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fin·ger·print /’fiNGgər,print/ Noun:

An impression or mark made on a surface by a person’s fingertip, esp. as used for identifying individuals from the unique pattern of...


Record the fingerprints of (someone).

Synonyms: fingermark - dactylogram

principal’s message 2012 has been and gone. School life, more than many other experiences, maps the year so precisely, so consistently, that it becomes the heartbeat of our year. Our personal time clock. The terms pass, filled with weeks and days that are broken down further into timetable periods, sequences of weeks and repetitive functions like reading groups, art classes and sport. But rather than dull us, drag us down or numb us – these elements of our year comfort us, give us direction and add meaning to this inevitable transition from January to December. They are the rhythm of our lives. In fact, these elements become the fingerprints of our year. The signs, the evidence of our travel, of our experiences of our gradual creep across 365 days. I welcome you to WAVES 2012. I invite you to slow down, sit down – even lay down, and turn the pages. See where your fingerprints are shown, reflect upon the memories your fingerprints have left. See where you have been. Be reminded of what you have seen, learnt and experienced. But most of all be reminded of how your life, your fingerprints, have been overlaid with God’s. - Dean Bennetts


SPORTSMANSHIP Year 3K: Lachlan Wright Year 3P: Oliver Chippendale Year 4G: Callum Sutton Year 4P: Jenna Rowe Year 5L: Benjamin Yates Year 5S: Breesha Davies Year 6C: Jordan Kiss Year 6D: Toby Bowditch CITIZENSHIP Year 3K: Elise Payne Year 3P: Samara Woolley Year 4G: Emily Day Year 4P: Jared Walton Year 5L: Tristan Chandler Year 5S: Daniel Iveson Year 6C: Tait Johnston Year 6D: Shirelle Altona ENCOURAGEMENT Year 3K: Talita James

primary campus

Year 3P: Nash Robertson Year 4G: Ethan Duchenne Year 4P: Michaela Wanke Year 5L: Sabrinnah Jamora

speech night awards 2011 Year 5S: Eden Steele


Year 6C: Jordan Hannah

Kindy – Year 2: Lex Yusuf

Year 6D: Jharne Duke

Year 3 & 4: Michaela Wanke


Year 5 & 6: Caitlin Hayes

Year 3K: Nikita Beier


Year 3P: Mya Feeney

Kindy: Emma Call

Year 4G: Emily Calbert Year 4P: Emilie Jackson Year 5L: Tayla Hone & Cooper Woolley Year 5S: Aaron Carey

Year 1: Jacob Sanburg Year 2: Amelia Feeney Year 3: Kai DeBellis Year 4: Callum Sutton

AUSGRID BRIGHT FUTURE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Alexander Shaw (Maths) Liam Ferguson (Science) Jayden Andrews (Environmental Studies) GOLD AWARDS Callum Sutton (Athletics) Toby Bowditch (Athletics) Cooper Woolley (Swimming) Harriette Boursnell (Cross Country) PLATINUM SPORT AWARD

Year 6D: Aimee Van Der Veer

Year 5: Tyler Smith Year 6: Zane Allum

Bess Chippendale (Athletics)




Kindy – Year 2: Miyuru Amarasekera

Emma-Monique Van Moore

Toby Bowditch

Year 3 & 4: Casey Barnes

Aaron Carey



Zane Allum

Emma-Monique Van Moore



Holly MacDonald

Aaron Carey

Lawrence Watters Academic Excellence Award (Dux)

Year 6C: Jade Saunders

Year 5 & 6: Emily Reynaud Overall Winner: Blake Jones LIBRARY ENCIURAGEMENT AWARD Phillip Bendevski Cayden Burkart Tom Howlett Bryce Linehan Eryn Clarke


Jasmine Bilham


somniare circus






year one



year two



year three



year four



year five



year six

message from year 6 teachers 2012 has been a great year, seeing the students grow in so many ways. Many achieved solid results in their sporting pursuits, encouraged by their teachers, sports staff and the use of the school’s ever improving facilities. The academic program has been quite full and many have found opportunities to grow and develop their talents and skills in preparation for the challenges of Year 7. Such a well-rounded range of activities has been wonderful to see. The Somniare Circus program, developed within the school, gave many the opportunity to showcase talents they knew they had, and some they had not even discovered yet! It was a privilege to see the development of so many students and have the chance get in with them and join in as well. There were jugglers, dancers unicycle riders and plate spinners galore! We wish our Year 6 students all the very best as they commence Year 7 in 2013. We Year 6 teachers have strived throughout the year, to prepare these boys and girls for the academic and life challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for them all. To the Year 6 class of 2012 - we wish you all well! - Karen Dyson & Tim Cooper



GOLD MERIT AWARDS Callan Bolst Charlotte Clune-Purcell Taylor Ferris Jasmine Fowler Olivia Frew Jessica Harrold Christopher Howden Isabella Jackson Melissa Jackson Tanisha Jackson Siobhan Sullivan Taylor Jones Georgia Chandler Lucy Harrison Mollie Howarth Cameron Payne PLATINUM MERIT AWARD Freyja Murray Molly Jackson SPORTSMANSHIP Year 7: Freyja Murray Year 8: Summer Johns Year 9: Taylor Jones Year 10: Mitchell Hutton Year 11: Jarrad Fisher PERSONAL ENDEAVOUR Year 7: Brittany Olyslagers Year 8: Zoe Armstrong Year 9: Olivia Frew Year 10: Phillippa Dickens Year 11: Ellen Anderson

speech night awards 2011 CITIZENSHIP

Year 9: Jordyn Grant


Year 7: Ashlee Bennetts Year 8: Daniel Sherar Year 9: Connor Noble Year 10: Declan Drake Year 11: Isabella Stratford


Jessica-Ellen Standen

ACADEMIC Year 7: Melissa Jackson Year 8: Samantha Lovett Year 9: Rebecca Hayes Year 10: Tiana Andrews Year 11: Cameron Payne MUSIC AWARD Year 7: Georgia Chandler Year 8: Samantha Lovett Year 9: Karina Swan Year 10: Sarah Campbell Year 11: Jackson Burke Year 12: Erica Tindale MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR Jackson Burke ADF LEADERSHIP & TEAMWORK AWARD Breane Grange Siobhan Sullivan AUSGRID BRIGHT FUTURE AWARD Tiana Andrews (Science) Lauren Gunasinghe (HSIE) JUNIOR IMAGINATIVE WRITING AWARD Year 7: Georgia Chandler Year 8: Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Gregg SANITARIUM COMPUTING AWARD Declan Drake (Year 10) Joshua Wolfe (Open)




Elizabeth Wylie (Painting: Year 7-9) Cassandra Nichols (Drawing: Year 7-9) Caden Pengelly (Digital Work: Year 7-9) Cassandra Nichols (Mixed Media: Year 7-9) Hugh Grant (Painting: Year 10-12) Chloe Lwin (Drawing: Year 10-12) Vanessa Koch (Digital Work: Year 10-12) Mimi Calvin (Mixed Media: Year 10-12)



Isabelle Reece

Jarred Brown – Rugby League Lachlan Faulder – Water Polo Jayden Hodgson – Cross Country James Knight – Touch Football Jayden Lambert – Touch Football Thomas Lyons – Cross Country & Athletics Jai McNamara – Water Polo Mercy Agbeze – Athletics Jessica McNamara – Water Polo Rebecca O’Farrell - Tennis


MALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR Jayden Lambert Jai McNamara




chaplain’s message Fingerprints... They are everywhere. Especially over my windows at home - all thanks to my two kids. It’s a mess! Or that’s what I used to think, until I saw a sign saying, “Excuse the mess, this is where memories are being created.” I look at things differently now. School is full of fingerprints. Being the secondary school chaplain allows me to see students leave their marks. Year 7 Camp saw our amazing year 11’s step up as counsellors, Year 8 Camp saw students face their fears and beat them. Chapel programs saw a bunch of students commit to filming a weekly video drama to introduce themes for the Year 9-12 session. It also saw students unashamedly playing worship music for their peers - praying that God would leave His mark on their friends lives. Week of Spiritual Emphasis also saw students speak, connect and commit. Fingerprints are everywhere. The staff of Central Coast Adventist School are committed to showing the love of Jesus through their actions. Jesus left His fingerprints on us. In a world that, at times, makes little sense and can have such a destructive life-print on our kids, it is inspiring to work in a place where we see students continually fight the tide of norms and darkness. I can’t wait to see what memories will be created in 2013... - Elia Crevar


worship tour


creative arts









year ten snow trip



year twelve

year coordinator’s message Well, what a journey we have shared from 2007 to 2012. I cannot believe that the past six years have gone so quickly! We have had some amazing times: from Broken Bay to Port Stephens to Yarrahappini to Mt Hotham to Glenworth Valley to Vanuatu! The memories we have created together will be with us forever and I thank you so much that I have had the privilege of sharing it with you all. I encourage you to not live your life avoiding risks and refusing to accept challenges. Seek in your life growth, struggle, self-knowledge, and accomplishment, and you will be successful in whatever you choose to do. As you embark on the next chapter of your life, may you have the courage to be who you truly are. Pursue integrity. Show honesty. Love freely. Care openly. Embrace life. Be passionate. Be YOU! As you leave Central Coast Adventist School, I wish God’s richest blessings for you. - Erin Lovell




pre kindy

Sari Abel

Ruby Apps

Melanie Bendevski

Olivse Dahl

Oliver Davies

Zac Derrick

Hayley Douglass

Jade Downs

Matthew Ferrett

Keira French

Ashleigh Gane

Isabella Ghahramani

Kai Ghosh

Benjamin Giles

Alessandra Gladstone

Meika Glasbergen

Miles Greenwood

Angus Haba

Joshua Hales

Bohdi Hanger

Quade Harvey

Ashton Hayes

Lachlan Jones

Matilda Kelman

Bailey King

Bailey McShaneCale

Ethan Mereniuk

Mikayla Montalva

Emily Noy

Nathan Oakes

Nicholas Oakes

Alistair Packer

Thomas Pasco

Jackson Stoner

Julian Wilson

Angus Pilon

Ethan Pope

Sienna Power

Lachlan Ross

Keira Smith



Hugh Arnull

Kaitlyn Arthur

Luke Bender

Angus Bilham

Mia Braovic

Jack Bryer

Sacha Byrne

Priya Cini

Zoe De-Bellis

Vienna Fraser

Sienna Glasbergen

Sienna Graziani

Hussain Haider

Max Hansen

Gaston Harrison

Isaac Hayden

Alister Hervay

Kaia James

Timothy Jurello

Daniel Kennedy

Jye Le Brocq

Eli Leary

Finn Leary

Zane Lenardon

Meaghan McBride

Charlotte McSwan

Logan Mercieca

Amelia Mereniuk

Ellis Milson

Lewis Paholski

Gene Park

Ashley Pate

Meischa Purtell

Tully Robartson

Riley Rogers

Jack Sainsbury

Molly Salisbury

Harrison Sooialo

Solomon Spencer

Toby Spinks

David Talafua

Myles Taylor

Georgia Tomlins

Mitchell Vitler

Rhiannon Watt

Xanthe Wilson

Flynn Zammit

Miyuru Amarasekera

Rose Anderson

Liam Andrews

Ethan Apps

Malakai BoadenGriffin

year one

Tiara Abel


Lachlan Bryant

Blayne Burrows

Emma Call

Trinity Cannon

Mackenzie Chapman

Alexander Church

Hannah Dennis

Blake Downs

Riley Dunne

Olivia Farrant

Jesse Fraser

Logan Gane

Matthew Giles

Kalli Hagen

Lydia Hales

Arabella Hanger

Mackenzie Hanna

Kye Hargreaves

Ethan Hayes

Ashley Howell

Rohan Ibbott

Jessica Kamphuis

Imogen KeaneJames

Cohan King

Bronte Lenardon

Benjamin Lewis

Oliver Marotta

Bayden McMullen

Sienna McMullen

Lilabela McPhan

Harris Milson

Samuel Packer

Benjamin Pasco

Liam Pfeiffer

Sky Portelli

Bowen Pursehouse

Sarah-Grace Reynolds

Tori Robertson

Enrique Rodriguez-Hunter

Sophie Ross

Isaac Ryan

Ethan Shaddock

Abbey Sladojevic

Jenna Smith

Kayla Sole

Eva Spinks

Toby Stephenson

Darcy Weber

Liam Wenham

Marcus Wood

Emma Worrall

Levi Wright

Lex Yusuf

Bronte Ayres

Taine Beavis

Tom Borg

Nicholas Brooks

Chelsea Bryer

Eugene De Kock

year two


Cohen Farmer

Zane Hansen

Jet Hassett

Chloe Hibberd

Lauren Howell

Braidon Hughes

Jett Jones

Sebastian Larauza

Bryce Linehan

Remy Lovell

Sophie Maltby

Charlotte Mayes

George McKellar

Chloe McLoughlin

Daniel McLoughlin

Rachel Morris

Lara Padasian

Abigail Rye

Jacob Sanburg

Cameron Shaw

Lachlan Sooialo

Meadow Stig

Matthew Stirgess

Bryce Stratford

Brodie Sweetman

Lani Teesson

Marley Vella

Skye Vincent

Sophie Wallace

Caleb Wanke

Lee Watts

Mia Whigham

Cooper Zammit

year three

Max Anderson

Holly Ayres

Joshua Bailey

Jazmyn Bender

Phillip Bendevski

Noah Bilham

Ella Borg

Ella Chapman

Jonty Clayton

Simon Collis

Jensen Dahl

Jay Davis

Indigo Ditterick

James Dorrough

Calvin Edwards

Myah Greenwood

Alia Haider

Marcel Harrison

Olivia Hayes

Lachlan Hervay


Rorie Higgins

Brooklyn Hill

Tom Howlett

Aaron Humphries

Xander James

Jada Johnston

Matthew Lewis

Lily MacDonald

Riley Marotta

Brock Marquart

Sybella McKay

Paris Mercieca

Callen Moreland

Hugh O’Malley

Max Paholski

Aaron Pate

Ellody Peters

Ruby Pilon

Nicolas Pollitt

Cooper Richardson

Ella Robertson

Anita RodriguezHunter

Darcie Shaddock

Mitchell Sheppard

Georgia Sole

Aurelia Taylor

Calvin Truswell

Leah Vitler

Izabella Warwick

Isaac Wooller

year four

Nicholas Abdullah

Giles Anderson

Tegan Arundell

Kasey Barnes

Nikita Beier

Matthew Bishop

Sophie Borg

Seren Burrows

Seth Chapman

Oliver Chippendale

Sophie Christian

Kai De-Bellis

Mason Dempsey

Sebastian Ennis-Wallace

Ahleya Farmer

Mya Feeney

Bronte Gardner

Dylan Green

Austin Haba

Tori Hain

Tyler Hankinson

Tiali Hargreaves

Brittney Humphries

Joel Ibbott

Cameron Iveson

William Jackson

Talita James


Madeleine Jones

Campbell Long

Callum MacIntosh

Nathanael McLean

Dre McPhan

Hayley Morris

Elise Payne

Saxon Peers

Gabriel Perry

Laila Purtell

Nash Robertson

Georgia Robinson

Jack Robinson

Rhiannon Sim

Lachlan Sladojevic

Harvey Smeed

Harrison Steele

Amelia Stratford

Laeth Strong

Ashleigh Thacker

Benjamin Thorpe

Adam Walton

Mackenzie Weber

Isaac Williams

Aaron Wilson

Samara Woolley

Joshua Woutersz

Lachlan Wright

Mackenzie Zammit

Angelo Zwaanswijk

year five

William Akhurst

Lochie Allison

Tommy Anderson

Lillian Barnes

Drew Bender

Shona Bolst

Jakob Brooks

Charlotte Brown

Lachlan Bryer

Emily Calbert

Joshua Chapman

Benjamin Christian

Mackinley Clayton

Jason Cole

Zac Crichton

Tai Davis

Emily Day

Ethan Duchenne

Grace Edwards

Kael Foxton-Skea

Liam Gough

Alexis Haba

Tanner Hagen

Tayla Hannah

Jack Heuston

Eliza Hogan

Liam Hogan


Ned Holloman

Samuel Horwath

Lillie Howlett

Emilie Jackson

Flynn Johnston

James Kornhaber

Bailey Landman

Eden Leary

Jake Lyon

Michaela Mayes

Imogen McLoughlin

Summer McShane-Cale

Pasquale Meduri

Natasha Nicholas

Natasha Rodriguez-Hunter

Tameka Rose

Jenna Rowe

Hamish Salisbury

Mitchell Saunders

Mia Sheppard

Billy Sohier

Lily Steele

Callum Sutton

Tashi Thapa

Tahliana Tikoicina

Kirralee Truswell

Linden Vella

Jared Walton

Michaela Wanke

Lara Wooldridge

year six

Thomas Ambrose

Jayden Andrews

Hayley Atkinson

Annalea Bishop

Harriette Boursnell

Aaron Carey

Molly Carter

Tristan Chandler

Bess Chippendale

Jasmin Damico

Breesha Davies

Nathan Deadman

Kate Dickason

Liam Ferguson

Liam Frew

Kallie Glynatsis

Benjamin Grady-Sills

Tylah Gray

Caitlin Hayes

Steven Healy

Tayla Hone

Brad Humphries

Julian Humphries

Braden Ibbott

Daniel Iveson

Sabrinnah Jamora

Bailey Johns


Taylah Kiss

Oscar MacIntosh

Sarah Maini

Matthew McLean

Taina Naividi

Charles O’Malley

Hannah Padasian

Zachary Payne

Mitchell Pollitt

Lydia Pulley

Dylan Rogers

Alistair Rye

Alexander Shaw

Jonah Sim

Tyler Smith

Eden Steele

Annaliese Stirgess

Dion Stratford

Eloise Tate

Kelepi Tikoicina

Maxwell Williams

Mitchell Wilson

Brianna Wooller

Cooper Woolley

Stephanie Worrall

Jack Wright

Benjamin Yates

Damien Yates

Molly Zilic

Dominique Zwaanswijk

year seven

Kobe Allison

Shirelle Altona

Drew Ashton

William Bailey

Eric Barrett

Jasmine Bilham

Kyra Bromfield

Matthew Bryer

Reece Butler

Zachary Cannon

Brianna Ciolac

Tahlia Cole

Emily Collins

Camryn Corcoran

Rachael Corcoran

Georgina Crowe

Vincent De Kock

Thomas Dickason

Jharne Duke

Jarrod Etuale Blakeney

Tyler Falconer

Nico Falzarano

Isabella Faulder

Kiara FergusonBrown

Daniel Flack

Paris Forcadilla

Avalon Gilchrist


Christian Gilchrist

Georgia Green

Emma Griffin

Kieran Halloran

Myers Hanger

Jordan Hannah

Jack Harris

Sydney Healey

Stephanie Horwath

Callum Howarth

Tamara Howe

Beth Hutchinson

Tait Johnston

James Kennelly

Jordan Kiss

Jessica Kornhaber

Ben Lamputi

Tristan Lyon

Nicholas Lyons

Holly MacDonald

Jemina MacErlich

Oscar Manning

Laura Matthews

Chloe McFadden

Benjamin McKenzie

Hayden McKenzie

Fabian Meduri

Jessica Moore

Tristan MorrisBowyer

Eibh Nelson

Claire O’Malley

Liam Painter

James Pallot

Michael Parker

Jacinta Pasco

Oliver Patterson

Megan Potter

Patrick Rae

Emily Reynaud

Layne Richardson

Georgia Robertson

Abbey Rosair

Jordyn Rose

Olivia Ross-Adams

Madeleine Rynne

Jade Saunders

Alanah Sawell

Malachi Seisun

Leigh Shapiro Ellis

Jasmine Shelton

Joshua Shelton

Benjamin Shephard

Audrey Smeed

Emma Sole

Jasmine Southers

Isabella Steele

Hayli StewartPearce

Riverlana Talafua

Maddison Thacker

Hunter Thomson


Elena Tinker

Elyse Trimarchi

Aimee Van Der Veer

Garion Verstegen

Amy Wall

Hayley Wallace

Travis Ward

Kristie Whigham

Max Whiteman

Tobie Wijaya

Jamie Williams

Nicholas Wooller

Alexandra Woutersz

Yasmin Yusuf

Harrison Zammit

Ricky Albeck

Tanaya Allen

William Anderson

Dominique Armstrong

Connor Arthur

Jayden Arundell

Kristy Bapty

Ashlee Bennetts

Nicholas Bigelow

Callan Bolst

Mikaela Buettner

Georgia Chandler

Emma Ciolac

Breanna Collyer

year eight

Shania Barwick

Blake Coomber

Hamish Craig

Emma Crow

Sophie Damico

Matthew Davey

Kristin Day

Mathew Day

Etienne De Kock

Reilly Deaves

Madeline Dickens

Jessica Dorrough

Samuel Easey

Jordan EnnisWallace

Taylor Ferris

Brodie Ford

Cameron Fox

Jai Foxton-Skea

Lorcan GallagherSmith

Cameron Gough

Isabelle Govind-Aley

Ma誰a Grange

Leteasha Griffith

Anna Guilbert

Lucy Harrison

Jessica Harrold

Phoebe Hayman

Isabella Hinder

Ethan Hodgson


Tyler Hodgson

Mollie Howarth

Christopher Howden

Monique Humphries

O’Shah I’Anson

Joshua Ibbott

Isabella Jackson

Melissa Jackson

Molly Jackson

Tanisha Jackson

Benjamin Kay

Bradley Keegan

Matthew Knight

Charles Lee

Natasha Matt

Rylee McCormack

Liam Moreland

Freyja Murray

Ratu Naividi

Shannon Noble

Tayler Nusdorfer

Rebecca O’Farrell

Brittany Olyslagers

Elysha Padasian

Haydon Pasco

Ella Peers

Grace Pepper

Alexis Pollitt

Daniel Polson

Cassandra Saunders

Jamin Sawell

Vikram Shelli

Dylan Shepherd

Ruby Sohier

Jessica Spry

Kyle Strahan

Harrison Stratford

Dominique Strong

Jacob Talafua

Zachaeus Tikoicina

Luke Trayhurn

Bronty Van Buizen

Tanika Wardlaw

Olivia Wolfe

Zoe Armstrong

Billy Auton

Rachel Bell

Chris Blunt

Cameron Bowditch

Katie Brauman

James Bryer

James Buckingham

Matthew Calbert

Campbell Ethan

Indiana Care

Jackson Carroll

year nine

Jeremy Brittan


Edwina ClunePurcell

Connor Davis

Monique Down

Lachlan Drake

Samuel Duke

Clay Edwards

Madeline Edwards

Jasmine Forcadilla

Jordyn Frew

Lachlan Frew

Owen Gardner

Brent Gewin

Darcy Griffin

Zackery Griffith

Paige Gudgeon

Emma Gunasinghe

Ella Harrison

Jayden Hodgson

Olivia Holthuis

Alannah Hook

Sam Hutchinson

Summer Johns

Rafael Lagos

Sophie Lane

Mia Lawler

Benjamin Leadbetter

Samantha Lovett

Thomas Lyons

Connor Matheson

Lydia McKay

Hayley Miller

Esita Naividi

Kelsey Nicholas

Joshua Pallot

Joshua Parker

Belinda Parsonage

Thomas Passmore

Jenna Pearson

Lachlan PryseJones

Jacob RedrupFarquhar

Madison Rudd

Felicity Shepherd

Daniel Sherar

Rachel Small

Benjamin Smith

Joshua Smith

Nicholas Smith

Jesse Southers

Jessica-Ellen Standen

Brooke Stewart

Colleen Sun

Amy Swan

Brent Thompson

Emily Trayhurn

Tyler Van Der Veer

Aurora Verstegen

Jared Walker

Zahn Wardlaw

Brady WatsonMcKelvie

Jack Watson


Jessica Watson

Olivia Wijaya

Laura-Mae Williams

Zachariah Willson

Jennifer Wilson

Luke Wiseman

Max Woods

Thomas Wooldridge

Joshua Yates

Mia Zilic

Mercy Agbeze

Brady Allison

Braeden Altona

Alec Anderson

Shaun Anderson

Jennifer Andrews

Alivia Angus

Matthew Bateman

Esther Bell

Joshua Bennetts

Julia Boughton

Lachlan Brennan

Jarred Brown

Billy Burke

year ten

Kathleen Bailey

Eloise Carter

Samantha Chandler

Hamish ClunePurcell

Laura Crumblin

Jack Cullen

Josh Damico

Hannah Danckert

James Date

Jack Day

Amelia Eddy

Kurt Egan

Hayden Ellis

Nicholas Fallon

Lachlan Faulder

Tiana Faull

Branden Ferris

Olivia Frew

Alexander Gibbons

Dylan Grant

Jordyn Grant

Beau Green

Bradley Hall

Blake Harrison

Grace Harrison

Holly Harrison

Alexis Hart

Rebecca Hayes

Kaitlyn Haynes


Natalie Hone

Kirstie Hutton

Liam Irvine

Taylor Jones

Alexander Kay

Max Koch

Alexandra Laing

Tarni Letherbarrow

Charlotte Long

Ciara Lwin

Miranda Maricic

Bianca Mathieu

Breydan Matthews

Jake McCarthy

Scott McMaster

Jai McNamara

Jillian Moore

Gelaene Moreland

Joss Morrison

Cassandra Nichols

Connor Noble

Jordan Olyslagers

Alexander Pallot

Jordan ParkNeilson

Caden Pengelly

Jonathon Potter

Brooke Richards

Samantha Richards

Luke Ridley

Suzie Ridley

David RossAdams

Nicholas Rowe

Alexander Rynne

James Salama

Anne Sherlock

Brooke Sutton

Karina Swan

Kasumi Teranishi

Sachin Thapa

Lauren Tindale

Liam Townsend

Skyelah Townsend

Alysse Van Buizen

Elizabeth Wylie

Jack Aquilina

Jodie Bateman

Caitlin Bell-Orr

Molly Best

Brittany Campbell

Sarah Campbell

Annie-Rose Collis

Jess Combes

Dylan Connell

Jacinta Counihan

Julia Crow

Rebecca Curry

year eleven

Mitali Chauhan


Alexander Dani

Bradley Davey

Phillippa Dickens

Cy Donkin

Emily Dorrough

Declan Drake

Jonathon Englert

Erica Fardy

Jade Flack

Liam Forcadilla

Paige Foubister

BrĂŠane Grange

Tiyana Grant

Liam Griffith

Lauren Gunasinghe

Brendan Hall

Logan Hanger

Luke Harris

Abby Hopkins

Mitchell Hutton

Jake Kennedy

Vivek Kotha

Joshua Kross

Justin McKenzie

Benjamin Morrison

Liam Murray

Jack Newley

Matthew Nicholas

Caitlyn Nusdorfer

Timothy Paynter

Laura Pinto

Madelyne Rae

David Rapisarda

Daniel Rodger

Bronte Rofe

Jacob Rofe

Tahlia Stewart

Amy Te Wierik

Rachel Verstegen

Nathaniel Ward

Clare Wastell

Samuel Waters

Sean West

Benjamin White

Bryce Williams

Emily Wolfe

Benjamin Woodham


year twelve

Ellen Anderson

Tomi-Lee Auton

Kyle Baldwin

Gemma Bapty

Brodie Barkey

Christian Bentley

William Bolte

Daisy BoyceDryden

Kaylee Brown

Jackson Burke

Mimi Calvin

Laura Campbell

Charlotte Clune-Purcell

Saskia Das Neves

Matthew Downie

Holly Edwards

Hannah Egan

James Erceg

Matthew Featherstone

Jarrad Fisher

Jasmine Fowler

Emma Gibbons

Hugh Grant

Nicholas Gregg

Tegan Hunt

Matthew Jackson

Maia JelavicCummins

Samuel Johnston

Blake Jones

Gina Kee

Byron Kooper

Chloe Lwin

Luke Lyons

Tahlea Macdonald

Jayme Mace

Sarita MacErlich

Luke Mahler

Jessica McNamara

Clare Millanta

Daniel Moses

Patrick O’Farrell

Rhys Olyslagers

Rebecca Pace

George Parrish

Cameron Payne

Jessica PryseJones

Rowan Rapisarda

Kaitlin Rudd

Jacob Shackelford

Kelly Smith

Mitchell Standen

Isabella Stratford

Siobhan Sullivan

Alexandra Taylor

Samantha West

Joshua Wolfe

Luke Yates

Jodie Zolcinski


Central Coast Adventist School 12 Penrose Crescent, Erina NSW 2250

Waves 2012  

The yearbook of Central Coast Adventist School

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