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Parenting ideas Magazine The latest edition of Parenting ideas Magazine is now available online - www.parentingideas. The magazine contains great articles and information on parenting.

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Central Coast Adventist School

God’s Grace

‘If by grace, then it is no longer by works...’ Romans 11:6 NIV


or all you theatre lovers out there, we’re going to connect today’s verse to ‘Les Mis’. Hit musical Les Miserables tells the story of convict Jean Valjean, a lead character who finds himself offered mercy by a kind bishop. One night, while the house sleeps, Jean Valjean helps himself to the family silver and shoots through. The next morning three policemen knock on the bishop’s door with Valjean in tow. They’re all for throwing him in jail. But the bishop says: ‘So there you are! I’m delighted to see you. Had you forgotten I gave you the candlesticks as well? They’re silver like the rest, and worth 2000 francs. Did you forget to take them?’ The bishop not only gets the criminal off the hook, he sets him up for life, challenging him to use the money to become an honest man. And amidst the singing and dancing (and that special song Susan Boyle made her own) a near-perfect picture of ‘grace’ is drawn. Do you see it? We are like Jean Valjean and God is like the bishop. Not only does God forgive our sins He also gives us the family silver. He wipes our slate clean with the challenge to go and make something of ourselves. And it’s not something we can earn or buy; it’s a gift called ‘grace’. Praise God. - Bob & Debby Gass

Free range parenting Article by Michael Grose (taken from “Insights” in Parenting ideas Magazine)

Allowing children to develop real independence is one of the biggest challenges modern parents face. Our basic job is to keep kids safe and secure, that doesn’t mean we eliminate risk altogether by overprotecting them. Would you let primary school kids catch a train on their own?


This was the indirect challenge for parents when the psychologist dubbed America’s worst parent Lenore Skenazy visited Australia recently.

In this issue... • Lizotte’s Music Showcase • “Get Caught Reading” photo competition • Little Explorers • Primary News • Secondary News

Central Coast Adventist School

US parenting show host Skenazy sparked a worldwide controversy when she admitted allowing her nineyear-old- son to ride the New York subway on his own. “Bad mum” was the outcry from parenting groups everywhere. Allowing children to develop real independence is one of the biggest challenges modern parents face. When to allow a child to walk to the park on their own, babysit younger siblings, make their own way to school, catch a train to the city and go to the cinema without adult supervision, are the sorts of dilemmas that many parents sweat over. Most parents I meet admit to having had more freedom to roam when they were kids than they allow their own children, yet they are unwilling to allow their children those same freedoms. Children’s busy schedules, concerns over increased traffic and stranger danger are the most common reasons given for parents restricting children’s freedoms to navigate their communities free from adult supervision. ...continued on page 3

Campus News City Rail – Quiet Carriages CityRail is currently running quiet carriages on services between Sydney and Newcastle. These carriages are where everyone is asked to respect the peace and quiet of others by avoiding: • Loud conversations • Loud mobile phone calls • Playing load music – including headphones Carriages designated as quiet carriages are: • First and last carriages of 6 & 8 carriage trains • Last carriage of 4 carriage trains Students are asked to be considerate of others and not use the carriages if they are going to engage in usual conversations, etc. If students are asked to leave these carriages by members of the public they are to do so.

Pathfinder News




There were 365 Pathfinders, leaders, staff and parents who completed the Southern Expedition on the weekend, of which 104 came from our own club. Well done to everyone – such an achievement, you should be proud of your efforts! The fact that our new Pathfinders are looking forward to next year is testament to the organisational skills of Bob and Helen Stubberfield and their team – so ‘thank you’ for all your hard work for making their weekend in the great outdoors one where many memories and friendships were made. The rain even behaved itself and held off until Monday morning, however we understand the first couple of nights were a bit on the cool side (icy tents - brrrrrr!) but the cloud cover on Sunday night kept the temperature a little milder. There were no incidents to report and everyone arrived home safely to enjoy a much needed warm shower and a hot meal (not cooked on a camp cooker). We now look forward to the upcoming events on the club calendar. On our next Club Night, 23 June, we plan to distribute the Dress Uniform

Namoi Frew Hall June 21 7-8

Little Explorers provides opportunities for discovery and adventure to children aged 2-5 years. Parents attend classes with child(ren). WHEN: 9:30-11:00am WHERE: Central Coast Adventist School - 12 Penrose Crescent, Erina WHAT: Little Explorers will spend 30 minutes on their themed program for the day and will then have 30 minutes for morning tea (provided) and free play. COST: $5 per week Term 2 Dates Monday, June 18 - Sport Day Monday, June 25 - Library Day Book online -

orders in preparation for our July Club Night. Some Pathfinders in the senior Units are preparing for their trip to Northwest Island at the end of June. It is a busy couple of months and we look forward to sharing them with you. Information Should you require further information please contact Leanne West, Club Secretary on 0411 061731 or via email on Dates to Remember 23 June Club Night (Please note: ‘Full Dress Uniform’ night moved to 21 July) 28 June – 6 July Northwest Island Teen Expedition 21 July Club Night – ‘Full Dress Uniform’ night 10-12 August Unit Camps

Music Department Lizotte’s Music Showcase Our annual music showcase evening will be held at Lizotte’s on Thursday, August 9. We are excited to be back at Lizotte’s in 2012 with our showcase evening featuring a variety of musical presentations including vocal groups, solo artists, ensembles and bands from students in Years 4-12. Come along and enjoy an evening featuring young local talent and fine food. Bookings can be made on the Lizotte’s website or by calling 4368 2017. Student Auditions Auditions for Lizotte’s this year will be held during the following times: • Primary School: Lunchtimes July 16–20 (1st week of term 3). • High School: Lunchtimes June 18–29 (last 2 weeks of term 2). Any student who can demonstrate a high standard of talent in any area of music playing, singing, or drama is welcome to try out. 5 acts from Primary and 15 from High school will be chosen. Sign-up sheets will be posted outside the music rooms for students to add their name and act. Ensemble Evening This will be a variety show, featuring all of our school’s music ensembles. The night will feature our choirs, stage band, chapel band, clarinet ensemble and the inaugural performance of our year 5 & 6 band program. When: Thursday night, 21 June from 7:00-8:00pm Where: Naomi Frew Hall Come along for a great night out. All welcome!

from page 1.... Ironically, we’ve learned in the last two decades that kids are more likely to be harmed by someone they know than from a stranger in the street, on a train or in a park. The world is no less dangerous than it was when we were growing up, but there is a perception that it’s less safe. Independence builds confidence There’s a lot to be said for giving kids a little bit of rope. Giving children more independence is one of the most effective ways of developing confidence. It builds a broader experience base than parents can normally provide. Greater freedom also involves an element of risk, which is naturally scary for parents. While our basic job is to keep kids safe and secure, that doesn’t mean we eliminate risk altogether by overprotecting them. Instead we reduce risk by skilling up our kids to navigate the broader environment safely on their

own. Scaffolding – children being granted small degrees of independence – is a strategy many parents use to reduce the risk for their children in public while they grant their children more freedom. Dropping young children off a few hundred metres from the school gate and allowing them to walk the rest of the way on their own is an example of scaffolding to independence.

greater freedom to later borns than their eldest children. It’s easier for parents to let go of the later borns, as we’ve learned from experience that most kids are pretty capable when it comes to navigating their expanding world. Besides, youngest borns get plenty of hands-on lessons watching and listening to their elder siblings’ exploits of navigating the big, wide world.

The primary school years are the time to build the skills of independence, so that when children move into adolescence they are more able to be selfsufficient.

Regardless of where children come in the family, granting them more freedom can be a leap of faith for many parents. But it’s a leap we should take earlier rather than later.

Adolescents usually want greater freedoms than parents are prepared to give. Expecting young people to maintain contact with you; setting time limits for being out and rewarding responsible behaviour with greater freedom are some practical ways for parents to reduce risk with this age group. A necessary leap of faith It’s funny how most parents find it easier to grant

Library Corner “Get Caught Reading” Photo Competition Take a photo, send it in and YOU could win a prize! How easy is that?! More details? It’s the National Year of Reading! So why not “Get Caught Reading”! 1. Take a picture of someone (or have one taken of you) “getting caught reading” in a funny, weird, creative place or position/situation. 2. Send the photo in via email to library@ or SMS it to 0466 002 225. There will be a designated spot where the photos can be viewed on the school website (more details later on this!). 3. Only ONE entry per person - so make sure you send in the best photo! 4. The competition is open to students from Year 3 to Year 12. 5. The competition ends on Friday, 10 August. No more photos will be accepted after 4:00pm on this day. 6. Winners will be announced during Book Week (20-24 August). Get snap happy! Promote reading and all the good things that happen when you read, and CAN read! Win some fantastic prizes with a click of your fingers… Library Cards Thank you to all of the students who have collected their library ID cards. Students have been remembering to bring them in when borrowing and have been looking after them well. Thank you for your support. We still have a number of cards remaining in the library uncollected. If you haven’t received yours yet please bring in your library bag or for years 5 and 6, a lanyard. Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) As a result of an upgrade by the Department of Education and Communities of its Identity Management System, all PRC passwords have been changed! Please come into the library and get your new password.

3 parenting ideas to build independence: 1.

Reduce risks for kids through skilling up & scaffolding.


Start building self-sufficiency earlier rather than later.


Reward responsible behaviour with greater freedom.

If you have completed your PRC, you do NOT need to come and get a new password Congratulations Congratulations to the following students who have recently completed the challenge: Year 5: James Kornhaber We now have 77 students registered in this challenge with half already finished. Keep reading – you have until August! We have another Reading Challenge coming up in June so watch this space! Champion readers become Champion Learners! Challenge your friends – who can finish the challenge first? Participate in class challenges – which class will have 100% participation? Don’t forget you can still register – it’s not too late! The challenge does not finish until September. If you would like to participate and start reading, come into the library to get your username and password.

Primary News Parent-Teacher Interviews A letter has been sent home with your child today regarding booking a Parent-Teacher interview on Tuesday, 26 June. Bread ‘n’ Jam The next lunchtime concert (11:00-11:50am) is on Friday, 29 June in the High School Studio. The sign-up sheet is outside Mrs Donnelly’s room. Please write your name and act down by Tuesday, 26 June. All welcome! Unreturned Readers Kindy – Year 3 Every year a number of our readers go missing. This results in some reading groups not being able to have a reader for each student. There is also the cost in time and money to replace these individual readers. For this reason, students who do not bring their reader back when it is due will receive a reminder note to bring the reader the following day so it is then available to be accessed by other students. In the event the reader is not returned by the end of the week that the note went home, a second note will be sent home informing you the charge that will be added to your school fees account. This charge will be a standard $13 per unreturned reader to include cost of reader, postage and administration costs. Learn Circus Skills Students from 5-16 years of age can clown around in the holidays! JoJo’s Party Plus in Gosford will be running an action-packed workshop on July 5, in the school holidays. They will be teaching skills such as tight-rope walking, tumbling, stilt-walking, plate spinning, balancing and more! The workshop costs $40. Contact JoJo’s Party Plus on 4322 4418 for more information.

Primary Sport Racewalking On the weekend Sybella McKay competed in the National Federation Racewalking Cup in Canberra. In tough competition, against competitors from all over Australia, Sybella came 4th. She also received a gold medal for coming 1st in the teams event. Prime Minister’s Challenge The Prime Minister’s Challenge has commenced for primary students. Don’t forget to log on and receive points for your physical activity. You can include before school, during school or after school activities. Soccer & Netball Gala Days Due to rain, last weeks Soccer & Netball Gala day was postponed. The gala day has been moved to next Wednesday, 20 June. Permission notes will stay current. If you are unable to attend please contact Mr Davis ASAP. Coles Sports In Schools Yes it is back! Earlier this year we received a massive amount of sports equipment that went straight to the classrooms where the students and teachers could get the best use of it. We will be organising teachers in the next few weeks to begin collecting vouchers once they come into the stores. Athletics Carnival The Primary Athletics Carnival was held last week in an unusual day of good weather. With the inner oval closed, turbo-jav has been held here at school during this week. We will announce age champions and the champion house this Friday at assembly. Touch Football Coaches Needed We have a Touch Football Gala on 3 August. We have had an overwhelming response from students and an underwhelming response for coaches. We would like to take as many children as we can but we need somewhere in the order of a dozen parents to assist on the day. If you are able to help us out please contact Mr Davis at cdavis@ccas. or Mr Kosmeier at Year 5 & 6 Girls Basketball 3 on 3 For the next two Mondays we are running a fun 3 on 3 competition in the Sport Centre at lunch time. This is open for any year 5 & 6 girls who want to join in. Come have some fun and maybe even learn some new skills. Games start at 11:05am so come straight from class. Snow Sports The North NSW Snow Sports competition is being held on July 4 – 7 (1st week of holidays). Competition includes skiers and snowboarders over a variety of disciplines. All ages are catered for from Kindy to Year 12. If you are interested in being part of the school snow sports team please contact Mr Davis ASAP on or check out the snow sports website

Secondary News StormCo StormCo trips are a great opportunity to share love and friendship within communities. During the first week of the school holidays a team composed of school students from years 10 & 11, school staff and Haven Church members, will be taking a StormCo trip to Brewarrina, a remote rural community situated in far north NSW. The team will be running a kids club, helping out the local council with ongoing projects, as well as visiting local churches and the daycare centre. This Saturday, June 16, a special offering will be taken up at the Haven Church for StormCo. All of the money will go towards helping out the community. Please keep the StormCo team and the community of Brewarrina in your prayers over the coming weeks as they prepare for this exciting trip!

Secondary Sport Athletics Carnival Due to the weather, last weeks Secondary School Athletics Carnival was cancelled. Unfortunately, Mingara is booked out until the HRIS Carnival and other options have been ruled out with exam timetabling. Field events and 100m sprints will be held here at school in the next

Central Coast Adventist School

few weeks and longer track events will be selected from cross country events. This is not our preferred option, however we are trying to keep our HRIS team selection as equitable as possible. Athletics Training We will be holding athletics training on the school oval each Monday (weather depending) for any student Yrs 2- 12 interested in improving their athletics ability. The sessions will be from 3:00 – 4:00pm. Snow Sports The North NSW Snow Sports competition is being held on July 4 – 7 (1st week of holidays). Competition includes skiers and snowboarders over a variety of disciplines. All ages are catered for from Kindy to Year 12. Entries will be closed by next Wednesday. Any students who wish to enter must contact Mr Davis ASAP. AICES Cross Country Championships Last Thursday was a beautiful sunny day for the AICES Cross Country event at Macarthur Anglican College. We had 21 (from 27) students attend and compete representing HRIS. Five have qualified to attend the NSW CIS Cross Country Championships this week. We wish the following students well and hope for a dry day at Eastern Creek tomorrow: Vincent de Kock (Yr 7), Jess-Ellen Standen (Yr 9), Tom Lyons (Yr 9), Luke Lyons (Yr 12) and Hugh Grant (Yr 12). A huge congratulations go to Hugh who is the 18 Yrs AICES Champion after winning the whole race for his age group! HRIS Netball Gala Unfortunately this event has had to be postponed to Tuesday, 19 June. It will still be held in Newcastle. Our teams have been training for this event all term and so we pray for dry weather on Tuesday so we can see just how well they compete. HRIS Open Boys Soccer This event has unfortunately been cancelled and at this stage will not be held in 2012.

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14 June 2012  

Central Coast Adventist School newsletter

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