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The official newsletter of Central Coast Adventist School

What Motivates You? ‘Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.’ Proverbs 19:2 NLT Motives matter. Enthusiasm on its own means nothing. If you’re rushing into Christian habits without knowing God, then you’ll plant your face in failure. You’ll keep tripping up over what seems to come naturally to the Christians around you. It’s a mistake to rush into a faith life without first knowing God. In fact, it could do more damage to your soul than good. But don’t despair! This is a ‘redirect-your-sights’ message. Acquaint yourself with Christ before making any attempt at ‘trying to be a Christian’ - otherwise it’ll be like trying to play the drums without a sense of rhythm. Your soul was made to be at rest in God. So get yourself settled with Him first. Let your soul become close and familiar with Him. Would you rather have the strain and stress of developing all the highest evangelism skills, prayer teams and missionary giftings in the world - or the sort of life where these things come naturally to you because you’re consumed with God and delighted to be with Him? God is calling you - but He wants you to know Him first of all, before you work for Him. How are you responding to that call right now? Are your priorities right? - word4U2day (an adaptation of The Word for Today authored by Bob & Debby Gass)

Central Coast Adventist School

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CAMPUS NEWS Speech Night - Thursday, 12 December 2013

Our Speech Night programs are an opportunity for the whole school community to celebrate the culmination of another school year and we would like to invite you all to come along and participate. Both the Primary and Secondary programs will be held in our Sport Centre. Primary School (Kindy - Year 6)

• The Primary school program will commence at 4:30pm and conclude at approx. 6.00pm

• Doors will open at approx. 4.15pm after sound checks for musical items are completed. • Students are expected to sit with their parents during the program. • Seating will only be reserved for parents and siblings of Year 6 students.

• All students must be in school uniform including school shoes. • Reports, portfolios and school magazine will be distributed at the end of the program. High School (Years 7-12)

• The High School program will commence at 7:30pm and conclude at approx. 9.00pm

• Doors will open at approx. 7.15pm after sound checks for musical items are completed • Students are expected to sit with their parents during the program. • Seating will only be reserved for parents and siblings of Year 12 students.

• All students must be in school uniform including school shoes and no jewellery. • Reports and school magazine will be distributed at the end of the program.

NB: Please note that due to the finish on our Sport Centre floor no stiletto heels to be worn inside. Food and drink not permitted in the Sports Centre.


FInal Newsletter for 2013

Next week will be the final newsletter for 2013. Keep an eye out for some changes to how we communicate news and information in 2014! Library News

Library Webpage

Have a look - follow the ‘Library’ link under ‘Current Students @ Textbook Returns

The end of the year is nearly here. 6 December is deregistration day for years 7 – 9. For a speedy, painless end to the year, please return all textbooks and library books as soon as possible. This will also ensure you don’t wait in the de-registration line on Friday afternoon!

When returning textbooks, please make sure that the name inside the book is your name. If you return someone else’s book, you will still be charged for yours if it hasn’t come back. You are responsible for your own textbooks. Year 11 students please return any textbooks and library books that you are not using for Year 12. Year 12 – De-registration

Please note that textbooks need to be returned as soon as possible. The ‘New Year 12’s’ need them! The finance office cannot finalise any deregistration matters until all outstanding items are returned. Many thanks for your cooperation on this matter. CHRISTMAS TREE requires PRESENTS…

There is a big tree in the library missing gifts under it. Can the school family help, please? We are looking at distributing gifts to the less fortunate in our community this Christmas – lonely elderly, the homeless and children who live in a woman’s shelter. Please label gifts clearly, so that they are given to the appropriate recipient eg. girl under 5, older woman, man in 30s etc. Gifts need only be small eg. deodarant, hand cream, soft toy, packet of crayons etc. No foodstuff for children’s gifts, however dried fruit or chocolates for adults is OK. Please bring presents into the library and place under the tree. Thank you for participating and sharing the season’s happiness.


Thank you for your participation and support with purchasing from the Scholastic and Koorong book clubs this year. Orders from these sources has finished for the year 2013 and will begin in February 2014. Pathfinder News

Well the finale to your Pathfinder year is here … our INVESTITURE program is this coming Saturday, 30th November. It would be great if Pathfinders could be at the school (assembled behind the library) at 10.30am on Saturday morning. Please remember to wear your Full Dress Uniform. SAN CAROLS FUNDRAISING ACTIVITY

Please note the correction to the previously advertised date for the SAN Carols … the correct date is Sunday, 8 December.

For this fundraising activity to be a success we really need your assistance. If you are available to help please let us know via the Club email address. A few helpers are needed from mid morning, with the majority of helpers required from late afternoon to close/pack up time. Should you require additional information on what is involved in this activity please contact your Unit Leaders. The SAN Carols fundraising event is a vital funding component to our Pathfinder Club and funds raised assist us in subsidising Pathfinders for Camporees and purchasing Club equipment. Our main focus for fundraising is the SPD Camporee in January 2015 where 4000 to 6000 Pathfinders from across the South Pacific will come together to camp, play and fellowship together. LOST PROPERTY

All remaining items will be taken to Investiture for a final opportunity to claim. Should you require further information please contact your Unit Leaders or Leanne West, Club Secretary on Dates to remember

This Saturday - Investiture – Full Dress Uniform to be worn 8 December - SAN Carols Fundraising Activity – Please note change of date

Primary News

Secondary News

Christmas Tree Decorating Competition

Careers News

Each year a number of local schools battle it out in the annual Christmas tree decorating competition at Erina Fair. This year, Kindy S have been busy making decorations for our tree. The trees are located outside Rebel Sport and will be on display for a month and open to the public (and our schools family) to vote for their favourite tree. Voters will be asked to make a gold coin donation with their nomination and all proceeds raised will go to Erina Fair’s nominated charity for 2013. Prizes will also be awarded to the school with the favourite tree. So help CCAS be in the running for this prize and support a charity at the same time. Primary School Choir

The Primary School Choir have been very busy rehearsing for some special upcoming events.

Please note the following dates to come along and celebrate God’s gift of singing: Thursday December 5

- Erina Fair performance of Christmas songs - Atrium food hall (10.30am) Friday December 6

- Assembly performance (8.55am) Wednesday December 11

- K-6 Christmas Chapel (9-10am) Thursday December 12

- Speech night performance (4.00pm sound check) Thank you to all the parents who have been so supportive of the choir this year! - Samantha Ibbott

Cert III Commercial Fitness

If there is anyone out there still waiting to register their interest in the possibility of joining a Cert III Commercial Fitness course run here on campus, wait no more! We need to assess the interest levels at the end of this week and make the call on whether we continue to pursue it or not. Hunter TAFE in 2014

Hunter TAFE courses for 2014 are now live on their website, This includes a wide selection of online and short courses as well so if you’re interested, check it out. - Mr Robartson

Central Coast Adventist School

28 November 2013  
28 November 2013  

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