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Being A Great Dad Modern dads want to be close to their kids. They want to know what’s going on in their kids’ lives and they want to be hands on. Today, involvement in their kids’ lives is the mantra of most fathers. Most men want to be more than breadwinners, and want to share in as many aspects of parenting as practical. They want to know what’s going on in their kids’ lives and they want to be hands on. In fact, many dads tell me that they want a better relationship with their children, particularly their sons, than they had with their own fathers. Sadly, many men still don’t enjoy a close a relationship with their fathers, but they are determined to change things with their own kids. Here are seven ideas to help you form close relationships with your kids, and maximise your effectiveness as a parent and a partner: continued on page 2



heck out this passage in the Bible: ‘Let none of you suffer as a murderer, a thief, an evildoer, or as a busybody in other people’s matters. Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in this matter. For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God...’ (1 Peter 4:15-17 NKJ) If you’re enacting God’s truth in your thoughts, words and deeds and getting attacked for it, it can be really tough. Whether you’re encountering cruel words from others, or you feel like Satan’s shredding your selfesteem, the Bible’s response ‘be glad for it’ can seem like a bit rough. Looking deeper though, this is truly a compliment-because you’re seen as a threat! Satan hates anything to do with the Kingdom of God so, if you’re building it in some way, then he’s gonna have a go. After all, you’re an enemy! But fear not: ‘...the glorious Spirit of God rests upon you.’ (1 Peter 4:14 NLT) You’re on the right team, so be glad! God is your shelter and your shield. You can rest under Him and He will protect you. When it’s tough and we’re struggling with people, don’t forget to pray for them, too. The Bible says, ‘ your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.’ (Matthew 5:44 NIV) - Bob & Debby Gass

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‘If anyone suffers...’ 1 Peter 4:16 NKJ

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1. Find something in common with your kids

Dads related better with their children when they have something in common. Finding that common bond can be tricky though. Many men relate to their kids while being active, and teach many important lessons through games and play. But if sport is not your bag, find something else that you and your kids have in common.

A common interest is a great help for fathers who live apart from their kids who are looking to maximise the time they have with them.

2. Tell your sons you’re proud of them

Boys want their dads to be proud of them. They just yearn to hear their dads say, “I’m so proud of you and what you do!” Some dads struggle getting those words out! It’s not so much that they are not proud, it’s just that many dads want their sons to be better. Some dads need to be careful not to push their sons too hard or turn every game into a lesson. That’s when boys turn off their dads.

3. Don’t wimp out on discipline

Dads are traditionally the kings of play, but they can go missing when it comes to discipline. They get their kids excited in a game before going to bed, then they expect their partner to settle them down. Both parents can take their share of managing children’s behaviour.

4. Treat your daughters well

There are strong links between close fathering and the healthy development of girls. Dads teach their daughters strong lessons about how they should be treated by males. So dads need to treat their daughters respectfully so they learn to

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expect this treatment in their future relationships with men.

5. Say goodbye Superman, hello Clarke Kent

Adolescent boys are programmed to challenge their fathers. It’s part of growing up. Author John Marsden refers to this phenomenon as the ‘old ram, young ram syndrome’. Verbal jousting matches are a popular father-son game in which boys take great delight in proving their fathers are fallible. A dad at this stage needs a sense of humour as well as a willingness to stand back and allow other mentors in to his son’s life.

6. Support your partner

Fathers may play an integral part in the lives of their children but they also have a profound effect on the quality of mothering that children receive. A woman who can share the emotional and financial burdens of child-rearing with a supportive partner is more likely to be a loving, affirming mother.

7. Change as your child changes

They’re children one day and teenagers the next. The most effective dads are those who change their parenting to suit the needs of their kids at each stage of development, rather than stubbornly hold to outmoded ideas of how they think their kids should be. Fathers who are little apprehensive or lack sufficient confidence should become involved in as many aspects of parenting as they can. The best way to learn about parenting is by doing it.

By being alert, watchful and listening to their children fathers can learn all they need to know about parenting.

- Insights by Michael Grose (

Campus News Recycle Your Unused/Broken Mobile Phones Help the Central Coast Community Church send a team of volunteers to Cambodia. There is a box in the main Admin Office for you to deposit any unwanted mobiles. Satchels are provided to place your phone in and complete information/consent.

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8 Septe 11am  Satur mber   day  morni ng!   CCAS  Hal l       Guest  Spe aker:  And y  Matther s         Come  along  for  Great  music  and  great  Fun  

Imagine HSC Creative Arts Night 2012 Tonight (Thursday, 30 August) we have our annual HSC Creative Arts Night. The evening will feature HSC Drama and Music performances and Art and Industrial Technology HSC final works will be on display. Doors open at 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start. All welcome.

Job Vacancies in OOSH Department There are some job vacancies in the OOSH Department. Applicants need to be over 18 years of age and available to work either mornings (7:00am

start) or afternoons (2:45pm - 6:00pm).

Read Olympics Medal Ceremony.

Anyone interested needs to contact the Business Manager.

• Keep reading until you have completed as many events as you want.


• When you complete a level, bring your booklet to the library.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their Camporee Application form and registration fee. Details for the Camporee are currently being finalised so please watch for an email from your Unit Leaders will further information. Please read this email carefully as the information contained is important and will ensure you have everything you need for a fun weekend. There are still some boxes of KIND muesli bars left so it’s not too late to grab a box or two to sell. Please contact Leanne to arrange to pick up a box. For all those who have jumped on board and supported the fundraiser - thank you! Some outstanding monies are yet to be returned and details of the outcome will be contained in the aforementioned email. Planning for our Club Camp is also underway and information will be shared shortly as to the cost and destination for this fun weekend. Here’s a hint... We’re heading out west, yes, into the bush. Stay tuned for further details. Another weekend not to be missed.

Information If you require further information please contact Leanne West, Club Secretary on 0411 061731 or email

Dates to Remember This Saturday 21-24 September 26-28 October 10 November 24 November

Club Night (4-7pm) NNSW Camporee Club Camp Activity night Investiture

Library Corner Read Olympics 2012 It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! You have until the end of term to complete your challenges! Medals will be awarded at a Special

• 3 events = GOLD • 2 events = SILVER • 1 event = BRONZE You can earn more than one medal! Current Medal Tally COUNTRY GOLD SILVER New Zealand 3 France 3 Canada 5 Norway 1 Spain 2 Mexico 3 USA 1 Australia 2



The Read Olympic challenge will end on September 19. The medal ceremony will be at the end of term. If you would like to continue reading in Term 4 you may, but no medals will be issued after Term 3.

Get Caught Reading Photo Competition The judges have made their decisions and here are the winners... • Best overall photo– Jacob Sanburg 2R • Most creative photo – Jared (5L) and Adam (4P) Walton • Funniest photo – Joshua Chapman 5R • Most unusual photo – Simon Collis 3P Thank you to all participants. We were entertained with all the photos. You will be able to view these photos on the school website. Keep watching this space to see which teacher has entered the best “Get Caught Reading” photo!

Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) A huge Congratulations, once again, to all of our Champion Readers! Not long to go now… The reading challenge ends September 1. We have a record number of 80 students participating this year so thank you to everyone involved.

Congratulations to Daniel Polson (Yr 8) for finishing this week! We have 20 students still to finish… Not long to go so make sure you have entered your books online before the end of August! Your name will be validated and sent to the PRC organisers on September 1 so that you can receive your certificate from the NSW Premier.

Overdue Books Procedure Please note that each term the library will be producing a list of outstanding library books. We will be notifying you three times prior to adding charges so if you do not have the item or require it longer please notify us immediately. The following process will take place: • End of each term a reminder notice of outstanding items is sent to class teachers. • Approx. week 3 of following term a notice will be mailed home. • End of term notice of charges for previous terms over dues will be mailed home. • Charges will then be added to your fees.

We thank you for your cooperation on this matter. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with this process.

Primary News Sweet Sleep Project This winter Year 3 thanked God and their families for their warm, cosy beds. They have also come to realize that there are many children around the world who are not so fortunate. So Year 3 got involved and raised funds for the “Build A Bed” project run by Sweet Sleep, a faith-based organization which exists to share God’s love by providing beds to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children. This money will go to help children who usually have to sleep in old, broken and soiled beds or have no beds at all. Year 3 raised $1,000! We thank all of you who donated or helped us raise this money. We are very excited to be able to help and pray that God will bless and multiply this money. Doesn’t every child deserve and need a sweet sleep?


Tickets Selling FAST Over one third of the tickets have already sold! Make sure you get your tickets before they are SOLD OUT! Tickets only available through Laycock Street Community Theatre. ONLINE - PHONE - 4323 3233 IN PERSON - Box Office, Laycock Street, North Gosford (Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm) Tickets are $15 for individuals or $45 for a family of four.

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Sponsorship We have started to receive some great sponsorship cheques and vouchers to assist with our circus props and equipment. Remember donations can start from as little as $10. If you would like to get your business promoted at the event or would like to make a family donation, please contact Sue via mobile on 0414 465943 or email

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