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november 29 Issue · 2012


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Road to Bethlehem 1 week to go...

Just 1 week to go until Road to Bethlehem 2012 opening night! Are you going to attend this fantastic community program? December 9 -12 will see the Central coast Adventist School transformed into a theatre from the past. This years program promises to remind all those who walk the road that the Jesus story is the only real hope that exists in a world that is quite out of control. So come on, commit now, lock this time away in your schedule, invite your friends and families to come and enjoy this program, free tickets can be booked online now at www.


Check out the website for further event details.

In this issue... • Campus News • Primary News • Secondary News

Central Coast Adventist School

Term 4 · Week 8

Central Coast Adventist School

Time is Precious ‘The years...pass quickly, and then we are gone.’ Psalm 90:10 NCV


here are a variety of ways to measure a year - days, weeks, months, sunsets, midnights... or cups of coffee. What most people agree on is that time is precious and has a habit of flying. We often think, ‘I wish I had more time’, but the reality is that we only have as much this week as we did last week: 168 hours precisely. The real question is how you’re spending your time. Some things demand our time - course commitments, work rosters or revising for exams. But what about all those other hours that you do get to decide about - your ‘free’ time? Are those hours dedicated to the couch while you impersonate a potato? It’s a question of worship, actually. Just as we can do with money, we can worship God with how we choose to spend our time - using it wisely to grow in love for Jesus and for others, or frittering it away on selfish pleasures. We should offer our time to God in prayer, ask how He wants us to use it and be open to changing our plans. At the end of the day, one thing’s sure: the best way to measure a year is in love. - Bob & Debby Gass

Dear parents and students, Speech Night programs are held in the Central Coast Adventist School Sport Centre. We are very happy that we are able to use this facility and can accommodate a larger number of students and parents. It is an evening for the whole school community and we would like to invite you all to come along and celebrate the end of another school year. Plan to come along a few minutes earlier to have a look at the facilities on the lower level of the Sport Centre that are nearing completion. Primary School (Kindy - Year 6) • • • • • • • •

The Primary school program will commence at 4:30pm and conclude at approx. 6.00pm The High School Stage Band will be playing in the primary school forecourt from 4:00pm. Doors will open at approx. 4.15pm after sound checks for musical items are completed. Students are expected to sit with their parents during the program the exception being the Primary school choir. Seating will only be reserved for parents and siblings of Year 6 students. All students must be in school uniform including school shoes. There will be no early notification of award winners, so please plan to attend Reports, portfolios and school magazine will be distributed at the end of the program.

High School (Years 7-12) • • • • • • • •

The High School program will commence at 7:30pm and conclude at approx. 9.00pm The High School Stage Band will be playing in the primary school forecourt from 7:00pm Doors will open at approx. 7.15pm after sound checks for musical items are completed Students are expected to sit with their parents during the program the exception being the High school choir. Seating will only be reserved for parents and siblings of Year 12 students. All students must be in school uniform including school shoes and no jewellery. There will be no early notification of award winners, so please plan to attend. Reports and magazine will be distributed at the end of the program.

If you are unable to attend and pick up your child’s report they will be available from either the Primary school administration office or the High school Administration office after 10.00am on Friday, December 7. Please note the school administration office hours from December 7 will be. Friday Dec 7

8.30am to 3.30pm

Monday Dec 10

8.30am to 3.30pm

Tuesday Dec 11

11.00am to 3.30pm

Wednesday Dec 12

11:00am to 3.30pm

We look forward to seeing you there. Regards,

Dean Bennetts Principal NB: Please note that due to the finish on our Sport Centre floor no stiletto heels are to be worn inside the Sport Centre. Food and drink is not permitted in the Sports Centre.

Health & Wellbeing ANGELS AND PEACE It’s the end of the school year and soon we will be celebrating Christmas. Angels and peace are two concepts we hear a lot at this time of year and they are reflected in messages from the Bible. Angels For He will order His angels to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone. Psalm 91: 11-12 Peace Don’t worry about anything, pray about everything. Tell god what you need, and thank Him for all He has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds. Philippians 4: 6-7 Enjoy some rest and relaxation over the holiday break to rejuvenate and enhance your health and well being ready to open the fresh door to the new beginnings that the New Year has to offer.

Campus News Equestrian

On November 11 two members of our team represented us at the Central Coast Grammar Dressage Day. Maia Grange rode two very nice tests with good scores. Eloise Tate also rode two tests placing 2nd in the Prep 4 and 4th in the Preliminary 1C. Well Done girls. For equestrian team enquiries contact Ms Kylma at skylma@ccas.nsw.

My Son Pinocchio

Aaron Carey, Ella Chapman, Lily Barnes and Jada Johnston will be appearing in Disney’s My Son Pinocchio at Laycock Theatre from 15-19 January 2013. This musical production is presented by Gosford Musical Society Juniors. Tickets available from Laycock Theatre.

De-registering Students

If your child is leaving at the end of this year or at any time during the year, a term’s notice is required to avoid a financial penalty. Advise the school of your child’s withdrawal by writing or emailing Mr Bennetts outlining the date that your child is leaving and the reasons If you wish to discuss any issue that may assist your child staying at school, please

Gosford City Relay For Life Launch

Summer Alfresco



Bring your picnic rug and chairs. BYO food or enjoy the offerings of the various food stalls. Lots of fun and entertainment.

arrange an interview with Mr Bennetts.

Withdrawal From School

If you withdraw children during the school year please be aware that class and elective charges are not refunded pro rata, but are dependent on whether the charges included have been incurred. Some charges are flat charges regardless of whether the child is at the school for 1 week or the full year.

Uniform Shop Holiday Hours

Monday, December 10 to Thursday, December 13 8.00am - 4.30pm Wednesday, January 9 and Thursday, January 10 8.00am - 4.00pm Monday, January 14 to Thursday, January 17 8.00am - 4.00pm Friday, January 18 8.00am - 12.00pm Monday, January 21 to Thursday, January 24 8.00am - 4.30pm Friday, January 25 8.00am - 2.00pm Tuesday, January 29 to 31

7.30am - 4.30pm Friday, 1 February 8.00am - 12.00pm Monday, 4 February to Thursday, 7 February 7.30am - 4.00pm Friday, 8 February 8.00am - 12.00pm

Pathfinders Last weekend saw us celebrate another year of Pathfindering with our Investiture program at The Haven during the worship service. Congratulations to our 162 registered Pathfinders who were rewarded for their hard work throughout the year. You should all be very proud of yourselves. A special mention and congratulations to Braeden Altona, a very worthy recipient of the Pathfinder Excellence Award. Well done! To our Leaders, parents, local churches and CCAS – thank you for giving of your time and resources and your support of our amazing kids. A mention should also be

made of the team at NNSW Youth Department for their support throughout the year. You all do amazing work for our leaders of tomorrow. Here’s looking forward to a bigger and better year in 2013! Our annual FUNDRAISING ACTIVITY, the SAN Carols is on Sunday, December 9 and we still require volunteers to assist us on this day. If you are able to assist in the morning/early afternoon with food and stall preparation or alternatively, during the afternoon (from 3pm)/evening with food sales & pack up please let Leanne know as soon as possible. This is our main fundraising event for the year and monies raised will assist the Club in funding future equipment purchases and subsidising major Club events such as Club Camps and Camporees. Should you require information please contact Leanne West, Club Secretary on 0411 061731 or email

Dates to Remember 9 December

SAN Carols Fundraising Activity

Uniform Roll Out Update It is now a number of weeks since the last update on the roll out of the new uniform. As we approach the end of the school year for 2012, it is a good time to share on progress and some of the refinements being made to the roll out process. It is important to note that whilst the change to the emblem is an exciting time and a real step toward enhanced maturity for the school, the school also remains committed to making sure this change, as it impacts on families, is handled responsibly and sensitively. 1. The change over to new uniform includes all of 2013 and to the end of Term 2, 2014; the full two years planned. Kindy and Yr 11 and 12, 2012, can roll forward until the end of 2014 to maximise their purchases for this 2012. 2. Some old emblem stock is available for purchase at significant cost reduction, many items at cost or below cost. 3. The need to change uniform pieces from Year 10 into Year 11 has been significantly reduced through design change and greater consistency of design for students. 4. After some supply delays most items are now in stock and in the rare cases where they are not, they can be sourced via an order process, with only minimal delay. 5. New shirt pockets remain optional as the change over process is long enough to not mandate this need for change. There is no requirement to place them on the previous older emblem shirt. However, if you would like to put a new pocket on an older emblem shirt you can access pockets from the uniform shop who will replace the pocket free of charge for you (same day service at no extra cost if the shirt is dropped off in the morning before 10am). 6. Year 7 students new to the school in 2013 will wear the full new sports uniform. Year 6 students moving up from our primary are able to still wear the old sports shorts in Year 7 along with the new sport polo. 7. Current Kindy’s are encouraged to consider the old emblem for sport uniform as prices are reduced well below cost and growth in these first two years of school often warrants change by Year 2 anyhow. 8. Year 11 2013 are encouraged to purchase the red themed senior uniforms as they will be able to get their full two years of use out of it. This includes jumpers, sports tops and ties.

Road to Bethlehem

Primary News

This time of year is hectic for most with exams, dance concerts, speech nights, sports finals, Christmas shopping, Road to Bethlehem etc. etc.

Erina Fair Tree Decorating Competition

Speaking of Road to Bethlehem, opening night is December 9. A lot needs to happen before this date… SET-UP! The Road to Bethlehem Team would be ever so grateful if you and/or your friends could give some time on the following dates to assist with Road to Bethlehem set-up and pull-down post the event.

Thursday, 6 December

7:30am – 5:30pm (Lunch provided) •

Tent Set-up

Unpack containers & storage

Site fencing

Friday, 7 December

7:30am – 5:30pm (Lunch provided) •

Market set-up

Drama set-up

Sunday, 9 December

7:30am – 5:00pm (Lunch provided) Market set-up Drama set-up

Wednesday, 12 December

7:30am – 4:00pm (Lunch provided) •

Pull down Market

Pull down Drama

Pack containers

Pack storage

Note: Limited tools are available so please assist by bringing tools from home such as ladders, electrical screw drivers, hammers, mallet, tools, scissors, rakes, wire, staple gun, glue gun etc.. All assistance is welcomed, no how small or large you think your contribution may be… many hands make light work, and don’t forget these rehearsal dates either...

1M have been working hard to produce some lovely Christmas tree decorations. Pop into Erina (outside Rebel) and have a look at their hard work.

The trees will be on display for over a month and open to the public (and your schools families) to vote for their favourite tree. Voters will be asked to make a gold coin donation with their nomination with all proceeds raised going to the Cancer Council. The three schools with the highest number of votes will also receive a $300 book pack of their choosing!

Uniform Guidelines

Most students in primary school are consistently wearing the correct uniform and we thank them and their parents for following the school uniform guidelines. I would like to remind all families about a couple of things regarding uniform, to avoid embarrassment for students. The complete school uniform policy can be found on the school website at uniform-shop.html and it is a condition of enrolment at CCAS that the uniform policy is adhered to. Students and parents please familiarise yourselves with the uniform guidelines before purchasing new items for next year. •

School Shoes - For OH&S reasons, shoes need to be substantial in design to avoid potential injury. School shoes are to be black, polishable leather, lace-up shoes for all students from Year 3 upwards. Kindy – Year 2 students only may wear black polishable boots (boys) or Mary-Jane style buckle shoes (girls).

Sports Joggers - Black, white, blue or combinations of these colours to be the major shoe colour. Shoes may have small amounts of other colours. No sandshoes, street shoes, volleys etc.

Jewelry - The only jewelry all students are permitted to wear is a sensible watch. Girls with pierced ears are allowed to wear 1 set of small silver or gold studs. No other jewelry or decorations are permitted.

Hair Ties - Girls are permitted to wear hair ties, ribbons, headbands and clips, which are blue, red or white only.

Hats - The school Sun Smart Policy requires students

Rehearsals Schedule at Central Coast Adventist School •

Saturday, December 1 from 1:00 – 3:00pm (Street extras not required)

Saturday, December 8 from 7:00 – 9:00pm (Street extras need to attend this rehearsal)

to have a labeled school hat to use during lunch, recess, PE and sport. Please do not allow them to bring other types of caps or hats. If their school hat is not at school, they will be confined to the shaded picnic tables during playtime. •

Nail Polish - No nail polish is permitted. If your child wears it on the weekends, please ensure they remove it before returning on Mondays.

I trust the above information is helpful in clearing up any queries and preventing any arguments at home about what is acceptable. If you do however have any questions, please feel free to contact the Uniform Shop or Primary Administration. - Primary School Administration

Report and Portfolio Collection

Reports and portfolios will be given to students at Speech Night. If your family will not be attending, or are finishing school early this term, you will be able to collect your child’s report and portfolio from Primary Admin between 7-14 December or after it opens again on 14 January 2013.

Primary Sport National Athletics

Congratulations to Bess Chippendale for her efforts at the National Schools Athletics Championships this week in Adelaide. Bess came 10th in her individual event and bronze in her medley relay. We know how much time and effort Bess puts into her sport and we thank her for representing our school at such a high level.

Infant Swimming Carnival

Last Friday was a great success at the Infant swimming carnival. We had a fantastic time with all the children racing in the morning and being involved in fun activities during the afternoon session. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who assisted on the day, especially the helpers who were in the water. We appreciated the assistance - the day could not have been run without you.

Tri Series Cricket

Well done to the year 5 & 6 boys who competed in Tuesdays Tri-series cricket matches against Avondale and Macquarie. The boys won their first game against Avondale but were defeated by a very good Macquarie batting lineup. Thank you to Mr Kosmeier for his coaching and looking after the boys on the day.

Sport Classes

Due to end of year activity days there will be no official

sport classes taught next week.

Secondary News Learn to Drive & Help Fundraise for Your School Local driving school goDrive! is able to offer discounted driving lessons to members of the school community..

With over two decades in the emergency services, instructor Mark McKay has a strong focus on developing appropriate skills and attitudes for safe driving. Lessons are $45.00 with $5.00 from each of the first four lessons being donated to the school. Contact Mark on 0407 894 652. DRIVING TIP: Remember, the speed limit is the maximum allowable speed – it may be safer to reduce your speed if conditions mean that travelling at the speed limit is unsafe.

Summer Uniform

Many students are wearing the correct summer uniform in the High School and they are to be congratulated for this. We thank you as their parents for providing ‘correct’ uniform for your student. There are, however, students who are NOT in correct uniform. We ask that you please familiarise yourself and your child with the correct uniform which is found on our school website - http://www.ccas. It is a condition of enrolment at CCAS that the uniform is worn as stipulated in the uniform policy. There are a few points that we would like to specifically address: •

GIRLS are to have their skirt at knee length. This means that the hem must come to the top of the knee – not well above the knee.

Girls are not to roll their skirt at the waistband to alter the height of their skirts.

White ‘sport’ anklet-type are not suitable with their dress uniform. These socks are incorrect and must cover the ankle.

BOYS are to wear blue socks covering their ankles

Shoes are to be black leather, polishable lace up shoes. No sport, skate or street shoes.

If you are buying NEW school shoes for your child please ensure that they are correct school shoes as in the uniform policy. Incorrect shoes will NOT be acceptable in 2013. Please familiarise yourself with the correct shoes before you purchase new shoes for your child. - Secondary School Administration

CCAS OSHC’s                                      Christmas

Holiday Program

December 3rd – 21st 2012 WEEK ONE Mon 3rd Dec: Karaoke Day Warm up your vocal chords and get ready to sing out a tune. Thurs 6th Dec: Party Day School is over for another year, let’s party! Bring along a snack to share. Fri 7th Dec: Oakvale Farm & Fauna World Come feed and pet the animals, ride a tractor and much more. A day not to be missed! Extra Cost: $17 WEEK TWO Mon 10th Dec: The Reptile Park Get up close and personal with all of the reptiles. Enjoy a fun day out with your friends. Extra Cost: $14 Tues 11th Dec: Kidz HQ Play hard at the indoor play centre. Enjoy the giant slide, jumping castle, giant ball pit and much more. Extra Cost: $11 Wed 12th Dec: Newcastle Museum Experience hands on experiments in their special Toys exhibit. Extra Cost: $10 Thurs 13th Dec: Kite Day Create your own kite to send soaring to the sky. How high will yours fly? Fri 14th Dec: Country Fair Day Lolly guessing, pie eating competition, popcorn, corn on the cob, and many more activities at our very own Country Fair.

WEEK THREE Mon 17th Dec: Kids on Congas Create a joyful noise during our drum session. An experienced drummer will be coming to the centre to run the session. Extra Cost: $10 Tues 18th Dec: Go-Karts By popular demand the pedal go-karts are back! Enjoy a fun-filled day. Extra Cost: $12 Wed 19th Dec: Movie Marathon Bring along a cushion and get comfortable. Make your own choctop. Thurs 20th Dec: Christmas Costume Dress-up Dress-up in something that reminds you of Christmas. Christmas crafts and cooking. Fri 21st Dec: Muck Up Day Last day of Vacation Care for the year. Come along and help muck up our room! Closes at 3pm: Short Day Fees Apply

Cost: Short Day (9am-3pm): $35 (Booked by 5th Dec)/ $40 (Casual) Long Day (7am-6pm): $46 (Booked by 5th Dec)/ $50 (Casual) Bookings: Call Angela on 43671826/ 0414831191 Or email- NB If  a  day  has  less  than  10  bookings  it  will  be   cancelled.  Notice  will  be  given  to  those  families.  

Central Coast Adventist School

Fri 11th Jan: Paper Mache Day Create your own paper mache piñata. Bring along a container for it to sit in.

Thurs 10 Jan: Scavenger Hunt Are you good at finding things? Come along to our biggest scavenger hunt ever and explore the campus searching for the items on your list!!

Fri 18th Jan: Balloon Sculpting Learn how to sculpt balloons into your favourite objects.

Thur 17th Jan: Dress Up Day Come dressed up as your favourite character.

Wed 16th Jan: Mini Fete Day We will be joining Hands Up OSHC at Holy Cross Primary School for a mini fete day. There will be a jumping castle, games, and you can even create your own side show game. Extra Cost: $15

Wed 9th Jan: Picnic Day Let’s enjoy an old fashioned picnic down on the oval with picnic games galore.


Tues 15 Jan: Trash to Treasure Turn old useless trash into a treasured artwork. Use your imagination to create something new.


WEEK TWO Mon 14th Jan: Imogen & the Pirates We are headed to the Marian Theatre to see the stage production of Imogen and the pirates. Extra Cost: $20

Tues 8 Jan: Big Things, Little Things Enjoy a range of activities that involve things that are big and some that are little.


WEEK ONE Mon 7th Jan: Water Fun Day With the summer heat enjoy getting wet in a variety of water activities. Don’t forget a change of clothes!!

January 7th – 29th 2013

strongest bridge?

Who can create the tallest tower and the

WEEK FOUR Tue 29th Jan: Towers & Bridges

Fri 25th Jan: Australia Day Festivities A day where all things are Australian. A vegetarian sausage sizzle for lunch will be provided.

Thurs 24 Jan: Movie Marathon Unwind and relax with a good movie and some popcorn.


Wed 23rd Jan: Water Mania Teachers versus kids in a water bomb show down. Don’t forget a change of clothes!

Tues 22nd Jan: Ahoy Matey Let’s talk like a pirate for the day. Go searching for hidden treasure.

WEEK THREE Mon 21st Jan: Go-Karts The karts are back for another enjoyable day! Extra Cost $12


CCAS OSHC’s NB If  a  day  has  less  than  10   bookings  it  will  be  cancelled.   Notice  will  be  given  to  those   families.  

Or email-


Call Angela on 43671826/

Cost: Short Day (9am-3pm): $38 (Booked by 17th Dec)/ $45 (Casual) Long Day (7am-6pm): $50 (Booked by 17th Dec)/ $55 (Casual) Bookings:

29 November 2012  

Central Coast Adventist School newsletter

29 November 2012  

Central Coast Adventist School newsletter