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#1 DVD Box Set of the Year - FORD AT FOX

containing CHRISTOPHER CALIENDO'S epic score to THE IRON HORSE, wins the Film Heritage Award from the Academy of Arts and Sciences The New York Times says:

"Having watched "The Iron Horse" in the new Fox version, with its excellent orchestral score by Christopher Caliendo, I can say with some confidence that Ford's epic remains an astounding achievement, a suite of embedded narratives that expand and comment each other, as audacious in its way as Griffith's Intolerance." David Kehr - New York Times

Iron Horse wins top ten film scores of 2007 – Film Score Monthly

The Iron Horse, music by Christopher Caliendo. A breath-taking restoration of John Ford’s 1924 silent masterpiece, this saga of mid-19th century transcontinental railroad construction highlights the attention to details of narrative and characterization that would soon proclaim Ford one of the great directors in Hollywood history ... When the film appeared on cable TV in December on Turner Classic Movies, it revealed one of the finest recently composed scores for a silent movie, by Christopher Caliendo, who also orchestrated, conducted and played guitar, with soloists Sheridon Stokes on flutes, Indian and Irish flutes, Richard Greene on country violin, Frank Marocco on accordion, and Bryan Pezzone on piano. The indefatigable Nick Redman was Executive Music Producer, and the Musical Supervisor was Joe Soldo. Silent movies were never silent; and wonderful scores such as this bring these titles triumphantly back to life. Caliendo and Redman create the impression of an enormous symphonic orchestra in an elegant old cinema palace. Due praise. W. David Lichty Film Score MonthlyMovie Music Memories of 2007 the top ten best things that happened to film music – 2007

#1 DVD Box Set of the Year posted in the following magazines and listings: The New York Times The New York Post The Philadelphia Enquirer The Los Angeles Times TIME Magazine Village Voice Barnes and Noble DVD Beaver Michael Wilmington's Daily Page Entertainment Weekly and others ...

Iron Horse Press Sheet  

Iron Horse Press Sheet

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