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Central Coast Art Association

Volume 110, Issue 8, SEPTEMBER, 2011 CCAA CALENDAR


OUR MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Next meeting: Monday, September 26th. General meeting is 7:00 P.M. to 9 P.M. (Board meeting is at 6:00 P.M) The Monterey Youth Center - 646-3873

Our demo artist was Peter Plamondon.

777 Pearl St., Monterey (Dennis the Menace Park)

PROGRAM FOR SEPTEMBER Our demo artist will be local artist Jane Flury. Jane has been painting on the Monterey Peninsula over 30 years and has been teaching art over 15 years. She paints plein air as well as studio work and botanical illustration in watercolor and oils. She has taught art to all grade levels but loves the beginning adult artist. "They are so open to learning and it is a joy to teach them. They are so appreciative." Jane also is active as a volunteer at the Pacific Grove Art Center and serves as their vice-president. Our showcase artist will be Charles Pifer. Charles is happily retired in Carmel and greatly enjoying the challenge of abstract painting. “I approach every canvas without a pre-conceived idea of what I want to create. Some of my works are playful and obvious, while others, more complex, stimulate the imagination to look for some image resolution!” Judy Riley will be leaving her job as Treasurer of CCAA after 6 years of faithful service. She not only did an outstanding job with our books, but she volunteered to do many other jobs. Judy is a painter, a potter and a friend. We will miss her but know we will see her at the meetings!!

Peter is a member of Winfield Gallery in Carmel and the Carmel Art Association. He brought to the demo part of his European collection of 100 year old clay pots for a still life. They had been made by hand on a potter's wheel. He has a Zen for the people who made them. Peter has done 56 paintings of pots. He had his stretched canvas, cotton duck, gessoed and sanded. First he established the center and measured every aspect of the still life and roughly sketched it out on the canvas. He puts in his darks first, outlines in dark gray or umber - puts an acrylic wash over his sketches. It can take 2-3 days to sketch out a painting and a week to paint.

George Riley was our showcase artist at the last meeting. He told us that he is a political activist and his paintings portray the man who earns his living through physical labor. His paintings are out of respect and admiration for their hard work. His images are from a combination of photographs and observations. His images are very thought provoking and the deep colors reflect the feelings of the subjects. CCAA Member Harry Wareham is a watercolorist who is interested in coordinating a group to paint and be a point of contact for other groups. Contact Harry at 3722841 or The next series of Watercolor Classes begins on Thursday, September 8 - Oct 27, (no class Oct 6 & 13) 9:30-12:30, 6 weeks -$125. Contact Deborah Russell at or 831-920-8130 The CCAA Juried Show at Sally Griffin Senior Center winners are: 1st Place – Rick Steres, 2nd Place Sung Woo Kim, 3rd Place - Thomas Hawley and Honorable Mention, Carole Klein. A big thank you from Jan Scott to Carole Klein, Harry Wareham, and Kathy Macdonald for helping with the


CCAA COMMUNITY DISPLAYS ▪ Pebble Beach Post Office  Sept – Thomas Hawley  Oct – Laura Lockett  Nov – Rod Parmley  Dec – Jane Flury The Pebble Beach calendar is open for next year. January and July are the only two months taken. ▪ Sally Griffin Senior Center  Sept 2 – Nov 4, CCAA All Member Show  Nov 4 – Jan 6, CCAA Board Group Show, “Stepping up to the Palette” The SG Senior Center has openings Mar 2 to May 4, and July 6 to Sept 7. Call Jan Scott (373-2019), our community display contact, to arrange shows. If you are having a reception, send JPEG pictures and information to the Herald two weeks before the event.

Judy and George Riley each sold a painting at the Post Office in July. The tabletop library will be set up at the next meeting …. learning DVDs and „how to‟ books for different media will be available. Cheryl Kampe will help you with this. Deborah Russell will need the deposit for the CCAA Bob Burridge workshops by Nov 1st. The cost is $225 for each three-day class for members and $250 for non-members. Make the check out to CCAA.

The Monterey County Fair Visual Arts Awards for 2011 went to several CCAA members. Best of Show winner was Deborah Russell. Other winners were Terrence Zito, Kathleen Macdonald, Judith Parham, Carole Klein, Darlene Berry and Judy Riley.


We are on Facebook! There are two ways to get onto our site. If you are a facebook member, when logged in, enter CENTRAL COAST ART ASSOCIATION under SEARCH and you are there. If you are not a member, Google „FACEBOOK‟. When you get a login page, ignore the login and enter CENTRAL COAST ART ASSOCIATION in the search box. Post your most recent painting and read the latest newsletter.

CCAA MEMBERSHIP This will be the last newsletter you receive if your dues aren't up to date. For those who want to receive their newsletter in the mail, the cost will be $30.00. Check your address label and it will have the date you paid your dues last. If you want your newsletter emailed the cost is $25.00 and I will send an email list of those members who are paid up. To mail in your dues, send your check to: Central Coast Art Association, P. O. Box 102, Pacific Grove, CA 93950.

Welcome New Members: Tomi Benjamin and Steve Clark and welcome to our new Treasurer, Dorothy Stonely – will tell you about Dorothy in the next issue. Mark your calendar for future CCAA meetings: SEPT 26, OCT 24, NOV 28. CCAA OFFICERS & COMMITTEE CHAIRS President Vice President Rec Secretary Corr Secretary Display/Exhibitions Hospitality Lending Library Membership/Editor Programs Publicity Showcase Artist Treasurer

Shirley Moffitt - 384-6681 Leela Marcum – 642-0260 Judy Giordano – 277-8388 Julie Heilman – 917-0009 Jan Scott – 373-2019 Darlene Berry – 626-2812 Cheryl Kampe – 333-9633 Carole Klein – 333-1943 Deborah Russell – 620-0284 Maria Poroy – 641-9940 Leela Marcum – 642-0260 Dorothy Stonely - 633-3006