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Congregation Beth Yeshurun June 2018


spend our time helping others, but if we use up everything in our “tank,” we won’t have anything left over for anyone else. I doubt the rabbis could have envisioned the ways we have to take care of ourselves now—going for a bike ride, getting a massage, date night with a significant other. But they knew how critical it is to make sure your needs are being met—and how that is no one’s responsibility but your own.

From the Rabbi Rabbi Sarah Fort In 2005, Pirkei Avot got a national boost from a most unexpected source: Doritos. The Frito Lay brand of chips brought one of Rabbi Hillel’s most famous teachings to all of America to peddle the triangle-shaped cheesy snacks with had a new tagline: “if not now, when?”

“If I am for myself alone, what am I?” makes a perfect counterbalance to the first part. If we only care for ourselves, what even are we? Pirkei Avot teaches that we must take care of ourselves, but not to the exclusion of others. Note that the follow up question is not “who am I?” but rather “what am I?” It is as if Rabbi Hillel sees that there is something inhuman about a person who cares only for themselves, promotes only their own interests.

I remember seeing the commercials when they first aired, aghast. Our beautiful tradition and wisdom being used to…sell chips? I don’t know what made me more upset—that, or the fact that this famous line from Rabbi Hillel was abridged.

And finally the famous Dorito slogan: “If not now, then when?” The ad company that designed the campaign said it’s “all about living life in the now.” That’s not entirely wrong. But devoid from context it loses the point. Rabbi Hillel knew how overwhelming the first two parts of his edict were. He also knew that human nature is such that it could be overwhelmed into inaction, or hopelessly tangled up in the day-to-day. So he placed a reminder: you are not living the dress rehearsal for your actual life—you’re living it, right now. There is literally no time but the present. So go, Rabbi Hillel says, take care of yourself and others. Do it now, he says, because there are no second chances. No do-overs.

“Rabbi Hillel used to say: If I am not for me, who will be for me? And when I am for myself alone, what am I? And if not now, then when?” The most famous phrase is actually the last of a three-part mantra. All three are as relevant today as when Pirkei Avot was recorded. “If I am not for me, who will be?” sounds, at first, quite selfish. Are the rabbis encouraging self-centeredness? What kind of a religion prompts its adherents to focus on themselves, with the argument that no one else will? But in reality, this is genius. It is meant to remind us of the extreme importance of self-care. Of course we should

A three-part, ancient mantra that is thoroughly modern. A lesson we today could stand to see more often, especially when it’s least expected.

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The Message Vol. LIII, No. 9 June 2018│Sivan-Tammuz 5778

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Special Guest Rick Recht on April 20,2018. Photo Credit Riana Sherman 2


It’s a Mitzvah

Shabbat Shalom! SHABBAT SERVICE TIMES June 1/2 (CL 7:59pm, Parashat Behaalot’cha) 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal 6:30pm Chapel Shabbat Service 8:30am Shabbat Chapel Service 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service B’not Mitzvah: Sarah Goldberg & Sophia Mellon 7:45pm Chapel Shabbat Service June 8/9 (CL 8:03pm, Parashat Shelah Lekha, Shabbat Mevarekhim Hahodesh) 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal 6:45pm Chapel Shabbat Service 8:30am Shabbat Chapel Service 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service 7:45pm Chapel Shabbat Service June 15/16 (CL 8:05pm, Parashat Korah) 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal 6:45pm Chapel Shabbat Service 8:30am Shabbat Chapel Service 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service 7:45pm Chapel Shabbat Service June 22/23 (CL 8:07pm, Parashat Hukkat) 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal 6:45pm Chapel Shabbat Service 8:30am Shabbat Chapel Service 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service 8:00pm Chapel Shabbat Service June 29/30 (CL 8:08pm, Parashat Balak) 6:00pm Shabbat Renewal 6:45pm Chapel Shabbat Service 8:30am Shabbat Chapel Service 9:15am Museum Minyan 9:30am Sanctuary Service 8:00pm Chapel Shabbat Service

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WEEKDAY CHAPEL SERVICES Week of 6/3 Mornings Sun 8:00am, Mon-Fri 7:00am; Afternoon/Evenings Sun-Thu 7:30pm. Week of 6/10 Mornings Sun 8:00am, Mon-Tue 7:00am, Wed-Thu 6:45am, Fri 7:00am; Afternoon/Evenings SunThu 7:30pm. Week of 6/17 Mornings Sun 8:00am, Mon-Fri 7:00am; Afternoon/Evenings Sun-Thu 7:30pm. Week of 6/24 Mornings Sun 8:00am, Mon-Fri 7:00am; Afternoon/Evenings Sun-Thu 7:30pm. Week of 7/1 Mornings Sun 8:00am, Mon-Fri 7:00am; Afternoon/Evenings Sun-Thu 7:30pm.

HIT THE WALL WHEN YOUThere’s a phrase among runners: at a certain point in a marathon, they will “hit the wall”. They will feel utter

exhaustion, to the point of feeling that you are almost unable to move. What do runners do when they “hit the wall”? If they are determined, they will keep going in spite of the pain and, after a while, will sometimes break through the wall, pass through that extreme fatigue and complete the race.

wish Service  

Sometimes, life feels like a marathon, and every day there’s another wall to crash through. Parents, especially single parents, get overwhelmed with all the demands, and there’s never much of a vacation from them. First responders live with enormous pressure on a constant basis. Teachers are overwhelmed with crowded classes, preparation, and paperwork. People taking care of children and parents. And they all fight traffic, pay bills, and try to deal with their own health problems.

Jewish Commitment  

Rabbi Horwitz

For those who have many days like this, and for all of us (because all of us have had some days like this), there is a berakha in each morning service. In the words of Isaiah (40:29), we praise God ha-notein la-ya’ef koach, Who gives strength to the weary. Sometimes you hit a wall, and you keep on going, and afterwards you don’t know how you did it. And you never know what day will come at you like a wall. But sometimes, you’re there in the morning on the next day, because you got through it. Thank You, God, for getting me through the wall.

Jewish Professionals  

When you get through your wall, join the rest of us giving thanks in the Greenfield Chapel. ---Rabbi Daniel Horwitz

weekly torah study 11:45am

Shabbat Mornings at Beth Yeshurun

Join our Weekly Torah discussions led by Rabbi Diana R. Siegel each Shabbat to discern the simple and complex, the explicit and implicit of Torah Wisdom as it applies to our daily life.

Jewish Service  

Jewish Commitment   Eric Professionals   Don Jewish   Coleman Bishop

arbara ejeault

Wednesday, June 20th Barbara Bejeault

Eric Bishop

Lunch at 11:30 AM followed by the program $8 on or before June 13th $12 after June 13th or at the door

Don Coleman

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We would love to have you join us in Religious School, Sulam, or Kehillah High for the upcoming year! Religious School (Pre-K - 6th grade) and Sulam (7th grade): Register by JULY 2 to avoid having a late fee added to the tuition.

Regular Business Hours will resume Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Kehillah High (8th - 12th grades): Register for by JULY 2 to receive a discount.

Join us on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00pm on the Bimah in the Freedman-Levit Sanctuary

For more information, please contact Education Director, Sheryl Eskowitz, at or 713.255.8034.

June 6th led by Janice Rubin We sometimes pursue meditation in order to feel a greater connection to the Wholeness of Being. However, we may find ourselves plagued by distraction, or find it difficult to sit still. As we notice the voice of our resistance, we can become mindful of not allowing it to hinder our spiritual practice. Through meditation and chant we will find a calm place within, and inspire our journey forward. June 13th led by Rabbi Ariel Sholklapper Mindfulness Meditation on harnessing the new month -- teaching on the power of Rosh Chodesh. June 20th led by Gary Edmondson and Ray Sher The Torah portion for this week is Chukat. It describes one of the most mysterious rituals in the Torah, the rite of the Red Heifer: the mixing of ashes from the Red Heifer with specific ingredients to create waters of purification used to purify anyone who has contact with death. We will think about the ingredients we must blend to purify ourselves in the presence of death. We will chant, meditate and share our ingredients.

Interest Free Loans available Hebrew Free Loan Association of Houston (HFLA) is able to provide immediate assistance in the form of a confidential, interest free loan. Loans are provided for various items including emergency funding. To apply for a loan, visit

June 27th led by Jan Silver Mindfulness Meditation with an emphasis on healing and restoration. No experience is necessary. Newcomers are always welcome. Drop in anytime. For more information contact Karen Hurwitz at

Special Shabbat WeekenD honoring Rabbi David B. Rosen April 27th and April 28th The Special Shabbat weekend honoring Rabbi David B. Rosen was a resounding success! Chaired by Richard & Sharon Kammerman, hundreds of congregants were in attendance as the main entryway to Congregation Beth Yeshurun was dedicated in honor of Rabbi Rosen, for 22+ years of rabbinical leadership. The dedication coincided with the reveal of the new Beth Yeshurun Recovery Effort Pillars, an installation that honored more than 1500 benefactors and friends, who have helped our congregation rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. These beautiful pillars, designed by local artist, Bill Meek, are permanently on display inside the Bender-Levy Lobby. The Beth Yeshurun Sisterhood, 100 Jewish Men and YES Group hosted an extraordinary lunch which honored our dear rabbi with a buffet of all of his favorite foods.


ISRAEL-A-PALOOZA: Then & Now Religious School families had a fantastic morning at the fourth ISRAEL-A-PALOOZA on April 22nd, just a few days after Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Israel Independence Day. The school was filled with over 325 students, siblings, parents, grandparents, volunteers, and staff. This year’s theme was Then & Now, in honor of Israel’s 70th birthday. Every student received a guidebook with activities to complete. Stations this year included learning from a timeline of 19482018, discovering more about Israel’s geography, playing a matching game of how Israeli cities looked then and now, making Shabbat candles, sampling different Israeli foods, seeing demonstrations of Israeli inventions, and uncovering “ancient” artifacts in an archaeological dig. Students also had the opportunity to shop at the shuk (market), write and place prayers in a model Kotel (Western Wall), and take a souvenir photo. After completing the stations, students earned a prize. Younger students received a color-changing water bottle (since water conservation is vital in Israel) and older students got a USB (since they were invented in Israel). Everyone enjoyed delicious falafel and Israeli juice for lunch. Once again, a tremendous thank you to Joyce and Arthur Dauber for their continued support of this family celebration. This program would not be possible without their sponsorship, and it was great to have them and their family participate. ISRAEL-A-PALOOZA was planned by Sheryl Eskowitz, Education Director, and Sarah Goldberg, Youth Programming Coordinator, with assistance from Lauren Federow, Religious School Administrative Assistant. The entire Religious School staff also played a huge part in the morning with each staff member working a station. In addition, over 30 teens and adults volunteered their time before and during to make this event such a success. We already can’t wait for ISRAEL-APALOOZA next year!


B’nai Mitzvah Sarah Goldberg (June 1/2) is the daughter of Steven and Felicia Goldberg; sister of Julia Goldberg; granddaughter of Floyd and Charlotte Goldberg and Jerry Harris and the late Sylvia Harris, all of Houston, Texas; great granddaughter of Lissa Streusand and the late Fred Streusand, the late Harry and Bernice Goldberg, all of Houston, Texas, the late Charles and Anne Harris of Waco, Texas and the late Walter and Ann Silvers of Houston, Texas. Sarah attended Beth Yeshurun Day School and is currently in 7th grade at Emery Weiner. For her Mitzvah Project, Sarah participated in the Mitzvah Volunteer Program with the Friendship Circle of Houston which provides services for children with special needs. She attended classes on how to become familiar with people with disabilities; understand special needs from a Torah perspective; develop a personal understanding of people with disabilities; and put your understanding into practice by giving back to the community. Sarah helped assemble Purim boxes for Mishloach manot and delivered them to families in the program. She looks forward to continuing to participate in Friendship Circle programs. A portion of Sarah’s monetary gifts will be donated to a charity of her choice. Sophia Mellon (June 1/2) is the daughter of Cathryn and Stephen Mellon; sister of Samuel and Sadie Mellon; granddaughter of Iris and Nathan Caplovitz, and granddaughter of Harriett and Harry Mellon of blessed memory and Mrs. Judy Mellon. Sophia will be going into the 8th grade at Pin Oak Middle School. For her Mitzvah Project, Sophia has begun working with The Friendship Circle, learning the value of inclusion by giving support and friendship to individuals with special needs and their families. She will donate a portion of her Bat Mitzvah gifts to The Friendship Circle. Please contact Hilary Nitsun at or 713.255.8005, for your submission deadline to list your Bar/Bat Mitzvah student’s parents, siblings, grandparents, school, and Mitzvah Projects.

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The congregation extends its sincerest condolences to the families of:

Sophia Bender, Ida Eisenbaum, Simon Fredricks, Rose Pryzant Gordon, Dawn Grzebinski, Deborah Houston, Donald Levit, Moises Cohen Levy, Arnold Prensky, Albert Joe Weise, and Moisey Yoffe. May their memories be for a blessing.


Summer is here, by Gayle Kamen-Weinstein, LMSW at the Beth Yeshurun Healing Center June signals the start of our endless summer, hurricane season and travel plans. I am fortunate and honored to be traveling to Israel once again to study at Hebrew University. This is made possible by the support and generosity of Rabbi Rosen, Strauss and Morgan. I will be studying conflict resolution in Jerusalem with trips to the south near Gaza, Yad Vashem and the West Bank . Studying conflict resolution and peace in Israel is very different and challenging. This is one of the reasons I welcome a different approach, sharing a new narrative and hearing all sides and perspectives. Last year the theme of my studies were trauma and resilience which served me well during Hurricane Harvey. I love living living in Jerusalem, traveling the country and studying on a vibrant college campus. It has been a tough year since Harvey. I look forward to being refreshed and renewed. “Taking risks and making mistakes often lead to wonderful new beginnings.” We have been surrounded by trauma and loss. It is like an open wound. In order to heal the wound, it takes the efforts of our community to come together and begin to heal all of our wounds. There is strength when we are together and share with each other. That is the principle of a group. Strength changes everything. Divorce Support Group: Tuesdays at 6:00pm on June 5, 12, 19 & 26 Caregivers Support Group: Thursdays at 10:30am on June 7, 14 & 21 Grief Group Support Group: Thursdays at 1:00pm on June 7, 14 & 21 Groups will not meet in July. They will resume August 2018 Please see our website and our weekly Happenings email for dates. Registration required prior to attending group sessions. To register for a Healing Center group, to receive private emails or The Center’s Resource Guide, please contact The CBY Healing Center is generously funded by The Martha Lea & Albert Stein Family Outreach Fund and the Rabbi’s Circle.


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26th of Sivan, 5778 Parshas Sh'lach 8:46p Havdalah (25 min)

Shabbat Morning Chapel Shabbat Morning Service Torah Study Evening Chapel

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14th of Tamuz, 5778

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Shabbat Morning Chapel Shabbat Morning Service B/M Sarah Goldberg & Sophia Mellon Torah Study Evening Chapel

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Shabbat Morning Chapel Shabbat Morning Service Torah Study Evening Chapel


The Message June 2018  

June 2018

The Message June 2018  

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