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About the Canadian Council on Africa The Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica) is the only Canadian organization dedicated to the economic development of Africa. It is a non-profit, membership-based organization established in 2002, the year of the Kananaskis G8 Summit, where the agenda included the development of a self-help plan for Africa. CCAfrica focuses on the future of African economy and the positive role that Canada can play in meeting some of the challenges in Africa. CCAfrica’s current members come from large, medium and small Canadian and African enterprises, education institutions such as universities and colleges, and agencies of the federal and provincial governments. With more than 150 active members in all sectors of the economy - infrastructure, education, legal, environmental, natural resources, energy, consulting engineering, construction, transportation, mining and 4 offices across Canada- CCAfrica is essential when it comes to economic relations between Canada and Africa.

Our mission To facilitate and promote sustainable increased trade and investment between Canadian and African private and public sectors, according to appropriate corporate social responsibility (CSR) guidelines, for the mutual benefit of all.


Goals of CCAfrica 1. Encourage dialogue and discussion on questions of the economy, commerce, training and education relating to Canada and African countries, in a way that encourages an increase and a diversification of investment, as well as economic and commercial exchange between Canada and African countries. 2. Contribute to the understanding and evolution of economic and commercial relations between Canada and African countries, specifically in the following ways: a. Acting as a think-tank for the promotion and development of economic and commercial politics between Canada and African countries, as well as giving council to the government of Canada, its agencies and provincial governments, and the governments of African countries. b. In collaboration with the government of Canada and the provincial governments, develop and maintain close relations with diverse national and regional groups dedicated to the realization of economic and commercial development projects between Canada and African countries. c. Conduct analyses, studies, research, and literature reviews that are necessary to achieve CCAfrica’s mission and strategic goals. d. Acting, in accordance with means and opportunities, as promoter and organizer of events such as symposiums, conferences, seminars, briefings, and missions

Africa: the Land of Opportunities for Investors

Source: Africa Development Indicators 2012/2013, The World Bank


Key facts about Africa • According to The Economist, seven out of ten world’s fastest growing economies will be from Africa over the next five years. Economic structure of Africa is also changing rapidly, and moving towards industry & service based-economies. On the economic front, Africa today is where China was 15 years ago.

Projected GDP growth rate

(% change year to year - 2012-2017)

• Africa has the youngest population in the world. The World Bank predicts that 61% of Africans will be under 25 in 2015. Accordingly, Africa is set to produce tomorrow’s world labour force when most of the developed nations are aging! • “Africa’s recent economic growth is driven by Information and Communications Technology revolution” says the World Bank. There are 650 million mobile users in Africa, surpassing the number in the U.S.A. or Europe. Mobile devices are commonly used in Africa for personal communications, as well as for economic activities such as accessing financial services and gaining business information. • Africa welcomes international investors for infrastructure development! In order to facilitate the increasing growth momentum, Africa requires investments for infrastructure development. Investment opportunities are plentiful in many areas: roads, railways, harbours, irrigation systems, telecommunications, clean water, sanitation, energy, and basic social infrastructure such as health, education, banking and financial services.

<2.5% 2.5% to 3% 3% to 4% 4% to 5% >5% Source: Oxford Economics; Ernst & Young Growing Beyond Borders

What specialists say about the African economy “For over a decade, Sub-Saharan Africa has been experiencing relatively rapid economic growth, averaging about 5 percent a year.” Africa Development Indicators 2012/2013, the World Bank “After stagnating for much of 45 years, economic performance in Africa is markedly improving. Although the current economic growth is still short-lived relative to Africa’s long history of growth crisis and is certainly nowhere close to the standard of East Asia, it is nonetheless noteworthy and a cause for guarded optimism.” Policy Research Working Paper Series, the World Bank “A critical mass of African economies have grown at high and sustained rates so much so that, despite the impact of the ongoing global economic situation, the size of the African economy has more than tripled since 2000. The outlook also appears positive, with many parts of the region forecast to continue experiencing relatively high growth rates and a number of African economies predicted to remain among the fastest growing in the world for the foreseeable future.” Ernst & Young’s Attractiveness Survey, Africa 2013 4

Becoming a member of CCAfrica adds value to your organisation. By becoming a member of CCafrica, you obtain the passport for the endless business opportunities in Africa. As well, our members are benefited from gaining access to the company of similar-minded business and policy community that work together to increase business and trade relations between Canada and African countries.

Exclusive Benefits for CCAfrica members include: - Receive daily News Clipping Service (NCS). The NCS is an email service which details Africa’s economic news from various news sources across the world on every business day. - Receive weekly Business Development Service (BDS). The BDS reports international tenders, bids and business opportunities from 54 African countries during a given week. This service helps CCAfrica members to identify business opportunities in African markets. - Receive Monthly African Indicators (MAI). The MAI is a graphical representation of statistical information gathered from various sources to give a snap-shot view of economic situation across Africa. This is the ideal report to gauge where Africa stands in the global arena, as well as to deepen your understanding about the economic and the business climate of the African countries. - Receive discounted rates for CCAfrica’s conferences, workshops and events. (CCAfrica organizes 3 to 4 Missions to Africa, about 4 Country Workshops and 2/3 major conferences per year.) - Free posting of articles in CCAfrica’s quarterly publication, the Rising Africa magazine which is approximately viewed by more than 1.5 million readers worldwide. - Are benefitted by numerous networking opportunities that are offered by CCAfrica’s events throughout the year. Our annual members’ survey indicates that networking is one of the most important reason for joining CCAfrica. By creating networking opportunities, CCAfrica helps our members to help each other in their business pursuits. - Can obtain help for obtaining business visas to African countries. - Can gain visibility as an enthusiastic member in the policy and business community that is actively committed to do business in Africa. In addition to private sector, CCAfrica maintains very close relations with the Canadian Government as well as African Governments. Consequently, CCAfrica plays the facilitator role in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) by helping to create better policies and business climate for doing business in Africa. CCAfrica members essentially gain the inclusiveness in this entire process that ultimately helps them to gain recognition among Canadian and African organizations with similar interests.


Membership fees Corporate Membership Founding Member Total Revenue - Over $ 20 M Total Revenue - $ 5 M to $ 20 M Total Revenue- $ 1 M to $ 5 M Total Revenue - Less than $ 1 M

$ 11,550 $ 6,300 $ 3,150 $ 1,575 $ 850

Association Membership National Association $ 2,250 Provincial Association $ 1,200 University or College $ 1,200 Associate Membership Federal $ 6,000 Provincial $ 3,000

CCAfrica Offices


Canadian Council on Africa Board of Directors Chairman of the Board of Directors

Benoit La Salle - President, CEO, Windiga Energy Inc. Canada

Executive Committee

David Baron - President, CEO, Cowater

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors

Marie-Josee Fortin - Director, Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC)

Executive Committee

John Treleaven - Vice-Chairmen, Mercy Ships

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors Member of the Action Plan Committee

Executive Committee Member of the Action Plan Committee

Executive Committee

President of Governmental Relations Committee Executive Committee

Peter Kieran - President, CPCS

Sam Boutziouvis - VP, Government Relations and Multilateral Institutions, SNC-Lavalin

Michael Wyse - President, Black Business Initiative

Executive Committee

David Ireland - Director International Business Development Canadian Bank Note

President of the Action Plan Committee Executive Committee

Pierre Boivin - Partner, McCarthy Tetrault

Simon Lafrance - Managing Partner, Strategeum

Member of the Action Plan Committee Executive Committee

Lucien Bradet - President & CEO, Canadian Council on Africa

Michel Cote - President, CRC Sogema

Yvon Bernier - Vice-President, Developpement International Desjardins

Amina Gerba - President, Afrique Expansion

Denis Belisle - Chairman, Dessau

Matt Fisher - Vice-President, Anyway Environmental Solutions

Alanna Heath - Director of Government Affairs, Barrick Gold

Charles Field-Marsham - Chief Executive Officer, Kestrel Capital

Denis Painchaud - Director International Governmental Relations, Nexen

Mark Sitter - Director, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Sharritt International

McAlister Consulting Corp. Wayne Dunn - Professor in CSR at McGill, Managing Director, Wayne Dunn & Associates

David Gamble - Vice-President, Business Development, IMW Industries

Andrew McAlister - McAlister Consulting Corp.

Canadian Council on Africa Member List AFFUTJOB African Gold Group Afrique Expansion Agriteam Canada Alberta International Intergovernmental Anyway Environmental Solutions Association of Canadian Community Colleges Atlas Partenaires Aviation Zenith Inc Barrick Gold Corporation Black Business Initiative Blackberry Bombardier Broccolini Construction Inc Canac Inc. Canadian and African Business Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Alliance (CAABWA) Canadian Bank Note Carleton University Cegep de Trois-Rivieres Centre de formation Professionelle val-dor CIMA International Consortium International de Developpment Consultation Contacts Monde Cordiant

Cowater International Inc. CPCS Transcom Ltd. CRC Sogema Dam Developpement International Inc. Desjardins Developpement International (DID) Dessau Dundee Corporation E.T. Jackson & Associates Ltd. Edition lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Artichaut Education Internationale Emerging Markets Financial Group EM-One Energy Solutions Excel Employment International Fasken Martineau Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP Freebalance Genivar Groupe Belfontaine IAMGOLD Corporation IMW Industries Limited Innovision Jainji International Inc JR Intertrade Inc. Kestrel Menagement La Cite Collegiale

Lussier Centre du Camion McAlister Consulting Corp. McCarthy Tetrault Mercy Ships MGS Energy Group Ministre du Development Economique Nexen Oasis Voyages Price Waterhouse Cooper RA International Remedex Mediation Services Sama Resources SDV Canada SEMAFO Sherritt SNC-Lavalin Strategeum The Udemba Group Trade Facilitation Office Canada (TFO) Tronnes Surveys Truquest Global Inc. University of Ottawa Wayne Dunn & Associates Windiga Energy Inc.



Membership brochure  

The Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica) is the only Canadian organization dedicated to the economic development of Africa. It is a non-pro...

Membership brochure  

The Canadian Council on Africa (CCAfrica) is the only Canadian organization dedicated to the economic development of Africa. It is a non-pro...