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The official newsletter of Central Coast Adventist School

Mother’s Day Stall


Friday, 10 May With school holidays just around the corner, please remember to get your $5 in for your gifts so your children can say “Thank you mum!” with a beautiful gift. Please place the $5 into an envelope with your childs name and class clearly marked. Keep an eye out for the guessing competition in a couple of weeks for a chance to win a very on trend sign. There will be a few on offer for both Primary and Secondary school.

In this issue... • Mother’s Day Stall • Cybersafety • School Photos • Newsletter changes • Campus News • Pathfinder News • Library News


‘O You who hear prayer, to You all flesh will come.’ Psalm 65:2 NKJ


omework, Facebook, Twitter, TV, PS3, music, sorting the sock-drawer. Now we’ve given you enough things to do instead of praying, here’s one good reason to start praying: to get to know God better. A pastor of a mega-church admitted that for many years he preached more than he practiced prayer, until one day God pulled him up on it. ‘It has been twenty years since I began taking time to pray. My life has been transformed. The greatest fulfilment hasn’t been the list of miraculous answers to prayer I’ve received, although that has been wonderful; the greatest thrill has been the quality of difference in my relationship with God. When I started to pray I didn’t know what was going to happen. God and I used to be rather casually related to one another. We didn’t get together and talk very much. Now, however, we get together a lot, not talking on the run, but carrying on substantial, soul-searching conversations every morning for a good chunk of time. I feel as if I’ve gotten to know God a lot better since I started praying.’ Martin Luther said, ‘I have often learned more in one prayer than I have been able to glean from much reading and reflection.’ Do you want to know God better? The answer is found in prayer. Try setting your alarm clock an hour earlier for tomorrow morning. Keep your Bible next to your bed, and start the day off by spending that first hour reading and praying. - The Word for Today authored by Bob & Debby Gass

Mother’s Day Stall - Friday, 10 May Please enclose $5 with this order form. Return form to the class teacher by Friday, 10 May. Please complete 1 envelope per child.

Student: ______________________________ Class: ________________________________ Mother’s Day Stall will be set up Friday, 10 May.

Central Coast Adventist School


Upcoming Changes to Newsletter Distribution

From Term 2 the printed version of the newsletter will no longer be sent home with students. The newsletter can be accessed via: Email, CCAS Mobile App, School website, CCAS Facebook, Twitter and a limited number will be available for pick up from the school offices. Newsletters will be emailed to all parents/carers who have provided the school with their email address. If you are not receiving the newsletter via email please contact us to ensure that we have your correct email address on record.


Cybersafety for Your Child

ybersafety is one of the most confronting issues for teachers, parents and of course students. It is the number one non-academic problem that schools have to tackle, often on a daily basis. Whereas most of the inappropriate behaviour occurs at home, schools are responsible for trying to sort out the mess when a student’s online behaviour affects their relationships within the school community. Children today have access to and are accessible by many millions of people worldwide via the vast array of websites, applications and online games. Other identified dangers include exposure to inappropriate content, cyber bullying and harassment, ‘sexting’ and identity theft. Children and teens are often not aware that their words and or photos, which may have been intended for a small audience, sometimes find their way to a larger one, often with both the unexpected and undesirable consequences. Today’s parents grew up in a world devoid of these technologies. They often have little knowledge on how best to assist and guide their children. Central Coast Adventist School is not immune to these issues and unfortunately we, and other members of staff, have had to deal with students who have conducted themselves online in a way that has caused hurt and offence to other students. Central Coast Adventist School takes the issue of Cybersafety education very seriously and is taking a proactive approach by affording parents the opportunity to be informed about the serious nature of these issues, and we have much pleasure in inviting you to a Cybersafety Presentation for parents. This presentation will be held at 7:00pm on Wednesday, 3 April in the school hall. It is suitable for ALL parents, regardless of the age of your son or daughter and will be delivered by Australia’s foremost expert on this issue Susan McLean. It is never too early or late to be informed about this important topic and we stress to you the importance and the schools expectation that at least one parent will attend. The session outline can be found on the back page of the newsletter and further information about Susan McLean can be found at We strongly encourage your attendance at this very important evening. As parents, you have a very important role to play in the minimising of cyberbullying, ‘sexting and harassing behaviours online and this presentation will assist you to develop CyberSafety measures for your own family to ensure that your children remain as safe as possible when using the fabulous technologies available to them. Sincerely Mr Peter Wrankmore (Head of Secondary) Mr Brian Robinson (Assistant Head of Secondary) Mrs Rebecca Stratford (Head of Primary)

School Photos NEXT WEEK School photos will be held next week for Primary (Thursday, 4 April) and Secondary (Friday, 5 April). Order forms are not necessary for individual and class photos.



Campus News

Library Corner

Library Book Club - Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) It’s time! Online logon is now available for your 2013 challenge. Congratulations to:

Family/sibling photographs

Ashley Howell - Year 2

These will be taken on Thursday, 4 April ONLY from 8:30am before school and during recess (please disregard what is written on the order forms). If you have children in both primary and secondary then the older students will need to be prepared to have their photo with their younger siblings on Thursday. Order forms for family/sibling photos can be picked up from any of the Administration offices and must be handed to the photographer at the time of photography.

Lauren Howell – Year 3

Uniform for photographs Students must be wearing their summer uniform. Please ensure that the uniform is being worn correctly for photo day as students who are not in proper school uniform may not be able to have their photograph taken.


Please note that in addition to the summer uniform being worn correctly students must also take note of other uniform requirements relating to hair, makeup, jewelry, piercings and other items as outlined in the Uniform Policy. Please ensure that you are familiar with these requirements. Please purchase or source any uniform items that students may require prior to photo days.

Pathfinder News

Details regarding our next Club night in May combined with the Red Shield Appeal, a community service activity for our Pathfinders will be shared in the coming weeks.

These students have already completed the Reading Challenge by reading a total of 30 books. Well done! PARENTS: Information on the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge can be found on their website – Here you will find a list of authorised books for your children to choose from. We have labelled the books in our library with the PRC stickers so that it is easier for you to find. Please support and encourage your children to participate as reading is a fundamental skill which will help your child in all areas of their learning. It is a FUN and very easy way for children to discover new authors and to open up their world to a variety of different adventures. PAST PARTICIPANTS: Use the same username and passwords as used in previous years. Please note that details were changed mid-year 2012 so if you don’t have that information you will need to request it from us. NEW STUDENTS: Email to receive your logon details. ALL PARTICIPANTS:

Please contact your Leaders if you require additional information for this coming weekend’s Unit camps.

Questions can be forwarded to Mrs Robertson

In the meantime if you would like further information please contact Leanne West, Club Secretary on 0411 061731 or via email on centralcoastpathfinders@gmail. com

This year our “Book Club” involves completing the PRC and then once this has been completed we will set new challenges with more prizes and competitions. Can we better the number of students involved?

Dates to Remember

Last year we had 90, let’s aim for over 100!

4 May

Red Shield Appeal & Club Night

PRC Hints and Tips:

17-19 May

Unit Camps

Set a challenge with your classmates/brother or sister/

Each time you read a PRC book enter it online straight away OR write down the details in your school diary or homework book. Borrow and read 2 books each week and you will complete the PRC in 15 weeks for the K-2 challenge or 10 weeks for the 3-4, 5-6 challenges. If books are on the list and are read to you in class or as a family, you are able to add them. Book Fair Report All-Stars Book Fair – Winning with Reading! Thank you so much to everybody! Sales were just over $6500 which equates to about $1200 in cash and resources for the school! Parents/carers and students had a ‘ball’ on Family Day. Thanks everyone for getting into the ‘swing’ of things! Hope it didn’t drive anyone too ‘batty’ (all puns intended)! Year 2P – was the Most Creative Class, all dressed as tennis balls and served well by their tennis racquet teacher, Mrs Platt. Year 3K were the class that participated the best, with 3P and KB coming runners-up with a merit each. Best Dressed Teacher was Mrs Hanna who reeled this prize in as a fisherwoman! The Best Mascot went to 4R who surfed into reading with their surfboard! 5C and 5L took second and third prize with a skateboard mascot and ninja soccer mascot. Volunteers are Awesome Thanks so much to the ladies who helped out for Book Fair and got into the spirit of things: Tracy Anderson, Simone Graziani, Julie Calbert, Lynda Wallace, Nicole Dennis, Claire Howell, Susan Abel, Kylie Marotta, Debbie Lewis, Georgie Stephenson and Jules Rodriguez-Hunter. You girls are stars in our books! Participation and support are the keys for an event like this and we are very appreciative of the effort that everyone has put into this memory making experience! See you again in October for the next Book Fair…where we might have to experiment with a few things…or look under a microscope to discover…?!?


Mum and Dad!

Primary News

Commonwealth Bank School Banking As there is no school on Monday, 1 April, banking will take place on Tuesday, 2 April. Please drop you deposit books into the office before class. To redeem tokens you can use a redemption card which can be supplied by School Banking or you can simply write a note requesting what your child would like to redeem. Please place request and tokens in the yellow wallet and send it in on banking day. Orders will be filled in 1 -2 weeks. All rewards are worth 10 tokens. School banking day is every Monday and everyone is welcome to join. Bake Sale and Mufti Day On the last day of school, 12 April, there will be a Primary Bake Sale and Mufti Day. All money raised will go to Relay for Life to assist with Cancer Research. If you want to wear mufti on this day you will need to bring a gold coin donation. Please dig deep for this great cause. If you would be willing to bake something for the Bake Sale please contact Janelle Yusuf on 0401 833 963. Focus on the Positives Often as parents we can become really stressed or anxious when we tend to spend the majority of our attention focusing on our children’s complaints about how they have stomach aches, headaches, and /or how everything is going wrong. Whilst it is important to acknowledge difficult times and show empathy, it is also important that we talk about the little happy things that happen everyday, and to notice things that we do well. Asking our children what was the happiest thing that happened at pre school or school today helps them and you to shift the focus to the positives and reduce anxiety. Empirical Research - Bryant et al (2005) Positive reminiscing linked to: • Ability to enjoy life • Ability to savour positive events - Gapp Solutions Pty Ltd © Bread ‘n’ Jam Get your performance items together for our first concert of the year. It’s on Friday, 5 April in the High School Studio from 11.00am until 11.50am. Parents welcome. Sign-up sheets are in the practise studios and also on Mrs Donnelly’s window.

School Photo Days are Thursday, 4 April PRIMARY & ALL FAMILY Friday, 5 April SECONDARY

Please Note Order forms are not required for individual and class photos

Or email- NB  If  a  day  has  less  than  10  bookings  it  will  be  cancelled.  Notice  will  be  given  to  those  families.  

Call Angela on 43671826/ 0414831191

Cost: Short Day (9am-3pm): $38 (Pre-Booked by 4th April)/ $45 (Late-Booking) Long Day (7am-6pm): $50 (Pre-Booked by 4th April)/ $55 (Late-Booking) Bookings:

APRIL 2013

Monday 22nd  April:  Amazing  Autumn  Art   Autumn  is  here  so  let’s  make  our  very  own  artwork  using   all  the  colours.   Tuesday  23rd  April:  Be  A  Star   Create  a  star,  learn  about  stars  and  be  a  star.  Today  will  be   all  things  stars.   Wednesday  24th  April:  Croods  ‘PG’  @  Hoyts  Cinema   Travelling  across  a  spectacular  landscape,  the  Croods   discover  an  incredible  new  world.   Extra  Cost:  $12   Thursday  25th  April:  CLOSED   Friday  26th  April:  Clay  Creations   Get  your  hands  all  dirty  as  you  create  your  own  clay   masterpiece.   Monday  29th  April:  Colour  Day   Dress  in  a  colour  of  the  rainbow.  Crafts  and  cooking  will   celebrate  colours.  


Monday 15  April:  Zambezia  ‘G’  @  Hoyts  Cinemas   Come  on  an  adventure  with  Kai  to  the  bird  city  Zambezia   Extra  Cost:  $12   Tuesday  16th  April:  Jungle  Day   Come  help  turn  our  room  into  a  jungle!  Then  we  can  go  on  a   Safari.   Wednesday  17th  April:  Marble  Mania   Today  is  all  things  marbles.  Marble  mazes,  old  fashioned   marbles  and  marble  foot  spas  just  to  name  a  few.   Thursday  18th  April:  Crazy  Chemistry  Lab   It’s  slimy  and  disgusting  all  the  things  kids  LOVE!!  Join  the  fun   with  our  chemistry  experiments.   Extra  Cost:  $5   Friday  19th  April:  Handmade  Chocolates,  Extra  Cost:  $5   If  you  love  chocolate  today  is  your  day!  We  are  making  our   very  own  chocolates;  you  can  even  take  some  home.    


Prevent, Arrest And Reverse Chronic Disease Within the first 30 days CHIP can ✔ Normalize blood pressure ✔ Lower cholesterol ✔ Lower triglycerides ✔ Stabilize fasting blood sugar ✔ Reduce BMI SouRce: “American Journal of Health Behavior, 33(2) 2009”


CHIPVILLE CHIPCHIP PROGRAM Central Coast PROGRAM March 18-April 14, 2012

Information Sessions:

Contact Details:

Sun, Mon, Tues and Thurs


Fellowship Hall, your local Seventh-day

Free Information Sessions

7:30 -2013 8:30 pm Adventist church April Wed 22 7:00 - 8:00 pm 26 7:00 3:00-&8:00 7:00 pm • 29 Health Screens including keypm; blood Wed 17Sun Tues April 7:00 - 8:00 April pm; Mon 123 29 Seventh April Street, 7:00 chipville – 8:00 pm markers • 18 group lifestyle education sessions • Participant kit containing books, Contact Details pedometer & water bottle

Mon 27 Tue 28 Wed 29

7:00 – 8:00 pm 7:00 – 8:00 pm 7:00 – 8:00 pm

(012) 345-6789

4365 3702;; Sponsored by yourlocal Central Coast Adventist School, Penrose Cres, church Erina Seventh-day Adventist

Sponsored by your local Seventh-day Adventist Church and Central Coast NSW Medicare Local

Merrill, R. M. and S. G. Aldana (2009). “Improving overall health status through the cHIP intervention.”Am J Health Behav 33(2): 135-146.

™ ™

kEePiNg!SaFe!iN!cYbErSpAcE:=!! An!informative,!entertaining!and!enlightening!session!for!Parents! and!carers!will!cover!the!positive!benefits!of!technology!as!well! as!what!parents!need!to!be!aware!of:=! ! Popular#sites#for#youth#–#What#are#they?(##social# networking#sites#such#as##Facebook,#Tumblr,##kids#games# such#as#Club#Penguin&##Moshi#Monsters,#Skype,#Twitter# and#the#dangers#of#online#games#such#as#World#of# Warcraft)#Apps#such#as#Poke#and#SnapChat.#


! #What#do#kids#do#online?#Where#do#they#go?#The# difference#between#an#‘online#friend’#and#a#‘stranger.’##


! Online#Grooming#–#What#is#it#and#when/how#does#it# occur?# ! Misuse#of#mobile#telephones,#email,#skype,#blogs,#webcam# # etc.#including#legal#consequences#and#the#possible#criminal# # charges.#(What#is#cyber#bullying#and#harassment?)##


! #‘Sexting’#–#the#taking#and#sending#of#explicit#images...what# are#the#REAL#consequences.## ! Potential#dangers#and#safety#tips#–#how#to#assist#the# # children#in#your#care#to#stay#safe#online.## ! Learn#the#lingo…….be#able#to#converse#with#your#children# # in#the#language#of#cyberspace## ! Be#confident#in#setting#rules#and#boundaries#around# .### # internet#use#in#the#home# ! # # #


The#session#will#conclude#with#time#for#questions#and# Susan#provides#a#range#of#useful#handouts#and#information# about#where#to#go#to#access#further#up#to#date# information.##

Susan Mclean is Australia’s foremost expert in the area of Cybersafety and young people. She was the first Victorian Police Officer appointed to a position involving Cybersafety and young people. She took her first report of cyberbullying in 1994 and since then she has conducted extensive research and has completed advanced training in this area in both the USA and UK and is a sought after presenter and advisor to Schools, elite sporting bodies such as the AFL, GP’s, and both State and Federal Governments She is a member of the National Centre Against Bullying (NCAB) Cybersafety Committee and is afforded ‘expert’ status on the Safer Internet Programme Data Base

What%Susan%doesn’t%know%about%Cybersafety%is%not%worth%knowing!%%She%is% absolutely%brilliant%and%her%presentations%are%dynamic%and%entertaining.%She%has% the%unique%ability%to%connect%with%each%audience%from%young%people%to%adults.%% (Dr$Michael$Carr-Gregg$Adolescent$Psychologist)$ #!

Central Coast Adventist School

28 March 2013  
28 March 2013  

Central Coast Adventist School newsletter