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Shipwrecked It seemed like a monster was eating the ship. A violent wind pulled at the sails, lightning sizzled the mast, twenty metre high waves kept dunking the boat’s bow in and out of the water. The sea thrashed across the deck, spilling men into its hungry belly. The sailors were sure they were never going to reach Rome alive. And it all could’ve been avoided. Paul wasn’t one for saying, ‘I told you so.’ He’d already warned them, ‘Men, I can see that our voyage is going to be disastrous and bring great loss.’ (Acts 27:9 NIV) But the majority had sided with the captain and so they set sail. Lesson one: Listening to the majority doesn’t make you right. Sometimes listening to God may go against human logic. Lesson two: God always brings good out of our mistakes. Despite Paul’s warning, they ended up shipwrecked in Malta. Instead of arguing about who was to blame, Paul channelled his energy into spreading the Gospel. When we slip up, rather than play the blame game, we’d do well to see what God is up to through our mistakes. Lesson three: Whatever we’ve lost, God can find again. All of Paul’s belongings are forever lost at sea (or in the belly of some octopus) and yet Acts 28:10 tells us the people of Malta finally sent Paul away loaded with supplies.


- Bob & Debby Gass

In this issue... • Principal’s Update • Mother’s Day Stall • Little Explorers • WOSE Nights • Vacation Care

Central Coast Adventist School

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Central Coast Adventist School

Year 6 Leadership Camp O n March 12, Year 6 school leaders (school captains, house captains and chaplain’s assistants) attended the Year 6 Leadership Camp at Treachery Beach, 2 ½ hours north of the Central Coast at Seal Rocks, for three jam-packed days. The camp was organised by secondary teacher, Paul Glasbergen.

Students had a fantastic time out of the classroom learning together. They looked at the qualities that make great leaders. Students found that leading often meant humbly serving one another for the greater good of the group, and sometimes doing jobs that others don’t want to do! The student leaders learned that Moses from the Old Testament and, most of all, Jesus showed us how to lead others and set an example for others to follow. There were plenty of fun outdoor activities organised and getting to know each other well was a core component of the camp. Students learned trust by leading their activity partner blindfolded. They learned about working together by organising and cooking a meal for 20 people – the first night was very challenging! By the second night they were all organised (see the plates on the table) and the girls actually let the boys in the kitchen to help out! At the end of the camp the students reflected on what a great time they had and how much they learned. - Mr Tim Cooper (Year 6 teacher)

Principal’s Update Mathematics 2012


s you are aware, Ms. Knight resigned unexpectedly earlier in the term. Since then we have been able to accommodate this with a short term reallocation of staff here at school to meet the immediate mathematics teaching needs. Many staff have assisted, with particular thanks being directed to Mrs. Stratford for her assistance in the secondary school.

teacher allocations. The net impact of this though is that to facilitate Mr. Harris’ return to the classroom we will need to rebuild the entire secondary school timetable from scratch. We will now pursue what is normally a many month process in far less time! (only weeks in fact) But I thank Mr. McLean, Mr. Harris and Mr. Robinson (Snr) for their assistance and leadership in this process.

Following a period of time where numerous options both on and off site were considered a resolution has been found as a result of Mr. Harris offering to return to Head of Mathematics for the reminder of 2012.

So please be assured that we now look with real enthusiasm to Term 2 knowing that the mathematics department will be able to recalibrate and recommence. I am sure you, like me welcome Mr. Harris back into this role.

Put quite simply, my administrative loss, is the secondary mathematics students’ gain. Mr. Harris is a highly regarded mathematics teacher and has a proven history of personal and departmental excellence.

I will write later this term or early next with the details of the administrative reshuffle. We expect to be able to hand out a new timetable first day next term, but please keep checking the website over the holidays as we will list it on our website the moment it is finished.

I must at this point also thank Mrs. Lovell who welcomed this news of his possible return and willingly stepped aside from her role as current Head of Department. I honour her professionalism and student first focus. Therefore as of the start of Term 2 Mr. Harris will take on the HOD maths role. At the same time we will look to an administrative reshuffle that will deliver the administrative needs of the school until year end. We are fortunate to have the ability to make this adjustment with numerous qualified and available staff for reallocation of duties that will not negatively impact on student classes or

Ms Bentley on Long Service Leave We wish Ms Bentley all the best as she takes long service leave during Term 2. While Ms Bentley is on leave Mrs Stratford will move into the role of Head of Primary School and Mrs Hillsdon will be the Assistant Head of Primary School. - Mr Dean Bennetts

Canteen Special

Circus Day Wednesday, March 28 $6.50 Dagwood Dog

□ Tomato Sauce (optional) Red Rock Chips Jelly Cup with Licorice Stick Juice (choose one)

□ Apple/Blackcurrant □ Orange Name: _____________________________ Class: ______________ Orders and payment to Canteen by Friday, March 23





Wednesday, March 28 $6.50 Dagwood Dog & Tomato Sauce Red Rock Chips Jelly Cup with Licorice Stick Orange Juice or Apple/Blackcurrant Juice Orders and payment to Canteen by Friday, March 23

2013 HSIE Experiential Study Tour “A museum is not a first-hand contact: it is an illustrated lecture. And what one wants is the actual vital touch.” – D.H. Lawrence. (1885-1930) For the record, we think museums are great. We’re also quite fond of libraries. However, as Mr Lawrence suggests, there’s no substitute for the actual vital touch of first-hand experience… and that’s exactly the kind of learning experience we’d like to offer our Year 10-11 HSIE students in 2013! The French Cultural Trip has proven to be a highly popular and successful international study tour. Building on this success, the HSIE Department is happy to announce an alternate study tour running at the same time in 2013. By aligning several HSIE subjects, we now have the opportunity for more students to travel and enrich their learning in line with direct syllabus content. You can marvel at the geography of one of the world’s most exotic cities (Dubai). Visit Hitler’s Summer Retreat (Salzberg). Honour the victims of the Nazi’s Final Solution (Dachau). Walk through time and enter the world of ancient Rome (Rome, Pompeii). You can even cap off the trip with a luxurious cruise visiting historical and geographical highlights of the Mediterranean like Mykonos, Santorini, Ephesus, and Athens! We are seeking expressions of interest. All current Year 9 and Year 10 students should have received a letter and flyer describing the tour in more detail. If you are interested, please return the form attached to those letters by Thursday, April 5. Thank you. – HSIE Team

vouchers or if you’d even like to donate something for a bonus prize I would LOVE to hear from you. Thank you in advance. - Janelle Yusuf

The Haven Playgroup is for all children aged 0-6 and their parents or carers. WHEN: The Haven Playgroup meet Tuesdays from 9-11am. WHERE: The Haven Playgroup meets at Central Coast Adventist School, Penrose Crescent Erina. As parking is limited at CCAS, please us the carpark at Buritz Gymnastics, which is just across from school. We usually meet at either the Naomi Frew Memorial Hall or the primary school playground. If the hall is unavailable during bad weather, meet us at the OOSH room. BRING: Please bring a piece of pre-cut fruit for each child to share for morning tea, and a bottle of water. WHAT: Children will have the opportunity to participate in free play, songs, stories, craft and games. Morning tea for children and parents.

Vegetarian Cooking Class

Our monthly Vegetarian Cooking Class will be on Monday night, March 26 at 7:00 pm at the school. You are all very welcome to come. Marcia Townend will be presenting an interesting talk about Fibre and we will be cooking up some delicious dishes to try. If you would like to come please contact Cheryl on 0403 848242 to make a booking.


What is The Haven Playgroup?

Finance Office

Fee Payments

Term 1 fees need to be paid by March 23 to avoid a late fee of $100. Families that have set up a direct debit program through the school that will see regular payments that will have the account paid by November 30, 2012.

Position Vacant

Little Explorers provides opportunities for discovery and adventure to children aged 2-5 years. Parents and children attend classes together. WHEN: Thursdays (March 29 and April 5) from 9-10am WHERE: Central Coast Adventist School, Penrose Crescent Erina. WHAT: Little Explorers will spend 30 minutes on their themed program for the day and will then have 30 minutes for morning tea (provided) and free play. Activities will include science and art (one activity per week). COST: $5 per week. Bookings now open online...

Bookings for Little Explorers can be made online via the school website -


Places are limited so get in early!

Campus News

Mother’s Day is Coming Up...

A Mother holds her childs hand a while but their heart forever. The Mothers Day Stall is a wonderful little shopping experience where your children, with great excitement, come to choose a gift for you all by themselves. The gifts are just $5 and there are many varieties to choose from. There will also be many lucky bonus gifts that I am working hard on getting so get ready Mums! Please fill out the slip and place in a sealed envelope. Please ensure that you put the student’s name, class and year on the envelope. The stall will be set up on Thursday, May 11 (we usually set up on Friday) This means that if someone misses out on Thursday you can call me and I can bring in some gifts on the Friday. Assistance with Mother’s Day Stall

If you can help by running the stall please contact Janelle Yusuf on 0401833963. If you own a business that is appropriate to Mums in any way and you would like to promote your business by way of offering discount


What is Little Explorers?

A job share position 2 days per week has become available in the Finance Department. The person applying for the job needs strong accounting skills – a Cert IV or Diploma in Accounting would be beneficial though not essential. Previous working experience in an accounts field would be viewed favourably. Understanding the Adventist ethos and a willingness to abide by its principles is essential. The ability to work in a team setting, to have a positive approach including high customer service skills and be willing to learn is desirable. Please submit your CV to the Business Manager. Applications close 23 March 2012.



This weekend as our Pathfinders, Unit Leaders and parent helpers head off on their camps we would like to wish you all a wonderful time in God’s great outdoors and safe travels to your destination and home again. This week there are a few things that require your attention: 1. Dress Uniforms

RETURNING Pathfinders - Could you kindly check the fit of your Dress Uniform and if resizing necessary complete a ‘Dress Uniform Order Form’ and return with your old Dress Uniform, i.e. shorts/skirt & shirt before the end of this school term. Orders received after this time will not be processed. NEW Pathfinders - If you have not already completed a ‘Dress Uniform Order Form’ (including measurements) please do so and hand into the Admin Office at school. Thank you for your attention to this. 2. Polo Shirts

If you did not receive your Polo shirt at Club Night or have not yet ordered one please contact our Club Secretary. 3. Registration

By now the Registration process should be complete AND Registration fees paid in full. If not, please contact the Club Secretary to make arrangements. Thank you for your assistance with this. Full details about the Club and Registration information is available online via our web page on the CCAS school website (under School Life) or alternatively via pathfinders.html

Late night shopping Wednesday, March 28:

4. Club Night (Honour Night) - May 5

Please watch for an email from your Unit Leaders regarding our planned whole Club Honour night in May. There will be 6 Honours on offer and you will need to indicate in order of preference which one you would like to do. Numbers will be limited for each honour so please do not delay in replying. Should you require further information please contact Leanne West, Club Secretary on 0411 061731 or via email on

We are open until 8pm…

Got a birthday coming up? Something special for Easter? Just want peace and quiet to browse and buy?

Come on in - you might win a door prize!

Secondary School Students and Parents:

Come early for the WOSE Night program on Wednesday night, March 28, and stop in at Book Fair!

Student Library ID cards

Dates to Remember

This weekend Unit camps – Friends, Companions, Explorers & Voyagers

Primary students will be issued photo ID cards in the coming weeks:

5 May Community Service activity // Club Night – Honour Night

K - Yr 4 students will have the cards attached to their library bags.

Yrs 5 & 6 need to bring their lanyards to the library and their cards will be attached on these with their USB.



Library Corner

Mother’s Day Stall Thursday, May 11


Winner this week: Josh Chapman 5R (again!) please come and get your prize from the library. The answer to the challenge: WRAP around sunglasses!

Please enclose $5 with this order form.

Get your thinking caps on for this everyone… I always run, but never walk.

I have a bed, but I don’t sleep.

I have a mouth, but I don’t eat.

The first correct entry drawn in each category will receive a prize. Competition ends: Tuesday, March 27.

Envelopes must be returned to the class teacher by Thursday, May 11.

Library Book Club - Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC)

Congratulations to all of our Champion Readers. Many students have either finished or very close to finishing the PRC. Who will get the award for 1st student to complete the PRC? We now have over 60 students registered - almost 20 more than previous years! Well done!

Please complete 1 envelope per child.

Student: ______________________________

Don’t forget to come in and choose books marked with the PRC sticker. Ask for help if you can’t find something suitable. https://products.

Class: ________________________________

Book Fair: Showtime – Your Ticket to Reading!

The Mother’s Day Stall will be set up on Thursday, May 11.

Friday, March 23 to Thursday, March 29 (inclusive)

Begins TOMORROW - Friday, March 23 which will involve: •

A “Look n See” day for all students K – 6.

No purchasing on this day.

Wish lists completed by the students to go home with a credit card option on the back.

Family Day is Tuesday, March 27 – All the fun and excitement of the Big Top: •

Will be held at 11.00am – 11.50am (lunchtime).

Parents/carers please join us in the fun and games – come dressed up as well.

Students can come tastefully dressed as performers at a circus. YES – FULL MUFTI! Please see your classroom teacher for details if your class is involved in dressing in a theme.

Browse the Big Top library for books and stationery for your family and friends.

You can help by buying a book for your child’s classroom. See your teacher’s wish list located in the library.

Bring some gold coins to spend at side-show alley. Maybe something sweet for a treat! Or better still, you can soak your favourite (?!) teacher – maybe even Mr Bennetts!

Sponsors of CCAS Science Animals         312 The Entrance Rd Erina 43 674066

Dogs at School

Just a reminder that dogs are not to be brought onto the school grounds. If your child would like to bring a pet to school for news please see your child’s class teacher first. Thank you for your assistance in this area.

Year 1 Excursion

The Year 1 students are going to the Reptile Park on Monday, March 26. See class note for details.

Young Leader’s Day – Time Change

Our School Captains are attending Young Leader’s Day at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney on Monday, March 26. PLEASE NOTE: The group will now catch the 7:01am train from Gosford Station. Please meet Mr Cooper in the ticket purchase area at 6:45am. After the program the group will catch the 3:15pm train from Central Station which is scheduled to arrive at Gosford at 4:34pm.

Wet Weather Gear

Please ensure that all students have an umbrella or raincoat at school. While the students are not allowed to play outside when it is wet, they do move from their class to the various specialist classes throughout the day and need wet weather gear to prevent them from getting too wet during these transition times.

Drew Bender - World Maths Day NSW Winner

Drew Bender (5L) has placed first in NSW in World Maths Day 2012. He will attend a presentation on Friday, March 23 at the Opera House with the Governor of NSW Professor Marie Bashir. 1.57 million students around the world took part this year and Drew came 19th in the world, 6th in Australia and 1st in New South Wales!


This a remarkable achievement - well done Drew!

Primary Sport

Cross Country

Thank you to everyone who came to our school cross country last Friday. It was a great morning with plenty of sunshine, which is a nice change! All our students did very well on the course with Bradman winning the day for the champion house competition. We would like to thank all the parents who attended as well as those who assisted with the organisation. Special thanks to Adrian Date, from Vital First Aid Training for being our First Aid officer for the morning. The HRIS team has been notified and their regional carnival is on the first day back next term! Congratulations to the following students for being our age champions and runners up. •

8yrs Age Champions: Daniel McLoughlin & Bronte Ayres

8yrs Runners Up: Eugene De Kock & Abigail Rye

9yrs Age Champions: Jay Davis& Sybella McKay

9yrs Runners Up: Isaac Wooller & Jada Johnston

10yrs Age Champions: Harry Steele & Summer McShane-Cale

10yrs Runners Up: Oliver Chippendale & Imogen McLoughlin

11yrs Age Champions: Charles O’Malley & Taina Naividi

11yrs Runners Up: Tommy Anderson & Jenna Rowe

12yrs Age Champions: Bailey Johns & Harriette Boursnell

12yrs Runners Up: Damien Yates & Brianna Wooller

Our Infant Cross Country was held on Wednesday morning here at school. Unfortunately at the time of writing we have no results but we will place them in next weeks newsletter.

HRIS Swimming

One omission from the HRIS swimming report was that Cooper Woolley broke the 12yrs 50m butterfly record on the day. Congratulations Cooper!

HRIS Soccer

Thank you to all the boys who headed to Newcastle last week to trial for the HRIS soccer. All boys did well from all reports and congratulations to Charles O’Malley for his selection to HRIS. Charles will now have some training in the coming weeks with HRIS and will be competing in the CIS championships in about a months time.

CIS Swimming

We have 15 students attending the CIS Swimming Carnival at Homebush and we look forward to hearing of their efforts. It is a great experience to get this far in representation and I am sure that they will all enjoy it. The following students will be competing at CIS: Tommy Anderson, Kai De-Bellis, Indigo Ditterick, Bailey Johns, Taylah Kiss, Eden Leary Imogen McLoughlin, Tamara Nicholas, Zachary Payne, Mitchell Saunders, Eloise Tate,Ashleigh Thacker, Cooper Woolley, Samara Woolley & Benjamin Yates.



Primary News

Infant Cross Country

Secondary News

Uniform Policy - School Shoes

It is clear that quite a number of students have been under the impression that the regulations for school shoes have changed during the last year or so, and that soft, flimsy slip-on shoes or skate shoes are now acceptable. Please note that this is not the case. The uniform policy (available for download by parents from the school website) clearly states that the shoes are to be black leather polished lace-up dress school shoes. These are the type of school shoes made by Clarke, and other manufacturers, which provide much better foot support and protection than other shoes. Those students who need orthotics can use them with the appropriately sized school shoe. We have requested that students replace all non-uniform shoes at the earliest possible time, and that parents write to us to advise when they can obtain those shoes for their students. Currently we have about a dozen parents who have written, and we thank them for their cooperation. Other students appear not to have taken that message home, so we need to formally advise that term one is the transition period back to the correct shoes, and as from the beginning of term 2 the wearing of nonuniform shoes can no longer be accepted. Could we respectfully request that you ensure that your student is in the correct shoes at the earliest possible time? If there are issues of hardship or special circumstances which will make this difficult, please contact Mr Robinson by mail or email -

Year 7 Science Dates

Year 7 Science students should be working on their Revision Sheet in the back of their booklets for a Lab Licence test. See dates below. Class

Lab Licence Test

Ch 1 Quiz

New Topic – Ch 6


Mon 26 March

Thur 29 March

Fri 30 March


Mon 26 March

Fri 30 March

Mon 2 April


Mon 26 March

Wed 28 March

Fri 30 March


Mon 26 March

Thur 29 March

Mon 2 April

HSC Students 2011

Over the past few weeks Mr Wrankmore has been receiving feedback from 2011 graduates regarding their plans for 2012 and beyond. The school is very excited about the success the students are having in their chosen study or work plans for 2012 and beyond. As a result of good grades and ATAR’s achieved, the majority of our graduates have been offered or been placed in tertiary courses. Each year UAC (Universities Admission Centre) issues a list of courses offered to students from our school. (Not all students give permission for this data to be shared.) 36 of our graduates have been offered courses through UAC in Law, Nutrition, Nursing, Economics, Music, Psychology, Information Technology, Medical Science, Social Sciences, Arts, Communication, Hospitality, Health Science, Teaching, Management, Speech Pathology, English and Rural Science. We do know that there are more who have accessed tertiary study with institutions that do not work through UAC. Courses such as Ministry, Teaching, Business, Counselling are ones that we are aware of. We are so proud of the success of our graduates and are thrilled that CCAS was able to part of their journey.

Record of School Achievement

As mentioned in a previous newsletter the Board of Studies has replaced the School Certificate credential with the Record of School Achievement. The RoSA , as it is referred to, will be issued to students at their exit point from school post Year 10 but prior to the HSC. The credential will list the subjects a student has completed at point of exit with each receiving an A – E grade. (There are no external tests

For more detail please visit the Board of Studies website. http://www.

Health Survey

Avondale College and Adventist Health have asked the school to be involved in a health survey on the 4th April. This survey involves students completing an anonymous survey that takes between 20 – 40 minutes. Approximately 300 of our students across Years 7 – 12 will be taking part and a letter giving details and asking for permission for them to take part will be coming home in the next week. It would be appreciated if this could be filled out and returned to the teacher of the class in which they will be completing the survey. We really appreciate your help with this program.



Secondary Academic

so there will be no test results listed on the credential.) If a student exits school part way through a course then the credential will list the subjects but without an A – E grade. The RoSA will also have the capability of listing verified extra curricula act ivies students are engaged in which goes to providing employers with a broader picture of the student. Changes at school are very minimal with the academic processes being the same with internal assessments, examinations and curriculum content. The upside is that staff can teach content right through to the final day of the school year.

Secondary Sport

Futsal Competition

On Tuesday, March 13, three teams represented CCAS at the Regional Futsal competition. 16A boys team: Thomas Lyons, Billy Auton, Jai McNamara, Lachlan Pryse-Jones and Connor Noble. 16B boys team: Jarred Brown, Sachin Thapa, Liam Townsend, Hayden Ellis, Alexander Rynne and Rafael Lagos. 16 girls team: Hannah Danckert, Lauren Tindale, Kirstie Hutton, Darcy Griffin and Suzie Ridley. All teams played with amazing skill and sportsmanship. Our 16A’s played incredibly well throughout the day to be undefeated and regional champions. The boy’s played six games without subs to make it into the final. The final game was locked up at 3-3 at full time and went into extra time with a penalty shoot out. Connor did an outstanding job to save two penalty goals and score one, his own penalty, to win the game. The others all played well with Lachlan scoring a record 16 goals, closely followed by the captain, Jai, who along with amazing defense scored 15 goals, Billy’s defense was outstanding and created problems for any opposition’s go forward. Tom covered approximately 30-40 kilometres of court space throughout the day, or close to that amount, creating opportunities for goals and winning possession. Connor’s catlike reflexes kept the team in the competition making countless saves that eventually resulted in us winning the Regionals. We’re looking forward to the boys competing at the state level later this year.

HRIS Junior Boys Basketball Selections

Selection trials have been extended for our 2012 Under 16 Boys Team until the end of Term 1. These will be in the Sport Centre on Thursday, March 22 and Thursday, March 29 from 3:10 – 4:30pm. Ten players will be selected to represent CCAS at the HRIS Junior Basketball Gala on Saturday evening May 26. There will be no Junior practice on Thursday, April 5 after school as this is the last day of Term 1 and the start of the Easter and school holidays. Coaches are George Paton and TJ and Team Manager is Wayne Ferris. Contact George Paton on 0410225110 or Miss Page on 0416035245.

CCAS OSHC’s Easter Vacation Care 2012 T u e s d a y 1 0 th A p r i l - F r i d a y 2 7 th A p r i l WEEK ONE Tue 10th April: Easter Egg Hunt The Easter Bunny has come, so watch for little surprises he left behind! Easter crafts as well. Wed 11th April: Dr Seuss Day Explore Dr Seuss Books and even see The Lorax played out on the big screen at Hoyts. Extra Cost: $10 Thurs 12th April: Barn Dance Dress up in country clothes and learn some old fashioned barn dances. Fri 13th April: I Can’t Believe You Wore That! Have you ever gotten dressed in the dark? Today you are allowed to come dressed in the most ridiculous misfit items you own!

WEEK THREE Mon 23rd April: My Kitchen Rules Cook a storm in our K-zone Kitchen! See who’s kitchen rules. Tues 24th April: Castle Day Dress up as your favourite castle character from a princess to the court jester. Crafts and activities come straight from the castle. Wed 25th April: CLOSED Thurs 26th April: Clay Creations Create your own creation out of clay. You can even paint them when they are dry. Fri 27th April: Carnival Capers Whooppee - It's Carnival Time. Join us for loads of drama fun and laughter as we enjoy the rides, the sideshow alley games and the chance to juggle like a clown! Create magical crafts and meet all the great people who love the carnival as much as you do! Extra Cost : $15

Central Coast Adventist School

WEEK TWO Mon 16 April: Candle-making Create your own candles that can be th

used as gifts or as a decoration. Tues 17th April: Chinese Day Learn about the culture of China through crafts and cooking. Wed 18th April: Chemical Reactions Get involved with our science experiments to create an exciting chemical reaction. Thurs 19th April: Go Karts Go-Karts are coming to school. Zoom around on your own go-kart. Extra Cost: $10 Fri 20th April: Music Man Have a musical day with games and crafts. Create your own band.  

Cost: Short Day (9am-3pm): $35 (Booked by 5th April) $40 (Casual) Long Day (7am-6pm): $46 (Booked by 5th April) $50 (Casual) Bookings: Call Angela on 43671826/ 0414831191 Or

22 March 2012  
22 March 2012  

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