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Congregation Beth Yeshurun Houston March 2017

Happy Purim! 1

The challenge of Passover is not only in preparing and planning all the food, but even more importantly, in finding people to share our sedarim. Sometimes we are afraid to ask people we don’t really know, but at Passover we should squash such fears. If there is any holiday that encourages us to welcome strangers, it is Pesah with its call to “remember the stranger for you were once a stranger in the land of Egypt.” Go ahead. Ask. Perhaps you have 12 people coming to your seder but know you can easily seat two more. Is there a couple you’ve seen in shul or at the gym that is possibly going to be alone? Wouldn’t an invitation be a beautiful thing—for them and for you? Or perhaps your sedarim have been family affairs, just you and your kids. How much more interesting might a seder be if you included another family and created a more diverse experience? Do you know a family like your own that has no one else here in Houston? Maybe there is a new Jewish family in town or in your child’s school. Wouldn’t this be a great way to welcome them to our community? The truth is, there are so many among us who would welcome an invitation from a nice person like you. And if you’re alone and always have your seder by yourself, why not let Passover be the impetus to reach out and welcome a guest? Let us give new meaning to the opening words of the Haggadah: “Let all who are hungry come and eat.” Marcie and my family joins with me in wishing you a Kosher and Sweet Pesah!

From the Rabbi Rabbi David Rosen Welcoming the stranger I was a rabbi for 16 years before I had the good fortune of coming home to Houston and Beth Yeshurun. Those 16 years were spent in lovely places, but sadly, places where we had no family nearby. Of course, lacking family did not mean we didn’t celebrate Passover each year. We had to improvise, which usually meant getting together with others who were similarly “displaced.” If often meant inviting people we didn’t know but, like us, had no family nearby. Amazingly, though we missed our families, we never had a seder that was anything but wonderful. Passover, we discovered, was not just about being with family; it was about creating family as well. And each year, as we looked around our seder table, we came to dearly value what Passover encouraged us to do for others, and what others so beautifully brought to our sedarim. We were never alone at Passover, but it always took a bit of effort to make it so. It meant getting on the phone and calling people, sometimes complete strangers. It meant listening to people when they spoke to us; did they mention being from out of town or having no family nearby? It felt so good when we picked up on these verbal signals and could respond, “We’d love to have you come to our home for seder.”

We Value Our Members Beth Yeshurun is a community institution with a vital mission: to offer spiritual experiences that inspire and uplift all ages, to educate children and adults, and to provide a setting in which Judaism can be joyously lived and experienced.

Congregation Beth Yeshurun

Interested in Joining? Our synagogue welcomes people of the Jewish faith and their families to make Beth Yeshurun their spiritual home. Mindi Stern, our Director of Member Relations, (713.666.1881) is here to welcome everyone interested in becoming part of our beautiful congregational family.

The Message Vol. LII, No. 8

Do You Have a Question about Your Membership? Members who may have special needs, whose family situations have changed or who have questions about their membership in the synagogue will find a responsive and empathetic ear by arranging a visit with Mindi Stern, our Director of Member Relations, (713.666.1881).

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Shabbat Services

Chapel Services Wednesday, 3/1/2017: 7:00am - 5:30pm Thursday, 3/2/2017: 7:00am - 5:30pm Friday, 3/3/2017: 7:00am - 5:30pm Saturday, 3/4/2017: 8:30am - 5:45pm Sunday, 3/5/2017: 8:00am - 5:30pm Monday, 3/6/2017: 7:00am - 5:30pm Tuesday, 3/7/2017: 7:00am - 5:30pm Wednesday, 3/8/2017: 7:00am - 5:30pm Thursday, 3/9/2017: 7:00am - 5:30pm Friday, 3/10/2017: 7:00am - 5:30pm Saturday, 3/11/2017: 8:30am - 6:00pm Sunday, 3/12/2017: 8:00am - 6:30pm Monday, 3/13/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Tuesday, 3/14/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Wednesday, 3/15/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Thursday, 3/16/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Friday, 3/17/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Saturday, 3/18/2017: 8:30am - 7:00pm Sunday, 3/19/2017: 8:00am - 6:30pm Monday, 3/20/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Tuesday, 3/21/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Wednesday, 3/22/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Thursday, 3/23/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Friday, 3/24/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Saturday, 3/25/2017: 8:30am - 7:00pm Sunday, 3/26/2017: 8:00am - 6:30pm Monday, 3/27/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Tuesday, 3/28/2017: 6:45am - 6:30pm Wednesday, 3/29/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Thursday, 3/30/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm Friday, 3/31/2017: 7:00am - 6:30pm

FRIDAY, MARCH 3 - Candlelighting Time 6:05pm 5:30pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal - with the Cowan & Kalmin Families SATURDAY, MARCH 4 - Parashat Terumah 8:30am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:00am Jr. Congregation 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service - B’not Mitzvah: Abby Cowan & Sophie Kalmin 5:45pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel FRIDAY, MARCH 10 - Candle lighting Time 6:09pm 5:30pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:00pm Our New Shabbat Shelanu! SATURDAY, MARCH 11 - Parashat Tetzaveh - Shabbat Zachor 8:30am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service 6:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel Erev Purim - see back page for Megillah Readings Schedule SUNDAY, MARCH 12 - Purim 8:00am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:30pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel FRIDAY, MARCH 17 - Candlelighting Time 7:14pm 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal - with the Gibbs Families 6:30pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel SATURDAY, MARCH 18 - Parashat Ki Tisa - Shabbat Parah 8:30am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service - B’nai Mitzvah: Ellie Gibbs & Spencer Gibbs 7:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel FRIDAY, MARCH 24 - Candlelighting Time 7:18pm 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal - with the Grossman & Sherman Families 6:30pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel SATURDAY, MARCH 25 - Parashat Vayakhel - Pekudei Shabbat HaChodesh 8:30am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:00am Jr. Congregation 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service - B’nai Mitzvah: Elan Grossman & Joshua Sherman 7:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel FRIDAY, MARCH 31 - Candlelighting Time 7:22pm 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal - with the Dauber Family 6:30pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel SATURDAY, APRIL 1 - Parashat Vayikra 8:30am Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:00am Jr. Congregation 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service - Bat Mitzvah: Lauren Dauber 7:00pm Shabbat Service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel


T WO THOUSAND SEVENTEEN BETH YESHURUN DAY SCHOOL GAL A wednesday, march 29, 2017 6:30pm development@



Shabbat in the Park! Carlebach-style service now Kol Rinah





Our special every-other-month Kabbalat Shabbat service in the Greenfield Chapel, originally dubbed Carlebach-style, is now named Kol Rinah, Joyful Song. With easy-to-learn, uplifting and inspiring tunes that come from a wide variety of sources, “Kol Rinah” expresses more about what we are doing and how we hope to inspire those who join us. Our next service will be on March 17. Afterwards, there will be another delicious Shabbat dinner and a talk by Rabbi Steven Morgen on “The Ten Commandments of Civility in Public Discourse”. Please register by Monday, March 13! Join us in the Chapel for our March 17 Kol Rinah service!

Join us at the Bellaire Pavilion (behind the Bellaire Rec Center) For a Shabbat celebration! Bring your blankets and chairs and food for your family Schmooze and relax as we welcome Shabbat With Rabbi Brian Strauss and Song Leader Kari Saratovsky Open to all ages and to the community.

March 24th March 25th

5:30 Schmooze 6:00 Service

The Family Life Program sponsored a clean up of the school's Early Childhood gardens in honor of Tu B'Shevat. Parents and kids came together to clean up, weed, plant herb seeds, and mulch. The kids of the Preschool now have the opportunity to care for the garden and watch it grow. If you would like to participate in any of our programs for families with young children, please contact Jennifer Rosenzweig or Rabbi Brian Strauss and watch the Message and the Happenings for upcoming events.

nk you to all who joined January 30th for our addy Daughter Event.

r DJ and professional ncers kept everyone ng and our photo booth e everyone a chance to e silly and have fun.

Moms, you will get a ance to have fun with your boys in April!

Would you like to write fewer checks? Here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss: Direct Debit for Dues Payments Through ACH (Automated Clearing House) Look for details in your statement or contact the Synagogue Office at (713) 666-1881! 6

All ages are welcome to share the last taste of hametz before Passover! Join us for hot dogs, fun, and a BELLAIRE FIRE TRUCK (to watch us burn our hametz)! This event is FREE! Climb on the firetruck! Inflatable play for kids! Bring a little bread from home to burn!

Sunday, April 9, 2017 5:00pm - 6:30pm Kindly RSVP at for catering purposes


Israel. Join us for a discussion about these claims and compare them to the

Bill Brown will complete his 30th year of broadcasting for 2016 – 2017 genetic record. Bennett Greenspan fellow Beth Yeshurunformember and the Houston Astrosisina2016. He was a broadcaster seven 15TH YEAR the President of Familyyears forDNA the Cincinnati Reds from 1976-82, givingHe himisaalso the Tree ( total of 37 years of broadcasting in major league baseball.

author of the book, "History Unearthed Daily." He writes and speaks widely

100 Jewish Men is a group of men dedicated to improving themselves Brown has been in sports broadcasting for 42 years and in broadcasting for about and Brown genealogy. Are you praying ALL the time? 47 years. has been inducted into the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame. He and each other as men, fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, friends and DNA was voted Sportscaster of the Year in Texas in 2014. He has also been Jews. Through controversial, thought-provoking speakers and small inducted into theWednesday, Houston Astros Wall of Honor. Brown served in the U.S. December 7, 2016 group discussions, we will explore what usually remains unspoken in To some Jews, it must seem as if Army for two years and is a Vietnam veteran. He and his wife Dianne have Surviving an Active Shooter Attack men’s lives at at home. have an incredible year planned we pray allwork theand time. WhenWe the rabbis been married for 47 years. The Browns have been involved as co-chair (Bill) and we hope you choose to be part of it. All programs at CBY unless stipulated that a person should say at Houston Police Department is pleased to present to and silent auctionThe chairman (Dianne) of the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation's indicated least a otherwise. hundred berakhot every day, they Salute to Our Heroes for Houston nine years. an Brown is active as an emcee the fundraiser citizens of informative hour and a half Allweren’t dinnerskidding. - 6:30 pmAmong followed by programs at 7:00 pm in the Houston area for several charity events. He is a resident of Cypress, them, the Talmud

seminar which provides you the tools with which you

Texas. stipulates that “upon Wednesday, standing up straight, may significantly increase your odds of surviving either an Active Shooter or September 16, 2016 one should say: ‘Blessed who Re-scheduled for Wednesday, 2017 on such Wednesday, 15, 2017areMarch From Fireis to He Water Terrorist Attack. In a world whereFebruary your thoughts rarely 1, focused releases the bound.’” Just for standing Rabbi Horwitz An evening with Walter Cunningham Gilbert Tuhabonye with topics, proven, common sense instruction by experienced professionals will up? What do you doGilbert for something really Best known as America's second civilian astronaut, on grew up in the Burundian countryside, significantly increase your odds of surviving an Active Shooter or Terrorist. special? True, it is special you are and stuck in a wheelchair, but October 11, 1968, Walter Cunningham occupied the lunar racingifhis friends chasing cows on his family Much of the information is cutting edge and designed byofthe Houston module pilot seat for the eleven-day flight Apollo - the Police farm.of Heus went on to becomesay the 400 andwords 800 that is not true for most who actually these first manned flight test of the third generation United meter national champion by his junior year in high school. Shortly Department, a law enforcement pioneer in this area. As of January 2015 over among the opening blessings in the synagogue service. States spacecraft. thereafter, he became one of many victims of the Burundian Civil War. 28,000 citizens of Houston have received this empowering training. Stephen During a football game, people may cheer when someone Gilbert was burned, tortured and witnessed mass genocide. He A former fighter pilot, Col. USMCR-Retired physicist, currently, Mr. on their team knocks someone down...and usually, they cheer the HPD Senior Community Liaison, will serve as our trainer. Mr. miraculously survived. Gilbert turned his anger into forgiveness and a Daniel, desire is a successful businessman, investor and director of numerous forbeloved this than whenamong the player whopoorest is knocked down gets isCunningham Daniel continually researching and developing tactics which citizens may to more make his Burundi, the world’s countries, a better public and private companies. He is author of The All American Boys, the This ratheraccess gladiatorial approach is precisely the life opposite place providing to clean water. Gilbert’s extraordinary employ human in order to survive Active assault. He and works closely with side of the space an program. HeShooter is a radio talk show host frequent of the Jewish way. “Let’s it for the Holy One, gives experiences, unwavering spirit, hear and genuine compassion for who others makeus the Houston SWAT teamthe inUnited orderStates, to present most lecturer throughout Europe the and Asia. Heviable is a civicadvice leader, possible him a fascinating the means toand getentertaining up and on motivational our feet, allspeaker. the time.” No cheering, is listed inMr. all major Who's Whoapublications andActive is a recipient of numerous to the citizens. Daniel brings passion for Shooter training as well actually, just Wednesday, a simple blessing, among a hundred each day. national and international honors. November 9, 2016 as over 35 years of experience in security/law enforcement. And even if yesterday knocked you down, you know that today, The DNA of the Jewish People Sunday, April 2017 God will be with you, Greenspan and give you the means to get up once WWW.BETHYESHURUN Bennett Register online at Passover .ORG Men’s Model Seder at again, until the game in is the over. Beginning 1970’s, many books and articles were or mailUnited the registration along with a check Orthodox Synagogues led by Join us inwritten the Greenfield Chapel to giveJews. thanks for all the on the origins of Ashkenazi Some Straussby & September Rabbi Barry Gelman made out to Rabbi Beth Brian Yeshurun, 16, 2016 to: hypothesized simple blessings of life. that Ashkenazi Jews descended from an We will- explore what it means to be a Jewish man today Rabbi Brian Strauss 4525 Beechnut - Houston, TX 77096 Eastern European kingdom that converted to Judaism en masse in the 8th as we come together with our friends at for UOSNon-CBY to eat, laugh, and share our $110 for CBY Members/$150 Members century, thereby discrediting the Jewish people’sRabbi connection to the land of Daniel Horwitz stories. A night of fraternity and brotherhood mixed with a little matzah, *Financial Assistance is available - please contact Rabbi Strauss Israel. Join us for a discussion about these claims and compare them to the beer, and steak! Together we’ll celebrate our freedom, as Jews and as men! And we will learn how to lead an enjoyable and meaningful Seder just in time for Passover!

genetic record. Bennett Greenspan is a fellow Beth Yeshurun member and the President of Family Tree DNA ( He is also the author of the book, "History Unearthed Daily." He writes and speaks widely about DNA and genealogy.

What’s Happening in the William S. Malev Schools for Religious Studies Wednesday, December 7, 2016

RS 4th Grade Family Havdalah

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at Genesis Steahouse

Fourth grade Religious School came together for a Making Every Dayfamilies Count with Joel Roffman beautiful family InHavdalah as the culmination of the fourth an engaging, moving and inspirational talk, Dr. graders’ completion of takes a unit on Havdalah. had the Roffman us through his battleThey with cancer - from opportunity to diagnosis show their families and theInspired rabbisby the to treatment to recovery. Jewish teachings, Dr. Roffman’s applies spice not onlyboxes, to cancer blessings they had learned and thestory beautiful but also to many of life’scandle everydayholders, struggles. and “Chemotherapy enabled me to Havdalah candles, Kiddush cups they live; taught me how,” he says. A cardiologist near Dallas, Dr. Roffman hadJudaism created. Rabbi Rosen and Rabbi Morgen joined the and his wifeand haveteachers been married years. He is active inand his shul and is an families for aforty beautiful Havdalah dinner.

Surviving an Active Shooter Attack

RS Kindergarten Welcomes Guests The Houston Police Department is pleased to present to

the citizens of Houston an informative hour and a half

In conjunction with thewhich Kindergarten Religious class seminar provides you the tools School with which you learning about the your storyodds of Abraham welcoming may significantly increase of survivingand eitherSarah an Active Shooter or guests into In their home, the Kindergarten students Terrorist Attack. a world where your thoughts are rarely focusedinvited on such theirproven, parents or other special guests to joinprofessionals them for will a topics, common sense instruction by experienced significantly increase at your odds of surviving Active Shooter or Terrorist. special project Religious School.anThe students and their Much of themade information is cutting edge and enjoyed designed by the Houston Police guests welcome mats and snacks together. Department, law enforcement pioneer this area. together. As of January 2015 over Everyonea seemed to have a funinmorning

avid photographer and cyclist.

28,000 citizens of Houston have received this empowering training. Stephen Daniel, the HPD Senior Community Liaison, will serve as our trainer. Mr. Daniel is continually researching and developing tactics which citizens may employ in order to survive an Active Shooter assault. He works closely with the Houston SWAT team in order to present the most viable advice possible to the citizens. Mr. Daniel brings a passion for Active Shooter training as well as over 35 years of experience in security/law enforcement.

100 Jewish Men Member Registration Form 2016-2017 Mr. Dr. Name: ___________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________ City, Zip: __________________________________________________

Register online at WWW.BETHYESHURUN.ORG or mail the registration along with a check made out to Beth Yeshurun, by September 16, 2016 to: Rabbi Brian Strauss - 4525 Beechnut - Houston, TX 77096 $110 for CBY Members/$150 for Non-CBY Members *Financial Assistance is available - please contact Rabbi Strauss

Contact Phone Number: _____________________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________________________ Scholarship Donation: ___________________________________

Fourth grade students pictured with Rabbi Rosen and Rabbi Morgen at the end of Havdalah are (left to right): front row: Moriah Meicler, Josh Hiller, Max Frankel, Bennett Grossman, Kate Kaminsky, and Sophie Grosman; back row: Eli Grosser, Bailey Goldstein, Daphne Kaufman, and Emery Goldstein.

Kindergarten student Benjamin Luks and his father David show the welcome mat that they created.



CBY searching for a new assistant rabbi I’m very pleased to let you all know that the Board of Trustees has approved the hiring of a new, young Assistant Rabbi to begin his or her term in the next budget year (this summer). This Rabbi will work with our current clergy and focus on outreach and engagement, particularly for young adults and families. I have appointed a search committee, being chaired by our Treasurer Jerrad Bloome, to begin the process. Last month, Jerrad and Rabbi Strauss traveled to New York to conduct preliminary interviews with candidates from the Jewish Theological Seminary and the Ziegler School for Rabbinic Studies of the American Jewish University. The two or three leading candidates will be invited to visit Beth Yeshurun for more extensive interviews with the search committee this spring. It is with great thanks to Bruce and Rhona Caress for funding our new Rabbi for the first year as a gift to our congregation. The entire congregation will be invited to meet the final candidates during their visits to Houston and to provide input to the search committee. If you have comments and concerns you would like the search committee to address and consider, please email Jerrad Bloome at We will continue to provide you with necessary important information as we have it. - Arlene Staller, President

It’s a Mitzvah Interested in sponsoring a Chapel Minyan weekday breakfast, or a Chapel or Museum Minyan Shabbat Kiddush in memory of your loved one or in honor of a simcha? Please contact Eileen Pettigrew, Food Service Manager, at or 713.666.1881, ext. 368. Sponsorships will be acknowledged in The Message. Standard breakfasts begin at $100 and kiddushes begin at $145. Special meals may be arranged with the Food Service Department and monthly sponsorships are available. All sponsorships must be paid in advance. Dates will be reserved in the order they are received. Recent sponsored breakfasts and kiddushes have been generously given by those listed below.  Susie & Scott Bender in memory of Jack Bender  Susie & Scott Bender in memory of Maurice Poy Levey  Linda, Joel & Esther Chess & Family in memory of Rosalind Chess  Harry, Teri, Ryan & Stephanie Greenblatt in memory of David Greenblatt  Michael & Susan Klaiman in memory of Joseph Klaiman  The Family of Amelia Kornfeld in memory of Amelia Kornfeld  Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Reiner in memory of Bessie Reiner  The Stewart Rosenthal Family in memory of Florence Eisen Rosenthal  Annita & Newton Schwartz in memory of Annie Nathan Schwartz  Linden & Roger Sofer in memory of Hyman Sofer  Merryl & Gordon Zuber in memory of Philip Zuber


Beth Yeshurun is a community institution with a vital mission: to educate children and adults, to offer spiritual experiences that inspire and uplift all ages, and to provide a setting in which Judaism can be joyously lived and DECEMBER 2016 at CBY experienced. We welcome your support. Online donations can be made at Donations may also be Is it Shabbat Already? with Rabbi Steve Morgen: Dec 4 & 11 made in the synagogue office or by mail to Congregation Beth Rabbi Morgen continues his conversation on Shabbat. Taking a day off in this Yeshurun, 4525 Beechnut, Houston, TX 77096-1801. crazy hectic world isn’t easy. We'll look at the essential meaning of the Sabbath day, how it has been traditionally observed, and how to get the most out of a day A minimum donation of $10 per listing is required to Sunday, March of rest even with all of our responsibilities to work and family. 5 have your donation published in the weekly bulletin and a 11:00am - noon notification letter sent to the honoree or a deceased person’s Afterlife — Believe It or Not family member. One such notification letter will be sent per withDecember Rabbi Steven Morgen Sunday, 18 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am donation. The deadline for donations to be published in the Charles Balfoure’s New York Times bestseller “The Paris Architect” with Rabbi weekly bulletin is the previous Friday at 4:30pm. Donations David Rosen. The Paris Architect asks us to consider what we owe each other, and Sundays, March 2,by23, 30 & whose May 7 are published upon submission and will not be “held” for just how far we'll go to make 19, things26, right.April Written an architect knowledge imbues every page, this story becomes 11:00am - noonmore gripping with every soul future publication. When you make a donation to Beth hidden and every life saved. Jewish Women of Valor from the Last Two Yeshurun, please be sure to provide all of the necessary Rabbi conversation on Shabbat. Taking a what day off in t information: who the donation is in memory of, who or Hundred YearsMorgen continues his the donation is in honor of, who needs to be notified of the the Sab with Dr. Bernice Heilbrunn Potvin crazy hectic world isn’t easy. We'll look at the essential meaning of donation (name and complete address) and by whom the day, how it has been traditionally how istoincomplete, get thewemost out o donation isobserved, given. When thisand information are Sunday, April 2 unable to process your donation efficiently. Donations with 10:00 - 11:00am: Bookeven Circle with all of our responsibilities to work and family. of rest no specific fund indicated will be credited to the Synagogue Marilyn Hassid will reviewing The Chosen General Fund. Beth Yeshurun appreciates your generosity by Chaim Potok and support. 10

Jewish Learning Project March 2017

Jewish Learning Project DECEMBER 2016 at CBY

Is it Shabbat Already? with Rabbi Steve Morgen: Dec 4 & 11

Our New Congregation Secretary and Our New Board of Trustees Members We are pleased to announce our 2016/2017 Executive Board and Trustees. The following were installed at our Congregation Beth Yeshurun Annual Brunch/Meeting held January 22, 2017. We wish them strength and success in the year ahead. 2016-2017 Executive Committee: President: Arlene Staller President-Elect: Andy Burger Vice President: Arthur Nathan Vice President: Susan Sandler Vice President: Cary Hoffman Secretary: David Stein Treasurer: Jerrad Bloome Immediate Past President: Alan Levin New Board Members: Melissa Brams, Syma Levy, Elise Newman, Heather Rasowsky, Alan Scheinthal, Robyn Shkolnick, and Sherry Stoger, Dedicated Members continuing their service on the Board: Emily Blechman, Arthur Brand, Dr. Robert Bresalier, Bruce Caress, Jordan Davis, Jennifer Deutsch, Karen Dow, Jon Feiwell, Sammy Fleschler, Linda Folloder, Sue Goott, Michael Hofrichter, Dr. Ryan Kagan, Brad Kalmans, Richard Kammerman, Dana Katz, Robert Lane, Dr. Martin Lindenberg, Yahya Moussazadeh, Dr. Benjamin Musher, Dr. Daniel Musher, Vicky Richker, Jeff Rosenberg, Bill Schwartz, Brad Staller, Polina Strug, Hershel Swartz, Andrew Toubin and Jack Uzick. A special thank you to our Auxiliary Representatives: Brotherhood: Paul Katz, Sisterhood: Elyse Schultz; Chapel: Malka Levy; Museum Minyan: Elizabeth Vincent.

We are filled with immense gratitude for the Board Members who have served us so well during the past term, and who are rotating off the Board this year: Jonathan Baliff, Esther Freedman, Lillie Hurwitz, Stephanie Kohll, Jeff Lefkowitz and Roni Most.

David Stein Congregation Secretary David is a native Houstonian and a third generation member of Congregation Beth Yeshurun. He is a graduate of the Day School and was in the first class of what is now The Emery/Weiner School. David received his BA degree from The University of Arizona where he is now a proud sponsor of the Judaic Studies program. He currently serves as an Executive Vice-President of Triple-S Steel Holdings. David has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2008 and welcomes the opportunity to serve the Congregation as a new member of the Executive Committee. He is an assistant to the Gabbaim for the Daily Evening Minyan service in the J.B. Greenfield Chapel. David also serves on the Executive Committee as a VicePresident of 7 Acres Senior Living Center. David and his wife Andrea have two children, Julie and Jonathan, who both celebrated their B’nai Mitzvah at Congregation Beth Yeshurun.

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We are grateful for the trust you have placed in us to serve you over the last 15 years. Thank you, - The Friedman Family

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APRIL 2017

Spencer Broc Gibbs (March 17/18) is the son of Sarah and Eric Gibbs; brother of Harvey and Ellie; and grandson of Rose Finkelman and the late Solomon Gordon and the late Wolf Finkelman and the late Bea and Henry Gibbs - all of blessed memory. Spencer attends Trafton Academy. For his Mitzvah Project, Spencer made Shabbat Boxes through Jewish Family Services for patients at Methodist Hospital. He also volunteered his time with the Star of Hope Snacks and Goodnight Program. Spencer will donate a portion of his monetary gift to ZABS Place for his cousin Zachary Avraham Shporer, of blessed memory.

B’nai Mitzvah Abigail Emanuela Cowan (March 3/4) is the daughter of Jennifer and Ben Cowan; sister of Eli; grandson of the late Dr. Simon Levit, Rita Levit, and Dr. Dale and Debbie Cowan. Abby attends The Emery/Weiner School. For her Mitzvah Project, Abby assembled Chanukah bags for patients at the Texas Medical Center through Jewish Family Service. Abby also volunteered with Homemade Hope a non-profit serving Houston’s homeless and at-risk children and families. Abby will donate a portion of her monetary gifts to Homemade Hope in loving memory of her Grandpa Si and will participate in the Rabbi’s 10% for charitable giving.

Elan Grossman (March 24/25) is the son of Blythe and Nir Grossman; brother of Jadyn and Bennett; and grandson of Barbara and Stuart Aaron, and Drora and Mario Grossman. Elan attends St. John’s School. For his Mitzvah Project, Elan collected used wrestling equipment to donate to less fortunate wrestling teams in Houston and volunteered in the West University Little League Challenger Program for young athletes with physical and mental challenges. Elan will also donate a portion of his monetary gifts to the AABGU organization.

Sophie Rose Kalmin (March 3/4) is the daughter of Amy and Murray Kalmin; sister of Edward and Nathan Kalmin; and granddaughter of Lorraine and the late Edward Luskey, Barbara Goldfield, Jack and Marcy Goldfield and Barry and Phyllis Kalmin. Sophie attends The Emery/Weiner School. For her Mitzvah Project, Sophie baked over 400 cookies, held a bake sale and created a website that raised over $10,000 for The Grevy’s Zebra Trust, an organization that protects the endangered zebra population in Kenya, Africa. Additionally, she assembled Hanukkah treat bags for patients at the Texas Medical center through JFS. Sophie will donate a portion of her monetary gifts to the American Heart Association in memory of her Pappa.

Joshua Cameron Sherman (March 24/25) is the son of Iris and Brad Sherman; brother of Ellie and Evan; and grandson of Drora and Mario Grossman, and Fannie and Steve Sherman. Joshua attends Trafton Academy. For his Mitzvah Project, Joshua volunteered for the Sienna Plantation Little League Dream Team, a special needs baseball program. He will also donate a portion of his monetary gifts to Akim, an organization dedicated to rehabilitating the mentally handicapped in Israel by building schools and sports facilities.

Ellie Brooke Gibbs (March 17/18) is the daughter of Sarah and Eric Gibbs; brother of Harvey and Spencer; and granddaughter of Rose Finkelman and the late Solomon Gordon and the late Wolf Finkelman and the late Bea and Henry Gibbs - all of blessed memory. Ellie attends Trafton Academy. For her Mitzvah Project she made Shabbat Boxes through Jewish Family Services for patients at Methodist Hospital. Ellie also volunteered her time with the Star of Hope Snacks and Goodnight Program. Ellie will donate a portion of her monetary gift to ZABS Place for her cousin Zachary Avraham Shporer, of blessed memory. We are happy to list Bar/Bat Mitzvah students, their parents, siblings, grandparents, school and Mitzvah Projects. Please contact Hilary Nitsun at or 713.255.8005, for your submission deadline.


Lauren Hannah Dauber (March 31/ April 1) is the daughter of Charles and Sylvia Dauber; sister of Matthew and Benjamin; granddaughter of Arthur and Joyce Dauber, and Bea Rosenstein and the late Morris Rosenstein; and great-granddaughter of Yolande and the late Ernest Dauber, and the late Ruben and Elisa Chayet. Lauren attends Pin Oak Middle School. For her Mitzvah Project, Lauren volunteered at Condit Elementary School helping children improve their reading skills and provided peer to peer tutoring with children at the YMCA. She will donate a portion of her monetary gifts to charity.

PASSOVER 2017 Getting ready for the holiday TA’ANIT BECHOROT (FAST OF THE FIRST BORN) is on Monday, April 10, 6:45 A.M. in the J.B.Greenfield Chapel. The fast is broken with a brief study of Talmud with Rabbi Danny Horwitz, followed by a breakfast sponsored by our Brotherhood. All first-born (including children) are urged to attend this beautiful service. YIZKOR takes place during Passover Services ‘‘I hereby appoint Rabbi David Rosen to sell on the last day of all of my hametz and to arrange for its the holiday, on valid and legal sale Tuesday, April 18, according to Jewish Law.’’ 9:30 A.M. in the Freedman-Levit Sanctuary (8:30 in the Greenfield Chapel). A Yahrzeit candle should be lit on the ____________________________________ night before. It is meritorious to make a donation to the synaYour Signature gogue in memory of your loved one(s). ____________________________________ SEDER PLATES AND HAGGADOT: The SisterAddress hood Gift Shop has a large assortment of beautiful seder ____________________________________ plates, matzah covers, kiddush cups, Passover Haggadot Date and other objects to make your seder the most beautiful You may also sell your hametz online by going to ever. REMEMBER THE HUNGRY AT PASSOVER: WWW.BETHYESHURUN.ORG and follow the link. At the time you sell your hametz, it is customary to As you clean your home at Passover, remember the poor make a charitable donation to the Moes Hittim Fund of Con- and hungry in our community by bringing your unopened gregation Beth Yeshurun for the benefit of others in our con- packages of hametz to the synagogue before Pesah begins. gregation and community who may need help purchasing Passover food. DO YOU HAVE 2. BEDIKAT HAMETZ (SEARCHING FOR HAROOM AT METZ) takes place this year at sunset on Sunday, April 9. YOUR SEDER At this time we check that all hametz and hametz products for a member of are stored out of sight and that our house is ready for the our congregation start of Passover. who has no famThe search for hametz is traditionally done by the light ily in town or is of a candle, with the assistance of a wooden spoon and new to our comfeather. It’s a beautiful way for parents and children to go munity, or for a through the kitchen and see that everything is really ready college student who cannot go home for the holiday. Please for the holiday. call Rabbi Rosen’s assistant Abby (713-666-1881 or email 3. BI’UR HAMETZ (BURNING OF HAMETZ) AROTENBERG@BETHYESHURUN.ORG) to let her know. takes place no later than 10 A.M. on Monday, April 10. At The Torah prohibits the ownership of hametz during Pesah. Ridding oneself of hametz is a three-step process: 1. MECHIRAT HAMETZ (SELLING OF HAMETZ) can be arranged anytime up until 10 A.M., Monday, April 10, 2017. The hametz is sold via the Rabbi to a non-Jew in a valid and legal transfer of ownership. At the end of the holiday, the Rabbi arranges for the reversion of ownership. Any hametz that is “sold” must be stored out of sight (and of course, not used), since it technically now “belongs” to the person who bought it. Mechirat Hametz can be arranged through the Greenfield Chapel, by calling Rabbi Rosen’s office, or by mailing-in the following coupon:


PASSOVER 2017 What’s kosher, what’s not, for Passover 3. The following foods require a “Kosher for Passover” label if purchased before or during Pesah: All baked products (matzah, cakes, matzah flour, farfel, matzah meal and any products containing matzah), canned or bottled fruit juices (which are often clarified with legumes), canned tuna (since tuna, even when packed in water, has often been processed in vegetable broth and/or hydrolyzed protein; however, if it is known that the tuna is packed exclusively in water, without any additional ingredients or additives, it may be purchased without a kosher for Passover label), wine, vinegar, liquor, oils, dried fruits, candy, chocolate milk, ice cream, yogurt, soda. 4. The following processed foods (canned, bottled or frozen) require a “Kosher for Passover” label if purchased during Pesah: milk, butter, juices, vegetables, fruit, milk products, spices, coffee, tea, and fish. 5. Medicine: If a particular medicine is mandated by your physician, it not only may but must be used on Pesah. If not, it should only be used if a hametz-free version is unavailable. Consult your doctor. In all cases, capsules are preferable. Advil, Bayer, Tylenol, Bufferin, Excedrin, Midol, Alka Seltzer, Pepto Bismol, Tums, Keopectate, Valium, Dramamine tablets, Contac, Sinutab, Sudafed, Tetracycline, Erythromycin, Ampicillin, Dimetapp tablets and elixer, CoTylenol, among many other drugs, are hametz-free and may be taken on Passover. If you wish to know the name of a hametz-free version of a particular drug, ask Rabbi Rosen. 6. Feeding Pets During Passover: During the year, treife [non-kosher] pet food may be brought into kosher homes, so long as the pet food is kept away from the kosher food and utensils. On Passover, the prohibition of owning hametz extends to all hametz products, including dog food, etc. Many pets can be fed a combination of table scraps, canned tuna, farfel, eggs, etc. For some pets, you may wish to consult with your veterinarian. Learn more online at WWW.AISH.COM/H/PES/L/PET_FOOD_FOR_PASSOVER.HTML

Since the Torah prohibits the eating of hametz during Passover, and since many common foods contain some admixture of hametz, guidance is necessary when shopping and preparing for Pesah. While many Jews adhere to the same rules for buying Passover foods before and during the holiday, Jewish Law actually draws an important distinction. Certain leniencies are permitted for some foods if they are produced before Passover begins. Still other foods must adhere to the same standard irrespective of when they are produced. The following guidelines, prepared by the Conservative Movement’s Committee on Law and Standards, clarify these possibilities.

PROHIBITED FOODS Leavened bread, cakes, biscuits, crackers, cereals, coffee ‘‘blends’’, wheat, barley, oats, rice, dry peas, dry beans, and all liquids which contain ingredients or flavors made from grain alcohol or vinegar (other than cider vinegar). For Ashkenazi Jews, the tradition is not to eat peas, corn, rice, beans or other legumes, because their flour closely resembles hametz; string beans are permitted. The Rabbinical Assembly has permitted the use of raw peanuts. PERMITTED FOODS 1. The following foods require no “Kosher for Passover’’ label if purchased prior to Passover: Unopened packages or containers of coffee (plain, not blends), pure white sugar, plain tea bags, salt (uniodized), pepper, pure spices, frozen fruit juices with no additives, honey, frozen (uncooked) vegetables (except legumes, as above), milk, butter, cottage cheese, cream cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, kosher meat and poultry (fresh and frozen) and fish, baking soda, frozen (uncooked) fruit (with no additives), ripened cheeses (such as cheddar, muenster and Camembert), baking soda, 100% pure saccharin tablets (not powdered sweetener packets). 2. The following foods require no “Kosher for Passover” label if purchased before or during Pesah: Fresh fruits and vegetables (for legumes, see above), eggs, fresh meat and fresh fish, as well as all detergents, cleansers and scouring powders that are certified kosher year-round.

For everything you need to know about Passover, please go to the Passover section on the Beth Yeshurun website: WWW.BETHYESHURUN.ORG 16



Preparing your kitchen for Passover

reparing one’s home for Passover is a major part of celebrating the holiday. In anticipation of Passover, we strive to clean our homes thoroughly, to remove from them all traces of hametz [leaven] in fulfillment of the Torah’s injunction. In addition to the following procedures for “kashering” (making utensils and appliances that we use year-round usable for Passover), families typically take extra care in cleaning their homes in order to create within them a true “Passover feeling.” This extends to a careful cleaning of the refrigerator, stove and oven, microwave oven, sink and counters. Many people go further and seek to remove hametz which may have fallen into sofas or under furniture, or which may be in coat pockets or cars. Most people maintain separate dishes and cooking utensils just for Passover use. 1. Earthenware (china, pottery, etc.) may not be kashered. However, fine translucent china which has not been used for a year may be used if scoured and cleaned in hot water. 2. Metal (wholly made of metal) must first be thoroughly scrubbed and cleansed, and then made as hot as possible. Those used for cooking (silverware) must be thoroughly cleaned and completely immersed in boiling water. The utensils should not be used for a period of 24 hours between the cleaning and immersion in boiling water. 3. Ovens and ranges - every part that comes in contact with food must be thoroughly cleaned. Then, oven and range should be heated as hot as possible for one hour. Selfcleaning ovens should be scrubbed and cleaned and then put through the self-cleaning cycle. Continuous cleaning ovens must be kashered in the same manner as regular ovens. 4. A microwave oven can be made useable for Passover. First, it should be thoroughly cleaned. Then a cup of water should be placed in it. The oven should be turned on for about 10 minutes. A microwave oven that has a brown-

ing element cannot be kashered for Passover. 5. Glassware - 2 opinions: (a) Soak glasses in water for 3 days, changing the water every 24 hours; (b) Thoroughly wash each glass by hand or in the dishwasher. Either opinion is acceptable. 6. Dishwasher - after not using the machine for a period of 24 hours, the empty dishwasher should be run through a full cycle with detergent. 7. Electrical appliances - appliances and/or parts that have come into contact with hametz or been washed with hametz dishes must be kashered for Pesach: if the parts that have come into contact with hametz are removable, they can be kashered by immersing in boiling water or (if metal) by heat. If the parts are not removable, or would be damaged by kashering, then they cannot be used for Passover. 8. Gas stove - all burners should be thoroughly scrubbed, then run at full flame for 15 minutes. 9. Kitchen sink - a metal sink can be kashered by a thorough cleaning and by pouring boiling water over it. A porcelain sink should be cleaned and a sink rack used. If, however, dishes are to be soaked in a porcelain sink, a dish basin or tub must be used. 10. Hametz and non-Passover utensils - should be separated, locked up or covered, and marked where necessary so as to prevent accidental use. 11. Tables should be thoroughly cleaned and used only with a tablecloth. Tablecloths, rags and towels used yearround may be used during Passover after being cleaned in a washing machine. 12. In general, it is usually easier to have separate dishes, cutlery and small appliances set aside from year-toyear and used solely for Passover so that the above kashering procedures can be minimized.


nce you have prepared your home and celebrated the beautiful rituals of the Seder, complete the Passover Experience by coming as a family to synagogue on the first morning of the holiday, April 11. Join with your Rabbis, Cantor and fellow Jews in the sacred and joyous celebration of one of Judaism’s most beloved holy days.


PASSOVER SERVICES 2017 Monday, April 10 [1st Seder Tonight] 6:45 A.M. Service for the First Born / Breakfast - J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:00 P.M. Passover Service, 1st Night - J.B. Greenfield Chapel Tuesday, April 11 [Passover 1st Day] [2nd Seder Tonight] 8:30 A.M. J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:15 A.M. Museum Minyan - Stein Hall 9:30 A.M. Sanctuary Service - Freedman-Levit 6:00 P.M. Passover Service, 2nd Night - J.B. Greenfield Chapel Wednesday, April 12 [Passover 2nd Day] 8:30 A.M. Combined Sanctuary/Museum Minyan/Chapel Passover Service - J.B. Greenfield Chapel 7:30 P.M. J.B. Greenfield Chapel Thursday, April 13 [Intermediate Day of Passover] 6:45 A.M. J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:30 P.M. J.B. Greenfield Chapel Friday, April 14 [Intermediate Day of Passover] 6:45 A.M. J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:00 P.M. Shabbat Renewal - Freedman-Levit 6:30 P.M. J.B. Greenfield Chapel Saturday, April 15 [Intermediate Day of Passover] 8:30 A.M. J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:15 A.M. Museum Minyan 9:30 A.M. Sanctuary Service 7:15 P.M. J.B. Greenfield Chapel Sunday, April 16 [Intermediate Day of Passover] 8:00 A.M. J.B. Greenfield Chapel 6:30 P.M. Passover Service, 7th Night - J.B. Greenfield Chapel Monday, April 17 [Passover 7th Day] 8:30 A.M. Combined Sanctuary/Museum Minyan/Chapel Passover Service - J.B. Greenfield Chapel 7:30 P.M. Passover Service, 8th Night - J.B. Greenfield Chapel Tuesday, April 18 [YIZKOR] [Passover Last Day] 8:30 A.M. J.B. Greenfield Chapel 9:15 A.M. Museum Minyan - Stein Hall 9:30 A.M. Sanctuary Service - Dedication of Memorial Plaques purchased last six months - Freedman-Levit 7:30 P.M. Shabbat/Passover Minchah/Maariv/Havdalah PASSOVER ENDS TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 8:17 P.M. 18

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Family Album

Birth Proud parents Matthew and Tanya Bernstein are excited to announce the birth of their daughter, Hannah Miriam Bernstein. Hannah was born on November 22, 2016. She weighed nine pounds, three ounces and was 22” long. Hannah’s grandparents are Stuart and Jan Bernstein, and Michael and Suzanne Todd. She was named after her paternal great-grandmother, Anna Lazarus, and her maternal greatgrandmother, Joan Miriam Rasi.

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ď ™Correction

The hours for non-members to visit the Mollie and Louis Kaplan Museum of Judaica were incorrectly listed in the February issue of The Message. Visitors may request a ticket through to visit the museum Monday through Thursday, 10:00am-2:00pm. We apologize for the error.

ď ™Condolences The congregation extends its sincerest condolences to the families of Adele Arkus, Randy Jo Baker, Burt Chotiner, Herman Freudenberger, Isaac Garson, Yetta (Babe) Green, Jack Lee, Sol Lewitton, Phyllis Marine, Harry Serota Albert Stein, Dorothy Yondorf May their memories be for a blessing.


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The Message March 2017  

The Message March 2017

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