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Fig 20. Two kudu, a tree and an infubulated man carrying ?sticks (Matopo)

Trees are also commonly depicted with animals, especially kudu, giraffe, and tsessebe or hartebeest (Figs 6, 20, Appendix 1 Figs 1.1, 1.12) and people (Figs 19, 22). In the art, these antelope stand or lie down underneath trees, or browse on their branches (Walker 1996: 71; Coulson & Campbell 2000: 92). In the Drakensberg two panels depict similar contexts, showing eland browsing on tree branches (Willcox 1956: fig. 18; also images in RARI Archives). In some complex panels trees or plants are depicted growing on formlings or on lines that join with formlings (Fig. 1, Appendix 1 Fig. 1.1; also Goodall 1959: plate 8). In some panels, ovoid formlings are conflated with bulbous plants that have sprouts at the top and roots at the base (Appendix 1 Fig. 1.17). In one case, to which I now

Continuity and change in San belief and ritual  

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