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Client: House of Liza Creative Director: kissmiklos Designer: kissmiklos Photography: Jonhaton Griggs

Description:I wanted to create a strong concept that would reflect the ethos of House of Liza. My starting point based on the unusual yet simple and effective display system and the vast, white shop with clean lines and a contemporary feel, clothes displayed on a series of lined coat hangers hanging from the ceiling. I know that the new visual identity has to be as elegant, fashionable and as strong as the new venue. One of the basic elements of the interior design is the coat hanger reflecting fashion and vintage and the shape of the logo recalls the name plates of old shops as it also shows the place of operation.

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A store that you can caress. The founders decided to make use of the little space they had, and established a 12 m2 showroom. The parlour was modelled on the Salon in Paris, that is why it is named Salon1. The only difference is that we framed designer clothes on the wall instead of contemporary paintings.?To emphasize elegance and style, the interior is painted white, and the exterior is covered with artificial black fur. This soft surface not only compels the attention of the passersby making them want to touch it, but it also reminds them of velvet, which was the favourite material of the 17th century. Also the number in the name of the shop symbolizes uniqueness highlighting its prominence: the items are one-off made of first-class material (silk, merino wool, leather, and self-printed fabric), and are available directly from the designers. They are not part of mass production, but the results of precise and thorough needlework or were made only once at the exclusive request of Salon1. The basic idea behind the establishment of the showroom was to make people experience the feeling of ’now or never’ that attracts them into the second-hand and vintage shops when seeing the one of a kind treasures. There are no huge selections of sizes, but it is a mistake to assume that only models can find stylish clothes here. Obviously, luck plays an important part, and it is highly recommended to stalk the prey as soon as possible, as they do not have sales for a long time. Instead, they offer something new every week. Nowadays more and more people share the idea of ‘no more fashion victims’ for various reasons. First of all it is essential to emphasize originality as high street fashion is often overrated, and instead of convulsively following the latest trends, they consider fashion as a game. On the other hand, they reject clothes made under exploiting circumstances in multinational clothing factories that might use child labour, and in protest, they choose financially viable items that are competitive against mass products.?Taking the above concepts into account, they managed to create a showroom to support young talented designers and introduce smaller brands, which are sometimes considered underground.” (Fanni Kovács, owner)

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Description:Necon Creative Agency has completed a comprehensive corporate identity design for the Europejskiego Centrum Podatkowe. Apart from making of brand book, one of the agency's tasks was to prepare the creation of a communication system in the place of business. Necon also completed the overall design of company's website.

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Title: Federal Pointe Inn Client: Monahan Partnership Design Director: kissmiklos Photography: kissmiklos Description:

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The Monahan Partnership transformed the Meade School building, located at 75 Springs Avenue in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, into the Federal Pointe Inn. This proposed 18 suite luxury inn will provide guests with a unique and historic boutique experience. This experience will include a focus on the highest quality of comfort and services. Guests will receive the finest hospitality with a very personal touch, thus setting the mood for a wonderful overnight experience in Gettysburg. I had to create a luxury and historical logotype and identity, which keep in mind the Battle of Gettysburg, and the 19th century’s style.

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Description:Brand creation for the manufacturer of furniture Priori Manufaktura. Necon designed the trademark, a set of corporate materials and was responsible for the complex design and implementation of the website, which was based entirely on the latest available encryption technology - HTML 5, CSS 3 and jQuery. Priori prestigious products have a unique design, high quality workmanship, innovative, modern and so far unparalleled combination of materials in the furniture industry: natural stone, exotic hardwoods and veneers using the latest backlight LED technology.

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