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The official newsletter of Central Coast Adventist School

2015 Enrolment


If you have a child due to start in PreKindy, Kindy or Year 7 in 2015 and have not lodged an Enrolment Application Form with the Admin Office, please do so ASAP. Enrolment procedures start midyear for these applicants and we do not want your child to miss out. If you can’t remember if you have lodged an application please contact Kim Ward in the Administration office. Enrolment Application Forms can be collected from the Admin Office or can be downloaded from the school website.

In this issue... • Campus News

• 2015 Enrolment • Library News

• Pathfinder News • Primary Sport

• Secondary News • Secondary Sport

• “Engage” Music Showcase

Central Coast Adventist School

Be an Architect ‘Ezra...brought the Law before...all who could hear with understanding.’ Nehemiah 8:2 NKJ

It’s hard to get anything great built if you’re determined to go it alone. We all need a team around us to achieve anything. However, it’s impossible to work well with others if you can’t give good, clear direction. Ed Rowell once said, ‘A dream is a better future in need of an architect who will show others how to make it a reality,’ which hits the nail on the head. Dreams and plans are great (when they’re from God), but they’re of no use if you can’t explain them out of your head and into the ears of others. That’s why you need to be an architect. You need to be under God’s direction and to be able to take your vision and draw it out, clearly, in order for others to understand it. If you can only communicate to

those helping you in a wishywashy way, you’ll get wishywashy support. People don’t give their best to something they can’t figure out. If people don’t have an in-focus goal to stare at, they’ll wander offcourse. 1 Corinthians 14:40 NKJ instructs us about our spiritual gifts: ‘Let all things be done decently and in order.’ That means that God wants us to be ordered and clear in our approach to making these dreams and visions reality. So, not only will people help you more, God will be behind you, helping you towards the goal. -

Memo from the Finance Office

Fee accounts for Term 2 are due by June 13 to make the payment. Payments after this date incur a $100 late fee. Families that are on a direct debit payment plan according to the Option Sheet, and their payments have all been honoured do not need to be concerned. If you want to confirm whether your payments are up to date or the amount needing to be paid please contact the Finance Office between 8.30am–3.30pm.

Tax Deductible Donations

Donations to the Schools Library Fund and Building Fund are tax deductible. To be able to process the donation within the timeframe donations would need to be made by the 26 June.

School Traffic and Kiss ‘n’ Drop


Parents and carers are reminded that the Kiss n’n Drop Zone out the front of the school is in operation right up until 9:15am each monring. Please DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended while the Kiss ‘n’ Drop Zone is operating. The roads around our campus are always incredibly busy both before and after school. We would like to again ask parents, carers and the broader school communityto note a couple of things: • When leaving the school grounds please look out for pedestrians and give way to them. • When exiting the school car park please be aware of trafic already travelling on Penrose Crescent and give way to these vehicles. • The school crossing supervisor is there to ensure the safety of our students. Please respect the important role these volunteers play in keeping our kids safe.

Library News

The library is open Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm. Primary students are only allowed in after school if supervised by a parent/carer. There is a Parent Library with helpful resources that can be loaned out. Any member of the school community can borrow from the library

Book Returns

All library books from Term 1should have been returned to the library. If you require any items longer please come

NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge

Keep reading everyone … many of you are getting close to completing your challenge. All students who complete the challenge will be awarded a certificate at assembly and a small prize. They will also receive a special certificate from the NSW Premier at the end of the year and all names will be published in the Sydney newspaper on an Honour Roll.

Scholastic Book Club

The latest Scholastic Book Club orders the children have received are due back at school on Monday, 16th June. This is a good opportunity to go through the magazine with your child and help them to be able to choose books that will broaden their understanding and help build their character. Remember, every book bought through Scholastic Book Club contributes to extra resources for your classroom.

Library Webpage

Have a look - follow the ‘Library’ link under ‘Current Students @



Campus News

in and let us know. Overdue lists were sent to the classrooms last week and many have returned their items – Thank you. Letters will be sent home in the next week for any outstanding items.

Pathfinder News

A huge ‘thank you’ to all our Pathfinders and parents who supported our community service activity on Saturday afternoon. The total for this year is yet to be advised and we will share this with you soon. So thank you Pathfinders … a lot of people will benefit as a result of your efforts. Well done! This coming weekend our Pathfinders, their dedicated Leaders together with some brave parents are off on the annual Pathfinder Expedition to spend some time in the great outdoors – becoming one with nature …. brrrrr. They are heading to a new location this year to enjoy the scenery and terrain near Spring Gully on the western side of the Goulburn River National Park. Please remember them in your prayers. We know they will all have a fantastic time of fellowship and bonding in God’s creation. We wish them all safe travels and a weekend free of incidents. If you need further information please contact our Club Secretary via email - Upcoming Dates to remember: 6-9 June NNSW Conference Expedition 26 July Club Night


Principal’s Update

MYSCHOOLS: testing, comparing and sharing – never what it seems.

Recent news articles and commentators in the media have given rise to a timely reminder for us to share in greater detail again Central Coast Adventist School’s relationship and attitudes towards NAPLAN and our overall academic journey for our students. We have always welcomed any data that provides another platform for internal review and development, such as NAPLAN and our HSC results. Annual review and analysis of this data, as well as other benchmark testing that we participate in, has always helped guide us and will do so into our future. Both Primary and Secondary Academic Committees annually use this data to develop and shape our yearly curricular plans and focus areas. In 2011 we noted 10 areas in need of consideration and review based on the NAPLAN data regarding Literacy and Numeracy. In 2012 it was reduced to 3. The results for 2013 show that out of the 20 areas assessed, our score averages are in the statistically similar or in advance of like schools, in 17 of the focus areas reported on. Persuasive writing at Year 9, grammar and punctuation at both Year 7 and Year 9 are the three areas highlighted as needing more specific attention. This indicates to us that the challenge to empower youth to communicate effectively in an age of texting, abbreviating and casual language use is ever present. Whilst comparison data abounds between schools, especially in the papers and at the coffee shop, we are most focused on ourselves. Statistically speaking, school demographics, purpose and ethos are so different, that local comparisons based purely on NAPLAN are difficult to substantiate. The MYSCHOOL website highlights this when explaining its ‘like school’ comparisons across the nation; the variables are significant and complex and are only a small portion of school success profiles. As an open enrolment school that does not rank enrolment opportunity based on academic performance; and because we also enroll statistically more students in need of assistance compared to many ‘peer’ schools, our statistical results can at times seem ‘softer’ than some people would expect of a private school. It is why statistics, whilst being helpful, don’t always tell the full story. Whilst we certainly do some practice for these tests in

preparation, we do not spend weeks teaching to these tests in order to stack results. Nor do we broadly prune, filter down and adjust who actually sits the tests. We focus on teaching to the whole curriculum, not just to the NAPLAN. Therefore, our results reflect a more broader sample group than many others. This in turn reflects our wholistic philosophy that we believe does not get full recognition until the HSC. Central Coast Adventist School stands by its long held belief that school education is a 13 year journey culminating at the point where a student leaves school to join the work force, continues their training or completes their HSC. We intentionally build towards this. As a non-selective and fully open enrolment school we remain committed to supporting all students in this journey, irrespective of academic ability. However, please be assured that we most assuredly and passionately strive for and desire academic excellence for all students in all facets of their academic journey to the highest level possible for them. We say this with absolute certainty because during our relative short senior schooling history since the year 2000, our senior class has had many, many graduates achieve university entrance scores well into the 90’s. The school has been in the top 200 HSC schools in the state on several occasions and has ranked for a central coast regional high, of 54th in the state; only the selective school has achieved better. Our DUX student each year is always a student who has achieved well into the 90 range and we have had DUX students achieve as high as 98.4. Despite these quality results, the school still annually reviews all HSC results, reviews all subject offerings and the subject line up structure each year in an effort to pursue best practice in all things HSC. The same attitude applied to NAPLAN is applied to the senior end as well. These results do not happen by chance and I honour the staff for their pursuit of supporting a students’ journey toward success. Architects, Police Officers, Nurses, Paramedics, Officers in the Armed Forces, Accountants, Hairdressers, Researchers, Small Business owners, Pilots – the list of our graduates achievements is significant; and as a dad with a son sitting the HSC this year and a daughter preparing for hers in year 10 at Central Coast Adventist School I have every confidence in our model. - Dean Bennetts


Primary News

Primary School Choir


A big thank you to the Primary Choir for their fabulous performance and exemplary behaviour at the Sydney Eisteddfod on Monday. Their singing not only brought enthusiastic cheers and loud applause from the other schools, but also earned them a high distinction mark in the K-6 choir category! The best comment made by the Adjudicator was “this choir believes and understands what they are singing about”, which reflected the beautiful and heartfelt way they sang “The Prayer”. Special thanks go to the staff and parents who came along to help, watch and support, you made the day run smoothly. Also a big thank you to Jillene Donnelly who has worked tirelessly with many aspects of the music arrangement and part singing, especially guiding Joel Ibbott with his drumming…what a great team! The Primary School Choir will be performing one of their Eisteddfod songs in the K-4 Primary Chapel coming up on Monday 23rd of June…stay tuned. - Samantha Ibbott

Primary Sport

Netball &Soccer Trials / Coaches

We will be having soccer and netball trials in the next 2 weeks and are looking for soccer and netball coaches to help out with our 3/4 and 5/6 teams. If you are interested please contact Mr Davis or Mr Kosmeier ASAP.

PSSA Soccer Championships

Harry Steele recently competed at the NSW PSSA Soccer Championships, which is the top level for NSW in school sports. Harry had a great competition and the CIS team came equal 1st in the final. Well done to Harry and we thank him for his representation of our school and association.

Parent Fitness Classes

Our morning fitness classes have been a great success for many mums, with Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays becoming very popular as a great way to start the day! Sessions are from 8-9:00am, and are meeting at the fitness studio in the sports centre to begin the sessions. The classes are run by “Fired Up Fitness” at a cost of $10 per session. If you are interested in coming along, please contact or

Athletics carnivals

Just a reminder that the Primary Athletics Carnival is on Wednesday 25th of June at Mingara Athletics Track. The High School Carnival is on Monday the 16th of June. Notes have come out this week with the details of the days.

Cross country training

We are finishing our cross country training this Friday with our last 7:50am run. This is for the HRIS team runners and anyone else who would like to improve their running.

Central Coast AFL

Our Year 6 teams played in the Central Coast Regional Final last week with both our teams having a great day. Our boys closely missed out on reaching the finals by count-back but our girls made it all the way to the Grand Final and were runners-up by only 6 points. We would like to thank the students for representing our school and all their efforts on the day.

Snow Sports

The North NSW Snow Sports competition is being held on July 2 – 5 (1st week of holidays). Competition includes Skiers and snowboarders over a variety of disciplines. All ages are catered for from Kindy to Year 12. If you are interested in being part of the school snow sports team please contact Mr Davis ASAP on cdavis@ccas. or check out the snow sports website http://


Frog Hollow Archery are offering lessons from 11am to 12pm on Sundays. You will need to register before hand as there is a limit on class sizes to 4 or 5. From ages 8 and up. The cost is $5 for school students and teachers and $10 for parents/adults. Contact


Secondary News

Engage 2014 Music Showcase

Engage 2014 is an opportunity to celebrate music within our Central Coast community in a relaxed ‘café-style’ environment. To kick off the night we will be hearing a few sets from past and present students of Central Coast Adventist School. This will include a broad range of genres from Jazz right through to Folk and Alternative. Some of the material will be original compositions from some of our talented past students. The headline act will be local artist Jacob Pearson. Jacob is a an extremely talented young vocalist and songwriter who I’m sure will impress you with his musical abilities. Tickets available on the CCAS website or at the door. Don’t miss out - get in quick and book yours! Hope to see you there! * Coffee & Cakes will be available for sale on the night. *

Super Fridayz

The next Super Fridayz event will be held at CCAS on Friday, 20 June. More information to follow.

Choir at Campus Church

The Secondary Choir will be singing at Campus Church on Saturday, 21 June. Everyone is invited.



We will be kicking off our Friday night youth event called IGNITE with a bonfire evening on Friday, August 1. More information to follow.

Secondary Sport

Well Done!

Elizajane Loader (Yr 10), following an outstanding performance for CIS on Monday this week, has been selected into the Open Girls NSW All School’s Basketball team. She will travel to Townsville in August to compete at the Nationals event and we wish her an incredible experience – CCAS is very proud of you Muffi!! Taylor Ferris (Yr 10), also represented CIS at the same tournament and played very well amongst some very tall, strong opposition players.


Last week 25 of our students competed in the AICES Cross Country at Cobbitty (south-west Sydney). The following students performed so well that they have

attained selection to represent AICES at the CIS Cross Country at Eastern Creek next week – Dylan Grant (Yr 12), Imogen McLoughlin (Yr 7) and special mention to Summer McShane-Cale (Yr 7) who won her 12 Yrs Girls race to be named the AICES Champion. Good-luck to all of you at CIS!

HRIS Netball Gala

This annual event is fast approaching and we have our teams sorted and looking forward to next week. Parents please ensure you check your emails for the online permission form. The bus leaves CCAS at 6:30am, please be on time.

HRIS Basketball Gala

Our basketball teams have been selected and are training in preparation for the 20th June when we will travel to Broadmeadow in Newcastle. Buses will depart CCAS at 6:45am. Please check your emails for the online permission form. We are hoping to have the same success as we had in 2013, when CCAS won all 4 divisions at the Gala day.

CCAS Athletics Carnival

We have less than 2 weeks till our Secondary Athletics Carnival. It will be held at the Mingara Centre and CCAS will be providing buses that will begin to leave the school by 8:20am. The first event – the 1500m – will kick off the carnival at 8:30am, so students hoping to take part will need to make their own way to the track early.

Central Coast Adventist School

5 June 2014  

Central Coast Adventist School newsletter