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Trouble At Sea Pharaoh did not want to be seen as a weak king amongst the nations, folding like a house of cards under the pressure. For 400 years his predecessors had kept the Hebrew people in slavery. Ok, swarms of locusts had devoured the crops, the Nile had turned blood red and there had been the death of all the firstborn. But as Pharaoh’s officials had pointed out, these things were mere coincidences, surely? Now he had to enslave them once more-for his own dignity, at least. So, as the Israelites hurried between the walls of sea, Pharaoh and his men stormed after them like bounty hunters on a mission. For generations, the Jews would remember how those deafening waves came rolling down on Pharaoh and his armies. And as they sang, ‘Pharaoh’s chariots and his army He cast into the sea’ they would remind themselves of God’s intervention in their troubles. They would recall the dividing line between their past and their future. God had saved them when all looked hopeless. The story reminds us that if God did it for them, He’ll do it for us too. Whatever circumstance has you enslaved, God can break through it. He will provide a passage through your sea of trouble and step by step you’ll be able to walk in faith into a new future. Meanwhile your haunted past will be drowned for good in the tumbling waves.


- Bob & Debby Gass

In this issue... • MySchool • Kiss and Drop • Library Corner • WOSE • Public Speaking Course

Central Coast Adventist School

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Central Coast Adventist School

MySchool Website 2012 T

he MySchool website has gone live for 2012.

How do we at Central Coast Adventist School view the latest data? As always, we welcome data that provides another platform for internal review and development. Annual review and analysis of this data, as well as other benchmark testing we participate in, has always helped guide us. In 2010 we noted 13 areas in need of consideration and review based on the NAPLAN data regarding Literacy and Numeracy. This year this has now reduced to 3. The results show that out of the 6 areas assessed our score averages are in the statistically similar range in all areas bar two when compared to similar schools. Nationally, our scores were above the Australian schools’ averages in 15 of the 20 categories! Congratulations must go out to our primary and secondary Academic Committee’s and the teaching staff for their focus, drive and passion to see ongoing development and improvement. Whilst comparison data abounds between schools, especially in the papers, we are most focused on ourselves. Statistically schools are so different that local comparisons based purely on NAPLAN are simply invalid and were never intended for such use. The MySchool website highlights this when explaining its ‘like school’ comparisons across the nation; the variables are significant and complex. We certainly practice for these tests but we do not spend weeks teaching to these tests in order to stack results. Nor do we broadly prune, filter down and adjust who actually sits the tests. We focus on teaching to the whole curriculum, not just to the NAPLAN.

tests are here are a few things to think about; the tests are small – only around 40 questions each; they have a high margin of error – if the same children were to do a similar test around the same time their individual scores could be up to 12 per cent above or below this one result; just because a school gets higher NAPLAN results does not mean it has better teachers. They are literacy and numeracy tests in years 3, 5, 7 and 9. That is all. Central Coast Adventist School stands by its long held belief that school education is a 13 year journey culminating at the point where a student leaves school to join the work force, continues their training or completes their HSC. We remain committed to being an academically non-selective school, to supporting all students in this journey and not judging someone’s self worth based on a number or a score; our children are far more important than that. However, we most assuredly and passionately strive for and desire academic excellence for all students in all facets of their academic journey. During our short senior schooling history, graduates have left the school and successfully entered the workforce, gained access to further training or have completed their HSC with scores well in excess of 90 on their ATAR ranking. Making the top 200 HSC schools in the state on several occasions and ranking as high as 54th in the state does not happen by chance, but rather by intent. Architects, Police Officers, Nurses, Paramedics, Officers in the Armed Forces, Accountants, Hairdressers, Researchers, Small Business owners, Pilots – the list of our graduates achievements is significant.

MySchool provides a valuable snapshot of specific parts of the academic journey, but there If you are uncertain or concerned as to how is a world of difference between NAPLAN important the tests are let me quote Marilyn snapshots and seeing the whole education Parker, the long standing education columnist in picture. the Daily Telegraph; - Mr Dean Bennetts If you have doubts about how important the

Kiss and Drop Use T

he school’s WHS (Workplace Health & Safety) committee and Administration have discussed the ongoing problem of vehicle access to and usage of the Kiss and Drop (K&D) area at the front of the school administration buildings and Library. Two issues have been identified:

School. If you are able to help, please contact the school office for more details.

Sydney CDI

We will be taking a group to this event on the Thursday, May 3. Seats are limited so you need to book your spot with Ms Kylma ASAP. Equestrian team members will be given preference, if you are interested in joining our team please contact Ms Kylma via email skylma@ccas.

1. Vehicles are being parked in K&D and left unattended. 2. Vehicles are arriving to collect students well before the school bell (2:45pm for Primary and 2:55pm for Secondary). Some cars have been stopped in K&D as early as 2:10pm! Drivers are reminded that the zone is marked as a “No Parking” area right down past the library, therefore you cannot leave your vehicle. Drivers are also reminded that students will not be released from class early, and that stopping in the K&D area before 2:45pm causes significant traffic problems that extend up and down Penrose Crescent. Parents who arrive at school before 2:45pm are strongly encouraged to park their vehicles on the Buritz grounds and walk across to the school. Parents are encouraged, wherever possible, to arrive after 3:00pm to collect students. Students are fully supervised until, 3:30pm every day of the week. Karalta Lane also operates as an alternate pick up point five days a week - a great spot for primary age student pick up. Parents are also encouraged to use the collection area at the top of Karalta Lane (next to the Sports Centre). The school again faces the very likely outcome of having to close the gates, as recommended by Police, each afternoon until 2:45pm to address this issue unless we can improve our collective shared use of this area.


- Mr Dean Bennetts

Campus News

High Tea

NOT to be missed! Sunday, March 18 from 2:30-4:30pm Grab your friends, frock up and come and enjoy a delightful afternoon of fine High Tea delicacies, fine entertainment and catch up with friends all while raising money for urgent hospital needs in Cambodia. For a cost of $30 it may not change your life but it will change theirs.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop hours for March 7-22 Mon - Wed

7:30-8:30am, 3:10-4:10pm

Thu - Fri

8:00am - 4:00pm


The Administration Office is starting to look at enrolments for Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Year 7 for 2013. If you have not lodged an application for enrolment for your child please do so ASAP by either downloading a form from our website or collecting one from the Administration Office.


Enrolments 2013


Call Janelle Yusuf for tickets, hurry there are limited tickets left 0401833963.

Week of Spiritual Emphasis (WOSE)

Bus Buddy Needed

Kindy - Year 4

19-24 March

Year 5-12

26-30 March

WOSE. Nights

26, 28 and 30 March

WOSE Church

Saturday, 31 March

A school family is looking for a Year 6-7 student who catches the North Avoca/Terrigal bus to school in the morning to help their Year 4 student. In particular they need someone to walk with him from Erina Fair to


All Parents and Carers are welcome to join us at these times.


Family Camp Fun

A huge ‘thank you’ to all the families who joined us at Riverwood Downs last weekend for our family camp. We were blessed with glorious weather and had the opportunity to get to know many of our new families. Our speakers for the weekend, our very own Club Chaplain, Kenn Duke and Guest Speaker, Dwayne Jeffries (from 2GO fame) challenged us to think about our walk with God and to be prepared to listen for His leading in our lives. After all God does use ordinary people everyday to do extraordinary things in His name as the stories of Joshua and Elijah highlighted for us. The weekend was also full of activity (that challenged some more than others) from the hike on Sabbath afternoon, the bush dance on Saturday night where some real talent was on display (watch for the photos) to the tubing down the very chilly river on Sunday morning. A great weekend was had by all present.


If you have not yet registered for Pathfinders this year it is not too late to do so. PLEASE NOTE: All Pathfinders must be registered and fees paid in full before the next Club Night on March 10. Thank you for your attention to this. Full details about the Club and Registration information is available online via our web page on the CCAS school website (under School Life) or alternatively via pathfinders.html In the meantime, if you would like further information please contact Leanne West, Club Secretary on 0411 061731 or via email on

Dates to Remember

Club Night (6–9pm)

11 March

Beach day (Information available on our webpage)


10 March

Library Corner

What’s New? •

JF BER “Sophie the Chatterbox” by Lara Bergen •

When Sophie fessed up after putting a snake in Ms. Moffly’s desk, she learned that being honest pays off!

F HAR “Snot Henderson - Chocolate chaos!” by D G Harris

Coming Up…

ROLL UP, ROLL UP, Get ready for the biggest show in the LRC! Book Fair is not far away…

Library Monitors

2012 is the start of an exciting program in the library. Library Monitors have been appointed from Year 5 to perform a range of duties in the library at lunch time. All monitors will be provided with training. Welcome to the library team and congratulations to the following students:

Jared Walton

Taylor Hanna

Tameka Rose

Michaela Wanke

Tahliana Tikoicina

James Kornhaber

Emily Calbert

Benjamin Christian

Lachlan Bryer

Kirralee Truswell

Liam Gough

Michaela Mayes

Eliza Hogan

Library Bookclub - Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC)

NB: ONLINE LOGON IS NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL MARCH 5, 2012 We have received a large number of registrations for the PRC however we still have a long way to go to reach our target! Congratulations to the first 10 (11) to register! We had two children register at the same time so awarded an extra prize. Well done to the following students who were presented a prize at assembly on Friday. Emily Calbert, Kirralee Truswell, Blayne Burrows, Lauren Howell, Tommy Howlett, Calvin Truswell, Luke Bender, Sienna Graziani, Ashley Howell, Blake Downs and Alexander Church. We have many fantastic prizes up for grabs for all age groups so hurry and start reading books from the PRC lists. Registration forms are available from the library. If your child has participated in previous years please let us know that they are participating again this year so that they can be rewarded for their efforts. The same username and passwords are used as in previous years. This year our “Book Club” involves completing the PRC and then once this has been completed we will set new challenges with more prizes and competitions.

PRC Hints and Tips •

Set a challenge with your classmates/brother or sister/ Mum and Dad!

Each time you read a PRC book enter it online straight away OR write down the details in your school diary or homework book.

Borrow and read 2 books each week and you will complete the PRC in 15 weeks for the K-2 challenge or 10 weeks for the 3-4, 5-6 challenges.

If books are on the list and are read to you in class or as a family, you are able to add them.


Can you figure out the answer to this riddle? Write your answer, name and class on a piece of paper in the library by Thursday, March 8. I come in a minute, Twice in a moment, But never in a thousand years. The FIRST correct entry drawn will win a prize!

Who is your greatest reading superhero?

Marvel and Scholastic have combined forces with the National Year of Reading 2012 to find Australia’s Greatest Reading Super Hero! Is it mum, dad, your teacher, your best friend, your great grandfather? There are great individual prizes: iPad2, and a super Scholastic kids’ library worth $250, plus prizes to the value of $5000 for the school. To take part in this competition, enter online at: readingsuperhero in 25 words or less, say who is your Reading Super Hero.


Primary News

Dogs on School Grounds

Parents please note that dogs are not to be brought onto school grounds. If you child would like to bring their dog or other pet to school for news time please speak to your child’s teacher and ask for permission prior to the day. The pet is only allowed to be at school during news time. Thanks for your understanding and support in this area.

Sport Centre Carpark - Out of Bounds

Parents are advised not to walk children through the carpark under the sports centre. This area is out of bounds to all students at all times for safety reasons. All pedestrian access is to follow the path around the side of the building, between the sports centre and the oval.

World Maths Day

World Maths Day playoff will take place on Wednesday, March 7. Classes will be rostered on here at school for extra time. On the evening of March 7 the top scoring students in the school will have the opportunity to come to school and take part in the tournament. This year there will be the option of an evening session until about 9:00pm or a sleep over for the top 10 students! Scores are going well. The final total will be taken on Monday afternoon and students and parents will be notified and permission letters sent home. Get involved! There is only 1 week left!


This year we again involved in the HRIS chess teams and the Primary Schools Chess Teams competition. We are lucky to have Braden Ibbott (Year 6) to be our chess tutor this year. Practice times are Tuesday lunchtime in the library and Friday using the big chess pieces on the outdoor chessboard. Come along and have fun.

Science Club

Science Club will be commencing soon. There will be a program sent home with dates, items that need to be brought from home and information re our annual fossil collection trip. Watch this space!

World’s Greatest Shave

One of our primary school mum’s, Meicha Greenwood, is going to be brave and shave! She is going to shave her hair for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave this March.


You can use your credit card and sponsor her online. Find her Profile Page at

Primary Sport

Swimming Carnival

The Primary Swimming Carnival was held a few weeks ago but due to there being no newsletter last week, we were unable to give details of the day. The carnival was a huge success with Newcombe becoming the Champion House. We had the most students swimming in events in many years and had a massive turnout in students attending. We would like to thank all the parents and students who attended for their excellent behaviour and sportsmanship. It was commented on by the pool staff that we were the best school who had been there! Below are

the age champions and runners up from the carnival. We would like to congratulate them in their efforts on the day.

CCAS Primary Swimming Champions & Runners Up 8 & Under Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 McLoughlin, Chloe


2 Ayres, Bronte


8 & Under Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 McLoughlin, Daniel


2 Pate, Aaron


9 Year Olds Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 Ditterick, Indigo


2 Thacker, Ashleigh


2 Pilon, Ruby


9 Year Olds Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 Davis, Jay


2 Anderson, Max


10 Year Olds Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 Woolley, Samara


2 McLoughlin, Imogen


10 Year Olds Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 De‑Bellis, Kai


2 Saunders, Mitchell


11 Year Olds Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 Kiss, Taylah


2 Nicholas, Tamara


11 Year Olds Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 Payne, Zachary


2 Anderson, Tommy


12+ Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 Leary, Eden


2 Tate, Eloise


12+ Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 Yates, Benjamin


2 Johns, Bailey


HRIS Swimming Carnival

This Thursday we have 28 students attending the HRIS swimming carnival in Lambton. The students will be competing against the 16 schools of the Hunter Regional Independents Schools competition. We have a very successful history at this competition and we wish all the students the best as they represent us at this level. We look forward to hearing of the individual & team success at the competition.

School Cross Country

Our School Cross Country is to be held on March 16 at Hylton Moore Oval, Springfield. We will be holding our carnival in the morning and the High School will be having theirs in the afternoon. Permission notes will be sent out in the next week. The backup carnival will be on the following Monday at Adcock park, if wet weather interferes with the oval at Hylton Moore.

Cross Country Training

Cross country training has been on in the mornings and this Friday we are hoping to have our first pancake breakfast. It is suppose to be raining this week which will of course affect the morning runs, keep an eye out for the oval closed sign if this is the case.

We wish all our students the best as they head to the CIS basketball selections on Friday in Sydney. We have Brianna Wooller, Caitlin Hayes, Lydia Pulley and Matthew McLean representing HRIS at this trial and we know that they will make us proud.

HRIS & CIS Nominations

HRIS and CIS Nomination information for term 1 has been placed on the windows of the PE Dept office as well as a copy on the school website. CIS nominations are usually for student in year 5 and 6. Please check to see if there are any events that interest you.


HRIS Basketball Selections

Secondary Academic


An outline of the assessment processes is now available on the school web site under each Year level. The document outlines the process for completing assessment tasks and exams. Please be sure to have a look at the process so that should you have any questions regarding assessments/exams you will know the process to follow. Alternatively, please feel free to contact Mr Peter Wrankmore.

Secondary News

Year 10 Snow Trip

The information and permission forms were handed out three weeks ago and yesterday was the day the forms and deposit were due back into the finance office. Extra forms were handed out this week but if the information has been misplaced, another copy can be found on the school website. Please get those details in ASAP, so we can continue the planning for this amazing trip. This is the largest year 10 group that we have taken to the snow and we would hate for anyone to miss out on this trip because they did not get their forms in on time.

Australian Geography Competition

Students from Year 8-12 in the High School have the opportunity to compete in the Australian Geography Competition. It will be held on Friday, March 23. This year the organisers have offered prizes for the schools that do the best. Also, all students who sit the competition will get a certificate to show how well they went (which is always good for the resume). The HSIE department is also planning to reward our top students with individual prizes as well. It is compulsory for all of year 8, the top HSIE classes in year 9 and 10 plus any year 11 or 12 students studying Geography. Anyone else who would like to participate in the competition has the option to as well, but they must see Mrs Ferris by the end of this week to put their name down. If students have any questions about the competition please speak to Mrs Ferris.

Year 7’s Big Dig!

As part of our introduction to History this year we took up our spades and marched to the mysterious mound at the back of the oval. Working in small groups, students carefully excavated a prepared dig site removing and cataloguing an assortment of artefacts. The items were all donated by staff and ranged from cassette tapes and floppy disks through to children’s toys and half inflated soccer balls. This was a great opportunity for students to experience some hands-on-history. After digging up (most) of the items, students turned their attention to research, finding out all they could about the various objects and making conclusions about the people who used them. When finished, students shared their thoughts with the class. - Mr Robartson & Miss Moodie

Some may not be aware that the School Certificate has been replaced with the Record of School Achievement. Major changes are as follows: •

Year 10 no longer sit external School Certificate tests.

The Record of School Achievement is issued at the time a student exits schooling post Year 10 and prior to receiving the HSC.

Year 10 remain at school right through to the end of the school year.

The program at school in essence remains the same as far as assessments, internal exams and course content. Mr Wrankmore is attending a seminar explaining the new credential today and will give further detail as necessary. The Board of Studies web site is also a good source of information. - Mr Peter Wrankmore



School Certificate

Secondary Sport

Winners of the Dodgeball Year 9-10 Tournament

Congratulationss to the team, Pumped up Peanuts - Jordyn Grant, Zander Ryn, Sachin Thapa, Jai McNamara, Nick Fallon and Jarrad Walker, for winning the Year 9-10 tournament! Year 7-8 finished their competition today and winners will be announced next week!

Swimming Carnival

A big thank you to the great number of student who attended the CCAS swimming carnival a few weeks back. Due to no newsletter last week, we have been unable to share the fact that this year saw a 50% increase in student attendance and 30% increase in students participation in racing. That is a fantastic achievement and all who attended should be proud of the support they have shown. We would like to thank all the teachers for their assistance in running the day and the parents for their support of our carnival. Congratulations goes to Jackson House for becoming the Champion House for 2012 and also all the age champions and runners up for their individual efforts on the day. Miss Page has emailed the HRIS team to all students selected and also has copies of permission notes in the PE office for others who may not be on the email database. The HRIS carnival is in Lambton on March 14.

CCAS Secondary Swimming Champions & Runners Up 12‑13 Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 Healey, Sydney 2 Saunders, Jade 12‑13 Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 Allum, Zane 2 McKenzie, Hayden

14 Year Olds Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 Howarth, Mollie 2 Nicholas, Kelsey 14 Year Olds Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 Willson, Zachariah 2 Howden, Christopher 15 Year Olds Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 Johns, Summer 2 Townsend, Skyelah 15 Year Olds Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 Hutchinson, Sam 2 Townsend, Liam 16 Year Olds Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 Richards, Samantha 2 Teranishi, Kasumi 16 Year Olds Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 Brown, Jarred 2 Faulder, Lachlan 17 Year Olds Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 Rudd, Kaitlin 2 Counihan, Jacinta 17 Year Olds Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 Williams, Bryce 2 White, Benjamin 18+ Girls ‑ Individual Scores 1 Brown, Kaylee 2 McNamara, Jessica 18+ Boys ‑ Individual Scores 1 Lyons, Luke 2 Grant, Hugh

Dates for 2012: Monday 5 March

Year ……………………………………..

Mobile: ..……………………..…………

Home Ph: ………………….….……….


Address: …………………….………….



Your Name: ……………….…….............

Mrs Thapa, by .........................................

return to your co-ordinator,

Please fill in the form below by and

The cost is $25 per person, all inclusive, payable at the first session.

How do you enrol?

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