taylor Tournament for softball


Social Events


Sitting by the pool Cameron Dornan Mr. Gregory slurpin...

Nathan Camp

Alyssa Bradley

Danny Straus

Jacob Little

Shelby Jones

Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Smith

Alli Kilby

Kirk Richard




Guys with Good Taste Pizza by Marco service


RANDOM QUIPS -August Evers prefers a bubble bath over a shower. -Casey Sprague has a routine checklist before starting his car. -As a child, Matt Rife dreamed of being a crossing-guard.

Pizza by Marco offers some of the best pizza around, due to its Italian foundations and it’s multiple secret spices. Not only do they offer just pizza, they also prepare many excellent homeade Italian entrées and salads. So next time your craving Italian food, give Pizza by Marco a shot!


-Drew Sullivan grew six inches his sophomore year.

Dates to Remember. May 19-May 21 - Senior exams May 20 - High School Athletic Banquet May 21 - Annual Blue and White Football Game May 24-28 - Senior Trip May 25 - Middle School Athletic Banquet May 28 - Elementary Parent and Teacher Conferences May 31 - Memorial Day May 31-June 3 - Dead Week

-Michael Rymer can bench press twice his weight. - Matt Addison has had a lucky cricket ever since watching the Disney movie, Mulan.

June 1 - Fifth Grade Recognition June 1-4 - Secondary Final Exams June 1-2 - Used Uniform Sale June 2 - Kindergarten Graduation June 3 - Elementary Awards Chapel June 4 - Last day of School June 4 - Senior Graduation

Summer Brings Hot Flicks by Matt Addison

Title: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Rating: NR Release Date: August 13, 2010 Info: Comic book and video game lovers alike should flock to see the newest film by British director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz). His newest film is based off the three-part comic book series by Bryan Lee O’Malley. In the film Scott Pilgrim, played by Michael Cera, is a 22-year old without a job but is the bass player in his garage band. One day, he meets Ramona Flowers. played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who happens to be the girl of his dreams. However, in order for him to date her, Scott must defeat her seven evil exes in battles that have a look which relates to the classic Mortal Combat arcade game and original Batman television series starring Adam West, which had the “POW” and “BAM” title cards whenever someone would be kicked or punched. However, if he is defeated by any of the seven evil exes, it really is “Game Over” for Scott. Even if you are not a fan of comic books or arcade games, Scott Pilgrim will be a film unlike any you have seen before.

Title: Avatar: The Last Airbender Rating: NR Release Date: July 2, 2010 Info: Avatar is the newest film by director M. Night Shyamalan (Signs, Unbreakable, The Sixth Sense). Based off the former cartoon series on Nickelodeon, Avatar is about a world with four nations, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air that are in the middle of a war started by the Fire Nation. This war, which has lasted for over 100 years, is dominated by the Fire Nation and seems to have no hope in sight for the other three nations. Things look as if they could change when two siblings from the Water Nation, Katara and her brother Sokka, discover Aang, a boy from the Air Nation who is the last Avatar remaining. Being the Avatar, he is the only person alive who has the ability to use all four elements. Though he is skilled only as an Airbender, he journeys with Sokka and Katara throughout the world and trains to master all four elements and defeat the Fire Nation. This film will certainly be able to entertain children, teenagers, and adults alike.

Title: Inception Rating: NR Release Date: July 16, 2010 Info: Inception is the newest film from accomplished British director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Memento). The plot details are limited, but it is set in the future where technology is able to get into individual minds through their dreams. By doing this, they are able to take the individual’s ideas and use them for their advantage, whether they are safe or not. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, and Michael Caine, this film will be sure to mess with your mind and keep you guessing until the film reaches its climax. Make sure this is one film that you do not miss.

- Tyler Lawrimore is going to be a missionary for four months next year in Honduras. -Caitlyn Reeves collects stuffed animals. She had 150 stuffed animals at one point. - Kari Medearis is afraid of mangos. - Alyssa Stanley’s only goal in her one season of playing soccer was when she scored on her own team. - Ryan Doyle is a follower of the T.V. show, “Gossip Girl.” -Paul Tellefsen weighed ten pounds two ounces when born two weeks early. - George Lubke felt excluded in elementary school because he couldn’t pop his knuckles, so he would make the popping sound with his mouth. - Nick Norris has one dimple because he ran into a mailbox as a child. - John Revell records “The O’Reilly Show” on three different T.V.’s just in case it fails on one.


Music Sings In the Key of Spring by Kelsey Stokes

After months of preparation and hard work, Choir, Band, and Orchestra gave their best performances at TAPPS State competition April 16 and 17 in Temple, Texas. Band received a rating of Superior in Concert and an Excellent in Sight Reading. The Symphonic Orchestra was awarded with a Superior in both Concert and Sight Reading. For the first time in years, the Pop and Show Ensemble also received a rating of superior. Band and Orchestra loaded the buses on Thursday, the day before competition, and headed down to Temple. They began warming up early the next morning and did not stop working until the afternoon. Only two schools at the state competition had a symphonic orchestra, one of which being CCA.

CCA was also the only school in the 3A District with a full, symphonic orchestra. Twenty-nine students performed with the band and orchestra, twelve of which were eighth graders. This made practices at school difficult considering all of the students were spread across four different elective periods and did not have time to practice together in class. The Symphonic Orchestra met for fifteen minutes every Wednesday after school to get some rehearsal time in. “Perseverance was really the key this year,” senior John Revell commented. “But it paid off, as you can see, because we ended up getting a 1!” Director and instructor Mrs. Karen Straus said that she was extremely proud of her students. “We played better as a group than we ever have before,” Straus said. After a long and tiresome day,

Hendrix Honored at SCAD by Garett West

Carrollton Christian Academy’s secondary art teacher, Holly Hendrix was recognized by Savannah College of Art and Design.On April 8-9, Hendrix attended a banquet dinner at the Savannah College of Art and Design. In this banquet she along with ten other educators from Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Wisconsin; were honored for her involvement in students lives, bringing artistically talented students to the Savannah College of Art and Design, and her involvement in TAPPs competition. While at SCAD, Hendrix met notable people such as the mayor of Atlanta, the Dean of SCAD, the Director of the movie Slumdog Millionaire, the chair of the architecture department, and the chair of the foundation department at SCAD. Hendrix commented on her experience, “It was an incredible honor to be recognized by the Savannah College of Art and Design. For the last ten years, we have worked together to send many aspiring artists to their school, but to have them fly myself as their way of saying thanks was humbling. It was incredible to meet and spend time with the staff of SCAD and other well known figures in America.”

the students began their return home. On the way, they passed the Choir’s bus heading toward Temple for their part of the competition. Choir was also accompanied by Bill Banes, a friend of the Director, Mrs. Donna McWilliams, and former choir instructor as a pianist for the concert performance. Choir readied themselves for the same routine as band. They woke up early to warm-up and perform. However, some controversy arose during the Concert Choir’s warmup time when the judges were late and they were cut short. This effected their performance and their scores. For the first time in years, Choir got a 3 in Concert and a 2 in Sight Reading. This process seemed to be the pattern for the rest of Choir’s day as well with performances such as Women’s Ensemble, Men’s Small

Students Honored for “Fine” Work

Senior Mallory Taylor, Shay Dickerson, and Ben Knighton emceed the 14th annual Academy Awards May 11 in the FUMC worship center. Following Knighton and Taylor’s duet presentation, they were awarded an oscar for the Best Actor and Actress for their performances in the fall play Beauty and the Beast. Dickerson was awarded an oscar for her poetry interpretation she preformed at state.

Years at CCA and College Plans Matt Addison: 16, Texas A&M Logan Beans: 12, Oklahoma State Kayla Bonina: 2, LeTourneau Alyssa Bradley: 7, Texas A&M Nathan Camp: 7, Baylor Yuri Choi: 4 years, Baylor Priscilla Cruz: 6, Texas A&M Shay Dickerson: 4 years, Texas Tech Jennifer Dodson: 14 years, SCAD Ryan Doyle: 13, Texas A&M Matt Edwards: 5, Tarleton State August Evers: 10, Oklahoma State April Fowler: 13, Dallas Christian College

Karl Heidenhofer: 2.5, University of Mary Collin Heusinkveld: 2, Oklahoma State Gerald Jung: 2, UT at Arlington Sun Ho Kang: 3, UT at Dallas Dominique Kiattinat: 7, UT at Austin Alli Kilby: 4, Brookhaven College Brian Kim: 3, U T at Arlington Yoonhee Kim: 3, Brookhaven College Ben Knighton: 4, Texas A&M Tyler Lawrimore: 13, Honduras Mark Lee: 3, University of Houston

Ensemble, and the vocal soloists. All women soloists along with the Women’s Ensemble received a 2. All of the men’s soloists and the Men’s Small Ensemble were awarded with a 1. While the results of the day were debatable, the Choir kept their heads up. The Pop and Show’s award of a Superior was an excellent way to raise spirits before returning home. “I am extremely proud of how well all of our students performed,” McWilliams said. “Especially given the total lack of organization by TAPPS personnel and their cavalier approach to music events in general. Our accompanist, Reverend Bill Bane, commented on how wellprepared we were.”

George Lubke: 7, Oklahoma State Ashton Martin: 14, Oklahoma Kari Medearis: 4, Texas Tech Nick Norris: 7 years, Baylor Alison Pang: 13, Syracuse Susan Rabadi: 12, Undecided Caitlyn Reeves: 15, Dallas Baptist John Revell: 9, Oklahoma State Brittany Ribble: 15, Oklahoma Kirk Richard: 1, Arkansas Matt Rife: 7, Dallas Christian College Kelsey Roberts: 3, Abilene Christian Michael Rymer: 7, Oklahoma

Casey Sprague: 12, Texas A&M Alyssa Stanley: 15, Abilene Christian Kelsey Stokes: 7, Baylor University Danny Straus: 7, U Texas at Dallas Drew Sullivan: 9, Abilene Christian Mallory Taylor: 10, Oklahoma Paul Tellefsen: 7, UTexas at Dallas Kyle Thiele: 10, Texas A&M Erica Twiss: 4, Undecided Garett West: 7, Texas A&M Marc Williams: 13, Brookhaven College


Advice to Underclassmen

Matt Addison: Don’t login to Facebook when you have a paper the next day. Logan Beans: Always use your head…. Not in football though. Kayla Bonina: Stay focused and don’t slack off. Get involved with sports and other activities and make the best out of your high. school experience. Alyssa Bradley: Work hard in school. Nathan Camp: Stay on top of things! God’s got the past and the future. All you need to do is walk with Him. Yuri Choi: Respect teachers. Priscilla Cruz: Procrastinate as much as possible... It worked fine for me. Shay Dickerson: Go to Guatemala. Jennifer Dodson: Drink green tea and procrastinate. Matt Edwards: Do your homework. August Evers: Don’t be an underclassmen. April Fowler: Take dual credit, don’t procrastinate, get involved in as many things as possible. But keep your priorities straight. GO TO GUATEMALA! Karl Heidenhofer: Don’t wander in the hallways. Collin Heusinkveld: Always

use your head. Gerald Jung: Please study and do not hang out much. Sun Ho Kang: Be quiet and work hard. Especially Sung Jae and Pepaw Pauk. Dominique Kiattinat: Don’t worry, it will be over soon. Alli Kilby: Don’t follow drama, let it go. Don’t hold grudges, “the key to success is to follow your dreams and listen to yourself.” Brian Kim: Be good and study hard. Yoonhee Kim: The end is near. That is a GOOD thing. Ben Knighton: Try not to wait till the end of the high school to build relationships with a lot of your classmates. Tyler Lawrimore: Knowledge is better than grades. Mark Lee: Don’t sleep during class. George Lubke: Don’t start your homework until 11:00 pm the night before its due because that’s when you concentrate best anyways. Ashton Martin: Have fun. Be smart. Be safe. Kari Medearis: Don’t get caught sitting in the carpool line during carpool time with Ms. Marys door opener.

Nick Norris: If you ever are in a bind with Ms. Marchant, get her a chocolate long john donut. Alison Pang: Don’t expect teachers to respect you if you don’t respect them. Susan Rabadi: Ask Dr. Willis to tell stories instead of working out math problems, and see Jackson if you’re hungry. Caitlyn Reeves: Be yourself. Do your best, know that God is with you in all things. Life is short, so live to the fullest and don’t hold back. John Revell: Stay out of relationships in high school because they rarely end well. Be informed about what is going on in the world. Brittany Ribble: Eat your vegetables and seek the Lord. Kirk Richard: Smile at all your teachers and if you’re late, bring doughnuts as a compromise. Matt Rife: Stay away from drama. Kelsey Roberts: Show the teachers respect. Michael Rymer: Be quieter. Don’t talk to me. Casey Sprague: Though Google seems like all that in a bag of potato chips, they have a secret agenda to take over the world. Avoid Google. If you

Matt Addison: Getting scored on by a girl in soccer and finishing in last place at the state cross country meet. Logan Beans: When Mrs. Bray made me do push ups and my pants ripped and I stapled them back together. Kayla Bonina: I can’t pick just one, because I have an embarrassing moment everyday of my life. Alyssa Bradley: It’s too embarrassing to tell. Nathan Camp: Ha… Yuri Choi: Times that I don’t know how to respond to “What’s up…” Priscilla Cruz: Failing at making origami during class… or when I greeted the pizza man in a special way. Shay Dickerson: Tschoepe and Mr. Worley… enough said Jennifer Dodson: I know it’s hard to believe I’ve had an “embarrassing moment” because I’m super classy. I was tubing with a few friends and I was wearing an extra extra extra small life vest. When I got out of the water to return the suffocating life vest, and my bathing suit top was no longer

there, and I flashed Nathan Camp’s mom. OOPS… Ryan Doyle: The moment I realized how inferior everyone else really was. Matt Edwards: Probably have one, but can’t remember. August Evers: Everyday. April Fowler: Honey if you love me“I’m 18”. Karl Heidenhofer: Twin day junior year. Collin Heusinkveld: Not sure. Gerald Jung: Received detention Sun Ho Kang: When Nick talked to me. Dominique Kiattinat: I can’t remember… ask someone. Alli Kilby: Falling off my horse at the statewide barrel race meet, and having my friends tape it, and it being replayed on the big screen. Yoonhee Kim: I don’t have embarrassing moments. Ben Knighton: McKinnish… Tyler Lawrimore: That one time... George Lubke: Finishing in last place at cross country Ashton Martin: That moment in the

circle in Guatemala with Chappy and Mr. Worley… enough said. Kari Medearis: Wardrobe malfunctions during the play… Nick Norris: Getting my toenails painted pink...oh wait, that was Kyle. Alison Pang: Sonic cheer fundraiser. Susan Rabadi: Sitting down in the middle of my speech and the Spanish oral when I cried. Caitlyn Reeves: It’s a tie: in first grade, I passed out in front of the entire grade and last year in Algbra, I mispronounced “leopard”. Brittany Ribble: Running down a ramp in a giant store in East Asia. They were mopping the floor at the end, and I wiped out, dropping all my stuff in front of a bunch of strangers in a foreign country. Kirk Richard: Seeing a kid fall down the stairs, I was embarrassed for him. Matt Rife: Throwing Drew’s comp book and shattering 3 of Mrs. Crouse’s beakers. Kelsey Roberts: Guessing in Pre-cal, thinking the lyrics were “I went to the danger zone”.

Most Embarrassing Moment

find it hard to avoid them like I do, beware of the dark side. Alyssa Stanley: Try to make the most of what you have left and color in as many classes as you can. Kelsey Stokes: Take dual credit! It is worth the college credits, trust me. Danny Straus: Always try to get away with the least amount of work done possible. Drew Sullivan: Turn in all your English papers. Mallory Taylor: Learn to manage time. Paul Tellefsen: Think of something fresh and new to leave your mark on CCA. Don’t give up it will all be worth it when that cap flies into the air. Kyle Thiele: If you get swamped with projects, don’t worry because due dates are negotiable. Erica Twiss: Don’t color in Dr. Willis’s class. Garett West:Try to do as little work as possible, it pays off in the end. Pay attention in Gregory’s! Marc Williams: Stay in school and don’t do drugs.

Michael Rymer: I don’t embarrass myself. Casey Sprague: All of those years I spent on my computer instead of talking to people ;) Alyssa Stanley: Asking Coach Weiss what it’s like to be alone on Christmas… Kelsey Stokes: Driving home after my senior Sadies. Danny Straus: Sprinting through Willowbend for a free ipod. Drew Sullivan: The semester with speech. Mallory Taylor: Asking Bob to Sadies...on second thought, asking any guy to Sadies. Paul Tellefsen: Spelling my name wrong and it sticking the rest of my high school career.(Pail) Erica Twiss: When I played volleyball and sat the bench my entire junior year. Garett West: Playing golf. Marc Williams: I never have embarrassing moments.


Last Will and Testament Matt Addison: My ability to turn things late to every member of next year’s Newspaper staff. Logan Beans: my TE skills to Nicky, my helmet to Austin Oliver, my D-Line skills to Big Jacob, my ability to learn plays to Brandon Caroll, my visor to my little bro, shoulder pads to Caleb Palmer, and my speed to Chappy. Kayla Bonina: I give Alex D. my ability to act like an idiot and still have friends, I give Ellen my Michael Jordan tounge in sports, I give Debra Joe my smile she’s always wanted, I give Victoria Norman my ability to entertain a whole BCIS class, I give Caleb Palmer a piece of my heart, I give Victoria Stroo my organization skills for her car, Sydney Scott my captain position in volleyball, and Angie my volleyball number 6. Nathan Camp: Soccer Skills to Ginger and Majestic Dolphin, Drum Skills to Brandon and Dylan (y’all can share the double roll), Andrewstopper position, Colton- good lookingness. Yuri Choi: I leave Priscilla Cruz’s cookies, LOST, and Nick Swardson for those who don’t know how awesome they are. Priscilla Cruz: I will my cookies to Yuri to take with her to Baylor. I will a car to Brett Bell so he can drive himself to tennis. I will all that is dippy to Jacob Thompson. Whittli and Victoria can have everything else. Shay Dickerson: Nan my softball skills, Morgan B more WHB moments, Jacob T. my friendship with Haley Hanks and my ability to get that fasho, the whole drama class power over Schultz, Laine my ability to not laugh on stage, Raegan my ability to hide from people. Jennifer Dodson: My smelly running shoes to Melissa Whitman, my parking spot to the sophomores, the paint spots in the art room to the custodial staff, my SCAD pen collection to Andrea G., my plaid skirts to the trash, my ninja skills to the Korean population, my hoodies to Mrs. Blaine, my water bottle to Coach Jackson, a couch to the Shirley’s, my love for celery to Yoonhee, my Converse to Haylee Miligan, all my love to you. Ryan Doyle: My tennis skills to Brett Bell, my good looks and charm to Kyle Thiele, my mock trial skills to Alicia, my yearbook skills to Alex Price, my apathy to Trevor Hughes, my leather jacket that I wore everyday to my sister Jordan. Matt Edwards: Leave whatever

legacy I have to my brother. August Evers: Nicky and Addison my noise making skills. April Fowler: Chappy- my ninja skills, Wesley- my minesweeper skills, Whittli- my Spanish skills, Stephen Bass- my ability to read people. Karl Heidenhofer: Don’t be stupid. Collin Heusinkveld: Austin- my ability to catch, Addison- my ability to hit, Brandon Carroll- my ability to shotput and throw. Gerald Jung: No pain, No gain. Sun Ho Kang: Judy to Sung Jae. Dominique Kiattinat: Alex Pricethe whole yearbook and everything that goes with it. Alli Kilby: Shelby Jones- My courage to go on in life :), Sydney Scott- my blocking skills, the Six Twins- my training skills, Shaynamy pitching skills, endurance, and ability to stand for myself, Sarah H. and Aly C.- my ability to stand for myself. Yoonhee Kim: N/A Ben Knighton: Andrea Six- a scarf, Big Sticks- my acting skills, Addison Martin- my shooting and dribbling skills, Jacob Thompsonall my pokemon and my brown jacket, Chapstick- the man book, the country of Guatemala and a bottle of cologne, Jacob Little- my defensive intensity in basketball, Wesley VanSteenbergen- my track spikes and a handful of turf pellets. Tyler Lawrimore: Senioritis to the Juniors. Mark Lee: Protein shakes to Marc Williams. George Lubke: Taylor Price- tennis skills, Addison Martin- my razor, Cameron Lott- A normal colored pair of shoes, Laine Foith- my olive skin, Jake Sullivan- my ability not to hit people on the driving range. Ashton Martin: My smarts and small amount of willingness to do schoolwork to Addison, my speed skills and love for OU to Chappy, see you there in two years ;), to Natalie, my softball number, along with Susan’s to make 17, to Austin, my love for people two years younger than me. Kari Medearis: Morgan BerrierRico, Madison Wisdom- witness skills, Schultz- prowling, Andrea Six- serious face for games, Ashley Six- Guatemala sickness. Nick Norris: Nicky Stuart, my style and good looks, to Micah Baxter, I give my suave attitude, to my dear baby Ginger, I give all my talent in the realm of newspaper, to Zak Norris my football number, but nothing else, Mahesh Krishna of the

sixth grade class is entitled to all of my knowledge and critical thinking abilities, to Peter Park, I leave the few soccer skills I have as well as my citizenship. Alison Pang: I give Ginger the power to uphold a State winning newspaper these next two years, my Facebook creeping skills and Mock Trial to Jacob Thompson, my love for celebrity gossip and fashion to Morgan Berrier, Marty Hashiib to next year’s Mock Trial team, my hair to Cameron Dornan, the ability to be tastefully and fashionably dressed to Natalie West, and my donut shop to Nicky Stuart. Susan Rabadi: My softball number (along with Ashton’s) to Natalie West, my student directing skills to Cameron Dornan, my teleprompting skills to Cameron Lott, my fights with catchers to Victoria Norman, my hugs to Morgan Berrier, my fear factor to Aly Cancienne, and nothing to Addison and Nicky. Caitlyn Reeves: Shayna- my Dr. Pepper, Callie- my love of dance and all my worries about the drill team, Stephen- my love of Java Monsters, Brittny Daniel- my books, Robert Shirley- my love to laugh, Jeffrey and Victoria Stroo- my little sister, Callie. John Revell: My strength to Chappy, my maturity to Sticky, my intellect to Dornan, my singing abilities to Austin, and my politics to Trevor. Brittany Ribble: To Stephen I give my ninja skills, to Joon my Asian skills, to Alex Price I give my awesome hugs and coffee, to Alex Kelly I pass on my spelling domination, to Robert Shirley I give the green on my face. Kirk Richard: my ways with the ladies to Nicky, my ability to not shave and NOT get caught to Addison, the ability to run fast to Big Jacob, my ability to jump high to CD6, my ability to be quiet and calm to the entire sophomore class, the ability to bribe Coach Weis with doughnuts and Whataburger to AO. Matt Rife: Nicky- All Breakfast Club Authorities and Priveleges, Addison- My brute strength, WesMy ability to track a falcon on a cloudy day, Cameron D- My good hair days, Micah- All of my years of Pokemon training, Jake- My jumping ability, Zak- My dark schepps mustache, manimals shirt, and basketball skills, Ginger- My chapel sweater and my creative writing skills, Dylan- my drumming position. Kelsey Roberts: I will my Spanish knowledge and my love for CDs to Kristina Locke, my soccer skills

to Coach Luna, my tan to Kelsey Kistler, my singing ability to Laine Foith, my mission to uncover Mrs. Blaine’s secret to Jessica Wallander and Ellen Fleckenstein, my soccer jersey to Jane Lee, my vast knowledge of LOST to Jeremy Gregory, and my mock trial skills, relationship advice, and my leaves to Jacob Thompson. Kelsey Stokes: my patience with Ryan to Jordan Doyle, my seasons of “SP” to Alicia K., my Persuasive Speech spot to Alicia, my tennis skills to Taylor Price, my ability to keep quiet to anyone who needs it. Danny Straus: Greg Eichten- my catching skills, Jacob Little- my pitching skills, Garrett Jeffcoat- my batting skills. Drew Sullivan: Big Jake, Joon Kim, Zac Crumpler the Manimals, CamCam my ability to feed the hungry, Big Sticks my ability to dunk, Wesley my tall socks and high jump spot, Kelsey Kistler anything and everything. Mallory Taylor: the drive to school to Morgan Schultz. Paul Tellefsen: Dakota and Katelinmy web designing skills, Robertmy ability to creep anyone out.. oh wait… Jane- my love for Jesus, T.B.D- morning announcement video switching skills, Kimberlymy various music library, Chappymy lighting skills, Rebekah- my photography skills. Kyle Thiele: My Grinch hands to Stephen Bass, Lanneline to Jake Sullivan, and my wit to Caleb Palmer Erica Twiss: My letter jacket to Austin, my ability to follow through on dates to Addison and Nicky, my speed to Garrett, the decibel of my voice to Ginger, my stealthiness and ability to ride in other people’s cars to Wesley, my tumbling skills to Nan, my athleticism to Mr. Gregory, my ability to make friends at track meets to Jake Sullivan, my plethora of track spikes to Madiwiz, my punctuality to D, my sunglasses to Michael Rymer, my ability to speak Spanish to Dan, my steps to Michael’s pokewalker, and my spot on the CCA track team to Ale. Garett West: Natalie my acting skills, Addison my basketball skills, my basketball bench warming to Nicky, Bailey Stahl my chapel tie, Ben Goolsby Dr. Scholl’s insoles. Marc Williams: My Snoop Dog shoes and my pencils to Trevor Hughes and all my money ($21, 658.79) to Kelsey Kistler.


CDs Saints Love...


Top 10 Favorite Bands/Artists : (in no particular order)

by Matt Rife


Top 10 Favorite Albums : (in no particular order)

Top 10 Favorite Albums (in no particular order) 1 The Resistance by Muse 2 Beggars by Thrice 3 Son of the Morning by Oh, Sleeper 4 About a Burnng Fire by Blindside 5 In Shallow Seas We Sail by Emery 6 Safety Songs by Brian Fennell 7 Constellations by August Burns Red 8 Act 1: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies by Neverending White Lights 10 I Am by Texas in July

Top 10 Favorite Artists (in no particular order) 1 Blindside 2 Maylene and the Sons of Disaster 3 August Burns Red 4 Emery 5 We Came As Romans 6 The Devil Wears Prada 7 Underoath 8 Neverending White Lights 9 Saosin 10 Muse


Top 25 Favorite Songs : (in no particular order)

Top 25 favorite songs 1 Please Don’t Go by Barcelona 2 Fix You by Coldplay 3 Hank by Ben Rector 4 Roads by Blindside 5 United States of Eurasia by Muse 6 Between You and I by Every Avenue 7 Airplanes by B.O.B and Hayley Williams 8 Act Appauled by Circa Survive 9 Serial Sleepers by House of Heroes 10 Crusades by August Burns Red 11 Flling Away by Hugh Wilson 12 Elijah by For Today 13 Utah by Emerosa 14 As People Often Do by Homer Hiccolm & The Rocket Boys 15 Forever My Father by Go Radio 16 The Words “Best Friend” Become Redefined by Chiodos 17 More Than Conquerers by Ocean is Theory 18 Hurt By Jonny Cash 19 Televators by The Mars Volta 20 Feeling Sorry by Paramore 21 Wierd Fishes by Radiohead 22 If I Never Wake Again by Picture Me Broken 23 The Weight by Thrice 24 Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear by Underoath 25 Things Too Visible To See by Of Machines


CLASS OF 2010 Matt Addison “I’m a straight up cowboy.”

Logan Beans “before my concussion...”

Kayla Bonina “give me some fries”

Alyssa Bradley “Get me out of here.”

Nathan Camp “I’m the champ”

Matt Edwards “What?”

August Evers “Where’s Matt?”

April Fowler “I love to sing.”

Karl Heidenhofer “D-d-dddude c-ch-check it!”

Collin Heusinkveld “I wish this shirt was camo!”

Yoonhee Kim “YAN-EEE”

Ben Knigton “I’m good at everything.”

Tyler Lawrimore “Honduras?”

Mark Lee “I can sleep with my eyes open.”

George Lubke “I’m single ladies. Any takers?”

Caitlyn Reeves “I got another speeding ticket...”

John Revell “Obama 2012!”

Brittany Ribble “I love everyone!”

Kirk Richard “Get you some!”

Matt Rife “Where’s August?!”

Danny Straus “Photoshop.”

Drew Sullivan “I have 8 more feet to go...”

Mallory Taylor “Listen up guys.”

Paul Tellefsen “Go to ccamessenger. com!”

Kyle Thiele “How do my toenails look?”


SENIOR MOMENTS Shay Dickerson “I’m already behind on memory verses!”

Yuri Choi “I want to be a movie director!”

Priscilla Cruz “I love cowboys.”

Jennifer Dodson “This is art.”

Ryan Doyle “Where’s my jacket?”

Gerald Jung “I’m preparing for my shift at Sushi Masu”

Sun Ho Kang “I miss Korea.”

Dominique Kiattinat “I’ll be in the kitchen.”

Alli Kilby “Ouch! I hurt my...”

Brian Kim “I’m going to Sushi Masu”

Ashton Martin “Maneater.”

Kari Medearis “I love Texas.”

Nick Norris “Scalpel please...”

Alison Pang “Colleen Bloss is my hero.”

Susan Rabadi “What do I want? I can’t decide!”

Kelsey Roberts “I am NOT Kelsey Stokes”

Michael Rymer “I spent 500 hours on Pokemon.”

Casey Sprague “SERVERRS!”

Alyssa Stanley “I’m a princess.”

Kelsey Stokes “I am NOT Kelsey Roberts!”

Erica Twiss “Track is my passion!”

Garett West ”I grew into this head”

Marc Williams “Can I go to the gym?”

Class of 2010


Remember When... Matt Addison: Brittany had her first kiss. Logan Beans: Big Jacob pointed to the biggest guy on Waco Reicher and said, “I’m coming for you!” Kayla Bonina: Shay yelled the wrong choice of nickname for me very loudly during a softball game, laying on the 50 yard line with Ellen, and the good ole’ CCA volleyball days. Alyssa Bradley: We advanced in Mock Trial. Nathan Camp: We played Honey if you love me, Sonic runs, boating Saturdays, showing up to TAPPS without drumsticks, hearts. Yuri Choi: Dominique tried to be an illegal immigrant. Priscilla Cruz: Dr. Willis imitated a Hungarian priest, awesome sleepovers at my house, Brittany confessed her undying love for…Sunil…, Kyle wrote a list about me, we saw Sanjaya at Taco Bell, “studying for finals” at Valley View Church, we went to San Antonio with Mrs. Brown, Matt Addison would never date in high school, Kyle painted his toenails. Shay Dickerson: We went on a road trip to San Antonio, softball trips, Guatemala, Honey if you love me, Starbucks/Facebook dates, kentacohut, sassy seven, taboo, Taco Tuesdays, Bible all years, “Kevining”, watching Texas Stadium implode, McAlister’s Jennifer Dodson: We thought we’d never get to graduate, Mrs. Brown’s class freshman year, I was first place District champ in track 3200 out of two people… Ryan Doyle: I walked the 400 in track, then I chugged a gallon of milk to vomit so I wouldn’t have to go to the meet. Matt Edwards: We sang songs in Tharel’s class.

August Evers: Elementary school was cool. April Fowler: We went on the retreats, we lived at McAlister’s, all the football games, Fernando died, road trip to Waco, we played Honey if you love me, “Kevining” people, we never went off campus, icing fights, cab rides with Sunil Sundaran, seniors didn’t have to take a fourth science, I never went to class, we stole Tictacs off a science experiment poster. Karl Heidenhofer: We won state in soccer and then went back to the final four the next year. Collin Heusinkveld: We made it to semifinals in football. Gerald Jung: I won the soccer state championship. Sun Ho Kang: Ms. Marchant shouted at me. Dominique Kiattinat: Countless conversations with Yuri over movies, Priscilla had those awesome sleepovers, dinosaur hankypanky in Tharell’s room, alot more. Alli Kilby: we went on senior retreat, we all jumped on the blob, the softball team went to San Antonio and ran to the bus, Shay told them to mail us the trophy. Brian Kim: I graduated from high school. Yoonhee Kim: Kelsey Stokes and I became best friends in Physics, Brittany’s eye got bit by a bug Ben Knighton: Father Dennis taught Calculus class, “studying” at Valley View, I broke Mrs. Brown’s stool and tried to fix it, we stuck 250 pencils in the ceiling, John Revell and I “wrestled” Tyler Lawrimore: we had daycare after school Mark Lee: Dancing time in ESS George Lubke: I dingdong-ditched Hunter Ohlen’s

house, Beating Ovilla and Faith in basketball, When I told Bob, Danny, Shark and Tyler sprinted through Willowbend during lunch for “free Ipods.” Ashton Martin: We road tripped to San Antonio for the state soccer tournament, Guatemala, grilled cheese Monday, Taco Tuesday, Schultz’s “shoe” made a noise, we took more field trips senior year than all of high school combined, the sassy seven, softball trips/ tournaments, “kevining”, Erica’s car got stuck at the boxing company and the owner cam out with huge pliers, we fit seven people in Erica’s car for Taco Tuesday, throwing objects from car to car on the way back from grilled cheese Monday, sophomore college trip, gymnastics time with Shaydia, Beans stalked me, zesty Sprinkles’ frosting Kari Medearis: Gymnastics time with Shaydia, “honey if you love me…”, Cane’s trips with Jake and Jacob, Schultz’s “shoe”, college trip Nick Norris: We had an awesome party in newspaper. Alison Pang: We road tripped to San Antonio, Starbucks dates, the Sassy Seven was created, a wedding was taking place during a Mock Trial practice, Taboo, MT advanced all three years, newspaper won state, we had “sparkling cider” in newspaper, we fit seven people in Erica’s car on Taco Tuesday, hxc abbrev sesh wih Erica, August, and Alyssa, sophomore college trip, Erica’s car got stuck at the box company and the owner came out with huge pliers, Taco Bueno runs with Lauren Fuston, “Track is my passion!”, gymnastics time with Shaydia, when Kelsey and I met Thomas at Journalism Day, when

Erica, Ashton, and I made Sprinkles’ zesty lemon frosting and Albert made me clean it up, when Stacey scared me, SMU cheer camp, Tina’s with Lauren Fuston and various other people, TTT, getting on the roof of the hotel at Science Team State using a secret stairwell. Susan Rabadi: Guatemala, TTT. “story of my life.”, Drew threw a volleyball out my sunroof, Shay and I weren’t friends, Starbucks dates, CD hid under the rock for a scene, hoodies were allowed, Micah Moore was referred to as McYummy, NBA discussions, sand volleyball, Asians weren’t allowed to speak their language. Caitlyn Reeves: sophomore college tour, all of my stupid moments (“leopard”), jumping pillow in the rain with the senior class, Caitlyn’s Cougar Chronicles, being named “Meg” by Michael Rymer, Doyle calling me Meg from then on, captain of the Drill Team sophomore year, anything else I forgot John Revell: we won state in soccer, we beat Pantego and Bay Area in football, we did nothing in class Brittany Ribble: I bullied everyone, we had third period Government Kirk Richard: Coach Luna was teaching and said he had an appointment and we all yelled and did Gum dance Kelsey Roberts: We advanced in mock trial, we made it to regional playoffs in soccer by winning one game, todopoderoso, Heath Ledger so pwns Robinson Crusoe forever, we had a picnic in Mr. Gilbert’s room, we went on the best college trip ever, Priscilla greeted the pizza man, Kari and I played a trick on Rachel, we were almost witnesses to a

Senior Talk


Remember When... wedding at the courthouse, Colleen imitated Alison walking with a wooden leg, we met Thomas at Journalism Day, “Is it a newt?”, …DREW BOA Michael Rymer: We won state in soccer. Casey Sprague: I really liked PCs. Alyssa Stanley: roadtrip to San Antonio, gymnastics time with Shaydia, drawing contest with team awesome, anything involving Schultz, creation of the Sassy Seven, cheering with Alison, hxc abreev sesh, Tina’s with Lauren and Alison, college trip Kelsey Stokes: I made the OFFICIAL list of words Paul cannot say Danny Straus: I fell in love with Photoshop Drew Sullivan: Mrs. Fineout taught Drama, Melvin Harper, Massive Techno Parties

Mallory Taylor: Alison, Ashton, Alyssa, Shay, and I went on a road trip to San Antonio and got creeped on by the creepiest man ever!, movie night at Susan’s house, TTT’s, throwing pens down the hall from inside Mrs. Blaine’s room all the way to the computer room while taking notes, I slapped Trinity Campbell, getting on the roof of the hotel at Science Team State, playing death hack on the senior retreat. Paul Tellefsen: I closelined Michael Creech in baseball and started the comeback to almost win the District game, there was an official list of words Paul couldn’t say, Dr. Willis taught class like a Hungarian priest, snack time, I.D. badges, Kelsey sang for Nacho, Newspaper was 3-peat state champions, Hunter Quinn sat on my wrist and broke it in sixth

grade, Danny and Casey had a six-month fight about Runescape, sophomore college trip, I spelled my name wrong and it stuck, Pail, class harmonization, off-campus lunch at Wendy’s on tacky day, I got one lunch detention, Sue Willis, that one newspaper party, the memory song Kyle Thiele: Dr. Willis imitated a Hungarian monk. Erica Twiss: Mr. Tharell was here, Mrs. Bray made us do push-ups and take laps around the school, hxc abreev sesh, the jumping pillow pwned everyone at senior retreat, our obscene meltdowns in Calculus, Taco Tuesdays, Doba, starbucks/fb chat dates, my car bottomed out because there were too many people in it, taboo, “track is my passion!”, Beans and I dominated Mr. Tharell’s room with toy dinosaurs, sophomore

college trip, Father Dennis taught Calculus, my car got stuck on the parking curb at the box place, gymnastics time with Shaydia, zesty Sprinkles’ frosting, “story of my life” was our comeback for everything, the entire senior class dressed up for homecoming week video game day. Garett West: We wore hoodies, we had a lot of “fun” in newspaper, I brought a backpack to school, manimals initiations Marc Williams: I was fat and sophomore year art class.


I’ve Always Had a Secret Desire To... Matt Addison: Sail on a yacht on the coast of New Zealand with Michael Rymer. Logan Beans: To stalk Ashton. Kayla Bonina: Tell Caleb Palmer I love him. Alyssa Bradley: To be an attorney in Mock Trial. Nathan Camp: Join a band, fence, play the guitar. Yuri Choi: Make somebody ask Yoonhee to homecoming. Priscilla Cruz: Be a dolphin trainer at Sea World. Shay Dickerson: Fulfill my CCA bucket list. Jennifer Dodson: Have a lead in the musical and replace all the horrible fluorescent lighting. Ryan Doyle: Blatantly laugh at teachers when they try to chastise me. Matt Edwards: Play soccer. August Evers: take Mrs. Brown on a picnic reading date. April Fowler: “Kevin” Kevin Kim. Karl Heidenhofer: Skydive into a pool Collin Heusinkveld: Go mudding on the landing strip. Gerald Jung: To be a good soccer player. Sun Ho Kang: To speak well. Dominique Kiattinat: Cut class. Alli Kilby: Drop the drama. Brian Kim: Conquer the world. Yoonhee Kim: Live with the Stokes family and have Kelsey cook for me and sky dive with Jen. Ben Knighton: Crowd surf during chapel. Tyler Lawrimore: Move to Honduras. Mark Lee: Meet Angelina Jolie George Lubke: See Coach Luna with no gel in his hair. Ashton Martin: Date Nick Norris because he’s the “All-American boy” or date Austin Oliver because I love him. Kari Medearis: Go on a date with Jacob little, and answer Mrs. Marys phone.

Nick Norris: Use the elementary bathrooms during school, spend the night on the roof of the press box, take Mahesh Krishma to lunch, and disown my younger brother and less handsome brother. Alison Pang: to marry Jordan Rogers. Susan Rabadi: To be a cheerleader Caitlyn Reeves: Come back to CCA and be the coach of the Angels, making it a real team. John Revell: That’s none of your business, it’s a secret. Brittany Ribble: Fill a pool with jello and swim in it. Kirk Richard: Wear an inappropriate CCA jacket. Matt Rife: Have a real shelter in place situation, play metal music on the morning announcements… oh wait, travel the world with Drew and August, reunite with Nathan Tharrel. Kelsey Roberts: Growl back at Mr. Callon. Michael Rymer: Paintball the school. Casey Sprague: Start my own cheer team called the CCA “Nerd Herd” with the sole. Alyssa Stanley: To answer Mrs. Mary’s phone. Kelsey Stokes: Sing at Fall Follies or in the Praise team. Danny Straus: To use Google Picasso. Drew Sullivan: Walk safely across the crosswalk. Mallory Taylor: Participate in a FlashDance Paul Tellefsen: to work on once I finish school. Kyle Thiele: To be Michael Rymer. Erica Twiss: Jump out the dungeon doors into the gym. Garett West: Throw carrots at other cars during off campus. Use a Torx T8 screwdriver. Marc Williams: Run around the school.

I Have Always Admired... Matt Addison: Coach Stanley, Coach Fisher, Mr. Gregory, Mrs. Crouse, Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. Weber, Ms. Marchant, Mrs. Brown. Logan Beans: Mr. Tharell, Coach Teague, Coach Diaz, and Caleb Palmer . Kayla Bonina: My Mom, Mrs. McWilliams, Ms. Marchant, Mr. Gregory, and Mark Lee because he can sleep through every class and still pass. Alyssa Bradley: My parents. Nathan Camp: G-Wear, Tom Stanley, My family, God. Yuri Choi: Yoonhee Kim’s cruel humor, Kelsey Stokes’ jokes and Priscilla Cruz’s massive baking skills. Priscilla Cruz: Mrs. Brown’s patience with us. Shay Dickerson: Ms. Marchant. Jennifer Dodson: My mom, and whoever designed these flattering uniforms. Ryan Doyle: Jesus. Matt Edwards: Mr. Gregory, Mrs. Weber, Seniors of 2010. August Evers: Matt Rife and Dr. Willis’ math skills. April Fowler: My teachers and friends. Karl Heidenhofer: Slim Shady. Collin Heusinkveld: Austin Oliver. Gerald Jung: That CCA soccer team will be better next year. Sun Ho Kang: Myself. Dominique Kiattinat: Yuri because of her awesomeness and super excellent tennis skills. Alli Kilby: Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Gregory, Coach Jackson, Mrs. Crouse, Mr. Fisher, Mrs. Weber. Brian Kim: My parents. Yoonhee Kim: Yuri Choi. Ben Knighton: Mrs. Brown for her patience, Ms Marchant for her advice and insight. Tyler Lawrimore: Dallas Taylor. Mark Lee: Ironman. George Lubke: Nicky Stuarts hair. Ashton Martin: Mrs. Shirley and Nick Norris. Kari Medearis: Elaine Marchant. Nick Norris: Bear Grylls. Alison Pang: Ms. Marchant, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Gregory, Mrs. Shirley. Susan Rabadi: Mrs. McWilliams,

Mrs. Shirley, Mr. Gregory, Ms. Marchant. Caitlyn Reeves: Mrs. McWilliams Mrs. Shirley - No matter what it is I can always talk to them about anything and know that I’m getting good advice. John Revell: Blake Cooper, Nick Norris, Mark Rawley and Steven Rountree. Brittany Ribble: The way Momma McWilliams gets so much done and still keeps a good sense of humor. Kirk Richard: Coach Luna’s teaching ability.. Matt Rife: Jeremy Gregory, Oscar, Mrs. Shrley, Mr. Fisher, Dr. Willis’s extensive tie collection. Kelsey Roberts: Mr. Gregory, Mr. Fisher, Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. Brown, Ms. Marchant. Michael Rymer: Jeremy Gregory, Tim Fisher, and Mrs. Shirley. Casey Sprague: Cameron Lott’s jet ski collection. Alyssa Stanley: Mrs. Shirley and Ms. Marchant. Kelsey Stokes: Mr. Gregoryenough said, Robert Shirly, Mrs. Shirley, Mrs. McWilliams, and Ms. Marchant, and Tylers ability to recognize every song that I’ve ever sung or quoted . Danny Straus: Adobe Photoshop CS5. Drew Sullivan: The school’s quality beaker collection. Mallory Taylor: Mrs. Shirley, Mr. Gregory, Ms. Marchant, Senora Fisher, Mrs. Brown. Paul Tellefsen: Ms. Marchant’s ability to love us so much, but yet still project at us and Mrs. McWilliams’ ability to multitask. Kyle Thiele: Larry the Llama. Erica Twiss: Ms. Marchant, D, Mr. Bloecher, Mr. Gregory, Mr. Fisher, Coach Teague. Garett West: Ms. Marchant’s attitude.

People and things I will Miss Most Matt Addison: Everyone except Whittli. Logan Beans: The whole senior class, Football Team, Nicky Stuart, A.O., Little Boy, Caleb Palmer, Big Jacob, CD6, Chappy, My little brother, The Breakfast, and my third grade AIM class. Kayla Bonina: Every single one of my friends, my mentees, Coach Jackson, and all of the Senior class. Alyssa Bradley: My parents. Nathan Camp: Seniors! Jane, Kimberly, Luke, Jimmy, Drumming Brothas, Mr. Gregory, Mrs. Weber, Kelvin, Mrs. Straus, Andrew. Yuri Choi: My friends and teachers. Priscilla Cruz: A.J., Mrs. Brown, all of my friends. Shay Dickerson: All seniors, softball team, down stairs staff, Mrs. Keylor, Lauren Fuston, Mrs. Porter and her class, all my underclassman friends, and most all of my teachers. Jennifer Dodson: The Senior class, Mrs. Shirley, Seth, Brett, Coach Jackson, Jeffrey Men, Dennis “Ralph” Kim, Wes Vansteenershmidt, Kara, Stephen, Joon, Jane Lee, Mofe Iteola (you’ve an amazing smile), Sydney Scott, Dylan (your a cool kid), and most importantly Yoonhee Kim. Ryan Doyle: Michael, Kari, Alyssa S, Domdom, Brittany, Kelsey S, Mr. Gregory, Mr. Fisher, Kelsey R, Nathan, Jen, April, Brett Bell, Alison, John. Matt Edwards: Seniors, Mr. Gregory, some underclassmen, my brother, cousins. August Evers: All seniors and few teachers April Fowler: The people I’ve grown up with - the senior class, Mrs. McWilliams, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Shirley, Mr. Gregory, Ms. Marchant, Mrs. Blaine, Alex, Kara, Stephen, Ashley, Andrea, Whittli, Brett, Jacob Little, Kelsey, Chappy, Collin, Sydney, JT, Mclovin, Jakey, Wesley, Kimberly, David, Payton.

Karl Heidenhofer: Collin, John, Beans, Kirk, Mark Lee, Drew, Matt, Micca, Coach Jackson, Mr. Fisher, Coach Teague, Coach Stanley, Coach Brad, August, everyone else. Collin Heusinkveld: Football team 2008, Seniors, Karl, John, Beans, Ashton, Addison, Austin, Big Jake, Brandon Carroll, Nicky. Gerald Jung: Soccer members and Korean people Sun Ho Kang: Ms. Marchant, all Seniors. Dominique Kiattinat: The Senior class and my sister. Alli Kilby: All my teachers, Shelby Joruzz, the 6 twins, Shayna, Trevor, Sarah, DJ, My seniors! Aly C., Hunter O. Brian Kim: All Seniors. Yoonhee Kim: Kelsey Stokes, Yuri Choi, Coach Jackson, Dominique Kiattniat, and Jennifer Dodson Ben Knighton: My Basketball guys, my Baseball boys, the Track team (mostly Mr. Fisher), Jacob Thompson, the Senior class. Tyler Lawrimore: Everybody. Mark Lee: No one. George Lubke: The Seniors, Basketball, Tennis and Golf team, family and my dogs. Ashton Martin: Addison, Susan, Shay, Alison, Erica, Alyssa, Mallory, Collin, George, Drew, Garett. Matt, Nick, Bob, August, Beans, Morgan, Schultz, Ellen, Cameron, Natalie, Kelsey, Kristina, Austin, Nicky, Chappy, Garrett, Mr. Gregory, B-Carroll, Jake Sullivan, Victoria, Alex D., Aly, Ms. Marchant, Mrs. Brown, Coach Jackson, Mrs. Shirley. Kari Medearis: Nurse Heather, Miss Mary, Lauren Fuston, Mrs. Keylor, Berrier, Shultz, Jake Sullivan, Jacob Little, Mr. Gregory, Mrs. Crouse, all Seniors, Jacob Thompson, Guatemala Team. Nick Norris: the seniors, all my teachers, student council, science team members, football/soccer/ track teams, the sophomores, Mahesh Krisma

Alison Pang: The Senior class, Mock Trial team, Varsity cheerleaders, Ms. Marchant, Mrs. Brown, Mr. Gregory, Lauren Fuston, Mrs. Shirley Susan Rabadi: the SENIORS, Sassy Seven, Core Four, Rodney, Marscha, Natalie West, Morgan Berrier, Victoria Norman, Aly Cancienne, Alex Dellepiane, Ellen Fleckenstein, high school sports, Addison, Nicky, Austin, Cameron Dornan, Jake Sullivan, Jacob Little, Chappy, Jacob Thompson, Guatemala Mission Team Caitlyn Reeves: Senior Class, all my little sisters in the freshman class, Callie Landwehr, Coach Jackson, Stephen Bass, Robert Shirley, Cindy Shirley, Mrs. McWilliams, Jeffrey Men, Chip Bloecher, Karen Weber, all my other teachers and students I loved. John Revell: The Senior class, The Football and Soccer teams, most of my teachers, especially Mr. Gregory, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Shilrey. Brittany Ribble: Mommy McWilliams, Mrs. Weber, Mr. Gregory, My whole Senior class, everyone in choir, Kara, Alex, Stephen, Joon, Brett, Rob Shirley, and Mini Bass. Kirk Richard: Everyone because they have a special place in my heart. Matt Rife: August and Drew, Micah Moore, Liz, Matt Addison, Beans, Wes, Doman, Gregory, Mrs. Shirley, class of 2010. Kelsey Roberts: Luke Roberts, Senior class, Mock Trial team, my mentees, Mr. Gregory, Senora, Juice :), Ellen Fleckenstein, Kristina Locke, Jane Lee, Laine Foith, Kelsey Kistler, Natalie West, Jacob Thompson, Mr. Callon, Nathan Tharel. Michael Rymer: N/A Casey Sprague: I will miss too many people to list here. Alyssa Stanley: Miss Mary, Nurse Heather, Lauren Fuston, Mrs. Keylor, Tenley, my favorite Juniors, the Senior class, Mr.


Gregory, Mrs. Brown. Kelsey Stokes: The class of ‘10, my underclassmen friends: Robert, Joon Bug, Alicia, Whittli, Victoria, Jeffery, Ginger, my mentees Sarah and Abbi, Gregory, Mrs. McWilliams, Mrs. Shirley, and Ms. Marchant. Danny Straus: Mrs. Brown, baseball guys, Senior class, Mr. Gregory. Drew Sullivan: Most of the senior class, Matt and August, Micha Moore, Tim Fisher, Lizzy, Beans, Weslie. Mallory Taylor: the Senior class, 2010 Guatemala Mission Team, Coach Peter, Mr. Gregory, Soccer, all of my underclassmen friends Paul Tellefsen: Seniors! My family, Ms. Marchant, Mr. Gregory, Mrs.Shirley, Mrs. McWilliams, the underclassman in choir, Jane, Kimblerly, and the various newspaper staffers. Kyle Thiele: Mr. Gregory and Brittany Ribble Erica Twiss: all the seniors, Sassy Seven, Core Four, football team and coaches, trainers, cheerleaders, class council, track team, baby gingers, Nathan, Chase, and Riley, D, Ms. Marchant, Mr. Bloecher, Mr. Gregory, Ael, Dan, and Michael Garett West: Seniors, some juniors, some sophomores, Gregory, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Marchy, D willi, Football coaches, Micah Marc Williams: Tweety bird, Trevor Hughes, Oscar, Mrs. Whalgmooth, and that one person...I can’t remember their name


player profile:

player profile:

Matt Addison

Erica Twiss

by Jordan Rogers

Ending her last year of track at CCA, senior Erica Twiss is finishing on a high note placing first in almost every event she has competed in. TAPPS rules state that an athlete can only compete in five events at a meet; her top five events being high jump, long jump, triple jump, 100m hurdles, and 300. Hurdles. She also competes in the 100m dash and 200m dash. Being the record holder in seven events, Twiss is leaving a legacy and a very high standard for future track athletes to live up to. In the high jump, her all time record was a hieght of 5 feet five inches. In the long jump, her record distance was nineteen feet five inches. Her last field event was the triple jump in which her record was 38 feet ten inches. In her race events, she set the record for the 100m hurdles with a time of 13.93 seconds and in the 300m hurdles she holds the record time of 43.28 seconds. Also she holds the record in the 100m dash with a time of 12.5 and in the 200m dash with a time of 25.5 seconds. She qualified for the district, regional, and state meets and she competed in her top five events there. At the district meet she placed first in four out of the five events, smashing the competition. At the regional meet she took first in all five events shutting down the competiton. And finally at the state meet she took took home five medals, four gold and one silver.

by Erica Twiss

Twiss has attended CCA for four years and has run track since she started school here. She currently participates in class council, Leadership Corps, and academic team. She also is involved at her church at Prestonwood singing in the high school choir and participating in youth group. Some of her hobbies are not going to academic team state, hanging out with friends, making dessert, dying eatser eggs, making shirts, going to Sprinkles and whispering the secret word, laying out, and hxc abbrev sesh. Twiss ran in the Texas Relays which is a collegiate met with a high school division, and only the top competitiors qualify. She competed in three events, and placed first in the long jump, sixth in the 100m hurdles, and tenth in the high jump. Many colleges are recruiting her, such as: Maryland University, Penn State, Iowa, LSU, Kansas State, and Boise State. “My favorite part of track is being able to compete and push myself to get better each meet,” commented Twiss.

Little Legs Run Long Distances by Jordan Rogers

Carrollton Christian Academy’s middle school track team finished this season strong, which ended at the district track meet. Though the team as a whole did not place, there were athletes that performed exceptionally. Eighth grader Bella Conte placed in three events: first in triple jump, second in long jump, and first in the 200 meter dash. Eighth grader Kiersten Goff placed second in discus and fifth in the shot-put. The girls relay team also did well, placing third in the 4X400meter relay. Some of the athletes that stood out throughout the season included: Conte, Goff, eighth graders Melissa

Whitman, Nadia Livingston, and Young Yoon, and seventh grader Alan Wallander. Coach Micah Moore said that he would like to be able to get the team on an actual track for practices next year to help the athletes be more prepared for the meets. “The season went well. Everyone learned a lot this year and definitely improved overall. Everyone did well and performed their best and that’s all you can ask for as a coach,” commented Moore when asked on how he felt the season went.

Senior Matt Addison is finishing off his last semester at Carrollton Christian Academy, and decided to play tennis for the first time this year. Before embarking on this new adventure, he has played soccer and led his team to back-to-back playoffs appearances. He also palyed basketball, cross country, and track. He is stage manager for the drama department, on the newspaper staff, morning announcements team, student council, science team, and the active and spirited manimals. Outside of school, Addison attends St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church. He also enjoys watching movies, recreational basketball, spending time with senior Priscilla Cruz, his girlfiend, Notre Dame football, and frolicking through fields of bluebonnets. Next

year, Addison will be attending Texas A&M University, while wearing his Notre Dame gear every day, and major in visualization. He will continue on to persue a career in film. Among the countless tennis memories Addison has aquired over the past two months, his favorites are when he beat Cameron Lott in a match at practice. Concerning his experience with the tennis team, he remarked, “I enjoyed playing competitve tennis and spending time with Brett Bell.”

Price Causes Racket at State by Kelsey Stokes and Matt Addison

After a long season of playing in both the hot and the cold, tennis finished on a high note for CCA. District competition took place April 6 and 7 in Tyler, Texas, and ended with sophomore Taylor Price placing second in girls singles and qualifying for state competition the weekend of April 23. In girls doubles, junior Alex Price and senior Kelsey Stokes placed first in the consolation bracket. The first day began with a long bus ride from CCA to Tyler All Saints filled with spirit bags packed with gummy bears. The players were split into singles and doubles teams and assigned their first morning match. Winners of the first match were given a second game later on in the day after lunch. Those who won the second game advanced to the finals the next day. Losers of their first match were put into a consolation bracket. Consolation competes for fifth place and can challenge for the fourth place position unless the fourth place person or doubles team put the fifth place team in the consellation bracket in the first round. Consolation played three to four matches on the first day, including the finals round. In each category, girls singles, boys singles, girls doubles, boys doubles, and mixed doubles, the top four contenders qualify for state. Winners of the consolation bracket are the runners up in case any person or team drops out of the state competition. After the first day, T. Price advanced to compete at

State, and A. Price and Stokes had won in consolation. The team returned on the bus home, tired and content with their score. The State tournament for tennis, was April 23, and T. Price opened the tournament against Chelsea Barber from Midland Classical. T. Price won easily, moving on to the quarterfinals after a 6-2 and 6-2 victory. She then played Kendall Warren from New Braunfels Christian Academy, who was the number two-ranked girl in the tournament. This was a harder match-up for T. Price, but she was still able to win in two sets 7-5 and 7-5. After winning, T. Price was able to play in the semifinals, which were held the next day. T. Price seemed to have another difficult match-up ahead, going up against the third ranked girl in the tournament, Tiffany Hamilton from Amarillo San Jacinto School. However, T. Price defeated her easily, winning 6-0 and 6-1. After winning three matches in a row, T. Price moved on to the Finals, going up against number one ranked Casey Johnson, who T. Price had lost to the year before. Taylor started off strong, winning the first set 6-2. However, Johnson came back and won the next two sets 6-4 and 6-3. “I was really proud of our team this year,” head coach Brett Marcotte commented. “A lot of our players had their best year yet, and many have the potential to do even better next year. I look forward to seeing the future development of our team.”


A&P “Scrubs” for Surgery by Nick Norris

Gaining deeper insights into the world of medicine, senior Anatomy and Physiology students of Mrs. Crouse’s fifth period class traveled to Children’s medical center Monday, May 3, to observe operations performed by the acclaimed surgical staff of the pediatric hospital. They observed a total of four surgeries accompanied by a tour of Children’s busy operating rooms. The students arrived at “medical district” at 7:30 a.m. and were escorted back to the operating rooms, where they were given a brief informatory power point presentation over the inner workings of the operating room. The students were then given a pair of scrubs and sanitary surgical masks and caps. “The masks made me feel a bit claustrophobic, and it was

kind of hard to breathe at first, but I got over it,” said senior Erica Twiss. The students were split up into groups of four to five and then taken to separate operating rooms to witness different surgeries. The operations included two cyst removals, a jaw surgery and a belly-button hernia repair. The interesting sights and smells of the surgeries made a few of the students light headed, and one student fainted. After observing the operations, the students were shown more pictures from past surgeries, as well as the hospital’s state of the art surgical robot dubbed the “Da Vinci”. Senior Ryan Doyle said, “The Robot was pretty awesome, and the nurse said it was pretty much like playing a video game.” This unique experience gave students a look at reality in the world of surgical medicine.

Seniors Talent Put on Display by Matt Addison

Showing off their creative expression and artistic energy, seniors Paul Tellefsen and Jen Dodson sold off their art works in the First United Methodist Church foyer. Both Paul and Jen have grown up being involved in art and have improved their skills throughout their time at CCA. Paul is skilled in photography, graphic design, and videos; one titled “My Dream” was nationally recognized. Paul has created technopaul productions, his own website. He is also highly involved in his church, where he is a lighting engineer and makes videos

and pictures. Jen is skilled in drawing, photography, painting, mixed media, and more. Jen gets her inspiration from music and art, which has been influenced by her parents. She has gone on mission trips throughout the world, which has been an inspiration for her creative works. Paul will be going to The University of Texas at Dallas and major in Arts and Technology. Jen will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design. With both artists showing great work, they each have great potential to excel in college and beyond.

Seniors Paul Tellefsen and Jen Dodson stand in front of some of the artwork that is for sale from May 4 through May 11. Seniors Priscilla Cruz, Kari Medearis, Erica Twiss, Susan Rabadi, and Yuri Choi prepare to scrub in at Children’s Hospital to go into the operating room on May 3.

Teague’s Tournament Supports Financial Journey by George Lubke

On Monday, April 26, the third annual Teague Golf Tournament started in shotgun formation all over the Prestonwood Hills golf course. This years tournament was the biggest turn out yet. There were 26 teams competing at Prestonwood Hills golf course, a total of 104 people. Although, there are no official numbers yet for the tournament, but Coach Teague estimates that the profit generated from the tournament will be around $15,000-$17,000. Considering these estimates, there will be a significant increase from previous years. All funds received as a result of the tournament go directly to the student aid funds, which offers students financial assisstance money. The success at this years tournament began with the sponsorship of 89.7 Power F.M., and all other hole sponsors. The giveaways included in the

tournament this year were better than ever. Some of the giveaways included a brand new Ford F-150 truck for a hole in one on the par three hole number eight, although, nobody managed to achieve the prize. Also, closest to the pin on the par three hole number thirteen won a free two-night stay at the Mariott Renaissance downtown. Coach Mayan Corioso won the longest drive award, and received Maggiano’s gift cards and multiple movie tickets. The winners of the best-ball tournament shot a 56, or sixteen under par, and all received Under Armor golf bags, which retail over $800 dollars. Each contestant in the tournament received over $40 in golf money, and other golf accessories. Coach Teague commented on this years turn out, “ It was an overwhelming success this year at Prestonwood. I look forward to all of the support again next year.”


Stokes and Doyle Claim First State Medal by Kelsey Stokes

After a few midnight pizza deliveries in the hotel, a broken table, and a walk on the rooftop of Freebirds, the CCA Science Olympiad team pulled back into the school parking lot; tired from both work and play at the state competition. For the first time in school history, the team placed in state. Seniors Ryan Doyle and Kelsey Stokes got third place in elevated bridge and seniors Nick Norris and Priscilla Cruz placed fourth in Anatomy and Physiology. Junior Stephen Bass and Sophomore Jane Lee also placed seventh in Protein Modeling,

a new event for this year. “Overall I think we really have evolved as a team,” coach Wendy Blaine commented. “We placed higher in Regionals this year and we placed for the first time in state. I expect only great things in the coming years.” The state competition was held at Texas A&M. Many events took place in the new Physics facility that was recently built on campus. The first day consisted mainly of a long drive down to College Station, settling in the hotels, and getting a good night’s sleep for the day ahead. The first day of competition was the

building events such as Elevated Bridge, Egg-o-naut, and Mouse Trap Vehicle. A good part of the day was spent in the gym waiting for the different events to take place. Afterwards, the team packed up and spent their evening resting for the next early morning. The second day was a testing and lab day. Events such as Write-it-Do-it, Protein Modeling, Forensics Lab, Physics Lab, Astronomy, Anatomy and much more took place in various buildings across the A&M campus. Tired and eager to get home, the students packed up their things and returned home after

all of the tests were finished. Norris and senior Matt Addison have been in Science Team since its beginning at CCA during their freshman year. They have been competing and studying in various categories for four years now, and have been on the team longer than any of the other competitors. “I thought we did really well this year, going to state and doing better than we’ve ever done,” Norris said. “I’m glad that this year has been the culmination of all of our past glory.”

Kids Run for Fun and Fortune by Nick Norris

Completing laps was the main goal of students grades K-8 on Friday, April 30 as they participated in Carrollton Christian Academy’s first ever Boosterthon Fun Run fundraiser. The students spent the weeks leading up to the run collecting pledge donations from friends and family from around the world. A total of $1,241 was pledged per lap from 45 states and 24 different countries including China, Russia, Iran, Germany, and Ghana. The event, which was conducted in tandem with CCA’s annual elementary field day, raised approximately $18,000 for CCA. Chris Carneal started the Boosterthon company when he recognized the need for schools to have an alternative to traditional product sales to raise funds for their schools. The idea for a student-led, values-centered, fitness-based fun run was born. They

have served more than 1,100 schools and have 90 enthusiastic, hard-working, character-driven team members. Their goal as a company is “to change the world by impacting students, resourcing

schools, and encouraging and serving all with whom they are in contact.” In an effort to increase pledges, faculty members promised special prizes as reward for reaching set goals. Some

classes got parties, while others were offered chances to have water balloon fights. Some teachers, including Mrs. Hahn, Mrs. Vansteenbergen, Mr. Coleman, and Mr. Bloecher, promised to die parts of their hair (or beard) to encourage the students to raise funds. On average, each student ran between 25 and 35 laps, the maximum limit, with each lap just under a third the size of a high school track. Elementary principal Chip Bloecher commented on the event, “It was a huge success and a ton of fun for the children. The Boosterthon team members did an excellent job raising support and getting students involved.” The elementary students spent the early party of the day participating in field day festiviites. They were split up into different colored teams as they competed against each other in events ranging from the water balloon toss to relay races.

Briefly the News

by Jordan Rogers, Matt Addison, Katelin Howell, and Nick Norris

Elementary Speech Meet Competing in multiple categories of speech, the elementary students of CCA participated in the ACSI Speech Meet. Over 200 students came to CCA on March 5 from ten different schools to show their skills in eloquence. All the students met in the sanctuary and then were split into groups by grade level and category. The categories varied depending on grade level. Lower grades were able to participate in categories including reciting a poem, scripture, or a fable. The higher grades could partake in any of these events plus patriotic oration and original speech. Overall, the meet was a success and the students performed beyond normal standards.

PTF Clothes Drive

Carrollton and helping the community Hoping to improve community through our donations to the PTA Close conditions, the Carrollton Christian Closet.” Academy Saints are continuing the New Dance Team Coach Named Blessed by the Saints Clothes Drive. Stephanie McWilliams will be This event is led by CCA’s Parent the new coach of Carrollton Christian Teacher Fellowship and the Carrollton Academy’s dance team. McWilliams Farmers Branch ISD Parent Teacher plans to focus more on having more Association’s Clothes Closet program. routines and drills. McWilliams went It is being hosted by the eleventh grade to the University of North Texas, where class. CCA’s PTF is led by President she majored in elementary teaching. Kathy Baker, who collaborated with Ms. McWilliams has had previous CFB ISD PTA contact Kitty Peed to experience in dance, and she was on make everything possible. Donations CCA’s drill team all four years of high for the clothes drive included items school. McWilliams has helped CCA that students don’t wear or don’t choreograph dances for Guys and fit anymore. Other items that were Dolls and Seussical, as well as helping desperately needed were new packages ensemble choreograph dance numbers. of socks and underwear for both girls Dance team tryouts will be held and boys. Mrs. Renata Jeffcoat, PTF May 17-19. She plans on teaching supervisor commented, “I am excited part of a kick routine and part of a jazz about combining CCA’s efforts with routine.

Middle School Social Smooth moves and catchy tunes were experienced at the spring middle school social held in the CCA cafeteria Friday, April 16. The DJs for the dance were seniors Drew Sullivan and Nick Norris, who played a wide variety of music ranging from hip hop to techno, all enhanced by the intricate effects of their complicated lighting rig. The dance floor was also graced with the presence of seventh grade guitarist Kayla Thine, who played several songs periodically throughout the night accompanied by her own vocals. The dance, sponsored by middle school student council, lasted from 8 p.m. 11 pm. Middle school student council presidentl, eighth grader Zak Norris, commented, “I had a lot of fun planning this event. It was a successful social.”


New Taylor Makes State in Golf Twiss, Jake Sullivan, and Cooper eighth. Lubke just missed the mark, Coach Senior Mallory Taylor was Wolski, and senior August Evers. finishing thirteenth. Both Taylor The district tournament took and Lubke received first team allthe only member of the Carrollton Sets Solid Christian Academy golf team to place on April 29, at Indian Creek district awards. qualify for the TAPPS State golf Golf Course. The two players to Weiss hopes both the girls tournament, placing seventh. Held advance to the regional tournament and boys teams will continue to Foundation on May 26 and 27, it marked the were Taylor, placing third, and strengthen and grow in the years by Erica Twiss

by George Lubke

Wrapping up the season with a record of 3-14, the baseball team set a solid foundation for the upcoming years in the program. The team was led by Seniors Danny Straus, Ben Knighton and Karl Heidenhofer. Coach Mayan Corioso was added to the program and has instilled the basic fundamentals into the younger players for promising upcoming years. The team managed to stomp Prince of Peace as one of their key victories during the season. “We improved a lot this season,” commented senior Ben Knighton, “I’m excited to see what Coach Mayan can do with the younger players.” Although the Saints did not manage to make the playoffs, Straus represented the team in pitching with 82 strikeouts and received second team all-district honors. Straus and sophomore Garrett Jeffcoat led the team in batting, together cranking in many runs for the team. Coach Mayan and the younger players both look forward to a promising future for varsity baseball.

end of the season. Coached by Frank Weiss, the golf team consisted of returning senior players Mallory Taylor, George Lubke, and Casey Sprague. Newcomers include freshmen Daniel

Lubke, placing tenth. The boys team also placed fourth overall. Regionals were also held at Indian Creek Golf Course on May 12. The top ten finishers form regionals qualified for state, and Taylor placed

to come, and spark interest in the younger grades. Concerning the season, he remarked, “as a group, we had a lot of fun. Practices were enjoyable and we had a great time.”

Softball Seniors Steal Disctrict Awards by Erica Twiss

For only the second year in a row, Carrollton Christian Academy had both a junior varsity and varsity team. Many of the junior varsity players played up on the varsity level as well. The team consisted of Juniors Andrea Six and Kara Kaiser, and freshmen Tola Itiola, Joyce Im, Jane Jung, Sarah Hawman, Allie Arnold, Brittany Carroll, Shayna Reeves, and Alyson Cancienne. They finished their season with a record of 3-2. Coached by Rodney Jackson, Dave Fleckenstein, and Candice

Brookshier, the varsity team was led by senior captains Susuan Rabadi, short stop, and Ashton Martin, pitcher. The Lady Saints ended with a season record of 5-9, and district record of 0-6. Returning players include: seniors Kayla Bonina, first base, Alli Kilby, outfield, and Shay Dickerson, outfield, and sophomore Natalie West, second base. Some of the new faces to the sport include: juniors Ellen Fleckenstein, Kara Kaiser, and Andrea Six, and freshmen Alex Dellapiane, Victoria Norman, Debora Joe Farichild, Shayna Reeves, and Alyson

Cancienne. In the fourth annual Lady Saints “swing into spring” softball tournament, CCA finished third out of the eighteen teams entered. This year the team was in the midst of the rebuilding process, with many young players. In regards to next season, Coach Jackson hopes to gain more experience, work harder, and make it to playoffs. Concerning the season, he commented, “This year we had a tough season, but the girls played hard and I am very proud of all of them.”

Track Strikes Gold in Waco by Alison Pang

Records were broken as of the 2007 track season. The track program has continued to grow stronger with athletes like seniors Erica Twiss, Nick Norris, and Karl Heidenhofer being consistent state competitors. This year, the track team participated in multiple meets including Pantego Panther Relays, St. Mark’s BVU

Invitational, and TCA Trojan Relays. Twiss broke records in 100-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles, long jump, triple jump, and high jump at every meet she competed. At the District meet, the girls team placed third overall, with Twiss receiving the prestigious “Female Athlete of the Year” award. Those who placed in the top three at District advanced to

Senior Erica Twiss runs the 300 meter hurdles with a State breaking time of 43.5 seconds at the Hart Patterson Track and Field Complex on May 8.

Regionals. At the end of Regionals, seniors Twiss, Norris, Heidenhofer, Ben Knighton, Michael Rymer, and Kirk Richard and sophomore Madison Wisdom all qualified for State. Furthermore, Twiss, Norris, Wisdom, the 4X100 meter and 4X200 meter relay teams broke seven school records at the Regional meet. State was held in Waco at Baylor University on May 7 and 8. Twiss excelled again at State placing first and setting State records in the 100-meter hurdles, 300-meter hurdles, long jump, and high jump and placing second in the high jump. Twiss commented on her accomplishments at State, “I’m really sad that State was the end of my high school track career, but it has been an incredible experience. I’m excited to see what the future holds for my track career. Its almost surreal to have broken four state records in only two days. I could not have asked for a better way to end my high school track career.” Other State track competitors that placed included

On May 8, Senior Nick Norris made his second appearance at State for the 300 meter hudles.

the 4X100 meter boys relay team placed sixth at state, Richard placed fifth and Rymer placed seventh in the 200-meter, and Wisdom placed fourth in the 400-meter. CCA track coach Tim Fisher commented on this year’s team, “We had a great season. This season, the track team either tied or broke school records. The senior track team members will be missed.”


The mission of Carrollton Christian Academy is to build future leaders through Christ-centered academics, arts, and athletics, who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service before self, and participation as a way of life.

May 2010 Senior Edition  

The senior edition of the CCA Messenger. It includes the spring play, senior tributes and track state

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