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Palette Volume 112, Issue 1,

Central Coast Art Association JANUARY 2012

CCAA CALENDAR OUR MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Next meeting: Monday, January 23th General meeting is 7:00 P.M. to 9 P.M. (Board meeting is at 6:00 P.M) The Monterey Youth Center - 646-3873 777 Pearl St., Monterey (Dennis the Menace Park)

PROGRAM FOR JANUARY Our demo artist will be local artist Jan Wagstaff. Statement 2011 Jan Wagstaff I draw inspiration from the beauty and mystery of the natural world. Life cycles and seasons influence what I choose to focus on. As an artist, I am interested in looking at and representing that which surrounds me. The landscapes, in its many forms, stimulate the senses, the smell, sight and hearing. What attracts me to a subject matter might come through one or more of these senses. Several years ago, I started to paint images of various bodies of water and the plant life that accompanies it. This evolved into a study of local grasses, both native and invasive species. The grasses became visual walls and screens because of the lushness of their growth in certain years. What continues to interest me is that these plants and grasses invite the viewer to look closely and to observe shape, color, smell and the light play on them. I revisit subject matter and places regularly, to view them from new perspectives. As I change, so do they. Mark your calendar for future CCAA meetings: Jan 23, Feb 27, Mar 26, Apr 23, May 28, June 25, Aug 27, Sept 24, Oct 22 and Nov 26.

NOVEMBER MEETING Our demo artist was Jeff Daniel Smith. Impressionism and Expressionism - has to do with spontaneity. His work is representational, but uses abstraction to inform his work - works with thumbnail sketches that sparks images in his mind - doesn't draw on canvas, but just begins painting from either a thumbnail sketch or sometimes a photograph. For composition, crop your photo to what you like or just capture a mood. You can reuse same photo again using a different palette and different mood. He uses a dynamic perspective - looking up or down at subject - what is at eye level doesn't have to be in the painting. Prefers to use square canvases - vertical subject is harder to justify - our eyes are used to seeing horizontally. Likes large filbert brushes, large flat brushes and some rounds. Usually does not varnish his work - walnut oil will keep painting glossy. Sometimes begins painting with a few lines or blocks in colors, loves symbolism and attaches meaning to the images that can add a depth and dynamics to the work. Uses a small palette, primaries red, yellow, blue and sometimes a split primary - 2 of each primary. A painting is a group of relationships, lines, edges, shapes, proportion of dark to light - more of one than the other, reacting as you are painting - what is the painting about? Color? Light? Light and dark? Shapes? Mood, feelings and emotions are not always clear cut - listen to yourself and develop your own direction. Doesn’t over mix color, doing some mixing directly on canvas, adjusting color as he goes, works in basic color relationships and shapes, saving the mud leftover from one painting to work into his next painting. Working expressive is more poetic! Likes to work quickly in a spontaneous manner, getting feeling of sunlight and interpreting color not trying to be exact, value relationships keep him on track.

(Thank you Deborah Russell for taking notes and pics!!) Harry Wareham is the point of contact for the Sally Griffin Senior Center workshop on Fridays, 15 pm for anyone who wants to use it for their art projects. It’s a free-form and hopefully evolving class. Harry’s phone number is: 831 372-2841 or email him at

CCAA COMMUNITY DISPLAYS ▪ Pebble Beach Post Office          

Jan – Terrence Zito Feb – Steve Clark Mar – Rose Mary Ullmann April – Rick Steres May – Judith Parham June – Dorothy Stonely July – Greg Hanlon Sept – Sung Woo Kim Oct – Mahlon Coleman Dec – Carole Klein

The Pebble Beach calendar is open next year in August and November. ▪ Sally Griffin Senior Center  Jan 6 to March 2, Terrence Zito – solo  Mar 2 to May 4, Sung Woo Kim, Laura Lockett  May 4 to July 6, Youth Arts Collective  July 6 to Sept 7, Jean-Marie and Bernie Ferrara  Sept 7 to Nov 2, Harry Wareham, Jan Scott, Jane Flury  Nov 2 to Jan 2, 2013 All Member Show The SG Senior Center has available space in March-May for one person to join Laura Lockett and Sung Woo Kim. Call Jan Scott (373-2019), our community display contact, to arrange shows. If you are having a reception, send JPEG pictures and information to the Herald two weeks before the event. At the Sally Griffin All Member Show in December Jan Scott sold 4 paintings, Dorothy Stonely and Darlene Berry each sold a painting. Also, so far, Terrence Zito, who is exhibiting now, has sold 12 paintings!!!!!


There are two ways to get onto our Facebook site. If you are a Facebook member, when logged in, enter CENTRAL COAST ART ASSOCIATION under SEARCH and you are there. If you are not a member, Google ‘FACEBOOK’. When you get a login page ignore the login and enter CENTRAL COAST ART ASSOCIATION in the search box. Post your most recent painting and read the latest newsletter.

CCAA MEMBERSHIP The CCAA newsletter will only be available in email form for $25.00. If you need to have it mailed, the dues will be $30 a year. Central Coast Art Association P. O. Box 102 Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Welcome New Member Thoeni-Bence! The tabletop library will be set up at the next meeting …. learning DVDs and ‘how to’ books for different media will be available. Bring in your old material for us to share. Cheryl Kampe will help you with this. CCAA OFFICERS & COMMITTEE CHAIRS President Vice President Rec Secretary Corr Secretary Community Display Exhibitions Hospitality Lending Library Membership/Editor Programs Publicity Treasurer

Shirley Moffitt - 384-6681 Leela Marcum – 642-0260 Judy Giordano – 277-8388 Julie Heilman – 917-0009 Jan Scott – 373-2019 Jan Scott – 373-2019 Darlene Berry – 626-2812 Cheryl Kampe – 333-9633 Carole Klein – 333-1943 Deborah Russell – 620-0284 Maria Poroy – 641-9940 Dorothy Stonely – 633-3006