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My comic

made by Albert PĂŠrez

How I made ​the comic? I used a website called ‘’Bitstrips’’

What I want to explain The consecuences of using phones today.

He says goodnight to his mobile

It is morning and he is about to wake up

He wakes up happy

Marta is talking to him on the phone

He believes that Marta wants to meet him

He is going to meet her this afternoon

On his way

But he left his mobile phone at home

He is running home to get his mobile

He decides he prefers to stay at home because there is wifi and he has his mobile

OBJECTIVE: My goal is to reflect on the importance that nowadays people give to their mobile phones.

CONCLUSION: Some kind of people prefer to be with the mobile phone at home than go out for a walk with a friend.

Comic - Albert Pérez 4E Standard  
Comic - Albert Pérez 4E Standard